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Wholesale Order Form 2020/21Open Ground Herbaceous& Pot Grown LinersNEW, BIGGER RANGE FOR 2020/21Did you know you can have bespoke labels for open ground and pot liners too?Each label has a bright image on the front with headers that are colour coded to the plant and can haveYOUR OWN LOGO at the top. alongside your pre-pricingWhy not try our fast, easy online ordering?You can order your open ground and pot liners online too! Each plant has their own image, description and helpfulinformation to help guide your decision of what to order, we know how difficult it can be!Tel: 01406 550341 - Fax: 01406 550340Email: - Website:

Welcome to our list of open ground herbaceous and pot grown liners. Page 1All of our plants have vigorous healthy root systems and are suitable for potting on, planting out and landscaping.These open ground plants are field grown on Grade 1 Lincolnshire silt land. Both the potted and open ground plants are overwintered and grown hardy.Please specify on your order which week number you would like delivery. We will start despatching end of October, weatherpermitting.When some open ground varieties are sold out, we will automatically supply pot grown varieties (if available).P9 pots are ordered in quantities of 24 per tray and Open Ground as 25, quantities smaller than this may be subject to ahandling charge.What Size Plant?With open ground the plant size varies with root systems and varieties but a guide is that theplants are large enough to pot in to a 2 or 3 litre pot or split down for a smaller pot size.CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25CODEPBR propagation prohibitedNEW! New to GBCFREE delivery to England andWales on orders over 500VARIETYP9 x 2495pNEW! 1.25ANC 60ANCHUSA azurea DropmoreNEW! 1.50ANE 70AANEMONE x hybrida Andrea AtkinsonANE 71CANEMONE hupehensis Rose Shades95p95pANE 73AANEMONE x hybrida Pamina95p95pANE 73BANEMONE x hybrida Hadspen AbundanceACHILLEA Desert Eve Cream95pANE 74ANEMONE x hybrida Prince Henryi95pACHILLEA millefolium Desert Eve Yellow95pANE 78ANEMONE multifida White95pACHILLEA millefolium Desert Eve Red95pANT 80ANTHEMIS tinctoria E C Buxton95pANTHEMIS tinctoria Sauce Hollandaise95pACA 6ACANTHUS mollisACA 7ACANTHUS spinosusACH 09ACHILLEA sibirica Love Parade95pACH 10ACHILLEA filipendulina Cloth of GoldACH 10AACHILLEA tomentosa AureaACH 10BACH 10DACH 10E99p99p99pACH 12ACHILLEA millefolium Paprika95pANT 82ACH 14ACHILLEA Summer Pastels95pANT 83ANTHEMIS carpatica Snow Carpet95pACH 15AACHILLEA millefolium Apple Blossom95pAQU 90AQUILEGIA caerulea Crimson Star95pACH 15BACHILLEA millefolium Cerise Queen95pAQU 93AQUILEGIA vulgaris Blue Barlow95pACH 16ACHILLEA millefolium Lilac Beauty95pACH 16AACHILLEA millefolium Red VelvetACH 16CACHILLEA White BeautyACH 17CACHILLEA millefolium Desert Eve Deep Rose95pACO 18ACONITUM carmichaelii Arendsii95pACO 18AACONITUM fischeriNEW!ACO 18BACONITUM henryi ‘Spark’s Variety’NEW!ACO 18CACONITUM napellus AlbumNEW!ACO 20ACONITUM napellusAGA 22BAGAPANTHUS MoniqueAGA 22CAGAPANTHUS RoxanneAGA 27AAGAPANTHUS umbellatus Blue UmbrellaAGA 29AGAPANTHUS Blue TriumphatorNEW! 1.10AGA 29AAGAPANTHUS Peter PanNEW!AGA 29BAGAPANTHUS Dr BrouwerNEW!AGA 30AAGAPANTHUS Midnight BlueAGA 31AGAPANTHUS africanus AlbusAGA 31AAGAPANTHUS PinnochioAQU 97AQUILEGIA caerulea Spring Magic Blue95pNEW!95pAQU 97AAQUILEGIA caerulea Spring Magic Yellow95pNEW!95pAQU 97BAQUILEGIA caerulea Spring Magic White95pAQU 97CAQUILEGIA caerulea Spring Magic Rose95p65pAQU 98AQUILEGIA vulgaris Black Barlow95p75pAQU 99AQUILEGIA viridiflora Chocolate Soldier95p65pAQU 104AQUILEGIA chrysantha Yellow Queen95p85pART 118ARTEMISIA Powis Castle95p65pART 118AARTEMISIA Oriental Limelight95pNEW! 1.10ARU 124ARUNCUS (dioicus) Sylvester95pNEW! 1.10AST 130ASTER ager. Eleven Purple95pAST 130AASTER ager. Starshine95pAST 130BASTER ager. Stardust95p 1.10AST 130CASTER ager. Ezo Murazaki95p 1.10AST 130DASTER ager. Ashvi95pNEW! 1.10AST 131EASTER dumosus Herbstg Bresserhof95pNEW! 1.10AST 131FASTER dumosus Woods Purple95pNEW! 1.10AST 133ASTER Little CarlowASTER x frikartii Monch95p95p95pOG x 25NEW!99pNEW!99pAGA 33AGASTACHE aurantiaca Apricot Sprite95pAST 136ALC 44ALCEA (Hollyhock) rosea Nigra95pAST 137ASTER x frikartii Wunder von StafaASTER novi-belgii BrigitteNEW!85pALC 44DALCEA rosea Plena Chaters Red95pAST 139AALC 46AALCEA (Hollyhock) Chaters Double Purple95pAST 139BASTER novi-belgii EltaNEW!85pALC 46EALCEA rosea plena Chater’s Yellow95pAST 139CASTER novi-belgii FellowshipNEW!85pALC 46HALCEA (Hollyhock) Chaters Double Scarlet95pAST 139DASTER novi-belgii Royal RubyNEW!85pALC 47ALCHEMILLA mollis95pALS 49BALSTROEMERIA aurea LuteaALS 49CALSTROEMERIA aurea Orange KingALL 50AALLIUM christophii95pALL 50GALLIUM Ivory QueenALL 51GALLIUM loratum MarshmellowAMS 53AMSONIA Blue IceAST 139EASTER novi-belgii Sarah BallardNEW!85pNEW!85pAST 139FASTER novi-belgii White LadiesNEW!85pNEW!85pAST 147CASTER novae -angliae James Richie95pAST 147EASTER novi belgii White Ladies95p95pAST 148ASTER ericoides Blue Wonder95p95pAST 158ASTILBE x japonica Rheinland95p95pAST 161ASTILBE x japonica Europa95p

