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PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECK REGISTER SEPTEMBER 2015Vendor NameDateType of Payment4IMPRINT09/01/2015 Paper CheckA & E BUSINESS PRODUCTS09/01/2015 Paper CheckA & W Bearings & Supply CO09/01/2015 Paper CheckAbbott Clay & Reed LLP09/01/2015 Paper CheckABECEDARIAN09/01/2015 Paper CheckABLE COMMUNICATIONS09/01/2015 Paper CheckABLE ELECTRIC SERVICE INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckACCO Brands USA dba GBC09/01/2015 Paper CheckACCUCUT SYSTEMS09/01/2015 Paper CheckADVERTISING MATTERS LLC09/01/2015 Paper CheckAllen High School09/01/2015 Paper CheckAM TECHNOLOGIES09/01/2015 Paper CheckAMBER HOUSER09/01/2015 Paper CheckAMERICA TEAM SPORTS09/01/2015 Paper CheckAMERICAN EXPRESS09/01/2015 Paper CheckAMERICAN MATHEMATICS COMPETITI09/01/2015 Paper CheckAPPLE COMPUTER INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckAPPLE INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckATMOS ENERGY09/01/2015 Paper CheckBaker Distributing Co.09/01/2015 Paper CheckBARSCO09/01/2015 Paper CheckBATTERIES PLUS #14609/01/2015 Paper CheckBeatus F Swai09/01/2015 Paper CheckBENNIE THORNHILL09/01/2015 Paper CheckBESTMARK INDUSTRIES09/01/2015 Paper CheckBILL CODY'S PARTY TIME PROD09/01/2015 Paper CheckBILLY RYAN HS-AFJROTC TX-09309/01/2015 Paper CheckBILLY RYAN HS-AFJROTC TX-09309/01/2015 Paper CheckBILLY RYAN HS-AFJROTC TX-09309/01/2015 Paper CheckBLUE TARP FINANCIAL, INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckBORDEN09/01/2015 Paper CheckBrenda Castillo09/01/2015 Paper CheckC & R SEATING INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckCARENOW CORPORATE09/01/2015 Paper CheckCarrier South Central09/01/2015 Paper CheckCathy Hoffmann09/01/2015 Paper CheckCEV MULTIMEDIA09/01/2015 Paper CheckChris Manthei09/01/2015 Paper CheckCHRISTAL VISION INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckChrystal Pierce09/01/2015 Paper CheckCITY OF MURPHY - POLICE DEPT09/01/2015 Paper CheckCITY OF PLANO09/01/2015 Paper CheckCITY OF PLANO - ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT09/01/2015 Paper CheckCITY OF PLANO UTILITIES09/01/2015 Paper CheckCITY WIDE FIRE PROTECTION09/01/2015 Paper CheckClyde McGuire09/01/2015 Paper CheckCOCA COLA BOTTLING CO09/01/2015 Paper CheckCookies By Design, Inc.09/01/2015 Paper CheckCORNER BAKERY09/01/2015 Paper CheckCostco09/01/2015 Paper CheckCOX WELDING SERVICE09/01/2015 Paper CheckDALLAS MORNING NEWS (NIE)09/01/2015 Paper CheckDavid Perkins09/01/2015 Paper CheckDELL MARKETING LP09/01/2015 Paper CheckDenitech Corporation09/01/2015 Paper CheckDG'S PIZZA INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckDonald Carter09/01/2015 Paper CheckDOUBLE H ENTERPRISES09/01/2015 Paper CheckEDUCATION SERVICE CENTER - REGION X09/01/2015 Paper CheckEDUCATIONAL PRODUCTS INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckEMPOWERING WRITERS LLC09/01/2015 Paper CheckExceptional Teaching, Inc.09/01/2015 Paper CheckFARMERS ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE09/01/2015 Paper CheckFerguson Enterprises09/01/2015 Paper CheckFIRST SOUTHWEST CO09/01/2015 Paper CheckFreeman Systems LLC09/01/2015 Paper CheckFUN & FUNCTION09/01/2015 Paper CheckGALLION WINDOW SPECIALTIES09/01/2015 Paper CheckGCA SERVICES GROUP09/01/2015 Paper CheckGOING MY WAY09/01/2015 Paper CheckGrainger09/01/2015 Paper CheckH2O Supply Inc09/01/2015 Paper CheckHAMBURGER MAN09/01/2015 Paper CheckHanagriff, Ewell & Murphy, Inc.09/01/2015 Paper CheckHerman Senders09/01/2015 Paper CheckHobby Lobby Stores09/01/2015 Paper CheckHOSA-Future Health Professionals09/01/2015 Paper CheckHUMANWARE09/01/2015 Paper Check1Check 247.88270.6560.00340.00

PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECK REGISTER SEPTEMBER 2015Vendor NameDateType of PaymentiGear Unlimited/Uuber09/01/2015 Paper CheckINNOVATIVE LEARNING CONCEPTS09/01/2015 Paper CheckINSURICA09/01/2015 Paper CheckINSURICA09/01/2015 Paper CheckISM Works LLC09/01/2015 Paper CheckJ W PEPPER & SON INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckJASON'S DELI - ALL LOCATIONS09/01/2015 Paper CheckJEFF GRAHAM09/01/2015 Paper CheckJERRYS SCOREBOARD-SPORTING09/01/2015 Paper CheckJOHN PAUL II HS - VOLLEYBALL09/01/2015 Paper CheckJOHN RAWLEY09/01/2015 Paper CheckJohnson Burks Supply Co09/01/2015 Paper CheckJON FISHER09/01/2015 Paper CheckJulie Harris09/01/2015 Paper CheckKelly Diaz09/01/2015 Paper CheckKENNETH BURRS09/01/2015 Paper CheckKristin Meggers09/01/2015 Paper CheckKroger Texas LP09/01/2015 Paper CheckKrum High School09/01/2015 Paper CheckKurz & Co09/01/2015 Paper CheckLabatt - WEBSITE ORDERING09/01/2015 Paper CheckLAERDAL MEDICAL CORP09/01/2015 Paper CheckLearning Forward09/01/2015 Paper CheckLEE'S SCHOOL SUPPLIES09/01/2015 Paper CheckLinda Antley09/01/2015 Paper CheckLisa Steel-Bedford09/01/2015 Paper CheckLOCKE SUPPLY CO09/01/2015 Paper CheckLONE STAR FURNISHINGS09/01/2015 Paper CheckLOWE'S COMPANIES INC - CENTRAL PLANO09/01/2015 Paper CheckM AND A TECHNOLOGY INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckMAILFINANCE09/01/2015 Paper CheckMENTORING MINDS09/01/2015 Paper CheckMETRO BATTERY DISTRIBUTORS, LLC09/01/2015 Paper CheckMMA AMERICAN MATHEMATICS COMPETITI09/01/2015 Paper CheckMMA AMERICAN MATHEMATICS COMPETITI09/01/2015 Paper CheckMMA AMERICAN MATHEMATICS COMPETITI09/01/2015 Paper CheckMoore Supply, Co.09/01/2015 Paper CheckMOTION PICTURE LICENSING CORP09/01/2015 Paper CheckNASCO09/01/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL ASSO OF SCHOOL NURSES09/01/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL SPEECH & DEBATE ASSOC.09/01/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL SPEECH & DEBATE ASSOC.09/01/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL SPEECH & DEBATE ASSOC.09/01/2015 Paper CheckNCS Pearson, Inc.09/01/2015 Paper CheckNICOLE AHLFINGER .09/01/2015 Paper CheckNIMCO INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckNORTH TEXAS TOLLWAY AUTHORITY09/01/2015 Paper CheckOAKE09/01/2015 Paper CheckOffice Depot (Project) Website Ordering09/01/2015 Paper CheckOffice Depot (Traditional) Direct Order09/01/2015 Paper CheckOFFICE MAKERS PLUS09/01/2015 Paper CheckOne Stop Tire & Automotive09/01/2015 Paper CheckOSLIN NATION CO09/01/2015 Paper CheckPARADISE FRUITS & VEGETABLES09/01/2015 Paper CheckParks Coffee09/01/2015 Paper CheckPatterson Medical Supply, Inc.09/01/2015 Paper CheckPBK ARCHITECTS09/01/2015 Paper CheckPENDERS MUSIC CO09/01/2015 Paper