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2014-2015 Student HandbookBachelor of Science in Nursing Program11 Sunset WayHenderson, NV 890144 Sunset Way, Building E, 2nd FloorHenderson, NV 89014South Jordan Campus10920 S. Riverfront ParkwaySouth Jordan, UT 84095Effective date: January 2015


Table of ContentsLetter from the Dean, College of Nursing . 1Letter from the Campus Dean, College of Nursing . 2Nursing Administration – Henderson Campus . 3Nursing Administration – South Jordan Campus . 3Nursing Faculty – Henderson Campus . 4Nursing Faculty – South Jordan Campus . 5Nursing Staff – South Jordan Campus . 5Nursing Staff – Henderson Campus . 6Admissions Staff – Henderson Campus . 6Student Handbook Notice . 7Location, Contact Information . 7Accreditation . 7Licensure . 7Approvals . 8Accommodations . 8Non-discrimination Policy .8Facilities, Equipment and Available Space . 8Account for Student Indemnification. 9Latex Allergy Policy . 9Student Transfer Policy and Education Evaluation. 9Student Intercampus Transfer Policy . 10Financial Responsibilities. 11Deferment Policy . 11College of Nursing Calendar 2015 – 2016* . 12Class of 2015 Henderson Campus Curriculum Calendar*. 14Class of 2016 Henderson Campus Curriculum Calendar*. 15Class of 2015 South Jordan Campus Curriculum Calendar* . 16Class of 2016 South Jordan Campus Curriculum Calendar* . 17College of Nursing Mission, Purpose, and Goals . 18Mission .18Purpose.18Goals .18College of Nursing Philosophy . 18i

Nursing .19Health .19Person .19Environment .20College of Nursing Conceptual Framework . 20College of Nursing Program Outcomes . 21Progression Outcomes as Related to Philosophy . 22Curriculum . 23Curricular Overview .24Block Descriptions . 24Graduation . 26National Council Licensure Examination NCLEX . 27Core Performance Standards* . 28Emails . 28Student Evaluations of Blocks and Block Faculty . 29Recording . 29Attendance . 29Attendance in Clinical Blocks .31Punctuality in Clinical Blocks .31Clinical Ticket .31Clinical Remediation .32Evaluation of Student Progress . 32Level of Achievement .32Assessment Process . 33Student Review of Old Assessments . 34Remediation. 34Program Progression – Didactic . 35Incomplete Assignments . 36Program Progression – Clinical . 36Incomplete Assignments . 36Privacy Rights . 37Release of Grades . 37Academic Standing . 37Transcripts. 37Withdrawals from the College of Nursing Program . 38ii

University Withdrawal .38Administrative Withdrawal .38Voluntary Withdrawal .38Conditions for Re-Admission for Students Who Voluntarily Withdraw .39Leave of Absence .39Re-attending Blocks in the College of Nursing . 40Academic and/or Professional Misconduct . 41Clinical Misconduct . 42Student Resolution Process (Non-Grievable Issues) . 42Student Resolution Process Flow Chart . 44Grievance Procedures . 45Informal Grievances .45Formal Grievance Procedures .45Grade Appeal .46Last Date of Attendance .47Responsibilities of the Class Officers . 48Class President . 48Vice President . 48Secretary . 48Treasurer . 49Standing Class Committees . 49Fundraising Committee . 49Graduation Committee. 49Class Meetings. 49College of Nursing Committees . 50Advisory Resource Committee (ARC) . 50Curriculum Committee . 50Student Affairs . 50Simulation Committee. 50Class Advisors . 51Professional Organizations and Ceremonies . 51Professional Organizations .51Pinning Ceremony .52Skills Laboratory Policies . 52Expected Behavior .52iii

