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Difficulty LevelsGCE 2000GCE 2008AS/A2 Music2009

IntroductionDifficulty LevelsThis guide is provided as an aid for checking grade levels of some of the more popularpieces likely to be offered on the most common instruments. Where an instrument is notcovered by this list, examiners are advised to have at their disposal copies of recentgraded exam syllabuses for easy reference. Many of the graded syllabuses are availableby consulting the exam boards’ websites. The inclusion of any pieces on the following listsis for grading purposes only. Where a piece exists on the lists of more than one examboard, the higher or highest grade is that which Edexcel will accept for the GCE AS level/Alevel Music exams.Difficulty Level codesE (easy)S (standard)MD (more difficult)H (higher).The first three of these apply to the ‘old’ Curriculum 2000 specification.The second, third and fourth apply to the ‘new’ GCE 2008 specification.The final mark achieved by a candidate in both specifications is dependent upon thedifficulty of the piece(s) offered.Performances at E, MD or H level are scaled according to the grids found in thespecifications and Instructions for Examiners.For the ‘new’ AS level (6MU01), as for the ‘old’ unit 6701, the standard (S) level of difficultyis Grade 5.For GCE 2000 (Old Specification) the following will apply:Grade 4 E level Grade 5 S level Grade 6 (and above) MD levelFor GCE 2008 (New Specification) the following will apply:Grade 5 S level Grade 6 MD level Grade 7 (and above) H level(Pieces at Grade 4 or below will not allow candidates to access the highest mark bands:see Specification, p. 22, under ‘Difficulty of Pieces’).For the ‘new’ A2 level (6MU04), as for the ‘old’ 6704/42 and 6705/52, the standard (S)level of difficulty is Grade 6.For GCE 2000 (Old Specification) the following will apply:Grade 5 E level Grade 6 S level Grade 7 (and above) MD levelEnsemble and improvised performancesExaminers should compare the technical and musical demands of the part played by thecandidate in relation to solo pieces in the Difficulty Level Book.

inet87Saxophone103Trumpet123Voice134Guitar (Classical)189Guitar (Popular)200Percussion203

PianoAbsilHumoresque Op 126 No 37AlbenizCastilla 7th Mvt from Suite espagnole Op.478AlbenizCordoba8AlbenizRumores de la caleta Op.71 No.68AlbenizTango Op 165/26AlbergaIf the Silver Bird could speak (Spectrum)8AlbergaOnly a wish away4AlcockGavotte from Suite No 2 in B flat4AlkanLes regrets de la nonnette6Anderson AA Story Untold6Andersson & UlvaeusThank you for the Music6AnonAllegro moderato in F: L Mozart Nannerl-Notenbuch No 325AnonMarch in E flat BWVAnh 127 (Anna Magd. Bach Bk 1725)4ArenskyImpromptu No.1 from Quatre morceaux Op.258ArndtNola5ArneSonata in A 1st mvt Allegro6ArneSonata No 1 in F 1st mvt6ArneSonata No 6 in G Presto4ArneSonata No.2 in E minor 1st mvt Andante6Arnold MSonata (complete)8Arnold, MThe Buccaneer Op.366AttwoodSonatina No 2 in C 2nd mvt Minuetto & 3 variations4Bach CPEAllegro in A H338, Wq 116/167Bach CPESolfeggietto in C minor6Bach CPESolo per il Cembalo in Eb H166Bach CPESonata Fm 1st mvt Wq 63/66Bach CPESonata in A H18b Wq 55/4 1st mvt Allegro assai8Bach CPESonata in Ab Wq49/2 1st mvt Un poco allegro8Bach CPESonata in Cm Wq60 1st mvt Allegretto7Bach CPESonata in F minor H173 Allegro assai8Bach CPESonata in Gm Wq 62/18 3rd mvt7Bach JCSonata in D Op 5/2 Minuetto5Bach JCFAllegretto in F from 'Musical Leisure Hours'5Bach JCFAllegro in Dm from 'Musical Leisure Hours'6Bach JCFAllegro in E flat from 'Musical Leisure Hours'5Bach JCFAngloise in D No.164Bach JCFPolonaise4Bach JCFSonata in E flat 3rd mvt Allegro7Bach JCFSonata No.6 in Eb 3rd mvt Allegro assai7Bach JSBourree 1 BWV 8314Bach JSDuetto No.3 in G BWV 80481

