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V O L U M E F O U R T E E N , ISSUE TWOD OYLESTOWN , P AMARCH2018Stone Hill to Sponsor DBIA Liberty ConferenceStone Hill Contracting is proud to be a major Inside this issue:sponsor of the 6th Annual DBIA Liberty Conference, which is once again co-located withthe PA AWWA Annual Conference, being heldPassaic Valley Water Comat the Kalahari Resort in Pocono Manor, PA on mission, SEWPCG,May 9-10, 2018. Stone Hill Contracting, in co- Bayshore RSAoperation with DBIA's Liberty Region, originated this conference six years ago, after Stone Sandy Hook WWTP, OCHill's Director of Development, came up with UA Clarifiers, Wanaquethe idea and negotiated an agreement with the South Pump StationPA AWWA Executive Director Don Hershey,CCMUA, Jt. Meeting, Boroto try co-locating the conferences in a way to of Whartonhelp promote both the Water Industry and theDesign Build procurement process. Over the NJDWSC Projectspast five years, hundreds of people have takenpart in these top notch conferences, and have also been exposed to the various vendors present on the exhibitIndustry & Charity Newsfloor at the conference.23455-7Last year, in cooperation with U.S. Pipe, DBIA held a factory tour at the conference, and this year DBIA LiberSpecial points of interest:ty is thrilled to offer a behind the scenes tour of the Kalahari Resort water system. On Wednesday evening, DBIA Liberty is also pleased to offer a networking event at Sortino’s Italian Kitchenwhich is located at the resort. The event will feature food and beverages all at no cost to attendees. Wrist- bands are required for attendance and can be obtained by contacting Stone Hill Contracting's office, or visitingthe Stone Hill or DBIA booths on the exhibit floor at the conference.DBIA Liberty Conferenceat Kalahari ResortWater For People EventsCalendarDBIA Sessions will be held throughout the day on May 10th beginning at 8:00 AM and running through 4:15 PM. Sessions include such topicsas Replacing the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, Evaluation of the Life Cycle Costs and Environmental Impact of Water Pipelines, Structuring the Procurement Phase of a Project to Meet Permitting Deadlines and Fine Tuning Long Term Asset Management.There will also be a session on introduction to Design Build, as well as an informative panel discussion on a FoodWaste to Energy Facility in Maryland. Stone Hill's Director of Development, Bob McIntyre will be taking part in in thispanel discussion.As was the case last year in Hershey, DBIA Liberty Region in conjunction with DBIA National, will hold a DBIA certification workshop. This workshop, which runs Tuesday May 8th through Thursday May 10th, is the stepping stone toindividuals desiring to learn more about design build procurement methods and wanting certification as a design buildprofessional. For more information or to register, please visit To register for the DBIA Liberty Conference, go to and register for the PA AWWA Conference. Registering for their conference gets you into the DBIA Liberty conference. Sessions are scheduled to permitattendees to attend sessions for both conferences and move between the two conferences, without any issues. DBIALiberty does not collect any fees for their sessions, but rather all fees collected are utilized by PA AWWA to promote and run their conference sessions and proceedings. DBIA Liberty's only income is received through sponsorship opportunities. If you orsomeone you know is interested in sponsoring the DBIA portion of this conference, feel free to contact Bob McIntyre at Stone Hill's office.

