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YomKippurMachzor for Yom KippurTemple Rodef Shalom

Kavanot: Personal Meditations to Prepare Oneself for PrayerWhat an extraordinary gift it is — what a blessing, what a miracleto have been raised by imperfect parents who did their very best;to share our life with a partner no more flawed than we are;to count as a friend one who understands and accepts us most of the time.How brave, how hard it is to be “good enough” in our ties to one another: togive, even when we’re exhausted; to love faithfully;to receive with grace the love imperfectly offered to us.Can this night set us free from the tyranny of expectations? Can this nightrelease us from fantasies impossible to fulfill?We resolve this night to embrace the practice of forgiveness:to forgive others who fail to be all we hoped they would be;to forgive ourselves when we fall short of what others hoped we would be.We declare this night that we will cherish goodness wherever it is found, andopen ourselves to the gifts that are before us.— adapted from Rabbi Lewis KamrassIThe most beautiful thing that one can do is forgive a wrong.— Rokei-ach, an ethical-mystical book by Eleazer ben Judah of WormsIMany people were raised to believe that one should only say good things to,and about, God. Many were taught a kind of piety that forced them into adenial of their own feelings and dishonesty toward God. Our experiences ofGod sometimes lead us to confused and even negative feelings. Suffering, thepain of losing a loved one, disappointment, and the existential experience ofmortality all weigh heavily upon us and sometimes we’re not pleased withGod. But if we are limited to pious expressions of praise and gratitude whenwe are feeling quite the opposite, in what sense is our prayer — indeed, ourrelationship with God — honest?The Babylonian Talmud [Yoma 69b] offers us a text that addresses thisissue. The Rabbis point out that Moses said: The great, mighty, and awesome1

God (Deuteronomy 10:17). Then came Jeremiah who thought: Strangers aredestroying God’s Temple. Where then are God’s awesome deeds? ThusJeremiah prayed, O great and mighty God . . . (Jeremiah 32:18), omitting theattribute “awesome.” Then Daniel came and thought: Strangers areenslaving God’s children. Where then are God’s mighty deeds? Thus Danielprayed, O great and awesome God (Daniel 9:4), omitting the attribute“mighty.” But how could Jeremiah and Daniel omit something establishedby Moses? Rabbi Eleazar said: Since they knew that the Holy One, blessedbe God, insists on truth, they were unable to say any false things about God.Rabbi Eleazar is teaching us that sincere prayer demands complete honesty.God can see through false piety, even if some people cannot.— Rabbi A. ScheinermanI IFor Those Who Wear A Tallit:My soul, bless Adonai.Adonai, my God, You are very great.You are clothed in beauty and splendor, wrapped in a robe of light.You unfurl the heavens like the curtains of a tent.—from Psalm 104Kl« n ,Epi«d Ÿl¡ ï§i ,dŸ KExÄ,eiz̈Fv§ n A§ Ep«ẄC§ w xy ̀ ,ml̈Frd̈.zvi S A sH r z§ d l§ Ep«Ëv e§Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu,Melech ha-olam, asher kid'shanub'mitzvotav, v'tzivanu l'hitateifbatzitzit.Blessed are You, Adonai, and great is Your power. God, whose mitzvot are paths of holiness,You teach us to wrap ourselves in the fringed tallit.I I2

ixcp lk :xetik meil :ziaxrYom Kippur Evening Service: Kol NidreiClergy Prayer: Opening the Ark, Opening OurselvesALL RISEYom Kippur: the Jewish people’s Festival of the Souland Kol Nidrei its sacred portal — a night of deep emotions,a night, as the psalmist wrote, to “rejoice with trembling.”We rejoice at the sound of Kol Nidrei — rhythmic words of releasefrom vows, oaths, and promises to God we fail to keep.We tremble at the melody. Music of spiritual amazement,it fills us with awe as we stand before God and Torah.We rejoice that we stand together, strengthened by communityin this hour of shared weakness and humility.We tremble — for tonight we confess our flaws, admit our imperfection,and acknowledge a Power far beyond our understanding.We rejoice that we commit ourselves to great endeavorsbecause we feel so deeply and think so nobly.We tremble — for we find that our ideals are far greater than our ability;our promises surpass our might.We rejoice in the freedom that is Kol Nidrei’s true gift:the freedom to begin a new year without fear of failure,to aspire to be God’s image in the world.We tremble because we are mortal;we rejoice in our gratitude for life.We rejoice with trembling, and enter Kol Nidrei to face our humanity.—Rabbi Sheldon MarderALL ARE SEATEDI I3

