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Contents1Making a DifferenceHighlights of Giving andSupport in Fiscal Year 20182 Sources of Support2Successful Fundraising2Direct Aid to VMI2Aid to the Institute3Our Donors3 Endowment Support3Endowment by Type4Cadets Receiving ScholarshipSupport by Type4Scholarship Aid4Alumni Participation4Reunion CampaignsDonors5 Major DonorsAlumniFriendsOrganizations6 VMI Academic ExcellenceEndowmentFounding Four-Star BenefactorsFounding Three-Star PatronsFounding Two-Star Major DonorsAnnual Donors6 The Institute SocietyCharter MembersGeneral George C. Marshall OrderGeneral Francis Henney SmithOrderGeneral Scott Shipp OrderColonel J.T.L. Preston OrderGeneral Thomas J. Jackson OrderCadet John B. Strange Order13 VMI Keydet Club LeadershipFull Scholarship – Out of StateFull Scholarship – In StateFull ScholarshipSportsmenSpiritFlying SquadronLettermenBig Red18 Washington Arch SocietyNew CommitmentsRealized CommitmentsCurrent Commitments26 Parents, Faculty, Staff, and FriendsParents of Current CadetsParents of AlumniFaculty, Staff, and Friends 37 Organizations, Corporations,and Foundations38 Giving By ClassClass of 1921–202269 Consecutive Giving25 Years or More20 Years or More15 Years or More10 Years or More5 Years or More87 Memorial Gifts101 Matching Gifts104 Leadership and StaffsVMI Alumni AgenciesVMI Alumni AssociationVMI FoundationVMI Keydet ClubVirginia Military Institute

FISCAL YEAR 2018Making a DifferenceWhen people ask about fundraising at VMI, theyoften want to know about “the numbers.” After all,in our data-driven world, they assert, aren’t numbersenough? Don’t they tell the story?In fact, they do, and here they are. In Fiscal Year2018, alumni and friends gave 51 million in support ofthe Institute. Of this amount, 41 million was in cash,more than 5.1 million of which went to the AnnualGiving funds managed by the VMI Keydet Club andthe VMI Foundation. The rest of these donations— 10million—came in the form of commitments. Thesesummary numbers speak to the spirit of VMI that liveson in our loyal alumni, family, and friends.Indeed, the figures mentioned above and presentedin the next few pages are encouraging and illustratea crucial fact: That the current members of the VMIFamily are as resolute in their determination to providefinancial support to the Institute as their predecessorshave been. But the story they tell also is woefullyincomplete—charts and graphs fail to relate theprofound effects private support has at VMI.In the fall of 2018, just as classes were beginning andthe Institute was settling into the familiar rhythms ofan academic year, Brigadier General Dallas Clark ’99,the Institute’s Director of Finance, Administration andSupport, addressed the combined staffs of the VMIAlumni Agencies. He explained that, during the currentacademic year, the money provided to VMI fromalumni, parents, and friends would constitute almosta quarter of VMI’s operating revenues. He went on tosay that, although support from the Commonwealthof Virginia had increased in terms of dollars—rising4.1 percent—as it has for several years, private supportremains the second-largest source of income for VMI.He then challenged those in the audience to pauseand think. “Imagine for a moment,” he said, “a VMI thatdidn’t have this level of private support. A VMI withonly three-quarters of its current income. It would