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meek sweater & fashions ltd.meek sweater ltd.7 Storied Building &To t a l 7 8 , 5 0 0 S f t .6 Storied Building &To t a l 1 , 5 0 , 0 0 0 S f t .Factory & Head Office:H o l d i n g # 1 6 9 3 , S h o n d a , S h a r i f p u r , N a t i o n a l U n i v e r s i t y, G a z i p u r S a d a r , G a z i p u r ,Bangladesh.Tele: 880 9613554422, 880 2 9292674, Fax: 880 2 9292681E-mail: Web:

INTRODUCTIONMEEK SWEATER & FASHIONS LTD. & MEEK SWEATER LTD. is a 100% export oriented sweater manufacturer inBangladesh.MEEK SWEATER & FASHIONS LTD. is located at Gazipur within 15 kilometers southeast from Dhaka InternationalAirport. The factory setup is in a newly built building with total space 1,50,000 square feet.MEEK SWEATER LTD. is located at Gazipura within 8 kilometers southeast from Dhaka International Airport. Thefactory setup is in a newly built building with total space 78,500 square feet.The line of production designed with jacquard & knitting machines of 3, 5, 7 and 12 gauges that assured yearlyproduction capacity of around 3,00,000 Dzns. The factory is well equipped with modern machinery. The list ofmachineries shown in following pages. The main products of this company are all kinds of sweater like pullover,cardigan, vest and others for Men, Women and Children. Our first priority is to deliver the best quality product intime. It is socially compliant Factory.DeclarationWe strictly maintain our commitment and follow 3Q policy : Quality first, Quality last and Quality always (QQQ).It may be mentioned that from the day one, our management very conscious about the COMPLIANCE requirement oftoday and future.#####SpecialtyOur knitting machines are V- raising with fashion. And productivity will be higher than others.All knitting machines are MMS type ( Auto colour change )To maintain quality and on time shipment we keep our finishing capacity bigger then knitting and linking capacity.Our price always competitive.We use SHIMA SEIKI jacquard machine for good production and quality.Experience :Our management teams are highly experienced about sweater department. Details are as follows:a) Managing Director ( M.A. Mannan ) : 28 years working experience on sweater.b) Chairman ( Anupam Dey - Raju ) : 22 years working experience on sweater.(N.B : We have 10-15 years experienced merchandising team.)Considering the above we are confident that the plant will be right choice of Sweater Sourcing from Bangladesh. Ourdoor is open for all respected buyers and importers to visit the plant and enquiry small or big will be timely attendedby our well experienced professional team.

Social Audit :Our factory will be green for all Compliance issue.Fire and Building Safety :We have own fire fighting team & equipmentWe are in individual building (not sharing).No commercial space in our factory building.Our factory located in Industrial zone.


FACTORY PROFILEName of the Factory:MEEK SWEATER & FASHIONS LIMITED. & MEEK SWEATER LTD.Company type:100% Export Oriented Sweater ManufacturerName of Bank:NCC BANK LIMITEDTRUST BANK LIMITEDUttara Branch, Mitul Tower,DILKUSHA CORPORATE BRANCHHouse-01, Road-12, Sector-06,36, DILKUSHA C/AUttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.DHAKA-1000, BANGLADESH.Anupam Dey (Raju ) – ChairmanMobile : 88 01713077966Email : raju@meeksweater.comContact Person:M. A. Mannan (Managing Director)Mobile: 88 01711566422Email : mannan@meeksweater.comYear of Establishment:2017Management Division - 6Man Power:Executive, Engineers & Technicians - 20Administration & Others – 10Workers – 2150 ( /-)Space Occupied:Total 2,28,500 Sft.Shipment:90-120 days - Depend on Yarn (Import or Local) /Style /QuantityPayment Condition:100% irrevocable L/C at sightExport Markets:Germany, Canada, USA, Poland, U.K, Italy, France, Switzerland, Netherland,Denmark, Japan, Brazil, Peru & Chile.Experience on the followingBrand name:Karstadt, M.S. Mode, SOK, Tally Weijl, Giant Tiger, Sanwa Japan Co. Ltd.,Klingel, Casino, Woolworths, SMYK, Sumitex International Co. Ltd., Babista,Quiosque, Broadway, Urban Classics, Top Secret, TXM, Renner, Adler,Cool Cat.Products:Any kinds of Sweater Item.

