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Waiheke Island walkwaysWaiheke Island is renowned for its great weather, splendid beaches,picturesque vineyards and native bush.This is reason enough to go exploring, but if you take some timeto experience one of the many walkways outlined in this bookletyou will see that Waiheke is much more than meets the eye.Each walk has something unique to offer, from serene bush withstunning views to expansive reserves and charming villages.The surprises are there, just waiting to be discovered.For further information on these walkways, or any other parks in Auckland,visit our website: visit www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz or phone 09 301 0101.

Explore our Waiheke Island walkwaysWaiheke Island means sunshine, sandy beaches, vineyards andferries. It is an island waiting to be explored, and numerouswalkways make this a pleasure.Whether it is the solitude and fragrance of the native bush, orthe views from the cliff-tops and headlands, these walkwaysoffer diversity and tranquility. Features of Waiheke’s walkwaysrange from areas of historic interest to native wood pigeons.This brochure details eight of the island’s major walkways andtheir side trips, which can either shorten or lengthen the walk.Many of the roads are narrow so take care when walking.For your interest we have published additional information on ourwebsite: www.aucklandcity.govt.nz/walkwaysCheck it out for historical facts and added landmarks to look out for.What to bring: drinking waterhatsunscreenreliable walking shoeswarm clothingrain jacket (in case of a change in weather).Note: Drinking water is not available on the walks. Remember tobring your own. Please be careful on the steep sections of the walk.

Overview of Waiheke Island walksHooks BayEnclosure BayOwhanake BayMatiatia Bay21Hekerua BayOneroa Bay3Owhiti BayPalm Beach(Mawhitipana Bay)4Onetangi BayGarden Bay7Man O’ War BayChurch BayAwaawaroa StreamHuruhi BayStreamWaikopou BayAwaawaroaPutiki BayAwaawaroa StreamRockyRoocky alRgional PaarkkarkAwaawaroaBay8Te Matuku BayOrapiu BayWaiheke Island walksThis guide aims to help you navigate your way around Waiheke’s majorwalkways, with alternatives that offer freedom when choosing your route.Waiheke Island walksWalk 1Matiatia, Church Bay, OneroaWalk 5Rocky Bay’s Te Whau loopWalk 2Matiatia, Owhanake, OneroaWalk 6Rocky Bay (featuring Whakanewha)Walk 3Oneroa, BlackpoolWalk 7OnetangiWalk 4Hekerua, Palm BeachWalk 8Orapiu – Pearl Bay

Walk 1Matiatia, Church Bay, Oneroa loop (Southern walk)Oc eMatiatia BayNic kan View RoadAtawhai WhenuaReserveJo hn s t o n e D riveAlisonParkRidgeRoOneroaBeachadTahatai RoadTui StreetWharfKororaRoadReserveBaydRoaPiritahiMarae BlackpoolChTe Miro BayurchTe HuruhiReserveHuruhiBayChurch BayPio RehutalReserveMotukaha IslandPiritahiFarmKeyPathStart at Matiatia wharf and follow the path to the southern end of Matiatia Bay.Cross the footbridge, follow the track uphill to the lookout on Nick JohnstoneDrive and along the coastal track to Te Miro Bay. Continue along the coast toChurch Bay and, when you get to the end, follow the track along the fence lineto the top of the hill towards Church Bay Road. Follow Church Bay Road throughAlison Park to Oneroa village. If heading back to Matiatia, turn left into OceanView Road and follow it to the wharf or enter Atawhai Whenua Reserve andfollow the lower track along the edge of the wetland to Matiatia Bay.Alternative routes:O ption one: Leave the track at Te Miro Bay and walk back to Oneroa viaNick Johnstone Drive. This will cut the length of the walk by half an hour.O ption two: Loop through Pio Rehutai Reserve at Church Bay Road. This will take youthrough the hills above Blackpool and Oneroa, and it links back to Church Bay Road. Thiswill add half an hour to the walk. For a longer walk, from Church Bay Road walk up theprivate driveway with public access and take the loop back to Oneroa via Blackpool. AtBlackpool there is also a loop track through Te Huruhi Reserve.Highlights and factsSpectacular views, a RoyalForest and Bird ProtectionSociety of New Zealandrevegetation projectand historic sites are thehighlights of this walk.Time: Approximatelytwo hours.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the track.Facilities: Toilets and kioskat Matiatia ferry terminal.Toilets and shops at Oneroa.Toilets at Blackpool Reserve.Note: Keep a lookout forsigns showing alternativeroutes.

