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SAFETY WARNINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6TYPES OF CLEANING . . . . . . . . . . . . 8QUICK FIELD CLEANING . . . . . . . . . 10A FULL CLEAN (LONG GUNS) . . . . . 14A FULL CLEAN (HANDGUNS) . . . . . . 18BLACK POWDER CLEANING . . . . . . 22KITS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25ESSENTIALS CHECKLIST . . . . . . . . 28GUN STORAGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30CONTENTS23

ADVANCINGGUN CAREFOR MORE THAN100 YEARS.A worldwide favorite since 1903, Hoppe’s No. 9 remains the mostwidely used remover of powder, lead, metal fouling and rust.4Anyone who picks up a firearm eventually picks upa bottle of Hoppe’s No. 9. Its revolutionary formulawas inspired by one soldier, Frank August Hoppe,who, with nine chemicals, made sure his rifle wouldalways perform its best. Since 1903, generationsof hunters, shooters and those who defend ournation have trusted Hoppe’s innovation to keep theirfirearms in top working order. Our gun-care expertscontinue to pioneer new, more effective ways toclean and maintain firearms. From the quick andeasy BoreSnake, to the marvel of efficiency we callGun Medic, Hoppe’s is the only name you need toknow for firearm cleaning and protection.5

SAFETY WARNINGSGUN CLEANINGAND SAFETY.SAFETY WARNINGSWhile gun cleaning and care are essential to keepingyour firearm in good working order, learning andpracticing the rules of safe gun handling is the toppriority for all gun owners. Firearm safety applies atall times, including when cleaning your gun.RULE NO. 1ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.This means pointed away from anything you don’t intend toshoot. This ensures that even if your gun were to accidentallydischarge, no one would be injured.RULE NO. 2UNLOAD IT. Before cleaning any firearm, and anytime youpick one up, make sure it’s unloaded. Always assume a gunis loaded until you’ve checked to make sure that it’s not.To do this, open the action and visually inspect the chamber.RULE NO. 3KEEP AMMUNITION STOWED. Ammunition shouldnever be present when cleaning a firearm. Keepingammunition away while cleaning eliminates any possibilityof accidental discharge.RULE NO. 4ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FINGER OFF THE TRIGGERUNTIL READY TO SHOOT.RULE NO. 5ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GUN UNLOADED UNTILREADY TO USE. Do not store a firearm loaded. If you usea firearm for home protection, store it so that it’s notaccessible to unauthorized persons.For a full list of the Ten Rules of Safe Gun Handling,visit

TYPES OF CLEANINGWHY IS IT IMPORTANTTO CLEAN YOURFIREARM EVERY TIME?TYPES OF CLEANINGCarbon fouling, metal buildup and moisture are threeenemies that can compromise your firearm’s accuracyand function. Whether on the range, in the field, or in apersonal defense situation, it’s critical that your firearmperform reliably when you need it to.QUICK CLEAN OVERVIEWBLACK POWDER CLEANINGA quick clean – also called field cleaning – can be performedin just a few minutes. The objective is to remove any powderor metal fouling from the bore. This can be done virtuallyanywhere with little or no disassembly.Black powder or muzzleloding firearms require much morefrequent cleaning. Because chemicals used in black powderare extremely corrosive, it’s recommended to clean the boreperiodically during the shooting session. Hoppe’s No. 9Black Powder Cleaner & Patch Lubricant and MoistureDisplacement Lubricant are specially formulated for cleaningblack powder firearms.With every shot fired, traces of spent powder and metal fromthe bullet are deposited inside the barrel. Over time thisresidue will begin to affect your firearm’s accuracy.During extended shooting sessions, it’s a good idea to stopoccasionally to clear the bore of any buildup. Be sure to giveyour gun a more thorough “full cleaning” later at home.FULL CLEAN OVERVIEWREMOVING COPPER FOULINGOver time, copper-jacketed bullets leave traces of copperembedded in the lands and grooves of the bore’s rifling.Hoppe’s No. 9 Copper Cleaner easily removescopper residue with a nylon bore brush.A full cleaning involves clearing the bore of any fouling andremoving residue and moisture that accumulates on theinternal parts of the firearm. It’ll require some disassemblyand is usually performed at home after your shooting session.Each time a gun is fired, small amounts of powder and metaladhere to the barrel. Traces of carbon are also blown backinto the action of the firearm. This residue combines withlubricants on working surfaces and forms a sludge that canaffect your firearm’s function.Full cleaning is called for at home after many rounds havebeen fired. Also, if the gun has been stored for a while it’sa good idea to give it a thorough cleaning to remove anymoisture that could damage your firearm over time.Consult the owner’s manual for your gun on how to properlydisassemble it for a full cleaning.8With this powerful gun bore cleaner,copper fouling can be cleaned from thebore overnight, instead of the standardthree to four days it takes with others.One squirt effortlessly dissolvescopper and powder residue.Its superior cleaning formuladoes the work for you.9

