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ASSEMBLY MANUAL2-7416Keep with Operator’s ManualBACKHOE SUBFRAME KIT65A, 75 & 85 BACKHOEKUBOTA L-SERIES TRACTORSMODEL2WDFWAROPSKUBOTA L2800XXXKUBOTA L3400XXXTRACTOR AND BACKHOE GENERALINFORMATIONINSTALLING SUBFRAME MOUNTING BRACKETSTO TRACTOR (Figures 1 & 2)Complete backhoe mounting requires this subframemounting kit, plus a subframe channel kit. A hose kit isrequired to plumb backhoe control valve to tractorhydraulic system to power backhoe. (A hose kit isavailable which is compatible with SMC or Rhino loadervalve and plumbing, or which plumbs to tractor rearremotes.)1. If tractor is equipped with a loader, remove bottomtwo 16mm bolts from loader mid mountingbrackets. Place backhoe front mounting bracket (1)over loader mid mounting brackets. Fasten using16mm x 55mm cap screws (8) and 5/8" lockwashers (13) in top holes and 1/2 x 1-3/4" capscrews (10) and 1/2" lock nuts (15) in bottom holes.CAUTION: If backhoe is powered by hosekit to tractor rear remotes or optionalauxiliary pump kit, three-point hitch must bedisabled. Disable hitch by removing pinsfrom hydraulic control arms.NOTE: If tractor is equipped with a 2408FL or2408TL loader, remove hardware from rearreinforcement rails and remove rear hangerbrackets from rear axle. Retain hardware from rearreinforcement rails for re-use.This backhoe subframe kit is compatible with SMC andRhino 2408, 2408FL, 2408TL, and 2409 front-endloaders. It is also compatible with Kubota L463 frontend loader. Tractor must be equipped with front-endloader or sufficient front weight to provide adequatecounterweight.Reference to right or left in these instructions is asviewed while sitting on backhoe seat. Subframe can beinstalled on tractor and backhoe using tools ordinarilyavailable. Shut off tractor engine and set parking brakeswhile installing backhoe subframe, mounting kit, andhydraulics.Read backhoe operator’s manual and become familiarwith backhoe controls before installing subframe.Knowing how backhoe functions is necessary to attachsubframe and backhoe to tractor.F-39902. If tractor is not equipped with a loader (and frontweights are being used used as counterweight),place spacer plates (6 & 7) on each side betweenbackhoe front mounting bracket (1) and tractortransmission housing. Fasten using 16mm x 55mmcap screws (8) and 5/8" lock washers (13) in topholes and 1/2 x 1-3/4" cap screws (10) and 1/2" locknuts (15) in bottom holes.3. Fasten left and right rear axle hanger brackets (2 &3) to underside of rear axle and ROPS plate using14mm x 30mm cap screws (9), 9/16" lock washers(14), 5/8 x 1-1/2 cap screws (11), and 5/8" lock nuts(12).4. If tractor is equipped with 2408FL or 2408TLloader, refasten rear reinforcement rails of loadermid mounting brackets to rear hanger brackets (2 &3) using previously-removed 5/8" hardware.Page 1 of 62-4-2005

