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Contents1 Introducing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 . 22 Customer profiles . 63 What’s included? . 84 Top new and enhanced features . 12Get up and running easily. 12Work faster and more efficiently . 15Design with creativity and confidence . 21Share and expand your experience . 275 CorelDRAW Graphics Suite user favorites . 32

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Introducing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 is an intuitive graphicsswitching back and forth among them. And for thosesolution that empowers you to make a major impact withwho work with multiple monitors, you can drag ayour artwork. Whether you’re creating graphics and layouts,document out of the application window and place itediting photos, or designing web sites, this complete suitewithin a second screen. There’s also a new Fonthelps you get started quickly and stay on track.Playground docker that offers an easy way to give fonts,and their OpenType features, a dry run beforeGet up and running quicklycommitting them to your artwork.With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, the redesignedYou’ll experience greater control and improved methodsWelcome Screen now greets you as a docked tab in yourfor applying and adjusting fills. The enhanced Objectworkspace. You can choose to keep the Welcome ScreenProperties docker introduces new interactive controlsopen, or float it in a separate window, so that you havethat will help you browse, preview, and transform all fillready access to its wealth of content and helpful resources.types. And you can now create elliptical and rectangularfountain fills, and apply transparency at the node levelIn addition to refashioned and more efficient defaultwithin fountain fills. You can also save and shareworkspaces, there are also a variety of alternatives tofountain fills, vector pattern fills, and bitmap pattern fillschoose from, including a Lite option geared for new users,in the new community-driven Content Exchange.a Classic option, and advanced tailor-made options forIllustration and Page Layout workflows. Plus, the toolbox,dockers, and property bars now include Quick CustomizeDesign with creativity and confidencebuttons, which make it easier than ever before to adjustCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers a refined userthe workspace to suit your particular needs.experience and imaginative new options that will helpyou design with creativity and confidence. WithWork faster and more efficientlyCorelDRAW X7, a new Alignment and Dynamic GuidesCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers new ways to helpchoices. And in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7, newyou work fast and efficiently. You can now maintainalignment guides appear on the fly to help you positionmultiple open documents in a tabbed view, instantlyobjects quickly, easily, and accurately. Plus, the newReviewer’s Guide [ 2 ]docker provides more immediate access to alignment

Guidelines docker in both applications makes it easier toadd and arrange guidelines.Choose your purchase optionIn the interest of user choice, we’re offering severalWe’ve also made several enhancements to the ColorStyles docker that make it easier to view, arrange, andCorelDRAW Graphics Suite purchase options.edit color styles. And with new harmony rules, you canPerpetualinstantly find complementary color schemes, which is CorelDRAW Standard Membership: anyone whoespecially useful for producing iterative versions of yourlicenses a box or download of the suite is eligible forartwork. CorelDRAW X7 also offers extensive options forthis free membership option, which includes accesscreating unique, artistic, and scalable QR performance and stability updates, as well asaccess to online content and fontsCorel PHOTO-PAINT X7 includes various new tools andcreative options for retouching photos, such as the CorelDRAW Premium Membership: this paidmembership option includes access to exclusiveLiquid tools, Unsharp Mask Lens, Planar Mask tool, aonline content, professional fonts, early access toseries of camera effects, and interactive brushstrokenew features and services as they become available,feathering and transparency.and automatic upgrades to the next major version ofthe suite for as long your membership is activeShare and expand your experienceWith the introduction of the Content Exchange,CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers a convenient way toSubscription suite for 30 days, and includes complete access tohelp you discover, use, and share fountain fills, vectoronline content, professional fonts, new features andpattern fills, and bitmap pattern fills. In both CorelDRAWservices as they become available, and automaticand Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the Content Exchange provides aupgrades to the next major version of the suitenew Fill picker that makes it easy to vote for and sort yourfavorite assets. And the Content Exchange is also30-day Subscription: this option lets you rent the 365-day Subscription: this option lets you rent thesearchable from Corel CONNECT , so you can easily addsuite for 365 days, and includes complete access toassets to your project trays. What’s more, two freeonline content, professional fonts, new features andcompanion mobile apps, Patterns for iOS7 and Designs forservices as they become available, and automaticWindows 8 Modern UI, are available to help you gatherupgrades to the next major version of the suite and share Content Exchange assets while you’re on the go.Reviewer’s Guide [ 3 ]