Passaic Valley Water Commission ProjectAt the Little Falls Water Treatment Plant, work has progressed through the winter months. Force Drilling has continued the soil nailing earth retention processwith an estimated completion in early April.The field investigation for the electrical short circuit coordination study was alsoconducted during the winter months and the study is currently under review byCH2M.Several samples of the soil that has been excavated and stockpiled on site hasbeen tested and determined to be nonhazardous and noncontaminated based onNJDEP regulations, and acceptable for disposal at a clean fill location. In earlyFebruary, excavation and material haul-off began and disposal is taking place atPPark Material Recycling in Prospect Park, NJ. PPark is a former basalt quarrythat operated for over 100 years and is now being refilled with clean fill and targeted for a future large-scale development project.The subsurface utility investigation work has been ongoing with the services of Underground Services, Inc. to detect and uncover existingutilities and or other obstructions using vacuum excavation. Once all the subsurface information is obtained, a determination can be madeif the routing of duct banks and installation of electrical manholes as shown on the contract drawings is possible. The subsurface utilityinvestigation also reduces the risk of damaging any existing utilities while excavating for the electrical duct bank and manholes.Looking toward the immediate future, site activities will include the completion of soil nail walls SN-1 and SN-2 and the construction ofthe mechanically stabilized earth wall (MSE wall). The MSE wall will tie-in with the soil nail and shotcrete wall to form a large retaining wallthat will run behind the future generator building. Upon completion of the MSE Wall, the Generator Building foundation micropiles willbe installed.Southeast Philadelphia WPCGWith the preplanning complete, Stone Hill Contracting began mobilizing in early February. Stone Hill Contracting's demolition subcontractor, Athena Contacting, started the first phase of the project with the removal of the existing mechanical equipment currently installed intank #2. Weather permitting, Athena Contracting should be finished with the work in tank #2 by press time.The Clarifier Newsletter ispublished quarterly byUpon completion of the demolition work in tank #2, Stone Hill Contracting minority painting subcontractor, Fine Painting, will commence with the preparation of the tank walls allowing for the final coating systemapplication during late March. Once the demolition in tank #2 is complete, work of the same will originatein tank #1 with the process scheduled to repeat every five weeks allowing the completion of seven tanksduring 2018 with the balance to finish during 2019.Stone Hill Contracting Co., Inc.PO Box 1370Doylestown, PA 18901Bayshore R.S.A. Blower BuildingSince the last issue, Stone Hill Contracting has completed the last two of theDavid C. Mott, Vice-Presidenteight aeration tanks with the aerationRobert K. McIntyre, Editorequipment being supplied by GA FleetAssociates (Sanitaire). The new influentsluice gates, supplied by Dave Heiner &Designed and Printed by:Associates, for tanks 5-8 have also beenGrace Media Services, Inc.installed.Perkasie, PASamuel A. Mott, PresidentHays Sheet Metal has completed theirwork in the new combined blower building (CBB), which included new louvers, new exhaust fans, new intakefilter housing for the blowers, and a new CRAC unit. After the louverswere installed, Stone Hill reinstalled the interior wall panels and flashingaround the new louvers.Smitty Doors installed all new FRP doors throughout the CBB. Stone Hill has also completed the installation and manual start-up of thenew APG-Neuros turbo blower, and re-installed the two existing centrifuge blowers, refurbished by Excelsior Blower. M&R Insulation hasbegun insulating the new 24” discharge line and MBE Mark III Electric is diligently working on getting all the new instrumentation powered,so that PCS Systems can begin integrating the new system.Page 2Volume Fourteen, Issue Two

Sandy Hook WWTPStone Hill Contracting has reached substantial completion on the original contractfor the National Park Service Sandy Hook Waste Water Treatment Plant. The designfor the additional equalization system has been finalized and Stone Hill and their subcontractors are working to install this system. This design re-purposes two existingprimary clarifiers and converts them to two equalization tanks. The tanks and clarifiermechanisms are to be cleaned and receive a new coat of paint. New pumps are goingto be installed that will take the influent from the equalization tanks and pump it tothe headworks system installed under the original contract. Currently the mechanicaland painting portions of the equalization system are nearly complete. With the delivery of the pumps expected in by press time, Stone Hill Contracting hopes to havethis system on line by the end of March.OCUA Area-Wide Clarifier RehabilitationThe rehabilitation of five clarifiers has been completed at the Ocean County project. The scope of the project was a combination of coatings andmechanical installations. The coating work was one of the first to be selfperformed by Stone Hill of this scale. CTS aided Stone Hill in the training,supplying, and advised execution techniques of the coatings that were installed and they are pleased to report that the finished product exceededexpectations. The first step was to have Aulffo Painting perform the highpressure water blasting and surface prep. Then Stone Hill Contractinginstalled a Saeureisen concrete surface coating over the entire interior ofthe tank. Once completed, there were two coats of epoxy coating sprayedon as well as a urethane and sealer by Saeureisen on the upper portion ofall five tanks. In addition to the coatings, Stone Hill Contracting was contracted to demolish the existing five clarifier mechanisms and install all newstainless steel mechanisms, supplied by Envirodyne Systems, Inc. Some additional workload included deep excavation and yard piping, sludge collectionscrews and pumps, piping modifications and new grout floors in the clarifiers.Wanaque South Pump Station UpgradeSometimes you just can’t beat Murphy’s law, and there are other sayingsthat were created for this reason such as “you can’t teach and old dognew tricks”, or “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make himdrink”. All apply to trying to make a 14-year-old VFD run like new. StoneHill Contracting took all the steps necessary in trying to bring this unitup to date, but to no avail, once in the run mode it showed the signs ofsitting for such a long time. In turn, this created a what do we do nowsituation. With the traveling screen issue, which began plaguing the authority earlier, Stone Hill only had the availability of running pumps 3 & 4,with 4 being connected to the outdated and broken VFD as describedabove. In turn, the Authority directed them to remove the old VFD andreplace it by relocating the new VFD 6 unit into its place, in a timeframeof three weeks. It is a testament to having reputable subcontractors atyour side, Scott Testing, Spark Electric (with their rigging sub) and Keystone Electric all tightened up their belt a notch and completed the operation in two weeks. This enabled the Authority to perform an early PLCdiagnosis and start up. In turn, Envirolutions and Vibration Solutionscould complete the vibration and start up testing not only on pump 4 butto also complete the testing on pump 2. Currently, NJDWSC is reviewing their options on a new starter replacement along with the replacement of the three traveling screens.The Clarifier NewsletterPage 3