CODEVARIETYCODEVARIETYAST 162ASTILBE x arendsii FanalAST 163ASTILBE x arendsii White Gloria95pDAH 348DAHLIA Bishop of Llandaff95pDEL 353DELPHINIUM Astolat95pAST 164ASTILBE x arendsii mixedAST 166ASTILBE chinensis pumila95pDEL 355DELPHINIUM Black Knight95p95pDEL 356DELPHINIUM Blue Bird95pAST 169AASTILBE Anita PfeiferNEW!95pDEL 359ADELPHINIUM Magic Fountain Sky Blue95pAST 169BASTILBE Bressingham BeautyAST 169CASTILBE ErikaNEW!95pDEL 359DDELPHINIUM Magic Fountain Deep Rose95pNEW!95pDEL 359EDELPHINIUM Magic Fountain Dark Blue Black Bee95pNEW!95pDEL 359FDELPHINIUM Magic Fountain Dark Blue White BeeAST 169DASTILBE GladstoneAST 170ASTILBE x rosea Peach Blossom95p95pDEL 359HDELPHINIUM Magic Fountain Lavender White Bee95pAST 182ASTRANTIA major RubraAST 184ASTRANTIA majorNEW! 1.25DEL 361DELPHINIUM Galahad95pNEW! 1.10DEL 362DELPHINIUM Guinevere95pAST 184AAST 185ASTRANTIA major Sunningdale VariegatedNEW! 1.25DEL 363DELPHINIUM King Arthur95pASTRANTIA major ClaretNEW! 1.25DEL 364ADELPHINIUM Delphina Dark Blue Black Bee95pAST 186AASTRANTIA Pink PrideNEW! 1.25DEL 364BDELPHINIUM Delphina Dark Blue White Bee95pAST 187ASTRANTIA major PrimadonnaNEW! 1.10DEL 364CDELPHINIUM Delphina Light Blue White Bee95pAST 188AASTRANTIA major Ruby CloudNEW! 1.10DEL 364DDELPHINIUM Delphina Rose White Bee95pAST 189ASTRANTIA major ShaggyNEW! 1.25DEL 365DELPHINIUM Summer Skies95pBER 213ABERGENIA cordifolia Shoeshine Rose95pDEL 367DELPHINIUM Pacific Hybrids Mixed95pBER 214BERGENIA Rotblum95pDEL 368DELPHINIUM Excalibur Dark Blue with Black95pBUP 246BUPHTHALMUM salicifolium95pDEL 368ADELPHINIUM Excalibur Lilac Rose with White Bee95pCAL 250CALTHA palustris95pDEL 368BDELPHINIUM Excalibur Pure White95pCAM 256CAMASSIA esculenta95pDIA 370DIANTHUS deltoides Brilliant95pCAM 259A CAMPANULA garganica Major95pDIA 370ADIANTHUS x allwoodii Mojito95pNEW!CAM 265CAMPANULA glomerata Acaulis95pDIA 370BDIANTHUS x allwoodii Tequila Sunrise95pNEW!CAM 266CAMPANULA glomerata Superba95pDIA 370CDIANTHUS deltiodes alba95pNEW!CAM 267CAMPANULA glomerata Alba95pDIA 370CDIANTHUS Bailey’s Celebrations95pNEW!CAM 268CAMPANULA lactiflora Loddon Anna95pDIA 370DDIANTHUS Bridal Star (PBR)95pNEW!CAM 274CAMPANULA persicifolia Blue95pDIA 370EDIANTHUS Gran’s Favourite95pNEW!CAM 276CAMPANULA persicifolia White95pDIA 370FDIANTHUS Houdspool Cheryl95pNEW!CAM 277CAMPANULA persicifolia Telham BeautyP9 x 24OG x 25P9 x 2495p95pDIA 370JDIANTHUS Devon Wizard95pCAM 278B CAMPANULA punctata x Sarastro95pDIA 371DIANTHUS Doris95pCAM 279CAMPANULA cochleariifolia blue95pDIC 379DICENTRA spectabilisCAM 279A CAMPANULA cochleariifolia White95pDIC 379ADICENTRA spectabilis ValentineCAT 288CATANANCHE caerulea95pDIC 380DICENTRA spectabilis AlbaCEN 292CENTAUREA dealbata95pDIC 380ADICENTRA spectabilis Cupid PBRCEN 296CENTAUREA montana95pDIG 384ADIGITALIS grandiflora Dwarf Carillion95pCEN 297ACENTAUREA montana Purple Heart95pDIG 384BDIGITALIS lutea95pCEN 298CENTRANTHUS ruber coccineus95pDIG 385ADIGITALIS Camelot Mixed95pCEN 298ACENTRANTHUS ruber Albus95pDIG 386ADIGITALIS mertonensis Summer King95pCHE 302CHELONE obliqua Pink Turtle85pDIG 386BDIGITALIS x hybrida Pink Panther95pCON 319A CONVALLARIA majalis (Leavepip)40pDIG 387DIGITALIS purpurea albiflora95pCON 319B CONVALLARIA majalis (Flowerpip)60pDIG 387CDIGITALIS purpurea Dalmation Purple95p 1.10NEW!COREOPSIS grandiflora Early Sunrise95pDIG 387DDIGITALIS purpurea Dalmation Rose95pCOR 323COREOPSIS grandiflora Sunfire95pDIG 387EDIGITALIS purpurea Dalmation White95pCOR 323A COREOPSIS grandiflora Illico95pDIG 387FDIGITALIS purpurea Dalmation Peach95pCOR 323CCOREOPSIS grandiflora Sun Kiss95pDIG 389DIGITALIS purpurea Foxy95pCOR 323DCOREOPSIS grandiflora Double the Sun95pDIG 390DIGITALIS purpurea Excelsior mixed95pCOR 325COREOPSIS Big Bang Redshift95pDOR 398DORONICUM orientale Leonardo95pCOR 326COREOPSIS Sunray95pECH 400ECHINACEA purpurea White Swan95pECH 400CECHINACEA hybrida Cheyenne Spirit95pECH 400KECHINACEA Pallida95p95pCOR 33095pCOREOPSIS verticillata ZagrebNEW! 1.50 1.10NEW!COR 321COR 329A COREOPSIS pubescens Sunshine SupermanOG x 25CRO 337B CROCOSMIA crocosmiiflora Voyager95pECH 401ECHINACEA purpurea95pCRO 339CROCOSMIA George Davidson95p30pECH 402ECHINACEA purpurea Magnus95pCRO 340CROCOSMIA x crocosmiiflora Emily95p30pECH 402BECHINACEA purpurea PowWow White95pCRO 342CROCOSMIA Lucifer95p30pECH 403ECHINACEA purpurea Doubledecker95pDAH 347DAHLIA David Howard95pECH 403AECHINACEA Purpurea PowWow Wild Berry95p 1.50NEW!NEW!

CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25GER 471C GERANIUM sanguineum Snowflake PBRNEW! 1.05GER 475GERANIUM x cantabrigiense KarminaNEW!85pGER 475AGERANIUM cantabrigiense CambridgeNEW!85p95pGER 477AGERANIUM Red AdmiralNEW!85p95pGER 478GERANIUM phaeumNEW!85p95pGER 478C GERANIUM sanguineum Tiny MonsterNEW!85p85pGER 478EGERANIUM sanguineum canon miles95pGER 478FGERANIUM sanguineum Max FreiNEW!95p95pGER 479GERANIUM phaeum AlbumNEW!85p 1.10GER 479AGERANIUM phaeum SamoborNEW!85p85pGER 479C GERANIUM phaeum RavenNEW!85pECH 404BECHINACEA purpurea Mellow Yellows95pECH 404CECHINACEA purpurea Prairie Splendour95pECH 405BECHINOPS ritro Arctic GlowNEW!95pECH 405CECHINOPS ritro Veitchs BlueNEW!ECH 407ECHINOPS bannaticus Star FrostNEW!ECH 407AECHINOPS gmelinii Snow KingNEW!ERE 412EREMURUS bungei (foxtail lily)ERI 413ERIGERON glaucus Sea BreezeERI 415ERIGERON Azure BeautyERY 417AERYNGIUM bourgatiiNEW!ERY 417CERYNGIUM alpinumNEW!ERY 418ERYNGIUM Blue Hobbit95pGEU 482GEUM Borisii95pERY 419ERYNGIUM planum95pGEU 483GEUM rivale95pERY 421ERYTHRONIUM pagoda95pGEU 484GEUM Lady Stratheden95pERY 422ERYSIMUM Bowles’ Mauve95pGEU 484BGEUM coccineum Tosai95pERY 425AERYSIMUM linifolium Variegatum95pGEU 485GEUM Mrs Bradshaw95pERY 426ERYSIMUM suffruticosum Goldstaub95pGLA 487GLADIOLI byzantinus95pERY 427ERYSIMUM hybridum Canaries Yellow95pGYP 495AGYPSOPHILA paniculata Snowflake95pEUP 430EUPHORBIA amygdaloides Purpurea95pGYP 497BGYPSOPHILA respens Filou White95pEUP 432EUPHORBIA characias wulfenii95pHEL 499HELENIUM Moerheim BeautyEUP 433DEUPHORBIA characias Humpty Dumpty95pHEL 499AHELENIUM Ruby Tuesday (PBR)EUP 435EUPHORBIA x martinii95pHEL 500AHELENIUM autumnale Helena GoldEUP 438AEUPHORBIA cyparissias Fens Ruby95pHEL 500BHELENIUM Salsa (PBR)NEW! 1.05EUP 440EUPHORBIA amygdaloides robbiae95pHEL 500CHELENIUM Siesta (PBR)NEW! 1.05FOE 443FOENICULUM vulgare Rubrum95pHEL 500DHELENIUM Sombrero (PBR)NEW! 1.05FRA 444FRAGARIA vesca Alexandra95pHEL 501HELENIUM RubinzwergFRI 446FRITILLARIA meleagris95pHEL 501CHELENIUM Bandera PBRGAI 447GAILLARDIA Burgunder95pHEL 501DHELENIUM Hot LavaGAI 448GAILLARDIA Kobold Goblin95pHEL 501EHELENIUM Red Army95pGAI 449AGAILLARDIA Arizona Sun95pHEL 502HELENIUM hoopesii95pGAI 449DGAILLARDIA Arizona Apricot95pHEL 502AHELENIUM Short n Sassy (PBR)95pGAI 449FGAILLARDIA Mesa Red95pHEL 502BHELENIUM Monique95pGAI 449GGAILLARDIA Mesa Yellow95pHEL 503AHELENIUM Double TroubleNEW!95pGAU 450BGAURA Passionate Rainbow (PBR)95p95pNEW!95p95p95pNEW!NEW!95pNEW!95p95pHEL 504BHELENIUM Sahin’s Early FlowererNEW! 1.05GAU 450C GAURA Siskiyou Pink95pHEL 505HELENIUM Red JewelNEW!95pGAU 450H GAURA lindheimeri Elurra95pHEL 505BHELENIUM The BishopNEW!95pGAU 451AGAURA lindheimeri Freefolk Rosy95pHEL 506HELENIUM WyndleyNEW!95pGAU 451GGAURA lindheimeri Whirling Butterflies95pHEL 508HELIOPSIS scabra Summer Sun95pGER 452BGERANIUM himalayense gravetyeHEL 514HELLEBORUS niger 1.30GER 454AGERANIUM BrooksideHEM 518HEMEROCALLIS Catherine WoodberyGER 456GERANIUM macrorrhizum SpessartNEW!85pHEM 518CHEMEROCALLIS Artic SnowNEW! 1.05GER 458GERANIUM x cantabrigiense BiokovoNEW!85pHEM 518DHEMEROCALLIS Autumn RedNEW!85pGER 459GERANIUM clarkei Kashmir White95pHEM 518E HEMEROCALLIS Black PrinceNEW!85pGER 459AGERANIUM clarkei Kashmir PurpleNEW!95pHEM 518FNEW! 1.05GER 461GERANIUM endressiiNEW!85pHEM 519B HEMEROCALLIS Frans HalsGER 465GERANIUM endressi Wargrave PinkNEW!85pHEM 519CHEMEROCALLIS Luxury LaceGER 465AGERANIUM x oxanianum Rose ClairNEW!85pHEM 519DHEMEROCALLIS Open My EyesGER 466GERANIUM OrionGER 468GERANIUM macrorrhizum Bevans varietyGER 468AGERANIUM macrorrhizum ingwersen’sGER 469AGERANIUM pratense Mrs Kendall ClarkGER 469BGERANIUM pratense Splish-splashGER 471AGERANIUM sanguineum Vision Pink95pGER 471BGERANIUM sanguineum Vision Violet95pNEW!NEW!85p95p95p95pHEMEROCALLIS Blackberry Candy85p85pNEW!85p 1.05NEW!85pHEM 519E HEMEROCALLIS Tequila and LimeNEW!85pHEM 520NEW!85pHEM 521E HEMEROCALLIS Pink Damask85p95pHEM 523HEMEROCALLIS Summer Wine85p95pHEM 524CHEMEROCALLIS Blueberry CandyHES 525HESPERIS matronalis purple95pHEU 526HEUCHERA Melting Fire95p 1.30NEW!HEMEROCALLIS Pardon Me 1.0585p 1.05

