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2021-22 Weber State University Print Catalog(Captured 6/5/21. Please view online catalog at http://catalog.weber.edu/)University Profile. 6Overview . 6Historical Perspective. 6Mission Statement . 6WSU Mission Core Themes Assessment . 7Accreditation . 7Catalog Information . 9Assessment at WSU . 9Campus Safety and Nondiscrimination Policy Statement . 9Commitment to an Inclusive Community . 11Exceptions to University Policy . 11Student Code . 11Administration & Faculty . 12Enrollment Services and Information . 55The Office of Admissions . 55First Year Experience. 63Honors Program . 63Senior Citizen . 63Scholarships . 63Financial Aid . 66Student Success Center. 72New Student Orientation . 73First Year Experience Program . 73Program of Study (Major/Minor) Declaration . 74Registration . 74Davis Campus and Additional Locations . 78Tuition, Fees and Refunds . 79COVID-19 Response . 84Academic Info & Policies . 88Records . 88Graduation . 96

Student Affairs, Services and Information . 101Campus Services . 101Academic Support Services . 103Student Wellness Services . 105Services for Special Student Populations . 106Housing & Residence Life . 110Student Life & Activities . 111Office of International Programs . 115Division of Online & Continuing Education. 117WSU Davis . 119Degree Requirements . 129General Requirements . 129All Degrees . 129Requirements for Minors . 129Requirements for Graduate Degrees . 129Requirements for Bachelor's Degrees . 130Requirements for Associate's Degrees . 132Requirements for Institutional Certificates . 132Requirements for Graduate Certificates . 133Requirements for Certifications . 133Weber State University General Education Requirements . 133Course Attributes . 144High Impact Educational Experiences . 145Programs Sorted by Degree . 147Associate of Arts . 147Associate of Applied Science . 147Associate of Pre-Engineering . 148Associate of Science . 148Institutional Certificate . 148Pre-Professional . 149Bachelor of Arts . 150Bachelor of Fine Arts . 151Bachelor of Music . 1512

Bachelor of Music Education . 151Bachelor of Science . 151Bachelor of Integrated Studies . 154Emphasis Option for Bachelor of Integrated Studies. 154Emphasis Only . 155Minor. 155Teaching Minor . 157Honors, University . 157Honors, Departmental . 158Endorsement . 159Licensure . 159Certification. 159Graduate Certificate. 159Post Baccalaureate Certificate . 160Master of Accounting. 160Master of Arts . 160Master of Business Administration . 160Master of Education. 160Master of Health Administration . 160Master of Professional Communication . 160Master of Science. 160Master of Social Work . 161Master of Taxation . 161Doctor of Nursing . 161Academic Colleges . 162Telitha E. Lindquist College of Arts & Humanities . 163Department of Communication . 164Department of English Language and Literature . 226Department of Foreign Languages. 249Department of Performing Arts . 297Department of Visual Art and Design . 356Master of Arts in English Program . 390Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education . 3983

Exercise and Nutrition Sciences Department . 400Department of Child and Family Studies . 412Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation . 425Department of Teacher Education. 460Master of Education (MEd) . 482College of Social & Behavioral Sciences . 498Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC) . 500Department of Criminal Justice . 503Department of Geography, Environment and Sustainability . 514Department of History . 527Department of Political Science and Philosophy . 542Department of Psychological Science . 573Department of Social Work and Gerontology . 587Department of Sociology and Anthropology . 605Master of Criminal Justice Program . 633Master of Social Work . 635John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics . 645Department of Business Administration and Marketing . 650Department of Economics . 670Department of Supply Chain & Management Information Systems . 699Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) . 714Master of Accounting Program (MACC) . 727Master of Taxation (MTax). 729School of Accounting & Taxation . 731Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke College of Health Professions . 744Annie Taylor Dee School of Nursing. 744Department of Athletic Training . 756Department of Emergency Healthcare . 765Department of Dental Hygiene . 774Department of Health Administrative Services . 778Department of Health Sciences . 792Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences . 798Department of Respiratory Therapy . 8074

Doctor of Nursing Practice . 814Master of Health Administration Program . 818Master of Science in Athletic Training Program . 820Master of Science in Nursing Program . 825Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) . 828Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences Program . 831Master of Science in Respiratory Therapy . 840School of Radiologic Sciences . 844College of Science . 862Pre-Professional Programs. 864Department of Botany and Plant Ecology. 875Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry . 883Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences . 899Department of Mathematics . 914Developmental Mathematics Program . 937Department of Microbiology . 938Department of Physics and Astronomy . 954Department of Zoology . 965Interdisciplinary Programs . 972College of Engineering, Applied Science & Technology . 983Construction and Building Sciences Department . 986Parson Construction Management . 986Facilities Management-Emphasis . 986Building Design & Construction . 986Interior Design . 986Department of Automotive Technology . 1009Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering . 1016Department of Manufacturing and Systems Engineering . 1030Department of Professional Sales . 1071School of Computing . 1079Engaged Learning, Honors, and Interdisciplinary Programs . 1116Course Descriptions . 1149Experimental Course Titles for 2021-22 . 17285

