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ntCLUBS & ACTIVITIES 2018-19EducaExcel

With over 100 clubs on offer, our extensive programme of enrichment activities is designed toinspire, promote self-confidence and engender a sense of achievement in meeting each newchallenge. All pupils at Cranford House are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities andto benefit from the wealth of opportunities available to them. We hope you enjoy exploring thisbrochure and the superb selections of clubs and activities available to your child.

Academic csMessy ScienceModern Foreign LanguagesMusicNewsPhysicsReligious 566666MusicBrass BandChoirsConcert BandJazz EnsembleJunior OrchestraJunior String EnsembleMusicianshipMusic TheorySenior OrchestraSinging & Instrumental Private LessonsUkuleleYoung Voices ChoirMusical lfJudoKinetixMartial ArtsMatches & Team eet DanceSwimmingTable TennisTap DanceTeam Games & ip & CommunityHigher Project QualificationLeadership PassportNeighbourhood VolunteeringSchool Enterprise Project13131313Art & Design TechnologyArt & DT ClubCookery ClubCreative ClubFelt Craft13131313Backstage CrewDramatic ProductionsMusical TheatreShow RehearsalsSpeech & Drama Private LessonsYouth Theatre Club141414141414Additional ClubsBoard Games & Puzzles ClubBoard Games & Strategy ClubGardening ClubLEGO Club14141414Expeditions & TripsGSA Netball TournamentOutdoor AdventurePerforming Arts Trip to New YorkSpanish Trip to MadridOutdoor Activity Trip, New ForestResidential Trip, New BarnGCSE Geography Field Work Trip, North WalesResidential Trip, Court HillGeography Field Work Trip, SwanageChoir TourWorld Challenge1515151515151515151515Wrap-Around CareBreakfast ClubBefore School ClubAfter School Club 1After School Club 2Homework Club - JuniorHomework Club - Senior1515151515153

Chemistry Top-Up*AcademicEnrichmentArt Top-Up*A great opportunity for anyone with aquestion about Chemistry or pupils whojust can’t get enough of their time inthe lab, Chemistry Top-Up supports andinspires young scientists.Computing ClubYears 7-11Years 7-11Whether they wish to continue workingon existing pieces or to discuss their plansfor future artistic projects, Art Top-Up isopen to all Senior pupils.Biology Top-Up*Years 7-11Biology Top-Up is available to those whowish to explore the higher-levels of thesubject, those who want to recap classroomlearning and everyone in between!Book Club - JuniorYears 5-6A great way to share a love of books,swap reading tips and explore the library’scollection with other keen readers.Book Club - SeniorYears 7-8, 9-11 alternate weeksFor book lovers of all abilities, Book Clubencourages readers to share tips, todevelop their reading tastes and to tacklechallenging texts, all in a warm andfriendly environment.4Years 7-11All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermA chance to experiment with micro:bits,Arduinos, Lego Mindstorms, Scratch, Python,Sketchup and much more. Pupils can workon their own projects or follow tutorials tobuild amazing computing creations!Computing Top-Up*Years 7-11Tailored to both Computing enthusiastsand technophobes, Computing Top-Upprovides a chance to reinforce learningdone in lesson time and to explore excitingnew avenues of technology.Debating Society - JuniorYears 3-6Pupils are invited to discuss hot topics withtheir peers and persuade them to think theirway. A great way to learn the skills needed tosuccessfully debate in a group or one-to-one.Debating Society - SeniorYears 7-11Excellent for building confidence, publicspeaking is a hugely valuable life skill. OurDebating Society provides pupils with afun-filled way to practise and hone theirspeaking talents.

Drama Top-Up*Geography Top-Up*Mathematics Top-Up*Music Top-Up*One-to-one sessions and extra rehearsalswhere practical feedback is required areall available to pupils whenever needed.Aimed at inspiring, challenging andsupporting our geographers, GeographyTop-Up provides an extra opportunity toexplore the planet, its countries and itspeoples.A place for problem-solving and questioning,Mathematics Top-Up provides pupils withan opportunity for invaluable one-to-onesupport, ensuring everyone makes excellentprogress.Providing our GCSE pupils with supportfor their coursework, includingperformance and composition, MusicTop-Up also provides valuable opportunitiesfor extra rehearsal.German Top-Up*Messy ScienceNews Quiz - SeniorProviding a regular chance for pupils tohave their grasp of German supportedor stretched, this Top-Up session deliversextra know-how exactly as and whenstudents need it.Encouraging exploration and investigation,Messy Science allows pupils to reallyget stuck into a range of super exciting,hands-on experiments.Fast and furious, our weekly News Quizchallenges pupils to stay abreast of currentaffairs before pitting themselves and theirteam mates against the opposition in around-up of the week’s news!Years 7-11English Top-Up*Years 7-11English Top-Up provides a place for pupilsto further explore set texts, to extendtheir knowledge and learning and tofine-tune their writing skills.French Top-Up*Years 7-11Drop into French Top-Up and you’ll findkeen linguists gaining additional spokenpractice, as well as a supportive welcomefor anyone in need of a little clarification.All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermYears 7-11Years 7-11History Top-Up*Years 7-11At History Top-Up, pupils can discovernew facts, explore new eras and receiveadditional help with any classwork that’sproving tricky, ensuring the past isbrought vividly to life.Years 7-11Reception – Year 2Years 10-11Years 7-11Modern ForeignLanguages Movie NightsYears 7-11With a great selection of foreign languagefilms to choose from, MFL Movie Nightsprovide a fun-filled way for pupils toimmerse themselves in different languages.*Extra support and extensions are alwaysavailable to our Senior pupils.Our subject-specific Top-Up sessions areavailable as a drop-in whenever pupilswish to make use of them.5