CODEVARIETYHEU 526BHEUCHERA Coral Forest95pLAT 611LATHYRUS latifolius mixed95pHEU 529HEUCHERA micrantha Palace Purple95pLAV 614LAVANDULA Rosea95pHEU 530HEUCHERA sanguinea95pLAV 616ALAVANDULA angustifolia Edelweiss95pHEU 533DHEUCHERA americana Marvellous Marble Silver95pLAV 616BLAVANDULA Grosso95pHOS 534AHOSTA AvocadoNEW!95pLAV 616CLAVANDULA angustifolia White Scent95pHOS 535AHOSTA Coloured HulkNEW!85pLAV 616FLAVANDULA angustifolia Aromatico Blue95pHOS 536HOSTA HalcyonNEW!85pLAV 616HLAVANDULA angustifolia Ardeche Blue95pHOS 536AHOSTA Marmalade on ToastNEW!85pLAV 617ALAVANDULA stoechas Javelin95pHOS 538HOSTA TwilightNEW! 1.05LAV 617BLAVANDULA angustifolia Elegance Ice95pHOS 539HOSTA fortunei aureomarginata85pLAV 617DLAVANDULA angustifolia Elegance Pink95pHOS 540AHOSTA August MoonNEW!85pLAV 617ELAVANDULA angustifolia Elegance Purple95pHOS 540BHOSTA HoneybellsNEW!85pLAV 617GLAVANDULA stoechas Javelin White95pHOS 540C HOSTA MediovariegataNEW!85pLAV 618BLAVANDULA angustifolia Silver Mist95pHOS 540D HOSTA Royal StandardNEW!85pLAV 618CLAVANDULA stoechas Javelin Deep Purple95pHOS 540EHOSTA SamuraiNEW!95pLAV 620LAVANDULA angustifolia Hidcote95pHOS 540FHOSTA Snow CapNEW!85pLAV 622LAVANDULA angustifolia Munstead95pHOS 540GHOSTA So SweetP9 x 24OG x 25CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25NEW!85pLAV 623LAVANDULA angustifolia Blue Scent95pHOS 540H HOSTA Sugar and SpiceNEW!85pLAV 623BLAVANDULA angustifolia Valence Dark Violet95pHOS 540JHOSTA T RexNEW!95pLEU 624ALEUCANTHEMUM x superbum Snow Lady95pHOS 545HOSTA GuacamoleNEW!85pLEU 624BLEUCANTHEMUM maximum Ooh La95pHOS 547HOSTA sieboldiana Elegans85pLEU 624CLEUCANTHEMUM maximum Ooh La95pHOS 547C HOSTA Wolverine 1.05LEU 624DLEUCANTHEMUM maximum Ooh La95pHOS 548BHOSTA Frances Williams (sieboldii)85pLEU 625LEUCANTHEMUM Silver Princess95pINC 553INCARVILLEA delavayi Snowtop95pLEU 625BLEUCANTHEMUM maximum Lacrosse95pINC 554INCARVILLEA delavayi95pLEU 625CLEUCANTHEMUM maximum Broadway95pIRI 564IRIS germanica Ola Kala 1.05LEU 627ALEUCANTHEMUM vulgare May Queen95pIRI 567IRIS germanica Babbling Brook 1.05LIA 628LIATRIS spicata Kobold95p30pIRI 567BIRIS germanica Cliffs of Dover 1.05LIA 629LIATRIS spicata Alba95p30pIRI 577IRIS pseudacorus Variegata 1.05LIG 630ALIGULARIA dentata TwilightIRI 577AIRIS pseudacorus95pLIG 633LIGULARIA dentata OthelloIRI 578IRIS sibirica Blue King85pLIG 634LIGULARIA przewalskiiIRI 578BIRIS sibirica Butter and Sugar85pLIL 642LILIUM regale85p85pLIR 646LIRIOPE muscari Ingwersen 1.05NEW!NEW!85p85p95pIRI 578DIRIS sibirica Harpswell HappinessIRI 579AIRIS sibirica Moon SilkNEW!85pLIR 647ALIRIOPE muscari Big BlueIRI 579BIRIS sibirica Reel CuteNEW! 1.05LIT 649LITHODORA diffusa Heavenly Blue95pIRI 579CIRIS sibirica Snow QueenNEW!85pLIT 649BLITHODORA diffusa Crystal Blue (PBR)95pIRI 579DIRIS sibirica Sparkling RoseNEW!85pLIT 649CLITHOSPERMUM diffusa Compact Blue95pIRI 580IRIS sibirica Wine WingsNEW!85pLOB 651LOBELIA cardinalis Queen Victoria95pIRI 583AIRIS germanica Cherished 1.05LOB 652GLOBELIA speciosa Starship Deep Rose95pIRI 584BIRIS germanica Sultans Palace 1.05LOB 652KLOBELIA speciosa Starship Dark Leaved95pIRI 584CIRIS germanica Tulip FestivalNEW! 1.05LUP 654LUPIN Russell hybrids Chandelier (yellow)95pIRI 584DIRIS germanica Wine and RosesNEW! 1.05LUP 655LUPIN polyphyllus Legendary Blue Shades95pIRI 585IRIS versicolour 1.05LUP 655ALUPIN polyphyllus Legendary White95p 1.05LUP 655BLUPIN polyphyllus Legendary Yellow95pNEW!IRI 586IRIS chrysographes ‘black form’KNA 588KNAUTIA macedonica Melton Pastels95pLUP 655CLUPIN polyphyllus Legendary Rose95pKNA 588AKNAUTIA macedonica95pLUP 655DLUPIN polyphyllus Legendary Red95pKNA 588BKNAUTIA macedonica Red Knight95pLUP 656LUPIN Russell hybrids My Castle (brick red)95pKNI 590KNIPHOFIA uvaria grandiflora95pLUP 658LUPIN Russell Hybrids Noble Maiden (white)95pKNI 591AKNIPHOFIA uvaria Royal Castle95pLUP 660LUPIN Russell hybrids The Chatelaine (rose-95pKNI 601KNIPHOFIA uvaria Flamenco95pLUP 661LUPIN Russell hybrids The Governor (blue-95pLAM 606LAMIUM maculatum Beacon Silver95pLUP 662LUPIN Russell hybrids The Pages (carmine)95pLAM 606BLAMIUM maculatum Red Nancy95pLUP 663LUPIN Russell hybrids mixed95pLAM 608LAMIUM maculatum Pink Pewter95pLUP 664LUPIN Gallery Mixed95pLAM 610LAMIUM maculatum White Nancy95pLUP 664BLUPIN Gallery Blue95p85p 1.05

CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25LUP 664CLUPIN Gallery Red95pPAE 751BPAEONIA lactiflora Karl RosenfieldLUP 664DLUPIN Gallery Rose95pPAP 753PAPAVER orientale Pizzicato95pLUP 664ELUPIN Gallery White95pPAP 753APAPAVER orientale Princess Victoria Louise95pLUP 664FLUPIN Gallery Yellow95pPAP 754PAPAVER orientale95pLUP 667GLUPIN polyphyllus Camelot Yellow95pPAP 755PAPAVER orientale Royal Wedding95pLYC 668LYCHNIS x arkwrightii Vesuvius95pPAP 755DPAPAVER orientale Beauty of Livermore95pLYC 669LYCHNIS coronaria Atrosanguinea95pPAP 755EPAPAVER orientale Nana Allegro95pLYC 670LYCHNIS chalcedonica95pPAP 755FPAPAVER orientale Queen Alexendra95pLYC 673LYCHNIS viscaria Splendens95pPAP 756PAPAVER nudicaule Garden Gnome95pLYS 674LYSIMACHIA ciliata Firecracker95pPEN 759PENSTEMON Garnet95pLYS 676LYSIMACHIA punctata95pPEN 762PENSTEMON barbatus Cambridge Mixed95pLYS 676ALYSIMACHIA punctata Alexander95pPEN 764APENSTEMON Burgundy95pLYT 678CLYTHRUM salicaria Robert95pPEN 764EPENSTEMON White Bedder95pLYT 679LYTHRUM virgatum Dropmore Purple95pPEN 768FPENSTEMON Pensham Wedding Day95pMAL 681MALVA moschata Alba95pPEN 770BPENSTEMON digitalis Huskers Red95pMAL 682MALVA moschata Rosea95pPHL 772BPERSICARIA affinis Darjeeling Red95pMON 686AMONARDA didyma Red Shades95pPHL 773DPERSICARIA Bistorta Superba95pMON 689MONARDA didyma Cambridge Scarlet95pPHL 776PHLOX paniculata Blue BoyMON 691MONARDA didyma Beauty of Cobham95pPHL 776CPHLOX Candy FlossNEW!85pMON 694MONARDA hybride Mahogany95pPHL 776DPHLOX Little Princess PBRNEW!85pMON 696MONARDA Marshalls Delight95pPHL 776EPHLOX Mother of PearlNEW!85pNEP 715NEPETA Blue Dragon95pPHL 776FPHLOX Neon Flare PBRNEW! 1.05NEP 716ANEPETA Purple Haze (PBR)95pPHL 776GPHLOX Neon Flare Blue PBRNEW! 1.05NEP 717ANEPETA nervosa Pink Cat95pPHL 776HPHLOX Tequilla Sunrise PBRNEW!85pNEP 717BNEPETA nervosa Blue Moon95pPHL 777BPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Red95pNEP 718NEPETA mussinii95pPHL 777CPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Lilac95pNEP 718ANEPETA mussinii Six Hills Gold95pPHL 777DPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Soft Pink95pNEP 719NEPETA faassenii Walker’s Low95pPHL 777EPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Pink95pNEP 719ANEPETA faassenii Blue Wonder95pPHL 777FPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer White95pNEP 719ANEPETA x faassenii Kit Kat95pPHL 777GPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Purple95pNEP 720NEPETA Six Hills Giant95pPHL 777JPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Rose95pNEP 723NEPETA faassenii Snowflake95pPHL 777KPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Salmon Orange95pNEP 724BNEPETA Junior Walker95pNER 724NERINE bowdeniiNER 724ANERINE AlbaOEN 734OENOTHERA macrocarpaPAE 748PAEONIA lactiflora Bowl of BeautyPAE 748BPAEONIA AlertieNEW!PAE 748CPAEONIA Alexander FlemingPAE 748DPAEONIA Catharina FontynPAE 748ENEW!NEW!NEW! 1.3585pPHL 777LPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Orange Rose95p45pPHL 779PHLOX paniculata David95p55pPHL 779PHLOX paniculata David85pPHL 779APHLOX paniculata Nicky85p 1.35PHL 780PHLOX paniculata Uspech85p 1.35PHL 781APHLOX paniculata Ice Cream85pNEW! 1.35PHL 784PHLOX paniculata Blue ParadiseNEW! 1.50PHL 785PHLOX paniculata Bright EyesPAEONIA Coral CharmNEW! 1.50PHL 786PHLOX paniculata LauraPAE 748FPAEONIA DoreenNEW! 1.35PHL 787APHLOX paniculata Orange Perfection85pPAE 748GPAEONIA Duchesse de NemoursNEW! 1.50PHL 787BPHLOX paniculata Red Riding Hood85pPAE 748HPAEONIA Madame Emile DébatèneNEW! 1.35PHL 788PHLOX paniculata mixed95pPAE 748JPAEONIA Pink Hawaiian CoralNEW! 1.50PHL 788DPHLOX paniculata Peacock Cherry Red95pPAE 749APAEONIA Bunker Hill 1.35PHL 788EPHLOX paniculata Peacock White95pPAE 749BPAEONIA Edulis Superba 1.35PHL 788JPHLOX paniculata Famous Light Purple95pPAE 749CPAEONIA Inspecteur Lavergne 1.35PHY 791APHYGELIUS Red Emperor (PBR)95pPAE 749DPAEONIA Red MagicNEW! 1.35PHY 793PHYSALIS franchetii95pPAE 749EPAEONIA SorbetNEW! 1.90PHY 795PHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Rose Bouquet95pPAE 749FPAEONIA Sword DanceNEW! 1.50PHY 797PHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Crown of Snow95pPAE 750PAEONIA lacifolia Kansas 1.35PLA 798APLATYCODON grandiflora Blue95pPAE 750APAEONIA Solange 1.50POL 799POLEMONIUM caeruleum95pPAE 750BPAEONIA White Wings 1.35POL 800POLEMONIUM caeruleum Alba95pPAE 751PAEONIA lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt 1.35POL 802APOLYGONATUM falcatum VariegatumPAE 751APAEONIA lactiflora Felix Crousse 1.35POT 815POTENTILLA nepalensis Miss WilmottNEW!95p95p85p95pNEW!95p95p

