RF, Microwave, And Millimeter Wave IC Selection Guide

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RF, MICROWAVE,AND MILLIMETERWAVE ICSelection Guide 2017Visit analog.com/RF-Microwave

2RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave IC Selection Guide 2017ContentsIntroduction3Attenuators15High Speed Logic37New Product Listing3RF/IF Differential AmplifiersLow Noise AmplifiersGain Blocks and Driver AmplifiersWideband Distributed AmplifiersLinear and Power AmplifiersGaN Power AmplifiersDigitally Controlled VGAsBaseband Programmable VGA FiltersDigital Step AttenuatorsVoltage Variable AttenuatorsSingle, Double, and Triple Balanced MixersI/Q Mixers and Image Reject MixersI/Q Downconverters/ReceiversI/Q Upconverters/TransmittersMixers with Integrated LOMicrowave and Millimeter WaveIntegrated Transmitters and ReceiversFractional-N/Integer-N PLLsInteger-N PLLsWideband Fractional-N/Integer-NPLLs with Integrated VCOHigh Performance VCOsPhase Frequency DetectorsSPDT SwitchesSP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T SwitchesDigital Phase Shifters333444444455555Digital Step AttenuatorsVoltage Variable AttenuatorsFixed Attenuators151515RF Mixers18Single, Double, and Triple Balanced MixersI/Q Mixers and Image Reject MixersSubharmonic MixersI/Q Downconverters/ReceiversI/Q Upconverters/TransmittersMixers with Integrated LO1819192020201:2 and 1:4 Fanout Buffers2:1 SelectorsAND/NAND/OR/NORClock DividersD-Type Flip FlopsT-Flip FlopsXOR/XNORsMuxes and DemuxesData Path Signal ConditionersTrack-and-Hold DataDigital Crosspoint Switches3737373737373838383838666667777A Letter from ADI’s RF andMicrowave Group’s Management 8RF Amplifiers9RF/IF Differential AmplifiersLow Noise AmplifiersGain Blocks and Driver AmplifiersWideband Distributed AmplifiersLinear and Power AmplifiersGaN Power AmplifiersActive Bias Controllers991011121313Variable Gain Amplifiers14Analog Controlled VGAsDigitally Controlled VGAsBaseband Programmable VGA Filters141414RF Power DetectorsI/Q Modulatorsand Demodulators22I/Q ModulatorsI/Q DemodulatorsI/Q Modulators with Integrated LOI/Q Demodulators with Integrated LO22222223Integrated Transceivers,Transmitters, and Receivers24TruPwr rms Responding DetectorsNon-rms Responding RF DetectorsEnvelope and Peak DetectorsSDLVAs39393940RF Switches41SPSTSPDTSP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8TBypass, Diversity, Matrix, and Transfer41414142Phase Shiftersand Vector Modulators4429Analog Phase ShiftersDigital Phase ShiftersVector ModulatorsAnalog Multipliers4444444429Timing ICs and Clocks45Clock DistributionMultioutput Clock GeneratorsClock Generators and SynchronizersClock Buffers and Dividers45454646RF Design imCLKVirtual Eval4747474747Microwave and Millimeter Wave 28Integer-N PLLsFractional-N/Integer-N PLLsInteger-N PLLs with Integrated VCONarrow-Band RF Fractional-N/Integer-NPLLs with VCONarrow-Band Fractional-N/Integer-NPLLs with Integrated VCOWideband Fractional-N/Integer-NPLLs with Integrated VCO282828Voltage Controlled Oscillators32Low