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MO RNI NG S8:00 AM Adult Connect Groups9:00 AM Worship (Families with last names A-K)10:00 AM Connect Groups for all ages11:00 AM Worship (Families with preschoolers & last names L-Z)NI G HTS6:00 PMWe will continue to gather on campus for one Sunday night worshipservice. In addition to the PM worship service, we are adding oneServe Day per month.At Sherwood, the statement “Prayer leads us to love God, growtogether, serve others and change the world” is something welive out. As we look for more ways to put this into practice, we arestarting Serve Days. Once a month, we will serve our communitythrough things like prayer walks, visitation, food deliveries, call lists,prayers for the incarcerated and more. Make sure to save the datesbelow and stay tuned for more information on how and where tosign up. Bring your family and serve with your church as we impactAlbany for Christ.what’s h appe ni ng o nsundaysAM SPEAKER SCHEDULEJanuary 31 - Tom ElliffFebruary 7 - Tom ElliffFebruary 14 - Tom ElliffFebruary 21 - Tom ElliffFebruary 28 - Charles LoweryMarchMarchMarchMarch7 - Tom Elliff14 - Tom Elliff21 - Tom Elliff28 - Scott DawsonFebruary & MarchFebruary 7 - PM Worship ServiceFebruary 20 - Serve DayMarch 14 - PM Worship ServiceMarch 27 - Serve DayKids RockHigh energy, kid-sized worship experience. Each program consistsof Clubhouse Sketches, a special prayer time,youth-led worship, and a Bible lesson by Pastor Mark Scardino.Elevate Student Ministry Senior Bible StudyStarts February 21 4:30 PMRoom 201 HOPE BuildingTeachers: Dalton and Alissa MooreThis Bible study is centered around learning how to make decisionsbased on God’s Word and equipping students for the season tocome. Half the battle is knowing what’s coming and being prepared!

marriageclassestopicalclassesSundays at 10:00 AMDean Paula Blackburn ChapelSundays at 10:00 AMMatt Casey Joy 122The Five Love LanguagesSpiritual Disciplinesby Donald S. WhitneyJanuary 31 – April 11January 31 - February 28The 5 Love Languages presents a simple truth:relationships grow better when we understand each other.Everyone gives and receives love differently, but with alittle insight into these differences, we can be confidentlyequipped to communicate love well. This is true for allforms of relationship – for married or dating couples, forchildren and teenagers, for friends and coworkers, for longdistance relationships, for those brand-new loves and forthe romances that are older than the hills.Discipleship without a goal is drudgery. Spiritual Disciplinesare not the goal, they help us reach the goal of having astrong and vibrant faith.More than a Carpenterby Josh McDowellMarch 7 – April 18Find out why the claims Jesus made about Himself are true.The Good LifeApril 18 – June 13True happiness comes from a heart directed toward thekingdom of God and satisfied in Jesus the King. This8-session small-group study demonstrates how Jesustaught us to search for, find, and hold on to the good life.The Blessing of Humilityby Jerry BridgesApril 25 – May 30Making the Beatitudes come alive in your daily walk withChrist. God gives grace to the humble. Find His blessing aswe look at living in humility.

