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CurrentA Publication of the Missouri Water Environment AssociationFall 2009Vol. 50 No. 3Support the 2010U.S. StockholmJunior Water PrizeCompetitionWatershed ManagementAwards Call for PapersManaging inTime of Crisis

Don’t Break the Bankreduce your overall cost of disinfection with trojanuV. in a life-cycle analysis, trojanuV typically has a lowerlife-cycle cost compared to chemical disinfection.www.trojanuv.comrepresented by:EastErn MissouriWEstErn Missouriressler & associates, 636.391.8992kressler@resslerassociates.comray Lindsey Companytel. Current Fall

In this IssueCurrentMissouri Water Environment Assoc.5President’s Message7Industrial Waste Committee Report9Collection System Committee Meeting10Watershed Management Call for Nominations12US Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition15Managing in Time of Crisis17Save the Date192009 - 2010 Executive Committee202009 - 2010 Committee ChairsArticles and information published in theMWEA Current are for your informationonly and do not necessarily reflect theviews of the Editor or the Association.For comments, inquiries, or other information concerning the MWEA Current, pleasecontact the Editor:Robert NeathCH2M HILLrneath@ch2m.comThe Newsletter Committee is always looking for articles of interest to our members.If you have any suggestions or items ofinterest for future publications, please callany member of the committee, or fax theEditor at 314.421.3927 or email at Advertising inquiries shouldbe directed to Bob Welsch at Neath, EditorLeslie Neath, DesignerBob Welsch, AdvertisingPlease note the deadlines for article submittals:IssueDeadlinePublicationWinter ‘09October 9NovemberSpring ‘10January 9FebruarySummer ‘10 April 9MayFall ‘10AugustJuly 9Change of Address Requests:If you need to change your mailing adressto receive the Current, visit the Water Environment Federation website at Once on this page, select Membership& Careers, Membership Information, Renew or Modify Membership. You will needyour WEF membership ID and password tomodify your profile. You may also call WEFMembership Services at 1-800-666-0206.www.mwea.orgwww.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009

AQUASTORE TANKS have the lowest life cycle cost. They areversatile and cost-effective for waste water treatment storageand can be designed to meet national standards. Single-useapplications range from E.Q. tanks, aerations tanks, storm waterrun-off storage, equalization and trickling filters to sludgedigestion and sludge storage/mixing. Suitable for total systemapplications, Aquastore tanks are used in Sequential BatchReactor (SBR) systems, package treatment plants,anaerobicsludge digestion systems and conventionallarge volume treatment.Fast, Turnkey InstallationsCENTRAL, INC.EAI Central, Inc.18900 W. 158th Street, Suite E, Olathe, KS 66062Ph: 913-782-7774 Fx: Current Fall 2009EAST MISSOURIWEST MISSOURIefficient professional crewsGlass-lined tank contractors since 1954920 W. Prairie Drive Ste. G, Sycamore, IL 60178Ph: 815-899-5678 Fx:

President’sMessageDear Members,Where has the summer gone? As I sit here in St. Louis lookingout the window, resisting the urge to attend a Cardinals baseballgame, I wonder about where I can find the time to plan, andthen I really get baffled when I consider where I will find the timeto actually finish all I strive to do. We are half way through the“MWEA” year and planning is gearing up for 2010. A few itemsthat I want to point out for the remainder of this year and thenput on your radar screen for next year follow.The Executive Committee and Committee Chairs held theirannual meeting and float trip on August 7 – 8. There wasgood attendance and great discussion about the Association’sbusiness. We approved a memorandum of understanding withMo. Section of AWWA to hold joint conferences in 2012, 2013and 2014. The format works well and we have received greatcomments on the conference evaluation forms. We passedthe budget after much discussion and an evaluation of ourincome and expenses. Unfortunately, due to increasing costsof the annual conference (better food, more activities, etc.), ourrevenue from the annual event was down in 2009, so we haveless money going into 2010. (We have applied for stimulusfunds and are awaiting a phone call from the White House withdetails on a bailout .) We still are financially sound, and weintend to remain sound, so Committee Chairs are encouragedto be thrifty where possible. We are also being cautious aboutspending reserves due to sponsorship of the Stockholm JuniorWater Prize in St. Louis in June of 2010; more about that in a fewparagraphs.Our newsletter is one of our largest expense categories, otherthan the conference. A committee has been reconvened toevaluate options. We will be discussing several different ideas,but if you have an idea or suggestion that you would like us toconsider, even if it is just that you enjoy the newsletter and weshould leave it alone, please let me or Robert Neath know.The Fall Technical Conference planning is in full swing. If youhaven’t already made plans to attend, please do so right away. Itwill be November 5, 2009 at Stoney Creek Inn in Columbia onceagain; the agenda is packed with great speakers and meatyinformation.WEFTEC is headed to Orlando, Florida. I am sure you havereceived much information from WEF regarding registration, butin case you have missed it, there are discounts available for utilityregistrants, regulators, and others. Check it out and get there ifyou can. The Missouri Delegation will be gathering at BB King’swww.mwea.orgBlues Bar at 9101 International Drive #2230, at Pointe Orlando.Check it out at If you are in Orlando forWEFTEC, drop by Monday afternoon between 4 and 6.2010 is shaping up to be a very good year with lots of activities.Our Committees are getting energized, new activities are beingplanned. A sponsorship of the Stockholm Junior Water PrizeCompetition that will be held in St. Louis in June of 2010 willrequire volunteers and donations of cash. WEF sponsors theevent, but a large sponsor dropped out this year, so the shortfallneeds to be made up. If you would like to donate, or have acompany that you think you could convince to assist with adonation, please contact Danny Rowatt or Pam Schweitzer. Pamhas set up a Google webgroup for the event; you can access it at There is a link onthe MWEA webpage for more information.The 2010 annual conference will be March 28 – 31 at Tan-Tar-A.Please mark your calendars and put it in your budget to attend.There is no better way to stay up on new regulations, newproducts, new practices, and problem solutions than attendinga conference with 500 – 700 of your peers. Of course, theoperator certification hours are useful, too.The first 6 months of my Presidency have been informative; I havefound that what I have suspected for many years is true. Thereare simply no better people than wastewater people (I think youhave to have a unique sense of humor to do the job) and I enjoyinteracting with all of you. Volunteers have stepped forward(or been pushed ), opinions shared with respect, insight andhistorical information related, and all by volunteers who carethat this great organization continues to thrive. It is an honor toserve. I have a favor to ask each of you; take the opportunity toget involved. It will be good for you, and good for us. Until nexttime, as Dad would say: “stay happy and healthy.”Mary WestMary.west@jacobs.comCurrent Fall 2009

Global Expertise.Local Delivery.Stantec provides professional design and consulting servicesin planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, economics,and project management.We support public and private sector clients in a diverserange of markets, at every stage, from initial concept andfinancial feasibility to project completion and beyond.AD-CA-MRC-2008DEC02-P1V1Our services are offered through approximately 9,000employees operating out of more than 150 locationsin North America.In St. Louis, contact Bob Campbellat (636) 343-3880 orbob.campbell2@stantec.comOne Team. Infinite Solutions. Current Fall

Industrial Waste Committee ReportChairperson:Bill McAllister - bmcallister@burnsmcd.comProposed Regulations for GreenhouseGas Emissions ReportingEPA recently issued the proposed Mandatory Reporting ofGreenhouse Gases regulations, which will require annualreporting of greenhouse gases (GHG) starting with theyear 2010. The public comment period ended in earlyJune 2009 and now EPA will be evaluating the submittedcomments and prepare a set of final regulations forissuance. The regulations apply to industrial stationarysources, municipal landfills, and mobile transportationvehicles. Although domestic wastewater treatment plantsare excluded from the reporting requirements underthe proposed regulations, emissions from industrialwastewater treatment facilities are included as potentialsources from industrial facilities.The current production rate of legislation and regulationsfrom Washington has accelerated making it difficult for usto evaluate and provide technical and policy input to ourelected politicians. These political actions will likely havesignificant economic and free choice consequences thatwill impact everyone in our country.Some of the significant requirements include:1. Reportable GHGs include CO2, CH4, N2O, and variousfluorinated compounds.2. GHG emissions will be reported as equivalent CO2(CO2e).3. GHG emissions will be reported on an annual andfacility basis.4. Each facility must report GHG emissions if annualemissions are at least 25,000 metric tons.5. Once a facility meets the reporting threshold, thefacility must continue annual reporting even if thefacility’s annual emissions drop below the reportingthreshold.6. Facility must develop a quality assurance project planfor data used in the reporting.7. New facilities must begin reporting of emissionsstarting with the first month of operation.Snyder &Associates AdIn addition, EPA has proposed an endangerment findingfor carbon dioxide, which has been controversial to saythe least. Also, the US House of Representatives recentlynarrowly passed a bill to reduce carbon emissions andaccording to some politicians, jump-start our economywith mandates and subsidies to promote renewableenergy sources. It will be interesting if the same is bill ispassed by the US Senate.www.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009