QUICK FIELD CLEANINGQUICK FIELD CLEANINGGIVE YOUR GUNA QUICK CLEAN.HOPPE’S INNOVATION GETS THE JOBDONE FASTER. It’s important to give your gunSTEP 1. Apply a small amount of Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleanerto the head of the BoreSnake, just ahead of the bronze bristles.a quick clean after every shooting session. Followthese simple steps for a quick cleaning in the field.IMPORTANT: Unload your gun and remove the magazineif it has one. Always check to make sure your gun isunloaded every time you pick it up. Open the action andcheck to make sure the chamber is empty. Also, store anyammunition away from the gun-cleaning area.STEP 2. Apply a few drops of Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oilto the Boresnake’s tail.FINISH THE JOBWhen you’re done cleaningthe bore, apply a few dropsof No. 9 Lubricating Oil to aclean, microfiber cloth andwipe down all exterior metal.This will remove any tracesof salt from your skin thatcould cause corrosion.10See page 12for BoreSnakehead, tail andeverything inbetween.STEP 3. Drop the BoreSnake’s brass weight through theopened action and down the bore pulling it through until itcomes out of the muzzle. Congratulations. The bore is nowcompletely cleaned and protected from the harmful effectsof carbon buildup, metal fouling and moisture.11

QUICK FIELD CLEANINGQUICK FIELD CLEANINGTHE ANATOMY OFA BORESNAKE.It’s the fastest bore-cleaning system on the planet. UseBoreSnake with Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaner and Hoppe’sLubricating Oil to clean, brush and swab in three simplesteps. Available in all popular calibers.1.2.3. DONE! KITCleaning a firearm has never been faster or easier. Hoppe’snew 1.2.3. Done! cleaning kits contain everything you need toclean and protect your firearm in three simplesteps. Available in all popularcalibers, each kit comes with:– Hoppe’s BoreSnake– Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaner– Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating OilTAIL160 times more surfacearea than a patch, cleanslike no other product.Apply Lubricating Oil here.GUN MEDICGun Medic instantly resuscitates the dirtiest firearms frommalfunctions caused by buildup of gunpowder, lubricant andgrime. One spray dissolves carbon and residueand leaves a light coating of lubricant.– No disassembly required– Spray directly into the action– Cleans and lubes in 60 secondsBORE BRUSHEmbedded in the cord andloosens hard deposits.WEIGHTED CORDSlips easily through the barrel. Grasp andpull cleaning cord through the bore. Caliberor gauge is stamped into the brass weight.HEADRemoves foreignparticles priorto the scrubbingaction of the brush.TRIPLE THREAT CLOTHCleans, shines and neutralizesodors. This specially treated clothprotects all exposed gun surfaces.NOTE: BoreSnake for a 20-gauge shotgun. Mop head sizes vary based on caliber size.1213

