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Regulation Of Crytocurrency Around The World

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Regulation of CryptocurrencyAround the WorldJune 2018The Law Library of Congress, Global Legal Research Center(202) 707-5080 (phone) (866) 550-0442 (fax) law@loc.gov http://www.law.gov

This report is provided for reference purposes only.It does not constitute legal advice and does not represent the officialopinion of the United States Government. The information providedreflects research undertaken as of the date of writing.It has not been updated.

ContentsComparative Summary .1The Americas . 7Argentina.7Belize .8Bermuda .8Bolivia .9Brazil .9Canada.10Chile .12Colombia .12Costa Rica .13Ecuador .14El Salvador .14Guatemala .15Honduras .16Mexico .16Venezuela .17The Caribbean . 19I. Eastern Caribbean Central Bank .19II. Country Surveys .20Anguilla.20Antigua and Barbuda .21Bahamas .22Barbados .23British Virgin Islands .24Cayman Islands .24Dominica .25Dominican Republic .25Grenada .25Jamaica.25Montserrat .26Saint Kitts and Nevis .26Saint Lucia .26Saint Vincent and the Grenadines .27Trinidad and Tobago .27i

Europe. 28I. EU Member States.28European Union .28Austria .30Belgium .31Bulgaria .32Croatia .33Cyprus .33Czech Republic .33Denmark .34Estonia.36Finland .36France .38Germany.40Greece .42Hungary.42Ireland .42Italy .44Latvia .45Lithuania .45Luxembourg .46Malta .47Netherlands .50Poland .52Portugal .53Romania .53Slovakia.54Slovenia.54Spain .55Sweden .55United Kingdom.58II. Non-EU Members .59Albania .59Armenia.60Azerbaijan .60Belarus .60Bosnia and Herzegovina .61Georgia .61Gibraltar .62Guernsey .64Iceland .65Isle of Man .66ii

Jersey.69Kosovo .71Liechtenstein .71Macedonia .72Moldova .73Montenegro .73Norway.74Russia .75Serbia .77Switzerland .77Ukraine .80Middle East and North Africa . 82Algeria.82Bahrain .82Egypt .82Iran .83Iraq .84Israel .84Jordan .85Kuwait .86Lebanon.86Morocco .87Oman .87Qatar .88Saudi Arabia.88United Arab Emirates .88Sub-Saharan Africa . 89Ghana .89Kenya .89Lesotho .90Mozambique .91Namibia .91South Africa .92Swaziland .94Uganda .94Zambia .95Zimbabwe .95iii

Central Asia. 96Kazakhstan .96Uzbekistan.96Kyrgyzstan .96Tajikistan.97South Asia . 98Bangladesh .98India .99Nepal .101Pakistan .102East Asia and the Pacific .103Australia .103Brunei .106China .106Cambodia .107Hong Kong .108Indonesia .109Japan .111Macau .113Malaysia .

create for illegal activities, such as money laundering and terrorism. Some of the countries surveyed go beyond simply warning the public and have expanded their laws on money laundering, counterterrorism, and organized crimes to include cryptocurrency markets, and require banks and