Welcome New MWEA GentilePaulMorrisOkkyoung ChoiJames ColeZhihua ia RamolinoJuanWuNurbol NurumbetovJohnGlascockLindsey SchaeferIkeCaseNathan RunyanChadWilsonColleen KennyJoseph SnodgrassJohnPughMathew LaneJames GuthrieRonConger Current Fall 2009BeltonBeltonBlue SpringsBlue aColumbiaCrawfordsvilleCreve nIndependenceIndependenceIndependenceJefferson CityJefferson CityKansas CityKansas CityKansas CityKansas CityKansas CityKansas CityKansas CityKansas CityKearneyKirkwoodLa GrangeLee’s SummitLee’s SummitMissionMoberlyNeoshoNew LondonO’ FallonO’ FallonOakvilleSethCogginRobert StarrJeffMedowsDonielle JordanRobert ElspermanLeiHouGeneMayhallChristopher LazioBakaiRickHaarJohnMcCarthyJennifer WelschCatherine ArnoldCindyHebenstreitJacques MartineauPhillip RobertsKarlNowakAndrew HessAamani NannapaneniGarryAronbergGaryMillerOzarkSaint CharlesSaint JamesSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSaint LouisSpringfieldSt. LouisSt. LouisSt. LouisSt. LouisUniversity

Collection System CommitteeChairperson:Bill McAllister - bmcallister@burnsmcd.com6th Annual Collection System Meeting‘Boiling with Fun’On July 31, 2009 the MWEA Collection SystemCommittee had its 6th Annual meeting at theLake of the Ozarks at the Braden House.After the meeting Dan and Theresa Scherercooked their famous shrimp boil for us all toenjoy.We thank the sponsors for this event:Ace Pipe CleaningADS Environmental ServicesCDMCivil Design, IncDonahue & AssociatesLetts, Van Kirk & AssociatesTREKK Design GroupSeveral people stayed through Saturday andfun was had by all.www.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009

MWEA WATERSHED MANAGEMENTACHIEVEMENT AWARDS2010Call for Nominations!The MWEA Watershed Management Committee recognizes the importance of a functional andwell maintained watershed; and that a well maintained watershed requires a combined effort oflocal government and business owners, as well as community organizations and citizen groups.To recognize the efforts of these groups and individuals the WMC has established an annualawards program. There are five categories for entry: Community Organizations, LocalGovernment, Consulting Organizations, Business, and Individual.The goal of the awards program is to promote innovative approaches to watershed challengesand encourage a culture of stewardship among Missouri watersheds.Award CriteriaApplication InstructionsNominations are being sought foroutstanding contributions to Missouriwatershed (s) by individuals or groups foracts or achievements which significantly: Reduce volume or toxicity of pollutantsentering the watershed environment Reduce flooding potential and relatedthreat to structures and human life Preserve or restore natural lands orhabitat Increase conservation activities Educate the public on watershedprotectionComplete the application and send withany supporting materials (see secondpage) to:Denise BurkettKCMO Water Services Department2 NE 32nd StreetPhone: 513-7012Fax: 513-7001Email: denise burkett@kcmo.orgNominations are due on or beforeNovember 1, 2009.Watershed Management Achievement Awards Nomination1. Nominated Individual or organization/teamIndividual Name (s):Organization Name:Organization Address:Telephone number:Email:2. Name of project, activity, or achievement:Category:3. Nominating Individual:Telephone number:Email:10 Current Fall

Watershed Management Achievement Awards NominationSupporting Information Sheet1. What was the nominee’s project, activity, or achievement?2. When and where did the project, activity, or achievement take place?3. Describe the way in which this act or achievement benefits the watershed.4. What are the economic and social impacts of this act or achievement?5. Provide background on all statistical information used to demonstrate effectiveness of theproject, activity, or achievement.6. Attach any additional supporting documentation as necessary, such as photos.Missouri Water Environment AssociationWatershed Management Committee2 NE 32nd StreetKansas City, Missouri 64116(816) 513-7012www.mwea.orgwww.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009 11