Bach JSEnglish Suite No 2 in Am BWV 807 Courante7Bach JSEnglish Suite No 2 in Am BWV807 2nd mvt Allemande7Bach JSEnglish Suite No 3 in Gm BWV 808 Allemande7Bach JSEnglish Suite No 3 in Gm BWV 808 Allemande and Courante8Bach JSFantasia and Fughetta in B flat BWV 907 Fantasia ONLY6Bach JSFantasie in Cm BWV 9068Bach JSFrench Suite No 2 in Cm BWV 813 5th mvt Menuet4Bach JSFrench Suite No 2 in Cm BWV 813 Sarabande6Bach JSFrench Suite No 3 in Bm BWV 814 Gigue7Bach JSFrench Suite No 6 in E BWV 817 7th & 8th mvts8Bach JSFrench Suite No 6 in E BWV 817 Allemande7Bach JSFrench Suite No 6 in E BWV 817 Gigue8Bach JSFrench Suite No 6 in E BWV 817 Polonaise4Bach JSFrench Suite No.3 in Bm Allemande6Bach JSGoldberg Variations Aria and 1st variation8Bach JSItalian Concerto 1st mvt8Bach JSItalian Concerto 3rd mvt Presto8Bach JSLittle Prelude in Dm BWV 9405Bach JSLittle Prelude in No 4 in D BWV 9366Bach JSOverture in F BWV 820:5 Bourree4Bach JSPartita No 1 in B flat BWV 825 Praeludium and Giga8Bach JSPartita No 2 in C minor BWV 826 Sarabande and Rondeaux8Bach JSPartita No 4 in D BWV 828 Allemande8Bach JSPartita No 5 in G 3rd Mvt Corrente7Bach JSPartita No 6 in Em BWV 830 Air5Bach JSPartita No.2 in C minor Sinfonia BWV 8268Bach JSPraeludium in G (Little Preludes and Fugues BWV 902)8Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in A minor BWV 8898Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in A WTC Bk 2 No 198Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in Ab BWV 862 No.178Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in Am WTC Bk 1 No 20 Prelude ONLY7Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in B flat WTC Bk 1 No 218Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in C WTC Bk I No 1 Prelude ONLY5Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in Cm WTC Bk 1 No 28Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in D WTC Bk 1 No 58Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in Dm WTC Bk 2 No 68Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in E flat WTC Bk 2 No 88Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in Em WTC Bk 1 No 10 Prelude ONLY7Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in F minor BWV 8818Bach JSPrelude and Fugue in G WTC Bk 2 No 158Bach JSPrelude in Dm BWV 9355Bach JSPrelude in F BWV 92742

Bach JSPrelude in G BWV 860 No.157Bach JSPrelude No.4 in A minor BWV 9425Bach JSSinfonia No 13 in Am BWV 7996Bach JSSinfonia No 3 in D BWV 7897Bach JSSonata in D minor BWV 964 3rd mvt Andante5Bach JSTwo-part Invention No 1 in C BWV 7724Bach JSTwo-part Invention No 15 in B minor BWV 7866Bach JSTwo-part Invention No 4 in Dm BWV 7755Bach JSTwo-part Invention No 8 in F BWV 7795Bach WFPolonaise No.5 in Eb7BacharachRaindrops keep falling on my Head4BadingsRondo-Finale from Reihe kleine Klavierstucke6BadingsScherzo Pastorale from Reihe kleine Klavierstucke5BainesWater Pearls7BallDance Music5Ball, MichaelEasy Music from Miriam's Music5BarberExcursion Op 20 No 28Barnett, ChrisOde to a Princess8BartokAn Evening in the Country 10 Easy Pieces No 55BartokDance in Bulgarian Rhythm No 5 (Mikrokosmos No 152)8BartokFor Children Vol 1 No 12 (Allegro)4BartokFrom the Diary of a Fly (Mikrokosmos No 142)8BartokHarmonics (Mikrokosmos No 102)5BartokHommage a JSB (Mikrokosmos)4BartokJack in the box (Merry Andrew) No.139 Mikrokosmos7BartokJeering Song (For Children Vol 1 No 32)4BartokMelody in the mist (No.107 from Mikrokosmos)4BartokRoumanian Folk Dance No 1 Joc cu bata6BartokRoumanian Folk Dance No 45BartokSonatina 1st mvt, Bagpipers7BartokSuite Op 14 1st mvt Allegretto8BartokSuite Op.14 Sostenuto (4th Mvt)7BartokSonatina 3rd Mvt Finale7BartokTanz aus Butschum4BartokVillage Joke Mikrokosmos No 1306Batchelor, ChrisChops5Batchelor, ChrisHeading Home4Batchelor, ChrisSo Long5Beale, CharlesOscar's Boogaloo4Beale, CharlesShh!4BecvarovskyPolonaise6BecvarovskyTheme and 3 Variations63