notbe a VMI any of us would recognize.”On its face, that’s a sobering thought. But itbecomes even more so if you think of VMI, not interms of buildings and balance sheets, but it in termsof our cadets. Think of the hundreds of cadets you seewhenever you’re on Post—maybe at a parade, playinga sport, or just walking up on the bricks from CrozetHall. And then consider how much their experiencesin the classroom, the Barracks, on the playing field, andeverywhere else would be diminished without privatemoney.But, we don’t need to imagine a diminished VMIbecause, for generations, alumni and friends have comeforward and made the gifts and commitments that haveimproved every aspect of the Institute and the amazingeducation it offers its cadets. Thanks to them, VMI’sacademic program is stronger than it has ever been andthe Institute can recognize and reward those dedicatedmembers of the faculty who excel in teaching andresearch. Their gifts and commitments make it possiblefor cadets to participate in intercollegiate athletics,study abroad, and take part in conferences and otheractivities that enrich their education. Finally, they makeit possible for VMI to sustain excellence in those thingsthat make it distinct from other colleges—its militaryenvironment, its co-curricular activities, and its focuson leadership development. Their generosity has givenVMI the means to become ever stronger and to look tothe future with an increased confidence in its ability topursue the mission given to it by its founders more than175 years ago.Most importantly, however, this support makes aprofound difference in the life of every young man andwoman in the Corps of Cadets. They will emerge fromfour years at the Institute as honorable, determined,and well-educated citizen-soldiers, who will have asprofound an effect on the future of our country. Andfor those who supported VMI in the past, those whoare listed in this document, and those who will do so infuture, that is an amazing legacy.1

VMI ALUMNI AGENCIES HONOR ROLL OF DONORSHighlights of Giving and Support in Fiscal Year 2018Cash GiftsSources of SupportSuccessful FundraisingThe Institute’s operating budget in Fiscal Year 2018totaled 88 million. The chart represents the sourcesof that revenue—and illustrates the critical nature ofprivate financial support to VMI.PledgesMore than 7,200alumni and friends made 51.1 millionin gifts and commitments. Their continuing generositywill help maintain progress in all aspects of VMI’sPlanned Giftsextraordinary education.4540(in millions of )35302520Tuition & Fees54.8%15Private Support23.2%10State Support17.1%54.8%0Other 41.0(80.2%) 3.8(7.4%)CashGiftsPledges 6.3(12.4%)PlannedGiftsDirect Aid to VMIProviding an extraordinary and effective education isexpensive. Thankfully, the VMI Alumni Agencies have beenable to provide generous direct aid to the millions of 25 15 19.6 19.5 20 20.5 19.1 17.6 10 5 0220142015201620172018Aid to the InstituteHere are some ways VMI used the moneythat the VMI Alumni Agencies provided it.Financial Aid 11,504,804Instructional Support 4,655,456Cadet Services 845,799Intercollegiate Athletics 690,031Leadership Programs 488,860VMI Museums 407,020Preston Library 135,323Faculty Support 784,220