Professional Appearance .52Safety & Infection Control .52Open Lab .53Manikin and Simulator Care .53Policy & Procedures for Videotaping Laboratory Skills Assessments . 53Purpose . 53Policy . 53Procedure . 53Clinical Policies & Procedures . 54Introduction .54Clinical Requirements. 55Clinical Rotations. 57Expected Behavior . 57Clinical Conferences . 57Blood Borne Pathogens and Exposures. 57Medical Insurance/Medical Care .58Professional Appearance .58Violations of Dress Code .59Clinical Uniforms .59Clinical Orientation .59Clinical Assignments .59Clinical Preparation.59Medical Review Guide .60Pre-Conference .60Post-Conference .60Professionalism .61Daily Clinical Routine.61Medication Administration .62Medication Administration Limits .62Clinical Journal Guidelines.62Appendix A – Academic Intervention Action Plan . 64Appendix B – Withdrawal & Return Policy & Processes . 67Appendix C – Clinical Intervention Action Plan . 69Appendix D – Nursing Simulation Laboratory Policyand Confidentiality Agreement . 71Appendix E – Laboratory Skills Assessment Form . 74iv

Appendix F – Medical History Form . 77Appendix G – Physical Examination Form . 78Appendix H – Reporting TB Symptoms/Findings . 79Appendix I – Tuberculosis Screening . 80Appendix J – Blood Borne Pathogens Incident Report . 81Appendix K – Incident (Occurrence) Report . 82v


Letter from the Dean, College of NursingDear Nursing Student;Welcome to the College of Nursing! We are pleased that you have chosen the College of Nursing tofulfill your initial nursing education goals. We know that your nursing education will be filled withchallenges, opportunities, and accomplishments. Nursing is a profession with virtually no boundaries.The mission of the College of Nursing is to provide a quality and innovative education to meet thediverse health needs of our society. As a student, you will fulfill this mission through your theoreticaland clinical experiences. We prepare you to competently and effectively assume the role of an entrylevel nurse in a variety of health care environments. Administrators, faculty, and staff will assist youin many ways to help you achieve your goals.This handbook will provide you with the policies and procedures of the College of Nursing. It willanswer many questions you may have about expectations, resources, and opportunities. Thishandbook is not intended to state contractual terms and does not constitute a contract between thestudent and the College of Nursing. Its purpose is to assist you in understanding the policies,procedures, and general information specific to your nursing program within the College of Nursing.Students affected by any changes to this handbook or changes in procedures will be notified inwriting.On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff, best wishes on your academic success in the nursingcurriculum. Please feel free to contact me or any member of the staff, faculty, or administration toassist you.Sincerely,Mable H. Smith, BSN, MN, JD, PHD1

Letter from the Acting Campus Dean, College of NursingDear Students,Welcome to your first day as a nursing student at Roseman University of Health Sciences. We aredelighted to be on this voyage with you as you learn the essentials of becoming a nurse; assessingplanning, intervening and advocating for patients and their families across the healthcare continuum.I am as enthusiastic as you are today, as you meet the faculty members who will guide and directyour education, and as you meet the other students and group members with whom you will spend thenext eighteen months.It is an exciting time to be entering the nursing profession. Whatever you have imagined your career to be iswithin your grasp. The diversity of settings and specialties where nurses can practice their profession isgrowing as information and technology increases, and research points the way to new types of interventionand treatment. Many of you will go to graduate school and practice as advanced practice nurses in manyfields. Some of you will work in foreign countries while others may have an internet career. Your futurechoices are endless and many probably haven't even been imagined yet.The Roseman model is Mastery Learning. You need to master the concepts and skills that will allow youto provide safe and competent care in your future role. The program is exceptionally challenging and it ismy hope that you come prepared to study hard, share and clarify concepts with your classmates and seekadditional help when you need to. You will be in a setting where pharmacy and dental students will belearning along with you.On behalf of the Roseman University administration, faculty and staff, we extend our best wishesand support as you begin your journey toward academic success in nursing. Please contact me oranother member of our faculty and staff to assist you in your effort to complete a baccalaureatedegree.Sincerely,Susan Watson, PhD, MSN, ARNP-C, RNActing Campus Dean and AssociateProfessor College of Nursing2