Bedford, DavidSunset over Stac Pollaidh4BeethovenAllegretto in Cm WoO 537BeethovenAllemande in A WoO 814BeethovenBagatelle in C Op 33/27BeethovenBagatelle in F Op 33/35BeethovenBagatelle in Gm Op119/15BeethovenMenuetto4BeethovenRondo in A WoO 497BeethovenRondo in C Op 51/18BeethovenRondo in G Op 51/28BeethovenSonata in A flat Op 26 !st mvt8BeethovenSonata in B flat Op 22 Minuet & Trio7BeethovenSonata in C minor Op.10 No.1 3rd mvt Finale8BeethovenSonata in C sharp minor Op 27/2 1st mvt 'Moonlight'6BeethovenSonata in C WoO 51 2nd mvt Adagio6BeethovenSonata in Cm Op 10/1 1st mvt8BeethovenSonata in D Op 10/3 1st mvt Presto8BeethovenSonata in D Op 28 1st mvt8BeethovenSonata in E flat Op 31/3 Minuet & Trio7BeethovenSonata in E minor Op.90 1st Mvt8BeethovenSonata in E Op 14/1 1st mvt Allegro8BeethovenSonata in E Op.14 No.1 1st mvt Allegro8BeethovenSonata in Eb Op.7 3rd Mvt Allegro7BeethovenSonata in F minor 1st Mvt Larghetto - Allegro (WoO47 No.2)6BeethovenSonata in F minor Op 2/1 Ist mvt Allegro8Beethoven8BeethovenSonata in F Op 10/2 1st mvt AllegroSonata in F# Op.78 1st Mvt Adagio cantabile - Allegro manon troppoBeethovenSonata in G Op.31 No.1 1st Mvt Allegro vivace8BeethovenSonata in G Op 14/2 1st mvt Allegro8BeethovenSonata in G Op.79 1st Mvt Presto alla tedesca8BeethovenSonata in Gm Op 49/1 2nd mvt7BeethovenSonatina in E flat WoO 47/1 1st mvt7BeethovenSonatina in F 2nd Mvt Rondo4BeethovenSonatina in F 2nd mvt4BeethovenSonatina in G Op 79 3rd mvt Vivace7BeethovenSymphony No.1 4th mvt (arr. Gritton)4BeethovenVariations in F Op 348BendaPresto (from Sonata in A Minor)4BendaSonatina in Am4BendaSonatina in B flat6BendaSonatina in Gm5BendaSonata in G 3rd mvt Allegro assai448

Bennett RRFour Calling Birds6Bennett RRDiversion No.55Bennett RRDiversions No 25Bennett RRDiversions No 34Bennett RREight maids-a-milking6Bennett RRTaking a line for a walk6Beresford, SteveFred's Rose6BerkeleyFive Short Pieces No 2: Allegro moderato7BerkeleyFive Short Pieces No 3: Moderato6BerkeleyNo 1 from Six Preludes Op 238BerkeleyNo 3 from Six Preludes Op 238BerkeleyNo 4 from Six Preludes Op 236BerkeleyNo 5 from Six Preludes Op 238BerkeleyNo 6 from Six Preludes Op 236BernsteinFor Helen Coates 19/7/1899 from Four Anniversaries7BernsteinFor Johnny Mehegan7BernsteinSomewhere6Berry arr LittonChristopher Columbus5BertiniStudy in Em4BjelinskiAlarm (from On the great liner)4BlacherWhat about this, Mr Clementi?7BlochDream (No.10 from 'Enfantines'5BlochWaves no 1 from Poems of the Sea8BlumenfeldBerceuse Op 23/38BodorovaCarousel7BonsorFeelin' good6BonsorWillie Wagglestick's Walkabout7Borisova-Ollas, VSilent Island5BorodinIntermezzo Op1/26BortkiewiczPrelude Op.13 No.18BourgeoisMarch of the Kilobytes8Boutry RLe Voleur d'Etincelles 3rd mvt Allegro vivace7BowenReverie8BoyleAiken Drum4BrahmsBallade in D minor Op 10/18BrahmsCapriccio in Bm Op 76/28BrahmsCapriccio in F sharp minor Op 76/18BrahmsIntermezzo in Am Op 76/78BrahmsIntermezzo in B flat Op76/48BrahmsIntermezzo in Bm Op 119/18BrahmsIntermezzo in E (Adagio) Op.116 No.48BrahmsIntermezzo in E flat Op 117/185

