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Mission Statement:The Revolution Cycling Club exists to promote cycling at all levelsand to increase community awareness and interest in the sport.What is Revolution Cycling Club ?Revolution Cycling Club (RCC) isa group of cyclist who are involvedin our community because ofcycling. Aside from the race teamof approx. 20 riders we currentlyhave approx. 30 additional “club”members. Members come to RCCwith a passion for cycling which isclearly visible in their dedication tothe promotion of the sport both atthe racing level and the communitylevel. Members of RCC includeboth the recreational cyclist andthe serious racing cyclist. The teambrings together not justindividuals, but families from amultitude of backgrounds. Ourteam includes college students,accountants, engineers, skilledtrades, and many otherprofessions. This diversity allowsour team to be involved in ourcommunities in many uniqueaspects. RCC is continuouslygrowing, as we encourage theyoung and old to become involvedin cycling in order to realize themany benefits it has to offer to theindividuals and community.Revolution Cycling Club at the 2004 Spring Addison OaksRCC GROWTH59604020018293438421998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003

Major Taylor State Championship Road RaceHistory: This race, going on its sixth consecutive year, commemorating Marshall W. “Major” Taylor, who was the first AfricanAmerican American cyclists to become the world champion. Taylor dominated both the national and international races from1896 to 1910 in spite of the social hardship he endured during this time. Taylor is recognized as one of America’s greatestcyclist. For 2003 the Major Taylor State Championship race will also be a Lance Armstrong Junior Olympics Race (LAJOR) asit has been for the past 2 years. This will be one of only two LAJOR in the Midwest.Race proceeds: Over the past five years profits made from the Major Taylor have been used to help promote cycling and fitnessin the greater Flint area. We have made (2) 2000.00 donations to help new mountain bike trails in Grand Blanc’s BicentennialPark, Bicycles were bought for the Grand Blanc Police Dept., Donations to the Holly/Flint chapter of the Michigan MountainBiking Association and proceeds from this past years race will go towards a portable de-fibulator kit for the Grand Blanc PoliceDept.Nearly 8000.00 have been approved from 2002-3 race proceeds to be donated to the City of Grand Blanc Police Dept., GeneseeCounty Sheriff Dept., Flint River Trails, Holly/Flint chapter of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association, as well as help withlocal trail development and kids bicycle safety seminars.Marketing: Revolution Cycling Club, since it’s conception six years ago, will continue to be the host of the Major TaylorMichigan State Road Race. While the race sponsorship is separate from team sponsorship all of Team Revolution’s sponsors areinvited and encouraged to participate in this annual event.2003 Team Sponsors Giant Bicycles Bueker Development Inc. Cycle Fit Assenmacher Cycling Center Genessee Valley Tennis andFitness Remer Inc. Saturn Electronics andEngineering, Inc. Potential Energy Rudy Project Timberline EmergencyMedicine Prince Ruelan Back & NeckCare Center Prestige AutomotiveAfter a successful 2003 racing Elite, RCC’c SueSchubel will be racing Pro in 2004

Additional Team Revolution Activities:RacingApproximately 40 cyclistsparticipate in approximately 20focused events, mainly mountainand road cycling. These events takeplace throughout the state.With 7 different competitive racing pointseries within Michigan alone, there areraces from January to November givingour sponsors year round exposure.New for 2004 Revolution Cycling Clubis developing a Cyclocross and TrackCycling team.Map of Michiganwith locations ofsome of the eventsin which TeamRevolutionmembers compete.RCC Contacts:Tony Hersberger RCC President (810) 606-0765Lee Frantz RCC Vice President (810) 232-2994Ron Stack RCC Vice President ((810) 750-2348David Connor RCC Secretary (810) 695-9038RCC’s Craig Picket, Dave Hollis and Don Jurvelin leading out the Expert Men 40-49 field.

