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Product overviewOpenText MediaManagementOptimize the creation, management and distribution ofrich media assets that will inspire your customersOffers theperfect balanceof openness,enterpriseperformanceand ease of useSupports millionsor billions ofassets, thousandsof users andhundreds ofchannelsThe number of marketing channels, social media and customertouch points are growing at an astounding rate, increasing thechallenge of onboarding new channels, reducing productivityand making it difficult to get the right content delivered withoutlosing access and governance of assets and brands. Whilethe fiscal burden to reduce agency spend increases so doesthe pressure to create automated and self-service tasks tostreamline marketing, promotional activities and eCommerce.Saves millions ofdollars in increasedproductivity, loweragency costs anddecreased riskPersonalized Home Pages show each user the assets and projects most relevant to them1/8

PBS transforms mediamanagement with OpenText“Our member stations areactually our customers,and we provide content tothem to disseminate to theirgeneral audience. We workvery closely with them toprovide good quality content.The challenge we had in thepast was that we were usingan FTP folder to manage allof our content. We had 192different folders, about4 TB worth of information,and 80 percent of it wasactually out of rights. It wasvery difficult to navigate thatstructure and that’s one ofthe reasons why we selectedthe OpenText Digital AssetManagement solution.”Maura McKinley TullSenior Director of Digital AssetManagement ProductsPBSRead the full success storyUsers need ease of use, integrated workflows and embedded functionality for planning,creation, production, collaboration, approval, distribution, delivery and usage insights formarketing, media and video content. To do this in a climate of increased risk and liability,enterprises need secure access and asset controls to mitigate non-compliance and misuseof content. Marketing organizations with many users and an ever-increasing number ofassets with complex business processes require an innovative solution with provenenterprise performance.With OpenText Media Management, organizations can create and use media assets, bolstermarketing collaboration and empower digital media supply chains to deliver on their brandpromise to customers. Today, every company is a media company, using images, video andother rich media to communicate with partners, customers, staff and agencies. OpenTextcan help organizations securely manage digital media assets, brands and valuable IP toincrease productivity, reduce costs and manage, repurpose and automate content publishingand delivery, enabling innovative ways to communicate and generating new revenue streams.Streamline your creative process with collaborative reviews and image markupProven digital asset managementTo succeed in today’s competitive, digital world, organizations need their foundationalapplications to support current needs and growth needs into the future. MediaManagement provides proven solutions that scale from millions, even billions, of assetsto help organizations manage their digital transformation. Media Management offers theperfect balance of technology flexibility and extensibility into corporate IT applicationsand MarTech ecosystem, with proven enterprise performance unlike any other in theindustry.Search and open assets from Media Management, and save revisions back to the DAM,without leaving Creative CloudOpenText Media Management2/8

Support for billions of assetsConsulting ServicesManaged ServicesTraining andLearning ServicesOptimize ServicesMedia Management supports the largest digital asset management (DAM) repositories inthe world, including cultural institutions, media studios and manufacturers that are managingtens of millions of assets and storage volumes of double-digit petabytes. Organizationsneed a DAM solution that can provide assets fit for any touch point, including online, mobile,kiosk, print, billboards and dynamic digital signage, without restrictions. Media Managementis architected to support millions or billions of assets, thousands of users and hundreds ofchannels, now and into the future.Ten years as an industry leaderMedia Management has been a recognized industry leader for more than ten years and isone of the pioneers in DAM. It has multichannel capabilities for producing, publishing anddistributing digital media and content through a secure, scalable platform, whether cloudbased or on-premises. Today’s fast moving global markets disseminate digital mediasimultaneously across multiple outlets to reach consumers in the way they choose with theright media content at the right time. Media Management serves as a centralized, secureand accessible repository, offering tools for create-to-consume workflows, collaboration,publishing and multichannel delivery—using digital assets to drive value for the organization.With a powerful yet simple to use interface, Media Management helps people find what theyneed to share and use digital assets anywhere for richer, more effective communication inmarketing, sales and throughout the organization.Millions of dollars savedAs an integral part of an ecosystem with interconnected and interdependent contributorsand production environments (such as agencies, photo, video, audio, graphics, layout),Media Management stores and organizes digital media content for the multichannel digitalsupply chain, digital operations, marketing and brand management. Consolidation of alldigital media and video into a centrally managed and controlled repository cuts costs whileaccelerating marketing collaboration, publishing and distribution to required channels anddevices for better customer engagement. Users save millions of dollars through increasedproductivity and faster time to delivery, lower agency costs and decreased risk withimproved governance and security.Jobs Modeler provides an easy UI for designing activities without codingOpenText Media Management3/8