Kol Nidrei Prelude: Cello & PianoI IInvocationOnce more Yom Kippur has come.All pretense gone,naked heart revealed to the hiding self,we stand on holy ground,between the day that wasand the one that must be.We tremble.At what did we aim?How did we stumble?What did we take? What did we give?To what were we blind?Last year’s confession came easily to the lips.Will this year’s come from deeper than the skin?Say then:Why are our paths strewn with promises like fallen leaves?Say then:When shall our lust be for wisdom?Say now:Love and truth shall meet;justice and peace shall embrace.O Hope of Israel:In our weakness, give us strength.In our blindness, be our guide.When we falter, hold our hand.Make consistent our impulse for good;let us know the joy of walking in Your ways.—From Gates of Repentance, CCAR, 1978I4

ALL RISE, ARK IS OPENED, TORAHS REMOVEDOr zarua latzadik, ulyishrei leivsimchah.dg̈n§ U al ix W § ilE§ ,wiC Sl r xf̈«ª xF Light is sown for the righteous, and gladness for the upright in heart.—Psalm 97:11IBishivah shel ma’lah uvishivahshel matah, al da’at hamakomv’al da’at hakahal, anu matirinl’hit’paleil im ha’avaryanim.lW däiWi aE dl̈r«§ n lW däiWi A ,ld̈T̈d zr C« lr e§ mFwÖd zr C« lr,d Ḧ«n .mi pïx§a r d̈ mr lN R z§ d l§ oixi Y n Ep« In the sight of God and of the congregation, no matter how far some of usmay have transgressed by departing from our people and our heritage, wepray as one on this Night of Repentence.—Gates of RepentanceIKol Nidrei: a chant that begins in a whisper and rises to a cry.On this night of promises remembered,each soul in solitude communes with the Soul of the universe.God, from this Day of Atonement to the next —may we reach it in peace —all Israel makes these vows:to turn from wrong, dishonesty, and greed,to walk in the path of justice and right.Yet we know our weakness — how prone we are to fail:help us to keep our word;help us to act with humility and integrity.We seek pardon and forgiveness.We seek Your radiance and light.—Rabbi Sheldon MarderI5

Kol Nidrei: All VowsKol nidrei, ve’esarei,vacharamei, v'konamei,v'chinuyei, v'kinusei, ushvuotdindarna ud’isht'bana,ud’acharimna, v’da’asarna alnafshatana, miyom kipurimzeh ad yom kipurim habaaleinu l'tovah. Kulhonicharatna v'hon, kulhon y'honsh'ran, sh'vikin, sh'vitin,b'teilin, um’vutalin la sh'ririnv'la kayamin. Nidrana lanidrei, ve’esarana la esarei,ush’vuatana la sh'vuot.,i iEPk e§ inp̈Fw e§ ,in x ge ix q̈¡ e ix c § p lM̈, p̈r«§ A Y§ W§ cE§ p̈x§c§« pC ,zFrEaWE§ iqEP w e§mFIn , p̈z̈« Ẅt § p lr p̈x« §q ̀ c e§ p̈n§ x « g cE§Epi« lr̈ Äd mixER M mFi cr d f mixER M oFdl§ Mª ,oFda§ p̈h§ x « g oFdN§ Mª .däFhl§oil h A§ ,oizi a W§ oiwi a W§ ,ox W§ oFd§i p̈x« c § p .oinÏ w l̈e§ oixi x W§ l̈ ,oil Ḧaª nE§ p̈z̈« r̈EaWE§ ,ix q̈¡ l̈ p̈x q̈¡ e ,ix c § p l̈.zFrEaW§ l̈All vows —resolves and commitments, and terms of obligation, sworn promises and oaths ofdedication — which we promise and swear to God, and take upon ourselvesfrom this Day of Atonement until next Day of Atonement (may it find us well):we regret them and for all of them we repent. Let all of them be discarded and forgiven,abolished and undone; they are not valid and they are not binding. Our vows shall not bevows; our resolves shall not be resolves; and our oaths — they shall not be oaths.IV’nislach l’chol adat b’neiYisraeil. V’lageir hagar b’tocham,ki l’chol ha’am bish’gagah.x Bl e§ .l ̀ x U § i i pA§ zc r lk̈l§ gl q § pe§.db̈b̈W§ A mr̈d̈ lk̈l§ iM ,mk̈FzA§ xB̈d All shall be forgiven — the entire community of Israel,and the stranger who lives in their midst — for all have gone astray in error.lc Ÿb« M§ d Gd mr̈d̈ oFr l p̈ gl q§d Gd mr̈l̈ dz̈ «Üp̈ xW ̀ k e,L§ C q§ g :xn¡ p mẄe§ .dP̈«d cr e§ m ix« v§ O n S’lach na la’von ha’am hazeh k’godelchasdecha, v’cha’asher nasatah la’amhazeh Mimitzrayim v’ad heinah,v’sham ne’emar:6

