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OpenTextMedia Management 16.3What’s New?November 2017

DisclaimerCertain statements in this presentation constitute forward-looking statements or forward-looking information within themeaning of applicable securities laws (“forward-looking statements”). Such forward-looking statements involve known andunknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements ofOpenText, or developments in OpenText’s business or in its industry, to differ materially from the anticipated results,performance, achievements or developments expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. Forward-lookingstatements include all disclosure regarding possible events, conditions or results of operations that is based onassumptions about future economic conditions and courses of action. Forward-looking statements may also include anystatement relating to future events, conditions or circumstances. OpenText cautions you not to place undue reliance uponany such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date they are made. Forward-looking statements relateto, among other things, changes in the market; the market focus of OpenText, OpenText’s revenue mix and margintargets; OpenText’s operations priorities; and OpenText’s strategy for its products and solutions. The risks anduncertainties that may affect forward-looking statements include, among others, the completion and integration ofacquisitions, the possibility of technical, logistical or planning issues in connection with deployments, the continuouscommitment of OpenText's customers, demand for OpenText's products and other risks detailed from time to time inOpenText's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Canadian provincial securities regulators, includingOpenText's Annual Report on Form 10-K and the Quarterly Report on Form 10-k. Forward-looking statements are basedon management’s current plans, estimates, projections, beliefs and opinions, and the Company does not undertake anyobligation to update forward-looking statements should assumptions related to these plans, estimates, projections, beliefsand opinions change.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.2

Table of Contents OpenText Media Management in the CEM Landscape Why DAM? Intro to OpenText Media Management OpenText Media Management v16.3 (EP3) OverviewOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.3

OpenText OptimostOpenText TeamSiteMarketing OptimizationWebsite Content ManagementOpenText QfinitiWorkforce OptimizationOpenText ExstreamOpenText ExploreVoice of the CustomerOpenText Media ManagementDigital Asset ManagementCustomer CommunicationsManagementOpenText ExperienceAnalyticsBusiness Intelligence andAnalyticsOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.4

Why does anyone need a DAM?So many challenges: Violation of usage rightsWasted time gathering assetsLost or difficulty finding assetsBrand history was lostLimited incentives to repurpose orreuse Under-developed policies for creation,management, or distribution No common metadata and taxonomyOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.5

DAM is Foundational to aDigital Enterprise Marketing agility and content deliveryBrandGuidelinesBrandCampaigns and Programs Delivery of relevant targeted content Content as digital currency Accelerate the creativity andproduction kaging Create engaging experiences Develop deeper connections Content is a leading driver of xt Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.6

OpenText Media ManagementFrom creation to consumptionEnabling your digital worldMarketing / ublishOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.7

Why DAM Now?Transformation of DigitalMarketing is only possiblewith an Enterprise DAMsolutionOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.8

OpenText Media Management enablescustomer-centric organizations to manageand use media assets to drive business,optimizing resources, efforts and budgets,and delivering assets aligned to theirorganization’s brand promise to customers.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.9

The Consistent Value of OpenText Media Management1. Consolidate and control digital media Centralized repository Who can access, what they can do How and when assets can be used2. Increase revenue Faster time to delivery Connected, consistent and engagingcustomer experiences Empower media supply chain with selfservice, automated capabilitiesOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.10

The Proven Power of OpenText Media Management3. Increase Productivity Accelerate and Simplify Marketingand Agency Collaboration. Provide deeply integrated DAMcapabilities into the creativeecosystem used to create, manageand use digital media assets. Enable organizations to easilyintegrate the usage and publishingof assets into marketing andbusiness applications WCM, CCM, CS, WEM, HybrisCommerce, Hybris Marketing,more OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.11

Introducing .

OpenText Media Management v16.3User 3Artificial IntelligenceCloudOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.13

Automation for Digital Media Supply eAutomationMedia AnalyticsDescriptive tagging as a servicePowerful discovery optionsTeamSite/Optimost/AnyWCMHybris CommerceHybris MarketingCustomer CommunicationsGlobalDeliveryAdvanced Media DeliveryContent delivery trackingCDN integrationRapidCollaborationMediaLibraryMobile EnabledMarketing CollaborationReview & ApprovalCreative ReviewAnytime, AnywhereTargetedSyndicationDigital HubMicro-sites targeted forpartnersCollaborative deliveryOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.14