BrahmsIntermezzo in E Op 116/68BrahmsRomanze Op118/58BrahmsWaltz in A flat Op 39/156BrahmsWaltz in Bm Op 39/116BrahmsWaltz in Dm Op 39/95BrahmsWaltz in E Op 39/126BridgeImpromptu 2nd Mvt from Miniature suite6BridgeMiniature Pastorales Set 3 No 26BridgeNo 8 from 9 Miniature Pastorales6BridgeRosemary8BridgeMiniature Pastorales Set 1 No 24BrittenCharacter Piece No 2 Daphne8BrubeckDad plays the Harmonica8BruchKlavierstuck in Dm Op 12/46BruchSwedish Dance in Fm Op.63 No.87BullAlman6BurgmullerBallade in Cm Op 1004BurgmullerBallade Op 100/154BurgmullerBarcarolle from 25 Easy & Progressive Studies Op 1004BurgmullerCloche des matines6BurgmullerGondolier's Song Op.109 No.146BurgmullerLa Tarentelle Op.1005BurgmullerOrage Op 109/136BurgmullerThe Knight Errant5BurgmullerL'hirondelle Op.100 No.245BusoniEtude Op 16/38CageTwo pieces for piano c1935 I slowly;II quite fast8CamilleriBanyoro Celebration from Little Africa Suite6CamilleriShadows of Silence5CarmichaelOne morning in May6Carmichael & ArodinUp a lazy River (arr Myhill)4CarrollThe Reef4CasanovasSonata in F6CasellaBolero (from 11 Pezzi Infantil)5CasellaGalop final5CashianLandscape8CashianSlow moon4ChabrierIdylle (No 6 from 10 Pieces Pittoresques)8Chaplin, CharlesSmile6ChappleThe Blue Pool5ChappleLazy Days from 'Lazy Days'4ChappleWashtub Rag from On the Cool Side56

ChavezMeditacion (1918)8ChilcotJigg from Suite No 36ChopinCantabile in B flat6ChopinEtude in A flat8ChopinImpromptu in A flat op 298ChopinMazurka in A minor Op.7 No.27ChopinMazurka in Bb Op.7 No.17ChopinMazurka in C sharp minor Op 30/48ChopinMazurka in Fm Op 63/27ChopinMazurka in Gm Op 67/26ChopinModerato6ChopinNocturne in E Op 62/28ChopinNocturne in Em Op 72/18ChopinNocturne in Fm Op.55 No.18ChopinPolonaise in C Minor Op.40 No.28ChopinPrelude in A flat Op 28/178ChopinPrelude in Bm Op 28/67ChopinPrelude in C sharp min Op 458ChopinPrelude in D flat Op 28/15 Raindrop7ChopinTrois Nouvelles Etudes No 3 in A flat8ChopinWaltz ('Sostenuto') in E flat5ChopinWaltz in A flat Op 69/17ChopinWaltz in A flat Op 70/27ChopinWaltz in Em Op posth8CimarosaSonata in B flat6CimarosaSonata in G C344CimarosaSonata in Gm4CimarosaSonata in D minor No.258ClementiAllegro assai (from Sonata in G - 2nd Mvt) WO 147ClementiSonata in E flat Op 11 1st mvt7ClementiSonata in F Op 4/6 1st mvt5ClementiSonata in F sharp minor Op 26/2 complete8ClementiSonata in G Op.37 No.2 1st Mvt Allegro8ClementiSonata in Gm Op.7 No.3 1st Mvt (Allegro con spirito)8ClementiSonatina in C Op.36 No.3 (3rd Mvt) Allegro5ClementiSonatina in D Op 36/66ClementiSonatina in D Op 36/6 1st mvt Allegro con spirito6ClementiSonatina in F Op 36/4 3rd mvt Allegro vivace5ClementiSonatina in F Op 36/4 Allegro con spirito4ClementiSonatina in G Op 36/2 1st mvt Allegretto4ClementiSonatina Op 36/6 2nd mvt Allegro spiritoso6ClementiSonata in Bb Op.24 No.2 1st mvt Allegro con brio87