Moses prayed to God:As You have been faithful to this people ever since Egypt,please forgive their failings now,in keeping with Your boundless love. As it is said:.Lx« äc§ M iY g«§ l q̈ dF̈d§i xn Ÿ «I eVayomer Adonai salach’tikid’varecha. And God responded: “I forgive, as you have asked.”Kl« n ,Epi«d Ÿl¡ , ï§i ,dŸ KExÄEpr̈« iB d e§ Ep«n̈I§ w e§ Ep«ïg¡ d W ,ml̈Frd̈.d Gd on G§ l Baruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu,Melech haolam,shehecheyanu v’kiy’manu v’higianulaz’man hazeh.Blessed are You in our lives — Your great name fills the universe with majestic might,giving us life, upholding the life within us, and bringing us to this time.TORAHS RETURNED TO THE ARK, REMAIN STANDINGI ISh’ma and Its Blessings — dizekxaernyAT ARK Bar’chu: Call to Worship.Kx Ÿan§ d ï§i z ̀ Ekx§Ä.crë ml̈Frl§ Kx ŸaO§ d ï§i KExÄBar’chu et Adonai ham’vorach.Baruch Adonai ham’vorachl’olam va-ed.Bless Adonai who is blessed!Blessed is Adonai who is blessed now and forever!ARK IS CLOSED, REMAIN STANDINGI7

Ma’ariv Aravim: CreationBaruch atah, Adonai Eloheinu,Melech ha’olam, asher bidvaroma’ariv aravim, b'choch'mahpotei’ach sh'arim, uvitvunahm'shaneh itim, umachalif ethaz'manim, um'sadeir ethakochavimb'mishm'roteihem baraki’akirtzono.,ml̈Frd̈ Kl« n ,Epi«d Ÿl ̀ ï§i ,dŸ KExÄdn̈k§ g̈A§ ,mia x r aix r n Fxäc§ A xW ̀ ,miY r d PW n§ dp̈Eaz§ aE ,mix r̈W§ g« zFR z ̀ xC q nE§ ,mi Pn G§ d z ̀ sil gnE ri w« x Ä mdi zFx n§ W§ n A§ ,mia k̈FMd .FpFvx§M§Day and night are Yours, Creative Spirit of the universe —the muted colors of twilight, the radiance of dawn.Yours are the spreading wings of light,the deepening shadows of darkness, an ever-changing drama.In the human heart, too, the struggle between darkness and light unfolds.From sunlit heights of generosity,the human heart sinks to the gloomy depths of selfishness.Although we fall, You give us the strength to rise again.You call on those who hurt through word or deed to break free fromwrongdoing and return to You.All who hear Your call to goodness are embraced;all who reject emptiness and evil find acceptance from You.We come into Your presence, this night of Kol Nidrei,aware that our shortcomings and weaknesses are many.Yet, encouraged by Your promise of forgiveness,we choose freely the path of repentance,restoring wholeness to our lives and holiness to the world.—Adapted by Rabbi Sheldon Marder from Olat Tamid.mia x r aix r n d ,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄ BBaruch atah, Adonai,hama’ariv aravim.Blessed are You, Adonai, Creator of twilight and dusk.I8

Ahavat Olam: RevelationLO§ r l ̀ x W § i ziA ml̈Fr za d miT gª ,zFv§ nE dxFY ,Ÿa«§ d̈ .Ÿc«§ n l Epz̈« F mih R̈W§ nE Ahavat olam Beit Yisraeil am'chaahav'ta, Torah umitzvot, chukimumishpatim otanu limadta.Among our many appetitesthere is a craving after God.Among our many attributesthere is a talent for worshiping God.Jews who wandered in deserts beneath the starsknew their hearts were hungry for God.Jews who studied in candle-lit ghetto roomsthirsted longingly after God.In tent or hut or tenement our ancestors prayed to God.But we who are smothered with comfortsometimes forget to listen.Help us, O God, to recognize our needto hear the yearning whisper of our hearts.Help us to seek the silence of the desertand the wisdom of the house of study.Bless us, like our parents in ancient days,with that most precious gift: a sense of Your presence.Brush us with the wings of Your being.Fill us with the awe of Your holiness.— Ruth Brin, Machzor L’Kol Nidrei, Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, CA,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄ BBaruch atah, Adonai,oheiv amo Yisraeil.l ̀ x U § i FOr adF Blessed are You, Adonai, who loves Your people, Israel.I9