FISCAL YEAR 2018Our DonorsThis year, a total of 6,572 alumni, friends, staff, faculty, and parents and 102 organizations supported theInstitute through the VMI Alumni Agencies. As is customary, the majority of donors were alumni, but nonalumni donors made up almost 30 percent of this year’s total.5000Alumni*—4,636 (69.5%)(number of donors)4000Friends**—1,027 (15.4%)Parents***—912 (13.6%)3000Organizations****—102 (1.5%)2000* Includes cadets** Includes faculty, staff, and alumni widows*** Parents of alumni and current cadets**** Includes matching gift companies10000Endowment SupportThanks to sound investment strategies and the consistentgenerosity of the VMI Family, the value of the endowmentsthat support the Institute has risen. Under the management ofVMI Investment Holdings, LLC, these endowments annuallygenerate tens of millions of dollars in support of Institute’sextraordinary education and provide millions of dollars inscholarship support to cadets and unrestricted funds.Endowment Value(in millions of ) 500 491.8 450 435.2 400 371.1 3502014 379.92015 381.920162017EndowmentBy TypeIn FY 2018, 1,053 endowmentsgenerated more than 21 million incritical support that helped youngpeople attend the Institute and enrichedevery aspect of the education theyreceived.AthleticsAthletic ScholarshipsCadet LifeFaculty & 43219220183

VMI ALUMNI AGENCIES HONOR ROLL OF DONORSCadets ReceivingScholarship SupportBy TypePrivate financial support helps young people realize theirdream of becoming a VMI cadet. In FY 2018, hundreds ofscholarships were awarded to cadets.350Athletic – 306Scholarship AidThe sustained generosity of alumni and friendshas streadily increased the amount of scholarshipaid to cadets over the past several years.(in millions of ) 15 11.5 10 7.6 9.2 9.320152016 9.8300Merit – 78 5(number of cadets)250Need based – 300200 0Non-need based – 25220142017201815010050Alumni ParticipationVMI’s alumni are widely renowned for theirsteadfast loyalty to the Institute and their consistentgenerosity to it. In Fiscal Year 2018, 4,202—or 28%—ofits 14,918 graduates made a gift or commitment to it.0Reunion CampaignsEvery fiscal year, the classes celebrating their 10th, 25th, and 50th Reunions concurrently conduct a Reunion Campaign. This year, theclasses observing these “milestone” reunions—the Class of 1968, the Class of 1992, and the Class of 2007—raised a grand total of 16.1million in gifts and commitments. The Class of 1992 and the Class of 2007 gave 1.8 million and 220,000 in gifts and commitments,respectively. The Class of 1968 (pictured below presenting the initial proceeds of their campaign to the Institute) donated more than 14million.4

FISCAL YEAR 2018DonorsMajor DonorsThe alumni, friends, and organizations listed below made major gifts and commitments in support of VMI in Fiscal Year 2018.The VMI Alumni Agencies thank them for their outstanding generosity to the Institute and its cadets, faculty, staff, and coaches.AlumniGerald J. Acuff Jr ’71G. Edgar Anderson Jr ’77Anonymous ’83Anonymous ’69George B. Ashby ’47Richard Y. AtLee ’66John B. Barefoot ’93T. Bryan Barton ’68William W. Berry ’54*Francis R. Boehling ’94William H. Bouck ’68Paul A. Bouis ’67Harry F. Byrd Jr ’35*Sean P. Cantrell ’88William H. Carter ’68Patrick Chang-Lo ’66William P. Cobb ’68Richard E. Collier ’57George J. Collins ’62Ralph L. Costen Jr ’70Steven C. Craddock ’70J. McNamara Curtis ’79Richard R. Daub ’69Richard H. Dean ’64Roy F. Dornsife Jr ’68Robert A. Earle Jr ’63Jones Felvey II ’50BAlbert E. Fiorini ’64Joseph N. Flanz ’69Ronald