Jesus Said, “It Is The Spirit Who Gives Life; The Flesh .

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Jesus said, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” John 6:63“To know God is the highest intellectual attainment possible to man.”W.H. Boulton

“Knowing this first, that noprophecy of the scripture is ofany private interpretation. Forthe prophecy came not in oldtime by the will of man: but holymen of God spake as they weremoved by the Holy Spirit.” 2 Peter 1:20-21Fulfilled Prophecy Proves theBible is the Inspired Word of God4 The Nation of Israel (Ezekiel 36-37, with stillmore to be fulfilled in chapter 38-39)4 The Nation of Babylon (Isaiah 13)4 The Nation of Tyre (Ezekiel 26-28)4 The World Empires (Daniel 2)

This reading planner will take you throughthe Old Testament once, and the NewTestament twice,all in one year.There are 3 reading portions for each day.All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable forteaching, for reproof, for correction and for trainingin righteousness, that the man of God may becompetent, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17For any comments or questions contact“So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by theword of God.” Romans 10:17

“I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man. All the good from TheSavior of the world is communicated to us through this Book.” Abraham LincolnJANUARYJan 1Genesis 1-2Psalms 1-2Matthew 1-2Jan 2Genesis 3-4Psalms 3-5Matthew 3-4Jan 3Genesis 5-6Psalms 6-8Matthew 5Jan 4Genesis 7-8Psalms 9-10Matthew 6Matthew 7Jan 5Genesis 9-10Psalms 11-13Jan 6Genesis 11-12Psalms 14-16Matthew 8Jan 7Genesis 13-14Psalms 17Matthew 9Jan 8Genesis 15-16Psalms 18Matthew 10Jan 9Genesis 17-18Psalms 19-21Matthew 11Jan 10Genesis 19Psalms 22Matthew 12Jan 11Genesis 20-21Psalms 23-25Matthew 13Matthew 14Jan 12Genesis 22-23Psalms 26-28Jan 13Genesis 24Psalms 29-30Matthew 15Jan 14Genesis 25-26Psalms 31Matthew 16Jan 15Genesis 27Psalms 32Matthew 17Jan 16Genesis 28-29Psalms 33Matthew 18Jan 17Genesis 30Psalms 34Matthew 19Jan 18Genesis 31Psalms 35Matthew 20Jan 19Genesis 32-33Psalms 36Matthew 21Jan 20Genesis 34-35Psalms 37Matthew 22Matthew 23Jan 21Genesis 36Psalms 38Jan 22Genesis 37Psalms 39-40Matthew 24Jan 23Genesis 38Psalms 41-43Matthew 25Jan 24Genesis 39-40Psalms 44Matthew 26Jan 25Genesis 41Psalms 45Matthew 27Jan 26Genesis 42-43Psalms 46-48Matthew 28Jan 27Genesis 44-45Psalms 49Romans 1-2Romans 3-4Jan 28Genesis 46-47Psalms 50Jan 29Genesis 48-50Psalms 51-52Romans 5-6Jan 30Exodus 1-2Psalms 53-55Romans 7-8Jan 31Exodus 3-4Psalms 56-57Romans 9

FEBRUARYExodus 5-6Psalms 58-59Romans 10-11Feb 2Exodus 7-8Psalms 60-61Romans 12Feb 3Exodus 9Psalms 62-63Romans 13-14Feb 4Exodus 10Psalms 64-65Romans 15-16Feb 5Exodus 11-12Psalms 66-67Mark 1Feb 6Exodus 13-14Psalms 68Mark 2Feb 7Exodus 15Psalms 69Mark 3Feb 8Exodus 16Psalms 70-71Mark 4Feb 9Exodus 17-18Psalms 72Mark 5Feb 10Exodus 19-20Psalms 73Mark 6Feb 11Exodus 21Psalms 74Mark 7Feb 12Exodus 22Psalms 75-76Mark 8Feb 13Exodus 23Psalms 77Mark 9Feb 14Exodus 24-25Psalms 78Mark 10Feb 15Exodus 26Psalms 79-80Mark 11Feb 16Exodus 27Psalms 81-82Mark 12Feb 17Exodus 28Psalms 83-84Mark 13Feb 18Exodus 29Psalms 85-86Mark 14Feb 19Exodus 30Psalms 87-88Mark 15-16Feb 20Exodus 31-32Psalms 891 Corinthians 1-2Feb 21Exodus 33-34Psalms 90-911 Corinthians 3Feb 22Exodus 35Psalms 92-931 Corinthians 4-5Feb 23Exodus 36Psalms 94-951 Corinthians 6Feb 24Exodus 37Psalms 96-991 Corinthians 7Feb 25Exodus 38Psalms 100-1011 Corinthians 8-9Feb 26Exodus 39-40Psalms 1021 Corinthians 10Feb 27Leviticus 1-2Psalms 1031 Corinthians 11Feb 28Leviticus 3-4Psalms 1041 Corinthians 12-13Feb 29Leviticus 3-4Psalms 1041 Corinthians 12-13Did you know. the Bible was recorded by around forty different people fromdifferent backgrounds, from kings and prophets, to fishermen and shepherds.“It ain’t the parts of the Bible that I can’t understand that bother me, it’s theparts that I do understand.” Mark TwainFeb 1