Sh’ma Yisraeil: One God.cg̈« ̀Sh'ma Yisrael, AdonaiEloheinu, Adonai Echad.Baruch sheim k’vodmal’chuto l’olam va’ed.ï§i ,Epid Ÿl¡ ï§i ,l ̀ x U § i rn W§.crë ml̈Frl§ FzEkl§ n cFaM§ mW KExÄHear O Israel, Adonai is our God, Adonai is One.Blessed is God’s glorious majesty forever and ever.IALL ARE SEATED V’ahavta: Remembering the MitzvotV’ahavta eit Adonai Elohecha,b’chol l’va’cha uv’chol naf’sh'cha,uv’chol m’odecha. V’hayuhad’varim haeileh asher anochim’tzav’cha hayom al l’vavecha.V’shinantam l’vanecha, v’dibartabam, b’shiv’t’cha b’veitechauv’lech’t’cha vaderech,uv’shoch’b’cha uv’kumecha.Uk’shartam l’ot al yadecha,v’hayu l’totafot bein einecha.Uch’tavtam al m’zuzot beitechauvish’arecha.L’ma’an tiz’k’ru, va’asitem et kolmitzvotai, vih’yitem k’doshiml’Eiloheichem.Ani Adonai Eloheichemasher hotzeiti et’chem meieretzMitzrayim, lih’yot lacheml’Eilohim, ani AdonaiEloheichem.L a«§ älÎl§ k̈A§ Li dŸl¡ d F̈d§i z ̀ Ÿ½ a§ d e§:Lc« Ÿ nÎl§ k̈aE§ L W§ t § pÎlk̈aE§L² E §vn§ i kŸp « xW ̀ dN ̀À d̈ mix äC§ d Eºid̈e§:L«a älÎl§ r mF Id L³ Y§ a§ W A§ m Ä Ÿx§A c e§ Li½p äl§ m Ÿ§pP W e§L A§ k§ Ẅa§ E« Kx C½ a ĹY§ k§ l aE§ ÆLzi ̧ a A§ wE§ :L« nEwaE§E id̈e§ L cïÎlr zF l§ m Ÿx§W:Li«p ir oi A zŸt ḧŸh« l§:Lix« r̈W§ aE L ziA zF ffªnÎl§ r m²Ÿa§ z kE§i z̈Ÿev§ nÎl M̈Îz ̀ m ziU r« e Ex½ M§§ fY or nl§:m«ki d Ÿl « l mi WŸcw§ m zi id«§ e iz ³ vFd xW ̀ mki À d Ÿl¡« d F̈d§i iºp ̀m kl̈ zF id§ l m ix½ v§ n ux ̀ n Æmk z§ ̀:m«ki d Ÿl¡« d F̈d§i i p ̀ mi dŸl « lLove Adonai your God with every heartbeat, with every breath, with every conscious act.Keep in mind the words I command you today. Teach them to your children, talk aboutthem at work; whether you are tired or you are rested. Let them guide the work of yourhands; keep them in the forefront of your vision. Do not leave them at the doorway of your10

house, or outside your gate. They are reminders to do all of My mitzvot, so that you can beholy for God. I am Adonai your God. I led you out of Egypt to become your God.I am Adonai your God!IG’ulah: RedemptionWho is like Youamong the silent?Mute and inscrutableYou witness our pain.Once upon a time, the sea was split,and Israel marveled at Your outstretched arm.How many have cried out since then?How many have sunk beneath the waves?Centuries of innocent blood —lives lost to hunger, war, to cruelty or indifference;and those who died with Your name on their lips.And still they perish in distant lands,and still they languish on our chilly streets.Your creatures are drowning even now,so why should we sing?Ever-silent, hiding out in history,You have Your reasons — or so they say.You left us on our own, so let us give You leave:Withdraw into YourselfWithhold Your saving power.And we will live on memories of joy;and stubborn and stiff-necked, we’ll cling to hope;and gather strength to fight the Pharaohs when we must.And hold fast to freedom, and celebrate in song —and vow that we will never beamong the silent.— Translation based on Rueven Hammer, The Classic Midrash: Tannaitic Commentaries on the Bible11

Mi Chamochah: Who is Like You?Mi-chamochah ba’eilim, Adonai,mi kamochah nedar bakodesh,nora t’hilot, oseh fele.Malchut'cha rau vanecha, bokei’ayam lifnei Mosheh u’Miriam, zeheili anu v'am'ru:Adonai yimloch l’olam vaed!V'ne'emar: ki fadah Adonai etYa’akov, ug'alo miyad chazakmimenu. Baruch atah, Adonai,ga’al Yisraeil.,ï§i ml ̀ Ä dk̈Ÿn« k̈Îin ,Wc ŸT« A xC̈ § p dk̈Ÿn« M̈ in . l« t dU Ÿr« zŸNd z§ xFp i pt§ l mï r wFA« ,Li«p ä E x LzEk§ l§ n :Exn§ e§ Epr̈ il ̀ d f ,mïx§nE dWn !crë ml̈Frl§ KŸln § i ï§iFl § bE ,aŸwr i z ̀ ï§i dc̈ẗ iM :xn¡ p e§.EP« On wf̈g̈ c In .l ̀ x U § i l B̈ ,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄWho is like You, O God, among the gods that are worshipped?Who is like You, majestic in holiness, awesome in splendor, working wonders?When Your children saw Your Sovereign might — the splitting of the sea before Moses andMiriam — they responded, “This is my God!” And they said: “The Eternal will reign till theend of time.” As it is written: “Adonai will save Jacob, and redeem him from one strongerthan himself.” Blessed are You in our lives, Eternal One who redeemed Israel.IHashkiveinu: Protecting Us At Night.mFlẄl§ Epi«d Ÿl¡ ï§i Ep« aiM W§ d When fears multiplyand danger threatens;when sickness comes,when death confronts us —it is God’s blessing of shalomthat sustains us and upholds us.Lightening our burden,dispelling our worry,restoring our strength,renewing our hope —reviving us.— Hershel Matt12

