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HM Bluetooth module --------------Last Version V1052016-03-131

HM Bluetooth module datasheetJNHuamao Technology CompanyBluetooth 4.1 BLE --------------------Last Version V1052016-03-132

HM Bluetooth module datasheet² Professional bluetooth products suppliers.² Remote control module provider² data transmission module provider² PIO state acquisition module provider² Customizable bluetooth module and bluetooth solutions² Jinan high and new technology enterprise² SIG membersAddress: C-4020, Huanbao Park Jinan , Shandong, ChinaTelephone: (86) 0531-85117999WebSite: http://www.jnhuamao.cnWebSite: http://www.huamaosoft.comMail: --------------------------Last Version V1052016-03-133

HM Bluetooth module datasheetThe most complete, most convenient, the most stable ofluetooth data transmission, remote control, PIOacquisition module---- Master and slave role in one---- Remote control without other MCU---- The PIO data acquisition without other MCU13. Product parametersØ BT Version: Bluetooth Specification V4.1 BLEØ Send and receive no bytes limit.Ø Working frequency: 2.4GHz ISM bandØ Modulation method: GFSK(Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying)Ø RF Power: -18dbm 3dbm, can be modify through AT CommandAT POWE.Ø Speed: Asynchronous: 1-8K BytesSynchronous: 1-8K BytesØ Security: Authentication and encryptionØ Service: Central & Peripheral UUID FFE0,FFE1Ø Power: 1.9 5.5 VDC 50mAØ Long range: Open space have 100 Meters rangeØ Power: Low Power Mode 50uA 500uA, Standby mode 6mA, Activemode 10mA.Ø Working temperature:–40 85 CentigradeØ Size: HM-16 27mm * 13mm * 2.2 mmØ Size: HM-17 18mm * 13mm * ----------Last Version V1052016-03-134

HM Bluetooth module datasheet2. Product overviewThanks for you choose our products. If you want to know more, can help you (Videos, New version datasheet, Module workflow, project Codes, etc.)HM Bluetooth module use CYPress IC, Master and slave roles in one,transmission version and remote control version in one, Support the ATcommand modify module parameters, Convenient and flexible.Transmission version can be used to transmit data between two Bluetoothdevices.Remote Control version can be used to Control PIO ports output high orlow level without any other MCU.HM-01, HM-02, HM-03, HM-04, HM-05, HM-06, HM-07, HM-08, HM-09 isBluetooth V2.1 version. Use CSR Chip.HM-10, HM-11, HM-12 is Bluetooth V4.0 BLE version. Use TI Chip.HM-16, HM-17 is Bluetooth V4.1 BLE version. Use CYPRESS Chip.HM-01, HM-09, HM-10, HM-12, HM-16 have same size and same pins.HM-06, HM-07, HM-11, HM-13, HM-17 have same size and same ----------Last Version V1052016-03-135

HM Bluetooth module datasheet3. Product modelModelsVDDSize(mm)FlashChipBT VersionHM-013.3V26.9*13*2.28MBC417143V2.1 .7V27.4*12.5*4.36MBC3/BC4V2.1HM-043.3VNot for 13*2.28MHM-102-3.7V26.9*13*2.2256KbCC2540/1V4.0 BLEHM-10C2-3.7V26.9*13*2.2256KbCC2540/1V4.0 BLEHM-112.5-3.7V13.5*18.5*2.2256KbCC2540/1V4.0 BLEHM-122.7 3.7V26.9*13*2.264KBCSRDual modeHM-12C2.7 3.7V26.9*13*2.264KBCSRDual modeHM-132.7 3.7V13.5*18.5*2.264KBCSRDual modeHM-142.7-3.7V13*1364KBCSRDual modeHM-155V65*32*16256KBCC2540V4.0 BLEHM-161.9-5.5V267*13*2.2128KBCYPRESSV4.1 BLEHM-171.9-5.5V13*18*2.2128KBCYPRESSV4.1 BLEV2.1 EDRClass 1V2.1 EDRV2.1 --------Last Version V1052016-03-136

HM Bluetooth module datasheet4. Product certificateProducts have FCC-ID, CE, RoHS. You can download certification or -----------------------Last Version V1052016-03-137