“The Bible was not given for our information but for our transformation.” Dwight Lyman MoodyMARCHMar 1Leviticus 5-6Psalms 1051 Corinthians 14Mar 2Leviticus 7Psalms 1061 Corinthians 151 Corinthians 16Mar 3Leviticus 8Psalms 107Mar 4Leviticus 9-10Psalms 108-1092 Corinthians 1-2Mar 5Leviticus 11Psalms 110-1122 Corinthians 3-4Mar 6Leviticus 12-13Psalms 113-1142 Corinthians 5-7Mar 7Leviticus 14Psalms 115-1162 Corinthians 8-9Mar 8Leviticus 15Psalms 117-1182 Corinthians 10-11Mar 9Leviticus 16Psalms 119:1-402 Corinthians 12-13Luke 1Mar 10Leviticus 17-18Psalms 119:41-80Mar 11Leviticus 19Psalms 119:81-128Luke 2Mar 12Leviticus 20Psalms 119:129-176Luke 3Mar 13Leviticus 21Psalms 120-124Luke 4Mar 14Leviticus 22Psalms 125-127Luke 5Mar 15Leviticus 23Psalms 128-130Luke 6Mar 16Leviticus 24Psalms 131-134Luke 7Mar 17Leviticus 25Psalms 135-136Luke 8Mar 18Leviticus 26Psalms 137-139Luke 9Luke 10Mar 19Leviticus 27Psalms 140-142Mar 20Numbers 1Psalms 143-144Luke 11Mar 21Numbers 2Psalms 145-147Luke 12Mar 22Numbers 3Psalms 148-150Luke 13-14Mar 23Numbers 4Proverbs 1Luke 15Mar 24Numbers 5Proverbs 2Luke 16Mar 25Numbers 6Proverbs 3Luke 17Luke 18Mar 26Numbers 7Proverbs 4Mar 27Numbers 8-9Proverbs 5Luke 19Mar 28Numbers 10Proverbs 6Luke 20Mar 29Numbers 11Proverbs 7Luke 21Mar 30Numbers 12-13Proverbs 8-9Luke 22Mar 31Numbers 14Proverbs 10Luke 23

APRILNumbers 15Proverbs 11Apr 2Numbers 16Proverbs 12Luke 24Galatians 1-2Apr 3Numbers 17-18Proverbs 13Galatians 3-4Apr 4Numbers 19Proverbs 14Galatians 5-6Apr 5Numbers 20-21Proverbs 15Ephesians 1-2Apr 6Numbers 22-23Proverbs 16Ephesians 3-4Apr 7Numbers 24-25Proverbs 17Ephesians 5-6Philippians 1-2Apr 8Numbers 26Proverbs 18Apr 9Numbers 27Proverbs 19Philippians 3-4Apr 10Numbers 28Proverbs 20John 1Apr 11Numbers 29-30Proverbs 21John 2-3Apr 12Numbers 31Proverbs 22John 4Apr 13Numbers 32Proverbs 23John 5Apr 14Numbers 33Proverbs 24John 6Apr 15Numbers 34Proverbs 25John 7Apr 16Numbers 35Proverbs 26John 8John 9-10Apr 17Numbers 36Proverbs 27Apr 18Deuteronomy 1Proverbs 28John 11Apr 19Deuteronomy 2Proverbs 29John 12Apr 20Deuteronomy 3Proverbs 30John 13-14Apr 21Deuteronomy 4Proverbs 31John 15-16Apr 22Deuteronomy 5Ecclesiastes 1John 17-18Apr 23Deuteronomy 6-7Ecclesiastes 2John 19John 20-21Apr 24Deuteronomy 8-9Ecclesiastes 3Apr 25Deuteronomy 10-11Ecclesiastes 4Acts 1Apr 26Deuteronomy 12Ecclesiastes 5Acts 2Apr 27Deuteronomy 13-14Ecclesiastes 6Acts 3-4Apr 28Deuteronomy 15Ecclesiastes 7Acts 5-6Apr 29Deuteronomy 16Ecclesiastes 8Acts 7Apr 30Deuteronomy 17Ecclesiastes 9Acts 8Did you know. the Bible was written during a period of about 1,600 years.“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.” Theodore RooseveltApr 1