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Customer profilesGraphics and creative professionalsOccasional graphics usersGraphics and creative professionals in advertising andEntrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businessesprinting industries spend much of their time creatingoften create marketing and communications materialsand editing graphics, working with text, and retouchingin-house. Often self-taught in graphic design, thesephotos.occasional users modify existing artwork, retouchphotos, and create ads, flyers, and other marketingOther customers in this category focus primarily on signcollateral.making, screen printing, engraving, and graphic designfor print and the web. These users frequently repurposeBusiness users in medium-sized to large enterprises striveand combine such content as graphic designs, scannedto create professional, graphically rich projects ranginglogos, clipart images, and fonts.from sales presentations to web graphics. They spendconsiderable time reworking existing projects andretouching photos to use in their marketing andcommunications materials.Hobbyists are self-taught and use graphic designsoftware occasionally for creative projects — such asnewsletters, calendars, banners, and photo layouts —for personal or community use.Reviewer’s Guide [ 6 ]

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What’s included?Applications Supporting applicationsCorelDRAW X7: This intuitive vector-illustrationfont manager for the Windows operating systemtoday’s busy graphics professionals and graphicshelps you find, preview, and install fonts. the generation of bar codes in a wide range ofimage-editing application lets you quickly and easilyindustry-standard formats. Corel PHOTO-PAINT.Corel CONNECT X7: This full-screen browser lets ConceptShare : This docker in CorelDRAW is acomplement for a project.convenient online collaboration tool that lets youCorel Website Creator *: This application offersshare artwork and ideas with colleagues and clients.a fast and easy way to design, build, and manage WhatTheFont: This online font identificationservice is integrated with CorelDRAW.Content Exchange, and search your computer orlocal network to quickly find the perfectPhotoZoom Pro 3: This plug-in lets registeredusers export and enlarge digital images fromconvert bitmaps into editable vector access the suite’s digital content, the newDuplexing Wizard: This wizard helps you optimizeyour projects for two-sided printing.Corel PowerTRACE X7: This utility is embeddedin CorelDRAW to help you quickly and accurately Barcode Wizard: This wizard guides you throughCorel PHOTO-PAINT X7: This professional retouch and enhance photos. Bitstream Font Navigator: This award-winningand page-layout application meets the demands ofnon-professionals. websites.ContentCorel CAPTURE X7: This one-click utility lets you more than 10,000 high-quality clipart imagescapture images from your computer screen. 2,000 photos more than 600 professionally designed templates more than 1,200 objects*CorelDRAW Standard Membership required todownload this application.Reviewer’s Guide [ 8 ]

Minimum system requirements 75 interactive text frames 75 interactive PowerClip frames more than 100 image lists more than 400 Artistic Media Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon 64 75 content-ready photo frames 2 GB of RAM more than 1,000 fonts 1 GB of hard disk space more than 400 pattern fills 1280 768 or higher monitor resolution DVD drive for installation by disc Mouse or tabletDocumentation Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-biteditions), with latest service packs Quick Start Guide Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher Quick-reference card Internet connection required for CorelDRAW Help filesStandard Membership, performance and stabilityupdates, online content, and some features, such asTraining QR Codes, ConceptShare, Content ExchangeNew! More than 5 hours of training videos, with1.5 hours of new content Hints docker Video Hints Tips & Tricks New! Insights from the ExpertsReviewer’s Guide [ 9 ]