HM Bluetooth module datasheet5. Product picturesNot for saleHM-01HM-02HM-03HM-04HM-05BT 2.1BT 2.1BT 2.1BT 2.1BT 2.1HM-06HM-07HM-09HM-10HM-10CBT 2.1BT 2.1BT 2.1BLE 4.0BLE 4.0HM-11HM-12HM-12CHM-13HM-15 BLEBLE 4.0Dual modeDual modeDual modeUSB DongleBLE 4.2TestingComing soonHMSensoriBeaconHM-16HM-17HM-18/19BLE 4.0BLE 4.0BLE4.1BLE4.1BLE --------Last Version V1052016-03-138

HM Bluetooth module datasheet6. Product technical specificationsThis document only include Bluetooth BLE 4.1 document, You can download en.rar to get Bluetooth V2.1 versiondatasheet. That document include: HM-01, HM-02, HM-03, HM-04, HM-05,HM-06, HM-07, HM-08, HM-09.6.1 HM-16 Schematic6.2.1 HM-16 ---------Last Version V1052016-03-139

HM Bluetooth module datasheet6.3 HM-16 package information6.4 HM-16 Device Terminal FunctionsPin NO.NameDescriptionCYBL1UART TXUART interfacePIN202UART RXUART interfacePIN193UART CTSUART interfacePIN224UART RTSUART -------------------Last Version V1052016-03-1310

HM Bluetooth module NCNCNC10NCNCNC11RESETBReset if low NC21GNDGroundGround22GNDGroundGround23PIO0System KeyPIN4724PIO1System LEDPIN4825PIO2input/output pin.PIN4926PIO3input/output pinPIN5027PIO4input/output pinPIN5128PIO5input/output pinPIN5229PIO6input/output pinPIN5330PIO7input/output pinPIN5431PIO8input/output pinPIN532PIO9input/output pinPIN633PIO10input/output ------------Last Version V1052016-03-1311

HM Bluetooth module datasheet34PIO11input/output pinPIN86.5 HM-17 Schematic6.6 HM-17 Size6.7 HM-11 Package ----------------Last Version V1052016-03-1312

HM Bluetooth module datasheet6.8 HM-17 Device Terminal FunctionsNoNameDescriptionCYBL1UART RTSUART interfacePIN212UART TXUART interfacePIN203UART CTSUART interfacePIN224UART RXUART stem KEYPIN479VCCV3.3VCC10NCNC or VCC11RESETBReset if low 100msRESET12GNDGroundGround13PIO3input/output pinPIN514PIO2input/output ------------Last Version V1052016-03-1313

HM Bluetooth module datasheet15PIO1System LEDPIN716PIO0input/output pinPIN87. System functionHow to wake up module from sleep mode?Send “I am iron man, I am iron man, I am iron man I am iron .” string.Yes, that is a joke, in sleep mode, you can send a long string (Length 80or more), that string can made module wake up, and you will receive“OK WAKE” string through UART. That string can’t include any AT commands.After wake up module, you can send and receive AT commands.How to let module into sleep mode?In discoverable mode, send “AT SLEEP” string through UART, if all is okay,module will return “OK SLEEP” string then into sleep mode.System advert packetIn iOS cant get model MAC address directly. So we put MAC addressinformation into advert packet.You can use CBAdvertisementDataManufactureDataKey property to get it,string format like follow:0x48, 0x4D, 0xB4, 0x99, 0x4C, 0xXX, 0xXX, 0xXX0x48 and 0x4D is “HM” string.0xB4: 0x99: 0x4C: 0xXX: 0xXX: 0xXX is BLE MAC -------------Last Version V1052016-03-1314

HM Bluetooth module datasheetSystem KEY function (PIO0)Press if Low 1000ms:7.3.1. If Module has already connected to remote deviceModule will disconnect from remote device.7.3.3 If Module is standby mode (AT PIO0)Module will reset to default configuration. Then restart.System LED function (PIO1)If AT PIO10 is setupUnconnected status: Output High 500 ms, Low 500 msConnected status: Output HighIf AT PIO11 is setupUnconnected status: Output Low.Connected status: Output High.System work ModeA) Mode 0(Transmission mode):When not connected, through the AT command configuration module,connection, only for serial data transmission.B) Mode 1(Reserved).C) Mode 2(Remote control -----------Last Version V1052016-03-1315