Current VCOsHigh Performance VCOsHigher Power and Frequency VCOsUltrawideband VCOs3232333329Frequency Dividers, Multipliers,and Detectors35Frequency Dividers, Prescalers,and CountersFrequency Multipliers—ActiveFrequency Multipliers—PassivePhase Frequency DetectorsTunable HarmonicLow-Pass Filters393535363636New: recently released parts that are also available for samples.Upcoming: parts planned for release. Samples may be available—for sample availability, please contact your local ADI salesperson.Export Control License Disclaimer: The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) information shown for each part in the selection guide is forinformational purposes only and is not a representation or warranty regarding the proper classification. All information is provided as is and is subjectto change without notice.Why ADI?48Index49Design Resources52Circuits from the Lab Reference Designs52EngineerZone52Software-Defined Radio RapidPrototyping and Development Platforms 52

Visit analog.comIntroductionFrom Antenna to Bits and Back using a unique combination of design skills, systems understanding, and process technologies, Analog Devicesoffers the broadest portfolio of RF ICs, covering the entire RF signal chain from dc to beyond 90 GHz. With over 1000 high performance RF ICs, ADI offersa wide variety of RF function blocks, as well as highly integrated solutions for the communication, T&M instrumentation, and military markets. Theseproducts are supported by a full range of design resources to ease the development of RF systems, including free design tools, FMC rapid prototypingplatforms, Circuits from the Lab reference designs, and EngineerZone technical forums. For more information, please visit analog.com/rf.LPFVariableGain DCI/QDemodLNAClockDistributionand CleanupPLL/VCODividerMultiplierTx/RxDiplexerRF SwitchVariableGain Gain/PhaseAdjust/DetectDACRFDetectorNew Product ListingRF/IF Differential lel and serial control,dual, 1 dB stepDualFrequency(MHz)Gain Range(dB)Output IP3(dBm)2nd/3rdHarmonic(dBc)Noise Figureat Max Gain(dB)VS (V)ISY (mA)Package(mm)1700–9 to 2648.5–75/–, 51756 6 13.3, 51484 4 LFCSPEAR 99ADL5567ACPZN-R7ECCN Code Ordering Part NumberLow Noise LNALNALNALNALNALNALNAFrequency(GHz)0.01 to 100.01 to 280.2 to 302 to 305.9 to 8.510.1 to 11.712.7 to 15.417.7 to 19.721.2 to tput P1dB Output IP3 Noise lInternalInternalInternalInternalInternalVS (V)ISY 92.4PackageECCN Code(mm)2 2 LFCSPEAR 99DieEAR 99Die3A001.b.2.dDie3A001.b.2.d2 2 LFCSPEAR 992 2 LFCSPEAR 992 2 LFCSPEAR 992 2 LFCSPEAR 992 2 LFCSPEAR 99Ordering Part DL5726ACPZN-R7Gain Blocks and Driver AmplifiersPart NumberDescriptionHMC589AGain blockFrequency(GHz)0 to 4Gain(dB)21Output P1dB(dBm)21Output IP3(dBm)33 Simulation models available in ADI’s ADIsimRF and/or ADIsimPLL simulation tools.Noise Figure(dB)4.5MatchVS (V)ISY (mA)Internal582Package(mm)SOT-89ECCN CodeEAR 99Ordering PartNumberHMC589AST893

4RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave IC Selection Guide 2017Wideband Distributed AmplifiersPart DistributedDistributedFrequency(GHz)0 to 60 to 400 to 40Gain(dB)131313.5Output P1dB Output IP3 Noise Figure(dBm)(dBm)(dB)294452233.54.522335.5MatchVS (V)ISY ECCN Code(mm)DieEAR 99Die3A001.b.2.d6 6 LFCSP 3A001.b.2.dOrdering PartNumberHMC637AHMC930AHMC5805ALS6Linear and Power AmplifiersPart 44Power ampPower ampPower ampPower ampDriver ampFrequency(GHz)9 to 145.5 to 7.527 to 3233 to 3740 to 70Gain(dB)33272224.519Output P1dB(dBm)363630.531.521Output IP3(dBm)43443539.528Noise Figure(dB)—————MatchVS (V)ISY 4140022006001200320Package(mm)5 5 LFCSP6 6 LFCSP5 5 LFCSPDieDieECCN CodeEAR ring C1144GaN Power 99GaN PA0.01 to 1.110 W,HMC11142.7 to 3.8GaN PAGain(dB)19Output P4dB Output IP3 Noise Figure(dBm)(dBm)(dB)404918.525.5414414PSAT (dBm)MatchVS (V)ISY (mA)Internal40.528100Internal41.528150Package(mm)5 5 QFNECCN CodeEAR 99Ordering PartNumberHMC1099LP5DE5 5 LFCSP 3A001.b.2.a.4 HMC1114LP5DEDigitally Controlled VGAsPart NumberHMC625BDescriptionFrequency(GHz)Gain Range(dB)Step(dB)Output IP3(dBm)Noise Figure(dB)Vs (V)ISY (mA)Package(mm)ECCN CodeOrdering PartNumberGain block/VGA/driveramp parallel/serialcontrol0 to 5–13.5 to 180.5336587.55 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC625BLP5EBaseband Programmable VGA Gain Range(dB)Dual, with selectable LPF for E-bandLF to 1250–6 to 54Output IP3 Noise Figure(dBm)(dB)27 dBVVS (V)IS (mA)Package (mm)ECCN CodeOrdering PartNumber3.34205 5 LFCSP5A991.bADRF6520ACPZ-R711Digital Step AttenuatorsPart C1018AHMC1122HMC1119Description1-bit2-bit DSA4-bit digital, serialand parallel control4-bit parallel5-bit5-bit, glitch free6-bit6-bit6-bit6-bit5-bit5-bit5-bit DSA5-bit DSA6-bit7-bit serial/parallelDSAFrequency(GHz)0 to 100.7 to 4InsertionLoss (dB)1.50.9Atten Range(dB)1.5 to 200.7 to 12.7Step(dB)204Input IP3(dBm)5554P0.1 dB(dBm)3026PackageControl Input(mm)(VDC) 3.3 to 5 3 3 LFCSP—SOT-26ECCN CodeEAR 99EAR 99Ordering PartNumberHMC802ALP3EHMC291SE0 to 62.53 to 45350—0/ 54 4 LFCSPEAR 99HMC629ALP4E0.1 to 80 to 30.4 to 70 to 130 to 130.1 to 30.1 to 130.7 to 3.70 to 40.1 to 300.1 to 300.1 to to 15.71.3 to 32.31.3 to 173.4 to 34.43.3 to 35.53 to 34.53.3 to 34.31.9 to 32.90.7 to 8.450.5 to 15.54.5 to 35.51.3 to 5425531272824232323—28252230 3.3 to 50/ 5 3.3 to 50/–50/–50/–50/–5 3.3 to 50/ 50/ 50/ 5 3.3 to 53 3 LFCSP3 3 LFCSP4 4 LFCSPDie3 3 QFNMSOP5 5 QFNMSOP3 3 LFCSP4 4 LFCSP4 4 LFCSP4 4 LFCSPEAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR99EAR99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 1019ALP4EHMC1018ALP4EHMC1122LP4ME0.1 to 61.51.3 to 33.50.255430 3.3 to 54 4 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1119LP4MEVoltage Variable AttenuatorsPart NumberDescriptionHMC973AAnalog VVAFrequency(GHz)0.5 to 6Insertion Loss(dB)3.5 Simulation models available in ADI’s ADIsimRF and/or ADIsimPLL simulation tools.Atten Range(dB)3.5 to 29.5Input IP3(dBm)35Control Input (VDC)Package (mm)ECCN Code0 to 53 3 LFCSPEAR99Ordering PartNumberHMC973ALP3E

