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BANDUNG 2017 WORLD STAMP EXHIBITIONLIST OF AWARDS (BY CLASS)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountryTitle of ExhibitTotal MedalSP/FELRemarks/GPClass 1A - Traditional Philately (Dutch East Indies, Repiblic Indonesia)1101GunawanEdyIndonesiaRevolution Period in Indonesia 1945194974S93GFELGPN /SP1102JodanaYan WiriadiIndonesiaA Study of Occupation, Emergency,Local Issued Stamps under Republic ofIndonesia Rule at Java and Madoeraduring 1945-19491103KusumaIndraIndonesiaRepoeblik Indonesia 1945-1949, LocalIssued Stamps during Independent Warin Java Island96LG1104LalwaniArjanIndonesiaRepublik Indonesia, 1951 Rice andCotton First Definitive Series82V1105RachmantoBudiIndonesiaNetherlands Indies A Study of QueenWilhelmina Postage Stamps 1932-194284V1106RyantoriIndonesiaIndonesia 1945-1949, the War forIndependence90G1107WijayaAvieIndonesiaRepublik Indonesia 1945-1949 UnderNICA (Netherlands Indies anese Occupation in Java 1942-194588LVClass 1B - Traditional Philately (Asia, Oceania and Africa)1201BrownGaryAustraliaTunisia 1888 to WW II (Previous title:Tunisia till WW II)87LV1202McMahonIanAustraliaThe Palestinian Authority80V1203BerudinBakarBruneiBrunei Definitive - Brunei River ViewStamp 1907-195172S1204ChenYishiChinaMao Zedong Issues of China's LiberatedAreas76LS1205DingJinsongChinaThe 1897 Red Revenue Surcharges ofChina97LG1206LuRongquanChinaCommemorative Stamps of Republic ofChina (1912—1949)73S1207ZhangXueqingChinaThe Airmail Stamps of Chinese PeoplePost66SB1208ZhouShixiongChinaChina: Chinese National CurrencySurcharge Issue (1945—1948)85LV1209ZhuXiaoxinChinaCentral Trust Print Dr. Sun Yat-senStamps Overprinted with “Restricted forUse in Xinjiang Province”80V1210LinTzu-MuChineseTaipeiChina: Coiling Dragon and its arly New Taiwan Dollars eople's Republic of China he Issues of Queen Victoria 1880-1896AbsentAbsent1214ChristouAkisCyprusThe Silver Jubilee of King George V1935 : The Australian Issue1215CernyJiriCzechRepublicTravancore - Official Stamps tan 1871-190087LVTransferto 9GPIC /SPSP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountryTitle of ExhibitTotal Medal1217Milad HannallaRaafatEgyptFirst Issue of Definitive Stamps of 1952Revolution73S1218WeberReinhardFinlandStraits Settlements B.M.A. BritishMilitair Administration 1945-1948 KG VI73S1219KeiKok YingHong KongSouth China’s People Post87LV1220LeeAnnaHong KongLondon Print Dr Sun Yat-sen Issues86LV85LV1221MakKwok PuiHong KongDr Sun Yat-sen Issue Central Trust PrintStamp (1942-1945)1222BiswalBijoy KumarIndiaAustralia Pre-Decimal Issues e India78LS1224GlassmanLesIsraelMocambique and arks and Postal Routes ofRhodesia 1894 to 192483V1226NiwaAkioJapanJapan : Tazawa Series "Taisho"Watermarked Granite Paper, Old Die88LV1227KaburakiAkiraJapanJapanese Occupation of the an Chrysanthemum Series 1899190883V1229ItohSumihideJapanJapan : Showa Series, 1937-4688LV1230WadaTeruhiroJapanJapan Showa Issues 1937-194783V1231IshizawaTsukasaJapanRyukyus Air Mail Stamps 1950-6077LS1232YamadaYujiJapanJapan 1871-1876 Hand Engraved Issues93G68SB1233AhnChong ManKoreaThe 2nd Granite Paper Series Stamps ofKorea (Previous