The National CompetitionThe Stockholm Junior Water Prize was founded by theStockholm Water Foundation in 1997. The Crown Princessof Sweden is the patron of the prize and presents theinternational award each year.The U.S. has participated in this program since the prizewas founded. The national program is managed bythe Water Environment Federation (WEF) with supportfrom ITT Corporation and Delta Air Lines. WEF memberassociations (MAs) select the state winners from hundredsof entries across the country. MAs also help organize thenational competition.The U.S. competition is open to all high school studentswith projects aimed at improving the quality of lifethrough enhancement of water quality, water resourcesmanagement, water protection or water and wastewatertreatment.Local Sponsor:Partnership Opportunities for theU.S. Stockholm JuniorWater Prize CompetitionMissouriSheratonCityWaterCenter HotelEnvironment AssociationSaint Louis, MissouriJune 17 – 20, 2010Inspiring Today’s Students.ImprovingTomorrow’sNationalSponsors: Water. The 2010 Competition in St. LouisThe Missouri Water Environment Association (MWEA) hasbeen selected by the WaterEnvironmentFederation(WEF) to host the StockholmJunior Water Prize (SJWP)National Competition in thesummer of 2010 in SaintLouis. MWEA is partneringwith local organizations andcompanies to provide supportfor this prestigious nationalcompetition. Our goal is tomake the event an educational and memorable experiencefor the competitors, their advisors, and their families.It is anticipated that 45 or more state winners, accompaniedby there their advisors and families, will join us in SaintLouis where we are planning three days of learningand fun activities. The national winner selected at thiscompletion will go on to Stockholm, Sweden to competein the international competition against students frommore than 30 countries around the world.Partnering OpportunitiesOur best minds and talent need to remain focused on theworld’s aquatic environment and health-related waterquality issues in the coming years. Here is a chance foryour organization to really make a difference both locallyand globally! The students participating in this uniquecompetition represent the brilliance of the future when itcomes to preserving and enhancing our global waterenvironment.In order to make the Saint Louis event a world-classexperience for all of those participating, the MissouriPartnershipOpportunitiesfor theopportunitiesWaterEnvironmentAssociation is offeringfor public, private, non-profit and other organizations tosupport the 2010 contest. Various levels of support areavailable to choose from.U.S. Stockholm Junior12 Current Fall 2009Water Prize Competitionwww.mwea.orgSheraton City Center Hotel

Reasons to Support the 2010 U.S. Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition Support grass-roots scientific research Show students and their educational advisors that their efforts matter Publically demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment Be involved in a prestigious national science competition Raise awareness of water related issues that affect our society Donations are tax deductableThe Stockholm Junior Water Prize is the most prestigious international youth award for a high schoolwater science research project. Its purpose is to increase students’ interest in water-related issues andresearch, and to sensitize them – as future leaders – to global water challenges.For more information on the Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition, go to:www.SJWP.orgEnter SJWP in the search bar.Please detach and return this form to:Please send checks only. Checks should be made payable to:Missouri Water Environment AssociationMissouri Water Environment AssociationC/O Danny RowattNote: MWEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please checkMunicipal Equipment Companywith your tax professional regarding possible tax deductions as2735 Mercantile Drivea result of your donation. Funds raised will benefit the 2010 U.S.Saint Louis, MO 63144Stockholm Junior Water Prize Competition. Any remaining funds in(314) 290-2977the 2010 SJWP account after the event’s conclusion will be placedinto the MWEA Scholarship Fund.Partnering Levels (check one)Company’s NamePlatinum – 5,000AddressGold – 2,500City State ZipSilver – 1,000Contact Person’s NameBronze – 500Telephone NumberFriends of the SJWP (write-in amount)www.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009 13