“Nobody ever outgrows Scripture; the book widens and deepens with our years.” Charles SpurgeonMAYMay 1Deuteronomy 18Ecclesiastes 10Acts 9May 2Deuteronomy 19Ecclesiastes 11Acts 10May 3Deuteronomy 20Ecclesiastes 12Acts 11-12May 4Deuteronomy 21Song of Solomon 1Acts 13May 5Deuteronomy 22Song of Solomon 2Acts 14-15May 6Deuteronomy 23Song of Solomon 3Acts 16-17May 7Deuteronomy 24Song of Solomon 4Acts 18-19May 8Deuteronomy 25Song of Solomon 5Acts 20May 9Deuteronomy 26Song of Solomon 6Acts 21-22May 10Deuteronomy 27Song of Solomon 7Acts 23-24May 11Deuteronomy 28Song of Solomon 8Acts 25-26May 12Deuteronomy 29Isaiah 1Acts 27May 13Deuteronomy 30Isaiah 2Acts 28May 14Deuteronomy 31Isaiah 3-4Colossians 1May 15Deuteronomy 32Isaiah 5Colossians 2May 16Deuteronomy 33-34 Isaiah 6Colossians 3-4May 17Joshua 1Isaiah 71 Thessalonians 1-2May 18Joshua 2Isaiah 81 Thessalonians 3-4May 19Joshua 3-4Isaiah 91 Thessalonians 5May 20Joshua 5-6Isaiah 102 Thessalonians 1-2May 21Joshua 7Isaiah 112 Thessalonians 3May 22Joshua 8Isaiah 121 Timothy 1-3May 23Joshua 9Isaiah 131 Timothy 4-5May 24Joshua 10Isaiah 141 Timothy 6May 25Joshua 11Isaiah 152 Timothy 1May 26Joshua 12Isaiah 162 Timothy 2May 27Joshua 13Isaiah 17-182 Timothy 3-4May 28Joshua 14Isaiah 19Titus 1-3May 29Joshua 15Isaiah 20-21Philemon 1May 30Joshua 16Isaiah 22Hebrews 1-2May 31Joshua 17Isaiah 23Hebrews 3-5

JUNEJoshua 18Isaiah 24Hebrews 6-7Jun 2Joshua 19Isaiah 25Hebrews 8-9Jun 3Joshua 20-21Isaiah 26-27Hebrews 10Jun 4Joshua 22Isaiah 28Hebrews 11Jun 5Joshua 23-24Isaiah 29Hebrews 12Jun 6Judges 1Isaiah 30Hebrews 13James 1Jun 7Judges 2-3Isaiah 31Jun 8Judges 4-5Isaiah 32James 2Jun 9Judges 6Isaiah 33James 3-4Jun 10Judges 7-8Isaiah 34James 5Jun 11Judges 9Isaiah 351 Peter 1Jun 12Judges 10-11Isaiah 361 Peter 2Jun 13Judges 12-13Isaiah 371 Peter 3-5Jun 14Judges 14-15Isaiah 382 Peter 1-2Jun 15Judges 16Isaiah 392 Peter 31 John 1-2Jun 16Judges 17-18Isaiah 40Jun 17Judges 19Isaiah 411 John 3-4Jun 18Judges 20Isaiah 421 John 5Jun 19Judges 21Isaiah 432 John - 3 JohnJun 20Ruth 1-2Isaiah 44Jude 1Jun 21Ruth 3-4Isaiah 45Revelation 1-2Jun 221 Samuel 1Isaiah 46-47Revelation 3-4Revelation 5-6Jun 231 Samuel 2Isaiah 48Jun 241 Samuel 3Isaiah 49Revelation 7-9Jun 251 Samuel 4Isaiah 50Revelation 10-11Jun 261 Samuel 5-6Isaiah 51Revelation 12-13Jun 271 Samuel 7-8Isaiah 52Revelation 14Jun 281 Samuel 9Isaiah 53Revelation 15-16Jun 291 Samuel 10Isaiah 54Revelation 17-18Jun 301 Samuel 11-12Isaiah 55Revelation 19-20Did you know. the shortest book in the Bible is 3 John with 14 verses.“Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble, we cannot fullyrespond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness.” Helen KellerJun 1