HM Bluetooth module datasheetWhen not connected, through the AT command configuration module,connection, a) serial data transmission. b) Control of the PIO2 11 outputstate(HM-11 only PIO2,3).8 AT CommandsFactory default setting:Name: HMSoft; Baud: 9600, N, 8, 1; Peripheral Role; transmit mode.AT Command format:Uppercase AT command format. string format, without any othersymbol. (e.g. \r or \n).On Transmit version: Only accept AT Command from UART interface whenBluetooth device is not connected with remote device.On Remote control version: Can accept AT Command from UARTinterface when Bluetooth Device is not connected with remote device, Also canaccept AT Command from remote Bluetooth device when connected that.Bluetooth V2.1 version Command is not here, please download datasheetfrom en.rar1. Test ------------Last Version V1052016-03-1316

HM Bluetooth module datasheetSendReceiveParameterATOKNoneOK LOSTIf Module is not connected to remote device will receive: “OK”If Module has connected, module will disconnected from remote device, if “AT NOTI” is setup to 1, will receive: “OK LOST”2. Query module addressSendReceiveParameterAT ADDR?OK ADDR:MAC AddressNone3. Query/Set Advertising intervalSendReceiveParameterAT ADVI?OK Get:[P]NoneAT ADVI[P]OK Set:[P]P: 0 F0: 100ms1: 152.5 ms2: 211.25 ms3: 318.75 ms4: 417.5 ms5: 546.25 ms6: 760 ms7: 852.5 ms8: 1022.5 ms9: 1285 msA: 2000msB: 3000msC: 4000msD: 5000msE: 6000msF: -----------Last Version V1052016-03-1317

HM Bluetooth module datasheetDefault: 9Default: 0The maximum 1285ms recommendations form the IOS system. That is tosay, 1285ms is apple allowed, but in response to scan and connected all thetime will be long.4. Query/Set Advertising TypeSendReceiveParameterAT ADTY?OK Get:[P]NoneAT ADTY[P]OK Set:[P]P: 0 30: AdvertisingScanResponse,Connectable1: Only allow last deviceconnect in 1.28 seconds2: Only allow Advertisingand ScanResponse.3: Only allow AdvertisingDefault: 05. Query/Set Module pin output state, After connection is establishedSendReceiveParameterAT AFTC?OK Get:[P]NoneAT AFTC[P]OK Set:[P]P: 000 3FF (HM-16)P: 000 B00 (HM-17)Default: 0003FF 001111111111, Left to right side is map to PIO0 PIOB, For HM-16PIO0 and PIo1 is used by system. Only Pio2 PIOB pins is available. ForHM-17 only PIO0, PIO2, PIO3 pins is available.e.g. Set PIO2 PIOB all output high when connection is established.Send: AT ------------Last Version V1052016-03-1318

HM Bluetooth module datasheetRecv: OK Set:3FFWhen Bluetooth connection is established, module PIO2 PIOB will outputhigh.Note: Query PIO pins current state please use “AT PIO?” command.6. Query/Set Module pin output state, After power onSendReceiveParameterAT BEFC?OK Get:[P]P: 000 3FF (HM-16)AT BEFC[P]OK Set:[P]P: 000 B00 (HM-17)Default: 0003FF 001111111111, left to right side is map to PIO0 PIOB, For HM-16PIO0 and PIo1 is used by system. Only Pio2 PIOB pins is available. ForHM-17 only PIO0, PIO2, PIO3 pins is available.e.g. Set PIO2 PIOB all output high after power supplied.Send: AT BEFC3FFRecv:OK Set:3FFWhen next time power on, module PIO2 PIOB will output high.Note: Query PIO pins current state please use AT PIO? Command.7. Query/Set battery monitor switch (*)SendReceiveParameterAT BATC?OK Get:[Para]NoneAT BATC[Para]OK Set:[Para]Para: 0 10: Off1: OnDefault: 0*Doesn’t support yet8. Query battery information(*)SendReceiveParameterAT BATT?OK BATT:[Para]Para: 000 100*Doesn’t support --------Last Version V1052016-03-1319

