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VAN DELIVERY SERVICE ofthe N.H. State LibraryListed Alphabetically by Library and City/TownLibraries and cities/towns appear in the following print formats in this list. Academic libraries which receive NHCUCvan delivery are included in this list under the name of the college. Abbreviations used in the list follow the explanationof print formats.Bold Print - Towns/cities, schools and colleges, and libraries (whose name begins with the name of the town/city)which receive direct van service have been listed in bold print. Following the name of the town is the regionand the days of the week that the library receives the service.ExamplesAlton (Gilman Library) LR w,f (The Gilman Library in Alton is located in the Lakes Region andreceives van service on Wednesday and Friday.)Amherst Town Library SE m,t,f (The Amherst Town Library is located in the Southeast Region andreceives van service on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.)Regular Print -Towns/cities,schools and colleges, and libraries(whose name begins with the name of the town/city)which receive van service via another library (drop off library) have been listed in regular print. Following thename of the town is the drop off library [in brackets], the region and the days of the week that the libraryreceives the service via the drop off library.ExamplesGroton Public Library [via Bristol] - LR m,f (Material for the Groton Public Library is dropped off atBristol; the library is in the Lakes Region; and van service stops at Bristol on Monday and Friday.)Cornish (George H. Stowell Free Library) [via Meriden] - SW w,f (Material for the George H. StowellFree Library in Cornish is dropped off at Meriden; the library is in the Southwest region; and vanservice stops at Meriden on Wednesday and Friday.)Italic Print - Names of libraries that do not begin with the name of the town/city are listed in italics. A “see”reference from the name of the library to the name of the town is provided.ExampleAbbie Greenleaf Library - See Franconia (For van schedule for Abbie Greenleaf Library in Franconiasee Franconia on the list.)AbbreviationsRegionsDays of the WeekOtherCD - Capital DistrictLR - Lakes RegionNC - North CountrySE - SoutheastSW - Southwestm- Monday t Tuesday w Wednesday r Thursday f FridayNHCUC - NH College and UniversityCouncil Van Delivery Service

1Center Harbor (James E. Nichols Memorial Library) – LRfCenter Sandwich (Samuel H. Wentworth Library) – NC fCenter Strafford (Hill Library) – SE wChamberlin Public Library – See GreenvilleCharlestown (Silsby Free Public Library) – SW fChesley Memorial Library – See NorthwoodChester Public Library – SE t,rChesterfield Public Library – SW wChichester Town Library – CD wChocorua Public Library – NC fClaremont (Fiske Free Library) – SW m,w,fCoe Brown Academy [via Northwood] – SE m,w,fColby Memorial Library – See DanvilleColby Sawyer College, New London – SW tColebrook Academy [via Colebrook] – NC t,rColebrook Public Library – NC t,rCommunity School, Tamworth [via Tamworth, CookMemorial Library] – LR w NC fCon-Val High School [via Hancock] – SW fConant High School [via Jaffrey] – SW w,fConant Public Library – See WinchesterConcord Public Library – LR m,w,rContoocook – See HopkintonConverse Free Library – See LymeConway Public Library – NC t,f LR wCook Memorial Library – See TamworthCornish (George H. Stowell Free Library) [via Meriden] –SW w,fCornish Elementary School [via Meriden] – SW w,fCrotched Mountain Rehab Center [via Bennington] – SW fDaland Memorial Library – See