ClementiSonatina in D Op.36 No.6 2nd mvt Rondo6ColeValse melancolique4CookeSarabande from Suite in C7CoplandJazzy (Three Moods No.3)8CoplandMazurka humoristique8CoplandPiano Blues no 38CoplandSentimental Melody (Slow Dance)7CoplandThree Moods8CoplandFour Piano Blues No.28CoreaReverie6CoreaWhere have I known you before7CornickBossa nova - Easy Jazzy Piano No 45CornickEspagnol5CornickHoneysuckle Rag4CornickModulations6CornickIn the groove5CornickTwo-part Invention4CornickWaltz5Cory, GeorgeI left my Heart in San Francisco5CosentinoA la memoria de Astor5CouperinLes Roseaux7Couperin FLa Lutine from Pieces de Clavecin Bk 1 Ordre 36Couperin FLes petits moulins a vent6Couperin FLes petits moulins a vent6CramerStudy No 83 (from Op 100)7CzernyEtude in Am Op 740/318CzernyEtude in Am Op 740/418CzernyEtude in Dm Op 740/377DaquinLa Melodieuse4DaquinLe Coucou7Davies PMChoppy Seas4Davies PMFarewell to Stromness6Davis arr MichaelAll Blues5Davis arr MichaelFreddie Freeloader4de SennevilleBallade pour Adeline5DebussyArabesque No 1 in E8DebussyArabesque No.2 in G8DebussyBruyeres (Preludes Bk 2)8DebussyClair de Lune8DebussyDr Gradus ad Parnassum (Children's Corner)8DebussyGeneral Lavine - eccentric (Preludes Bk 2 No 6)8DebussyGolliwog's Cakewalk (Children's Corner)88

DebussyLa Serenade interrompue (Preludes Book 1 No.9)8DebussyLe petit negre5DebussyLes collines d'Anacapri (Preludes Bk 1)8DebussyLes tierces alternees (Preludes Bk 2)8DebussyMinstrels8DebussyPage d'album6DebussyPour les huit doigts (Etudes Bk 1)8DebussyReverie8DebussyThe Little Shepherd (Children's Corner)7DeliusToccata8DeliusPrelude No 27Dello JoloPrayer of the matador6DespicFanfare Op43a5Dett, R.NathanielHoney7DiabelliSonatina in F Op 168 No 1 Rondo5Diamond, NeilYou don't bring me Flowers8DickinsonWild Rose Rag6DieupartGigue from Suite No 5 in F5DohnanyiCanzonetta Op 41/36DohnanyiImpromptu No1 from 6 Piano Pieces Op 418DohnanyiNo 5 from Seven Pieces for Piano Op 32a8Dorham arr HarveyBlue Bossa5Draper, ArtCheese Cake Walk5Dun, TanStaccato Beans5DunhillStudy in F Op 74 No 24DusekPresto from Sonata in Bb5DussekSonata in F 2nd mvt6DussekSonatina in A 1st mvt Moderato6DussekSonatina in Eb Op.19 No.6 1st mvt Allegro6DvorakGrandpa dances with Grandma No 2 from 2 Little Pearls5DvorakIn the Old Castle (Poetic Tone Pictures Op 85)8DvorakPlauderei (Poetic Tone Pictures Op 85 No 13)8Eacott, JohnBozo's Dead3East, HaroldPastime Present No 45EdwardsLento: No 4 from Five Little Piano Pieces4Edwards, MichaelOnce in a while7ElgarGriffinesque5ElgarMay Song6Elias, BrianMoto perpetuo8EllingtonSophisticated Lady7Ellington & StrayhornSatin Doll5EsplaCancion de cuna69

EvansTime Remembered7Evans arr Iles34Skidoo5FarquharStory6FaureBarcarolle No 3 in G flat8FaureBarcarolle No.4 in Ab Op.448FaureFugue in Em Op 84/68FaureImprovisation from Huit pieces breves Op 84/58FaureNocturne in D flat8FaurePrelude in Cm Op 103/88FaurePrelude in Gm Op 103/38FaureAndante moderato Op.84 No.57FaureRomance sans Paroles in A flat Op 17/37FergusonNo 2 from Five Bagatelles7FieldNocturne No 13 in Dm H596FieldNocturne No 18 in F6FieldNocturne No 4 in A8FieldSehnsuchts-Walzer7FieldNocturne No 5 in B flat Op 377FitkinSAZZ5FranckLittle Piece (Poco allegro) in C sharp minor from L'Organiste5FranckLento in C# minor5FriexanetSonata in A6GadeBoys' Merry-go-round (Ringletanz)5GaluppiAdagio5GarnerMisty (Cocktail Bar Piano Solos)6Gavin, AlastairEverybody Shout3Gavin, AlastairManhattan6Gavin, AlastairTenderness4Gee, JonathanM.B.G8GershwinBut not for me6GershwinFascinating Rhythm7GershwinI got plenty o' nuttin' arr Beale5GershwinI got Rhythm8GershwinLiza8GershwinPrelude No 18GershwinPrelude No 28GershwinSummertime6GershwinThe Man I love8GillockMister Trumpet Man5GillockNew Orleans Nightfall5GinasteraDanza del viejo boyero7GinasteraSuite de Danzas Criollas410