2-7416INSTALLING BACKHOE SUBFRAME(Figures 1 & 2)MOUNTING BACKHOE TO TRACTOR(Figures 1 & 2)1. Fasten front cross tube (4) and subframe crossshaft (5) to subframe channels (24 & 25) using 1/2x 1-1/4" cap screws (16) and 1/2" lock nuts (15).1. Back tractor toward backhoe, with tractor straddlingsubframe, until positioned so auxiliary PTO pumpor hose kit can be connected to tractor. Shut offtractor engine, set brakes, and make sure PTO isdisengaged.NOTE: Install cross tube (4) and cross shaftbrackets (5) in forward-most set of holes insubframe channels (24 & 25). (See figure 1.)2. Install channel subframe assembly to backhoemain frame using 7/8 x 3" cap screws (19), 7/8" lockwashers (21), and 7/8" hex nuts (20) in rear holes,and 3/4 x 2" cap screws (17) and 3/4" lock nuts (18)in front holes.2. If auxiliary PTO pump kit is installed onto backhoe,connect pump to PTO. If hydraulic hose kit isinstalled onto backhoe, connect hoses to tractorhydraulics.3. Fasten support braces (26) to backhoe main frameand subframe channels (24 & 25) using 3/4 x 2-3/4"cap screws (28) and lock nuts (27), with doublenuts (27) on 3/4 x 2-3/4" cap screws (28) at bothends of each support brace (26).3. Start tractor. Engage PTO if backhoe is equippedwith auxiliary PTO pump kit. Tractor should berunning at low idle. Using backhoe controls, lowerstabilizer and bucket to ground to provide a base forraising subframe. Using backhoe controls, continuelowering stabilizers and backhoe boom to raisesubframe to proper level height to connect totractor.NOTE: For model 75 or 85 backhoe, use rearmostset of holes in subframe channels; for model 65Abackhoe, use set of holes just ahead of rear set.4. Back tractor and position shaft so rear shaft (5)engages in rear hanger brackets (2 & 3) and frontcross tube (4) engages into front mounting bracket(1).IMPORTANT: Double-nut 3/4 x 2-3/4" cap screws(28) with 3/4" lock nuts (27) after torquing first nut to350 ft.·lbs.5. Install pins (22) through front mounting bracket (1)to secure subframe in place. Secure pins (22) usinglinch pins (23).Figure 1Mounting Subframeto TractorBackhoeMainframeBackhoeSupportBrace BarsBackhoeFront MountingBracketRear AxleHangerBracketsSubframeFrontCross TubeModel 75 & 85BackhoeSubframeChannels2-4-2005SubframeCross ShaftPage 2 of 6Model 65AF-3990

2-7416PARTS LIST – BACKHOE SUBFRAME MOUNTING KITItem1234567891011121314151617181920212223Part 44756-1DescriptionMOUNTING BRACKET, FrontHANGER BRACKET, Rear Axle, LeftHANGER BRACKET, Rear Axle, RightBRACKET, Subframe, Front Cross TubeBRACKET, Subframe, Rear Cross ShaftSPACER, Plate, 1/4"SPACER, Plate, 3/8"SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 16mm-1.50 x 55mm Class 8.8SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 14mm-1.50 x 30mm Class 8.8SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 1/2-13 x 1-3/4" Grade 5SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 5/8-11 x 1-1/2" Grade 5NUT, Lock, 5/8-11WASHER, Lock, 5/8"WASHER, Lock, 9/16NUT, Lock, 1/2-13SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 1/2-13 x 1-1/4" Grade 5SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 3/4-10 x 2" Grade 5NUT, Lock, 3/4-10SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 7/8-9 x 3"NUT, Hex, 7/8-9WASHER, Lock, 7/8"PIN, Hitch, 3/4" Dia. x 4-13/16" LongPIN, Linch, 5/16" Dia. x 1-5/8" LongQty.111112244444441282224222PARTS LIST – SUBFRAME CHANNEL KIT - 2-6509 - ORDER SEPARATELYItem2425262728F-3990Part NNEL, Backhoe Subframe, LeftCHANNEL, Backhoe Subframe, RightBAR, Backhoe Support BraceNUT, Lock, 3/4-10SCREW, Cap, Hex Head, 3/4-10 x 2-3/4" Grade 8Page 3 of 6Qty.112842-4-2005

2-7416Figure 2Mounting Subframeto TractorRear ReinforcementRailsNOTE: Use spacers(6 & 7) only if tractoris not equipped with aloader.{61576111523Remove both rearhanger brackets iftractor is equippedwith a 2408FL or2408TL NOTE: Double-nut 3/4 x 2-3/4grade 8 cap screws (28) aftertorquing first nut (27) to 350ft.·lbs.262718202-4-2005Page 4 of 621F-3990