Production Capacity:Sl. no.GaugeProduction Capacity/Per Month01.3.580,000 pcs02.503.770,000 pcs04.12150,000 pcsOR70,000 pcsTotal3,00,000 pcsList of Jacquard Machine (Japanese)Sl.No.01.02.04.DESCRIPTION OF MACHINEDouble System Computerized FlatKnitting Machine.Double System Computerized FlatKnitting Machine.SHIMATRONIC Design SystemMODELGAUGESSR1123 to 7 GGvariation SV(LL Hook needle)SSR112 variation SVSDS-ONE APEX 3-310 to 14 GG(LL Hook needle)BRANDORIGINMachineQuantitySHIMA SEIKIJapan31 SetsSHIMA SEIKIJapan65 SetsTOTAL 96 SetsSHIMA SEIKIJapan4 Sets

List of Jacquard Machine (Chines)Sl.DESCRIPTION OF MACHINENoMODELECONOMY MULTI COMPUTERIZED FLAT01.KNITTING MACHINEECONOMY FIXED COMPUTERIZED FLAT02.KNITTING MACHINEECONOMY FIXED DELUX COMPUTERIZED03.FLAT KNITTING MACHINEGGGSJX-1M-52MULTI3, 5, 7BRANDORIGINGUOSHENGChinaGSJX-1-5212 GGGUOSHENGChinaGSJX-1-5212 GGGUOSHENGChinaMachineQuantityNEEDLEBED2 Sets52”52“8 Sets52”2 SetsTOTAL 04.WINDING MACHINE 12 HEADTS008GUOSHENGChina12 Sets1 SetsList of Knitting Machine:Sl. no.GaugeBrand NameBed wise machine qty13.5 (36’’ bed)Flying Yang165 nos23.5 (42’’ bed)Flying Yang30 nos33 (48’’ bed)Flying Yang15 nos45 (36’’ bed)Flying Yang60 nos55 (42’’ bed)Flying Yang40 nos67 (48’’ bed)Flying Yang12 nos77 (36’’ bed)Flying Yang60 nos87 (42’’ bed)Flying Yang40 nos912 (36’’ bed)Flying Yang360 nos1012 (42’’ bed)Flying Yang126 nos1112 (48’’ bed)Flying Yang45 nosTotalTotal Machine210 nos112 nos100 nos531 nos955 nos127gg (convertible 5 to 7gg) 36” bedFlying Yang50 nos147gg (convertible 5 to 7gg) 48” bedFlying Yang12 nos

List of High Speed Dial Linking Machine:MachineQuantitySl. No.GaugeBrand Name15 ggFlying Yang1200 RPM30 sets26 ggFlying Yang1200 RPM22 sets38 ggFlying Yang1200 RPM10 sets414 ggFlying Tiger1200 RPM56 setsTotalSpeed118 sets.List of Dial Linking Machine:Sl. No.GaugeBrand NameMachine Quantity15 ggFlying Yang74 sets26 ggFlying Yang44 sets38 ggFlying Yang64 sets48 ggFlying Tiger8 sets514 ggFlying Yang192 sets614 ggFlying Tiger40 sets716 ggFlying Tiger18 setsTotal440 sets.