Forty independent scribes from 10 different countries with twenty different occupations wereused in the compilation of God’s written Word, over a 1600 year time span.JULYJul 11 Samuel 13Isaiah 56-57Revelation 21-22Jul 21 Samuel 14Isaiah 58Matthew 1-2Jul 31 Samuel 15Isaiah 59Matthew 3-4Jul 41 Samuel 16Isaiah 60Matthew 5Jul 51 Samuel 17Isaiah 61Matthew 6Jul 61 Samuel 18Isaiah 62Matthew 7Jul 71 Samuel 19Isaiah 63Matthew 8Jul 81 Samuel 20Isaiah 64Matthew 9Jul 91 Samuel 21-22Isaiah 65Matthew 10Jul 101 Samuel 23Isaiah 66Matthew 11Jul 111 Samuel 24Jeremiah 1Matthew 12Jul 121 Samuel 25Jeremiah 2Matthew 13Jul 131 Samuel 26-27Jeremiah 3Matthew 14Jul 141 Samuel 28Jeremiah 4Matthew 15Jul 151 Samuel 29-30Jeremiah 5Matthew 16Jul 161 Samuel 31Jeremiah 6Matthew 17Jul 172 Samuel 1Jeremiah 7Matthew 18Jul 182 Samuel 2Jeremiah 8Matthew 19Jul 192 Samuel 3Jeremiah 9Matthew 20Jul 202 Samuel 4-5Jeremiah 10Matthew 21Jul 212 Samuel 6Jeremiah 11Matthew 22Jul 222 Samuel 7Jeremiah 12Matthew 23Jul 232 Samuel 8-9Jeremiah 13Matthew 24Jul 242 Samuel 10Jeremiah 14Matthew 25Jul 252 Samuel 11Jeremiah 15Matthew 26Jul 262 Samuel 12Jeremiah 16Matthew 27Jul 272 Samuel 13Jeremiah 17Matthew 28Jul 282 Samuel 14Jeremiah 18Romans 1-2Jul 292 Samuel 15Jeremiah 19Romans 3-4Jul 302 Samuel 16Jeremiah 20Romans 5-6Jul 312 Samuel 17Jeremiah 21Romans 7-8