Science Club - SeniorAcademicEnrichmentPhysics Top-Up*Years 7-11A place for young scientists to explore newideas and consolidate existing ones, PhysicsTop-Up is staffed by teachers ready andwilling to answer pupils’ questions.Years 7-11Senior Science Club will be an opportunityto mix chemicals, make bangs, understandanimals and investigate speed, whilstdeveloping ideas learnt in lessons anddiscussing Science in the news.Textiles Top-Up*Years 7-11From embroidery and appliqué to printingand machining, Textiles Top-Up is on handto support pupils in honing their skills.Religious Studies Top-Up*Years 7-11Whatever the query, Religious StudiesTop-Up is here to help! Tackling life’sbig questions, stretching thinking andsupporting classwork are all on the menuduring this regular clinic.Spanish Top-Up*Years 7-11From tricky grammar or vocabulary tolistening and speaking practice, SpanishTop-Up has it all covered.Science Club - JuniorYears 3-6Our enthusiastic teachers challenge pupils tothink about Science and STEM both insideand outside of the classroom. This clubnurtures the inquisitive scientists in our midst!6All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermMusicBrass BandYears 3-11Sure to be Cranford House’s loudest ensemble,this band invites all brass players to comealong, join in and make some noise!Chamber ChoirYears 7-11A fabulous opportunity for keen singersto expand their range through practiceand performance, Chamber Choir is opento pupils who have achieved Grade 5standard or above (instrumental or singing).

Concert BandJunior String EnsembleBringing together wind and brassinstrumentalists from across the Juniorand Senior School, our Concert Bandprovides a fantastic forum for pupils toexperience both playing together andperforming at events throughout theschool calendar. Available by invitation.For pupils who are working towards GradeOne or above on any stringed instrument,Junior String Ensemble provides younglearners with a great platform for bothpractice and performance.Years 5-11Jazz EnsembleYears 7-11All pupils who have reached Grade 3 or4 or above on a wind or brass instrumentare welcome to join our lively Jazz Ensemblein exploring a repertoire that includeseverything from swing jazz to contemporarypop music.Junior Chamber ChoirYears 3-6Designed to boost and foster a real loveof singing as part of an ensemble, thisauditioned Choir also provides ampleopportunities for performance.Junior OrchestraYears 3-6Junior pupils of all abilities are encouragedto join our Junior Orchestra whereeveryone who plays an instrument to anystandard is most welcome.All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermYears 2-6MusicianshipYears 7-11Musicianship is offered by invitation topupils taking Grade 6-8, either in singingor playing an instrument.Music TheoryYears 5-11A valuable option for any pupil lookingto strengthen their musical knowledge,this club is open to all pupils who wouldlike to learn more about music theory.Pupils are also given the opportunity to sitABRSM Music Theory examinations.Senior ChoirYears 7-11Our main Choir is open to all Senior pupilswho like to sing. This non-auditionedchoir sing a wide-ranging repertoire andperform at a host of concerts and services,both in this country and abroad.Senior OrchestraYears 7-11For all instrumentalists who have reachedGrade 2 standard or above, our SeniorOrchestra is a fantastic forum for anyoneinterested in playing and performing in anorchestral ensemble.7