Walk 2Matiatia, Owhanake, Oneroa (Northern walk)Double U Bay(Fossil Bay)Island BayCable BayOwhanakeBayoreReserveWaikareAccesswayOcean View RoadMatiatia BayAtawhai WhenuaReserveNickJohnstoneD r i veKororaRWharfdWaiheke Island dgeRoadTahataiRoadTui StreetMatietieHistoricReserveHighlights and factsFrom Matiatia wharf, follow the track to Cable Bay around to Owhanake Bay.Follow the green and yellow marker posts from Island Bay to Korora Roaduntil you reach Oneroa Bay. Continue south along Korora Road and thenturn onto Ocean View Road to return to Matiatia wharf.This walk is ideal for visitorswanting to take in as much ofthe island as possible, withoutventuring too far from theferry and Oneroa village. Itprovides stunning views outover the Hauraki Gulf andto inland parts of westernWaiheke. Keep a lookout forWorld War Two pillboxes onDelamore Drive and terracesof a headland pa.Alternative routes:Time: Two to three hours.KeyPath ption one: From Matiatia Bay, head up the hill to Delamore Drive. Walk across theOroad and down the track to Owhanake Bay. This will cut the length of the walk byone hour.O ption two: At Matiatia Bay, walk along Ocean View Road. Climb the scenic reservetrack to Delamore Drive down into the eastern end of Owhanake Bay.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the walks.Facilities: Toilets and kiosk atMatiatia ferry terminal andtoilets and shops at Oneroa;picnic tables at Owhanake Bay.Note: Keep a lookout forsigns showing alternativeroutes.

Walk 3Oneroa, BlackpoolkaWaiWaikare AccesswayNewKororaRoadoadre yPio RehutaiReservensDrivenu eRoadExtensionevenuin AA eEPark RoadReserveRoadLinks toChurch Bay RoadBlackpoolReservewrellPiritahi MaraeTawaRoadQuGo oORo ceanad Viettai RoadadTe Huruhiu RoReserveNikaLittleLow-tide Oneroaaccess only Beachdaoiri RPurOceanView RoadeeStrTahatonBurdWekageRoaTui StreetRidRoadKuRoa akadOneroaAlisonVillageParkHuruhi BayMatengaPointSurfdaleAccessReserveWalk along Oneroa Beach at low tide to Little Oneroa Beach. For high-tideaccess, join the track on the corner of Puriri and Ocean View roads. FromLittle Oneroa Beach, follow the track to the lookout near Fisherman’s Rock.Follow Queens Drive and make your way back to Little Oneroa Beach viaGoodwin Avenue.Alternative routes:O ption one: From Oneroa village, head south down Tui Street to The Esplanade andBlackpool Beach. From The Esplanade, follow the track to Makora Avenue to Tawa Streetback to Oneroa. Option two: From The Esplanade, continue along the coastline to Surfdale AccessReserve. Follow the track up to Burrell Road on to the Burrell Road extension, then crossover Ocean View Road. Join Goodwin Avenue and head back to Oneroa Village.Highlights and factsThis walk features a series ofcoastal reserves and walkwayslinked by residential roads.It takes you through theisland’s main village, Oneroa,showcasing its charmingshops and cafes. The beachesbelow the village are shelteredand safe to swim in.Time: Approximately twohours.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the tracks.Facilities: Toilets, shops andparking at Oneroa. BBQ,playground, toilets and a shopat Little Oneroa. NewtonReserve has a picnic area andpanoramic views.Note: Keep a lookout for signsshowing alternative routes.