AUGUST2 Samuel 18Jeremiah 22Romans 9Aug 22 Samuel 19Jeremiah 23Romans 10-11Aug 32 Samuel 20-21Jeremiah 24Romans 12Aug 42 Samuel 22Jeremiah 25Romans 13-14Aug 52 Samuel 23Jeremiah 26Romans 15-16Aug 62 Samuel 24Jeremiah 27Mark 1Aug 71 Kings 1Jeremiah 28Mark 2Aug 81 Kings 2Jeremiah 29Mark 3Aug 91 Kings 3Jeremiah 30Mark 4Aug 101 Kings 4-5Jeremiah 31Mark 5Aug 111 Kings 6Jeremiah 32Mark 6Aug 121 Kings 7Jeremiah 33Mark 7Aug 131 Kings 8Jeremiah 34Mark 8Aug 141 Kings 9Jeremiah 35Mark 9Aug 151 Kings 10Jeremiah 36Mark 10Aug 161 Kings 11Jeremiah 37Mark 11Aug 171 Kings 12Jeremiah 38Mark 12Aug 181 Kings 13Jeremiah 39Mark 13Aug 191 Kings 14Jeremiah 40Mark 14Aug 201 Kings 15Jeremiah 41Mark 15Aug 211 Kings 16Jeremiah 42Mark 16Aug 221 Kings 17Jeremiah 431 Corinthians 1-2Aug 231 Kings 18Jeremiah 441 Corinthians 3Aug 241 Kings 19Jeremiah 45-461 Corinthians 4-5Aug 251 Kings 20Jeremiah 471 Corinthians 6Aug 261 Kings 21Jeremiah 481 Corinthians 7Aug 271 Kings 22Jeremiah 491 Corinthians 8-9Aug 282 Kings 1-2Jeremiah 501 Corinthians 10Aug 292 Kings 3Jeremiah 511 Corinthians 11Aug 302 Kings 4Jeremiah 521 Corinthians 12-13Aug 312 Kings 5Lamentations 11 Corinthians 14There are over 24,000 different independent ancient copies of the Old Testament. The second most frequentlycopied work of ancient times is Homer’s The Iliad which has only 643 copies in existence by comparison.Aug 1

“To understand scripture note not only what is spoken and written, but of whom and to whom, withwhat words, at what time, where, to what intent, with what circumstances. “ Miles CoverdaleSEPTEMBERSep 12 Kings 6Lamentations 21 Corinthians 15Sep 22 Kings 7Lamentations 31 Corinthians 16Sep 32 Kings 8Lamentations 42 Corinthians 1-2Sep 42 Kings 9Lamentations 52 Corinthians 3-4Sep 52 Kings 10Ezekiel 12 Corinthians 5-7Sep 62 Kings 11-12Ezekiel 22 Corinthians 8-9Sep 72 Kings 13Ezekiel 32 Corinthians 10-11Sep 82 Kings 14Ezekiel 42 Corinthians 12-13Sep 92 Kings 15Ezekiel 5Luke 1Sep 102 Kings 16Ezekiel 6Luke 2Sep 112 Kings 17Ezekiel 7Luke 3Sep 122 Kings 18Ezekiel 8Luke 4Sep 132 Kings 19Ezekiel 9Luke 5Sep 142 Kings 20Ezekiel 10Luke 6Sep 152 Kings 21Ezekiel 11Luke 7Sep 162 Kings 22-23Ezekiel 12Luke 8Sep 172 Kings 24-25Ezekiel 13Luke 9Sep 181 Chronicles 1Ezekiel 14Luke 10Sep 191 Chronicles 2Ezekiel 15Luke 11Sep 201 Chronicles 3Ezekiel 16Luke 12Sep 211 Chronicles 4Ezekiel 17Luke 13-14Sep 221 Chronicles 5Ezekiel 18Luke 15Sep 231 Chronicles 6Ezekiel 19Luke 16Sep 241 Chronicles 7Ezekiel 20Luke 17Sep 251 Chronicles 8Ezekiel 21Luke 18Sep 261 Chronicles 9Ezekiel 22Luke 19Sep 271 Chronicles 10Ezekiel 23Luke 20Sep 281 Chronicles 11Ezekiel 24Luke 21Sep 291 Chronicles 12Ezekiel 25Luke 22Sep 301 Chronicles 13-14 Ezekiel 26Luke 23Did you know. The oldest man in the Bible is Methuselah, who lived to be969 years old!