CODEVARIETYPEN 769APENSTEMON Rich Ruby95pPRI 819PRIMULA japonica Millers Crimson95pPEN 770APENSTEMON Hewells Pink95pPRI 820PRIMULA bulleyana95pPEN 770BPENSTEMON digitalis Huskers Red95pPUL 821PULMONARIA saccharata Mrs MoonNEW!85pPEN 770HPENSTEMON Alice Hindley95pPUL 822APULMONARIA Red StartNEW!85pPER 772PERSICARIA affinis Donald Lowndes 1.30PUL 826PULMONARIA Blue EnsignNEW!85pPER 772DPERSICARIA amplexicaulis Fat Domino 1.30PUL 827APULMONARIA OpalNEW!95pPER 772EPERSICARIA microcephala Red Dragon 1.30PUL 828PULMONARIA saccharata Smokey BlueNEW!85pPER 773BPERSICARIA amplexicaulis Orange Field 1.30PUL 829PULMONARIA Sissinghurst WhiteNEW!95pPHL 776PHLOX paniculata Blue Boy85pROS 842ROSEMARY officinalisPHL 776CPHLOX Candy FlossNEW!85pRUD 844ARUDBECKIA hirta Cherry BrandyPHL 776DPHLOX Little Princess PBRNEW!85pRUD 845RUDBECKIA fulgida sullivantii Goldsturm95pPHL 776EPHLOX Mother of PearlNEW!85pRUD 847RUDBECKIA occidentalis Green Wizard95pPHL 776FPHLOX Neon Flare PBRNEW! 1.05SAL 850ESALVIA Love and Wishes95pPHL 776GPHLOX Neon Flare Blue PBRNEW! 1.05SAL 850GSALVIA Bordeau Compact Sky Blue95pPHL 776HPHLOX Tequilla Sunrise PBRNEW!85pSAL 850ISALVIA Bordeau Compact White95pPHL 777BPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Red95pSAL 850KSALVIA nemorosa Sensation Pink95pPHL 777CPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Lilac95pSAL 851SALVIA nemorosa Ostfriesland (East95pPHL 777EPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Pink95pSAL 851ASALVIA x sylvestris Rose Queen95pPHL 777FPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer White95pSAL 851BSALVIA nemerosa Caradonna95pPHL 777JPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Rose95pSAL 851FSALVIA nemorosa Sensation Compact Blue95pPHL 777KPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Salmon Orange95pSAL 851KSALVIA nemerosa Synchro Blue95pNEW!PHL 777LPHLOX paniculata Sweet Summer Orange Rose95pSAL 851LSALVIA nemerosa Synchro Pink95pNEW!PHL 779PHLOX paniculata David95pSAL 851MSALVIA nemerosa Synchro White95pNEW!PHL 779PHLOX paniculata David85pSAL 852SALVIA argentea95pPHL 779APHLOX paniculata Nicky85pSAL 852FSALVIA guaranitica Blue Enigma 1.30PHL 779BPHLOX paniculata Popeye85pSAL 853SALVIA x sylvestris Mainacht95pPHL 780PHLOX paniculata Uspech85pSAL 853ASALVIA Uliginosa95pPHL 781APHLOX paniculata Ice Cream85pSAL 853CSALVIA nemorosa Blaukonigin95pPHL 782PHLOX paniculata Starfire95p85pSAL 854ASALVIA x superba New Dimension Blue95pPHL 784PHLOX paniculata Blue Paradise95pSAL 855BSALVIA officinalis Aurea95pPHL 785PHLOX paniculata Bright EyesSAL 856BSALVIA Joy95pPHL 786PHLOX paniculata LauraSAL 857CSALVIA x microphylla Hot Lips95pPHL 787APHLOX paniculata Orange Perfection85pSCA 862ASCABIOUS japonica var. alpina Pink Diamonds95pPHL 787BPHLOX paniculata Red Riding Hood85pSCA 863ASCABIOUS columbaria Butterfly Blue95pPHL 788PHLOX paniculata mixed95pSCA 863BSCABIOUS columbaria Pink Mist95pPHL 788DPHLOX paniculata Peacock Cherry Red95pSCA 864SCABIOSA caucasica Perfecta95pPHL 788EPHLOX paniculata Peacock White95pSCA 864ASCABIOSA caucasica Perfecta Alba95pPHL 788GPHLOX paniculata Famous Purple95pSCA 865ASCABIOSA japonica Blue Note95pPHL 788JPHLOX paniculata Famous Light Purple95pSED 871SEDUM Carl95p95pPHL 789APHLOX divaricata Clouds of Perfume95pNEW!SED 874SEDUM spectabile Autumn Joy95p85pPHL 789CPHLOX divaricata White Perfume95pNEW!SED 876SEDUM Purple Emperor95p 1.10PHY 792BPHYGELIUS Coral Princess (PBR)95pSED 877SEDUM Jose Aubergine (PBR)95pPHY 792CPHYGELIUS rectus Salmon Leap95pSED 877BSEDUM Blue Pearl PBRPHY 792DPHYGELIUS rectus Moonraker95pSED 877CSEDUM StardustPHY 793PHYSALIS franchetii95pSED 877DSEDUM telephium Seduction Green-Yellow95pPHY 795PHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Rose Bouquet95pSED 877GSEDUM telephium Seduction Cherry Chocolate95pPHY 795APHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Miss Manners95pSED 877HSEDUM telephium Seduction Green Pink95pPHY 795BPHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Vivid95pSED 878DSEDUM telephium Yellow Xenox95pPHY 797PHYSOSTEGIA virginiana Crown of Snow95pSED 879BSEDUM hybridum Mustead Dark RedPLA 798PLATYCODON grandiflora Alba95pSOL 888SOLIDAGO Goldkind95pPLA 798APLATYCODON grandiflora Blue95pSTA 894STACHYS lanata (byzantina)95pPOL 799POLEMONIUM caeruleum95pSTA 895ASTACHYS officinalis PinkyNEW! 1.10POL 800POLEMONIUM caeruleum Alba95pSYM 900SYMPHYTUM grandiflorum GoldsmithNEW! 1.10POT 815APOTENTILLA nepalensis Ron McBeth95pSYM 900ASYMPHYTUM grandiflorum Hidcote BlueNEW! 1.10PRI 816FPRIMULA vialii95pSYM 900BSYMPHYTUM grandiflorum Wisley BlueNEW! 1.10PRI 816GPRIMULA veris (cowslip)95pTAN 903TANACETUM coccineum Robinsons PinkP9 x 2495pOG x 2585p95pCODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 2595pNEW!95pNEW!NEW! 1.50NEW! 1.10NEW!NEW!95p95p