HM Bluetooth module datasheetThere has three ways to get battery information:a. Before establishing a connection, Send “AT BATT?” through UART.b. After established a connection, In Mode 1 or 2, remote side send“AT BATT?”Battery information has included in scan response data package, one hourupdate once. You can use Android or IOS discovery module, when module hasbeen discovered, you can get it from scan result array.Data format is 0x02, 0x16, 0x00, 0xB0, [FLAG], [temperature], [ humidity],[battery].Android:Included in OnLeScan function result array, you can see it direct.private BluetoothAdapter.LeScanCallback mLeScanCallback new BluetoothAdapter.LeScanCallback() {@Overridepublic void onLeScan(final BluetoothDevice device, int rssi,byte[] scanRecord) {. Other code .String sBatt ""; //BatteryString sTemp ""; //TemperatureString sHumi ""; //Humidityfor(int i 0; i scanRecord.length; i ){if(i 7 scanRecord.length){//Since V522if(scanRecord[i] 0x07 && scanRecord[i 1] 0x16&& scanRecord[I 2] 0x00 && scanRecord[I 3] 0xB0){if(scanRecord[i 7] 0)sBatt String.valueOf(scanRecord[i 7]);if(scanRecord[i 5] -------Last Version V1052016-03-1320

HM Bluetooth module datasheetsTemp String.valueOf(scanRecord[i 5]);if(scanRecord[i 6] 0)sHumi String.valueOf(scanRecord[i 6]);}}}. Other code .}};iOS:c. Included in LeScan function result NSDictionary struct, service id is0xB000.9. Query/Set baud rateSendReceiveParameterAT BAUD?OK Get:[P]P: Baud rate No.AT BAUD[P]OK ------24007---------12008---------230400Default: 0(9600)e.g.Query ----------Last Version V1052016-03-1321

HM Bluetooth module datasheetSend:AT BAUD?Receive: OK Get:0Setup baud:Send:AT BAUD1Receive: OK Set:1Note: If setup to Value 7, After next power on, module will not support anyAT Commands, until PIO0 is pressed, Module will change Baud to 9600.10. Query/Set CharacteristicSendReceiveParameterAT CHAR?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0x0001 0xFFFEAT CHAR[para1]OK Set:[para1]Default: 0xFFE1e.g. change characteristic value to 0xABCDSend: AT CHAR0xABCDRecv: OK Set:0xABCD11. Query/Set Minimum Link Layer connection intervalSendReceiveParameterAT COMI?OK Get:[P1]P1: 0 9AT COMI[P1]OK Set:[P1]Default: 0(7.5ms)P1 Value: 0: 7.5ms; 1: 10ms; 2: 15ms; 3: 20ms; 4: 25ms; 5: 30ms; 6: 35ms; 7:40ms; 8: 45ms; 9: 4000ms12. Query/Set Maximum Link Layer connection intervalSendReceiveParameterAT COMA?OK Get:[P1]P1: 0 9AT COMA[P1]OK Set:[P1]Default: 3(20ms)P1 Value: 0: 7.5ms; 1: 10ms; 2: 15ms; 3: 20ms; 4: 25ms; 5: 30ms; 6: 35ms; 7:40ms; 8: 45ms; 9: 4000ms13. Query/Set Link Layer connection slave latencySendReceiveAT COLA?OK Get:[P1]ParameterP1: 0 ------Last Version V1052016-03-1322

HM Bluetooth module datasheetAT COLA[P1]OK Set:[P1]Default: 014. Query/Set Maximum Link Layer connection intervalSendReceiveAT COSU?OK Get:[P1]P1: 0 6AT COSU[P1]OK Set:[P1]Default: 6(6000ms)P1 Value:Parameter0: 100ms; 1: 1000ms; 2: 2000ms; 3: 3000ms; 4: 4000ms; 5:5000ms; 6: 6000ms;15. Clear Last Connected device addressSendReceiveParameterAT CLEAROK CLEARNone16. Try connect to last succeeded deviceSendReceiveAT CONNLOK CONN[Para1]ParameterPara1: L, E, F, NL: ConnectingE: Connect errorF: Connect FailN: No AddressNotice: This command is used for central role. Must set up AT IMME1 andAT ROLE1 first.If remote device has already connected to other device or shutdown,“OK CONNF” will received after about 10 seconds.17. Try to connect a address array index after AT DISC?SendReceiveAT CONN[P1]OK CONN[P2]ParameterP1: 0 5P2:A: ConnectingE: Connect errorF: Connect FailNotice: Only Central role is used. Must set up AT IMME1 and AT ----------Last Version V1052016-03-1323

