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Colorado MasonicLibrary & Museum Store2021Masonic Supplies and Price List1130 Panorama DriveColorado Springs, CO 80904Phone: 719-623-5346 Fax: 719-484-8993e-mail: colibmus@coloradofreemasons.orgwebsite: coloradofreemasons.org02-Jun-2021

General MerchandiseApronsItem #Product NameCategoryA01Apron ExtensionsBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 5.00A02Masonic Apron - PlainBlue Lodge 21.00A03Masonic Apron - Past MasterBlue Lodge 25.00BeltBucklesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceBB12Inspector General Belt Buckle - RectangularScottish Rite 10.00PhotoBB16Masons/Scottish Rite/Shriners Belt Buckle - Oval 10.00BB27Shriners Belt BuckleShrine 10.00Button CoversItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceBC4Scottish Rite 32 WD Button Covers (5)Scottish Rite 35.00Photo

Button CoversItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceBC5KYCH Button Covers (5)Blue Lodge 35.00PhotoCarEmblemsItem #Product NameCategoryCE01SR 33 DegreeScottish RiteList PricePhoto 9.00CE03Master Mason Car EmblemBlue Lodge 5.00CE08Scottish Rite 32 Tail Light StickersScottish Rite 6.00CE10Master Mason Tail Light EmblemsBlue Lodge 6.00CE11Past Master Tail Light StickerPast Master 6.00CE12Shrine Tail Light EmblemsShrine 6.00CE13Scottish Rite 33 Tail Light StickersScottish Rite 6.00

CarEmblemsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceCE18Council Car EmblemYork Rite 8.00PhotoCE21Scottish Rite 32 Plastic EmblemScottish Rite 4.00CE22LumaLight DecalsBlue Lodge 20.00CE24Car Emblem - HD - Proud to be A Freemason-CE24Blue Lodge 15.00CE25Car Emblem - HD - Mason-CE25Blue Lodge 15.00CE26Car Emblem - HD - Deluxe Master Mason w/Pillers- Blue LodgeCE26 15.00CE27Car Emblem - HD - Past MastersC-CE27Past Master 15.00CE28Car Emblem - HD - 32 Degree Scottish Rite-CE28Scottish Rite 15.00CE29Car Emblem - HD - 33 Degree - SouthernJurisdiction-CE29Scottish Rite 15.00

CarEmblemsItem #Product NameCategoryCE30Car Emblem - HD - F. and A.M. Blue Lodge Masons- Blue LodgeCE30List PricePhoto 15.00CE31Car Emblem - Scottish Rite - 32Degree KCCH-CE31 Scottish Rite 15.00CE32Car Emblem - Ancient Free and Accepted MasonCE32Blue Lodge 15.00CE33Car Emblem - 3.5.7 AF & AM w/Square andCompassesBlue Lodge 15.00CE34Car Emblem - 32nd Degree Wings Up Cut-Out AutoCar EmblemScottish Rite 15.00CE35Car Emblem - Past Master's Cut-Out Auto CarEmblemBlue Lodge 15.00CE36Car Emblem - F. H. C. Master Mason Cut-Out AutoCar Emblem-CE36Blue Lodge 15.00CE37Car Emblem - Master Mason "Love of the Arts" Cut- Blue LodgeOut Auto Car Emblem-CE37 15.00

CarEmblemsItem #Product NameCategoryCE38Car Emblem - Master Mason "Love of the Arts" Cut- Blue LodgeOut Auto Car Emblem-CE38List PricePhoto 15.00CE39Car Emblem - Knights Templar Cut-Out Auto CarEmblem-CE39York Rite 15.00CE40Car Emblem - Order of the Eastern Star Cut-OutAuto Car Emblem-CE40OES 15.00CE41Car Emblem - Shriners Cut-Out Auto Car EmblemCE41Shrine 15.00CE42Car Emblem - 33rd Degree Wings Up Cut-Out AutoCar Emblem-CE42Scottish Rite 15.00CE43Car Emblem Free & Accepted Masons Prince HallBlue Lodge 15.00CE44Forget-Me-Not Car EmblemBlue Lodge 15.00CE45Prince Hall ShrinerShrine 15.00

CarEmblemsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceCE46Kights Templar tail light DecalsYork Rite 6.00PhotoCE47Easter Star Tail Light DecalsBlue Lodge 6.00CE48Widows son Car EmblemBlue Lodge 15.00CE49York Rite Car EmblemYork Rite 15.00CE51Red Cross of ConstantineYork Rite 15.00ClothingItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceCL45Clothing - LS Muti color Sand/Royal blue/lBluePolo, w/The Treasure Lies Within LogoBlue Lodge 20.00PhotoCL68Clothing - JA Short Sleeve ShirtsBlue Lodge 20.00CoinsItem #Product NameCategoryList Price300C300 yr Copper CoinBlue Lodge 15.00Photo