FULL CLEAN (LONG GUNS)FULL CLEAN (LONG GUNS)GIVING LONG GUNSA FULL CLEAN.COMPLETELY REMOVE FOULING, GREASE,GRIME AND MOISTURE FROM YOUR RIFLESome disassembly will be required. Consult your firearmowner’s manual for details on how to break your particulargun down into its major part groups.OR SHOTGUN. A full clean removes any carbonfouling and buildup that could hinder the accuracyand operation of the firearm. You’ll need Hoppe’sNo. 9 Bore Cleaner, a bore brush, hand-heldbronze brush, Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil,a cleaning rod, patch holder and patches, anda cleaning cloth. Additionally, gun picks, swabsand specially treated cloths and patches makethe job even simpler and quicker.IMPORTANT: Unload your gun and remove the magazineif it has one. Always check to make sure your gun isunloaded every time you pick it up. Open the action andcheck to make sure the chamber is empty. Also, store anyammunition away from the gun-cleaning area.Working in a well-ventilated area, attach a bore brush to thecleaning rod and apply Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner. Run itthrough the barrel completely, then pull it back out again. Repeatthree or four times to dislodge any powder and metal fouling.FINISH THE JOBWhen you’re done cleaning the bore, apply afew drops of No. 9 Lubricating Oil to a clean,microfiber cloth and wipe down all exteriormetal. This will remove any traces of saltfrom your skin that could cause corrosion.14Remove the bore brush and attach a slotted patch holder. Inserta patch, apply bore cleaner and, starting at the breech end, pushit through the bore one time. Do not pull it back through, as thiswill only redeposit debris that was removed. Replace the patchand repeat until the final patch comes out clean.15

FULL CLEAN (LONG GUNS)FULL CLEAN (LONG GUNS)SERIOUS CLEANING POWER FOR YOU.LONGER LIFE FOR YOUR GUN.BRONZE BORE BRUSH. Use a bronzebore brush dipped in bore cleaner tosafely remove powder and metal depositsin the bore. Made for blued surfaces:actions, receivers and barrels.With a clean patch in place, apply a few drops of Hoppe’s No. 9Lubricating Oil and run it through the bore one final time. Thebore is now clean and ready for more rounds at the range.NYLON BORE BRUSH. Use for delicateparts and wood. Ideal for cleaningcheckering and other carved areas.TORNADO BORE BRUSH. Designedfor aggressive cleaning of all nonbluedmetal surfaces.CLEANING JAG. Center a cleaningpatch on jag for even, 360 contactwith bore surfaces.SLOTTED PATCH HOLDER. A popularalternative to a cleaning jag, the slottedend makes patch application easy.With the bore clean and properly lubricated, apply Hoppe’sNo. 9 Bore Cleaner to a hand-held bronze brush and thoroughlyscrub down the bolt and all internal surfaces. Take your timeand let the bristles work the cleaner into hard-to-reach places.TREATED PATCHES. These speciallytreated patches have a blend of oils toclean, lubricate and protect your firearm.CLEANING RODS. From beginnersto professional competitive shooters,there’s a Hoppe’s cleaning rod for everyfirearm and budget.CLEANING BRUSHES. This trio ofhand-held cleaning power comes witha Stainless Steel Brush for nonbluedsurfaces, Phosphor Bronze Brushfor blued metals, and nylon Brush fordelicate parts and wood surfaces.CLEANING PICKS. Non-scratch guncleaning picks make removing grease,buildup and gunk from hard-to-reachareas easier than ever.Thoroughly wipe down each part with a microfiber cloth.Carefully inspect all surfaces as you go for any remainingcarbon buildup. If necessary, reapply cleaner and scrub untilall surfaces are spotless.16CLEANING SWABS. They’re toughon residue, ideal for quick, thoroughcleanup of hard-to-reach areas.17