mFlẄ zM qª UxFR d ,ï§i dŸ KExÄl ̀ x U § i FOr lM̈ lr e§ Epi« lr̈.m il̈« ÜEx §i lr e§Baruch atah, Adonai,haporeis sukat shalom aleinu,v’al kol amo Yisraeil,v’al Y’rushalayim.Blessed are You, Adonai, who spreads a shelter of peace over us, over all Israel —Your people — and over Jerusalem.I V’shamru: Keeping Shabbat (sung on Shabbat)V'sham'ru v'nei Yisra’eil etzFUr l ,zÄX d z ̀ l ̀ x U § i i pa§ Exn§ Ẅe§haShabbat, la’asot eti piA :ml̈Fr zix A§ mz̈ŸxŸcl§ zÄX d z ̀haShabbat l'dorotam b'ritolam. Beini uvein b'nei Yisra’eiliM ,ml̈Frl§ id zF l ̀ x U § i i pA§ oiaE ot hi l'olam, ki sheishet yamimz ̀ e§ m in« Ẍd z ̀ ï§i dÜr̈ minï zW« W asah Adonai et hashamayimv'et ha’aretz, uvayom hash’vi’i.WtP̈ ie za Ẅ iri a X§ d mFIaE ,ux« d̈shavat vayinafash.Let all Israel keep Shabbat and celebrate Shabbat for all generations as an everlastingcovenant. It is a sign forever — a bond between Me and Israel — that in six days the EternalOne made the heavens and the earth; but on the seventh day God stopped, and breathed anew soul into the world.IKi Vayom Hazeh: For On This DayFor on this day atonement shall be made for you to purify you from all yourwrongs. And pure you shall be in the presence of Adonai.mki l r xR k§ i d Gd mFia iM Ki vayom hazeh y’chapeiraleichem l’taheir et’chem,mikol chatoteichem lif’neiAdonai tit’haru.mki z ŸHg lŸMn ,mk z§ ̀ xd h l§.Ex«d̈h§ Y ï§i i pt§ l I I13

T’filah — dltzALL RISE Kavanah: Preparing for T’filahgŸt§ Y iz ẗU§ ,ip̈Ÿc ̀.Lz N̈d Y§ ciB i itE Adonai, s’fatai tiftach ufiyagid t’hilatecha.Adonai, open up my lips, that my mouth may declare Your praise. Avot v’Imahot: Our AncestorsBaruch atah, Adonai,Eloheinu v'Eiloheiavoteinu v’imoteinu,Elohei Avraham,Elohei Yitzchak,v’Eilohei Ya’akov.Elohei Sarah, Elohei Rivkah,Elohei Racheil, v’EiloheiLeiah.HaEil hagadol hagiborv’hanora, Eil elyon,gomeil chasadim tovim,v’koneih hakol,v’zocheir chas’deiavot v’imahot,umeivi g’ulah liv’nei v’neiheml’ma’an sh’mo b’ahavah.,ï§i, dŸ KExÄ,Epi«zFO e§ Epi«zFa ̀ id Ÿl e Epi«d Ÿl¡ ,wg̈v § i id Ÿl¡ ,md̈x a§ id Ÿl¡ .aŸwr i id Ÿl e,dẅa§ x id Ÿl¡ ,dx Ü id Ÿl¡ .d l id Ÿl e ,lg x id Ÿl¡ , xFP d e§ xFAB d lFcB̈d l ̀ d̈,miaFh mic q̈ g lnFB ,oFil§ r l ̀ic q§ g xkFf e§ ,lŸMd d pFwe§,zFdÖ e§ zFa mdi pa§ i pa§ l dN̈ ª̀ B§ ia nE .dä d A§ FnW§ or n l§14