Mont VernonDalton Public Library – NC mDanbury (George Gamble Library) [via Bristol] LR m,fDanville (Colby Memorial Library) – SE tDartmouth College, Hanover – SW m,w,f (temporarily monly)Davis Library – See StoddardDeerfield (Philbrick-James Library) – SW rDerry Middle School {via Derry] – SE m,t,rDerry Public Library – SE m,t,rDerryfield School [via Southern New Hampshire University]– NHCUC t,fDover High School [via Dover] – SE m,w,fDover Public Library – SE m,w,fAaron Cutler Memorial Library - See LitchfieldAbbie Greenleaf Library – See FranconiaAbbott Library – See SunapeeAcworth Silsby Public Library [via Alstead] – SW-fAllenstown Public library – CD wAlstead (Shedd-Porter Memorial Library) – SW fAlton (Gilman Library) – LR w,fAmherst Town Library – SE m,t,rAndover Elementary School [via Andover] – SW t,r AndoverPublic Library – SW t,rAntioch University New England, Keene – NHCUC m,rAntrim (James A. Tuttle Library) – SW fAshland Town Library – LR m,r Atkinson(Kimball Public Library) – SE t,rAuburn (Griffin Free Public Library) – SE tBaker Free Library – See BowBarnstead (Oscar Foss Memorial Library) – LR rBarrington Public Library – SE t,rBartlett Public Library – NC tBath Public Library – NC m,wBedford Public Library – SE m,t,rBelmont High School (via Belmont] – LR wBelmont Public Library – LR wBennington (G.E.P. Dodge Library) – SW fBerlin High School [Via Berlin] – NC t,rBerlin Public Library – NC t,rBethlehem Public Library – NC w,fBlaisdell Memorial Library – See NottinghamBook Bag Storage – CD wBoscawen Public Library – CD wBow (Baker Free Library – LR m, CD wBow High School [via Bow] – LR m, CD wBradford (Brown Memorial Library) – SW tBremer Pond Memorial Library – See PittsburgBrentwood (Mary E.Bartlett Memorial Library) – SE t,rBrewster Academy [via Wolfeboro] – LR m,w,fBristol (Minot-Sleeper Library) – LR m,fBrookline Public Library – SW t,fBrown Memorial Library – See BradfordByron G. Merrill Library – See RumneyCampton Public Library – NC mCanaan Town Library – SW rCandia (Smyth Public Library) – SE t,rCanterbury (Elkins Public Library) – CD w207/2021

Gilmanton Year Round Library [via Alton] – LR w,fGilsum Public library [via Keene] – SW m,w,fGladys Brooks Memorial Library – See Mount WashingtonObservatory, North ConwayGlencliff Home for the Elderly [via Warren] – NC wGoffstown High School [via Goffstown] – SW m,fGoffstown Public Library – SW m,fGoodwin Library – See FarmingtonGordon-Nash Library – See New HamptonGorham Middle HS [via Gorham] – NC r GorhamPublic Library – NC rGoshen (Olive G. Pettis Memorial Library) [via Newport] –SW t,rGoshen Lempster School [via Washington] – SW t,rGrafton Public Library – SW rGranite State College [via Conway] – NC t,f LR wGrantham (Dunbar Free Library) – SW m,rGreat Bay Community College, Portsmouth [via Portsmouth]– SE m,w,fGreenfield (Stephenson Memorial Library) – SW mGreenland (Weeks Public Library) – SE t,rGreenville (Chamberlin Public Library) – SW fGriffin Free Public Library – See AuburnGroveton (Northumberland Public Library – NC rHall Memorial Library – See Tilton/NorthfieldHampstead Public Library – SE t,rHampton (Lane Memorial Library) – SE t,rHampton Falls Free Library – SE wHancock Town Library – SW fHanover (Howe Library) – SW m,w,fHanover Town Library – See EtnaHarrisville Public Library [via Nelson] – SW fHarvey-Mitchell Memorial Library – See EppingHaverhill Library Association – NC wHebron Public Library [via Bristol] – LR m,fHenniker (Tucker Free Library) – SW t,rHenniker Community School [via Henniker] – SW t,rHigh Mowing School [via Wilton] – SW