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Branding & Theming InCollegiateRecreation Facilities2011 NIRSA Facilities InstituteErik Kocher, AIA LEED AP

Identifyde y aandd esestablishab s bbrandinga d gaanddtheming opportunities in facilities Understand how branding and themingadds value to the leisure experience Using branding and theming to createdesirable “third places” ColorC l ththeory iin collegiatell i t ffacilitiesiliti Understanding the “additional” cost ofbranding & themingg a recent examplep SharingPresentation Objectives

The Power of Branding

The Power of Theming

Our Blank Slate

Recreation’sec ea o s Longo g Terme CoConnectionec o tooAthletics & Academics Fear of Cost Aversion to Risk WeW ThinkThi k it GGetst TiTireddWhy We Haven't Branded& Themed Before

Branding Strengthens Relationships

Branding Helps Build Community

Branding Underscores Traditions &Shared History

What is all the Talk About

Brandinga d g iss thee susum oof youyour oorganization’sga a o svalue - proposition: products, services,g, ppeople,p ,ppositioninggfacilities,, advertising,and culture represented in a distinct mark.What is Branding

The Real Power of Branding

Themingeg iss a recurrentecu e ideadea oor motifo usedto project a message or continuousenvironment.What Is Theming?

Subtle & Extreme Themes

Thirddpplaceace iss theepplaceace bebehindd youyour homeo e(first place) and your work (your secondpplace)) These are the informal places wherepeople gather to develop friendshipsfriendships,discuss issues and interact with others. Where everybody knows your .What Is Third Place?

Thirdd placep ace as a sstageage foroengagement Third place as destination placeto learn Third place as a place to shareexperiences ThirdThi d placelas a placelttocelebrate and competeWhat is the role of third place

AccessibilityAibilitActivityComfortSociabilityFour Key Qualities Of Successful Places

Co o ab e SeaComfortableSeatinggGood LightingSomething To SeeSafeSomething To Eat & Drinkg To DoSomethingFeatures of Successful Places

Image & Identity are essential tosuccessful places

Every Space Can Tell a Story

Look for Unusual Opportunities

OutcomesOutco es– Repeat Business– Spreading the Word Preferred Behavior– Less Damage Organizational Values– Expressed as Quality& Service Community (Campus) Mission & VisionWhat Is Your Message?

Brands Establish Presence

Se g SpecSellingSpeciala Experiencespe e cesMaking The Most Of Leisure TimeHeighten SelfSelf-EsteemEsteemFoster Sense Of BelongingBenefits Of MembershipgLongg Term ConnectionStrengthens(Commitment) to the InstitutionAdding Value

Blending Themes & Brands

Communicating Traditions

IImage& IdentityId tit CommunicateCi tExpectations

U ThUseThemes tto CCommunicatei t thethExperience

ThThemesCanC CCreatet a DiDistinctti tAmbiance

Finishes & Window Treatments

Site Amenities

Flooring Graphics

Communicate With Color

ColorCo o Affectsec s Brandinga d g & CoCorporatepo a eImage Color Increases Branding Awareness 80% of Visual Image is Color Dependent ColorC l EEngages & IIncrease PParticipationti i tiColor Effects

Age,ge, Gender,Ge de , Nationalitya o a y Affectec CoColoroResponseCulture Psychology,Psychology Physiology Affect Culture,Color Response Warm Colors vs Cool Colors arePreferred in Room Studies MenM LikeLik BlueBl – WomenWLikeLik RedR d Pink Locker Rooms Reduce the Desire toCompete Don’t eat Blue FoodColor Choices

Architectsc ec s Respondingespo d g too CuCulturalu a Trendse ds60’s & 70’s Institutional Colory Colors80’s Primary90’s “The White Box”Qualityy Colors00’s QColor History in Rec Centers

RedEnergy, Strength, Power, Desire, War OrangeJoy, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Success YellowY llhhappiness,iIIntellect,t ll t Energy,ESunshineShi GreenFresh, Fertility, Growth, Money, Greed BlueDepth, Stability, Trust, Wisdom, Heaven PurplePower NobilityPower,Nobility, LuxuryLuxury, Ambition WhiteGoodness, Innocence, Purity, Virginity BlackPower, Elegance, Formality, Death, EvilColor’s Effect

S g ca DataSignificanta a Linkss SalesSa es & CoColoroSignificant Data Links Color to EmotionsNo Data Linking Color & Fitness ActivitiesResearch Indicates Yellow is the ONLYC l ThColorThatt GGeneratest MMusclel AActivityti itColor Theory?

Square Foot CostFrom Data BaseIndependent Quantity TakeTakeOff EstimateAdd/Deduct AlternatesThe Cost of Branding &Theming

Total Project Cost SummaryConstruction CostBase Bid (With A13, EPDM Roof System)Accepted Cost ReductionsConstruction Contract AmountConstruction contingencyElectrical distribution upgrade (Owner Allowance)Hazardous materials abatementBoiler removalLead Paint Management by GCLandscapingTotal Construction CostCost 16,406,000( 651,996)3%FFEFurnitureEquipmentBuilding Maintenance EquipmentTelephone and Information Technology SystemsTotal FFEProfessional Fees & ExpensesProgramming/pre-design feeA/E Fee - Basic servicesA/E Fee - AlternatesConstruction Manager Fee (Owner Allowance)Furniture/interior designGraphics/Banners/Art/ThemingCode/Life Safety ConsultantMeasured DrawingsAs-Built DrawingsA/V systems designCost consultantHazardous materials abatement consultantGeotechnical report (Goyle Engineering)Geotechnical Peer Review (BBC&M)Geotechnical Peer Review (Shannon & Wilson)SurveyMaterial testing (included in construction contract)Reimbursable expensesLegal fees (Owner Allowance)Temporary facilities (Owner Allowance)B ildiBuildingpermitsitFinancing cost (Owner Allowance)Total Professional Fees & ExpensesProject ContingencyTotal Project Cost 472,620 472620 260,000 140,000 25,000 15,000 26,000 200,000 150,000 45,000 25,0008.00%Total 15,754,004 16,692,624 420,000 48,500 1,184,145 69,979 200,000 16,000 18,500 3 414 3,414 0 12,000 21,450 1,265 20,000 11,200 7 600 7,600 26,451 10,000 0 130,000 10,000 20,000 25 000 25,000 0 100,000 19,048,129 1,835,505 100,000 19,048,129