,mi Ig A ut g̈ Kl n ,mi Ig l§ Epx kf̈§,mi Ig d x tq A§ Epa z§ k̈e§.mi Ig mid Ÿl¡ L§pr n l§Zoch’reinu l’chayimMelech chafeitz bachayim,v’chot’veinu b’seifer hachayim,l’ma’ancha Elohim chayim.Melech ozeir umoshia umagein.Baruch Atah, Adonai, mageinAvraham v’ezrat Sarah.,dŸ KExÄ .o bn̈E ri WFnE« x fFr Kl« n.dx Ü zx§ fr e§ md̈x a§ o bn̈ ,ï§iBlessed are You, Adonai our God, God of our fathers and mothers, God of Abraham, God ofIsaac, and God of Jacob, God of Sarah, God of Rebecca, God of Rachel, and God of Leah, thegreat, mighty and awesome God, transcendent God who bestows lovingkindness, createseverything out of love, remembers the love of our fathers and mothers, and bringsRedemption to their children’s children for the sake of the Divine Name. Remember us forlife, O Sovereign who delights in life, and inscribe us in the Book of Life, for Your sake,Living God. Sovereign, Deliverer, Helper and Shield, Blessed are You, Adonai, Shield ofAbraham, Sustainer of Sarah.IG’vurot: Giver of LifeYour power is forever, Adonai — giving life to all,abundant Your capacity to save.You bring down dew, lovingly nurture all life,and with great compassion You infuse all being with life.Supporter of those who fall down; Healer of those who are ill; Freer of thosewho are imprisoned; the One who keeps faith with those who sleep in thedust — Who is like You, Master of all powers?You are Sovereign over death and life; salvation springs from You.Mi Chamocha Eil harachamim, zocheiry’tzurav l’chayim b’rachamim.xkFf ,min gx d̈ l ̀ LFn« k̈ in .min gx A§ mi Ig l§ eixEv§ iWho compares with You, merciful God? With tender compassion Youremember Your creatures for life. Faithful are You, bringing life to all.You are the Source of all blessing, the life force surging within all things.Baruch atah, Adonai, m’chayeih hakol.I15.lŸMd d Ig n§ ,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄ

K’dushat HaShem: Sensing God’s Holiness Through Awe, Honor andRighteousnessWFcẅ Ln§ W e§ WFcẅ dŸ .dl̈«Q ,LEl« l§ d§ i mFi lk̈A§ miWFc wE§Atah kadosh v'shimcha kadosh,uk'doshim b'chol yom y'hal'lucha,selah.You are holy.Your name is holy.Seekers of holiness praise You day by day. Selah.,Epi«d Ÿl¡ ï§i LC§ g§ t oY ok a§ E§.Li«U r n lM̈ lr Uv’chein tein pach’d’cha AdonaiEloheinu, al kol ma’asecha.In Your holiness,give all Creation the gift of awe.Turn our fear to reverence;let us be witnesses of wonder — perceiving all nature as a prayer come alive.We yearn for connection with all that lives,doing Your will with levav shalem — wholeness of heart.Awe-inspiring is Your creation,all encompassing Your transcendent name.Uv’chein tein kavod, Adonai l’amecha.L« Or l§ ï§i ,cFak̈ oY ok aE§In Your holiness,give Your people the gift of honor.Bless with praise those who praise You.Bless with hope those who seek You.May the sparks of David,soon grow bright enough for us to seea beam of light in the darkness, a promise of perfection.Eg«n̈U § ie§ E x §i miwi C v ok aE§Uv’chein tzadikim yir’u v’yismachu.In Your holiness,give the righteous the gift of a vision bright with joy:a world where evil has no voiceand the rule of malevolence fades like wisps of smoke.16

Good people everywhere will celebratethe stunning sight of arrogance gone from the earth.Kadosh atah v’nora sh’mecha, v’einEloah mibaladecha, kakatuv:vayigbah Adonai tz’vaot bamishpat,v’ha’Eil hakadosh nik’dash bitz’dakah.Baruch atah, Adonai, HaMelechhakadosh.oi ̀ e§ ,L« nW§ xFp e§ dŸ WFcẅ DA§ bI e :aEzM̈M ,Lic r̈l§ A n DF l¡« l ̀ d̈e§ ,hR̈W§ O A zF äv§ ï§iKExÄ .dẅc̈v§ A WC w § p WFcT̈d .WFcT̈d Kl« Od ,ï§i ,dŸ You are holy. Your name is Awe. There is nothing divine beyond You — as the prophetIsaiah taught: “The Source of all might is exalted through justice, the God of holiness madeholy through righteousness.” Blessed are You, Adonai, the holy Sovereign.ALL ARE SEATEDIK’dushat HaYom: This Day Is HolyIt is Yom Kippur, the Sabbath of Sabbaths.We who rush from here to there, chasing, chasing.We who frantically force and press all things,without rest for body or spirit,hurting our earth and injuring ourselves:Let us call a halt.We want to rest.We need to rest and allow the earth to rest.We need to reflect and rediscover the mystery that lives in us,the ground of being in us and in every creature,the Source that calls all things to unity.Let us declare this Sabbath of Sabbaths,A space for quietfor simply being and letting be,for recovering the great, forgotten truths,for rediscovering the light that dwells within,for learning how to live again.— Machzor L’Kol Nidrei, Temple Isaiah, Lafayette, CA17