title: The 2nd GranitePaper Definitive Stamp)1234HanCheol KyuKoreaThe Daehan Empire Stamps 1884-190591G1235NamSangwookKoreaAir Mail Stamps of Korea78LS1236GohKien BoonMalaysiaKingdom of Perlis 1894-195780VMalaysiaSultanese of Johore : Sultan IbrahimStamp Issues 1896-194290G1237TanChee Hui1238AsralDembereldorj MongoliaClassic Mongolia 1924-193182V91G1239TulsyanRishi KumarNepalNepal : The Pre stamp and ClassicPeriod 1779-19071240HussainSyed ImtiazPakistanAfghanistan (1907-32) with Forerunners(Previous title: Afghanistan Since 1907)76LS1241MahmudSultanPakistanAfghanistan (19th Century) 1871-1880with Fore Runners90G1242QureshiSalmanPakistanBhopal (1868-1903) (Previous title:Bhopal (19th Century))82V1243Al KahtaniMubarakSaudi Arabia Hejaz and Najd Post Issue (1926)78LS1244TanAh EeSingaporeStraits Settlements Stamp Issues 1867to 189990G1245YapPaulSingaporeNorth Borneo 1925-194582V86LV1246FriendFrancoisKing George V stamps of St HelenaSouth dSiam: King Chulalongkorn (Rama V)1883 - 191088LV1248EksombatchaiSuwannaThailandSiam (Thailand): King Rama VII andKing Rama VIII87LVSP/FELRemarks/GPTransferto 2BSPSPSP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNo1249Last NameKrishnamaraFirst NameAyuthCountryTitle of ExhibitTotal MedalThailandSiam: King Chulalongkorn ssic Burma (Previous title: ClassicIndia Used from Burma)1251UtensuteUkrisThailandThailand: King Bhumibol’s 1st and 2ndDefinitive Issues95LG1252MohammadAhmadOmarU.A.E.A Glance on Stamps Used in Dubai75LS1253NunezNestorU.S.A.Johore - The Classic Period90GSP/FELRemarks/GPSPClass 1C - Traditional Philately (Europe)1301RecagnoLuisArgentina1923 Germany Hiperinflation Definitives82V1302TodorovOrlinBulgariaBulgaria Small Lion Issue (1889-1901)90G1303AriyoshiNobutoJapanNapoleon non laure France 1852-186290G1304YoshidaTakashiJapanKingdom of Prussia 1850-186787LV1305KlemetsenJonNorwayCzechoslovakia 1918 to 1928 (Previoustitle : CSR 1918 to 1928)85LV1306MuhammadAurangzebPakistanTurkey before 1st World War (OttomanEmpire)80V1307NanjeeAfzal Hussain PakistanOttoman Empire (Turkey) : The PictorialIssues (1913-1915)88LV88LV1308NanjeeIqbal Hussain PakistanOttoman Turkey : Duloz Ayyildizli Pullar(Star & Crescent) Issue (1865-1882)(Previous title : Duloz Issues (18651875))1309OkninskiRomanPolandWarsaw Local Post 1915-191875LS93G1310MramornovAlexanderRussiaStamps of Civil War in Russia (19181924)1311NagapetiantsRafaelRussiaArmenia 1919-192390G1312ObukhovYuriRussiaRussia : Zemstvo Stamps of PermGovernorate (1871-1919)95LG1313RyssIgorRussiaPostal Emissions of Georgia nia 1919-1920 Newspaper Stampsand Their Overprints1315RietzAkeSwedenGreat Britain - Line Engraved assic Romania97LGGPIC /SPSPClass 1D - Traditional Philately (America)1401CasiellesMiguel JoseArgentinaArgentina : San Martin in Oval 1908192391G1402ToddRaymondAustraliaChile - the 1910 Centenary ofIndependence Issue88LV1403McLaughinDavidCanadaThe Maple Leaf Issue of Canada 1897189888LV1404HoMichaelChineseTaipeiBolivia : The 19th Century US BanknoteCompany Issue95LG1405FrohlichAlfredoColombiaChile, The Rouletted Issues, 1877-189987LV1406Castro-Harrigan AlvaroCosta RicaCosta Rica : The 1907 Issue95LG1407DueñasCosta RicaCosta