Musical ProductionsMusicSinging & InstrumentalIndividual Private LessonsYears 1-11With 250 private instrumental and singinglessons taking place each week, Musicplays an important part in our school life.Both ABRSM and Trinity practical andtheoretical music examinations are offeredwith many pupils going on to achieveat the very highest levels. Our extensiveteam of experienced peripatetic teachersensure lessons are fun and motivating,whatever the instrument!There are ample opportunities forperformance throughout the school year.These include, but are not limited to, thefollowing:Autumn Term – GCSE Music Tea ConcertAutumn Term – Christmas ConcertAutumn Term – Junior Carol ServiceAutumn Term – Senior Carol ServiceSpring Term – Rock & Pop ConcertSpring Term – Young Voices Concert (biennial)Spring Term – Cranford Music Festival (biennial)Spring Term – Easter ServicesSummer Term – Years 2-6 Tea ConcertsSummer Term – Founder’s Day ServiceSummer Term – Dorchester Schools FestivalSummer Term – Junior Music ConcertSummer Term – Senior Music ConcertSummer Term – Senior Instrumental ConcertUkulele ClubYears 6-11Open to everyone with their owninstrument, this club channels the enthusiasmof our teachers who are passionate aboutthe ukuele and about sharing their skillswith pupils.Young Voices ChoirYears 5-8September - FebruaryMembers of this Choir enjoy a term ofrehearsals before joining thousands ofother school children to sing en masse inthe world’s largest school choir concert!Runs every two years.8All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term

Dance SquadYears 8-11This club aims to nurture and developour most talented and committed Seniordancers. Covering a wide range of genres,the Dance Squad plays a prominent rolein our annual Dance Show. Available byinvitation.SportBadminton – JuniorCricket Club - JuniorWhether brushing up on their techniqueor challenging friends to a match,Badminton Club members can hone theirskills in a fun-filled environment.Making good use of our cricket nets,pupils will learn a variety of cricketingskills to improve their overall game.Years 3-4, 5-6Badminton – SeniorYears 7-8, 9-11This popular lunchtime club gives pupilsthe chance to play this fast and dynamicgame with friends.Reception-Year 2, Years 3-6Cricket Club - SeniorYears 7-11With access to cricket nets and the Astro,our Senior Cricket Club allows pupils todevelop both their batting and fielding skills.Cricket FunBalletReception-Year 6Years 1-2, 3-6A wonderful introduction to balletdancing, this club allows pupils to developtheir basic techniques and work towardstheir Imperial Society of Teachers ofDancing (ITSD) examinations.Basketball ClubYears 3-6Learn to shoot hoops, block and dribble inthis brilliant introduction to the fast-pacedand exciting sport of basketball.All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer TermA drop-in club that’s a great introductionto this summer sport.Dance Club – JuniorEquestrian TeamYears 2-11For keen riders with their own horses andtransport, our successful Equestrian Teamprovides the opportunity to represent theschool at competitions.Fitness ClubYears 7-11Encompassing a host of different activities,from circuits and interval training tofartlek and endurance, these sessions willimprove all the fundamentals that underpinhealth and fitness.Football FunReception-Year 6This relaxed class introduces pupils to anexciting variety of dance genres.Ideal for anyone looking to fine-tune theirdribbling and shooting skills, this drop-inlunchtime club also supports the workpupils do in PE lessons.Dance Captains’Dance ClubFootball Club:Crackshots FootballYears 1-2, 3-6Years 7-8Run by our Senior Dance Captains, thisenergetic club gives pupils the opportunityto dance at lunchtime, producing a varietyof routines and having lots of fun to music.Reception-Year 2Our Cranford Crackshots club provides afun and exciting chance for boys and girlsto play football.9

Football Team - JuniorGymnastics ClubsWith a focus on developing ball controland match skills, these sessions will providecompetitive team play for pupils who arepart of the school team.Gymnastics is a wonderful way to improveco-ordination, balance, strength andflexibility. Gymnasts are introduced to avariety of different apparatus, includingthe beam, bench, vault, floor, trampetteand the tumble track.Years 3-6Football Club – SeniorYears 7-11A lunchtime club for keen footballers ofany experience or ability who are looking tobuild technique, skills and understanding ofthe game, all in a relaxed environment.Football Team - SeniorYears 7-11A chance for members of our SeniorFootball Team to practice existing skillsand acquire new ones whilst playing incompetitive matches.Freestyle GymnasticsYears 3-11A fast-paced, fun-filled parkour club withFreedom of Movement which offers pupilsthe chance to learn how to navigateequipment, leap over obstacles and evensomersault off the walls!Golf ClubReception-Year 2, 3-6, 7-8, 9-11All Year (Rec-Yr 2);Summer Term only (Years 3-11)Led by JD Golf Academy coaches, Golf Clubintroduces pupils of all abilities to thefundamentals of the sport and a wide rangeof shots in a fun and active environment.It’s a must for any future golfers.10Reception-Year 11 (grouped by age & ability)Judo ClubYears 2-11Run by our expert Judo Coach, this clubis not only a great way to improve bodyawareness, strength, co-ordination,self-confidence and balance but alsoproduces many award-winning athletes.Kinetix Dance ClubYears 7-11Merging contemporary music, danceand physical theatre, this energetic andcreative club enables pupils to explorestorytelling and choreography to theirfavourite songs.Martial Arts ClubYears 2-6, 7-11Martial Arts help to develop self-confidence,physical control and respect for others.Based on the art of Taijutsu and taughtby our highly-experienced Martial Artsinstructor, this club provides a superbopportunity for children to learn self-defencein a safe and controlled environment.All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term

