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RF ANDMICROWAVE ICSelection Guide 2015Visit analog.com/RF-microwave

2RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015From Antenna to Bits and Back using a unique combination of design skills, systems understanding, and process technologies, Analog Devices offersthe broadest portfolio of RF ICs, covering the entire RF signal chain from dc to beyond 90 GHz. With over 1000 high performance RF ICs, ADI offers a widevariety of RF function blocks, as well as highly integrated solutions for the communication, T&M instrumentation, and military markets. These products aresupported by a full range of design resources to ease the development of RF systems, including free design tools, FMC rapid prototyping platforms, Circuitsfrom the Lab reference designs, and EngineerZone technical forums. For more information, please visit www.analog.com/rf.LPFVariableGain erI/QDemodLNATx/RxDiplexerClockDistributionand CleanupPLL/VCODividerMultiplierVariableGain andAttenuatorPAФRF FilterI/QModDACRFDetector

Visit analog.comTable of ContentsRF Amplifiers5I/Q Modulators and Demodulators30RF/IF Differential AmplifiersLow Noise AmplifiersLow Phase Noise AmplifiersGain BlocksDriver AmplifiersWideband Distributed AmplifiersPower AmplifiersGaN Power Amplifiers57101113131518I/Q ModulatorsI/Q Modulators with Integrated LOI/Q DemodulatorsI/Q Demodulators with Integrated LOVariable Gain Amplifiers19PLL/SynthAnalog Controlled VGAsDigitally Controlled VGAsBaseband Programmable VGA Filters192021Attenuators22Digital Step AttenuatorsVoltage Variable AttenuatorsFixed Attenuators222223Integer-N PLLsFractional-N/Integer-N PLLsInteger-N PLLs with Integrated VCONarrow-Band RF Fractional-N/Integer-N PLLs with Integrated VCONarrow-Band Microwave Fractional-N/Integer-N PLLs with Integrated VCOWideband Fractional-N/Integer-N PLLs with Integrated VCO363839404142VCOs43Low Current VCOsHigh Performance VCOsHigh Power and Frequency VCOsUltra Wideband VCOs43444646RF Mixers24Single, Double, and Triple Balanced MixersI/Q Mixers and Image Reject MixersSubharmonic MixersI/Q Downconverters/ReceiversI/Q Upconverters/TransmittersMixers with Integrated LO24262727282930313233Integrated Transceivers, Transmitters, and Receivers 34Microwave and Millimeter Wave Transmitters/Receivers24 GHz ADAS Radar Chipset3435363

4RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Frequency Dividers, Multipliers, and Detectors47Phase Shifters and Vector ModulatorsFrequency Dividers (Prescalers) and CountersFrequency Multipliers—ActiveFrequency Multipliers—PassivePhase Frequency Detectors47495050Analog Phase ShiftersDigital Phase ShiftersVector ModulatorsAnalog MultipliersTunable Harmonic Low-Pass Filters51Timing ICs and ClocksTunable Harmonic Low-Pass Filters51Multioutput Clock GeneratorsClock Generators and SynchronizersClock Buffers and DividersRF Power DetectorsTruPwr RMS Responding DetectorsNon-RMS Responding DetectorsEnvelope/Peak DetectorsSDLVAsRF SwitchesSPSTSPDTSP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8TBypass, Diversity, Matrix, and 60606263RF Design Tools64Design Resources65

Visit analog.comRF AmplifiersRF/IF Differential nDual diff DGA,1 dB stepDiff DGA,1 dB stepDiff DGA withparallel andserial control,0.5 dB stepDual diff DGAwith parallel andserial control,0.5 dB stepDual diff DGA,1 dB stepDiff DGA, step 1 dBFixed-gaindiff ampResistorprogrammeddiff ampResistorprogrammeddiff ampPin strap,diff ampDiff DGA withparallel and serialcontrol, 1 dB stepFreq(MHz)Gain Range(dB)OIP3(dBm)2nd/3rdHarmonic (dBc)NF @Max Gain(dB)Specs @(MHz)VS(V)ISY(mA)130–9 to 3235–78/–857.9655212630–4 to 2050–85/–928.32005125700–11.5 to 2051–89/–977.514051104 4,24-lead LFCSP700–11.5 to 2050–86/–1057.514052106 6,40-lead LFCSP700–4 to 2050–82/–918.720052505 5,32-lead LFCSP750–8 to 3435–65/–627.2703/57916-lead TSSOP90015/2028–66/–656.85014/1128/308-lead SOIC,8-lead MSOP22000 to 2631–79/–8115.5703/52810-lead MSOP22003 to 2541–83/–8215.51403/5373 3,16-lead LFCSP29006, 12, 15.549–95/–8781403.3403 3,16-lead LFCSP3200–3 to 1850–84/–1005.610003/51504 4,24-lead LFCSPPackage(mm)5 5,32-lead LFCSP4 4,24-lead LFCSP5

6RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015RF/IF Differential onPin strap,diff ampDual pin strap,diff ampPin strap,diff ampFreq(MHz)Gain Range(dB)OIP3(dBm)2nd/3rdHarmonic (dBc)NF @Max Gain(dB)Specs @(MHz)VS(V)ISY(mA)33006, 12, 15.547–104/–877.31403.38045000 to 1650.9–94.7/–1006.581003/5140/16070006, 12, 15.553–108/–1038.71003/570/80Package(mm)3 3,16-lead LFCSP4 4,24-lead LFCSP3 3,16-lead LFCSP

Visit analog.comLow Noise 3.55120Int8-lead MSOPHMC59975 Ω diff/singoutput LNA75 Ω LNAFreq(GHz)0.35 to0.550.04 to0.960.05 to 1HMC356LNA1419392.25120IntHMC372LNA0.7 to 115213415100ExtHMC376LNA0.7 to 11521360.7573IntHMC618A NewLNA1.2 to 2.21920360.755117IntHMC382LNA1.7 to 2.21716301567IntHMC375LNA1.7 to 2.21718340.95136ExtSOT-893 3,16-lead LFCSP3 3,16-lead LFCSP3 3,16-lead LFCSP3 3,16-lead LFCSP3 3,16-lead LFCSPHMC549Package(mm)3 3,16-lead LFCSP7

8RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Low Noise .3 to 31522371.5590IntHigh IP3 LNAHigh IP3 LNALNALNALNALNALNALNALNALNALNALNALNAMedium powerLNA0.2 to 40.2 to 40.4 to 40.4 to 42 to 42 to 45 to 101 to 111 to 122 to 127 to 146 to 177 to OT-898-lead LFCSP8-lead LFCSPDie, 3 3, 12-lead LFCSPDie, 4 4, 2-lead LFCSPDie, 3 3, 16-lead LFCSP4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDie4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDie, 3 3, 16-lead LFCSPDie, 5 5, 32-lead LFCSP12 to 1727263525200IntDie, 5 5, 32-lead MC753HMC-ALH444HMC772HMC564HMC903HMC516HMC490

Visit analog.comLow Noise ALNAFreq(GHz)5 to 206 to 2013 to 2517 to 266 to 26.57.5 to 26.522 to 26.514 to 04LNA14 to ALNALNALNALNALNALNALNA14 to 2717 to 2724 to 2821 to 2918 to 3220 to 3224 to 3227 to 3324 to 3628 to 23——172422. to mm)DieDie, 5 5, 32-lead LFCSPDieDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSP4 4, 24-lead LFCSP4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDieDie4 4, ceramic, 24-leadSMTDie4 4, 24-lead LFCSP4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDie, 3 3, 12-lead LFCSPDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDieDieDieDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSP9

10RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Low Noise NALNALNAFreq(GHz)18 to 4024 to 4024 to 4024 to 4037 to 4224 to 43.535 to 4557 to 6571 to 8671 to —IntPackage(mm)DieDieDieDieDie3 3, 16-lead LFCSPDieDie—DieLow Phase Noise 1dB/PSAT(dBm)OIP3(dBm)NF(dB)10 kHz SSBPhase Noise(dBc/Hz)VS(V)ISY(mA)Package(mm)HMC606Low phasenoise amp2/181415/18274.5–160564Die, 32-lead LFCSP

Visit analog.comGain z)0.020 to 0.50.020 to 0.5IF gain blockDual IF gain blockDual 75 Ω HBTDC to 1gain blockIF gain blockDC to 1IF gain block0.020 to 1IF gain block0.020 to 150 Ω/75 Ω diff gain0.04 to 1blockRF/IF gain block0.001 to 2.7RF/IF gain block0.001 to 2.7HBT gain block0.05 to 3HBT gain block0.05 to 3HBT gain blockDC to 4HBT gain blockDC to 4RF/IF gain block0.05 to 4RF/IF gain block0.05 to 4HBT gain blockDC to 5HBT gain blockDC to 6HBT gain blockDC to ad LFCSP16-lead LFCSP14.521385.55160IntSMT, 8-lead 7/11097105IntIntInt8-lead LFCSPSOT-89SOT-891623.5402.755270Ext4 4, 20-lead 1.54.5554Int8-lead LFCSP8-lead 3 3, 16-lead LFCSP,SC70, SOT-891615.5Match11

12RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Gain 653Freq(GHz)RF/IF gain block0.030 to 6RF/IF gain block0.030 to 6RF/IF gain block0.030 to 6RF/IF gain block0.030 to 6RF/IF gain block0.05 to 6RF/IF gain block0.05 to 6HBT gain blockDC to 8HBT gain blockDC to 10HBT gain blockDC to 10pHEMT gain blockDC to 10HBT gain block4 to 10High/low gain amp 9.5 to 11.5HBT gain block7 to -89SOT-89SOT-89SOT-898-lead LFCSP8-lead LFCSPDieDieDie2 2, 4-lead LFCSP3 3, 12-lead LFCSP4 4, 24-lead LFCSP3 3, 12-lead LFCSP

Visit analog.comDriver onFreq(GHz)0.7 to 10.4 to 2.70.7 to m)44.24242.2NF(dB) ExtExtExtPackage(mm)16-lead LFCSPSOT-8916-lead LFCSP1.8 to 2.724.330.845.54.72.1450.7 to 2.80.4 to 42.3 to 43 to 63.553.3/53.3/55362Ext16-lead 898-lead MSOP4 4, age 1 W driver1/4 W driver1 W driver2-stage1 W driverHBT driver amp1/2 W driver1/4 W driverHBT driver ampHMC1131 New0.25 W driver amp24 to 35222435——5225—Driver amp17.5 to 41212027—305295IntADL5606HMC-AUH256Wideband Distributed nd poweramplifierWideband NF(dB)VS(V)ISY(mA)Package(mm)DC to 61329445124005 5, 32-lead LFCSPDC to 151927.5352.58300HMC633Wideband driver5 to 1729233085180HMC459Wideband powerampDC to 1817253238290Die, 5 5, ceramic,32-lead SMTDie, 4 4, ceramic,24-lead SMTDie13

14RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Wideband Distributed 1dB(dBm)OIP3(dBm)NF(dB)VS(V)ISY(mA)2 to 201418282.55602 to 201010—2.5255Package(mm)Die, hermetic SMT,5 5, 32-lead LFCSPDieDie, 5 5,32-lead LFCSPDie, 5 5,32-lead LFCSPDie, 5 5, ceramic32-lead SMTDie, 5 5,32-lead LFCSPDieDie, 5 5,32-lead LFCSPHMC-ALH102Wideband LNAwith AGCWideband LNAHMC462Wideband LNA2 to 20151526.52.5563HMC1049Wideband LNA0.3 to 201615271.7770HMC460Wideband LNADC to 20141729.52.5875HMC465Wideband driverDC to 201722302.58160HMC634Wideband driverWideband powerampWideband powerampWideband powerampWideband driverFiber opticmodulator driverWideband poweramp5 to 202223317.551802 to 2016263048290DC to 20142836410400DieDC to 301428364102505 5, 32-lead LFCSP2 to 3512.518273880DieDC to 351521——5200DieDC to 40132233.5510175DieDC to 4013.52233—101756 6, 16-lead SMTHMC463HMC464HMC559HMC994A NewHMC562HMC-AUH249HMC930A NewHMC5805A New0.25 W power amp

Visit analog.comWideband Distributed 35Wideband driver18 to 4019.5232965280Die, 4 4,24-lead SMTDC to 431416.5—4.25180Die2 to 501117.528—565Die2 to 5014.512.523—580Die0.5 to 80—13—5860DieHMC-AUH232HMC1126 NewHMC1127 NewHMC-AUH312Fiber opticmodulator driverWideband powerampHigh gain powerampFiber opticmodulator driverPower AmplifiersPartNumberHMC450Medium power ampFreq(GHz)0.8 to (mA)310HMC4521 W power amp0.4 to 2.22130497.55510ExtHMC4531.6 W power amp0.4 to 2.220.532496.55725ExtHMC413Medium power amp1.6 to 2.22227405.53.6270Ext5 6, 16-lead QSOP1.7 to 2.21229.54565300Ext3 3, 16-lead LFCSP1.7 to 2.20.4 to 2.51.7 to 6-lead QSOPSOT-893 3, 16-lead LFCSPHMC461HMC457HMC454HMC455Description1 W balancedpower amp1 W power amp½ W power amp½ W power ampMatchExtPackage(mm)5 6, 16-lead QSOP16-lead QSOP,SOT-8916-lead QSOP,SOT-8915

16RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Power HMC415HMC407HMC7357Description½ W power amp1 W power amp½ W power ampMedium power amp1 W power ampMedium power ampMedium power amp2 W power amp4 W power amp/HMC1121 Newpower detectorHMC5901 W power ampHMC5912 W power ampFreq(GHz)2.2 to 2.83.3 to 3.83 to 45 to 65.1 to 5.94.9 to 5.95 to 75.5 to 05.5 to 8.56 to 106 to 10283644—72200—6 6, 40-lead LFCSP252331.533.54143——778201340IntIntDie, 5 5, 32-lead LFCSPDie, 5 5, 32-lead LFCSPMatchExtExtExtExtExtExtIntIntPackage(mm)3 5, 8-lead MS4 4, 24-lead LFCSP8-lead MSOP3 5, 8-lead MS3 3, 16-lead LFCSP3 3, 16-lead LFCSP3 5, 8-lead MS5 5, 24-lead LFCSPHMC4872 W power amp9 to 12203236871300Int5 5, 32-lead LFCSPHMC1082Medium power amp/power detector5.5 to 18222435—5220Int4 4, 24-lead LFCSPHMC441Medium power amp6 to 181720324.5595IntHMC451Medium power amp5 to 202220306.55127IntHMC69812 W power amp15 to 202633.543.5—61100IntHMC-APH4781 W power amp18 to 2017.53038.5—5900IntDie, ceramic SMT,hermetic SMT,3 3, 16-lead LFCSPDie, 3 3, 16-lead LFCSP,3 3, 16-lead LFCSP6 6, ceramic,16-lead SMTDie

Visit analog.comPower AmplifiersPartNumberHMC498HMC-APH518Medium power amp1 W power ampHMC442Medium power ampDescriptionFreq(GHz)17 to 2421 to —VS(V)55ISY(mA)25095017.5 14403751000900200600IntIntIntIntInt—DieDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDieDieDie, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSP5 5, 32-lead 90047580220IntIntIntIntIntDieDieDie6 6, ceramic, 16-leadSMTDieDieDieDieDie22.5 to26.5HMC-APH4621 W power amp15 to 27HMC863A New½ W power amp24 to 29.5HMC74412 W power amp27.5 to 31HMC-APH460½ W power amp27 to 31.5HMC499Medium power amp 21 to 32HMC1132 New1 W power amp27 to 322 W power amp/HMC906A New27.3 to 33power detectorHMC-APH596Medium power amp 16 to 33HMC-APH510Medium power amp 37 to 40HMC-APH4731 W power amp37 to 401 W power amp/HMC722937 to 40power detectorHMC-ABH264 Medium power amp 34 to 42HMC9691 W power amp40 to 43.5HMC-APH403Medium power amp 37 to 45HMC-ABH209 Medium power amp 55 to 65HMC-ABH241 Medium power amp 50 to 66HMC-APH6081 W power ampMatchIntIntPackage(mm)Die, 4 4, 24-lead LFCSPDieDie, 3 3,12-lead LFCSP,5 5, 8-lead LCC17

18RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Power HMC-AUH317HMC-APH634DescriptionMedium power ampMedium power ampMedium power ampMedium power ampMedium power ampFreq(GHz)71 to 7671 to 7671 to 8681 to 8681 to m)DieDieDieDieDieGaN Power AmplifiersPart Number DescriptionHMC1099HMC1086HMC1087HMC714910 WGaN power25 WGaN MMIC8WGaN MMIC10 W GaNpowerFreq(GHz)Gain(dB)PSAT(dBm)OIP3(dBm)PSAT PowerGain (dB)NFVS(V)ISYPackage(mm)0.01 to 1.118.540.54018.5—281005 5, 32-lead LFSCP2 to 62244.54814—281100Die, flange mount2 to 201139455.5—28850Die, flange mount6 to 182039.539.510—28680Die