Rica, The Guanacaste nRepublica Argentina : Sitting LibertySeries 1899-19031409EatonDila AbelmaParaguayPostal Stamps of Paraguay XIX CenturySP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountryTitle of ExhibitTotal Medal1410EatonDila AbelmaParaguaySellos Grabados e Impresos por laCompania Sudamericana de Billetes deBancos 1905-191087LV1411EatonRobertoParaguayAirmail Postage Stamps of Paraguay1928-193588LV1412BrenisCarlosPeruPeru 1858-1862 Study of LithographedStamps93G1413DiPaoloBillU.S.A.The Prexie Coils (Previous title: USA:The Presidential Series Coils)85LVSP/FELRemarks/GPSPClass 2A - Postal History (Dutch East Indies, Republic Indonesia)2101DharmaArryIndonesiaNetherlands Indies Postal History ofIncoming Mail 1840-194985LV2102HarahapAsroniIndonesiaNetherlands Indies Postal History 17121927, Study of Postal Markings andCancellations90G2103HarahapAsroniIndonesiaStudy of Postal Cancellation duringJapanese Occupation in theNetherlands Indies 1942-194593G2104PutrantoTono DwiIndonesiaIn Struggle for Existence, NetherlandsIndies Airmail Serivice During WorldWar II 1939 - 194286LV90G2105WibawantoAgusIndonesiaRepoeblik Indonesia : The Inflation ofPostal Rates in Java 1945-1949(Previous title: Repoeblik Indonesia :The Inflation Rates in Java 1945-1949)2106ZonFadliIndonesiaNetherlands Indies Postal Cancellation1789-191785LV2107van MarrewijkGijsbert A. M. NetherlandsUNTEA: The Temporary UN Authorityover West New Guinea75LS2108van WelieGerard LouisNetherlandsDestination Insulinde - Mail to theNetherlands East Indies 1788-190095LG2109WestphallAllan FoghSingaporeNetherlands Indies 1864 - c1900 : TheDevelopment of Postal Cancellations85LV2110PahlmanSvenSwedenDutch East Indies : Postal Routes andRates rdUnitedKingdomPostal History of Netherlands EastIndies 1701 - 1870 (Previous title:Postal History of Dutch East Indies 17761877 Postage Unpaid and Postage Paid)The Chinese Mail Connections in DutchEast Indies 1818 - 1941 (Previous title:Dutch Indies - The China Connection, AStudy of Overseas Chinese PostalHistory 1818-1947)Netherlands East Indies Mail 1789 toG.P.U. (1877)SPSPClass 2B - Postal History (Asia, Oceania and Africa)2201GreyAlanAustraliaBritish New Guinea and Papua 1891194288LV2202KellowGeoffreyAustraliaSierra Leone : the Postal History of theKing George VI Period, 1937-195691G2203MooreJohnAustraliaAustralian Airmail Rates 1921-194583V2204YenBoon-SweeAustraliaAustralian Forces in Malaya WWII91GBahrainBahrain Postal History during Indianand British Administration82V2205ShiraziFouadSPSP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountryTitle of Exhibit2206IslamMD ZahidulOverprint "Pakistan" on British IndianBangladesh Stamps & Stationery Used in EastPakistan (East 22102211Total Medal42CPThe Postmarks of the QueenslandTravelling Post Office76LSChinaPostage in Gold Yuan Period of ChinesePostal Service (1948-1949)81VQingyuanChinaDeclared Value Registered Mail of al History of the Republic of China1912-192886LVNabih AttiaSamirEgyptThe Postal Marking of Egyptian Station90G78LSSP/FELRemarks/GPTransferto 32212SwanljungHarryFinlandDevelopment of Postal Services in theNorthern and Eastern Divisions of Fiji ca1900 