HM Bluetooth module datasheetfirst.If remote device has already connected to other device or shutdown,“OK CONNF” will receive after about 10 seconds.18. Try to connect an addressSendReceiveAT CO[P0][P1]OK CO[P0][P0][P2]ParameterP0: N, 1N: Normal Address1: Dual module AddrP1: AddressLike: 0017EA090909P2: A, E, FA: ConnectingE: Connect errorF: Connect FailNotice: Only central role is used. Must set up AT IMME1 and AT ROLE1first.If remote device has already connected to other device or shut down,“OK CONNF” will received after about 10 Seconds.e.g.Try to connect an device which MAC address is 00:17:EA:09:09:09Send: AT CON0017EA090909May receive a reply:OK CONNA Accept request, connectingOK CONNE Connect errorOK CONN Connected, if AT NOTI1 is setupOK CONNF Connect Failed, After 10 seconds19. Start a device discovery scanSendReceiveAT DISC?OK DIS[P0][P1]ParameterP0: C, 0, 1, ------Last Version V1052016-03-1324

HM Bluetooth module datasheetC: Common string0 2: Address typeP1: S, E, [MAC String]S: Start discoveryE: End discoveryMAC String :Device MAC stringPlease set AT ROLE1 and AT IMME1 first.e.g.Send: AT DISC?Recv: OK DISCSRecv: OK DIS[P0]:123456789012 (discovered device address information)If AT SHOW1 is setup, you will receive then Name information as followRecv: OK NAME: xxxAfter send Name value, will send two extra “\r\n” value ASCII byteRecv: OK DIS[P0]:234567890123Recv: OK NAME: xxxAfter send Name value, will send two extra “\r\n” value ASCII byte .(Before V535 max results is 6, Since V535 not limit)Recv: OK DISCEConnect use array index:Connect to a discovered device: AT CONN0, AT CONN1 AT CONN5Connect use MAC string: AT CON[MAC String]20. Start a iBeacon device discovery scanSendAT DISI?ReceiveParameterOK DISC[P0:P1:P2:P3:P4] P0: Factory IDP1: iBeacon UUIDP2: Major ValueMinor ----------Last Version V1052016-03-1325

HM Bluetooth module datasheetMeasured PowerP3: MACP4: RSSIPlease set AT ROLE1 and AT IMME1 first.e.g.Send: AT DISC?Recv: OK DISCS (Scan start)Recv: OK DIS[P0:P1:P2:P3:P4] (if have one device)Recv: OK DIS[P0:P1:P2:P3] (if have two devices) .Recv: OK DISCE (Scan end)P0 length is 8; P1 length is 32; P2 length is 10; P3 length is 12, P4 length is 4P2 include Major Value (length 4);Minor Value (length 4);Measured Power (length 2)If the device not enable iBeacon function, P0, P1, P2 will use ‘0’ fill.Note: Added since V53921. Set advertising data FLAG byteSendReceiveAT FLAG[P1]OK Set:[P1]ParameterP1: 0 FF (one byte)Note: This command added in V530. Please ref to AT BATT? Command.22. Query/Set flow control switch (%)SendReceiveParameterAT FIOW?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT FIOW[para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Off1: OnDefault: 0* Doesn’t support yet23. Query/Set module TX ---------Last Version V1052016-03-1326

HM Bluetooth module datasheetSendReceiveParameterAT GAIT?OK Get:[P1]P1: 0, 1AT GAIT[P1]OK Set:[P1]0: No TX gain1: High TX gainDefault: 024. Query/Set module RX gainSendReceiveParameterAT GAIN?OK Get:[P1]P1: 0, 1AT GAIN[P1]OK Set:[P1]0: No RX gain1: Open RX gainDefault: 025. System Help InformationSendReceiveParameterAT HELP?Help InformationNone26. Query/Set Module work typeSendReceiveParameterAT IMME?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT IMME[para1]OK Set:[para1]1: When module is poweredon, only respond the ATCommand, don’t do anything.Until AT START, AT CON,AT CONNLcommandsisreceived.0: When power on, modulewill start work immediatelyDefault: 0This command is only used for Central role.27. Query/Set Module iBeacon -------------------------------Last Version V1052016-03-1327