FULL CLEAN (HANDGUNS)FULL CLEAN (HANDGUNS)GIVING HANDGUNSA FULL CLEAN.There are two principal types of handguns –semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. After anextended shooting session, give yours a full cleaningto maintain accuracy and insure proper function.Apply Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner to a bore brush and run itthrough the barrel until it comes out of the opposite end. Repeatthis process three or four times, reapplying cleaner as needed.IMPORTANT: Unload your gun and remove the magazineif it has one. Always check to make sure your gun isunloaded every time you pick it up. Open the action andcheck to make sure the chamber is empty. Also, store anyammunition away from the gun-cleaning area.SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOLSMost semi-auto pistols are designed to break down into theirmajor part groups. Your owner’s manual will show you how.Dip a bronze brush in cleaner and scrub each part thoroughly.Take your time and work the bristles into hard-to-reachareas, reapplying cleaner as needed. Also clean the insideof the magazine well and dry off with a cloth. Avoid gettingcleaner on the grips.FINISH THE JOBWhen you’re done cleaning the bore, apply afew drops of No. 9 Lubricating Oil to a clean,microfiber cloth and wipe down all exteriormetal. This will remove any traces of saltfrom your skin that could cause corrosion.18Inspect each part to make sure surfaces are spotless. Continuescrubbing with cleaner as needed until there are no deposits onany surfaces. Wipe down all parts with a clean, dry cloth. Applya few drops of oil to a fresh cloth and polish all parts, wiping offany excess lubricant.19

FULL CLEAN (HANDGUNS)FULL CLEAN (HANDGUNS)REVOLVERSPull the cylinder retention pin and push the cylinder to oneside. For single-action revolvers, the cylinder and pin comeout entirely.20Apply Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner to a bore brush. Startingat the muzzle, run it through the barrel until it comes out theback side. Run it back out, and through again three or fourtimes reapplying cleaner as needed.Use a bronze brush dipped in cleaner to scrub the back of thebarrel, rear cylinder opening, cylinder faces and inner frame.Also scrub the extractor rod, the hammer face and landing.Follow the same procedure with each chamber of the cylinder.Next, attach the patch holder to the cleaning rod, applycleaner and run it through the bore. Repeat until patchesemerge clean. Run a dry patch through, apply a few drops oflubricating oil and make one final pass. Repeat the same stepfor the cylinder.Finally, apply a few drops of lubricating oil to a cloth andpolish all exterior metal. Switch to a Hoppe’s Triple ThreatCloth and polish metal to a high luster.21

BLACK POWDER CLEANINGBLACK POWDER CLEANINGBLACK POWDERCLEANUP.Unlike modern smokeless gunpowder, black powder –the original muzzleloader propellant – is somewhatcorrosive and leaves heavy deposits in the boreafter each firing. That’s why it’s recommended toclean the bore every few rounds.In addition to black powder, a number of alternativepropellants are available. While these easy-to-loadpellets are very convenient, they are highly corrosiveand require more frequent cleanup than traditionalblack powder.NOTE: Always use a nylon bore brush of the appropriatecaliber when using copper removing cleaner, as it willdissolve bronze brushes.After two or three shots, apply Hoppe’s No. 9 Black PowderCleaner & Patch Lubricant to a bronze brush and run it downthe bore and back.Replace the brush with a cleaning jag and run a series ofpatches through the bore until they come out clean. The boreis now cleaned, lubed and protected from corrosion.TRADITIONAL MUZZLELOADERSIn most traditional muzzleloaders, the flash channel is offsetto one side, and the barrel and chamber are usually one piece.This means cleaning must be done with no disassembly andthrough the muzzle only.FINISH THE JOB. Wipe down the muzzleloader’smetal surfaces with a clean cloth. Switch to a Hoppe’sTriple Threat Cloth and polish metal to a high luster.22Once you are finished shooting for the day, it’s a good ideato clean the flash channel. Use a hand-held bronze brushdipped in the bore cleaner to clean and scrub the nipple andhammer, or in the case of a flintlock, the frizzen and pan, andsurrounding areas.23

BLACK POWDER CLEANINGMODERN INLINE MUZZLELOADERSMost inline muzzleloaders can be disassembled for quick,easy cleanup between shots. Along with the same muzzlecleaning steps above, you may occasionally remove thebreech plug to thoroughly clean the flash channel. This makescleaning the bore much easier when done at the same time.NOTE: Follow steps outlined in the owner’s manual forremoval, cleaning and reassembly. Anti-seize threadcoatings are recommended.KITSNO MATTER YOURSHOOTING ASPIRATIONS,HOPPE’S HAS THETOOLS FOR THE JOB.From the essentials needed to clean the bore inseconds, to the most advanced cleanup for multiplecalibers, Hoppe’s makes the kit to match the job.Though we make hundreds of cleaning tools,supplies and kits, here are four all-time favoritesthat cover a broad range of gun care needs.HOPPE’S RANGE KIT with Cleaning MatCLEANER ANDPATCH LUBRICANTIN ONE.– Advanced fold-out cleaning mat for advancedcleaning and disassembly of firearms– Work surface is oil and cleaner resistant– Universal kit includes brushes, swabs,patches and tools– Magnet in upper corner to keepsmall parts containedNO. 9 BLACK POWDER. Formulated forblack powder shooters, Hoppe’s No. 9Black Powder Gun Bore Cleaner is botha powder remover and patch lubricant.2425