CoinsItem #Product NameCategoryList Price300SC300 yr Silver CoinOther 65.00PhotoO18Coin - Past Grand Master - EganOther 5.00CuffLinksItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceC02Master Mason Cuff LinksBlue Lodge 18.00PhotoC03Scottish Rite Shirt StudsScottish Rite 25.00C04Master Mason Shirt StudsBlue Lodge 25.00C09Masonic Cufflinks w/RhinestonesBlue Lodge 17.00C10KYCH Cufflinks 15.00C11PGM Cuff LinksPast Master 16.00GlovesItem #Product NameCategoryList PricePhoto

Item #Product NameCategoryList PriceG04Polyester Master Mason GlovesBlue Lodge 15.00PhotoHatsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceH05Black Masonic Ball CapBlue Lodge 15.00PhotoH07Camo Hat w/Gold TrimBlue Lodge 15.00H08Black Masonic Baseball Cap with Gold TrimBlue Lodge 15.00H09Blue Masonic Baseball Cap with Gold TrimBlue Lodge 15.00H10Camo Masonic Baseball Cap with Gold TrimBlue Lodge 15.00H11Scottish Rite Black Cap 33Scottish Rite 15.00H12Scottish Rite Black Baseball Cap 32Scottish Rite 15.00

HatsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceH14PM2-MET30 Cotton CapBlue Lodge 15.00PhotoH16Masonic Hat (Blue)Blue Lodge 15.00KnifesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceK 01Masonic Necklace KnifeBlue Lodge 12.00PhotoK 02Masonic Rescue LinerlockBlue Lodge 20.00K 03Masonic "Paratrooper Style" KnifeBlue Lodge 20.00K 05Black Masonic KnifeBlue Lodge 20.00K 06Masonic Letter Opener SetBlue Lodge 28.00K 07Masonic Stainless Steel Blade KnifeBlue Lodge 25.00Masonic Stainless Steel Blade Knife - Folding Blade

KnifesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceK 08Ridge Runner Mason Stiletto Pocket KnifeBlue Lodge 10.00PhotoK 09Barloow/Masonic KnifeBlue Lodge 10.00K 11Forest Cutlery Masonic Wrangler 20.00K 12Rough River MASONIC ToothpickBlue Lodge 20.00K 13Masonic DaggerBlue Lodge 35.00K 14Masonic Assisted Opening LinerlockBlue Lodge 20.00K 15Patriotic Black Finish LinerlockBlue Lodge 20.00K 16Eye Proverdence Silver LinerlockBlue Lodge 20.00K 17Scottish Rite Pocket WatchScottish Rite 27.00

KnifesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceK 18Neptune Trading Swor NecklacePast Master 14.00PhotoMaskItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceM10Masonic Face CoveringBlue Lodge 16.00PhotoM11SR 32 MaskScottish Rite 14.00M12Eastern StarOES 14.00OtherItem #Product NameCategoryO03Scottish Rite Reflective DecalScottish RiteList PricePhoto 2.00O04Scottish Rite StickersScottish Rite 3.00O06Shrine StickersShrine 3.00O13Masonic Degree MusicBlue Lodge 5.00

OtherItem #Product NameCategoryO15Poster - Lodge Over Simpkin's StoreOtherList PricePhoto 5.00O17Colorado Mason StickerBlue Lodge 1.00O19150th Anniversary of Freemasonry in Colorado 5.00O20Masonic Million Dollar BillOther 1.00O29Apron TubeBlue Lodge 2.00O312" Glossy White Covered Apron Tube w/endcapsBlue Lodge 4.00O335" x 7" Notebook w/Pen - The Treasure Lies withinBlue Lodge 6.00O36Past Masters Faux Leather Key FobPast Master 8.00O38Pocket HankieBlue Lodge 5.00

OtherItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceO45Masonic Travel MugBlue Lodge 15.00PhotoO46Masonic TrowelBlue Lodge 24.00O49Masonic BraceeletBlue Lodge 30.00O50Stylus PenBlue Lodge 2.00O51Badge HolderOther 6.00O52Freemason Pendant O52Blue Lodge 25.00O54Fold over Apron/Collar Case M716Blue Lodge 50.00O55Masonic NecklasBlue Lodge 30.00PatchesItem #Product NameCategoryList PricePhoto