CheckPERIPOLE INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckPISD EDUCATION FOUNDATION09/01/2015 Paper CheckPLANO COMMUNITY FORUM09/01/2015 Paper CheckPLANT PLACE09/01/2015 Paper CheckPOCKET NURSE ENTERPRISES INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckPOSITIVE PROMOTIONS09/01/2015 Paper CheckPRECISION BUSINESS MACHINES09/01/2015 Paper CheckPROCARE SOFTWARE09/01/2015 Paper CheckPROFORMANCE SYSTEMS .09/01/2015 Paper CheckPSC RECOVERY SYSTEMS09/01/2015 Paper CheckQUALITY AUDIO VISUAL INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckQUALITY SOUND & COMMUNICATION09/01/2015 Paper CheckRBC MUSIC CO INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckREYNOLDS MANUFACTURING CORP09/01/2015 Paper CheckROADRUNNER TRAFFIC SUPPLY INC09/01/2015 Paper CheckRockin G Drywall & Construction09/01/2015 Paper CheckROMEO MUSIC09/01/2015 Paper CheckRONALD KEITH GRIFFIN09/01/2015 Paper CheckRose Food Service09/01/2015 Paper CheckRyan Polite09/01/2015 Paper Check2Check ,005.10360.00

PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECK REGISTER SEPTEMBER 2015Vendor NameDateType of PaymentS H RIDER HS - JROTC09/01/2015 Paper CheckS H RIDER HS - JROTC09/01/2015 Paper CheckSalesmanship Club Youth and Fami09/01/2015 Paper CheckSam's Club09/01/2015 Paper CheckSARAH ASHMORE .09/01/2015 Paper CheckSeedlings Braille Books for Chil09/01/2015 Paper CheckShirley Thomas09/01/2015 Paper CheckShrena Wilson09/01/2015 Paper CheckSouthwest International Trucks09/01/2015 Paper CheckSPEECHGEEK09/01/2015 Paper CheckSports Facilities Construction Company09/01/2015 Paper CheckSTAR LOCAL MEDIA09/01/2015 Paper CheckSterling Tyler09/01/2015 Paper CheckSupplyworks09/01/2015 Paper CheckSusan Akomer09/01/2015 Paper CheckSyncB/Amazon09/01/2015 Paper CheckTeresa Smith09/01/2015 Paper CheckTeresa Smith09/01/2015 Paper CheckTEXAS ASSOC OF SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION09/01/2015 Paper CheckTEXAS ASSOC OF SCHOOL PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATORS09/01/2015 Paper CheckTEXAS HEALTH B HOGAN SPORT MEDICINE09/01/2015 Paper CheckTEXAS SECRETARY OF STATE09/01/2015 Paper CheckTEXAS SECRETARY OF STATE09/01/2015 Paper CheckTOTAL FIRE & SAFETY09/01/2015 Paper CheckTRANE U S INC - Registration09/01/2015 Paper CheckUNITED MECHANICAL09/01/2015 Paper CheckUNITED PARCEL SERVICE09/01/2015 Paper CheckUNIVERSAL MELODY SERVICES09/01/2015 Paper CheckVERIZON SOUTHWEST09/01/2015 Paper Check4IMPRINTABECEDARIANABLE COMMUNICATIONSABLE ELECTRIC SERVICE INCACCO Brands USA dba GBCACCUCUT SYSTEMSACE MART RESTAURANTADVANTAGE WATER SYSTEMSAdventure to FitnessADVERTISING MATTERS LLCALERT SERVICES INCAlla KaraviasAllen Sports & SpinecareAMERICAN EXPRESSAMERICAN EXPRESSAMERICAN TIME & SIGNALAnchor Roofing SystemARBOR SCIENTIFICARTHUR COOKARTHUR PARKERARTHUR PRIVETTASCDAshley Carlson-HarmonAUTO GLASS CENTERB & H PHOTO VIDEOBALLOONS TO YOUBARSCOBATTERIES PLUS #146BAUDVILLE INCBENJAMIN PIPERBENNIE THORNHILLBESTMARK INDUSTRIESBILL KILLGOREBilly MitchellBlackboard IncBLICK ART MATERIALSBLUE RIBBON TROPHIES & AWARDSBOB CLARKEBORDENBOXES 4 U INCBrad TaylorBrickman/ValleyCrest LandscapeBryan PattenBSN Sports DBA US GamesBUCK'S WHEEL & EQUIPMENT COCALLOWAY HOUSE INCCAMILLE BOWIECARENOW 9/04/201509/04/201509/04/201509/04/20153Paper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckPaper CheckCheck 98.38

PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECK REGISTER SEPTEMBER 2015Vendor NameDateType of PaymentCARLOS NEGRON09/04/2015 Paper CheckCarrie Brown09/04/2015 Paper CheckCarrier South Central09/04/2015 Paper CheckCARY PHILLEY09/04/2015 Paper CheckCENGAGE LEARNING09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHAD HUMPHREY09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHARLES GILBERT09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHIP HALE09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHRIS BROWN (OFFICIAL)09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHRIS COMBEST09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHRISTOPHER BIANEZ09/04/2015 Paper CheckCHUCK ESTILL09/04/2015 Paper CheckCITY WIDE FIRE PROTECTION09/04/2015 Paper CheckCOCA COLA BOTTLING CO09/04/2015 Paper CheckCOMPREHENSIVE ORTHOPAEDICS09/04/2015 Paper CheckCONCRETE RAISING CORP09/04/2015 Paper CheckCOPPELL ISD ATHLETIC DEPT09/04/2015 Paper CheckCorey Williams09/04/2015 Paper CheckCory Posey09/04/2015 Paper CheckCOX WELDING SERVICE09/04/2015 Paper CheckDANIEL AMOS09/04/2015 Paper CheckDANIEL CATES09/04/2015 Paper CheckDavid Hormell09/04/2015 Paper CheckDavid Look09/04/2015 Paper CheckDavid Roberts09/04/2015 Paper CheckDELL MARKETING LP09/04/2015 Paper CheckDevon Darden09/04/2015 Paper CheckDICKEY'S BARBECUE09/04/2015 Paper CheckEdlyn Aguirre09/04/2015 Paper CheckEnterprise Tolls09/04/2015 Paper CheckEnterprise Tolls09/04/2015 Paper CheckERIN MERRITT09/04/2015 Paper CheckEverything Medical LLC09/04/2015 Paper CheckEwing Irrigation Products, Inc.09/04/2015 Paper CheckEXCEL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEMS09/04/2015 Paper CheckFERRELLGAS09/04/2015 Paper CheckFire & Life Safety America, Inc.09/04/2015 Paper CheckFIREWHEEL GOLF PARK09/04/2015 Paper CheckFLIPDOG SPORTSWEAR09/04/2015 Paper CheckFLOWER MOUND HS09/04/2015 Paper CheckFRED GARCIA09/04/2015 Paper CheckFREDERICO MANCIAS09/04/2015 Paper CheckFrisco ISD Athletic Department09/04/2015 Paper CheckFuelman of DFW09/04/2015 Paper CheckGARY NEWKIRK09/04/2015 Paper CheckGARY ROLLINS09/04/2015 Paper CheckGateway Diagnostic Imaging LLC09/04/2015 Paper CheckGCA SERVICES GROUP09/04/2015 Paper CheckGCS SERVICE INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckGERARD IRWIN KLAHR09/04/2015 Paper CheckGloria Gallardo09/04/2015 Paper CheckGOMEZ FLOOR COVERING09/04/2015 Paper CheckGOPHER SPORTS09/04/2015 Paper CheckGrainger09/04/2015 Paper CheckGrant Halliburton Foundation09/04/2015 Paper CheckGrant Halliburton Foundation09/04/2015 Paper CheckGREGORY STEWART09/04/2015 Paper CheckGREGORY WILLIAMS09/04/2015 Paper CheckHarry Whitsitt09/04/2015 Paper CheckHERITAGE FOOD SERVICE GROUP, INC.09/04/2015 Paper CheckHorton Building Supply09/04/2015 Paper CheckHUDL/Agile Sports09/04/2015 Paper CheckIDN ACME INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckiGear Unlimited/Uuber09/04/2015 Paper CheckINDUSTRIAL CONTROLS DISTRIBUTORS LLC09/04/2015 Paper CheckINTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE09/04/2015 Paper CheckJ W PEPPER & SON INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckJACK KERMES09/04/2015 Paper CheckJAMES BOWIE09/04/2015 Paper CheckJAMES HOLLINS09/04/2015 Paper CheckJAMES PHELAN09/04/2015 Paper CheckJamie Williams09/04/2015 Paper CheckJanet Fragle09/04/2015 Paper CheckJanice Williams09/04/2015 Paper CheckJASON'S DELI - ALL LOCATIONS09/04/2015 Paper CheckJEFF GRAHAM09/04/2015 Paper CheckJEFF HOLT09/04/2015 Paper CheckJennifer Smith09/04/2015 Paper Check4Check 5.0021.9035.00476.17324.0095.0028.50

PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECK REGISTER SEPTEMBER 2015Vendor NameDateType of PaymentJerry Peters09/04/2015 Paper CheckJill Hall09/04/2015 Paper CheckJOE MCCLELLAND09/04/2015 Paper CheckJohn Grant09/04/2015 Paper CheckJohn McGarry MD PA09/04/2015 Paper CheckJose R. Perez09/04/2015 Paper CheckJose Sanguero09/04/2015 Paper CheckJOSTENS - CHICAGO09/04/2015 Paper CheckJTJ REHAB09/04/2015 Paper CheckJULIE PETERSON09/04/2015 Paper CheckJustin Lawrence09/04/2015 Paper CheckKelly Lynn Wilson09/04/2015 Paper CheckKevin Brown09/04/2015 Paper CheckKRIS RIEBSCHLAGER .09/04/2015 Paper CheckKroger Texas LP09/04/2015 Paper CheckKULM MEDICAL PA09/04/2015 Paper CheckKurz & Co09/04/2015 Paper CheckLabatt - WEBSITE ORDERING09/04/2015 Paper CheckLandmark Exams09/04/2015 Paper CheckLarry Taylor09/04/2015 Paper CheckLinda Smith09/04/2015 Paper CheckLisa Mabary09/04/2015 Paper CheckLOCKE SUPPLY CO09/04/2015 Paper CheckLOWE'S COMPANIES INC - CENTRAL PLANO09/04/2015 Paper CheckLUCKS MUSIC CO09/04/2015 Paper CheckM AND A TECHNOLOGY INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckMADSEN ORTHOPAEDICS PA09/04/2015 Paper CheckMahir Berkhadley09/04/2015 Paper CheckMANAGED PRESCRIPTION PROGRAM .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMatrix Healthcare Services Inc.09/04/2015 Paper CheckMATTHEW CARPENTER .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMatthew Fraley09/04/2015 Paper CheckMCALISTER'S DELI-SPRC RESTAURANT09/04/2015 Paper CheckMCKINNEY PIPE & STEEL09/04/2015 Paper CheckMEDICAL CENTER OF PLANO .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMENTORING MINDS09/04/2015 Paper CheckMERIDIAN OFFICE SYSTEMS INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckMetroplex Connections09/04/2015 Paper CheckMICHAEL BOGACKI .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMICHAEL ELLMAN MD .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMichael Missildine09/04/2015 Paper CheckMICHAEL RUMFIELD .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMichael Scott09/04/2015 Paper CheckMICHAEL SCROGGINS .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMichael Shane Capps09/04/2015 Paper CheckMichelle Argo09/04/2015 Paper CheckMIKE BILLMAN09/04/2015 Paper CheckMIKE WASHINGTON .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMILES MCCORD .09/04/2015 Paper CheckMoore Medical Corp09/04/2015 Paper CheckMoore Supply, Co.09/04/2015 Paper CheckMutual Sprinklers, Inc.09/04/2015 Paper CheckNASCO09/04/2015 Paper CheckNatalie Montgomery09/04/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL CHEERLEADING ASSO09/04/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC BEE09/04/2015 Paper CheckNATIONAL SPEECH & DEBATE ASSOC.09/04/2015 Paper CheckNicholas B. Lovren09/04/2015 Paper CheckNina Paruchuri09/04/2015 Paper