HM Bluetooth module datasheetAT IBEA?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT IBEA[para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Turn off iBeacon1: Turn on iBeaconDefault: 0iBeacon UUID is: 74278BDA-B644-4520-8F0C-720EAF059935.This command is added since V517 version.28. Query/Set iBeacon UUIDSendReceiveParameterAT IBE0?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 00000001 AT IBE0[para1]OK Set:[para1]FFFFFFFEDefault: 74278BDAiBeacon UUID is: 74278BDA-B644-4520-8F0C-720EAF059935.This command can change red color string in iBeacon UUID.This command is added since V520 version.e.g.: Send: AT IBE012345678 change iBeacon UUID red color string to“12345678”29. Query/Set iBeacon UUIDSendReceiveParameterAT IBE1?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 00000001 AT IBE1[para1]OK Set:[para1]FFFFFFFEDefault: B6444520iBeacon UUID is: 74278BDA-B644-4520-8F0C-720EAF059935.This command can change red color string in iBeacon UUID.This command is added since V520 version.e.g.: Send: AT IBE112345678 change iBeacon UUID red color string to“12345678”30. Query/Set iBeacon UUIDSendReceiveAT IBE2?OK Get:[para1]ParameterPara1: 00000001 -----Last Version V1052016-03-1328

HM Bluetooth module datasheetAT IBE2[para1]OK Set:[para1]FFFFFFFEDefault: 8F0C720EiBeacon UUID is: 74278BDA-B644-4520-8F0C-720EAF059935.This command can change red color string in iBeacon UUID.This command is added since V520 version.e.g.: Send: AT IBE112345678 change iBeacon UUID red color string to“12345678”31. Query/Set iBeacon UUIDSendReceiveParameterAT IBE3?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 00000001 AT IBE3[para1]OK Set:[para1]FFFFFFFEDefault: AF059935iBeacon UUID is: 74278BDA-B644-4520-8F0C-720EAF059935.This command can change red color string in iBeacon UUID.This command is added since V520 version.e.g.: Send: AT IBE112345678 change iBeacon UUID red color string to“12345678”32. Query/Set Module iBeacon Marjor versionSendReceiveParameterAT MARJ?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0x0001, 0xFFFEAT MARJ[para1]OK Set:[para1]Default: 0xFFE0E.g. Change marjor version to 0x0102Send: AT MARJ0x0102, if all is okay, module will send back OK Set:0x0102This command is added since V517 version.33. Query/Set Module iBeacon minorSendReceiveParameterAT MINO?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0x0001, 0xFFFEAT MINO[para1]OK Set:[para1]Default: -----------Last Version V1052016-03-1329

HM Bluetooth module datasheetThis command is added since V517 version.34. Query/Set Module iBeacon Measured powerSendReceiveParameterAT MEAS?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0x01 0xFFAT MEAS[para1]OK Set:[para1]Default: 0xC5This command is added since V519 version.35. Query/Set Module Work ModeSendReceiveParameterAT MODE?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1, 2AT MODE[para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Transmission Mode1: Reserved2: Remote Control Mode Mode 0Default: 0Mode 0:Before establishing a connection, you can use the AT commandconfiguration module through UART.After established a connection, you can send data to remote side fromeach other.Mode 2:Before establishing a connection, you can use the AT commandconfiguration module through UART.After established a connection, you can send data to remote side. Remoteside can do fellows:Send AT command configuration module.Remote control PIO2 to PIO11 pins output state of HM-10.Remote control PIO2, PIO3 pins output state of HM-11.Send data to module UART port (not include any AT command and perpackage must less than 20 ------------Last Version V1052016-03-1330

HM Bluetooth module datasheet36. Query/Set Notify informationSendReceiveParameterAT NOTI?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT NOTI[para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Don’t Notify1: NotifyDefault: 0If this value is set to 1, when link ESTABLISHED or LOSTED module willsend OK CONN or OK LOST string through UART.37. Query/Set notify modeSendReceiveParameterQ: AT NOTP?OK Get[P1]P1: 0, 1; default: 0S: AT NOTP[P1]OK Set[P1]0: without address1: with addressThis command must work with “AT NOTI1”, if this switch is open, whenthe module connect to disconnect, the prompt string will include the remoteaddress.OK CONN:001122334455 String “001122334455” is the MAC addressstring38. Query/Set Module nameSendReceiveParameterAT NAME?OK NAME[para1]Para1: module name,AT NAME[para1]OK Set[para1]Max length is 13.Default: HMSofte.g.change module name to bill gatesSend:AT NAMEbill gatesReceive: OK SetName:bill gates39. Query/Set Parity ----------------------------Last Version V1052016-03-1331