CODEVARIETYP9 x 24OG x 25TAN 904TANACETUM coccineum mixed (Pyrethrum)95pTAN 905TANACETUM coccineum Robinson’s Red95pTEL 906TELLIMA grandiflora95pTEU 910TEUCRIUM chamaedrys95pTHA 913THALICTRUM delavayiNEW!95pTHA 914THALICTRUM aquilegifoliumNEW!95pTHA 917THALICTRUM aquilegifolium ThundercloudNEW! 1.50TIA 926TIARELLA wherryi95pTRI 939TRICYRTIS formosana Dark Beauty95pTRO 944TROLLIUS chinensis Golden Queen95pTRO 945TROLLIUS x cultorum CheddarTRO 946TROLLIUS europaeusTRO 948ATROLLIUS New MoonVER 960VERBASCUM phoeniceum95pVER 961VERBENA rigida95pVER 962VERBENA bonariensis95pVER 963VERONICA gentianoides95pVER 963CVERONICA repens95pVER 965AVERONICA spicata Inspire Blue95pVER 965BVERONICA spicata Blue Carpet95pVER 971CVERONICA spicata Rosa Zwerg95pVER 971FVERONICA spicata Inspire Rose95pVER 975VERONICASTRUM virginicum Fascination95pVER 976CVERONICASTRUM virginicum Pink Glow 1.30VER 968AVERONICA peduncularis Georgia Blue95pWAL 990WALDSTEINIA ternata95pZAN 998ZANTEDESCHIA aethiopica95pG08 CALCALAMAGROSTIS acutiflora Karl FoersterG09 CALCALAMAGROSTIS acutiflora OverdamG14 CARCAREX buchananii RedGRASSESRooster95pG16 CARCAREX Comans Bronze95pG17 CARCAREX oshimensis Evergold95pG23 CARCAREX morrowii Ice DanceG27 CORCORTADERIA selloana White Plume95pG27A CORCORTADERIA selloana Rose Plume95pG37 DESDESCHAMPSIA caespitosa Goldschleir95pG63A MISMISCANTHUS sinensis Red ChiefG68 MISMISCANTHUS sinensis ZebrinusG76 PENPENNISETUM alopecuroides95pG82 STISTIPA tenuissima Pony Tails95pNEW! 1.2595pNEW! 1.05NEW!85pNEW!85pNEW!95p95pNEW! 1.25NEW! 1.25Name: .Delivery from End of OctoberAddress: .Please State Preferred Delivery Date:.Tel: .Email:.Labels RequiredYesNo@ 6p eachPlease see our website for full terms and conditionsGedney Bulb Company Ltd. Gedney, Spalding, Lincs PE12 0AUTel: 01406 550341 - Fax: 01406 550340 - Email: online:

ECH 405B ECHINOPS ritro Arctic Glow NEW! 95p ECH 405C ECHINOPS ritro Veitchs Blue NEW! 95p ECH 407 ECHINOPS bannaticus Star Frost NEW! 95p ECH 407A ECHINOPS gmelinii Snow King NEW! 95p ERE 412 EREMURUS bungei (foxtail lily) 85p ERI 413 ERIGERON glaucus Sea Breeze 95p ERI 415 ERIGERO

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10 tips och tricks för att lyckas med ert sap-projekt 20 SAPSANYTT 2/2015 De flesta projektledare känner säkert till Cobb’s paradox. Martin Cobb verkade som CIO för sekretariatet för Treasury Board of Canada 1995 då han ställde frågan

service i Norge och Finland drivs inom ramen för ett enskilt företag (NRK. 1 och Yleisradio), fin ns det i Sverige tre: Ett för tv (Sveriges Television , SVT ), ett för radio (Sveriges Radio , SR ) och ett för utbildnings program (Sveriges Utbildningsradio, UR, vilket till följd av sin begränsade storlek inte återfinns bland de 25 största

Hotell För hotell anges de tre klasserna A/B, C och D. Det betyder att den "normala" standarden C är acceptabel men att motiven för en högre standard är starka. Ljudklass C motsvarar de tidigare normkraven för hotell, ljudklass A/B motsvarar kraven för moderna hotell med hög standard och ljudklass D kan användas vid

LÄS NOGGRANT FÖLJANDE VILLKOR FÖR APPLE DEVELOPER PROGRAM LICENCE . Apple Developer Program License Agreement Syfte Du vill använda Apple-mjukvara (enligt definitionen nedan) för att utveckla en eller flera Applikationer (enligt definitionen nedan) för Apple-märkta produkter. . Applikationer som utvecklas för iOS-produkter, Apple .

och krav. Maskinerna skriver ut upp till fyra tum breda etiketter med direkt termoteknik och termotransferteknik och är lämpliga för en lång rad användningsområden på vertikala marknader. TD-seriens professionella etikettskrivare för . skrivbordet. Brothers nya avancerade 4-tums etikettskrivare för skrivbordet är effektiva och enkla att

Den kanadensiska språkvetaren Jim Cummins har visat i sin forskning från år 1979 att det kan ta 1 till 3 år för att lära sig ett vardagsspråk och mellan 5 till 7 år för att behärska ett akademiskt språk.4 Han införde två begrepp för att beskriva elevernas språkliga kompetens: BI

**Godkänd av MAN för upp till 120 000 km och Mercedes Benz, Volvo och Renault för upp till 100 000 km i enlighet med deras specifikationer. Faktiskt oljebyte beror på motortyp, körförhållanden, servicehistorik, OBD och bränslekvalitet. Se alltid tillverkarens instruktionsbok. Art.Nr. 159CAC Art.Nr. 159CAA Art.Nr. 159CAB Art.Nr. 217B1B