Nursing Administration – Henderson CampusMable H. Smith, RN, JD, PhD (2004)Dean and Professor, College of NursingB.S.N., Florida State University, 1980M.S.N., Emory University, 1984J.D., Florida State University, 1992Ph.D., Florida State University, 1989Josh Hamilton, RN-BC, MSN, DNP (2014)Interim Associate Dean (ABSN Program)B.S.N., University of Wyoming, 1997M.S.N., University of Wyoming, 2003D.N.P., Rush University, 2006Mary Chalfant, RN, MS (2008)Director of Clinical Resources, College of NursingB.S.N., University of Akron, 1980M.S., Central Michigan University, 1991Brian Oxhorn, RN, MSN, PhD (2012)Director, Skills and Simulation LaboratoryAssistant Professor, College of NursingB.S.N., University of Nevada Reno, 1992M.S.N., Drexel University, 2005Ph.D., University of Nevada Reno, 2002Nursing Administration – South Jordan CampusMable H. Smith, RN, JD, PhD (2004)Dean and Professor, College of NursingB.S.N., Florida State University, 1980M.S.N., Emory University, 1984J.D., Florida State University, 1992Ph.D., Florida State University, 1989Susan Watson, RN, PhD (2011)Acting Campus Dean, College of NursingB.S.N., Consortium of California State UniversitiesM.S.N., University of MiamiPhD, University of MiamiJerry Carley, RN, MSN, MA, CNE (2007)Director of Skills and Simulations LaboratoryAssistant Professor of NursingB.S.N., University of WyomingM.A. Management, Webster UniversityM.S.N., Walden UniversityDelos Jones, RN, MSN (2012)Director of Clinical Resources andAssistant Professor of NursingB.S., Nursing, Idaho State UniversityM.S.N., George Washington University3

Nursing Faculty – Henderson CampusJo Andrews-Alexander, RN, BSN, MSHA (2010)B.S.N., University of Washington, Seattle, 1991M.S.H.A., University of St. Francis, 2002Georgene Kreger, RN, MSN/Ed (2014)B.S.N., Nevada State College, 2010M.S.N., Grand Canyon University, 2012Augusta Arato, RN, MSN (2013)B.S.N., University of Missouri, 1990M.S.N., University of Missouri, 1994Nancy Miller-Bryan, RN, MSN, APN (2007)B.S.N., University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 1982MSN/APN, Syracuse University, 2002Rowena Bermundo, RN, MN (2014)M.N., Angeles University Foundation, 1991B.S.N., University of Santo Tomas, 2004Juliana Morone, RN, MSN/Ed (2013)B.S.N., Eastern Mennonite University, 2006M.S.N., Walden University, 2013Federico Calixtro, RN, MSN (2013)B.S.N., University of the East Ramon MagsaysayMemorial Medical Center, 1986M.S.N, University of Phoenix, 2002Sheila Parker, RN, BS, MSN (2011)B.S., Chicago State University, 1982M.S.N., University of Phoenix, 2007Kathy Stieren, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed (2012)B.S.N., University of Illinois, 1988M.S.N., Grand Canyon University, 2013Susan Carrow, RN, MSN/Ed, (2011)B.S.N., University of Phoenix, 2004M.S.N., University of Phoenix, 2006Oligens Sulo, RN, MSN (2014)B.S.N., Madonna University, 2008M.S.N., Oakland University, 2012Rhonda Dahlberg, RN, BSN, MSN (2012)B.S.N., Bradley University, 1979M.S.N., Maryville University, 2007Barbara Tanner, RN, BSN, MSN (2013)B.S.N., Grand Canyon University, 2010M.S.N., Grand Canyon University, 2013Judith Hochberger, RN, BSN, MSN, PhD (2011)B.S.N., Niagara University, 1972M.S.N., State University of New York, 1976Ph.D., Temple University, 1994Marie Wright, RN, MSN (2007)B.S.N., California State University, D.H., 1987M.S.N., University of Phoenix, 2006Jenè Hurlbut, RN, MSN, PhD (2005)B.S.N., Arizona State University, 1979M.S.N., University of New Mexico, 1990M.S., Northern Arizona University 1995Ph.D., New Mexico State University, 20104

Nursing Faculty – South Jordan CampusCathryn Barber, MSN, RN (2012)BSN, University of PhoenixMSN, University of PhoenixKara Clapp, MSN, RN, APRN-c, FNP, PhD (2014)PhD, University of UtahMSN, Wright State UniversityBSN, Wright State UniversityFNP, University of UtahTerry Collins, MSN, RN, WCC (2014)BSN, Pacific Lutheran UniversityMSN, Utah Valley UniversityArlene England, MSN-ED, RN (2014)MSN-ED, Idaho State UniversityRN, Idaho State UniversityNursing Staff – South Jordan CampusAndrea Deus, (2014)Administrative Assistant to the Acting Campus Dean5