2-7416GENERAL TORQUE SPECIFICATIONSUSE THE FOLLOWING TORQUES WHEN SPECIAL TORQUES ARE NOT GIVENStandard American and Metric Cap ScrewsAMERICAN STANDARD CAP SCREWSMETRIC CAP SCREWSSAE Grade58Metric Class8.810.9Typ. HeadTyp. HeadMarkingsMarkingsCap ScrewCap INMAXInchesMINMAXMINMAXMINMAXMINMAX MillimetersM6 x 1.001/4 - 206881191112156.257.258.5108.259.51113M8 x 1.251/4 - 28162021.52723273136.589111210.5121416M10 x 1.505/16 - 1829353947425257701415192018.5202527M12 x 1.755/16 - 24 17.552627084759110212319232623253134M14 x 2.003/8 - 168510311513912014616319826283538353747.550M16 x 2.503/8 - 2413015817621417621623829331344246414555.561M18 x 2.507/16 - 14172210233284240294325398414555.561556074.581M20 x 2.507/16 - 2024730133540834342646557751556974.5687592102M22 x 2.501/2 - 1333240445054747257663978065728897.58696116130M24 x 3.001/2 - 7 x 3.009/16 - 190M30 x 3.009/16 - 42002225/8 - 111261391711881681852282515/8 - 18152168206228203224275304NOTE: These values apply to fasteners as received3/4 - 10238262322355318350431474from supplier, dry or when lubricated with normal3/4 - 16274305371409365402495544engine oil. They do not apply if special graphite or7/8 - 9350386474523466515631698molysulphide greases or other extreme lubricants are7/8 - 9097010701 - 14670740908100389498712111337F-3990Page 5 of 62-4-2005

2-7416INSTALLATIONINSTRUCTIONS2-4-2005Page 6 of 6F-3990

Mar 02, 2017 · ASSEMBLY MANUAL 2-7416 Keep with Operator’s Manual BACKHOE SUBFRAME KIT 65A, 75 & 85 BACKHOE KUBOTA L-SERIES TRACTORS MODEL 2WD FWA ROPS KUBOTA L2800 X X X KUBOTA L3400 X X X TRACTOR AND BACKHOE GENERAL INFORMATION Complete backhoe mounting requires this subframe

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8. OPERATE from the backhoe operator's seat only. 9. ALLOW only one person to operate the backhoe at any time. 10. DISENGAGE safety locks as shown in Figure 1&3 before attempting to operate the backhoe. 11. NEVER dig with the backhoe unless the stabilizers are properly set. 12. DO NOT dig under stabilizers or tractor backhoe. Soft ground or .

the worldwide market share, the JCB backhoe loader has proven itself to be the world’s best. The world’s best selling backhoe loader - JCB 3CX The world’s first backhoe loader– The JCB Major Loader Nearly half of all the backhoe loaders sold in the world are a JCB. HIsTORy Of INNOvATION 1980 JCB 3D 1991 JCB 3CX Sitemaster 1997 JCB 3CX 1998 JCB 3CX Contractor 1981 JCB 3CX Sitemaster .

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3CX ECO/4CX ECO Backhoe Loader World’s most efficient backhoe loader when tested against competitors across typical duty cycles TorqueLock provides up to a 25% fuel saving when roading Integrated quickhitch with forks gives best-in-class visibility and lift capacity Higher backhoe output than any other competitor results in more material moved per hour Lowest backhoe in-cab noise levels .

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100 mW Accuracy of temperature measurement (for 1 % types) 0.5 between 0 and 40 1.0 between -40 and 80 C Dissipation factor (in still air) K / W 3m Response time (in oil) 2.5 s Climatic category (LCT / UCT / days) 40 / 105 / 28 Minimum dielectric withstanding voltage between leads and coated body 500 VRMS