8:00 AMClassTeacher Age GroupFAITH 203Life ApplicationFlynt Erickson Couples 50s-60sFishers of MenRuthLighthouse/MUCShining LightCollier Men 70 Gervin Pippin Women 65 Weaver Men 70s-80 Wilson Powell Ladies 69-90 EncouragersHatcher Couples 60 FoundationsDisciple MakersFIT’nessSingle MomsNew BeginningsHeart and HandsYoung ProfessionalsLegacy BuildersCollegeWeaver Couples 20 Perry Davis Couples 20 Sheets Orr Couples 40s-50sDozier BlandDziuban Couples 30 Dobson Varnadoe Couples 40s-50sMiller Mallery 23-26NeSmith Couples 30s-40sBennett 18-22BarnabasFaith SeekersThe Journeyi26-8AbigailN’FuzionHarvestHarrison Johnson Couples 50sDouglas Couples 60s-70sSmith Couples 50s-60sBland Edmier 27-39Martin Wari Davis Ladies 50 Maddox 40 Proctor Fallin Couples 40s-50sWORSHIP 101GYMFELLOWSHIP CENTERFELLOWSHIP CENTERReconciliationGoing DeeperLiving WordAgapeTrochez SpanishDapper Briseno Couples 30sMathis Couples 60 Beall Majors Ladies 60 FELLOWSHIP 102BlueprintsLane Ofodolie Couples 30s-40sABCC 101CornerstoneSpalinger Howell Couples TERCENTERCENTERCENTERFELLOWSHIP CENTER10:00 AMWORSHIP 108FAITH 202FAITH 203FAITH 206FAITH 207FAITH 208FAITH 209FAITH 210FAITH connectgroupsadult

studentEleva te 10:00 AMAt Sherwood, we believe spiritual growthis important. For that reason, we challengeevery person to do life with other believersin a Connect Group. A Connect Group is anenvironment of biblical community wherestudents can feel welcome and accepted,encounter Christ and His Word and bediscipled. Our groups spend time in God’sWord through Bible-based curriculum.Each group is encouraged to study theBible weekly and hang out quarterly.MIDDLE SCHOOL6TH Grade Boys HOPE 1096TH Grade Girls HOPE 1087TH Grade Boys HOPE 1077TH Grade Girls HOPE 1058TH Grade Boys HOPE 1048TH Grade Girls HOPE 103HIGH SCHOOL9TH Grade Boys HOPE 1069TH Grade Girls HOPE 10210TH Grade Boys HOPE 20210TH Grade Girls HOPE 20611TH Grade Boys HOPE 21011TH Grade Girls HOPE 20712TH Grade Guys & Girls HOPE 201E le m e n ta r y 10 :0 0 A MContinuing in January, we will begin ourlast semester of our three-year journeythrough the Bible. The Gospel Projectwill cover the early church, epistles,and finish with Revelation. Every lessonpoints to Jesus.connectgroupselementary1st Grade A JOY 2011st Grade B JOY 2032nd Grade JOY 2053rd Grade A JOY 2063rd Grade B JOY 2074th Grade A JOY 2104th Grade B JOY 2085th Grade JOY 211collegeECM 10:00 AMCollege students meet every Sundaymorning to discuss and read God’s Wordtogether. This time together is led byRyan and Stephanie Bennett in the RonDunn Center.

W O ME N’S ST U DY9:30 AMStarting February 2FELLOWSHIP 103 104Led by Stephanie BennettPrecept: ExodusWatch Moses develop as a leader. See God deliverHis people by judging their enemies. Learn powerfultruths about His ways. A remarkably practical study ofdeliverance, redemption, the Law, and the Tabernacle.ST U D E NTTuesday Morning Prayer Timein the HOPE BuildingStarts February 9 from 7:00 AM - 7:45 AMMuffins and juice available for breakfast. Students areencouraged to bring 2 each week to help offset the cost.CO LLE G EHOPE 2046:30 PM FREE dinner7:15 PM ECM Service startsw h at’s h appe ni ng o ntuesdaysECM mid-week service is our Tuesday night worshipservice for college students. Each week students getthe opportunity to engage with God in worship and bechallenged to hear from God’s Word.