Nursing Staff – Henderson CampusDenise House (2009)Administrative Assistant to the DeanCharlene Pietz (2012)Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean & Director of Clinical ResourcesDonna Laffee (2014)Administrative Assistant to the College of NursingAdmissions Staff – Henderson CampusErik Dillon, MAEd (2014)Recruitment, Admissions & Enrollment CoordinatorLaToya Conners, BSEd (2013)Admissions Specialist6

Student Handbook NoticeThe College of Nursing Student Handbook is hereby incorporated as a part of Roseman’s StudentCatalog. The Catalog is also hereby incorporated as a part of the College of Nursing StudentHandbook. The Catalog and Student Handbook are available in the administrative offices of theCollege of Nursing and/or on the website.Location, Contact InformationRoseman University of Health SciencesCollege of Nursing11 Sunset WayHenderson, NV 89014Phone: (702) 968-1608Fax: (702) 968-2097Website: www.roseman.eduCollege of NursingAccelerated BSN Program4 Sunset Way, Building E, 2nd FloorHenderson, NV 89014Phone: (702) 968-5964/5956Fax: (702) 651-2590Website: www.rosemannursing.comRoseman University of Health SciencesCollege of Nursing10920 S. Riverfront ParkwaySouth Jordan, UT 84095Website: www.roseman.eduAccreditationRoseman University of Health Sciences is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Collegesand Universities, 8060 165th Avenue N.E. Suite 100, Redmond, WA 98052, websitewww.nwccu.org.The College of Nursing (Nevada and Utah) is accredited by the Accreditation Commission forEducation in Nursing (ACEN), (formerly the National League for Nursing AccreditingCommission-NLNAC), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326; Websitewww.acenursing.org.LicensureRoseman University of Health Sciences is licensed to operate a Doctor of Pharmacy, a Master inBusiness Administration, postdoctoral training in Advanced Education in Orthodontics andDentofacial Orthopedics, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in the state of Nevada by theNevada Commission on Postsecondary Education, 8778 South Maryland Parkway, Suite 115, LasVegas NV 89123; telephone: 702-486-7330; fax 702-486-7340; website www.cpe.state.nv.us.Roseman University of Health Sciences, South Jordan campus is exempt from the registrationrequirements of the Utah Postsecondary Proprietary School Act. Department of Commerce, Divisionof Consumer Protection, 160 East 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111; telephone: 801-530-6601;Fax 801-530-6001; website www.dcp.utah.gov7

ApprovalsThe College of Nursing Nevada has full approval from the Nevada State Board of Nursing, 4220South Maryland Parkway, Suite B300, Las Vegas NV 89119; telephone: 702-486-5800 or 888-5906726; fax: 702-486-5803; website www.nursingboard.state.nv.us.The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in South Jordan, Utah was granted full approval by theUtah Board of N

MSN, Wright State University BSN, Wright State University FNP, University of Utah Terry Collins, MSN, RN, WCC (2014) BSN, Pacific Lutheran University MSN, Utah Valley University Arlene England, MSN-ED, RN (2014) MSN-ED, Idaho State University RN, Idaho State University Nursing Staff – South Jordan Campus Andrea Deus, (2014)

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Published by Roseman University of Health Sciences www.roseman.edu HENDERSON CAMPUS 11 Sunset Way Henderson, Nevada 89014 Tel: (702) 990-4433 Fax: (702) 990-4435 SUMMERLIN CAMPUS 10530 Discovery Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89135 Tel: (702) 802-2841 Fax: (702) 431-5536 SOUTH JORDAN CAMPUS 10920 South River Front Parkway South Jordan, Utah 84095

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care, and respect that Roseman has for its students." — George Hanania, ABSN Program, Nevada MASTERY LEARNING MODEL We provide an engaging and supportive academic environment that gives you the opportunity to reach a high level of achievement. Rather than fill your mind with facts, we focus on how well you learn, apply, and master our .