Epi«zFa ̀ id Ÿl e Epi«d Ÿl¡ mFiA§ Epi«zFpF r l lg n§ ,Epi«zFO e§.d Gd mix Rª M d (mFiaE§ d Gd zÄW d) Eloheinu v’Eilohei avoteinuv’imoteinu, m’chal l’avonoteinub’Yom (haShabbat hazeh uv’yom)HaKipurim hazeh.Eloheinu, our God — and God of our forebears —pardon our failings on (this day of Shabbat, and) this Day of Atonement;erase our misdeeds; see beyond our defiance.Speak Your hopeful message to our yearning hearts;And answer our worthy petitions of our searching souls.Purify and strengthen our noble strivings;And cleanse us of all our unworthy desires.Join us together in fellowship and in love;And grant us the joy which comes from enriching other lives.Help us to be loyal to the heritage we share;Draw us near to Torah in wisdom and in faith.Strengthen our devotion to our people everywhere;Keep alive our faith in righteousness and truth.Bless us with hopes to uplift our daily lives;And keep steadfast our courage and our resolve at all times.On this night of Atonement, help us, God,To be worthy of Your presence, as we call upon Your name.— Sidney Greenberg and Jonathan D. LevineBaruch atah, Adonai, Melechmocheil v’soleiach la’avonoteinuv’la’avonot amo beit Yisraeil,uma’avir ashmoteinu b’cholshanah v’shanah, melech al kolha’aretz, m’kadesh (haShabbatv’) Yisraeil v’Yom HaKippurim.g lFq e§ lgFn Kl« n ,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄ,l ̀ x U § i ziA Fnr zFpFr l e§ Epi«zFpF r l ,dp̈Ẅe§ dp̈Ẅ lk̈A§ Epi«zFn W§ xia r nE (e§ zÄX d) WC w n§ ,ux« d̈ lM̈ lr Kl« n.mix Rª M d mFie§ l ̀ x U §iYou are blessed, Adonai, Sovereign who forgives our failings.I18

Avodah (R’tzei): Accept Our Prayers,l ̀ x U § i LO§ r A§ ,Epi«d Ÿl¡ ï§i ,d vx§id zE§ ,lA w z§ dä d A§ mz̈N̈t zE§.LO r l ̀ x U § i zcFa r cin Ÿ oFvx l§l ̀ d pR§ ,ei x§ŸwÎlk’ l§ aFxẅ l ̀.Epil« r̈ L gEx KFtW§ .Ep «Pg’ e§ Lic« är oFIv l§ LaEW§ A§ Epi«p ir dp̈i«f g¡ z e§,dŸ KExÄ .min gx A§.oFIv l§ Fzp̈ik W§ xi fg O d ,ï§iR'tzeih, Adonai Eloheinu, b'am'chaYisraeil u't’filatam b’ahavaht’kabeil, ut’hi l’ratzon tamid avodatYisraeil amecha. Eil karov l’cholkor’av, p’neih El avodechav’choneinu. Sh’foch ruchachaaleinu. V’techezenah eineinub’shuv’cha l’tzion b’rachamim.Baruch atah, Adonai, hamachazirsh’chinato l’tziyon.Eternal, our God, Your people Israel yearns for Your favor. Receive their prayer with lovingacceptance, and may You always desire Your people’s worship. Divine One, close to all whocall upon You, bring Your grace and Presence near to those who serve You. Pour forth Yourspirit on us, and may our eyes see Your merciful return to Zion. Blessed are You whoseDivine Presence is felt again in Zion.IHoda’ah (Modim): We Are Grateful.Kl̈ Epg«§ p ̀ micFn You are the Eternal, our God,the God of our mothers and fathers,and for that we are grateful forever.You are the Rock, the Protector of our lives.Your saving power endures from age to age.We thank You and tell the tale of Your praise:our lives are in Your hand; our souls are in Your care;Your miracles and Your beneficence are with us always.From dusk to dawn, in the light of day,we call You Goodness — Your compassion is inexhaustible;we call You Mercy — Your love has no limit;we call You Hope,now and for all time.19

,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄ.zFcFdl§ d ̀ p̈ LlE§ Ln§ W aFHd Baruch atah, Adonai, hatovshimcha ul’cha na’eh l’hodot.Blessed are You, Adonai, whose goodness deserves praise and thanksgiving.I Birkat Shalom (Shalom Rav): Grant Us PeaceShalom rav al Yisraeil am'chatasim l'olam, ki Atah hu Melechadon l'chol hashalom. V'tovb'einecha l'vareich et am'chaYisraeil, b'chol eit uv'chol sha’ahbish’lomecha.B'seifer chayim, b'rachahv'shalom, ufarnasah tovah,nizacheir v'nikateiv l'fanecha,anachnu v'chol am'cha beitYisraeil, l'chayim tovimul'shalom.Baruch atah, Adonai,oseih hashalom.miU Ÿ LO§ r l ̀ x U § i lr ax mFlẄlk̈l§ oFc Kl« n Ed dŸ iM ,ml̈Frl§LO§ r z ̀ Kx äl§ Li«p ir A§ aFhe§ .mFlẌd dr̈Ẅ lk̈aE§ zr lk̈A§ ,l ̀ x U §i.L« nFlW§ A dq̈p̈x§tE mFlẄe§ dk̈x A§ ,mi Ig x tq« A§lk̈e§ Epg«§ p ̀ ,Li«p ẗl§ az M̈ pe§ xkG̈ p ,däFhmiaFh mi Ig l§ ,l ̀ x U § i ziA LO§ r .mFlẄlE§.mFlẌd dUFr ,ï§i ,dŸ KExÄPeace — profound and lasting, may this be Your gift to Israel, Your people. For peace isYours to give; You are its Sovereign. In Your goodness, bless us and all who dwell on earthwith Your peace — in every season, every hour. Let us and the whole family of Israel beremembered and inscribed in the book of life. May it be a life of goodness, blessing, andprosperity! May it be a life of peace! You are the Blessed One, the Eternal One, Source ofshalom.I20