DeZurik (Flo Systems ad) - Full page14 Current Fall

Managing in Time of CrisisThe recession that took so long to be recognized as a recessionis now universally acknowledged. The country and the wholeof the world are caught up in it and there is no avoiding itsconsequences. For those of us in the association world, theoutlook is not encouraging. We are often at the end of the servicechain and for hard pressed companies, utilities, governmentsand individuals, we often constitute discretionary spending spending that can be interrupted for a time until things getbetter.Of course, that may or may not be the case. The best associationsprovide training, education and other services that are even moreimportant in difficult times because they help our members’weather rough roads, and when the recovery comes, as it will,the skills we sharpen will be more important still. But for now,we in the association world need to hone our services to themost essential, trim our expenses, improve our managementand service while anticipating decreased revenues as we do so.The dilemma is classic. Everything is connected. Crisis inthe financial markets affects the availability of credit, creditrestrictions effect investment and lending, companies cutback production and lay off workers in response to decreasingdemand from consumers, and tax revenues from all sectorsdecrease because income and sales are down in the privatesector economy. Even services like water and sanitation are notimmune from global economic dislocations and neither are theassociations that serve them.This recession is not going to be like anything most of us haveever lived through. It will be longer, more severe and pervasivethan anything since the 1930s and we need to understand andaccept that. Hunkering down and waiting for it to pass us bywill not work. Business as usual will not work because the usualisn’t any more. Everything has changed and it is unlikely thatwhat we once thought “normal” will ever be again. We need tostart thinking very differently about everything including thetraditional linkages between members and their associations.BiExecuBill BerterEnvironmeorganizatioin AlexandBill BerteraExecutive DirectorBill Bertera is the Executive Directorof the Water Environment Federation(WEF), an international organizationof water quality professionalsheadquartered in Alexandria, Va.He is a carexperienceprivate secenvironmeHe is a career association executivewith extensive experience in not-forprofit management of both publicand private sector organizations,especially those with environmental infrastructure interests.Medicine.Bill has serPublic WorCoalition, tconstructiorebuilding Aserved asBill has served as Executive Director ofHebothAmericanhasthebeenManaging Director of the NPublic Works Association and the Rebuildand he Americahas filledCoalition,executivetheand managelatter a national organization of d the Natiogovernment organizations dedicated to rebuilding America’s publica B.S. Directordegree inofbusinessadmiinfrastructure. He has also served asBillthehasExecutivethedegree in urban affairs.Society of Nuclear Medicine.AboutHe has been Managing Director ofthe WEFNational Solid WastesFormed in 1928, the Water Environment FederaManagement Association; and heorganizationhas filledexecutive andwith 35,000 individual members anmanagement positions with both the InternationalCity Managementquality professionalsaround the world. WEF anmissionof preserving and enhancing the globalAssociation and the National Associationof Counties.Bill has a B.S. degree in business administration and a M.S. of PublicAdministration degree in urban affairs.They also dictate solid fiscal management regardless of otherconsiderations. An organization that is not running in the “black”cannot have the resources to pay attention to its business norcan it fulfill its mission.The Water Environment Association is looking ahead. Althoughwe began our fiscal year with a record breaking WEFTEC inChicago, have enviable cash flows and extensive financialreserves, we do not expect that this recession will pass us byeither. We are trimming expenses in anticipation of revenuedecreases; honing our services and doing all those thingsthat well run organizations do in times of trial. But that is notenough.An important and critical underlying assumption to theguidelines is the understanding that what happens to ourmembers also happens to WEF. The health of the communityreflects itself in our membership numbers, attendance atconferences, exhibit and advertising sales and so on. The sameis most certainly true for state and regional associations, butperhaps not in just the same way. Travel restrictions may workto the advantage of local organizations while overall spendingcuts by companies and utilities curtail membership, exhibit andsponsorship fees.The WEF Board of Trustees has adopted a set of financial andmanagement guidelines we will use in managing WEF in thecoming years. The guidelines set a very high standard on service,provide for continued investment in programs and servicesthat address our core mission and the needs of our members.Each of our organizations needs to take a close look at what wedo, who we do it for and how we do it. Managing associations intime of crisis is always a dicey thing, but not undoable. We justhave to be smarter, work more closely together, be willing to dothings differently and to take reasonable risks.www.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009 15

Aquaray H20 20 has aNew Big Brother!Introducing theAquaray H20 36 UV SystemValidation per USEPA disinfection guidelines Up to 35 mgd/reactor In line, closed IONBIOSOLIDSSYSTEMSAquaray H20 36UV SystemAquaray H20 20 UV SystemOzonia North America, 491 Edward H. Ross Drive Elmwood Park, NJ 0740716 Current Fall 2009(201)

SAVE THE DATE!NOVEMBER 11-13, 2009TENTH ANNUALST. LOUIS EARTH DAY09ST. LOUIS EARTH DAYSYMPOSIUMEco-Nomics:Economy and Ecology ConvergeNovember 12, 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.Missouri Botanical GardenNovember 11, 5:30 - 8:00 p.m.Pre-conference Tour and ReceptionCitygardenNovember 13, 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.In-Depth Training SessionEngineers’ ClubGreen infrastructure solutions are beginning to appear throughout the St. Louis region.These local projects give communities the opportunity to learn first-hand about the lessonslearned, the reality of the bottom line, the benefits they provide and the challenges theypresent to developers, consultants and the local communities where they are built.The program features Keynote speakers, Peter Raven, president of Missouri BotanicalGarden and Warren T. Byrd, Jr., principal Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects anddesigner of Citygarden. Byrd will also lead a pre-conference garden tour, weatherpermitting. Sessions address a range of local projects, regulatory issues, and more.Join us in tackling the issues and challenges.For more information or sponsorship opportunities,contact Tracy Boaz at or 314/452-3986.www.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009 17