w,fHill Library – See Center StraffordHill Public Library – LR fHillsboro (Fuller Public Library) – SW t,rHinsdale Public Library [via Winchester] – SW fHolderness Free Library – LR m,rHolderness School [via Plymouth] – NC m,wHollis High School [via Hollis] – SE/SW t,fHollis Social Library – SE/SW t,fHooksett Public Library – SE/CD m,wHopkinton Middle HS [via Hopkinton] – CD wHopkinton Town Library – CD w HoweLibrary – See HanoverDublin Public Library – SW fDudley-Tucker Library – See RaymondDummer Public Library [via White Mountains CommunityCollege, Berlin] NE t,rDunbar Free Library – See GranthamDunbarton Public Library – SW fDurham Public Library – SW w, fEast Andover (William Adams Batchelder Library [viaAndover] – SW t,rEast Derry (Taylor Library) [via Derry] – SE m,t,rEast Kingston Public Library – SE t,rEast Swanzey (Mt. Caesar Union Library)[via Keene] – SWm,w,fEffingham Free Public Library – LR w ElkinsPublic Library – See CanterburyEnfield Public Library – SW rEpping (Harvey-Mitchell Memorial Library) SE tEpping Middle-High School [via Epping] – SE tEpsom Public Library – SE rErrol Public Library – NC rEtna (Hanover Town Library) – SW rExeter Area High School [via Exeter] – SE t,rExeter Public Library – SE t,rFCI, Berlin – See Federal Correctional Institute, BerlinFarmington (Goodwin Library) – LR rFederal Correctional Institute (FCI), Berlin [via WhiteMountains Community College, Berlin] – NC t,rFiske Free Library – See ClaremontFitzwilliam Town Library – SW fFrancestown (George Holmes Bixby Memorial Library) –SW mFranconia (Abbie Greenleaf Library) – NC mFranklin Pierce University, Rindge – NHCUC m,rFranklin Public Library – LR rFreedom Public Library – LR wFremont Public Library – SE wFrost Free Library – See MarlboroughFuller Public Library – See HillsboroughG.E.P. Dodge Library – See BenningtonGafney Library – See SanbornvilleGale Library – See NewtonGay-Kimball Public Library – See TroyGeorge Gamble Library – See DanburyGeorge H. Stowell Free Library – See CornishGeorge Holmes Bixby Memorial Library – See FrancestownGilbert H. Hood Middle School, Derry [via Derry] – SE m,t,rGilford Middle High School [via Gilford] – LR m,w,fGilford Public Library – LR m,w,fGilman Library – See AltonGilmanton Iron Works Library [via Alton] – LR w,f307/2021

Hudson (Rodgers Memorial Library) – SE t,rIngalls Memorial Library – See RindgeInter-Lakes High School [via Meredieth] – LR m,w,fJ.A. Tarbell Library – See LyndeboroughJackson Grammar School, Jackson [via Jackson] – NC t,fJackson Public Library – NC t,fJaffrey Public Library – SW w,fJames A. Tuttle Library – See AntrimJames E. Nichols Memorial Library – See Center HarborJefferson Public Library – NC rJoseph Patch Library – See WarrenJosiah Carpenter Library – See PittsfieldKeene Middle High School [via Keene] – SW m,w,fKeene Public Library – SW m,w,fKeene State College, Keene – NHCUC m,rKelley Library – See SalemKensington Social & Public Library – SE wKimball Public Library – See AtkinsonKimball Union Academy [via Meriden] – SW w,fKingston Community Library – SE wKingswood Regional High School [via Wolfeboro] – LRm,w,fLaconia Middle/High School [via Laconia] – LR m,w,fLaconia Public Library – LR m,w,fLakes Region Community College, Laconia – LR wLakeway Elementary School [via Littleton] – NC w,fLancaster (Weeks Memorial Library) – NC t,rLane Memorial Library – See HamptonLangdon Public Library – See Newington LeachLibrary – See LondonderryLebanon Public Library – SW m,w,fLee Public Library – SE m,w,fLempster (Miner Memorial Library) [via Newport] – SW t,rLibbie A. Cass