Camden County Municipal Utilities AuthorityStone Hill is scheduled to mobilize to CCMUA, starting in May. Site work will begin with the installation of piles for the generator enginepads, and continue on with other equipment foundations, piping and electrical work. Major equipment items being provided by Anaergia arescheduled to be arriving at the project site in August and September of this year. Stone Hill is looking forward to working with our designbuild partners and CCMUA to get construction underway.Joint Meeting Overhead Monorail ProjectJoint Meeting/Elizabeth WWTP has issued Stone Hill Contracting a contract to replace their existing screen single rail monorail with a new double rail system. The new overhead cranesystem will allow the maintenance crew to align and adjustcorrectly over the screen as it is being raised from the influentchannel, which they cannot do with the single rail system.Work is expected to commence around late July or early August of this year. Sissco Crane is preparing the shop drawingfor review, upon approval it will take around 14 to 16 weeksfor fabrication. During the fabrication time, Specialty Supportswill begin fabrication on the new hanger system and supportbeams for the crane. Stone Hill will need to perform as buildsof the spacing between the buildings roof support beams toallow correct fabrication of the monorail support beams.Sounds pretty easy except for the limited working area and theactive screens. Working around the screens will be performedoff staging and scaffolding as required to get up and around theactive screens. Travis Electric, Inc. will perform the new electrical installation and connections to the new crane systemalong with all the removals and disconnects of the currentelectrical system. During the installation phase of work, any and all of the equipment must be removable to allow any repairs to the screensthat should arise. Also, the existing monorail system must stay active until a majority of the new monorail system is installed. Should beinteresting at least.Borough of Wharton One Million Gallon Elevated TankThe Wharton water tank now flows water to the town residents. Thenew tank now equalizes flow and levels with the towns existing watertank. This works by the theory that two structures at the same elevationand interconnected with a common line will equalize each other. Wateris supplied by the towns own wells and at times by purchased water fromother water authorities as needed. Water to and from the tank is monitored by a single influent/effluent pipe line, with a mag meter the readsflows in and flows out. An interior altitude valve controls the tank levels,which is matched to the level in the other existing water tank.The control room is equipped with an RTU panel sending signals to thetowns utility division main control room. From their operations room,they can monitor the tank level by the level indicating transmitter, flowsin and out from the mag meter, interior tank mixer operation, HVAC andFAA light operations. The structure is protected by and intrusion alarmsystem which also reports to the main control room and the properauthority.Stone Hill would like to thank the following for their expertise, workmanship and efforts in completing this unique project: Mid AtlanticStorage Systems, MBE Mark 111 Electric, Fitzpatrick Excavating & Paving, Cooper Plumbing, Hays Sheet Metal, Kappe Associates, AulffoPainting, Freehold Carpentry, CMU Construction, Statewide Fence, Diamond Sand & Gravel (Sparta Concrete), PCS Systems, Able Overhead Doors, Benchmark Architectural, M & R Insulation, Flynn Photography and the engineering firms of CHA Companies, Mott MacDonald and Wharton’s local building inspectors and supervisor’s.Page 4Volume Fourteen, Issue Two