GlasserTrembling Leaves6GliereEsquisse No.107GliereMazurka6GliereMorning from 8 Easy Pieces Op 435GliereRondo Op 43/65GliereSketch (Esquisse) in D5GliereSketch in D sharp min Op 47/27GliereSketch in Fm Op 47/77GliereSong Op 34/94GlierePrelude in Db Op.436GodardFirst sorrow, No 6 - Studies for Children Op 149 Book 14GoedikeMiniature Op 8/105GoossensOld Musical Box (from Kaleidoscope)6Gould JStamp!7GounodPrelude in Cm6Grace NJScottish Seafarer4Grace NJTraffic Jam6GranadosDanza de la Rosa (Escenas Poeticas No 3)7GranadosDedicatoria No 1 from Cuentos de la Juventud4GranadosEl fantasma (The Ghost)4GranadosThe Evening Bell from 'Bocetos'4GranadosThe Orphan Girl5GranadosVals poetico No 6 in Fsharp minor6GranadosVals poetico No.56Greaves TBaa,Baa, Blue Sheep's Waltz (More Swinging Rhymes No 5)4GrechaninovMy Pony4GreenidgeIce Cream Waltz4GregsonSix little piano pieces No.68GriegAn den Fruhling (To Spring) Lyric Pieces Op 43/68GriegArietta (Lyric Pieces Op 12/1)5GriegButterfly Op.43 No.17GriegCattle-Call Op.664GriegEinsamer Wanderer Op.43 no.26GriegElfin Dance Op 12/4 from Lyric Pieces5GriegErotik (Lyric Pieces Op 43/5)8GriegMelody (Lyric Pieces Book 2 Op 38/3)7GriegNocturne Op.54 No.48GriegPeasant's Song (Lyric Pieces Op 65/2)6GriegPoetic Tone-Picture Op 3/16GriegPopular Melody (Lyric Pieces Op 12)5GriegPuck (Lyric Pieces Op 71 No 3)7GriegSarabande (Holberg Suite)711

GriegNorwegian Air Op.12 No.65GriegSmafugl Op 43/44GriegSonata in Em Op 7 1st mvt8GriegSonata in Em Op 7 2nd mvt Andante molto8GriegVoglein (Little Bird) Op 43/47GriegWaltz (No.2 from Lyric Pieces)4GriegWatchman's Song (Lyric Pieces Op 12/3)4GriffithsInvention in G5GrondahlSommervise7GrovlezChanson de l'escarpolette7GrovlezLa Sarabande7GrovlezLe Pastour5GrovlezPepita5GrovlezLa Sarabande No.3 from L'almanach7GuilfoyleDownstream5GurlittAllegretto; No 3 from 'Kleine Blumen' Op 2054GurlittAndantino con moto Op.2054HakimDumia7HamiltonNo 1 from 3 Pieces for Piano Op 307HamiltonSpring Fountain no 7 (from a Book of Watercolours)8Hamilton IPlaying with my dog6Hammond, HeatherOn the Swing4HandelAir in F HWV 464 (Water Music)5HandelAllegretto4HandelAllegro in D minor HWV 4757HandelAllegro in F6HandelAllegro in F HWV 4884HandelAllemande (from Suite No.8 in G)4HandelConcerto HWV 487 Ist mvt6HandelCourante in F4HandelFantasia in C HWV 4907HandelFugue No 1 in G minor HWV 6058HandelFugue No 3 in B flat HWV 6078HandelFugue No.6 in C minor8HandelGigue4HandelGigue Suite No.4 in Em HWV 4296HandelGigue (from Suite No.7 in G minor)5HandelPrelude and Allegro8HandelPrelude and Gigue (from Suite No.6 in F#m)8HandelSonatina in B flat HWV5854HandelSonatina in Dm HWV 5817HandelSuite in D minor HWV 448 1st mvt Ouverture512