Memorial Library – See SpringfieldLin-Wood Public School [via Lincoln] – NC mLincoln Public Library – NC mLisbon Public Library – NC m,wLisbon Regional High School – NC m,wLitchfield (Aaron Cutler Memorial Library) – SE tLittleton High School [via Littleton] – NC w,fLittleton Public Library – NC w,fLondonderry (Leach Library) – SE t,rLondonderry High School [via Londonderry] SE t,rLoudon (Maxfield Public Library) – CD wLyme (Converse Free Library) – SW m, NC wLyndeboro (J.A. Tarbell Library) [via Milford] – SE m,t,rMadbury Public Library – SE wMadison Library – NC tMagdalen College – See Northeast Catholic CollegeManchester City Library – SE m,t,rManchester Community College – SE tManchester, West Side Community Library [via Manchester]– SE m,t,rMansfield Public Library – See TempleMariposa Museum, Peterborough [via Peterborough] – SWm,w,fMarlborough (Frost Free Library) – SW fMarlow Town Library [via Keene] – SW, m,w,fMary E. Bartlett Memorial Library – See BrentwoodMascenic Regional HS [via Greenville] – SW fMason Public Library – SW fMaxfield Public Library – See LoudonMeredith Public Library – LR m,w,fMeriden Library – SW w,fMerrimack Public Library – SE m,t,rMerrimack Valley High School [via NH State Library] –DailyMilan Public Library – NC rMilford (Wadleigh Memorial Library) – SE m,t,rMilford High School [via Milford] – SE m,t,rMilton (Nute Library) – LR rMilton Free Public Library [via Milton] - LR rMiner Memorial Library – See LempsterMinot-Sleeper Library – See BristolMonadnock Regional High School [via Keene] – SW, m,w,fMonroe Public Library – NC mMont Vernon (Daland Memorial Library) – SW fMoosilauke Public library – See North WoodstockMoultonborough Academy [via Moultonborough] – LR m,wMoultonborough Public Library – LR m,wMt. Caesar Union Library – See East SwanzeyMount Washington Observatory, North Conway [via NorthConway] – NC t,fNHTI, Concord’s Community College – CD wNashua Community College, Nashua – SE m (on-call)Nashua Public Library – SE m,rNelson (Olivia Rodham Memorial Library) – SW fNesmith Library – See WindhamNew Boston (Whipple Free Library) – SW m,fNew Castle Public Library – SE wNew Durham Public Library – LR rNew England College, Henniker – NHCUC m,rNew England College, Manchester (Teti Library) –NHCUC wNew Franklin School [via Portsmouth] – SE m,w,fNew Hampshire Community Technical College, Berlin – SeeWhite Mountains Community College, BerlinNew Hampshire Community Technical College, Claremont –See River Valley Community College, Claremont407/2021

Orford Free Library [via Orford Social Library] – NC wOrford High School [via Orford Social Library] – NC wOrford Social Library – NC wOscar Foss Memorial Library – See BarnsteadOssipee Public Library – LR m,rOyster River High School [via Durham] – SE w,fPaul Memorial Library – See NewfieldsPease Public Library – See PlymouthPelham High School [via Pelham] – SE tPelham Public Library – SE tPembroke Academy [via Pembroke] – CD wPembroke Town Library – CD wPeterborough Town Library – SW m,w,fPhilbrick-James Library – See DeerfieldPhilip Read Memorial Library – See PlainfieldPhilips Exeter Academy [via Exeter] – SE t,rPiermont Public Library – NC wPillsbury Free Library – See WarnerPinkerton Academy [via Derry] – SE m,t,rPittsburg (Bremer Pond Memorial Library) [via Colebrook] –NC t,rPittsfield (Carpenter Memorial Library) – LR rPittsfield High School [via Pittsfield] – LR rPlainfield (Philip Read Memorial Library) [via Meriden] –SW w,fPlaistow Public Library – SE t,rPlymouth (Pease Public Library) – LR m,wPlymouth Regional Senior Center (Noyes