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SPORTAerobics Club A chance to improve your level of fitness in adifferent way. Movement to music in a fun and social environment.Athletics In the summer term, athletics is one of the major sports.We have open athletics practice after school twice a week wherestudents can practise any track or field event in order to improvetheir personal performance and aim for the school teams whichcomplete in area and national competitions.Badminton Club An opportunity to come to a club on a Friday afterschool. Led by an external Badminton coach. Come and have funwith your friends and improve your badminton skills and enter thelocal area Badminton competitions.Basketball Open to all girls and boys from all year groups. Comeand practise your shooting and lay-ups and then participate inmini and full court games in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.2THE RADLEIANCricket Nets This takes place in our first-class cricket facilities.An external coach comes into school and takes cricket netssessions in the winter in our sports hall. Cricket is one of ourmain sports in the summer term.Dodgeball Club Experience the excitement of this fast-movinggame. Available for all students.Girls’ Football Club An opportunity for girls to come andparticipate in the world’s most popular sport on a morerecreational basis. Have fun socialising with your friends andhave the chance to represent the school in cup competitions.Boys’ Football Open to all boys from all year groups. Somefootball clubs are recreational and a chance to have a good runaround and play football for fun. Other football clubs are for ourboys’ school teams.SPORTGymnastics Club Open to girls and boys in all year groups. Achance to further explore the fun and exciting side of gymnasticsusing more advanced apparatus and equipment.Lacrosse Stick Skills This club is open to all but a must forteam players. Come and be part of a famous St Bart s tradition.Develop skills such as passing, running with the ball, tackling andshooting with the opportunity of pulling on the purple colours andrepresenting the school at one of its most successful sports.Netball Open to all but a must for team players. A chance todevelop your core skills such as passing, dodging and shootingand apply them in games. An opportunity to work as part of ateam and develop friendships.whilst challenging yourself to learn a new sport and have theopportunity to represent the school.Boys’ Rugby Come and be part of a famous St Bart s tradition.Develop skills such as passing, running with the ball, tackling andrucking, with the opportunity of pulling on the green and whitehoops and representing the school at one of its most successfulsports.Volleyball Club Open to all girls and boys from all year groups.Come and practise your digs, sets and volleys and participate inmini and full court games in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.Girls’ Rugby Fancy trying something different? Rugby is one ofthe fastest growing women’s sports. Have fun with your friendsTHE RADLEIAN3

DANCEBeatz Dance Company A female dance companythat improves technique and creates innovativechoreographies performed in the local area.Pulse Male Dance Club A choreography club opento all males that improves technique. Innovativechoreographies are performed in the local area.Cheerleading Club A cheerleading squad that createschoreographies that are entered into competitions andrepresent the school at functions and sporting events.Strut your Stuff Dance Club Jazz dance club open to allstudents in all years.Contrast Contemporary Dance Club A dance club open toall students from all years, with a focus on contemporarydance.KS5 Dance Masterclass Professional artists are invitedinto St Barts to challenge and teach KS5 students. Thestyle and technique changes each term along with theartist.4THE RADLEIANY7 Dance Club A fun and exciting club open toall year 7’s that improves basic skills and createschoreographies.DRAMAAudition Club Thinking about applying to Dramaschool? Here you can have your monologues directedand rehearsed with the Drama team in preparation foryour audition and join the growing list of successfulSt. Bart’s students who have gained places on thesehighly sought-after courses at prestigious institutions.Y8 Dance Club A club that is open to all year 8’s thatis edgy and creative. This will stretch your skills andimprove your technique.House Plays Year 12 and Year 10 are involved inHouse Plays from September to February. House Playsare directed and produced by Year 12 and Year 10 arethe performers (who will be auditioned by Year 12).Plays are sometimes written from scratch; others arewell known.Y9 Dance Club An innovative and forward thinkingapproach to this club means that you will createchoreographies that use contact and contemporarytechniques.KS3 Dramatic Society Club Brilliant opportunity to joinin and have fun with Drama. There are no auditionsand we do an end of academic year performance eachyear in July.School Play September to December for all year groups.Auditions are held for acting, singing and dancingin September and the Show is performed in earlyDecember.Theatre Technical Club All welcome. Learn aboutlighting, sound, radio microphones, staging, set,costume and special effects make-up. We havefog, smoke and snow machines, and a host of othergadgets to create the magic of theatre. Learn how toprogramme the lighting for the show and set radio mics.THE RADLEIAN5

MUSICAd Hoc Baroque Orchestra This small group of theschool’s most able musicians meet on an ad hoc basis toplay music of the 17th and 18th centuries (Grade 5 byinvitation).Big Band Brass and woodwind, with a swinging rhythmsection. Emphasis on ensemble performance for moreadvanced musicians (Grade 5 ).Brass and Percussion Group (Brass Band) For all brassand percussion players, playing brass band music andrehearsing the brass and percussion sections of the SBSOindependently.Concert Band A beginner-friendly ensemble playing funmusic. Concert band is open to all (Grade 1 ).Flutti Tutti A flute ensemble for flute players of anyability. All types of music performed, maybe even withjust the flute head joint!Junior Choir Upper voices and lower years. This choir isjust for year 7 and 8 students.Music Technology Club Run by 6th form students, forall students interested in improving their mixing,recording and sequencing skills.Music Theory Club This group exists to meet the needsof those students currently studying for ABRSM theoryexams. Bring your lunch and have a chat.School Choir Large mixed (male and female voices)choir open to all years and abilities, which prepares formajor musical events.MUSICSenior Jazz Combo Wild andunpredictable band of seniormusicians in years 10 to 13for whom anything goes!(Grade 5 with a focus onimprovisation).Senior Vocal Group Run by 6thform students for 6th formstudents, this is an acappellagroup of mixed voices withhigh standards of singing.St Bartholomew’s SchoolOrchestra (SBSO) Allinstrumentalists are expectedto perform in the school’s hugeand all-inclusive ensemble,for students of all abilities.The SBSO meets on specialorchestra days spread throughthe year.String Orchestra For all stringplayers, playing music just forstrings, and rehearsing thestring section of the SBSOindependently.Ukulele Club A fun studentled ensemble for all ukuleleenthusiasts. A supply of schoolukuleles in different sizes isavailable.6THE RADLEIANTHE RADLEIAN7