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Top new and enhanced featuresCorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 is an intuitive andchoose from a variety of workspaces that were designedcomplete graphics solution that empowers you to makefor different proficiency levels and specific tasks. Fora major impact with your artwork.example, there are Page Layout and Illustrationworkspaces, a Classic option for longtime users, as wellGet up and running easilyas a Lite option for new users.With a redesigned Welcome Screen, variety of alternateGive it a tryworkspaces, total customization options, and wealth ofproject-ready content, it’s never been easier to getstarted quickly and stay on track.Choosing a different workspace1If the Welcome Screen is not active, click Window Welcome Screen.New! Welcome Screen navigation: The WelcomeScreen has been completely redesigned, making it easier tonavigate and discover the abundance of available resources,including Workspace selection, What’s New, a Gallery ofinspiring user creations, application updates, Tips & Tricks,video tutorials, the community, as well asMembership & Subscription information.In CorelDRAW X7, click the Welcome Screen tab.2In the Welcome Screen, click the Workspaceand choose one of the following: iconLiteClassicDefaultIllustrationPage LayoutNew! Workspaces: A variety of tailor-made, workflow-You can also choose an alternate workspace at anyspecific workspaces have been introduced to help newtime by clicking Window Workspace.users get accustomed to the suite faster and easier.We’ve worked with professional industry experts whouse the suite routinely to arrange tools and features forspecific tasks, such as Page Layout and Illustration.New! Lite workspaces: Designed to help new users getaccustomed to the suite more quickly, new Lite workspacesfor both CorelDRAW X7 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7New! Workspace selection: The revamped Welcomeprovide exploration-friendly, scaled-down options in theScreen now includes a Workspace tab, which lets youtoolboxes and property bars. The Lite workspaces wereReviewer’s Guide [ 12 ]

designed to make each application’s most commonlyused tools more readily accessible and easier to find.New! Default and Classic workspaces: The new defaultworkspaces for CorelDRAW X7 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7have been refashioned to offer a more intuitive and efficientconfiguration of tools, menus, status bar, property bars,and dialog boxes. Plus, the Classic workspaces are stillincluded for longtime users who may prefer the suite’slegacy appearance. There are also Adobe Illustrator andYou can now embed fonts in CorelDRAW documents so thatthey can be viewed, printed, and edited exactly as designed.Adobe Photoshop workspaces, which will help newNew! Simple customization: The toolbox, dockerusers get up to speed within a familar, and property bars contain handy new QuickCustomizeNew! Advanced workspaces: With CorelDRAW X7,the new Page Layout and Illustration workspaces havebeen designed in consultation with industryprofessionals to better expose specific applicationfunctionality. For example, the Illustration workspaceprovides a toolbox loaded with drawing tools and abuttons, which will help you tailor theinterface to suit your workflow. Available in bothCorelDRAW X7 and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7, these buttonsoffer a faster and more convenient way to add dockers toyour workspace, add or remove tools from the toolbox,and add or remove items from a property bar.readily accessible Color Styles docker.New! Font embedding: You can now embed fonts whenyou save CorelDRAW documents so that recipients canview, print, and edit the document exactly as designed. Thisis especially useful when sending a CorelDRAW file to aprint shop, ensuring that the document can be viewed andprinted accurately.CorelDRAW X7 respects any restrictions encoded with eachfont, so a font must support embedding to be saved with thedocument. While some fonts cannot be embedded, most willsupport embedding for either print and preview, or for editing.The new Quick Customize buttons make workspacecustomization faster and easier than ever before.Reviewer’s Guide [ 13 ]

Give it a tryCustomizing the toolboxNew! Lens corrections: The new Correct lens distortionslider in the Straighten Image dialog box helps you previewand adjust your image to quickly and easily remove pincushionand barrel distortions. Pincushion distortions make photos1In CorelDRAW X7, click the Quick Customizebutton below the toolbox.2To add a tool, enable the check box beside its name; toremove a tool, disable the check box beside its name.By dragging the slider to the right, you can reduce pincushionTo restore the default toolbar, click the Quickdistortions; conversely, dragging the slider to the left willCustomize button and choose Reset toolbar.3When you are finished, click anywhere in the documentwindow.appear pinched in from the center, while barrel distortionsmake photos appear pushed out from the center.reduce barrel distortions. Plus, the preview window’scustomizable grid will help realign the distortion.New! Overflow buttons: For tablet and mobile deviceusers, or people using Windows with medium or largefonts, new overflow buttons have been added to thetoolbox, property bar, dockers, and color palettes toindicate the presence of additional controls that do not fitwithin the workspace. You simply click an overflow buttonto instantly access the hidden tools or controls.The new Correct lens distortion slider helps you reducepincushion and barrel distortions.New & Enhanced! Content: CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7includes a wealth of project-ready content that you canuse to enhance your artwork. The suite’s content libraryincludes fonts, both bitmap pattern and vector patternfills, clipart images, photos, photo frames, templates,objects, interactive text frames, interactive PowerClipframes, image lists, and Artistic Media.New! Volume licensing: For customers purchasingvolume licenses, CorelDRAW now provides bothThe addition of new Overflow buttons indicatethe presence of hidden controls.Reviewer’s Guide [ 14 ]Subscription and Membership options that include access toonline content, the latest features, and application updates.