University ProfileOverviewWeber State University is an exceptional comprehensive university providing associate, bachelor and master's degrees to meetthe needs of the region. WSU graduates are broadly educated, capable and prepared for meaningful careers, graduate andprofessional schools, and civic engagement. The hallmark of the university is excellent teaching with extraordinary interactionsbetween faculty and students. WSU offers a wide and diverse variety of degrees/programs (see Programs Sorted by Degree orPrograms Sorted by Major/Minor) - the largest and most expansive undergraduate program in the State of Utah. With a studentbody of over 29,000 drawn predominantly from Utah, but also including students from 48 states and 61 foreign countries, WSUtakes pride in its student-centered environment for learning and believes that quality education is founded upon close associationsbetween faculty and students.WSU is distinguished by outstanding academic programs that recruit motivated students to work with faculty to create and shareknowledge. More than fifty academic departments and programs in seven colleges provide learning opportunities for a diversespectrum of students, including grants and support for undergraduate research, community-based and service learning, an Honorsprogram, and a Bachelor of Integrated Studies (BIS) program. The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) and the Center forCommunity Engaged Learning help to engage students in learning both inside and outside the classroom, and the Honorsprogram provides small classes in a rich, supportive, and challenging academic setting. The BIS offers students the opportunity todesign their own degrees with three areas of academic emphasis meant to prepare them for specific career paths or graduatestudy.Academic studies are complemented by a wide range of extracurricular activities, including student government, intramural andintercollegiate athletics, and award-winning performing arts groups. In addition, the Student Success Center along with the FirstYear Experience program helps new students adjust to the university community, while a variety of support services aid thosewith particular needs.The WSU Ogden campus has 60 buildings on 526 acres that house abundant classrooms and laboratories, excellent studentcomputing facilities, outstanding performing arts auditoriums, a spacious library, and a well-equipped health and fitness center.An area of continued growth is WSU-Davis, which provides instruction to students on a new high-tech campus in Layton. Inaddition to its Ogden and Davis campuses, WSU offers courses throughout the state and Intermountain West and is a leader inonline instruction.Historical PerspectiveWeber State University was founded in Ogden, Utah, as Weber Stake Academy on January 7, 1889, by the Weber Stake Board ofEducation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The 1933 Utah Legislature established Weber College as a statejunior college and placed it under the control of the Utah State Board of Education. Following World War II the college outgrewits downtown campus and moved to the present 400-acre site, spectacularly perched on the mountainside overlooking Ogden andthe Great Salt Lake.In 1959 the Utah Legislature authorized the addition of upper division courses, leading to award of the first baccalaureate degreesby Weber State College in 1964. The 1969 Legislature created the Utah System of Higher Education, comprising nine publicinstitutions of higher learning, including Weber State College. The system is governed by a State Board of Regents, and eachinstitution has its own Board of Trustees; members of both boards are appointed by the governor.In 1990 the state legislature renamed the institution Weber State University, effective New Year's Day 1991, appropriatelysymbolizing its role as Utah's premier public, undergraduate university.Mission Statement6

Weber State University provides associate, baccalaureate and master degree programs in liberal arts, sciences, technical andprofessional fields. Encouraging freedom of expression and valuing diversity, the university provides excellent educationalexperiences for students through extensive personal contact among faculty, staff and students in and out of the classroom.Through academic programs, research, artistic expression, public service and community engaged learning, the university servesas an educational, cultural and economic leader for the region.WSU Mission Core Themes AssessmentEach of the mission core themes has objectives, indicators of achievement and empirical assessment measures of the indicators.This section contains summary assessment data for the indicators of achievement for each of the core theme objectives.Access Weber State will offer programs that address the needs of the communityWeber State will serve cohorts of interest in the communityLearning Students who enroll will be retainedStudents will participate in engaged learning experiencesStudents will achieve General Education learning outcomesStudents will achieve program learning outcomesLower-division students will achieve successStudents will complete degreesCommunity Weber State University will contribute to K-12 education in the communityThe community will participate in a wide array of WSU sponsored cultural programsStudents will engage with the community and become productive members of societyFaculty will contribute to their professionsFaculty, staff, and students will support the community through service and outreach effortsWeber State University will contribute to economic development of the regionAccreditationWeber State University is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. All appliedtechnical education programs are accredited by the Utah State Office of Vocational Education. Teacher education programs are7

accredited by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification. In addition, specificprofessional agencies currently accredit or approve the following departments and programs:College of Engineering, Applied Science & TechnologyAutomotive Service Technology [AAS programs] (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation [NATEF])Computer Science (Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, Inc.)Electronics Engineering Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, ProductDesign and Development (Engineering Tech

Jun 02, 2021 · Weber State University was founded in Ogden, Utah, as Weber Stake Academy on January 7, 1889, by the Weber Stake Board of Education of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The 1933 Utah Legislature established Weber College as a state junior college and placed it under the control of the Utah State Board of Education.

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