Library) [viaBristol] – LR m,fPlymouth State College, Plymouth - NHCUC t,fPortsmouth Athenaeum [via Portsmouth] – SE m,w,fPortsmouth Christian Academy [via Rochester] – SE m,w,fPortsmouth Public Library – SE m,w,fProctor Academy, Andover [via Andover] – SW t,rProfile School [via Bethlehem] – NC w,fRandolph Public Library – NC rRaymond (Dudley-Tucker Library) – SE tRichards Free Library – See NewportRichardson Memorial Library – See Sugar HillRichmond Public Library [via Keene] – SW m,w,fRiddle Brook School, Bedford [via Bedford] – SE m,t,rRindge (Ingalls Memorial Library) – SW m,fRiver Valley Community College, Claremont – SW m,wRivier College, Nashua – NHCUC t,fRochester Public Library – SE m,w,fRodgers Memorial Library – See HudsonRollinsford Town Library [via Somersworth] – SE m,w,fRumney (Byron G. Merrill Library) – NC wRye Public Library – SE m,w,fSaint Anselm College, Manchester – NHCUC t,fNew Hampshire Community Technical College, Laconia – SeeLakes Region Community College, LaconiaNew Hampshire Community Technical College, Manchester –See Manchester Community College, ManchesterNew Hampshire Community Technical College, Nashua – SeeNashua Community College, NashuaNew Hampshire Community Technical College, Portsmouth –See Great Bay Community College, PortsmouthNew Hampshire Hospital, Concord – CD wNew Hampshire Institute of Art and Design at NewEngland College, Manchester – NHCUC wNew Hampshire Law Library, Concord – CD wNew Hampshire State Library - Daily, NC m,w,fNew Hampshire State Library, Talking Books Division –CD wNew Hampshire State Prison, Concord – LR fNew Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord – See NHTI,Concord’s Community CollegeNew Hampton (Gordon Nash Library) – LR m,w,fNew Hampton School [via New Hampton] – LR m,w,fNew Ipswich Library – SW fNew London (Tracy Memorial Library) – SW t,rNewbury Public Library – SW t,rNewfields (Paul Memorial Library) [via Stratham] – SE t,rNewfound Regional High School [via Bristol] – LR m, fNewington (Langdon Public Library)[via Stratham] – SE t,rNewmarket Jr. Sr. High School [via Newmarket] – SE t,fNewmarket Public Library – SE t,fNewport (Richards Free Library) – SW t,rNewton (Gale Library) – SE tNorth Conway Public Library – NC t,fNorth Hampton Public Library – SE m,w,fNorth Haverhill (Patten Library) – NC wNorth Londonderry Elementary School [via Londonderry] –SE t,rNorth Woodstock (Moosilauke Public Library) – NC mNortheast Catholic College (formerly Magdalen College) [viaWarner] – SW tNorthfield/Tilton (Hall Memorial Library) – LR m,r(temporarily m only)Northumberland Public Library – See GrovetonNorthwood (Chesley Memorial Library) – SE m,w,fNorthwood School [via Northwood] – SE m,w,fNottingham (Blaisdell Memorial Library) – SE t,rNoyes Library – See Plymouth Regional Senior CenterNute High School [via Milton] – LR rNute Library – See MiltonOlive G. Pettis Memorial Library – See GoshenOlivia Rodham Memorial Library – See Nelson507/2021

Saint Patrick’s School [via Pelham] – SE tSaint Paul’s School, Concord [via New Hampshire StateLibrary] – DailySaint Thomas Aquinas High School, Dover [via Dover] – SEm,w,fSalem (Kelley Library) – SE m,rSalisbury Free Library – SW tSamuel H. Wentworth Library – See Center SandwichSanbornton Public Library – LR fSanbornville (Gafney Library) – LR rSandown Public Library – SE t,rSandwich – See Center SandwichSeabrook Library – SE wShedd Free Library – See WashingtonShedd-Porter Memorial Library – See AlsteadShelburne Public Library [via Gorham] – NC rSilsby Free Public Library – See CharlestownSmyth Public Library – See