to 19702213IkedaKenzaburoJapanPostal History of the Cape of GoodHope85LV2214ItohSumihideJapanForeign Mail in Nagasaki, Japan 1865190588LV2215YamazakiYoshiyukiJapanJapan Courier Mail (Previous title: TheJapanese Couriers 1601-1873)88LV2216HanCheol KyuKoreaThe History of Post Offices in DaehanEmpire 1884-1905 (Korea)2217EnkhbatChuluundorjMongoliaPostal History of Mongolia l History of Internees and POWsNetherlandsHeld in Australia during World War II2219ChittyLindsayNewZealandPrisoner of War Correspondence,Japanese Occupation of the Far East,WW II 1942-4592GSP2220ComrieMonica MNewZealandCivil Censorship Process Australia WWII88LVSP2221SchluterTonyNewZealandNew Zealand's Victorial Era PostalHistory to 187680V2222NanjeeAli Raza Iqbal PakistanExpeditionary Forces in Near East 191420 (Egypt)81V2223Al-ThaniHamad SaudMohdQatarQatar Postal History80V2224JassimAliQatarIraq in Occupation Era85LV2225SorourYacoubQatarAden Postal History80V2226MramornovAlexanderRussiaTurkestan (1868-1917)83V2227Al AmoudiHussainMohamedAhmedSaudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Postal History 1916-197075LS2228Al KahtaniMubarakSaudi Arabia Jeddah Postal History 1916-196681V2229AlareefiEbrahemMohammedSaudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Postal History 1917-195580V2230AldreesSaadMohammedSaudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Postal History 1857-193487LV2231AlmalaibariMohammedAminePostal History of Malaysia from 1908Saudi Arabia 1974 (Previous title: Malayan PostalHistory (1908-1935)65SB92G2232ChoyPatrickSingaporePostal History of China Liberated Areasin Gold/Silver Yuan Era (Previous title :Postal History of China Gold/Silver Yuanin the Liberated Areas)SP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountryTitle of ExhibitTotal Medal2233NgSdiannSingaporeNorthern Malayan States - A Study ofthe Postal Markings, 1892-1941(Previous title : Postal History ofNorthern Malaya)2234ChirakitiPrakobThailandSiam – The Development of Early nd Postal Rates 1946-196086LVThailandSiamese Letter Rates : From theBeginning in 1883 to the 1909 237KoshapasharinChoonThailandThe Official Money Order RemittanceMail from Siam to China (Previous title:The Money Remittance Mail from Siamto China)2238JohansenThomasU.A.E.Muscat 1864-1948: The Development ofthe India Post Office in Eastern Arabia88LVU.S.A.Four Siege Cities, Rishon LeZion, Safad,Nahariya, Jerusalem (Previous title :The Four Siege Cities of 1948- RishonLezion, Safad, Nahariya, sferto 1CClass 2C - Postal History (Europe)2301DymshitsMikhailBelarusUSSR Preferential Postage CivilOrganizations (1921-1938)80V2302MukhutdinovTagirBelarusPostal History of Kazan and KazanProvince (1779-1917)87LV2303StrebulaevAlexeyBelarusThe Moscow Millitary Cencors garia Postal History (1979-1901)(Previous title: Bulgaria Postal History(1879 - t of Postal Services in DecinRegion (Previous title : History of PostalServices in Decin Region)90G2306MuhonenAriFinlandFinland 191890G90G2307KellerYulyIsraelThe Usage of Russia Stamps During theR.S.F.S.R Inflation Period (1917-1923)(Previous title: RSFSR - Revolution ofRussia Stamps during the Hyperinflationpeiod (1917-1923))2308ItoFumihisaJapanHungarian Inflation 1945-194687LV2309VoruzJeanMonacoSwiss Postal Services sMilitary Mail in the Netherlands in theNapoleonic Era92G2311DeheJohnNetherlandsThe Netherlands : Silent Witnesses ofTurbulent Years80V2312van der HorstHansNetherlandsForeign Mail from the Netherlands inWWII81V2313WiersmaHotzeNetherlandsPostal Services in Rural Areas of theNetherlands before 185093G2314LoeDavid LNewZealandIcelandic Postal Rates 1870-195583V2315FossmarkAtleNorwayFaroe Islands - Postal Conditions duringWW II85LV2316HeskestadTerjeNorwayPostal History from the Southern Coastof Norway until GPU93GSPSPFEL

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameTotal Medal88LVAfzal Hussain PakistanOttoman Empire : Turkey in Europe90GSlawomirPolandFight for Independence and PolishBorders 1918-192180V88LVOdegaardJan2318NanjeeChabrosTitle of ExhibitThe Use of the Norwegian 1877/1878Posthorn andThe Post on Polish Territory during theFormation of the Borders of the 2ndRepublic of Poland, 1918 – 1922(Previous title : Beginnings of the Postin the Independent Poland 1918-1922)2321OkninskiRomanPolandPost Activities in Kingdom of Galicia andLodomeria to 186785LV2322SolomonovArturRussiaIndustry of the Russian Empire onMailings of XIX-XX Centuries85LV2323GustinVeselkoSloveniaTrieste, Gorizia, and the Slovene Littoralfrom 1761 to eden"Carte Postale" - The Postcard as Meanof Communication Over Time, fromSweden to Abroad During the FirstPeriod 1872-19392325HallstromJonasSwedenSwedish Postal History 1951-197292G2326LithenGunnarSwedenCancellations from Swedish SteamshipMail Post Offices from 1869 and up to195190G2327ChadwickPeterUnitedKingdomHandstruck Town Marks of Scotland inthe Eighteenth k Chargemarks of BritishMails before 184088LV2329KingChrisUnitedKingdomSchleswig : From Danish Duchy toPrussian Province - Early Mail to 186795LG2330LaBlondeCharlesU.S.A.The Rise and Fall of WWII PostalCensorship, Swiss lian Postmarks 1798-1843(Previous title: Brazil Prephilately)91G2402Villarroel dePeredoMarthaBoliviaBolivia - Official Postal History90G2403DedivitisRogerioBrazilWrappers of Brazil83V2404SantosEveraldoBrazilNavigation Lines Serving South America(Previous title: Navigation Lines ServingSouth America - 1764 to UPU)96LGSP2405CruzSantiagoColombiaScadta First Issues - A TraditionalApproach to Airmail Stamps93GSP2406OlssonBruceColombiaColombia Seven Issue 1865-186683V2407Castro-Harrigan AlvaroCosta RicaCosta Rica : The Railway Mail 1873 Mid XX Century92G2408WadaFumiakiJapanThe U. S. Return Receipt Requested &Avis de Reception 1866-194581V2409EatonRobertoParaguayParaguayan Chaco WarCorrespondence 193088LV2410Ponce LozadaJulio CesarPeruAffected by the War, Censored MailTo/From Peru 1939-195285LV2411MarquezHenryPeruPeru : Lima 1821-1884, RepublicanPostal History Until Early UPU97LGSPClass 2D - Postal History (America)SPTransferto 3Transferto 1DTransferto 1DSPGPIC /SP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountry2412ClarkDouglas N.U.S.A.and Nancy B.2413KewrigaMatthewWalterU.S.A.Title of ExhibitTotal MedalThe Massachusetts Island CountiesPostal History to 1900 (Previous title:The Massachusetts Island CountiesPostal History)90GUnited