OpenText Media Management: Why manage your media?In today’s customer-centric environment, managingdigital media is an imperative. From creation toconsumption, OpenText Media Managementsolutions help people find, share and use digitalmedia assets to deliver beautiful experiences.OpenText Media Management makes it easy to getthe right content and rich experiences to users onthe platforms and devices they choose.Everybody must manage their digital mediaOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.15

User Experience ImprovementsDrive engagementSpeed to taskRapid user adoptionIncrease productivityEnhanced renderingwith lazy load of assetsproviding unclutteredUI. Only load what isbeing seen on the pageby the user, thusproviding a swifterexperience for largerresults on a pageRefined gallery viewwhere many functionswere being exposedthus confusing thecasual users. Makesuse of white space inthe gallery view andrefines the assetselection experienceCleaner layout allowingfor less clutter andquicker user adoption.New side barnavigation to exposevarious applicationareas to users.Users can zoom andcrop the image,download and saveback to the asset.Allowing for quick andeasy reuse of assets ina variety of applicationsHeader EnhancementsCrop ToolLazy LoadingRefined Gallery ViewOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.16

OpenText Media Management:Rapid user adoption and increased productivityOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.17

OpenText Media Management:Rapid user adoption and increased productivityOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.18

Artificial IntelligenceNEW Rich Media AnalysisOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.19

Artificial Intelligence – Unlocking the potential of your assetsRich Media Analysis Provides analysis ofimages stored in OpenTextMedia Management toenrich the search anddiscovery experience.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.20

Rich Media Analysis – tagging with confidenceCurated results Confidence scoring is assigned to eachconcept as applicable OTMM provides curation of concepts andscores using single or bulk edits.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.21

Rapid discovery of opaque contentRich Media Analysis Use of keyword, advanced and faceted searching will enable users to quicklyidentify images by faces, age, gender, color, descriptions, and captions.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.22

Processing new assets through workflow for media analysisMedia Analysis Automatically improvingproductivity and findability OpenText Media Management can be configured toautomatically process new incoming assetsOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.23

Rich Media Analysis – Turn on the lights in your DAM!Media Analysis:Automated assetbacklog processing Set it and Forget it!Built-in scheduler processes the backlog.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.24

Use your direct relationship with MicrosoftAzure pricing for Computer Vision Rich Media Analysis New Transactional model – pricing is based on # of transactions withthe Computer Vision service billed to your account with Microsoft. Azure pricing: No upfront costs. Only pay for what you useTIERFEATURESComputer Vision API—free(20 transactions/minute)S1—Up to 10transactions persecond for thesefeatures:PRICE (1 TRANSACTION 1 IMAGE PROCESSED)5,000 transactions free per monthTag, Face,0-1M transactions — 1 per 1,000 transactionsGetThumbnail Color, 1M-5M transactions — 0.80 per 1,000 transactionsand Image Type5M transactions — 0.65 per 1,000 transactionsDetails: cognitive-services/computer-vision/OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.25

CollaborationOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.26

Accelerate and simplify all collaboration effortsIn version 16.2, we introducedNEW Marketing Collaborationfeatures: Streamlined creation, revision,review and approval for internaland agency projects andcampaigns.We introduced Jobs and Tasks,allowing you to: Assign and monitor jobs andtasks in Media Management todirect internal and externalcreative teams Manage review and approveprocesses for agency-createdcontent and store finished assetsin Media Management repository.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.27

Marketing and Agency Collaboration made simpler Jobs and Tasks Assign and monitor jobs and tasks to directinternal and external creative teams. Manage review and approve processes foragency-created content and store finishedassets.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.28

Collaboration – Duplicate JobsIn version 16.3, we’ve continuedthat progress to make your liveseasier: Duplicate Job - Job managerscan quickly create and reusejobs thus spending less time onthe Job setup and more time onthe job execution andmanagement.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.29

Collaboration – Jobs – Task PreviewTask Status Preview: Now Job managers can quickly glance at tasks for a particular job underMy Jobs. Job manager can see priority, status, assignee, and thumbnailfor tasksOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.30

Media Management EnhancementsMedia Management Mobile App (Beta) Included with OTMM v16.3 Available in App Store & Google Play as: Media Management Mobile (BETA) Seeking limited distribution feedbackOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.31

OpenText Media Management Mobile App (BETA)– Anytime, Anywhere CollaborationReview and approvalon-the-go Busy executives canapprove content on theirmobile phone with just afew taps, or mark-up thecontent for changes withoutbeing tied to the office. Responsive CreativeReview allows for real-timecollaboration. Support for Simplereviews Review, commentand approve or rejectOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.32