Walk 4Hekerua, Palm BeachEnclosure BayGdoowivenAenuPalm BeachMatapana ReserveM atapanaRoadRoadlPamTriPalm Beachad Reserve Hill RoadViewRoadoPalm RMirodveDriMcKenzieMawhitipanaReserveHekerua BayReservel RoadReserveand emroadCoRo CoeTe Ary Rkiaroha venuroaduAHadaHauraki RoRoadRoaMatapana BayWaiheke Island walksnsontdRoakaKaraeeQuwteaGrie rRoadNeWGleattersnSandy BayrrBaepir eEm e n uAvHekerua BayoadHill RHighlights and factsJuncti ooadnRKeyPathFrom Watters Glen, at the corner of Queens Drive and Goodwin Avenue,follow the track through Hekerua Bay Reserve to Sandy Bay. Follow GreatBarrier Road to Enclosure Bay and turn right into Empire Avenue throughMcKenzie Reserve to Coromandel Road. Turn left into Hauraki Road andCory Road. Then walk to the lookout through Mawhitipana Reserve toPalm Beach. Continue along Palm Beach to Matapana Reserve and up toMatapana Road. Follow Hill Road, which loops back down to Palm Beach.Alternative route: From McKenzie Reserve follow Hauraki Road to Karaka Road. Turn right into Karaka Roadand then left onto Te Aroha Avenue track. At Hekerua Bay Reserve turn back onto thezigzag track back to the starting point. This will cut the length of the walk by one hour.Hekerua Bay and EnclosureBay boast shingle beaches,rocky pools and coastal rockoutcrops. Palm Beach is avery popular white sandybeach ideal for swimmingand sunbathing, with nudebathing at the western endof the beach.Time: Approximately twohours.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the tracks.Facilities: Toilets at SandyBay, Palm Beach andMatapana reserves. Shopsand BBQs at Palm Beach.Note: Keep a lookout forsigns showing alternativeroutes.

Walk 5Rocky Bay’s Te Whau looprookRoadla VistaRoadTeWhauw CrrvieFaiBelOmiha RoadKuakarau BayHitapa BayWhakanewhaRegional ParknBMaryWilson GlenbrookReserve ReserveGleWairuatceniveOnetangiSports ParkGoStainmoroff rdon’Walkways RoadeseLanKuakarau BayForest ReserveTe WhauDrBrien RoadO’aneda RoaOkokVintaget ReeveLRoadOkoka (Dead Dog) BayarergDriveMaPutiki g at Onetangi Sports Park, take the track up the right-hand sideof O’Brien Road. Turn right into Margaret Reeve Lane down to Okoka Bay(Dead Dog Bay). Cross the beach and follow the markers up the hill, turn leftinto Vintage Lane then right into Te Whau Drive. Follow the road until youreach the Hitapa Bay walkway on the left (the first part of the walk downto the beach is steep). Follow the track past several secluded bays until youreach Kuakarau Bay. Turn back inland on Wairua Road then left into KuakarauBay Forest Reserve. Two tracks in the reserve take you to Te Whau Drive orO’Brien Road, leading you back to the start.Highlights and factsThis walk explores a moresecluded part of the island.Discover panoramic views overRocky Bay, Te Whau Point, inlandparts of western Waiheke andto Auckland. The walk featuresserene excursions throughmature coastal forest andvineyards. This area is home tomany artists and crafts people.Time: Approximately twohours.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the tracks.O ption one: As above, except after exiting Kuakarau Bay Forest Reserve cross overO’Brien Road and take the Stanimoroff Walkway that traverses the ridge line behindRocky Bay village. At the end of this walkway a track passes through WhakanewhaRegional Park to Gordon’s Road. This will add half an hour to your journey.Facilities: BBQ and toilets atMary Wilson Reserve on ValleyRoad – also a great spot forchildren to play. Picnic tables atKauakarau Bay Forest Reserve.BBQ at Onetangi Sports Park.O ption two: There is a short walk near the start that takes you past privately-ownedhouseboats into Putiki Bay. Return to the road and follow the walk above. This takes20 minutes.Note: Keep a lookout for signsshowing alternative routes.Alternative routes:

Walk 6Rocky Bay (featuring Whakanewha)Brien RoadO’anePohutukawaReserveKeyrookRoadla VistaUpland RoadRoaddHighlights and factsOmiha RoadKuakarau l uakarau BayForest Reservew CrrvieFaiWaiheke Island walksOnetangiSports ParkGoStanimoroff rdon’Walkways Roada RoaOkokVintaget ReeveLTeWhauOkoka (Dead Dog) BayarergveMaPutiki BayOmihaBayRockyBayPathStarting opposite the old Rocky Bay Store, walk up Glen Brook Road andturn right into Omiha Road. Follow this road until you reach the UplandRoad track, which leads you to the coast of Whakanewha Regional Park.This will take you to a car park and picnic area. On the opposite side ofthe road from the toilet block enter the Nikau track and turn left onto theTarata track. This will take you onto Carsons and Gordon’s roads. Cross theroad and walk up through Whakanewha Regional Park to the StanimoroffWalkway. Follow this walkway to Te Whau Drive and enter the Kuakarau BayForest Reserve. Follow the track down to Rocky Bay.Alternative route:F rom the old Rocky Bay Store, walk up Glen Brook Road and turn left into GlenbrookReserve and follow the track down to Okoka Road. Walk down into Fairview Crescentand follow this to Bella Vista Road and Crosby Reserve overlooking Whakanewha andRocky Bays. Continue along Bella Vista Road and turn left into Upland Road and OmihaRoad to the start. Time for this walk is one hour.These walks offer the chanceto enjoy beautiful southernbays and Maori archaeologicalsites. Go for a bush walk to theCascades in the WhakanewhaRegional Park, or relax underthe pohutakawa.Time: Approximately two hours.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the tracks.Facilities: BBQ and toilets atMary Wilson Reserve, toilets atOmiha Bay. Toilets, picnic tables,BBQ and camping ground atWhakanewha Regional Park.Visit www.arc.govt.nz for moreinformation and a downloadableWhakanewha Park brochure.Note: Keep a lookout for signsshowing alternative routes.

Walk 7OnetangidaRoKeyOnetangi Sports ParkPathgTriOnnEde rraceTegTrietadoaiRngdRoaiewavSeThirdPohutukawTin Boat Reserve Reserve Reserve aVictodoa Marine riaSi R View Road Road Te cotgnNo rra tsTotataerth ceVictoriaRoad ra OnReserveVictoria RoHiadll RSooautdhceBelle Terra keheWai adRoekeCatherine Mitchell ReservePah RoadGarrattAccesswayFirstGarR rattW oadRo aihead keSeaview ReserveSixthAvenuegi BeacThe Stran hdHomersham ReserveBelle etanOnetangi BayThirdSeventh Onetangi Reserve(Forest and Bird)dRoaHillPukeatua/Trig Hill Farm ReserveBeginning at The Strand and Fourth Avenue intersection, walk eastwards alongthe beach and take the steps at the end leading to Garratt Road. Turn right intoWaiheke Road following it to Tin Boat Reserve (Fourth Avenue Reserve) andplayground. Take the track to Pah Road and, at the junction of Pah and Seaviewroads, follow the Jacob’s Ladder walkway back to the beach. Turn left onto thebeach, heading towards the Seventh Avenue Accessway Reserve and climb the187 steps to reach Seaview Road. Turn left into Seaview Road and back to thePah Road junction. Walk along Pah Road and down the path through Tin BoatReserve back to Onetangi Beach.Alternative routes:O ption one: The Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand offers a loopedtrack through Onetangi Reserve with five entry and exit points, featuring mature NewZealand natives including a grove of kauri. Allow an extra two hours.O ption two: At the intersection of Waiheke Road and Victoria Road North, walk up thehill and enter the walkway through Victoria Reserve to Marine View Road that takes youthrough a nikau grove. Turn right at the top and walk to the Eden Terrace corner oppositethe old Crocker’s General Store, and then right again at Onetangi Road to head down tothe beach. Allow an extra half hour.adFisher RoHighlights and factsThis walk offers the chanceto see the sights at Waiheke’sbiggest beach. The routecriss-crosses the area, takingin the spectacular views fromthe cliffs above the beachout towards Great Barrierand Little Barrier islands anda number of local reserves.You can view mature bushremnants including a kauri andnikau grove in Victoria Reserve.Time: One hour.Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the tracks.Facilities: Toilets are locatedon The Strand, between FourthAvenue and Jacob’s Ladder,and at Seventh Avenue.Note: Keep a lookout for signsshowing alternative routes.