HandelSuite in Gm HWV 452 4th mvt Gigue4HandelSuite No 1 in B flat (1727) HWV 434/4: Minuet in Gm5HandelSuite No 12 in Em: Gigue8HandelSuite No 16 in Gm: Allemande6HandelSuite No 2 in F HWV 427 Adagio (iii) and Fuga (iv)8HandelSuite No 3 in Dm HWV 428 mvts 1&2 Prelude & (Fuga) Allegro8HandelSuite No 4 in Em Sarabande and Gigue8HandelSuite No 7: Allegro7HandelSuite No 8 in Fm (1720) HWV433 3rd mvt7HandelSuite No 8: Allegro in G B244HandelSuite No.2 in F Allegro 2nd Mvt HWV 4277HandelSuite No.8 in F minor HWV 433 Prelude and Fuga8HandelToccata in Gm HWV 5865Harvey PRumba Toccata6HasslerAllegro in E Op.384HasslerSonata No.6 in C Presto 2nd Mvt7HaughtonBaroque and Roll4HaughtonFreeway (No.1 from Rhythm and Rag)4Haughton AYou and Me (Rhythm & Rag No 16)4Haughton, AlanStephanie's Song4HaydnAdagio in F Hob XVII:95HaydnAllegro in F4HaydnFinale (Presto) (from Sonata in Ab) Hob XVI/467HaydnSonata in A (3rd Mvt Finale)4HaydnSonata in A flat Hob XVI/46 1st mvt Allegro moderato8HaydnSonata in A Hob XVI/26 !st mvt8HaydnSonata in A Hob XVI/26 Presto4HaydnSonata in A Hob XVI/5 !st mvt Allegro8HaydnSonata in Ab Hob. XVI/43 3rd mvt Rondo8HaydnSonata in B flat Hob XV1/2 1st mvt Moderato7HaydnSonata in Bb Hob XVI/41 2nd mvt Allegro di molto7HaydnSonata in Bm Hob XVI/32 1st mvt7HaydnSonata in C Hob. XVI/50 1st Mvt Allegro8HaydnSonata in C Hob XVI/50 3rd mvt7HaydnSonata in C minor Hob XV1/20 1st mvt Allegro moderato8HaydnSonata in C sharp minor HobXVI/36 1st mvt Moderato8HaydnSonata in D Hob XV1/24 1st Mvt Allegro8HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/19 complete8HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/19 Finale7HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/24 Finale7HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/37 1st mvt Allegro con brio8HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/37 Finale513

HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/42 complete8HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/51 1st mvt8HaydnSonata in D Hob XVI/51 2nd mvt Finale/Presto7HaydnSonata in E flat Hob XVI/45 1st mvt8HaydnSonata in E flat Hob XVI/49 1st mvt8HaydnSonata in E Hob.XVI/31 1st Mvt Moderato7HaydnSonata in Eb Hob XV1/49 1st Mvt Allegro8HaydnSonata in Eb Hob XV1/52 1st Mvt Allegro8HaydnSonata in Em (early version of Hob XVI/47) 2nd mvt Allegro6HaydnSonata in Em Hob XVI/34 1st mvt Presto8HaydnSonata in G Hob XVI/3 Finale Allegro molto7HaydnSonata in G Hob XVI/8 Allegro4HaydnSonata in G Hob XVI/G1 1st mvt6HaydnVivace assai No.11 from12 petites pieces5HeadingtonPrelude No 27Hebb, BobbySunny5Hedges ANo 1 from Five Concert Pieces5HellerEtude in A Op 45 No 137HellerEtude in F Op 47/95HellerPrelude in C#m Op.81 No.106HellerPrelude in Dm Op 119/174HellerPrelude No.28 (Op. 119)4HellerSong without words Op.120 No.16HellerStudy in A minor Op.45 No.24HellerStudy in Ab Op.47 No.235HellerStudy in B flat4HellerStudy in D: No 12 from 25 Studies Op 474HellerWaltz in F Op 97/14HellerStudy in A minor Op.47 No.174HengeveldA Quite Unusual Rhythm from 13 Easy Improvisations4HengeveldPrelude from Partita Rhythmique7Herschel HillBurlesque5Herschel HillCastles in the Air from Mixed Bag5HindemithFoxtrot (Dance of the wooden Dolls)8HindemithFuga 9 in B flat and following Interludium (Ludus Tonalis)8HindemithInterludium (P 35) and Fuga 8 in D (Ludus Tonalis)8HindemithInterludium (p45) and Fuga 10 in D flat from Ludus Tonalis8HindemithInterludium and Fugue No.6 in Eb8HindemithLudus Tonalis Praeludium8HindemithInterludium and Fugue in G8HindemithMarch from Wir bauen eine Stadt4HoddinottLizard514