Digital HubNEW Optional Add-OnOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.33

In today’s transformative digitalbusinesses, managing digital mediais an imperative. Every company isfacing the challenges of an expandingvolume of digital assets to manageand distribute in a timely routine.Managing your media is an imperativeOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.34

Easy to use– accelerated asset distributionBranded Micro-sites Allows for multiple micro-siteswith a tailored brandexperience exposing assetsfrom OpenText MediaManagement based on folderand metadata filtering, anduser permissions.Easy Configuration – No IT! Authorized users can easilycreate micro-sites, populatewith assets, schedule thelaunch, and their expiration.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.35

Easily Configured Micro-sites– No IT assistance!OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.36

Responsive Collaboration– anytime, anywhereResponsive Design Enabling mobile phoneuse for on-the-gousers who require themost up to date assetsat their fingertips.Sharing Allows users to collectassets into collectionsand take action onthose collections suchas sharing to otherusers or exporting.OpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.37

Every company is a mediacompany today, using richmedia, images and video tocommunicate with partners,customers, staff and otherconstituents.Every company is a media companyOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.38

Ecosystem, Cloud &infrastructure enhancementsOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.39

Ecosystem enhancementsTelestream Vantage 7supportSupport for the latestVantage transcoderSQL Server 2016support EnterpriseTDESupport for the latestSQL Server andencryption at restSingle Sign On (SSO)for Adobe CreativeCloud ConnectorEnabling enterpriseSSO integration viaOTDS.Adding unified SSOcapabilities betweenthe UX and CCConnector.Secure MFT 2016supportEnabling HighAvailability (HA) for thetransfer of assets. HAallows for increasedthroughput for thetransfer service.NEW Optional Add-Onfor Active : ActiveOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.40

Cloud & infrastructure enhancementssFTP delivery supportSecurely distributecontent from the DAMto a secure FTPAdaptive MediaDelivery support fornon-image assetsEnhance the supplychain by allowing othernon-image contentsuch as Videos andPDFs to be deliveredChef scripts forinstallationautomationRapidly install anddeploy OpenText MediaManagement Recipefor repeatable processIntelligent StorageUpdatesCloud storageindicators for easyidentification of contentstored in the cloudOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.41

Architecture Changes in 16.3 Architecture changes SQL Server 2014 and 2016 support(2012 removed) SAP HANA 1.0 SPS 12 support addedin 16.2.1 (for SAP DAM deployments) Vantage 7 support (6.3 removed) Postgres 9.6 support Deprecated items in 16.3 Telestream Flip Factory Console mode installer on LinuxOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.42

Upgrading to 16.3 Upgrading Upgrade direct from 16.2 For customers on 10.5 or16.0, can upgrade to16.2 directly, then to 16.3 Customers on 6.x or 7.x,see Upgrade Central onMy SupportOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.43

OTMM 16.2.1 - June, 2017 Adobe CC Connector Support for Adobe Illustrator Duplicate Asset Checker Warn user when attempting tocreate a new folder or import anasset where the asset namealready exists in the system. Can be checked on folder orsystem levelOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.44

OpenText Media Management 16.2.1- System Reports for Media ManagementAnalytics – Out of the box included reports A set of system reports that are delivered with OTMM that will enable assetowners and system administrators to visualize critical business and currentsystem metrics within the DAM. Assets imported by content typeAssets imported by user groupTotal assets by content typeTotal downloads in last 30 daysTotal searches in last 30 daysTotal logins in last 30 daysOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.45

OpenText Media Management System Reports User Logins/Day Total Searches/Day Total Downloads/DayOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.46

OpenText Media Management: You are a media companyEvery company is a media company today, using richmedia, images and video to communicate with partners,customers, staff and other constituents. Whetherstudios, retail, insurance, finance, banking, energy,manufacturing or other enterprise you have informationto share, a story to tell and something to sell. OpenTextcan help securely manage your digital media assets,brands and valuable IP to increase productivity, reducecosts, manage, repurpose and automate contentpublishing and delivery, enabling new ways tocommunicate and generate new revenue streams.You are a media companyOpenText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.47

enText Confidential. 2017 All Rights Reserved.48

OpenText, or developments in OpenText’s business or in its industry, to differ materially from the anticipated results, . OpenText Media Management v16.3 (EP3) Overview. . OpenText TeamSite. Website Content Management.

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