Walk 8Orapiu, Pearl BayTe Matuku BayWaiheke Island walksenuveil ANeOtakawheBayeAvenuHunterville RoadOrapiu BaydWallingforPearl AvenueenuvenAadRoPearl BayNepeaOrapiuOrapiu WharfPohutukawaBayHuntervilleReserveKeyPathAt Orapiu Wharf, follow the signs around the coast to OtakawheBay into Pearl Bay at the southern end of Te Matuku Bay.Return to Orapiu Bay by the same route. There is no publictransport to this location.Alternative route: Park your car at the junction of Nepean Avenue and Hunterville Road and follow thewalkway to Pearl Bay. This will halve the time of the walk. You can also walk from hereto Orapiu wharf.Highlights and factsThis walk offers amazingclose-up views to PonuiIsland, Coromandel Peninsulaand the eastern Aucklandmainland. Te Matuku Bay andOtakawhe Bay are part of anew marine reserve where nofishing is allowed.Time: Approximatelytwo hours (return).Dogs: Keep your dog/s undercontrol, particularly on steepsections of the tracks.Facilities: Toilet and wharfat Orapiu Bay.Note: Keep a lookout forsigns showing alternativeroutes.

Hooks BayDOwhiti BayOwhanake BayEnclosure Bay Palm BeachHekerua Bay (Mawhitipana Bay)Oneroa BayOnetangi BayChurch BayMan O’ War BayBHuruhi BayCAwaawaroaStreamAwaawaroa StreamAGarden BayPutiki BayStreamAwaawaroaWaikopou BayAwaawaroaStreamAwaawaroa StreamMatiatia BayAwaawaroaStreamAwaawaroaRocky BayStreamWhakanewhaRegional ParkAwaawaroaBayTe Matuku BayABOrapiu BayDCOther walks to exploreA Park Point walkwayFrom the end of Church Bay road continue walking past PioRehutai Reserve to Walter Frank Drive. Take the loop track toTe Wharau Bay or continue along the road through a coastalforest to link up to the Church Bay walkway. This walk takesapproximately one hour.B Cross Island walkwayStart at the eastern end of Onetangi Beach. Walk up FirstAvenue and take the stairs through Pohutukawa Reserve.Cross the road into the Onetangi Forest and Bird Reserve andfollow the signs to the Trig Hill exit. Turn left onto Trig HillRoad past Pukeatua Reserve to the end of the road. Walk thetrack to Whakanewha Regional Park and beach. This walk takesapproximately three hours.C Waikopou BayPark your car at the entrance to the walkway on Cowes BayRoad. The walkway is steep but shaded. Turn left at the beach toreach the reserve. This walk takes approximately an hour and ahalf return. There is no public transport to this location.D Stony BatterStony Batter Historic Reserve is at the eastern end of Waiheke.Its main features are rock outcrops, gun sites and extensivetunnels. Go to www.doc.govt.nz for more information onAuckland’s World War Two history. There is no public transportto this location.

Discover nature in the cityOur living spaces offer much to the mind andbody. They are natural pleasures, generousin spirit, rich in history and brought to lifeeveryday by the elements and by the energyof those who visit. The surprises are there, justwaiting to be explored.Parks in AucklandWaiheke Island’s walkways pass through some of the 800parks cared for by Auckland Council for residents and visitorsto enjoy. For further information on these walks and other citywalkways, go to www.aucklandcity.govt.nz/walkways or phone09 301 0101.ContactsAuckland Council (for walkway enquiries)09 301 0101Waiheke Island Visitor Information Centre09 372 1234Medical attention09 372 8756 or 09 372 5005Getting aroundEmergencies111Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand09 372 7662For information on catching buses, trains and ferriesin Auckland and Waiheke visit www.maxx.co.nz or phone09 366 6400

Barrier Road to Enclosure Bay and turn right into Empire Avenue through McKenzie Reserve to Coromandel Road. Turn left into Hauraki Road and Cory Road. Then walk to the lookout through Mawhitipana Reserve to Palm Beach. Continue along Palm Beach to Matapana Reserve and up to Matapana Road. Follow Hill Road, which loops back down to Palm Beach.