HM Bluetooth module datasheetQuery: AT PARI?OK Get:[para1]Set: AT PARI[para1]OK Set:[para1]NonePara1: 0,1,20:None1:EVEN2:ODDDefault: 0 (None)40. Query/Set PIO1 output status (System LED)SendReceiveParameterAT PIO1?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT PIO1 [para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Unconnected Output500ms High 500ms Low,Connected output High.1: Unconnected outputLow, Connected outputHigh.Default: 041. Query/Set PIO pins output high or low (Only this time, when module nextpower on, this value is not be used)SendReceiveParameterAT PIO[para1]?OK PIO:[para1][para2]Para1: 2 B, ?AT PIO[para1][para2]OK PIO:[para1][para2]Para2: 0, 1, ?HM-11 only has 4 pins.Para1 is which PIO pinyou want to Query/SetValue:2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B.Para2 is Query or setupvalue.“0” is low and “1” is ---------Last Version V1052016-03-1332

HM Bluetooth module datasheetand “?” is querye.g.Query PIO2Send: AT PIO2?Setup PIO2 output highSend:AT PIO21Receive: OK PIO21HM-16 HMSensor version: para1 value is 2 AHM-16 HMSoft version: para1 value is 2 BHM-17 HMSensor version: para1 value is 2HM-17 HMSoft version: para1 value is 2, 342. Query/Set Pin CodeSendReceiveParameterAT PASS?OK Get:[para1]Para1isPinAT PASS[para1]OK Set:[para1]000000 999999Code,Default: 000000e.g.Query Pin CodeSend:AT PIN?Receive:OK PIN:000000Setup Pin Code 008888Send:AT PIN008888Receive:OK Set:00888843. Query/Set Module sleep typeSendReceiveParameterAT PWRM?OK Get:[P]NoneAT PWRM[P]OK Set:[P]P: 0 10:Auto sleep1:Doesn’t auto ----------Last Version V1052016-03-1333

HM Bluetooth module datasheetDefault: 1Only support peripheral role.44. Query/Set Module PowerSendReceiveParameterAT POWE?OK Get:[para1]NoneAT POWE [para1]OK Set:[para1]Para: 0 m7:3dbmDefault: 645. Query/Set reliable advertising modeSendReceiveParameterAT RELI?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT RELI[para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Normal advertising1: Reliable advertisingDefault: 046. Restore all setup value to factory setupSendReceiveParameterAT RENEWOK RENEWNoneSendReceiveParameterAT RESETOK RESETNone47. Restart module48. Query/Set Master and Slaver -----------------------------Last Version V1052016-03-1334

HM Bluetooth module datasheetAT ROLE?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0, 1AT ROLE[para1]OK Set:[para1]0: Peripheral1: CentralDefault: 049. Query RSSI ValueSendReceiveParameterAT RSSI?OK RSSI:[para1]NoneRequire: AT MODE value 0This command only used by Remote device query when connected.50. Query Last Connected Device AddressSendReceiveParameterAT RADD?OK RADD:MAC AddressNone51. Query/Set BLE talk methodSendReceiveParameterAT RESP?OK Get:[para1]NoneAT RESP[para1]OK Set:[para1]Para1: 0, 1, 20: Writewithoutresponse1: Writewithresponse2: Both 0 and 1Default: 052. Query/Set PIO0 function (System KEY)SendReceiveParameterAT SYSK?OK Get:[P]Para1: 0, 1AT SYSK[P]OK Set:[P]0: Only cancel operate,1:Whenmoduleisstandby, restore factorysetting.Default: 153. Query/Set Stop --------Last Version V1052016-03-1335

HM Bluetooth module datasheetSendReceiveParameterAT STOP?OK Get:[para1]NoneAT STOP[para1]OK Set:[para1]Para1:0, 10: One stop bit1: Two stop bitDefault: 0 (One stop bit)54. Set Module into sleep modeSendReceiveParameterAT SLEEPOK SLEEPNoneSendReceiveParameterAT STARTOK STARTNoneOnly support Peripheral role.55. Work immediatelyThis command is only used when AT IMME1 is setup.56. Query/Set Module scan timeSendReceiveParameterAT SCAN?OK Get:[para1]NoneAT SCAN[para1]OK Set:[para1]Para1: 1 51: 1 Second2: 2 Seconds3: 3 Seconds4: 4 Seconds5: 5 SecondsDefault: 3This parameter is used for AT DISC or AT DISC57. Query/Set Module save connected address parameterSendReceiveParameterAT SAVE?OK Get:[para1]NoneAT SAVE[para1]OK Set:[para1]Para1: 0 ------Last Version V1052016-03-1336