PatchesItem #Product NameCategoryPA01Shrine Patch - SmallShrineList PricePhoto 2.00PA02Master Mason Patch - SmallBlue Lodge 2.00PA06Master Mason Patch - LargeBlue Lodge 5.00PA10Color 32nd Degree Scottish Rite PatchScottish Rite 6.00PA11Mortality patchBlue Lodge 6.00PA12Gold 32nd Degree Scottish Rite PatchScottish Rite 6.00PA15Knights Templer CROSS 7 CROWNScottish Rite 6.00PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP01Master Mason Pin - SmallBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 4.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP02Master Mason Pin - MediumBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 5.00P03Master Mason Pin - LargeBlue Lodge 6.00P04Past Master Pin with RhinestonePast Master 8.00P05Illustruious PMBlue Lodge 8.00P06Master Mason Words Pin - SmallBlue Lodge 8.00P07Master Mason/Air Force PinBlue Lodge 8.00P08Master Mason/Marines PinBlue Lodge 8.00P09Master Mason/Navy PinBlue Lodge 8.00P10Master Mason/Army PinBlue Lodge 8.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP100Master Master USA Ribbon w/Faith, Hope, andCharityBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 7.00P101Mason Large Golden With green Lapel PinBlue Lodge 7.00P102Master Mason 32nd Degree Shriners Lapel Pin 7.00P103Lapel Pin - 47th Problem Of Euclid Masonic withSquare and CompassesBlue Lodge 10.00P104Large Mortality Pin - Square & Compasses withSkullBlue Lodge 6.00P105Shriners Square & CompassesShrine 10.00P106Grand Lodge OfficerBlue Lodge 10.00P107SR 32 Label PinScottish Rite 10.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceP108VETERAN Flag PinOther 10.00PhotoP109SH Motorcyle PinShrine 6.00P11Gold Cane Pin with RhinestonesBlue Lodge 7.00P110SH Flag PinShrine 9.00P111Masonic Handshake PinBlue Lodge 6.00P112Lapel Pin Master Parachutist Jump Wing withSquare and CompassBlue Lodge 7.00P113Masonic Lapel Pin Let There Be Light. Antique Gold Blue LodgeFinish. With Square and Compass 8.00P114Masonic Lapel Pin Past Master Masonic Lapel PinPast Master, No SquareBlue Lodge 8.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceP115KYCH PinYork Rite 6.00PhotoP116Scotish Rite Lable PinScottish Rite 6.00P117Blue Lodge/ShrineBlue Lodge 7.00P118Blue Lodge/Knights TemplarBlue Lodge 8.00P119Prince Hall / Blue LodgeBlue Lodge 8.00P12Forget-Me-Not PinBlue Lodge 6.00P120Navy/Consistory Lapel PinScottish Rite 7.00P121Marines/Consistory Label PinScottish Rite 7.00P122Air Force/Consistory Lapel PinScottish Rite 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP123Army/Consistory Lapel PinScottish RiteList PricePhoto 7.00P124MM/OES PinBlue Lodge 7.00P125PGM Lapel PinPast Master 10.00P126Army Jump WingsBlue Lodge 10.00P12711 Officer Pins (small) Gold FinshBlue Lodge 45.00P12811 Officer Pinss (Small) SilverBlue Lodge 45.00P13American Flag/Masonic Flag PinBlue Lodge 5.00P130Navy/Shrine PinShrine 7.00P131Marines/Shrine PinShrine 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP132Army/Shrine PinShrineList PricePhoto 7.00P133Air Force/Shrine PinShrine 7.00P13447th Problem (small)Blue Lodge 6.00P13532 Double Eagel (small)Scottish Rite 7.00P14Masons/Shrines/Scottish Rite Pin 6.00P16OES Pin - Back CenterOES 6.00P18York Rite Pin - LargeYork Rite 7.00P21Chapter PinYork Rite 6.00P22OES Pin - MediumOES 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP23Master Mason Words Pin - MediumBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 8.00P24KYCH Pin smallYork Rite 7.00P25Knights Templar Pin SmallYork Rite 6.00P26PM w rine stonePast Master 8.00P27York Rite Mason Lapel Button in Gold Tone smallYork Rite 12.00P28Shriners Pin - SmallShrine 5.00P29Shriners Pin - MediumShrine 6.00P30KCCH Pin SmallScottish Rite 8.00P31Scottish Rite Inspector General PinScottish Rite 8.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP3232 Double Eagle Pin smallScottish RiteList PricePhoto 8.00P33American Flag PinOther 3.00P34Master Mason/Scottish Rite PinScottish Rite 8.00P35Scottish Rite Rose Croix PinScottish Rite 10.00P36Scottish Rite 32 Pin - LargeScottish Rite 7.00P37Masonic Trowel Pin - LargeBlue Lodge 6.00P40Cross and Crown Pin SmallYork Rite 6.00P41Blue Slipper PinBlue Lodge 7.00P422B1Ask1 Lapel PinBlue Lodge 6.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP44Liberty/Freedom Master Mason PinBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 7.00P45Deluxe Master Mason PinBlue Lodge 8.00P46Faith Hope and Charity Lapel PinBlue Lodge 7.00P47Master Mason Antique Lapel Pin-17A1Blue Lodge 7.00P48Antique Style Golden MM Lapel Pin-17ABlue Lodge 7.00P4932nd Degree Deluxe Lapel PinScottish Rite 8.00P50Past Masters Deluxe Lapel PinPast Master 8.00P51Freemasonry Large Pin 1"Blue Lodge 8.00P52Motorcycle w-Square and Compasses Lapel PinBlue Lodge 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP53Under God Square and Compass Flag PinBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 8.00P54Lapel Pin - Master's Square - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P55Fallen Masonic Brother Lapel PinBlue Lodge 8.00P56Deluxe AF&AM Cutout Lapel PinBlue Lodge 7.00P57Lapel Pin - Masonic Further Light w/Square andCompassesBlue Lodge 7.00P58Lapel Pin - Masonic Working ToolsBlue Lodge 7.00P59Lapel Pin - Masonic Lodge PinBlue Lodge 7.00P60Lapel Pin - Masonic Cable TowBlue Lodge 6.00P62Morality Label PinBlue Lodge 6.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP63Lapel Pin - Master Mason w/Blue BackgroundBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 5.00P64Sr. Warden large Lapel Pin FreemasonryBlue Lodge 8.00P65Master Mason Lapel Pin 1 1/14" in DiaBlue Lodge 7.00P66Master Mason Lapel Pin - GoldBlue Lodge 8.00P67Silver Star BurstBlue Lodge 8.00P68Lapel Pin - Let There Be LightBlue Lodge 8.00P69Lapel Pin - Real Men Wear ApronsBlue Lodge 6.00P70Lapel Pin - Audi Vide TaceBlue Lodge 6.00P71Lapel Pin - Avdi Vide Trace LargeBlue Lodge 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP72Lapel Pin - Cancer Awareness, Pink Ribbon withSquare and CompassesBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 6.00P73Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Chaplin - SilverBlue Lodge 7.00P74Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Chaplin - GoldBlue Lodge 7.00P75Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Marshall - Silver ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P76Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Marshall - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P77Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Tiler - Silver ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P78Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Tiler - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P79Loge Officer Seward silverBlue Lodge 7.00P80Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Steward - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP81Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Jr. Deacon - Silver ToneBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 7.00P82Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Jr. Deacon - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P83Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Sr. Deacon - Silver Tone Blue Lodge 7.00P84Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Sr. Deacon-Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P85Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Secretary - Silver ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P86Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Secretary - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P87Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Treasurer - Silver ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P88Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Treasurer - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P89Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Jr. Warden - Silver Tone Blue Lodge 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP90Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Jr. Warden - Gold ToneBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 7.00P91Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Sr. Warden - Silver Tone Blue Lodge 7.00P92Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - Sr. Warden - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P93Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - WM - Silver ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P94Lapel Pin - Lodge Officers - WM - Gold ToneBlue Lodge 7.00P95Lapel Pin - 47th Problem of Euclid Lapel Pin - GBlue Lodge 6.00P96Lapel Pin - 47th Problem of the Euclid Lapel Pin - S Blue Lodge 6.00P97Master Mason All Seeing Eye Golden FinishBlue Lodge 7.00P98Master Mason Apron Lapel Pin with Square andCompassesBlue Lodge 7.00