OCTOBEROct 11 Chronicles 15Ezekiel 27Luke 24Oct 21 Chronicles 16Ezekiel 28Galatians 1-2Oct 31 Chronicles 17Ezekiel 29Galatians 3-4Oct 41 Chronicles 18-19Ezekiel 30Galatians 5-61 Chronicles 20-21Ezekiel 31Ephesians 1-21 Chronicles 22Ezekiel 32Ephesians 3-4Ephesians 5-6Oct 71 Chronicles 23Ezekiel 33Oct 81 Chronicles 24-25Ezekiel 34Philippians 1-2Oct 91 Chronicles 26Ezekiel 35Philippians 3-4Oct 101 Chronicles 27Ezekiel 36John 1Oct 111 Chronicles 28Ezekiel 37John 2-3Oct 121 Chronicles 29Ezekiel 38John 4Oct 132 Chronicles 1-2Ezekiel 39John 5Oct 142 Chronicles 3-4Ezekiel 40John 6Oct 152 Chronicles 5-6Ezekiel 41John 7Oct 162 Chronicles 7Ezekiel 42John 8Oct 172 Chronicles 8Ezekiel 43John 9-10Oct 182 Chronicles 9Ezekiel 44John 11Oct 192 Chronicles 10-11Ezekiel 45John 12Oct 202 Chronicles 12-13Ezekiel 46John 13-14Oct 212 Chronicles 14-15Ezekiel 47John 15-16Oct 222 Chronicles 16-17Ezekiel 48John 17-18Oct 232 Chronicles 18-19Daniel 1John 19Oct 242 Chronicles 20Daniel 2John 20-21Oct 252 Chronicles 21-22Daniel 3Acts 1Oct 262 Chronicles 23Daniel 4Acts 2Oct 272 Chronicles 24Daniel 5Acts 3-4Oct 282 Chronicles 25Daniel 6Acts 5-6Oct 292 Chronicles 26-27Daniel 7Acts 7Oct 302 Chronicles 28Daniel 8Acts 8Oct 312 Chronicles 29Daniel 9Acts 9“Read the Bible to believe what you find, not to find what you believe.” AnonymousOct 5Oct 6

“Read your Bible like your life depends on it.because it does!” AnonymousNOVEMBERNov 12 Chronicles 30Daniel 10Acts 10Nov 22 Chronicles 31Daniel 11Acts 11-12Nov 32 Chronicles 32Daniel 12Acts 13Nov 42 Chronicles 33Hosea 1Acts 14-15Nov 52 Chronicles 34Hosea 2Act s 16-17Nov 62 Chronicles 35Hosea 3Acts 18-19Nov 72 Chronicles 36Hosea 4Acts 20Nov 8Ezra 1-2Hosea 5Acts 21-22Nov 9Ezra 3-4Hosea 6Acts 23-24Nov 10Ezra 5-6Hosea 7Acts 25-26Nov 11Ezra 7Hosea 8Acts 27Nov 12Ezra 8Hosea 9Acts 28Nov 13Ezra 9Hosea 10Colossians 1Nov 14Ezra 10Hosea 11Colossians 2Nov 15Nehemiah 1-2Hosea 12Colossians 3-4Nov 16Nehemiah 3Hosea 131 Thessalonians 1-2Nov 17Nehemiah 4Hosea 141 Thessalonians 3-4Nov 18Nehemiah 5-6Joel 11 Thessalonians 5Nov 19Nehemiah 7Joel 22 Thessalonians 1-2Nov 20Nehemiah 8Joel 32 Thessalonians 3Nov 21Nehemiah 9Amos 11 Timothy 1-3Nov 22Nehemiah 10Amos 21 Timothy 4-5Nov 23Nehemiah 11Amos 31 Timothy 6Nov 24Nehemiah 12Amos 42 Timothy 1Nov 25Nehemiah 13Amos 52 Timothy 2Nov 26Esther 1Amos 62 Timothy 3-4Nov 27Esther 2Amos 7Titus 1-3Nov 28Esther 3-4Amos 8Philemon 1Nov 29Esther 5-6Amos 9Hebrews 1-2Nov 30Esther 7-8Obadiah 1Hebrews 3-5Did you know. The longest verse in the Bible is Esther 8:9.The shortest is John 11:35.