List of Others Machine:Sl. No.Description of MachineBrand NameModelMachineQuantity2.High Speed Cone to Cone Winding Machinewith Double Waxing Device & BlowerWinding MachineLocal 8 SPINDLELOCAL18 sets3.Washing Machine (150 LBS)Flying Yang – CHINAGP-15007 sets4.Hydro Extractor (275 lbs)Flying Yang – CHINAKZ-12504 set5.Dryer (150 lbs) STEIMFlying Yang – CHINAGDP-15003 sets6.Dryer (150 lbs) GASFlying Yang – CHINAGDP-15007 sets7Steam Iron (VACUAM)Flying Yang – CHINA106 sets8Auto Placket MachineFlying Yang – CHINA13 sets9Dust Remover Machine10Weight ScaleLock stitch Sewing MachineFlying Yang – CHINAJuki – CHINADDL-870040 sets12Over Look MachineJuki – CHINA670015 sets13Button Sewing MachineJuki – JAPANLK1903BSS301/MC67211 sets14Button Hole MachineJuki – CHINALBH783NV11 sets15161718Bar TackingBoiler Machine (15,00 KG)DUST Cleaner MachineNeedle Detecting MachineJuki – JAPANFulton – U.S.A.(Duel Fuel)Flying Yang – CHINAFlyingangLK-1900AN-SS10063010 sets4 sets2 set3 set s19Generator (350 KVA & 280 KW)Camda Diesel GensftKDGC-280 S1 set20Generator (110 KVA& 88 KW)OlympianGEP 110-41 set2122Generator (550 KVA& 440KW)Compressor(400 Kg)FG WilsonJAGUARP550-3-EGZLS-30A/81 set23Fire Pump (EFP,DFP,JP)Jockey3 sets242526Brush Cleaner with InverterInspection Lamp (for Kids)Inspection Lamp (for Men)Flying Yang3 set2 sets2 sets1.11Flying Yang1 setFlying Yang – CHINA04 sets12 sets1 set

Management Managing Director ChairmanProduction Staff Production General Manager (2) Production Asst. General Manager Production Manager Production Asst. Manager Quality Asuarance Asst. General Manager Quality Control Manager Quality Control Asst. Manager Factory ManagerOffice Staff General Manager (Marketing) Merchandising Manager Asst. Merchandising Manager Asst. Genarel Manger Commercial Commercial Manager Asst. Commercial Manager General Manager (Accounts & Commercial) Accounts Manager HR, Admin & Compliance Manager HR, Adim & Compliance Asst. Manager

WORKING FACILITIES:(1) Worker Payment Mode: By Cash (hand to hand)(2) Working hours: 8 hours(3) Extra hour : If need we pay overtime.(4) Job Satisfaction: Job SecurityGood EnvironmentSalary & wages on timeProduction bonusGood SanitationChild care facilityMaternity LeaveEmergence Treatment facility4 month Salary after terminationPrayer, Canteen & Dining RoomGroup Insurance(5) Under 18 years Recruitment strictly prohibited.(6) Enjoy weekly holy day.(7) Enjoy all kind of govt. holyday.(8) Yearly working performance bonus.(9) Yearly picnic.

LOCATION OF THE FACTORY & FACTORY TO CONSIDER: We have own fire fighter team. Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). Own clinical facilities with full time doctor & nurses. We have child care facilities with modern instrument. Advantage of Educated & Trained labor force. Availability of steady energy sources. Good and Friendly climate that will suit both the workers & the facilities. Raw Materials availability near the factory location.REASON FOR THE DESIGN& GOALS: Expand Productivity As Per Our Customers Demands Mostly Auto Machine Project. Reduce process cycle times. Reduce Pollution. Increase Customer Satisfactions. Vision of 2050 in consideration of all sort of Compliance Issue might come out in blue.

List of Jacquard Machine (Chines) List of Knitting Machine: Sl. no. Gauge Brand Name Bed wise machine qty Total Machine 1 3.5 (36’’ bed) Flying Yang 165 nos 2 3.5 (42’’ bed) Flying Yang 30 nos 210 nos 3 3 (48’’ bed) Flying Yang 15 nos 4 5 (36’’ bed) Flying Yang 60 nos 112 nos 5 5 (42’’ bed) Flying Yang 40 nos 6

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