OTHERASDAN Hair and Beauty (certificated course) Comealong and learn about nail services, basic hairdressingtechniques and basic facial treatments. Need to be 13 years.Carnegie Shadowing Reading Groups In the Summerterm, confident readers in Years 7 to 10 can join weeklybook groups which read the Carnegie shortlist. Schooltrips and party prizes for those who read the most!Chess Club Runs every activity time all year-long. Agood opportunity to make friends across different years.There are House competitions during the year.Chinese Club Chinese lessons are open to all studentsafter school on a Thursday. We teach all 4 skills: reading,listening, speaking and writing in Mandarin and alsoincorporated cultural elements such as a Chinese NewYear Party or Mah Jong lessons. There is also a ChineseExchange with Qingdao No. 2 High School which runsevery 2 years. (A small charge is made for these lessons).Christian Union This lunchtime club is open to Years 7to 9, whether you believe in God or not! It is led by twoyouth workers and involves meeting friends, asking bigquestions and learning about the Christian faith.Cineclub Cineclub runs every week for all students. Youwill plan, write, produce and edit your own short film ina group and the Corn Exchange will show these in theSummer.Cookery Club Sign up for 6-week courses to improveyour skills in the kitchen.Creative Writing Club Creative Writing Club catersto all students who wish to revel in words, fun andcreativity. We cover a number of writing styles on bothserious topics and light-hearted escapades. Pleasecome and join in!Debating Society All years and spectators welcome.A friendly and relaxed club offering the opportunityto argue about current issues and the big questionsof life, in a fun atmosphere. You can also take part incompetitions e.g. Mock Trials and Debating Matters.Enterprise club Fundraise to create your own smallbusinesses in an attempt to turn a profit. Studentswill have access to a range of projects and speakersand will develop key skills such as teamwork andleadership throughout the year.Film Club In Film Club we watch and talk about films,old and new, from all genres and from around theworld. Join us to experience films you know and onesyou don’t. You might be surprised. Everyone welcome.Gardening Club Open to all students, learnhorticultural skills by growing plants in our polytunneland kitchen garden, alongside managing the NatureReserve.Knit and Natter Club ‘In a ball of wool is the potentialto make a dream come true.’ Open to all students of allages and all abilities. Badges are awarded for regularattendance.OTHERKS3 Historical book club Enjoy reading fiction? Enjoyreading about the past? Enjoy having a chat about bookswhilst having a snack? Come to Historical book club wherewe will choose and discuss a book a month.KS3 Reading Club A place for discourse, discussion anddebate of books. And a place to read. Open to all.Latin Club Latin is taught one hour a week, after school, andis open to any student in Year 9. (A small charge is made forthese lessons).Mindful Arts and Crafts Come and join a series of practicalcrafty activities that will help you relax your mind and bodyand learn how to manage your anxieties and worries whilsthaving fun. Years 7 and 8.Modern Foreign Language Club Come to the MFL club inthe Language Lab. Practise your language skills, make newfriends to compete with and have fun!Moth Club Meet before morning registration to investigatethe moths from the previous night. Learn about theseamazing creatures and earn your Moth Club badge. Open toall.Origami Club Open to anyone interested in paper folding. Ifyou enjoy crafts of any kind then come along each week andmake cool paper models.Photography Club A half-termly competition available to allwith the winning image published in BartholoNews.Practical Scale Modelling Club The ideal club toattend for help building models from simple Airfixkits to scratch built models.Science Club Find out more about the mysteries ofScience in Science Club! Go beyond what is taughtin lessons, use your skill and imagination to explorenew ideas and new technology.Scrabble Club Open to all years. Come andchallenge yourself and others in a world of words.Are you a word genius, tactical and cunning player?Compete against other Houses and schools.Speedcubing Club Speed cubing means solving theRubik’s cube as quickly as possible. Impress yourfriends, break the ice at parties or simply improveyour dexterity and speed of thought. We don’t justsolve the 3x3x3 cube, we also solve the 2x2x2,pyraminx, megaminx and 4x4x4.Textiles Club A small, relaxed and friendly gatheringof crafty students who wish to further develop andenrich their textiles skills. Past projects includemaking novelty products and fashion garments.Touch Typing Come along and learn to touch type.Speed up your independent study and get ahead inthe world of work. For motivated students who wantto improve their keyboard skills.

This booklet is designed to showcase some of the activities, clubs andsocieties on offer at St. Bart’s. It does not represent a comprehensive list.More information can be discovered at the Societies Fair at the start ofAutumn term, through information on the website and via morning Barts School10THE RADLEIAN

Senior Jazz Combo Wild and unpredictable band of senior musicians in years 10 to 13 for whom anything goes! (Grade 5 with a focus on improvisation). Senior Vocal Group Run by 6th form students for 6th form students, this is an acappella group of mixed voices with high standards of singing. St Bartholomew’s School Orchestra (SBSO) All instrumentalists are expected to perform in the school .

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