VISITATIONATRIUM by WELCOME DESKThe Visitation Team was established to provide a friendlyand loving touch to a growing Sherwood congregation.Once a week, the team visits those within our communitywho are first-time guests to Sherwood, those who are newto the community or new members of the congregationwho have been absent for extended periods.EVANGELISM EXPLOSIONKeith Ann Hobbs FAITH 205A study that trains you how to share your faith in Christand how to bring people from unbelief to belief. In both theclassroom and going out with experienced trainers in reallife witnessing situations, you learn how to share your faith.CHOIR ORCHESTRAChoir WORSHIP 107Orchestra WORSHIP CENTERw h at’s h appe ni ng o nwednesdayswednesdayscl a s s e s be gi n at 6 : 3 0 PMWe are now asking members to bring a tablet or devicelarge enough for them to read sheet music on duringWednesday night practice.

EXPLORE THE WORDCurtis Driver CHAPELCome mine the depth of Ephesians. This study is a verse byverse examination of one of the most practical books in the NewTestament. Learn more about this roadmap to becoming morelike Jesus.FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITYDustin Walker FAITH 203How should a believer think about money? This class will teachyou what it means to be a good steward of your resources. Youwill come away with a solid plan for managing your money aswell as tools to help you be successful. Learn how to be proactivewith your finances.adultstudiesDISCOVER SHERWOODJohn Spencer FAITH 206Come and learn what it means to be part of Sherwood and howyou can plug in. This four session introduction to the church willhelp you learn about the mission and vision of the our church.We will tour you around much of our facility and help you beginto find out where God has called you to get involved.BIBLE STUDIES FOR LIFEDaniel Joiner FAITH 207How are you walking out your faith on a day to day basis? Thisclass will help you grow in your walk as you build communityaround a practical study of scripture.HOW DO I DISCIPLE MY FRIEND?Dennis Powers FAITH 202Come find out what it means to live out the Great Commission.This class will walk through one of the most definitive studies ofthe Great Commission as well as looking at what the beginningsteps are for every new believer. Find practical tools to helpyou make disciples in the mission field God has placed you in.Change the World beginning right where you are.

The Life of a Jesus Follower6:30 PM FAITH 209 & Hope CenterFebruary 3 – March 24This 8-session Bible study helps us to follow Jesus by investingin the three relationships Jesus pursued: His relationshipwith the Father, His relationship with the disciples, and Hisrelationship with those who didn’t know God at all.James6:30 PM FAITH 209 & Hope CenterMarch 31 – June 9James had a unique earthly relationship with Jesus, but hisletter clarifies what the Christian life should look like for usall. The book of James is filled with practical wisdom forChristians, calling us to live out genuine faith through goodworks, but it is also rooted in rich theology. Perhaps more thanany other book in the New Testament, James emphasizes theapplication of Christian belief.This 13-session Bible study examines the core message ofJames: counting our trials as joy. This is the essence of James.We don’t work to be saved; we work because we are saved.Faith apart from works can never be sustained.men’sstudies

Precept: Exodus6:30 PM FELLOWSHIP 103 104Starting February 3Teacher: Kim BlandWatch Moses develop as a leader. See God deliverHis people by judging their enemies. Learn powerfultruths about His ways. A remarkably practical study ofdeliverance, redemption, the Law, and the Tabernacle.Finding God Faithful by Kelly Minter6:30 PM FELLOWSHIP 101 102Starting February 3Teacher: Susan SandersTrace the path of Joseph’s life in the Book of Genesis toobserve how God’s sovereignty reigns, even in our darkestmoments. Learn to recognize when God is working duringperiods of waiting, trust God’s plan when life doesn’t makesense, and rest in the sufficiency of His presence in everycircumstance.*Childcare is available for all studies.Workbooks may be purchased in The Source.women’sstudies

