Undergraduate Financial Aid 2022 To 2023

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Your Guide toUndergraduateFinancial Aid2022–23

Apply for Financial Aid in Four Easy Steps21.FAFSAComplete the Free Application for FederalStudent Aid (FAFSA) after October 1.3.Federal Direct LoanNew borrowers must complete an entranceinterview and master promissory note.2.Financial Aid OfferReview your offer online and submit itelectronically to the financial aid office.4.Balance DueStudents and parents can apply for a PLUSloan, alternative loan or payment plan.Your Guide to Undergraduate Financial Aid 2022–23

Contents5  Your Financial Aid Offer11  How Much Will I Need to Pay?6  How Eligibility Is Determined12  Satisfactory Academic Progress7  Quinnipiac Financial Aid Policies12  Special Circumstances8  Verification12  Family Educational Rights and PrivacyAct8  Outside Aid9  Types of Financial Aid9  Grants9  Scholarships10  Loans11  Work-Study11  Payment Plan12  Deadlines and Fund Availability13  Help Is Available14  Frequently Asked Questions15  Useful Websites15  Plus Loan Worksheet16  Financial Aid Staff3

Dear Students and ParentsWelcome to Quinnipiac University! The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid is pleased toprovide this comprehensive booklet designed to help you understand the financial aid process.We know the process can seem overwhelming and hope this step-by-step guide will answer yourquestions and serve as a useful reference throughout the year.It’s important to note that you must re-apply for financial aid each year if you’d like assistancewith college expenses. Remember that you need to file your Free Application for FederalStudent Aid (FAFSA) before the March 1 deadline (incoming students) or the April 1 deadline(returning students) to receive all the financial aid for which you are eligible.We would like to emphasize the importance of thoroughly reading all correspondence youreceive from our office. We have an extensive communication process to keep you abreast ofwhat’s happening with your financial aid. Most often, we will communicate with the studentvia Quinnipiac email or through the “Self-Service” module at Quinnipiac University. EveryQuinnipiac student has an email address, and we strongly urge you to check your email inboxon a regular basis. This will ensure that you don’t miss any important financial aid-relatedinformation coming from this office or news about issues concerning your financial aid.Financing a Quinnipiac education is probably one of the most important investments you’ll evermake, and our office is available to assist you throughout the process. If you have questions orconcerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and yourfamily to help realize your educational goals.Sincerely,The Office of Undergraduate Financial AidQuinnipiac UniversityOffice of Undergraduate Financial Aid275 Mount Carmel AvenueHamden, CT 06518-1908Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.Tel: 203-582-8750Fax: 203-582-4060finaid@qu.eduqu.eduQuinnipiac school codeFAFSA: 0014024Your Guide to Undergraduate Financial Aid 2022–23

Your Financial Aid OfferTo be considered for need-based aid, all students are required to completethe Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Visit fafsa.gov to apply.Notification of financial aid offers are emailed to accepted students withinstructions to log onto qu.edu/finaid and click on the “Financial Aid Self-ServicePortal” link. Student notices are scheduled as follows:Learn More Early Decision Students: Notification of financial aid offers are sent via emailto the student in mid–December. Early Action Students: Notification of financial aid offers will be sent via emailto the student beginning in mid-January. Regular Decision Incoming Students: Notification of financial aid offers aresent via email to the student beginning in mid-March.qu.edu/finaidStudents and parents who wish to borrow loans are advised to borrow through the federal

Quinnipiac University determines your need for financial assistance using the following formula: Cost of Attendance Expected Family Contribution FINANCIAL NEED Because Quinnipiac’s admission policies are “n

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Foreign aid has various different forms; economic aid, social aid and "other aid" components are the main ones. Economic aid is a form of physical capital, aid to both infrastructure and the production stage, social aid refers to aid in form of human capital whereas other aid components entail food and emergency aid (Akramova 2012, 119-120).

Operational Training Financial Aid Step Action 1. Click on the FINANCIAL AID option from the menu or click on the REVIEW & ACCEPT FINANCIAL AID hyperlink in the Financial Aid box. Step Action In the GIFT AID section, you will see aid that cannot be modified by a student. Gift Aid includes: Scholarships, Tuition Assistance, Grants, etc.

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Please keep this with your financial aid records for future reference helpful tools Financial Aid Student Access (NetPartner) NetPartner is the student financial aid portal. View financial aid awards, accept or decline awards, view documents that are missing/received for financial aid, view loan history, etc. Students access NetPartner by

About Financial Aid at OHSU The student financial aid program at OHSU is designed to assist students in meeting their educational costs. The Financial Aid Office thoroughly reviews your application for aid, and the best possible assistance is offered to help cover the costs of attending. There are four general types of financial aid:

FINANCIAL . AID BULLETIN . 2021-2022 . Helping make college affordable for everyone . FINANCIAL AID OFFICE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE FINANCIAL AID OFFICE . 619-388-3501 . Office A-270 . cityaid@sdccd.edu 619-388-2817 619. Office I4 -107 . mesaaid@sdccd.edu -388 7864 Office K 312 miraaid@sdccd.edu

Calendar of deadlines and critical dates for students applying for financial aid at National University. 2021-2022 2022-2023 October 1, 2021. October 1, 2022: To apply for financial aid, a students must file a new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually.

Many of our financial aid processes have moved to virtual or online formats. Students can submit nearly all financial aid forms online via their Financial Aid Dashboard and con-nect with Financial Aid Advisors via phone, chat, email, or in-person. With Tri- 24/7, we are also available after hours, on week-ends, and even holi-days!