PinsItem #Product NameCategoryP99Master Mason Working Tools Lapel PinBlue LodgeList PricePhoto 7.00TieClipsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceTC01Scottish Rite Tie TackScottish Rite 10.00PhotoTC02Multi Emblem Tie Bar 20.00TC05Master Mason Tie TackBlue Lodge 10.00TC06Master Mason with Gavel Tie BarBlue Lodge 15.00TC08Masons/ScottishRite/Shrine Tie Bar 20.00TC09Past Master with Gavel Tie BarPast Master 20.00TC12Tie Tack Back - GoldOther 1.00

TieClipsItem #Product NameCategoryTC13Tie Tack Back - SilverOtherList PricePhoto 1.00TC14Masonic Tie Tack 1"Blue Lodge 10.00TC150.75 inch Masonic Round Tie TackBlue Lodge 10.00TC160.75 Inch Masonic Shield Tie TackBlue Lodge 10.00TC17Masonic Tie Tack and Cufflink Set 1"Blue Lodge 30.00TC18Knights Templar/Blue Lodge/Shrine Tie BarYork Rite 20.00TC19Masonic Silver Tie BarBlue Lodge 20.00TC21Tie Chain w/PM EmblemPast Master 25.00TC22Tie Chain Silver MasonicBlue Lodge 25.00

TieClipsItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceTC23Masonic Silver Tie Bar (Burst)Blue Lodge 20.00PhotoTC24Masonic 7 Symbols Tie BarBlue Lodge 20.00TC25Knife & Fork Tie ClipBlue Lodge 20.00TC26PGM TIE BARPast Master 12.00TC27KT Tie BarScottish Rite 27.00TC284 York Rite Tie BarYork Rite 25.00TC29Shrine Tie TackShrine 10.00TiesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceT01Masonic Contrasting Colors Tie 1810Blue Lodge 15.00Photo

TiesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceT02Master Mason 2154Blue Lodge 15.00PhotoT03Large Square and Compass Tie 2109Blue Lodge 15.00T10Masonic Bricks Tie 1764Blue Lodge 15.00T11Masonic Circle Pattern Tie 1812Blue Lodge 15.00T12Masonic Checkerboard Tie 1708Blue Lodge 15.00T13Masonic Rectangle Pattern Tie 1811Blue Lodge 15.00T14Master Mason Tie (Blue w/large square andcompass) 1312Blue Lodge 15.00T20Shrines(GREEN,T)Shrine 15.00T21Shrine Tie (various colors) 1423Shrine 15.00

TiesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceT26Masonic Diagonal Stripe Tie 1906Blue Lodge 15.00PhotoT27Masonic Tie with Circles 1707Blue Lodge 15.00T28Masonic Tie (navy w/ blue stripes)Blue Lodge 15.00T29Masonic Tie with Rectangles 1853Blue Lodge 15.00T30Masonic Tie (black with gold) 1255Blue Lodge 15.00T31Masonic Diagonal Rows Tie 1907Blue Lodge 15.00T32Masonic Diagonal Design Tie 1968Blue Lodge 15.00T33York Rite Tie 1966York Rite 15.00T34Masonic Triangle Tie 1908Blue Lodge 15.00

TiesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceT35Past Master Blue TiePast Master 15.00PhotoT36Silk Blue NecktieBlue Lodge 40.00T37Silk Black Bow TieBlue Lodge 40.00T38Scottish Rite 32 Degree Red TieScottish Rite 40.00T39Past Masters Tie, Black w ith Gavel 2081Past Master 15.00T40Past Masters Tie with Medium Square andCompasses with RockerPast Master 15.00T41Flag with Eagle 1024Other 15.00T42Masonic Tie with Blazing Star 2125Blue Lodge 15.00T43Masonic Bow Tie (Black & Gold) BT1255Blue Lodge 15.00

TiesItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceT44Blue & Gold BT 1707Blue Lodge 15.00PhotoT45Scottish Rite Black Tie 2176Blue Lodge 15.00T46Master Masons (Black) 2178Blue Lodge 15.00T48Master Mason Black & GreenBlue Lodge 15.00T49Past Master tie (black & gold) 1967Blue Lodge 15.00T50Masonic Blue w Compas & Square 2097Blue Lodge 15.00T51American Flag & Eagle 836Blue Lodge 15.00ZZ discontinuedItem #Product NameCategoryList PriceBU213History of Freemasonry Vol II 1889Blue Lodge 25.00Photo

Books - By TitleItem #Book TitleAuthorFormatList PriceB072100 Short PrayersMary Stafford HilburnPaperback 22.00Paperback 5.00Elbert BedePaperback 21.00Elbert BedePaperback 21.00Spiral Bound 10.00Prayers for each month of the year, for holidays andspecial occassions, etc.B002150 Years of Masonry in Colorado"A Historical Overview and Biographies of Past GrandMasters", compiled by the Grand Lodge of ColoradoLibrary and Museum Association.Reduced price to 5.00 2/9/17B1173-5-7 Minute TalksFragrant Masonry, What is being done byMasons of Today, Masonry A Way of life,Wages of a Master Mason.B0395 - 15 Minute TalksOver 30 great speeches for Masonic meetingsB07875 Ways to Attract and Retain New MembersProduced by the Masonic Renewal Committee of NorthAmericaA handbook for the leaders of Masonic organizationReduced price to 10 2/9/17B019Behind the Masonic CurtainGeorge MoshinskyPaperback 5.00Charles M. Harper Sr.Paperback 20.00John J. RobinsonHardback 10.00Joseph Fort NewtonHardback 20.00Hardback 10.00The Soviet attack on MasonryB116Book - Freemasonry in Black & WhiteThis book is the baring of my thoughts, mistakes andultimately- my clarity of mind and spirit. This book is mystory, my ideas, and my vision to a better social climatewithin the Fraternity. It is my humble experience in Blackand White.B008Born in BloodThe lost secrets of Freemasonry. Explores the originsof Freemasonry in pre-Elizabethan England andFrance.B020Builders, TheA story and study of FreemasonryB102Centennial Celebration 1861-1961Commemorative book of the Colorado MasonicCentennial produced by the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. OfColorado, 1961. With 125-year addendum.Reduced price to 10 2/9/17