18 Current Fall

MWEA Executive Committee 2009 – 2010President ElectVice PresidentSecretaryTreasurerNameMary WestAddressJacobs501 N BroadwaySt. Louis, MO 63102-2121Richard Johannes URS Corporation8300 College BlvdSuite 200Overland Park, KS 66210Jeff ClarkeHydro-Kinetics5741 Manchester AveSaint Louis, MO 63110-1903Clara HaenchenCity of Jefferson320 East McCartyJefferson City, MO 65101Phone/Fax/e-mail314/335-4511, cell 314/954-9351mary.west@jacobs.comRobert J. JanuskaRJN Group, Inc.727 N. First Street, Suite 240St. Louis, MO 63102-2541314/ 588-9764 ext. 311913/344-1079913/344-1011richard veDave ErwinCity of Jefferson320 East McCartyJefferson City, MO DelegateKeith ArbuckleDuckett Creek Sanitary District3550 Highway KO’Fallon, MO .comDelegateKen GambaroMetro St Louis Sewer District3455 Creve Coeur Mill RdSaint Louis, MO mPast PresidentPhil BurnsPast Past President Jeffrey Gratzer816-229-7041Jacobs501 N Broadway4th FloorSaint Louis, MO obs.comMWEA Executive Committee (2009 - 2010)PositionPresidentREV March 10, 2009www.mwea.orgCurrent Fall 2009 19

MWEA Committee Chairs (2009 - 2010)Committee2010 SJWP (Ad hoc)ChairPam SchweitzerAuditBobby LyerlaAwardsAl CallierBiosolidsTom HolstCollection SystemCliff CateEducation / PublicRelationsNicole Tompkins YoungEquipment O & MErnest WestGovernment AffairsJim RossGovernment AffairsWaldo MargheimHistorianPam SchweitzerIndustrial WasteBill McAllisterLaboratory PracticesJane HoodLocal ArrangementsRebecca HoffmannMembershipBently GreenNewsletterRobert NeathMWEA Committee Chairs2009 - 2010AddressEnvironmental Management Corp1001 Boardwalk Springs PlaceSuite 100O’Fallon, MO 63368Municipal Equipment Company2735 Mercantile Dr.St. Louis, MO 63144-2807Donohue & Associates745 Craig RoadSuite 305Creve Coeur, MO 63141Southwest Wastewater TreatmentPlant3301 S. FF HwySpringfield, MO 65807TREKK Design Group, LLC1441 East 104th StreetSuite 105Kansas City Missouri 64131-4521CDM100 N. Tucker, Suite 550St. Louis, MO 63101Southwest Regional Office2040 W. WoodlandSpringfield, MO 65807-5912Bartlett & West Eng.250 NE Tudor Rd.Lees Summit, MO 64086George Butler Assoc.,Inc.9801 Renner Blvd.Lenexa, KS 66219-9745Environmental Management Corp1001 Boardwalk Springs PlaceSuite 100O’Fallon, MO 63368Project ManagerBurns & McDonnell9400 Ward ParkwayKansas City, Missouri 64114City of St. Joseph3500 State Route 759St. Joseph, MO pam.schweitzer@emcstl.com314/645-240031

to be thrifty where possible. We are also being cautious about . Eugene Nickel Jefferson City Byron Shaw Jefferson City John Pruss Kansas City . Kansas City Yinan Qi Kansas City Gregory Larson Kansas City Joseph Kaufman Kansas City Meghan Hemenway Kansas City Jay Bettis Kearney Rob Dal

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Rating according to ASTM E 989 - 06 Impact Insulation Class IIC c: 51 dB Improvement of Impact Insulation Class ΔIIC: 23 dB Evaluation based on laboratory measurement results obtained in one-third-octave bands by an engineering method No.of test report: SONI107 Name of test institute: eco-scan bvba Date: Signature: Volker Spessart 28-Nov-18 L n, ref, c f L n,ref,c (*) 1/3 octave bands : 28 .