Media Management is the only enterprise solution that can meet the broad set of contentproduction, publishing and integration needs from managing libraries of media assets topublishing product catalogs, packaging and print communications or digital self-serviceportals. For IT, there is also a broad spectrum of integration and development options forcustom business apps that leverages the content management capabilities within MediaManagement. Media Management is designed to facilitate the digital relationship betweenan organization, its users, partners, agencies and digital media network with greatertransparency and access to media assets and intelligent control to distribute content to theright channel from several available systems, apps or output channels.Publish asset collections via a branded experience accessible to agencies and partnersOpenText Media Management4/8

FeaturesBenefitsCentralized, global repositoryDrive consistency and efficiency throughout asset acquisition, sharing, repurposing, dispositionand retirement for marketing, heritage preservation, commerce and media distributionEngineered for scalabilityRight-size for your current needs, with limitless room to grow with your organizationAs-a-Service or full controlAvailable as a managed service in the OpenText Experience Cloud, or to install in any data center or Public CloudSecure access for all usersLicensing, subscription, syndication; portals for partner and franchise networks, offshore packaging,localization and omnichannel distributionMarketing collaborationTools to streamline creation, revision, review and approval for internal and agency projectsExtensive metadata managementIncludes 150 pre-defined metadata fields with automatic metadata extraction (XMP, IPTC, EXIF) and unlimitedadditional field creation with common taxonomy termsHierarchical metadataConfigurable by business users for inheritance, global visibility, tagging, compound/bulk ingest and edit, entityextraction, text indexing, standards and plug-ins for a variety of mappable standards for user-configured file typesRich media analysis AIAuto-tagging images by number of people, faces, age, gender, descriptions, objects, colors and OCR of captions.Included connector for Microsoft Azure Computer Vision and Google Vision AIVideo insights AITags video assets with time-coded, speech-to-text, on-screen OCR, speaker identification and known celebritiesfrom the video based on a database of one million celebritiesSearch experienceRange, proximity, stem and fuzzy searches, comparison operators, such as “before,” “within,” “is like” and “equals”Dynamic faceted search, controlled vocabularies, synonyms, type-ahead suggestions, related terms, “sounds like”and natural languageShare saved searches with other specific user groups or as a public searchDigital rightsDigital rights and usage restrictions for any digital asset through security, metadata or rules-logic for multiple channelsIntelligent storage managementSeamlessly connect to public cloud or other storage to move content and reduce storage costsRendition managementDynamically create and store multi-page assets, thumbnails, preview and proxies based on configurable specs forsize, format, color, aspect ratio, compression and bitrateRenditions can be generated on the fly and delivered to multichannel, PIM, CRM, MRM and WCMSmart compose deliverySmart compose to automatically, dynamically and intelligently crop assets for channel use with Adaptive MediaDelivery serviceDeliver recommended crops or curate the crop before deliveryEasily deliver intelligently and automatically cropped images via AMD based on device size, such asmobile tablet, desktop, etc.Activity managementEasily streamline and automate many common marketing requests with an easy to use automation configurationtool for marketersMulti-device usabilityResponsive user interface for tablets, laptops and larger screens. Mobile UI optimized for phonesContinued on next pageOpenText Media Management5/8