B003Clear Text Key & Floor WorkSpiral Bound 30.00"The Clear Text Key" regulations published by theGrand Lodge A.F.&A.M. Of Colorado, 2016.New order of 1000 copies CTK & Floor WorkPrice 6.80 9/21 2020B006Colorado CraftsmanPaperback 5.00Paperback 5.00Charles A. RoesslerPaperback 5.00Henry Wilson CoilHardback 25.00Allen E. RobertsHardback 17.00Pocket-sized.Reduced price to 5.00 2/9/17B007Colorado Single Letter KeyPocket-sized.Reduced price to 5.00 2/9/17B001Colorado's Masonic LodgesA photo book of Colorado's Masonic lodge buildings atthe turn of the millennium.Reduced price to 5.00 10/21/19B022Comprehensive View of Freemasonry, AThe story of modern Masonry against the backgroundof human historyB005Craft and Its Symbols, TheEnglish versionOpening the door to Masonic symbolism.B125Dynamic FreedomsWiilliam G SizemoreHardback 2.00B043Festive Freemason, TheSteve ChadburnPaperback 18.00Allen E. RobertsPaperback 15.00George H. SteinmetzHardback 16.00H. L. HaywoodHardback 16.00Hardback 35.00Allen E. RobertsPaperback 13.00H. L. HaywoodPaperback 21.00Masonry in cartoonsB024Freemasonry and DemocracyIts evolution in North AmericaB030Freemasonry: Its Hidden MeaningGives a complete understanding of the Masonic OrderB021Great Teachings of Masonry, TheA series of essays on what Masonry is all about, fromsymbolism to philanthropy and everything in betweenB071Holy BibleKing James versionMaster Mason editionB027House ReunitedCivil War, aftermath, brotherhoodB029How to Become a Masonic Lodge OfficerDescribes the requirements and the proper andlegitimate steps to becoming an officer in the lodge

B055How to Conduct a Leadership SeminarAllen E. RobertsPaperback 5.00Arturo de HoyosPaperback 18.00Allen E. RobertsPaperback 12.00John M. MaxwellPaperback 5.00C. Bruce HunterHardback 10.00Alphonse CerzaPaperback 5.00Bruno BertuccioliPaperback 21.00Mike MoorePaperback 17.00Mike MoorePaperback 17.00Mike MoorePaperback 17.00Paperback 19.00Folder 10.00Very helpful to leaders in Masonic education,suggestions on what to do and how to proceed.B062Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry?Co-author: S. Brent MorrisShows, by example, what anti-Masons are capable ofdoing.B031Key to Freemasonry's GrowthGuides for action in the management of the OrderB041Landmarks of FreemasonryLandmark decisions in the jurisprudence ofFreemasonryB069Legacy of the Sacred ChaliceCo-author: Andrew C. FergusonThe fascinating story of a spiritual legacy much olderand richer than most people realize.B045Let There Be LightA study in anti-masonryB058Level Club, TheA New York City story of the twenties: splendor,decadence and resurgence of a monument to humanambition.B032Masonic Almanac for 2011, TheSpecial events, important dates, and usefulinformation for 2011.Signed by the author.While supplies last.B033Masonic Almanac for 2012, TheSpecial events, important dates, and usefulinformation for 2012.While supplies last.Signed by the author.B100Masonic Almanac for 2013, TheSpecial events, important dates, and usefulinformation for 2013.Signed by the author.B094Masonic Enlightenment - The Philosophy, History Michael R. Polland Wisdom of FreemasonryThiscollection of classic Masonic papers bringsback to life some of the giants in Masonicliterature.B113Masonic Leader's Planning Guide, ASeven steps to developing a working Plan and budget.For Masonic lodges and other Masonic organizations.

B047Masonic Letter "G", ThePaul Foster CasePaperback 20.00Allen E. RobertsPaperback 18.00S. Brent MorrisPaperback 15.00Allen E. RobertsHardback 25.00Walter E. WilletsPaperback 18.00Spiral Bound 10.00Powerful symbolism explained for the most Inquisitive Masons.B056Masonic Lifeline: LeadershipGuides, charts, and cartoons for developing leadershipskillsAlso available in spiral bound formatB114Masonic PhilanthropiesA tradition of caringB054Masonic Trivia & FactsMore than 600 questions and answers, covers thestory of Freemasonry from its earliest days to thepresent.B066Master's Book of Short SpeechesA collection of 59 short informal welcomes andspeeches which can be used by the Worshipful Masteron short notice.B091Memorials, Markers, and MonumentsMasonic memorials, markers, and monuments foundthroughout ColoradoB057Men's House, TheJoseph Fort NewtonHardback 8.00L. C. HelmsPaperback 9.00H. L. HaywoodPaperback 11.00C. Bruce HunterHardback 9.00Allen E. RobertsHardback 10.00Masonic papers and addresses.B060Modern Mason Examines His Craft, AFact vs. Fiction.B061More About MasonryGives the origins of the Craft, its history, organizationinto lodges and Grand Lodges, its relation to the civilgovernment, and more.B044More Inner WorkingsFollow up to "Inner Workings". Explores the crucialhalf-century of Masonic history when the Craftfashioned a new ritual that contains unexpected layersof symbolsB067Mystic Tie, TheA thoughtful and deliberate accounting of thebrotherhood, unity, and universality of FreemasonryB127National Sojourners IncR E BasslerPaperback 1.00B070Newly Made Mason, TheH. L. HaywoodHardback 19.00What he and every Mason should know aboutMasonry.