Work faster and more efficientlyGive it a tryWith advanced fill and transparency options, a new dockerfor trying out fonts, and many workspace improvements,CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers new ways to help youWorking with fountain fills1circle, and then click Window Dockers fast and efficiently — from concept to production.New! Fountain fills: You can now create elliptical andrectangular fountain fills, apply transparency toindividual color nodes within a fountain fill, repeat a fill2In the Object Properties docker, click the Fill3In the Fill area, click the Fountain fillthen click the Elliptical fountain fillwithin a filled object, adjust a fill’s angle of rotation, andsmooth the blend transition of a fountain fill.In CorelDRAW X7, create an object, such as a square or4button, andbutton.Click the first node above the color band, open theNode color picker, and choose a color.With CorelDRAW X7, you can apply and adjust fountainTo adjust transparency, click and drag the Nodefills more quickly, accurately, and creatively by using thetransparencynew interactive controls in the Object Properties dockeror the new Edit Fill dialog box. In Corel PHOTO-PAINT X7,the enhanced Edit Fill dialog box provides quick access toall available controls for adjusting fountain the last nodeabove the color band, open theNode color picker, and choose a color.6Move the midpoint slider below the color band to setthe midpoint between the two colors.New & Enhanced! Vector and bitmap pattern fills:With CorelDRAW X7, you can efficiently search for,preview, apply, and interactively transform both vectorpattern and bitmap pattern fills by using the enhancedcontrols in the Object Properties docker. You can alsosave personally created or modified fills to the new FILLformat, which is supported by Patterns, a new iOS appthat makes it easy to create seamless bitmap patternsThe Object Properties docker provides new interactive controlsfor applying and adjusting fountain fills.from photos. What’s more, patterns saved to the FILLformat are easily shared with other CorelDRAW GraphicsSuite users.Reviewer’s Guide [ 15 ]

New! Fill picker: With both CorelDRAW X7 andCorel PHOTO-PAINT X7, a new Fill picker makes browsing,searching, previewing, and selecting fills quick and easy.The Fill picker also provides access to both locally storedfills and those available in the Content Exchange.You can now save and share personally created or modifiedvector pattern and bitmap pattern fills.New! Edit Fill dialog box: In both CorelDRAW X7 andCorel PHOTO-PAINT X7, the new Edit Fill dialog box givesyou more efficient access to all available controls forUniform, Fountain, Vector pattern, Bitmap pattern, Twocolor pattern, Texture, and PostScript fills. WithCorelDRAW X7, the Edit Fill dialog box also provides areal-time preview as you make adjustments.The new Fill picker makes it faster and easier tofind and choose a fill.New! Fill creation: In CorelDRAW X7, you can nowinstantly create new bitmap pattern and vector pattern fillsfrom selected objects in your workspace. When you haveapplied a pattern fill, the Object Properties docker presentsthe New from document button. When you click thatbutton, the cursor changes to the Crop tool so that you candefine an area of your workspace to use as a pattern.The new Edit Fill dialog box provides total controlfor working with all fill types.Reviewer’s Guide [ 16 ]You can now create bitmap and vector pattern fills from selectedobjects in your workspace.

New! F

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 offers a convenient way to help you discover, use, and share fountain fills, vector pattern fills, and bitmap pattern fills. In both CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, the Content Exchange provides a new Fill picker that makes it easy to vote for and sort your favorite assets. And the Content Exchange is also

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