University of Missouri - ColumbiaItemExterior SignageMain EntryCampus EntrySpecial Lobby TreatmentsJungle Theming PlantsTin Ceiling UpgradeInterior SignageDowntown BrewerPump RoomMultipurpose RoomsFitness Center/Fitness BarGrottoClimbing Wall SignRed Hall Beverage CompanyMisc SignageSpecial PaintingMizzu LogoTigersLocker Room Logo PanelsTigers' LairMisc Upgrade/Difficulty FactorSpecial Construction FeaturesGrotto/RockscapePalm Trees in Leisure pooly UpgradepgLeisure Pool BalconyLeisure Pool Sauna & Steam Room Shelters UpgradePump Room PumpsDiving Tower SculptureCustom Light Fixtures UpgradeHand Rail Design Logo UpgradeExterior Fire PlaceDiving Pool LogoShading Print UpgradesPermanent Photograph Wall CoveringsLighting Upgrade Tiger LairGlass Etched Mizzu PanelsParking MeterRe - Use of Original Rothwell Artifacts (Installation Only)Miscellaneous ItemsBuilding Wide Tiger DecalsQuantityCost/Unit Total Cost11 8,000 6,00011 130,000 5,0006232111 12,000 2,500 750 4,000 2,500 5,000 3,000 1,00011611 1,200 10,000 10000 1,500 10,000 5,0001 145,000 71,000 20,000 , 20,000 0 15,000 800 5,000 30,000 10,000 12,000 6,000 5,000 3,600 0 0121116111121213019100Total Branding & Theming CostPercentage of Total Construction Budget 50 120 2 000 2,000 552,850 38,785,000 49,200,0001.43%1.12%

University of North DakotaItemExterior SignageMain EntryInterior SignageLobby QuotesAnnouncements Boards/Room SignsMain Signs/Lobby DeskSpecial PaintingCorridorsSpecial Construction FeaturesLobby fireplaceMeditation FireplaceMeditation Carpet FlooringMeditation Water FeatureTack BoardsAcoustic PanelsLobby Glass LogoL bb TerrazzoLobbyTPatternP ttUpgradeUdGlass Partition PatternsSpecial ArtSpinning RoomFireplaceMultipurpose Room PostersLobby BannersMi ArtMiscAtQuantityCost/Unit Total Cost1 2,50011 6,000 18,000 2,4001 2,0001111648111 18 000 18,000 14,000 8,000 2,000 5,000 12,000 500 15 000 15,000 2,40012371 2,000 2,400 1,000 12,000 5 000 5,000Total Branding & Theming CostPercentage of Total Construction Budget 130,200 17,970,000 22,600,0000.72%0.58%

Centre College Suttcliff CenterItemExterior SignageMain EntrySide Entry GatesSpecial Lobby TreatmentsPermanent Photograph Wall CoveringsLobby Panel systemsInterior SignageMisc Signage Up GradeSpecial PaintingPerformance Court Special PaintingMisc Upgrade/Difficulty FactorSpecial Construction FeaturesCafé Basketball HoopRecords WallQuantityCost/Unit Total Cost11 12,000 8 000 8,00061 7,800 54,0001 4,00011 4 500 4,500 10,00011 40,000 15,000Total Branding & Theming CostPercentage of Total Construction BudgetPercentage of Total Project Budget 143,300 18,500,000 22,950,0000.77%0.62%

KokopelliUtUtesSalt flatsCanyon DesertArchesWasatchTrailsBring the outdoor inSnowLift chairsMountainSNOW “BIRD”AlAltaLakesTheming Cloud

Ca pus RecreationCampusec ea o SeServicesces (C(CRS)S)Red Rock OutfittersCanyon ClimbingBonneville TrailsMountain View Caféy Leisure PoolSubwayTheming Names

Theming Images

Railing - Branding

Concourse Windows

Red Rock Outfitters

Control desk - Rock

Control Desk - Strata

Control Desk - Stone

Lounge Fireplace

Outdoor Climbing

Pool Layout

Final Concepts

Final Concepts

Final Concepts

Final Concepts

Final Concepts

Brandingg & Themingg Connects us to ourinstitution Positively effectsffbehavior DoesnDoesn'tt cost that much OK if linked to athletics Creates memories andexperiences Increase potential useseSo What Do We Leave With

Dianea e Dahlmannaa – MizzououRick Cravens – Columbus StateMary Bohlig – U of UtahGene Sherry – Columbus StateAndy Darling – Marshall Universityg – Universityy of North DakotaLaurie BettingLinda Knight – William & MaryThank You

Very MuchQuestion & Answers

Our Blank Slate Recec ea o s o g e Co ec o oreation’s Long Term Connection to Athletics & Academics . & Themed Before . Branding Strengthens Relationships. Branding Helps Build Community. Branding Underscores Traditions & Shared History. What is all the Talk About Braad gs es

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