B118Prince Hall Freemasonry, "The Secret Within"Warrior HawkPaperback 26.00Joseph A. Walkes, Jr.Paperback 16.00An aura of mystery surrounds the Masonictradition Prince Hall founded. Part of this auracomes from the false perception, held even bymany fellow Masons, that Prince HallFreemasonry is different from "normal"Masonry, with special rites and ceremonies anda different set of core beliefs than those held byother Freemasons.B064Prince Hall Masonic Quiz Book, AAn excellent educational source of the Prince Hallaffiliation as well as an insight to the Prince HallFraternity.B122Restoration of Masonic, Geometry & SymbolryHenry P.H. BromwellHardback 75.00B050Search for Leadership, TheAllen E. RobertsHardback 8.00Defines the deterioration of leadership during the pastfour decades and offers solutions in the ambitionneeded for excellence.B120Secret Societies: Inside the World's MostNotorious OrganizationsJohn Lawrence Reynol Paperback 25.00Allen E. RobertsHardback 20.00Stewart M. L. PollardPaperback 5.00L. C. HelmsPaperback 11.00William E. HammondPaperback 12.00John Lawrence Reynolds presents acomprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at theworld's most notorious secret societies,including their origins and histories, initiationsand rituals, secret signs and members.B080Seekers of TruthThe story of the Philalethes SocietyB085Tied to Masonic Apron StringsHumorous events connected with MasonryB065Twice Told TalesA Masonic reader showing the human side of Masonry.B086What Masonry MeansThe philosophy of Freemasonry linking the ritual andthe lectures to the very things with which the Mason isfamiliarB124Why Public SchoolsHenry C Clausen, 33Hardback 3.00B017Will of the LodgeRichard L. AshbyPaperback 17.00M. Irving ChriswellPaperback 2.00A parlimentary law guide for freemasonsB087Within My Sacred LodgeMasonic themed poetryReduced price to 2 2/9/17

Books - By AuthorAuthorItem #Book TitleFormatB002150 Years of Masonry in ColoradoPaperbackList Price(no author) 5.00"A Historical Overview and Biographies of Past Grand Masters",compiled by the Grand Lodge of Colorado Library and MuseumAssociation.Reduced price to 5.00 2/9/17B07875 Ways to Attract and Retain New MembersSpiral Bound 10.00Hardback 10.00Spiral Bound 30.00Produced by the Masonic Renewal Committee of NorthAmericaA handbook for the leaders of Masonic organizationReduced price to 10 2/9/17B102Centennial Celebration 1861-1961Commemorative book of the Colorado Masonic Centennialproduced by the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. Of Colorado, 1961.With 125-year addendum.Reduced price to 10 2/9/17B003Clear Text Key & Floor Work"The Clear Text Key" regulations published by the Grand LodgeA.F.&A.M. Of Colorado, 2016.New order of 1000 copies CTK & Floor WorkPrice 6.80 9/21 2020B006Colorado CraftsmanPaperback 5.00Paperback 5.00Hardback 35.00Folder 10.00Spiral Bound 10.00Paperback 17.00Pocket-sized.Reduced price to 5.00 2/9/17B007Colorado Single Letter KeyPocket-sized.Reduced price to 5.00 2/9/17B071Holy BibleKing James versionMaster Mason editionB113Masonic Leader's Planning Guide, ASeven steps to developing a working Plan and budget. ForMasonic lodges and other Masonic organizations.B091Memorials, Markers, and MonumentsMasonic memorials, markers, and monuments foundthroughout ColoradoRichard L. AshbyB017Will of the LodgeA parlimentary law guide for freemasonsR E Bassler