KITSKITSHOPPE’S GUN CLEANING ESSENTIAL KIT(Universal)This 28-piece kit contains everything new and experiencedshooters need to keep their firearm spotlessly clean.Components for keeping pistols, rifles and shotguns arecontained in the handsome carrying case. Kit includes:– Storage box/case– Component insert– Mat– Rod w/T handle– Aluminum adaptor– Shotgun brushes for 12 and20 gauge– Brushes for .22, .30, .38and 9mm handgun– S wabs for 12 and 20 gauge,.22/.270, .280/.32, .25/.38– Patches for .22/.270 and .38/.45– Rifle to shotgun adapter– Knob ends for .22, .30 and.38 pistol– 16-12 gauge slotted jag– Nylon brush– Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner– Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil– Silicone gun cloth– How to Clean Your Gun bookletHOPPE’S PREMIUM CLEANING KIT– Includes three, three-piece rods with handle assemblies for 17- and22-caliber rifles and up, and shotguns– Ten phosphor bronze brushes for 12, 20 and 28 gauge, and .410 bore,.44/.45, .38, .30, 40/10mm, .22 and .17 calibers– Six swabs for 12, 20 and 28 gauge, .410 bore, .280/.32 and .22/.270 calibers– Nine jags for calibers .17/.20, .22/.243/6mm, .25-6.5mm, .270-7mm,.30-8mm, .375-.40, .416 to .44, .338 to 9mm– Four slotted ends to fit most calibers– Three utility brushes: nylon, phosphor bronze and stainless steel– Two round receiver brushes for .45 caliber and 12 gauge– Shotgun and pistol adaptableHOPPE’S 1.2.3. DONE! KITCleaning a firearm has never been faster or easier. Availablein nine common calibers, Hoppe’s new 1.2.3. Done! cleaningkits come with the three essentials to clean, brush and swabthe bore in three simple steps.– Hoppe’s BoreSnake (The fastestbore-cleaning tool on the planet)– Hoppe’s No. 9 Bore Cleaner(Legendary formula penetratesquickly and deeply)– Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil(For superior lubrication andprotection)2627

ESSENTIALS CHECKLISTESSENTIALS CHECKLISTESSENTIALSCHECKLIST.WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO GET STARTED RIGHT.CLEANING RODThe ball-bearing swivel handle effortlessly followsthe bore’s rifling. Choose from one-piece,three-piece or four-piece rods.PATCHESOur ultra-absorbent cleaningpatches are uniformly woven andpre-cut to ensure even contact onall sides of the bore.CLEANING SWABSCLEANERSince 1903, Hoppe’s No. 9 remains the world’smost trusted remover of powder, lead, metalfouling and rust.They’re tough on residue, ideal for quick, thoroughcleanup of hard-to-reach areas.HOPPE’S GUN CLEANINGBRUSHESLUBRICATING OILUse Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oilfor the perfect counterpart to ourworld-famous No. 9 Bore Cleaner.For detailed cleaning of triggermechanisms and action areas.TRIPLE THREAT TREATED CLOTHHOPPE’S GUN MEDICRevives the dirtiest firearms from malfunctionscaused by buildup of gunpowder, lubricantand grime.For polishing and protecting exterior

While gun cleaning and care are essential to keeping your firearm in good working order, learning and practicing the rules of safe gun handling is the top priority for all gun owners. Firearm safety applies at all times, including when cleaning your gun. RULE NO. 1 ALWAYS KEEP YOUR GUN POINTED IN A SAFE DIRECTION.

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