States 1870-88 Bank Note IssuePostal History93GSP/FELRemarks/GPSPClass 3 - Postal Stationery3001BromserCharlesAustraliaUSSR Postal Stationery of the 10thStandard Issue (1961-1967)80V3002BrownGaryAustraliaPostal Stationery of Natal87LVThe King George V Envelopes MohammedMonirulPostal Stationery of Bangladesh 1971Bangladesh 2000 (Previous title: Postal Stationery ofBangladesh to 1999)3005ChenYueChinaPeople's Republic of China: Tien AnMen Design Postal Envelope (19561965)81V3006HoMichaelChineseTaipeiKing Willem III Netherlands East IndiesPostal Stationery 1874-190891G3007HuangChen-HueiChineseTaipeiPostal Stationery of German Post Officein China90G3008SinSiu KumHong KongHong Kong Areogrammes85LV83V3009HandoyoJusak JohanIndonesiaKing Willem III Side Face in theNetherlands East Indies 1864-19043010WibawantoAgusIndonesiaRepoeblik Indonesia - Java Postal Cards1945-194990G3011ZonFadliIndonesiaNetherlands Indies Postal Stationery1874-194285LV3012LeeJongsukKoreaKorean Provisional Postal Cards (19451953)85LV3013TukkerWimNetherlands Postcard Australian States80V3014Al AttarHatimOmanPostal Stationery of Zanzibar 1893-196484V3015GohAugustineSingaporeSingapore Air Letters80V3016FischerAndrewSouth AfricaBritish South Africa Company PostalStationery80V3017KussingHerwigSouth Africa Germany - Mail Postilion on Postcards75LS93G3018DaunLennartSweden1890 until 1942 - the Second Period ofPostal Stationery in Sweden3019BridleIan MichaelU.A.E.Republican Postal Stationery of Java(1945-1949)91G3020AhmadGhiasUnitedKingdomPost Cards of the Kingdom Italy 1872192979LS3021JaiswalSandeepU.S.A.British India Queen Victoria tal Stationery of the PalestineMandate 1920-194878LS3023ThyPeterU.S.A.The Postal Stationery of theBechuanalands85LV3024LiZhifei (Frank) ChinaAlbanian Postal Stationery 1913-194488LVSPSPSP

List of Awards (by Class)ExhibitNoLast NameFirst NameCountryTitle of ExhibitTotal MedalSP/FELRemarks/GPClass 4 - Aerophilately4001FullerDarrylAustraliaPart Paid by Air (Previous title: Jusqu'aAirmail Markings)81V4002Villarroel dePeredoMarthaBoliviaBolivia - Air Mail95LG4003FrohlichAlfredoColombiaSurvivors, Crash and Salvaged AirmailIn, From and To Colombia88LV4004JohnsonJames C.ColombiaScadta - Consular Mail86LVCzechRepublicCzechoslovak Airmail 1920-193887LV4005BoudaPavel4006PermadityaYehezkiel Adji IndonesiaThe Development Airmail Route by KLM& KNILM in Netherlands East Indies1927-194281V4007PutrantoTono DwiIndonesiaThe Development of KLM and KNILMOperation in Netherlands Indies 1920194295LG4008WijarsihClaraIndonesiaThe Development of KNILM Domesticand Regional Airmail Route inNetherlands Indies 1920-194285LV4009BanfieldNormanNewZealandRussia - Airmail Services 1922-195091G4010SletteboHallvardNorwayZeppelin - the Norway Connection88LV4011NanjeeAdnanHussainPakistanKLM – (1927-52

Japanese Occupation of the Philippines 1942-1945 81 V 1228 Murayama Kousuke Japan Japan Chrysanthemum Series 1899-1908 83 V 1229 Itoh Sumihide Japan Japan : Showa Series, 1937-46 88 LV 1230 Wada Teruhiro Japan Japan Showa Issues 1937-1947 83 V 1231 Ishizawa Tsukasa Japan Ryukyus Air Mail Stamps 1950-60 77 LS

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