CheckNORTH TEXAS TOLLWAY AUTHORITY09/04/2015 Paper CheckOCCUPATIONAL HEALTH CNTR SW .09/04/2015 Paper CheckOffice Depot (Project) Website Ordering09/04/2015 Paper CheckOffice Depot (Traditional) Direct Order09/04/2015 Paper CheckOn Demand Press, LLC09/04/2015 Paper CheckOne Source Commercial Flooring,09/04/2015 Paper CheckOne Stop Tire & Automotive09/04/2015 Paper CheckO'REILLY AUTO PARTS09/04/2015 Paper CheckORIENTAL TRADING CO09/04/2015 Paper CheckORTHOTEXAS PHYSICIANS & SURGEONS .09/04/2015 Paper CheckPam Carpenter d/b/a A&A ACTIVE BACKFLOW09/04/2015 Paper CheckPAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM OF TEXAS09/04/2015 Paper CheckPAN AMERICAN STUDENT FORUM OF TEXAS09/04/2015 Paper CheckPANERA BREAD09/04/2015 Paper CheckPARADISE FRUITS & VEGETABLES09/04/2015 Paper CheckParks Coffee09/04/2015 Paper CheckParrish Cundiff09/04/2015 Paper CheckPASCO BROKERAGE INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckPatricia Berry09/04/2015 Paper Check5Check 0321.837,014.80502.82324.00727.5032.42

PLANO INDEPENDENT SCHOOL DISTRICTACCOUNTS PAYABLE CHECK REGISTER SEPTEMBER 2015Vendor NameDateType of PaymentPATRICK CLARK .09/04/2015 Paper CheckPAUL MARTIN09/04/2015 Paper CheckPETE HOWK .09/04/2015 Paper CheckPeter E Grays MD Surgical PA09/04/2015 Paper CheckPETROLEUM TRADERS CORP09/04/2015 Paper CheckPLANO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE09/04/2015 Paper CheckPLANO EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS .09/04/2015 Paper CheckPLANO ROTARY09/04/2015 Paper CheckPLANO SHEET METAL09/04/2015 Paper CheckPLANT PLACE09/04/2015 Paper CheckPLAYSCRIPTS INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckPrime Systems09/04/2015 Paper CheckRachel Edmondson09/04/2015 Paper CheckRANDALL MOOS .09/04/2015 Paper CheckREALLY GOOD STUFF INC09/04/2015 Paper CheckReview Med L.P.09/04/2015 Paper CheckRias Muhamed09/04/2015 Paper CheckRICE UNIV-GLASSCOCK SCH OF CONT STUD09/04/2015 Paper CheckRICHARD FEEMSTER09/04/2015 Paper CheckRICHARD LACKEY .09/04/2015 Paper CheckRICHARD PEREZ .09/04/2015 Paper CheckRick Moyer09/04/2015 Paper CheckROBERT DEMPSEY .09/04/2015 Paper CheckROB

QUALITY AUDIO VISUAL INC 09/01/2015 Paper Check 25.00 QUALITY SOUND & COMMUNICATION 09/01/2015 Paper Check 153.50 RBC MUSIC CO INC 09/01/2015 Paper Check 73.98 REYNOLDS MANUFACTURING CORP 09/01/2015 Paper Check 2,694.60 ROADRUNNER TRAFFIC SUPPLY INC 09/01/2015 Paper Check 35.18 Rockin G Drywall & Construction 09/01/2015 Paper Check 18,365.00

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studies at Plano East Senior High, Plano Senior High and Plano West Senior High Schools. A limited number of Advanced Placement courses may be offered on the Grade 9-10 campuses. This "academic bridge" helps smooth the transition from high school to college. The

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The Plano ISD Administration Building Board Room located at 2700 West 15th Street, Plano, Texas, 75075 is wheelchair accessible. A sloped curb entry is available at the front entrance. Board Members welcome communication from citizens and are available to speak to school and community groups by contacting Sharon Nowak at 469-752-8123.

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