North Jersey District Water Supply Commission CeriodaphniaSustainability ProjectAfter over a year of working on the project , it was decided that the name of this project shouldchange to reflect the actual intent of the project. This design build project, has Stone Hill Contractingteaming with the engineers from Kleinfelder and H2M as well as the staff at North Jersey District Water Supply Commission (NJDWSC).Kleinfelder worked with other team members for over a year to determine the best technology toaccomplish the task of sustaining the life of the ceriodaphnia in the decant lagoon. Once the technologywas proven out through pilot testing, the task of design was undertaken by H2M with help from StoneHill, Kleinfelder, NJDWSC, and TC Tech LLC.As the Clarifier goes to press, the design is about 40% complete with an anticipated filing of permits inearly April of this year. The overall project continues to move forward in earnest in hopes of breakingground in early summer of 2018, with project completion in early 2019.North Jersey District Water Supply CommissionBasins 5 & 6HDR Engineering along with Stone Hill Contracting continues to move forward withdesign and permitting on the Basin 5 & 6 Project.Stone Hill has taken the initial demolition work as far as allowed under funding requirements, until the final permitting is completed. The permitting has been submitted andapproved by NJDEP, at the time of this printing, the only item still pending is the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) permits, which is expected in mid-March. In themeantime, process equipment including the flocculators and Meg-A-Wall(c) from JimMyers and Sons as well as the plate settlers and sludge collectors from Meurer Research.As the remaining work heads toward commencement, Stone Hill Contracting subcontractors, Aulffo Painting and Spark Electric are also readying their forces in an effortto expedite the completion of the work. It is anticipated that work will be completedduring the summer of 2018.PA American Water and Coatesville Youth Initiative Launch"Protect Our Watersheds" Photo ContestPennsylvania American Water and Coatesville Youth Initiative (CYI) recently kicked off the "Protect Our Watersheds" Photo Contest to encourage young people to creatively illustrate the importance of protecting water resources. Using the social media site Instagram, the contest isopen to Coatesville Area High School Students in grades 9-12, and can serve as a classroom project or an individual submission from the student."We are excited to again partner with Pennsylvania American Water," remarked CYI Executive Director Chaya Scott. "In addition to supportingour local watershed, they have been true supporters of many programs that benefit Coatesville youth, including the Brandywine WatershedDiscover Day Camp and our Prescription Drop Box Initiative.""The photo contest is a new twist on the 'Protect Our Watersheds' Art Contest that Pennsylvania American Water has sponsored for manyyears for younger students, and we are excited to see how high school kids use photos to illustrate their role in preserving our water resources," said Pennsylvania American Water Director of Communications Terry Maenza. "By partnering with Coatesville Youth Initiative, weare expecting lots of student participation, fun and creativity while increasing environmental awareness in the school."Students should email their photo to CYI Development Director Lindsay Myers at All photos enteredwill be posted on the @COATESVILLEYOUTHINITIATIVE Instagram page.The Clarifier NewsletterPage 5

IndustryNewsAqua America Will Continue to Be Part of Solution to AddressCrumbling U.S. Water and Wastewater InfrastructureThe 2018 State of the Union addressed ways in which companies like Aqua America (Aqua) can play a role in solving the United States' crumbling infrastructure challenges. Aqua's chairman and CEO confirmed today the company is prepared and ready to continue investing in and repairing the country's aging water and wastewater systems."The road to repairing and replacing water and wastewater infrastructure in the United States should include regulated water utilities that haveaccess to low-cost capital and whose primary focus is water and wastewater," said Chris Franklin. "As one of the largest water and wastewaterutilities, Aqua is poised to answer the call and step in to make real improvements for communities. Action needs to be taken now."The American Society of Civil Engineers issued a 2017 Infrastructure Report Card, giving U.S. water infrastructure a "D" and wastewater infrastructure a "D ". Fixing these problems will require significant investment but it can be done in a prudent and timely manner. According to theAmerican Water

VOLUME FOURTEEN, ISSUE TWO DOYLESTOWN, PA MARCH 2018 Stone Hill to Sponsor DBIA Liberty Conference Stone Hill Contracting is proud to be a major sponsor of the 6th Annual DBIA Liberty Con-ference, which is once again co-located with

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