DivorceCareFebruary 3 – May 5Teachers: David Bland, Ken Edmier, Jessica TabarrokDon’t go through separation or divorce alone. DivorceCareseminars and support groups are led by people who understandwhat you are going through and want to help. You will learn howto heal from the deep hurt of divorce and discover hope for yourfuture.GriefShareFebruary 3 – May 5Teachers: Tom and Brenda PollockGriefShare is for people grieving the death of a family memberor friend. GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face thesechallenges and move toward rebuilding your life.Men's Bible StudyThe Resolution for MenFebruary 3 – May 26Teacher: Matt NowickialbanybiblicalcounselingcenterThis study was inspired by the resolution challenge featured in themovie COURAGEOUS. The resolution contained 12 commitmentsrelated to characteristics that all men of God want to pursue, suchas responsibility, faithfulness, honor, justice, forgiveness, integrity,and courage. The Resolution Bible study walks participantsthrough each of the 12 challenges, identifying their biblical rootsand outlining how to live out each godly principle in real life.Ladies Bible StudyNo More Faking Fine by Esther FleeceFebruary 3 – April 28Teacher: Heather HoltonWhen life hurts hard, we often feel pressure – from ourselves andothers – to keep it together or pray it away. But Scripture revealsa God who meets us where we are, not where we pretend tobe. This small group Bible study reveals how God uses lament todraw us closer to Him as He leads us through any darkness intoHis marvelous light.

childrenAWANA CUBBIESK3-K4 JOY Building 1st FloorThe heart of AWANA is the gospel message. AWANA stronglyemphasizes memorizing and understanding Scripture whileoffering games and a variety of Bible related activities.Childcare is also offered for birth-2 years old, so parentsmay attend their own Life University class, choir practice orserve elsewhere in the church.wha t’s ha p p en in g onsaturdaysXploration Stationwith Sherwood Kids PraiseChildren rotate through small group Bible study, SherwoodKids Praise and recreation.Kindergarten - Joy 2031st Grade - Joy 2012nd/3rd Grade Girls - Joy 2052nd Grade Boys - Joy 2103rd Grade Boys - Joy 2064th/5th Grade Boys - Joy 2074th/5th Grade Girls - Joy 211student6:00 PM Student building doors open6:00 PM - 7:45 PM Elevate Café, basketball area & gameroom openMIDDLE SCHOOLService starts at 6:15 PM Hope 204Hangout 7:15 PM - 8:00 PM Hope BuildingHIGH SCHOOLHangout 6:15 PM - 7:10 PM Hope BuildingService starts at 7:15 PM Hope 204No Sweat Evangelism ClassFELLOWSHIP CENTER9:00 AM until noonMarch 20This class teaches individuals to become more intentional insharing their faith. The focus is to lead each person to pray forone lost person and commit to share the gospel with him/her byusing the “No Sweat” principles.Life Skills ClassesClasses on auto skills, work ethics, basic plumbing, hair cutting,sewing, math tutoring, wilderness essentials and carpentryoffered in March, April and May.Visit SherwoodBaptist.net/spring21 for more details.*Note: There will be no Life Skills Classes in February

Mark your calendarsand invite a friend!March 28Scott Dawson, evangelistApril 4Easter Sunday(We will have no Wednesdaynight activities on April 7.)

Weaver Couples 20 Perry Davis Couples 20 Sheets Orr Couples 40s-50s Dozier Bland Dziuban Couples 30 Dobson Varnadoe Couples 40s-50s Miller Mallery 23-26 NeSmith Couples 30s-40s Bennett 18-22 Harrison Johnson Couples 50s Douglas Couples 60s-70s Smith Couples 50s-60s Bland Edmier 27-39 Martin Wari .

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A significant issue facing the City of Sherwood is traffic management. There are two factors that have a significant impact on the traffic volume in the area; 1. The City of Sherwood's population has grown by over 9,000 people since 1999 2. Pacific Highway (99W) has become a major north-south regional route and Tualatin-Sherwood

Thank you for purchasing the M501 Fluid Bed Dryer from Sherwood Scientific Ltd. If you need spare parts or service please contact your local distributor in the first instance, or Sherwood Scientific Ltd office at the address below: - Sherwood Scientific Ltd. 1 The Paddocks Cherry Hinton Road CAMBRIDGE England CB1 8DH Tel 44 (0)1223 24 34 44