E. Gallagher ’68Louis C. Gapenski ’59*Stephen M. Goddard ’83Peter R. Goldman ’68Richard L. Goodall ’66Bruce C. Gottwald Sr ’54Bruce C. Gottwald Jr ’81Floyd D. Gottwald Jr ’43Thomas E. Gottwald ’83Walter H. Graham ’56Garland Gray II ’73Thomas F. Guthrie III ’71George A. Halages ’85Conrad M. Hall ’65Rick F. Hall ’79Sidney A. Hannah ’51Alan G. Harding ’68James E. Henry Jr ’68Donald B. Heslep ’56Richard F. Hewitt ’83John F. Hiner ’55John A. Horgan ’60Stephen E. Hupp ’84William T. Hupp ’77W.M. Jeffress Jr ’68Logan R. Jennings ’63Donald L. Jones ’64Thomas C. Jones ’69Walter T. Judd ’69John P. Jumper ’66John E. Kemper ’68James S. Key ’63Kyle F. Kiesau ’63Walter M. Kreitler ’80Robert P. Kyle ’67Albert L. Lahendro ’65Michael J. Lamore ’85W. Andrew Lawrence ’91Frank G. Louthan III ’66Charles S. Luck IV ’83Harlan R. Maass ’88Jonathan G. Manley ’92C. Douglas Marechal ’62Paul D.C. Marks Jr ’69St. Julien R. Marshall Jr ’51Pablo A. Martinez ’90F. Dixon McElwee Jr ’68John S. McEwan II ’65Peter M. Meredith Jr ’74Richard P. Meredith ’78David L. Miller ’70John C. Miller II ’61G. Gilmer Minor III ’63P. William Moore Jr ’63Richard P. Moring ’65Paul G. Munch ’70Albert M. Navas ’52Douglas A. Olson ’92Whitney H. Owens ’83William A. Paulette ’69Lewis F. Payne Jr ’67Walter C. Perrin II ’62Christopher M. Perry ’77Kenneth M. Perry ’53G.G. Phillips Jr ’60James S.C. Phlegar Jr ’67G.W. Piddington Jr ’68Otis R. Pool ’60Sol W. Rawls Jr ’40Tom Richardson ’67Thomas H. Ripley ’93W. Gregory Robertson ’65Lawrence M. Ryan ’68R.C. Saunders III ’66Thomas A. Saunders III ’58Michael A. Schlosser ’67Gordon A. Smith ’43Joe O. Smith ’68D. Scott Southall ’95Charles A. Sternberg ’93Thomas F. Talley ’90Robert G. Tanner ’69F. Spruill Thompson ’84Daniel P. Thornton ’78John B. Timmons ’68James P. Totten ’69Gary L. Trinkle ’74Robert C. Tripp ’52W. Robert Waldron ’68Robert Walker III ’65David L. Wallenborn ’77Eugene M. Warren ’83Thomas R. Watjen ’76Jay C. Wegrzyn ’66Richard H. Wells ’24N. Kirke White ’63Donald M. Wilkinson ’61G. Chandler Williams ’68Gordon E. Williams ’70T.W. Williamson Jr ’72Charles H. Wilson Jr ’81John W. Windle Jr ’54Melville G. Wright III ’67Joseph R. Wyatt III ’73Thomas Henry Zarges ’70Jeffrey A. Zeigler ’92* Gift realized through donor’s estate5

VMI ALUMNI AGENCIES HONOR ROLL OF DONORSFriendsAnonymousMr. & Mrs. Wilson BordenJohn R. & Carter A. BryanMr. & Mrs. Christopher BurkeMrs. John D. ChaplaWarren F. ChaunceyMr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell IIMrs. R.A. GuthansMr. & Mrs. Gerald L. HemptMrs. Edwin Y. HinesMrs. Mell J. Lacy JrE. Morgan MasseyMr. & Mrs. Dan P. QuinnMaury Shields & Joseph V. ShieldsMr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Slabaugh IIIOrganizationsDominion EnergyE. Stuart James Grant Charitable TrustThe Lee-Jackson EducationalFoundationLeona Mason TrustVMI Academic Excellence EndowmentThe VMI Academic Excellence Endowment was established to ensure that the Institute’s academic program will maintainexcellence through private support targeted at three areas: Merit scholarships, faculty chairs, and fellowships. The following peopleconstitute the first donors to this bold and important program. Their combined gifts and commitments total in excess of 17million.Founding Four-StarBenefactorsFounding Two-Star MajorDonorsRichard L. Goodall ’66Bruce C. Gottwald Sr ’54Conrad M. Hall ’65Charles S. Luck III ’55Donald