B127National Sojourners IncPaperback 1.00B1173-5-7 Minute TalksPaperback 21.00Paperback 21.00Paperback 21.00Elbert BedeFragrant Masonry, What is being done by Masons ofToday, Masonry A Way of life, Wages of a MasterMason.B0395 - 15 Minute TalksOver 30 great speeches for Masonic meetingsBruno BertuccioliB058Level Club, TheA New York City story of the twenties: splendor, decadence andresurgence of a monument to human ambition.Henry P.H. BromwellB122Restoration of Masonic, Geometry & SymbolryHardback 75.00B047Masonic Letter "G", ThePaperback 20.00Paperback 5.00Paperback 18.00Paperback 2.00Why Public SchoolsHardback 3.00Comprehensive View of Freemasonry, AHardback 25.00Paperback 18.00Paul Foster CasePowerful symbolism explained for the most Inquisitive Masons.Alphonse CerzaB045Let There Be LightA study in anti-masonrySteve ChadburnB043Festive Freemason, TheMasonry in cartoonsM. Irving ChriswellB087Within My Sacred LodgeMasonic themed poetryReduced price to 2 2/9/17Henry C Clausen, 33B124Henry Wilson CoilB022The story of modern Masonry against the background ofhuman historyArturo de HoyosB062Is It True What They Say About Freemasonry?Co-author: S. Brent MorrisShows, by example, what anti-Masons are capable of doing.William E. Hammond

B086What Masonry MeansPaperback 12.00Paperback 20.00Paperback 26.00Hardback 16.00Paperback 21.00Paperback 11.00Hardback 19.00Paperback 9.00Paperback 11.00Paperback 22.00Hardback 10.00The philosophy of Freemasonry linking the ritual and thelectures to the very things with which the Mason is familiarCharles M. Harper Sr.B116Book - Freemasonry in Black & WhiteThis book is the baring of my thoughts, mistakes and ultimatelymy clarity of mind and spirit. This book is my story, my ideas, andmy vision to a better social climate within the Fraternity. It is myhumble experience in Black and White.Warrior HawkB118Prince Hall Freemasonry, "The Secret Within"An aura of mystery surrounds the Masonic traditionPrince Hall founded. Part of this aura comes from thefalse perception, held even by many fellow Masons,that Prince Hall Freemasonry is different from"normal" Masonry, with special rites and ceremoniesand a different set of core beliefs than those h

York Rite 15.00 _ CE40 Car Emblem - Order of the Eastern Star Cut-Out Auto Car Emblem-CE40 OES 15.00 _ CE41 Car Emblem - Shriners Cut-Out Auto Car Emblem-CE41 Shrine 15.00 _ CE42 Car Emblem - 33rd Degree Wings Up Cut-Out Auto Car Emblem-CE42 Scottish Rite 15.00 _ CE43 Car Emblem Free & Ac

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foundation stones, dedication of masonic halls, grand visitations, burial services, regulations for processions, masonic calendar, etc. to which are added a ritual for a lodge of sorrow, and the ceremonies of consecrating masonic cemeteries. also, an appendix, with the forms of masonic documents, masonic trials, etc. by daniel sickels, 33 .,

Masonic Charities, The Freemasons’ Grand Charity, Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys, Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution and Masonic Samaritan Fund. Since co-locating to Freemasons Hall in 2008, the central Masonic Charities have developed a strong track-record of working closely together.

Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide 2022 — Page 2 Dear Friends: This is the 33rd annual edition of the Masonic Scholarship Resource Guide, printed by the Penn-sylvania Masonic Youth Foundation. It should be a vital resource to stu-dents, parents, youth group advisors, and academic administrators. We trust that this booklet will help you in locat-

Seamus Heaney HomePlace, Ireland Liu Hai Su Art Museum, China Southend Museums Service, UK Cornwall Regimental Museum, UK Helston Museum, UK Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, UK Ringve Music Museum, Norway Contents The Lapworth Museum Redevelopment Project - page 4

Member of the Council of the Masonic Study Society. I THE BASKERVILLE PRESS, LIMITED NEW BOND STREET LONDON, W.1 First Edition, 1923. Second Edition, 1924. Third Edition, 1926. Table of Contents INTRODUCTION. I. – AN EXAMINATION OF THE MASONIC RITUAL. FOREWORD. II. – A NOTE ON MASONIC ORIGINS. III. – PREPARATION. (a) Divested of all .File Size: 207KBPage Count: 21

a. Knowledge of the Masonic Ritual. b. Objectivity and sincerity in judgment. c. Forthright in personal, business and Masonic dealings. d. Respect for his lodge and Masonic traditions 3. Have or develop ability to conduct lodge business. a. Memorize and deliver Masonic Ritual for opening and closing lodges. b. Preside over meetings.

law; as such, the several lodges in the District of Maine called a Masonic for Convention, which was held in Portland on October 14, 1819. That Convention adopted a respectful ‘Memorial’ addressed to the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, seeking an amicable separation. The Masons of Massachusetts Masonic Grand Lodge in Maine.File Size: 1MBPage Count: 158