Visit analog.comVariable Gain AmplifiersAnalog Controlled GHz)Gain Range(dB)Single-ended IF0.5–2.5 to 42.5VGA with AGCSingle-ended IF0.8–12 to 22VGA with AGCDual (cascaded)–25.4 to1diff VGA 34.7Differential Tx VGA1.2—Analog multiplier2N/AVariable gain0.6 to 3 –12 to 31.5LNA/driver ampDifferential Tx VGA3–32 to 21Analog variable5 to 12 –3.5 to 18.5gain amplifierAnalog variable6 to 171 to 24gain amplifierAnalog variable17 to 275.5 to 20.5gain amplifierAnalog variable27 to 31.56 to 19gain amplifierOIP3(dBm)NF(dB)Specs @(GHz)VS(V)ISY(mA)Package(mm) to 52614-lead TSSOP339.50.145604 4, 24-lead LFCSP287.10.145805 5, 32-lead LFCSP4726.59400.10.05552401354 4, 24-lead LFCSP3 3, 16-lead LFCSP371.82.25/3.3270/1415 5, 32-lead LFCSP31.590.952154 4, 24-lead LFCSP3421651204 4, 24-lead LFCSP305105170Die, 4 4,24-lead LFCSP303.52151704 4, 24-lead LFCSP314.52952304 4, 24-lead LFCSP19

20RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015Digitally Controlled 243HMC742ADescriptionFreq(GHz)0.13Dual diff DGA6.3-bit DGA serial/DC to 0.1parallel control5-bit diff DGA0.03 to 0.4Dual BB DGA0.6Diff DGA0.6Diff DGA0.63Dual diff DGA0.7Diff DGA parallel/0.7serial controlDual diff DGAparallel/serial0.7controlDiff DGA0.755-bit DGA0.05 to 0.86-bit DGA serialDC to 1controlGain block/DGAparallel/serial4controlGain block/DGA/driver amp parallel/4serial control6-bit DGA serial/0.5 to 4.0parallel controlGain Range(dB)–9 to 32Step(dB)1OIP3(dBm)35NF(dB)7.9Specs @(GHz)0.065VS(V)5ISY(mA)2 106Package(mm)5 5, 32-lead LFCSP0 to 400.53060.025704 4, 24-lead LFCSP–4 to 194.5 to 20.25–5 to 40–4 to 20–4 to 2010.253114038 dBV19.55050511.478. to 5552502 90371252 1254 4, 24-lead LFCSP5 5, 32-lead LFCSP16-lead TSSOP4 4, 24-lead LFCSP5 5, 32-lead LFCSP–11.5 to 200.5507.50.251104 4, 24-lead LFCSP–11.5 to 200.5507.50.252 1106 6, 40-lead LFCSP–8 to 34–8 to 15Variable135357.250.070.253 to 55796516-lead TSSOP4 4, 24-lead LFCSP13.5 to 450.5362.70.3551765 5, 32-lead LFCSP–13.1 to 180.537.54.92.145935 5, 32-lead LFCSP–1.2 to 31.30.5403.12.145175.55 5, 32-lead LFCSP–19.5 to 120.5394151505 5, 32-lead LFCSP

Visit analog.comBaseband Programmable VGA 16ADRF6510DescriptionDual, baseband DGADual, baseband,programmablelow-pass filterDual, diff VGA withvariable low-pass filterDual, baseband,programmablelow-pass filterDual, diff VGA withvariable low-pass filterDual, diff VGA withvariable low-pass filterBW(MHz)600Gain Range(dB)4.5 to 20.25OIP3(dBm)38 dBVNF(dB)11.4Specs @(MHz)10VS(V)5ISY(mA)180Package(mm)5 5, 32-lead LFCSP3.5 to 500/1030122051305 5, 32-lead LFCSP1 to 1100–36 to 6636 dBV–105 dBV/Hz303.33605 5, 32-lead LFCSP5 to 720/1030102052405 5, 32-lead LFCSP1 to 31–5 to 4540 dBV–130 dBV/Hz153.33605 5, 32-lead LFCSP1 to 31–5 to 4527 dBV–130 dBV/Hz1552585 5, 32-lead LFCSP21

22RF and Microwave IC Selection Guide 2015AttenuatorsDigital Step Attenua

RF/IF Differential Amplifiers 5 Low Noise Amplifiers 7 Low Phase Noise Amplifiers 10 Gain Blocks 11 Driver Amplifiers 13 Wideband Distributed Amplifiers 13 Power Amplifiers 15 GaN Power Amplifiers 18 Variable Gain Amplifiers 19 Analog Controlled VGAs 19 Digitally Controlled VGAs 20 Baseband Programmable VGA Filters 21 Attenuators 22

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