FeaturesBenefitsSecurityThree-part security architecture, ensuring the authenticity of users, controlled access to client functionality/metadata and security of all assetsOpenText Directory Services’ SSO supports LDAP, ADS, Sun OpenDS and SAML 2.0Content localizationUX is internationalized for English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Arabic, Simplified Chinese and JapaneseStore metadata in multiple languages to ensure correct usage around the globe. Allow local teams to enrich content forthe local marketExtensive file supportSupports most major file types used for image, creative and video projectsSupports popular and open 3D formats, including PLY, FBX, STL, 3DS, DAE and OBJ by integrating with Blender3D formats can be imported as a bundle or compound set of files that represent the model, textures, colors, as well asother supporting files with immersive experiences where the 3D file can be rotated, zoomed in or out and its positionreset, as well as derivative assets created from the posed 3D assetOpenText Media Management ReportsProvides reporting and data visualization for user activity and asset usage, with web-based design tools for creatingcustom reports and dashboardsWeb content management (WCM) integrationIntegrates natively with OpenText TeamSite , OpenText Web Experience Management and OpenText WebSiteManagement. Connector available for Adobe Experience Manager. Full-featured REST API, SDK and frameworks forintegrating with all major WCM systemsCDN integrationBuilt to be integrated to any CDN and comes with templates for Azure, Google and Amazon CommercePreferred DAM for SAP Commerce and SAP MarketingIntegrationIntegrates with many workflow, design, marketing and information management products to deliver seamlesscross-system business processesShips with REST API, a Java SDK and a complete Programmers GuideDigital asset deliveryNonlinear packaging and distribution workflows allow media assets to be syndicated to commercial and proprietaryvideo platforms, e.g., iTunes , YouTube , content delivery networks, etc.Video enhancementsThe Media Management connector to Brightcove* provides a best-in-class video platform for distribution of videodirectly from Media ManagementTransform video from Media Management and send it immediately to Brightcove for global availability from withinthe Media Management UIScheduled media deliveryAutomate media delivery through an easy to use UI to schedule folders and search criteria to be delivered tovarious channelsDeliver only asset changes or approved assets and replicate folder hierarchiesIntegration with Microsoft Office 365 Source assets within Media Management from an add-in panel within Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Word andplace them in documents or presentationsAdaptive Media Delivery Server (AMD)Streamline delivery of finished marketing content with automated URL-based delivery of renditions for omnichannelmarketing and content delivery networksOpenText Media Management6/8

Add-on products for OpenText Media ManagementOpenText Accelerated File Transfer forMedia ManagementDesigned to manage the efficient and rapid upload and download of large filesOpenText Media Management Connectorto Adobe Creative Cloud Provides seamless browsing of Media Management digital content from inside Adobe Photoshop , Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator Designers can easily monitor jobs and tasks, search, view and check out assets, work on them locally and check in assetsOpenText Media Management Connectorto Adobe Experience ManagerIntegrates with Adobe Experience Manager, adding the Media Management menu and allowing for secure access toassets, keyword search directly in Media Management and easy asset placement with drag and dropOpenText Media Management Digital HubCreate public or secure microsites for the distribution of asset collectionsOpenText Media Management Connector forSalesforce Marketing Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud integration allows direct access to assets in Media Management from withinContent Builder for campaigns promoting reuse of content, saving time and removing duplication effortPowerful SAP ecosystem integrationsAvailable in OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP Solutions. Extends Media Management, integrating withSAP Business Suite and SAP Hybris Commerce SuiteRights Cloud by FADEL forOpenText Media ManagementDelivers a single rights and clearance source across agreements, talent and assets—arming organizationswith contentgovernance and compliance and smart insights for advertising contentOpenText Media ManagementAdvanced Video WorkflowsAdds comprehensive professional video processing capabilities with seamless integration from industry leading IPVCurator for a single “all-in” media asset management solutionMediawide Asset Builder Web-2-PrintSolutions for OpenText Media ManagementBrings the efficiencies of “create-once, use-many” to repurpose, re-express, reuse and recreate print and digitalassets, directly inside Media Management, without incurring expensive and time-consuming interaction betweenmedia agencies and distributed marketing teamsOpenText Marketing and Media Managementby AcheronOptimize the digital media supply chain with powerful and configurable workflow toolsUse assets from OpenText Media Management while working in Office 365.Search, select and insert images into Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPointdocuments.OpenText Media Management7/8

Digital AssetManagement (DAM)Eliminate DAM ChaosForrester Wave DAMScheduled Delivery provides easy to use UI for automated asset distribution.Use smart compose to automatically, dynamically and intelligently crop assets for channeluse with Adaptive Media Delivery serviceAbout OpenTextOpenText, The Information Company, enables organizations to gain insight throughmarket leading information management solutions, on-premises or in the cloud. For moreinformation about OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTEX) visit: with us: OpenText CEO Mark Barrenechea’s blog Twitter LinkedInCopyright 2020 Open Text. All Rights Reserved. Trademarks owned by Open Text.For more information, visit: on (11/2020) 16983EN8/8

OpenText Media Management Reports Provides reporting and data visualization for user activity and asset usage, with web-based design tools for creating custom reports and dashboards Web content management (WCM) integration Integrates natively with OpenText TeamSite , OpenText Web Experience Management and OpenText WebSite Management.

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