Racing Results for 2002-20032002 Mountain BikingMichigan Team Overall Standings2ndMMBA Point Series1st Expert 25-291st Beginner 19-242nd Expert 45 2nd TandemMichigan MTB Time Trial Series2nd Tandem2nd Sport 55 Iceman MTB Race1st Sport Men 19-243rd Expert Men 30-343rd Sport Tandem2002 Mountain Biking MMBA Championship Point SeriesSusan Schubel, Elite Women, 1stLibby Ford, Expert Women, 5thTony Hersberger, Expert Men 30-39, 9thDavid Hollis, Expert Men 40-49, 5thCraig Pickett, Expert Men 40-49, 6thChuck Buckalew, Expert Men 50 , 1stKyle Stange, Sport Men 14 & under, 2ndDave Sprague, Sport Men 35-39, 8thHarold Snyder, Sport Men 40-44, 9thMatt Hallwood, Sport Men 45-49, 3rdDavid Connor, Tandem, 1stRuss Turner, Beginner Clydesdale, 1stTeresa Hallwood, Beginner Woman 30 , 1stCory Stange, Beginner Men 11-14, 3rdJamie Forrest, Beginner Men 30-34, 3rd Tailwind Michigan MTB TT SeriesSusan Schubel, Elite Women, 1stLibby Ford, Expert Women, 9thTony Hersberger, Expert Men 30-39, 10thCraig Pickett, Expert Men, 40-49, 5thChuck Buckalew, Expert Men 50 , 1stDave & Kevin Connor, Tandem, 3rdMatt Hallwood, Sport Men 45-49, 5thJohn Guynn, Sport Men 40-44, 5thHarold Snyder, Sport Men 40-44, 9thRon Guynn, Sport Men 35-39, 1stKyle Stange, Sport Men 14 & under, 4thRuss Turner, Beginner Clydesdale, 2ndTeresa Hallwood, Beginner Woman 30 ,3rdDave Bade, Beginner Men 35-39, 7th

Why Sponsor TeamRevolution?With your involvement, support,and contribution, we can reachthe community by promotingcycling at races and communityevents. Although racing bicyclesis important to Team Revolution,community activities and eventsare how we plan to make adifference. Our communitieswill remember the RevolutionCycling Team and it’s sponsorsas being an active part of theircommunity. Included in thisproposal is a listing of theactivities and events hosted byTeam Revolution. Theseactivities range from bike safetyclasses to the StateChampionship road race. Eachof these events is a uniquemarketing opportunity for yourbusiness. Also, each member ofthe team has committed topromoting all sponsorsthroughout the state as theycompete in various cyclingrelated events. And last, but notleast, one of the most effectivemeans of promotion is by “wordof mouth” advertisement by eachmember and their friends andfamily.What is Team Revolutionseeking in sponsorship?The team is seeking sponsorship tosupport the RCC’s racing team. Bothproduct sponsorship and monetarysponsorship our important to the successof Team Revolution. Our first priority isto offset the out of pocket costs ofuniforms which has an annual cost ofapproximately 7,500.00. Any moniesreceived above and beyond our 7,500.00goal will go towards additionalequipment, entry fees, and travelexpenses.We have set a minimum contribution of 500 to earn an advertising spot on theteam’s custom made jersey. Theplacement of company logos isdetermined by the sponsorshipcontribution.*Team Revolution is a charitable nonprofit organization, tax exempt undersection 501(c)(4) of the Internal RevenueCode. Contributions are tax deductible tothe extent permitted by the IRS. OurFederal Tax ID can be provided if neededfor tax purposes.RCC member, John Gyunn, discussing properbicycle maintenance and safety to Fenton area BoyScouts.

2001 Logo Placement2003 Logo Placement Title Sponsor: 5000: Sponsor’s logo will be the approximate size of the “Team Revolution” logo and be placedprominently above or below the team logo or on the back panel of the shorts. Co-Title of Revolution Racing Team. Priorityexposure at all media events. RCC members available to participate in Sponsor’s own community charitable events. Co-Sponsor: 2,500: Co- Sponsor’s Logo will be displayed on the upper front or back in the yellow area or side panels. Secondary Sponsor: 1000: Sponsor’s logo will be displayed on the lower front or back in the yellow area. Support Sponsor 500: Sponsor’s logo will be displayed on the lower front or back in space available. Product Sponsors: Sponsor’s logo will be displayed on the front or back in space available. All logos will be reviewed and finalized once sponsors are approved and prior to uniform order (target completiondate is 12/31/03)2004 will be RCC’s 8th year in existence. Our club and uniform has grown tobecome very prominent and respected in Cycling throughout Michigan, not only atthe races but the many weekly group rides and organized tours.RCC always welcome and encourage the involvement of our sponsors withmarketing and management of the events organized by RCC.

The Revolution Cycling Club exists to promote cycling at all levels . Genesee County Sheriff Dept., Flint River Trails, Holly/Flint chapter of the Michigan Mountain Bike Association, as well as help with . Assenmacher Cycling Center Genessee Valley Tennis and Fitness Remer Inc. Saturn Electronics and Engineering, Inc .

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