HoddinottLeapfrog4HofmannAm Abend Op 88/25HofmannElegie Op 77/25HofmannScherzo Op.774HofmannLandler Op.77 No.35HoldA New Dance4HolstThe Shoemakker Op 46/25HookAir No.17 Op.374HookSonatina in E Op.12 No.12 Rondo5HowellsA Sailor Tune5HummelGigue5HummelRomance in G: No 4 from Six very easy Pieces Op 524HummelScherzo4HummelScherzo in A (No.45 from Anweisung)5HummelSonata in E flat Op 13 1st mvt8HummelRondo in Eb Op.118HummelAllegro in C Op.52 No.25HurdNo V from Five Preludes4IbertA Giddy Girl6IbertHistoires for Piano No 28IbertLa machine a coudre4IbertLe petit ane blanc7IbertSerenade sur l'eau (from Petite Suite in 15 Images)4Iles, NikkiLemon Cornette5IlyinskyBerceuse from Noure and Anitra Suite7Ingman, NickBy e Cherry Tree from Greenways8IrelandMonth's Mind8JacksonOctober Monody5Jackson, GabrielMemorial Blues (for Phyllis Hyman)7Jacques MJelly Baby Jazz from A Bag of Sweets5James, Ellington, et alI'm beginning to see the light (arr Garrick)4JanacekA Blown-away leaf from On an Overgrown Path7JanacekIn the Mist No 1 Andante8JanacekIn the Mist No 38JanacekOur Evenings7Jarre, MauriceLara's Theme7Jarrett, PeterTomorrow (Jazz and Blues for Piano)5JobimGirl from Ipanema8John, EltonSong for Guy715

Johnston, ArthurPennies from Heaven7JonesGiga from Suite No 1 in Dm5Jones, RichardSuite No.4 in A minor 5th mvt Giga5JoplinMagnetic Rag7JoplinMaple Leaf Rag8Joplin arr PriestleyOriginal Rags4KabalevskyA Short Story Op 274KabalevskyDance (No.27 Op.27)4KabalevskyEtude in Am Op 27/86KabalevskyMar

Bach JS Italian Concerto 1st mvt 8 Bach JS Italian Concerto 3rd mvt Presto 8 Bach JS Little Prelude in Dm BWV 940 5 Bach JS Little Prelude in No 4 in D BWV 936 6 Bach JS Overture in F BWV 820:5 Bourree 4 Bach JS Partita No 1 in B flat BWV 825 Praeludium and Giga 8 Bach JS

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3. Choose difficulty level. There are four levels of difficulty in Arkham Horror: The Card Game: Easy, Standard, Hard, and Expert. The players decide which difficulty best suits their group, and they keep this difficulty for the duration of the campaign. 4

2016 national curriculum tests Key stage 2 [BLANK PAGE] This page is intentionally blank. Contents Booklet 2B 3 Booklet 5B 15 Booklet 8C 31 Booklet 9C 47 Booklet 12P 63 Booklet 14P 75. Sene n Bet 2B First name Middle name Last name Date of birth Day Month Year School name 2016 national urriculum ets Key e 2 53208. ST002B June16. 3. Page . 02 of .

Difficulty completing work Difficulty with reading Poor retention of material Difficulty following written directions Difficulty following oral . TAKS Tutorials Neuhaus Other: . for reading readiness activities. 6. Listens to a movie or other audio -

Hearing: Are you deaf or do you have serious difficulty hearing? Vision: Are you blind or do you have serious difficulty seeing, even when wearing glasses? Cognitive: Because of a physical, mental, or emotional condition, do you have serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions? Mobility: Do you have serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs?

Proficiency bands Following the introduction to the language element, learning sequences with targeted strategies are provided for 4 proficiency bands: LEAP Levels 1-4 and leaping to levels 5-6 LEAP Levels 5-6 leaping to levels 7-9 LEAP Levels 7-9 leaping to levels 10-12 LEAP Levels 10-12 leaping to levels 13-14.

GCSE GEOGRAPHY B B561/01/02/RB Sustainable Decision Making Exercise (SDME) (Foundation and Higher Tier) RESOURCE BOOKLET *5097762890* INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES † This Resource Booklet contains resources for B561/01 and B561/02. The questions tell you which resource(s) you need to use. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES

this booklet contains important information installer: use the information in this booklet to install the appliance and affix this booklet adjacent to the appliance after installation. user: keep this booklet of information for future reference.

The asset management plan also includes: clear links to (or incorporates) the organisation’s capital/procurement plan long-term (5-10 years) needs based on the direction of travel for the organisation the gap between the current and future asset base, and the way this will be addressed in the form of asset acquisitions and disposals, by each asset category plans for .