Matches & Team PracticesRunning ClubOur philosophy is one of sport for all andall pupils are encouraged to try out forinclusion in a host of school teams. Teampractices are open to everyone, regardlessof team selection, allowing pupils toboth fine-tune their existing skills and togain extra practice. (Please note: Footballmatches are held on separate additionaldates, allowing children to play inmultiple teams.)Led by our resident marathon runners,Running Club gives pupils the opportunityto run in a structured club setting. The focusis very much on running for fitness and fun,with regular 5K challenges taking place.Years 3-11Multi-Sports ClubReception – Year 2This dynamic and popular club exposespupils to a diverse variety of sports, helpingthem to strengthen muscles, developco-ordination, improve ball control andplay as part of a team.Years 5-11Sailing ClubYears 7-11Taking place on a beautiful stretch of theriver at the Goring on Thames SailingClub, this club allows pupils to experiencerigging and sailing small craft with expertinstruction. Pupils must be able to swim aminimum of 50m unaided.Street DanceYears 3-6, 7-11Pilates ClubA high-energy club that offers pupils thechance to learn the fast, fun techniquesof contemporary Street Dance, courtesyof the Green Room Collective.Improving balance, strength, enduranceand flexibility, whilst enhancing wellbeing,our Pilates Club introduces pupils to thispopular form of exercise.Swimming: SquadLane Swimming - JuniorYears 7-11Rugby ClubReception – Year 2Our providers, Rugbytots, specialise indeveloping a love of Rugby and game play.Sessions focus on playing non-contact TagRugby, as well as working on the manyskills required, including running, balance,response and agility.Years 3-4, 5-6A fantastic way to improve swimmingstrength and stamina, this friendly weeklyclub is run before school by our dedicatedASA swimming teacher and coach.All YearAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term11

Swimming: Squad/LaneSwimming - SeniorYears 7-11This club is for keen swimmers who wantto improve both technique and stamina inthe water. Regularly covering over a milein the pool before school, club membersbenefit from the perfect start to the day!The club is run by our dedicated ASAswimming teacher and coach.Swimming LessonsNursery – Year 2Held in our school pool with our ASASwimming Teacher, swimming classesare grouped by ability to ensureeveryone receives the right tuition tohelp them progress.Swimming: RecreationalSwimmingYears 3-6This relaxed club packed with fun allowspupils to try their hand at a whole host ofpool games, developing new skills in theprocess. Their time in the pool enhancestheir understanding of how to work withthe water, whilst also providing a goodwork-out.12Tap DanceTrampolining Club - JuniorWith both a Beginner and an AdvancedGroup available, the sound of tapping isa regular feature at school during lunchtimes! No previous experience is needed,just a have-a-go attitude, but pupils arerequired to provide their own tap shoes.Our resident trampoline coaches lead thisvery popular club with the aim ofpromoting balance, core strength and ahealthy dose of fun!Years 7-11Team Games & Fitness ClubYears 3-6An energetic mix of team games and fitness,this club provides pupils with the chanceto reinforce skills learnt in the curriculumand extend them across a range of sports.Tennis - JuniorYears 3-4, 5-6Whether pupils are experienced players orjust starting out on the court, our TennisClub delivers an winning mix of technicaldrills and match play.Tennis - SeniorYears 7-8, 9-11Years 3-4, 5-6Trampolining Club - SeniorYears 7-8, 9-11Suitable for both beginners and moreexperienced pupils, our TrampoliningClub covers everything from seat drops tosomersaults.Triathlon ClubYears 5-6One of the fastest growing sports in the UK,triathlon is both fun and demanding. Ledby our qualified British Triathlon Coach,this club sees pupils working on the threesporting disciplines of swimming, cyclingand running, as well as the fourthdiscipline, transition! Pupils are requiredto provide their own bicycle and helmetfor cycling sessions.Our popular lunchtime club gives pupilsthe opportunity to

Arduinos, Lego Mindstorms, Scratch, Python, Sketchup and much more. Pupils can work on their own projects or follow tutorials to build amazing computing creations! Computing Top-Up* Years 7-11 Tailored to both Computing enthusiasts and technophobes, Computing Top-Up provides a chance to reinforce learning done in lesson time and to explore exciting new avenues of technology. Debating Society .

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