M. Wilkinson ’61J. William Boland ’73Robert D. Clingenpeel Jr ’69Ronald E. Gallagher ’68Thomas E. Gottwald ’83John P. Jumper ’66James S. Key ’63E. Morgan MasseyStephen H. Sewell Jr ’60Thomas G. Slater Jr ’66Founding Three-StarPatronsMr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell IIG. Gilmer Minor III ’63Annual DonorsJohn C. Allen ’62Craig T. Forbes ’77Lori R. ParrentWalter C. Perrin II ’62Lawrence L. Rose ’65The Institute SocietyThe Institute Society recognizes alumni and friends who are exceptionally generous in providing unrestricted financial supportto VMI’s academic and co-curricular programs through the Foundation Fund and who provide leadership support to VMIthrough VMI Foundation-managed endowments and funds.The Institute Society’s recognition levels are the General George C. Marshall Order ( 100,000 or more in lifetime giving toVMI), the General Francis Henney Smith Order ( 25,000 to 99,999), the General Scott Shipp Order ( 10,000 to 24,999), theColonel J.T.L. Preston Order ( 5,000 to 9,999), and the General Thomas Jackson Order ( 2,000– 4,999). Gifts to endowments andrestricted funds under the management of the VMI Foundation are recognized within the Colonel J.T.L. Preston Order, GeneralScott Shipp Order, and the General Francis Henney Smith Order. The Cadet John B. Strange Order is open to younger alumni whomake gifts of certain amounts to the Foundation Fund.Charter MembersJimmie V. Thurmond ’56Wade C. RidleyGeorge C. Marshall OrderJames C. Sherman ’35Mrs. George M. Brooke JrSol W. Rawls Jr ’40Mrs. John C. PalmerFloyd D. Gottwald Jr ’436Harry G. Lee ’47George P. Ramsey Jr ’48BG. Allen Penniman Jr ’49AJames W. Enochs Jr ’49BGrover C. Outland Jr ’49BJames L. Patton ’49BJames W. Shepherd ’49BC. Stewart Snoddy Jr ’49CAnne M. WhittemoreWilliam R. Moore ’50AJones Felvey II ’50BJoseph B. Kohen Jr ’50BJohn H. Lyons Jr ’50BMrs. R.A. GuthansWalter C. Ames III ’52John W. Cure III ’52John L. Finney ’52John C. Lanford ’52Edward J. Wiley Jr ’52Terry H. Davis Jr ’53Reed Johnson ’53Franklin W. Maddux III ’53

FISCAL YEAR 2018Kenneth M. Perry ’53J.C. Sutherland ’53Robert E. Gee ’54Bruce C. Gottwald Sr ’54John W. Knapp ’54W.K. Paine ’54Claiborne Terry ’54H. George White Jr ’54Rudi Ansbacher ’55Frank A. Boxley ’55Ronald M. Bryan ’55Charles S. Luck III ’55James A. Openshaw Jr ’55Larry E. Price ’55P. Wesley Foster Jr ’56Walter H. Graham ’56William B. Salsgiver Jr ’56Richard M. Smith Jr ’56Richard E. Collier ’57Donald K. Jamison ’57Paul D. Muldowney ’57John A. Paganelli ’57Harry H. Warner ’57John E. Woodward Jr ’57John W. Burress III ’58John B. Payne III ’58David T. Pitkethly ’58Thomas A. Saunders III ’58Samuel B. Witt III ’58John L. Engels Jr ’59G. Lee Southard ’59G.I. Coulbourn Jr ’60John A. Horgan ’60Carlton A. Mallory ’60G.G. Phillips Jr ’60Otis R. Pool ’60James B. Powell ’60Stephen H. Sewell Jr ’60Frederick H. Ayers III ’61Heriot Clarkson ’61George D. Henning ’61John C. Miller II ’61Gates T. Richards ’61Salvatore J. Vitale Jr ’61Lawrence E. Wetsel Jr ’61Donald M. Wilkinson ’61John C. Allen ’62R.A. Armistead Jr ’62C. Allan Bamforth Jr ’62Robert D. Bradley ’62George J. Collins ’62R. Danny Kiser ’62J.H.B. Peay III ’62Walter C. Perrin II ’62Orlando C. Severo Jr ’62W. Ware Smith Jr ’62L.B. Wilson Jr ’62Mrs. DeWitt S. WorrellMr. & Mrs. James A. Griffin ’63Logan R. Jennings ’63James S. Key ’63J. Clifford Miller III ’63Joseph A. Miller Jr ’63G. Gilmer Minor III ’63P. William Moore Jr ’63Howard I. Reynolds ’63Robert C. Troxler ’63Kenneth T. Brunsvold II ’64Richard H. Dean ’64Daniel J. DeForrest III ’64Floyd H. Duncan ’64Donald L. Jones ’64George M. Rapport ’64Edward M. Seager ’64William E. Welsh ’64Harry J. Bartosik Jr ’65Richard Bernstein ’65Conrad M. Hall ’65John S. McEwan II ’65Richard P. Moring ’65Russell C. Proctor III ’65W. Gregory Robertson ’65Robert Walker III ’65Richard Y. AtLee ’66Patrick Chang-Lo ’66Richard L. Goodall ’66Mrs. Edwin Y. HinesRichard K. Hines V ’66John P. Jumper ’66R.C. Saunders III ’66Thomas G. Slater Jr ’66Jay C. Wegrzyn ’66James L. Whitehurst Jr ’66Spencer W. Wilkinson ’66Robert P. Kyle ’67Claiborne W. Minor ’67John Pasco III ’67Lewis F. Payne Jr ’67James S.C. Phlegar Jr ’67James E. Rogers ’67James L. Rutherford ’67Michael A. Schlosser ’67Hans F. Wachtmeister ’67T. Bryan Barton ’68Ronald E. Gallagher ’68W.M. Jeffress Jr ’68Robert L. McDowell ’68George H. Roberts Jr ’68John B. Timmons ’68James H. Chapman III ’69Paul D.C. Marks Jr ’69William A. Paulette ’69James P. Totten ’69Robert R. Copty ’70G.T. Durvin Jr ’70David L. Miller ’70Paul G. Munch ’70S. Waite Rawls III ’70Thomas Henry Zarges ’70John A. Adams ’71O. Raymond Martin V ’71E.C.A. Wachtmeister ’71Richard W. Flowers ’72T.W. Williamson Jr ’72Garland Gray II ’73Scott F. McCarthy ’73Jeffrey L. Minch ’73Joseph R. Wyatt III ’73Peter M. Meredith Jr ’74Gary L. Trinkle ’74Gary J. Taylor ’75Kent R. Carrington ’76Thomas R. Watjen ’76James T. Anderson ’77William T. Hupp ’77Wadsworth Bugg III ’78Richard P. Meredith ’78Rick F. Hall ’79Robert J. Evans ’80Keith D. Frazier ’80Bruce C. Gottwald Jr ’81Joseph P. Moan ’81Richard M. Moore II ’82Richard Woolwine III ’82Anonymous ’83Stephen M. Goddard ’83Thomas E. Gottwald ’83Charles S. Luck IV ’83Stephen E. Hupp ’84Augustus G. Shirley II ’85Anonymous ’90Thomas F. Talley ’90Jeffrey A. Zeigler ’92Kurt A. Polk ’95Keith E. AlessiAnonymousAnonymousLouis H. BlairAustin Brockenbrough IIIAnn Saunders BrownMr. & Mrs. Christopher BurkeMr. & Mrs. William CarnesWarren F. ChaunceySybil DinwiddieAnne G. Earle7

VMI ALUMNI AGENCIES HONOR ROLL OF DONORSMr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell IIWilliam M. GottwaldMr. & Mrs. Gerald L. HemptMartin I. KaminskyKenneth K. KauffmanOwen M. KirkleyGeorge A. RochePaula C. ShahamClare Van RiperGeneral Francis HenneySmith OrderMrs. Joseph D. Beam JrG.T. Challoner ’49BTheodore M. Ball Jr ’52J. Thomas Vaughan ’57William B. Willard Jr ’59Kyle F. Kiesau ’63Wayne D. Chiles ’65L. Randolph Williams Jr ’66Thomas F. Hancock III ’67Melville G. Wright III ’67William P. Cobb ’68William B. Todd ’68Gordon W. Van Hoose III ’68W. Robert Waldron ’68James D. Gearhart ’71Charles L. Toomey ’74Mr. William Terpeluk ’75Mark J. Hannan ’94Elizabeth D. CampBrooke H. PendletonGeneral Scott Shipp OrderDouglas G. Lindsey ’45W. James Price IV ’46Carl L. Galliher Jr ’50BA.D. Kneessy ’51Henry Clement Pitot ’51George C. Hutter ’52War

2018 3 Our Donors This year, a total of 6,572 alumni, friends, staff, faculty, and parents and 102 organizations supported the Institute through the VMI Alumni Agencies. As is customary, the majority of donors were alumni, but non-alumni donors made up almost 30 percent of this year’s total. 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 Alumni*—4,636 (69.5%)

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