DECEMBERDec 1Esther 9-10Jonah 1Hebrews 6-7Dec 2Job 1-2Jonah 2-3Hebrews 8-9Dec 3Job 3-4Jonah 4Hebrews 10Dec 4Job 5Micah 1Hebrews 11Job 6-7Micah 2Hebrews 12Job 8Micah 3-4Hebrews 13James 1Dec 7Job 9Micah 5Dec 8Job 10Micah 6James 2Dec 9Job 11Micah 7James 3-4Dec 10Job 12Nahum 1-2James 5Dec 11Job 13Nahum 31 Peter 1Dec 12Job 14Habbakuk 11 Peter 2Dec 13Job 15Habbakuk 21 Peter 3-5Dec 14Job 16-17Habbakuk 32 Peter 1-2Dec 15Job 18-19Zephaniah 12 Peter 31 John 1-2Dec 16Job 20Zephaniah 2Dec 17Job 21Zephaniah 31 John 3-4Dec 18Job 22Haggai 1-21 John 5Dec 19Job 23-24Zechariah 12 John - 3 JohnDec 20Job 25-27Zechariah 2-3Jude 1Dec 21Job 28Zechariah 4-5Revelation 1-2Dec 22Job 29-30Zechariah 6-7Revelation 3-4Revelation 5-6Dec 23Job 31-32Zechariah 8Dec 24Job 33Zechariah 9Revelation 7-9Dec 25Job 34Zechariah 10Revelation 10-11Dec 26Job 35-36Zechariah 11Revelation 12-13Dec 27Job 37Zechariah 12Revelation 14Dec 28Job 38Zechariah 13 -14 Revelation 15-16Dec 29Job 39Malachi 1Revelation 17-18Dec 30Job 40Malachi 2Revelation 19-20Dec 31Job 41-42Malachi 3-4Revelation 21-22“If you don’t have time to pray and read the Bible, you are busier than Godever intended you to be.” AnonymousDec 5Dec 6

“But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings likeeagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”Isaiah 40:31

“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the LORD.”Psalm 31:24

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHECIESFULFILLED BY JESUSPassageProphecyFulfillmentGen. 3:15He would be human, born of a womanGal. 4:4-5, Matt. 1:18Gen. 3:15He will reconcile people to GodRom. 5:6-19Gen. 3:15He would crush evil at his own expenseHeb. 2:14-18; 1 John 3:8Gen. 22:18He would be a descendant of AbrahamGal. 3:16,26-29Mic. 5:2He would be born in BethlehemMatt. 2:1-5Isa. 7:13,14Born from a virginLuke 1:26-35Isa. 7:14He would be called Immanuel (God with us)Matt. 1:23Isa. 40:3-4He would be preceded by a forerunnerMatt. 3:1-4Isa. 9:1-7Appear in Galilee, be a light to GentilesMatt. 4:12-17Zech. 9:9Enter Jerusalem riding on a donkeyMatt. 21:6-9Ps. 41He would be betrayedMatt. 26:20-25, 47-50Isa. 53:1-4He would be rejectedMatt. 27:21-23Isa. 53:7He would be silent before his accusersMatt. 27:12-14Isa. 50:6,7He would be beaten and spat uponMatt. 26:67Isa. 53:12Numbered with the transgressorsLuke 23:32-33Ps. 22:16His hands and feet would be piercedJohn 19:37, 20:27Ps. 22:15His suffering would include thirstJohn 19:28Ps. 22:18They would cast lots for his clothingJohn 19:23-24Ps. 16:8-11Raised from the dead.and so many more!Acts 2:22-33;1 Cor. 15:12-22


HELPFUL BIBLE APPSand STUDY TOOLSMYSWORDA helpful program to search for words in the Bible,find their meanings, and so much more. You canput this on your phone!Daily Bible Readings on the App StoreWith this App on your phone, the daily Biblereadings will be right with you, every day.KEYTOTHEBIBLE.ORG/BIBLE-APP/A place to ask questions and find answers, watchYou Tube presentations and hear talks on manyBible topics.ONLINEBIBLE.ORGA great Bible study program in four languages,that is easy to use and helpful in finding wordmeanings and usage.

Apr 9 Numbers 27 Proverbs 19 Philippians 3-4 Apr 10 Numbers 28 Proverbs 20 John 1 Apr 11 Numbers 29-30 Proverbs 21 John 2-3 Apr 12 Numbers 31 Proverbs 22 John 4 Apr 13 Numbers 32 Proverbs 23 John 5 Apr 14 Numbers 33 Proverbs 24 John 6 Apr 15 Numbers 34 Proverbs 25 John 7 Apr 16 Numbers 35 Proverbs 26 John 8

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203 C Jesus Is The Sweetest Name I Know 145 C Jesus Is The Way To Salvation 219 F Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross 293 F Jesus My Lord Will Love Me Forever 19 F Jesus, I Just Want To Thank You 163 Eb Jesus, Jesus, Jesus 59 C Jesus, Jesus, Thou Art Enough 354 Eb Jesus, Just The Mention Of Your Name 361 F Jesus, Name Above All Names

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