HM Bluetooth module datasheet0:Save when connected1:Don’t SaveDefault: 058. Query/Set discovery parameterSendReceiveParameterAT SHOW?OK Get:[para1]NoneAT SHOW[para1]OK Set:[para1]Para1: 0 10:Don’t show name1:Show nameDefault: 0If AT SHOW1 is setup, AT DISC? Command will show you nameinformation included into scan result package.59. Query/Set service UUIDSendReceiveParameterAT UUID?OK Get:[para1]Para1: 0x0001 0xFFFEAT UUID[para1]OK Set:[para1]Default: 0xFFE0e.g. Change UUID value to 0xAAAASend: AT UUID0xAAAARecv: OK Set:0xAAAA60. Query Software VersionSendReceiveParameterAT VERR?Version InformationNoneAT ----------Last Version V1052016-03-1337

HM Bluetooth module datasheetResource:Bluetooth Module 2.1 datasheet: en.zipBluetooth Module 4.0 datasheet: en.zipBluetooth Module 4.0 USB Dongle en.zipBluetooth 2.1 Com Assistant for luetooth 4.0 Com Assistant for android uetooth 4.0 IOS Code: -------------Last Version V1052016-03-1338

HM-05 BT 2.1 HM-06 BT 2.1 HM-07 BT 2.1 HM-09 BT 2.1 HM-10 BLE 4.0 HM-10C BLE 4.0 HM-11 BLE 4.0 HM-12 Dual mode HM-12C Dual mode HM-13 Dual mode HM-15 BLE USB Dongle . That string can’t include any AT commands. After wake up module, you can send and receive AT commands. How to let m

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Using your Bluetooth headset with the Logitech wireless hub 2 Start the Bluetooth Setup Wizard in one of three ways: Press the Connect button on your Bluetooth wireless hub.-or- Right-click the Bluetooth icon, , in the Windows taskbar and select Add a Bluetooth Device from the menu displayed.-or- Select Add a Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth Tasks panel in the My Bluetooth

Targus USB Ultra-Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter with EDR Basic Operations Start or Stop Bluetooth (for Windows 2000/ XP only) To start Bluetooth In the Windows system tray, right-click the Bluetooth icon and select Start the Bluetooth Device.The Bluetooth icon is blue in color with a white insert when the Bluetooth software is running. To stop Bluetooth

Teacher’s Book B LEVEL - English in school 6 Contents Prologue 8 Test paper answers 10 Practice Test 1 11 Module 1 11 Module 2 12 Module 3 15 Practice Test 2 16 Module 1 16 Module 2 17 Module 3 20 Practice Test 3 21 Module 1 21 Module 2 22 Module 3 25 Practice Test 4 26 Module 1 26 Module 2 27 Module 3 30 Practice Test 5 31 Module 1 31 Module .

Bluetooth Hands-Free Bluetooth Hands-Free When connecting a Bluetooth device (mobile phone) to the vehicle's Bluetooth unit via radio wave transmission, calls can be made or received. For example, even if a Bluetooth device is in your coat pocket, a call can be made without taking the Bluetooth device out and operating it directly.

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Preliminary Specification Number: SP-ZSTN-C P. 4/34 z Module Features y Murata LBEE5ZSTNC module integrates WLAN and Bluetooth functions. y WLAN: IEEE 802.11 b, g, n compliant. y Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 4.0 with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Power Class 1.5. y Typical WLA

Settings Bluetooth Bluetooth OPPO R9s huawei Avantree HS134 Connected Bose Bluetooth Audio. Not Connected Now discoverable as “iPhone(2)” MY DEVICES OTHER DEVICES To pair an Apple Watch with your iPhone, go to the Watch app. 4:30 4G Settings Bluetooth Bluetooth OPPO R9s huawei Avantree HS134 Not Connected Bose Bluetooth Audio. Not Connected