CandiaSomersworth High School [via Somersworth] – SE m,w,fSomersworth Public Library – SE m,w,fSouhegan Regional High School [via Amherst] – SE m,t,rSouth Hampton Public Library [via Kingston] – SE wSouthern New Hampshire University, Manchester –NHCUC t,fSpringfield (Libbie A. Cass Memorial Library) – SW rStephenson Memorial Library – See GreenfieldStevens High School [via Claremont] – SW m,w,fStoddard (Davis Library) [via Hillsboro] – SW t,rStrafford – See Center StraffordStratford Public Library – NC rStratham (Wiggin Memorial Library) – SE t,rStratton Free Library – See West SwanzeyStrawbery Banke, Inc. [via Portsmouth] – SE m,w,fSugar Hill (Richardson Memorial Library) – NC mSullivan Public Library – SW fSunapee (Abbott Library) – SW t,rSunapee Middle High School - [via Sunapee] SW t,rSutton Free Library – SW tSwanzey – See East Swanzey or West SwanzeyTalking Books Division – See New Hampshire State Library,Talking Books DivisionTamworth (Cook Memorial Library) – LR w NC fTaylor Library – See East DerryTemple (Mansfield Public Library) [via Peterborough] – SWm,w,fTeti Library – See New Hampshire Institute of Art and Designat New England College, ManchesterThomas Moore College, Merrimack [via Merrimack] – m,t,rThornton Public Library – NC mTilton/Northfield (Hall Memorial Library) – LR m,r(temporarily m only)Tilton School, Tilton [via Tilton/Northfield] – LR m,r(temporarily m only)Tracy Memorial Library – See New LondonTrinity Christian School [via Keene] – SW m,w,fTroy (Gay-Kimball Public Library) – SW fTucker Free Library – See HennikerTuftonboro Free Library – LR rTwin Mountain Public Library – NC tUnity Free Public Library [via Claremont] – SW m,w,fUniversity of New Hampshire, Durham – NHCUC m,t,r,fUniversity of New Hampshire, Manchester – NHCUC t,fUniversity of New Hampshire School of Law, Concord –NHCUC wWadleigh Memorial Library – See MilfordWakefield – See SanbornvilleWalpole Town Library – NW m,wWarner (Pillsbury Free Library) – SW tWarren (Joseph Patch Library) – NC wWashington (Shedd Free Library) – SW t,rWeare Public Library – SW t,rWebster Free Public Library – SW tWebster Memorial Library – See WentworthWeeks Memorial Library – See LancasterWeeks Public Library – See GreenlandWentworth (Webster Memorial Library) – NC wWest High School, Manchester [via Manchester] – SE m,t,rWest Lebanon Library [via Lebanon] – SW m,w,fWest Side Community Library, Manchester – See Manchester,West Side Community LibraryWest Swanzey (Stratton Free Library) [via Keene] – SWm,w,fWestmoreland Public Library – SW wWhipple Free Library – See New BostonWhite Mountain Regional High School, Whitefield – NC rWhite Mountain School [via Bethlehem] – NC w,fWhite Mountains Community College, Berlin – NC t,rWhitefield Public Library – NC rWiggin Memorial Library – See StrathamWilliam Adams Batchelder Library – See East AndoverWilmot Public Library – SW tWilton Public-Gregg Free Library – SW w,fWilton-Lyndeborough Jr/Sr High School, Wilton [viaPeterborough] – SW m,w,fWinchester (Conant Public Library) – SW fWindham (Nesmith Library) – SE t,rWinnacunnet High School [via Rye] – SW m,w,fWolfeboro Public Library – LR m,w,fWoodsville Free Public Library –NC w607/2021

3 07/2021 Dublin Public Library – SW f Dudley-Tucker Library – See Raymond Gilsum Public library [via Keene] Dummer Public Library [via White Mountains Community College, Berlin] NE t,r Dunbar Free Library – See Grantham Dunbarton Public Library – SW f Durham Public Library – SW w, f East Andover (William Adams Batchelder Library [via

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