T’filat HaLev: Prayer of the HeartT’filah is an inward journey,a passage from the God of the ancientsto my Rock and my Redeemer. . . .Stand on this holy summit of T’filahand see before you a land that calls outfor redemption,for healing,for peace — a world that needs you.Kol Nidrei is different.T’filah tonight is an inward journeythat takes us deep within ourselves,pierces us to the core. . . .Stand on the holy summit of this T’filahand see before you the land within:a weary soul that needs your attention.Turn with open heart to words of Viddui —the starkest of confessions . . .and in the poetry of Selichotsing the soul’s infinite yearning —its aching need to be forgiven,its longing to be loved.— Sheldon Marder, From T’filah to Viddui to S’lichotI Oseh Shalom: Maker of PeaceOseh shalom bimromav,hu ya’aseh shalom aleinu,v’al kol Yisrael, v’imru: amen.mFlẄ dU r i Ed ein̈Fxn§ A mFlẄ dU Ÿr.on :Exn§ e§ ,l ̀ x U § i lM̈ lr e§ Epi« lr̈May the One who makes peace in the high heavens make peace for us and for all Israel, andlet us say: amen.I I21

Confession of Sin- iecePreparing For ConfessionToday we stand before the Mirror of Allto see ourselves as we are.We come with no gifts, no bribes, no illusions, no excuses.We stand without defense and wait to be filled.What will fill us?Remorse, certainly. So much error and needless pain.And joy: remembered moments of love and right doing.We are too c

ixcp lk :xetik meil :ziaxr Yom Kippur Evening Service: Kol Nidrei Clergy Prayer: Opening the Ark, Opening Ourselves ALL RISE Yom Kippur: the Jewish people’s Festival of the Soul and Kol Nidrei its sacred portal — a night of deep emotions, a n

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Dawn Spector Director of Youth Education 450 South Kearney Street, Denver, CO 80224 Telephone: 303-256-1061 Email: Dawn.Spector@rodef-shalom.org or preschool@rodef-shalom.org. PHILOSOPHY Rodef Shalom Preschool was established to meet the needs of young children and their families. In our safe,

The Cohanim needed to obtain hot water on Yom Kippur for the tevila of the Cohen Gadol. One possible way to heat water was to heat up iron bars before Yom Kippur and then put them in water on Yom Kippur itself. The Gemara eventually rejects this as being prohibited, but in so doing

Od yavo' shalom aleinu Od yavo' shalom aleinu Od yavo' shalom aleinu V'al kulam Salaam (Salaam) Aleinu v'al kol ha'olam, Salaam, Salaam Od Yavo Shalom Peace will come upon us and upon everyone. םָלֻּכ לַעְו וּניֵלָע םוֹלָש אוֹבָי דוֹע םָלוֹעָה לָכ לַעְו וּניֵלָע םאַלַס

5 Opening the Ark, Opening Ourselves Yom Kippur: the Jewish people’s Festival of the Soul and Kol Nidrei its sacred portal – a night of deep emotions, a night, as the Psalmist wrote, to

Rabbi Boris Dolin of Congregation Dorshei Emet in Montréal, Québec, Canada. Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel said: There were no days as happy for the Jewish people as the fifteenth of Av and as Yom Kippur. The Gemara asks: Granted, Yom Kippur is a day of joy because it has the eleme

YOM KIPPUR : N'ILAH SERVICE : May God's great name come to be magnified and sanctified in the world God brought into being. May God's majestic reign prevail soon in your lives, in your days, and in the life of the whole House of Israel; and let us say: Amen. May God's great name be blessed to the end of time. Yitgadal v'yitkadashsh'meihraba,

The colonial response to these acts is really the start of the American Revolution. First Massachusetts passed a set of resolutions calling for colonists to: one, disobey the Intolerable Acts, two, stop paying taxes, and three, prepare for war. And in September 1774, a group of delegates from twelve of the thirteen colonies - Georgia! - met in Philadelphia to coordinate the resistance of the .