Visit analog.comSingle, Double, and Triple Balanced MixersPart Number DescriptionRF (GHz) LO (GHz)Conversion IP3 InputGain (dB) Typ (dBm)IF (GHz)LO/RFIsolation(dB)LO/IFIsolation(dB)NF Typ(dB)P1dBInput Typ(dBm)LO DriveNominal(dBm)Passive0.3 to1.10.33 to1.550.03 to0.45 —28——7.220—HMC557APassive2.5 to 72.5 to 70 to 3–722473471015HMC787APassivemixer3 to 103 to 100 to 4–923554291517HMC558APassive0 to 6–822402581215ADL53695.5 to 14 5.5 to 14HMC773APassive6 to 266 to 260 to 8–919373791013HMC412BPassive9 to 159 to 150 to 2.5–8.41844418.41113Package(mm)5 5LFCSP4 4LFCSP3 3LFCSP3 3LFCSP3 3LFCSPMSOPECCNCodeOrdering PartNumberEAR 99ADL5369EAR 99HMC557ALC4EAR 99HMC787ALC3BEAR 99HMC558ALC3BEAR 99HMC773ALC3BEAR 99HMC412BMS8GEI/Q Mixers and Image Reject MixersPart NumberDescriptionRF (GHz)LO (GHz)IF (GHz)ConversionGain (dB)Input O DriveP1dB InputPackage ECCNIsolationNominalTyp (dBm)(mm)Code(dB)(dBm)4 4251015EAR 99LFCSP4 4411218EAR 99LFCSPHMC520AI/Q and IRM6 to 106 to 100 to 3.5–8192243HMC8191I/Q and IRM6 to 266 to 260 to 5–9202542IF (GHz)ConversionGain (dB)Input IP3(dBm)ImageRejection(dBc)NF Typ(dB)LO DriveNominal(dBm)VSUPPLY Typ(V)0 to 1012.5–128524, 1.5, 30 to 1010–230624, 1.5, 3SidebandRejection(dBc)LO DriveNominalVSUPPLY Typ(V)ISUPPLY Typ(mA)Package(mm)5 5LFCSPOrdering PartNumberHMC520ALC4HMC8191LC4I/Q scriptionE-band I/QdownconverterE-band I/QdownconverterRF (GHz)LO (GHz)11.83 to14.3311.83 to14.3371 to 7681 to 86ISUPPLY Typ(mA)175, 80,50175, .bHMC7586Die5A991.bHMC7587I/Q HMC7912HMC8118HMC8119DescriptionRF (GHz)LO (GHz)WidebandI/Q5.9 to 23.6 5.4 to 14upconverterI/Q17.5 to 20 7.1 to 11.6upconverterI/Q21 to 248.5 to 14upconverterE-band I/Q11.83 to71 to 76upconverter14.33E-band I/Q11.83 to81 to 86upconverter14.33IF (GHz)Conversion Output IP3Gain (dB) Typ (dBm)0 to 3.513262503.3, 5400, 1600 to 3.5183330453200 to 3.5143218453200 to 1011—2224, 1.5175, 800 to 1010—2224, 1.5175, 80ECCN Code Ordering Part Number5A991.hADRF6780ACPZN-R7EAR 99HMC7911LP5EEAR 99HMC7912LP5EDie5A991.bHMC8118Die5A991.bHMC81195 5LFCSP5 5LFCSPMixers with Integrated LOPartNumberDescriptionDual Rx mixerwith tunablebalun, PLL andVCODual Rx withHMC1190A frac-N PLL andVCOADRF6614RF (GHz)LO (GHz)IF (GHz)PowerGain(dB)0.7 to 30.2 to 2.70.02 to0.59.30.7 to2.3880.05 to 40.05 to0.358.9 Simulation models available in ADI’s ADIsimRF and/or ADIsimPLL simulation tools.PLL PhaseNoise @10 kHzOffset(dBc/Hz)VCOPhaseNoise @1 MHzOffset(dBc/Hz)MC-GSM MC-GSMcompliant SUPPLY Typ(V)ISUPPLY Typ(mA)Package(mm)ECCNCodeOrdering PartNumber2811.35, 3.6260, 2607 7LFCSP5A991.hADRF6614ACPZ-R72795, 3.3—6 6LFSCP5A991.hHMC1190ALP6NETR5

6RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave IC Selection Guide 2017Microwave and Millimeter Wave Integrated Transmitters and ReceiversIF Subsystem Transmitters and ReceiversPartNumberHMC8100HMC8200Description RF (GHz) IF (GHz)Intermediate0.08 tofrequency 0.8 to 40.2receiverIntermediate0.2 tofrequency 0.8 to 40.7transmitterConversionGain (dB)RF VGADynamicRange(dB)IF VGADynamicRange(dB)Output IP3Typ (dBm)ImageRejection(dBc)NoiseFigure(dB)VSUPPLY Typ(V)ISUPPLY Typ(mA)854749183653.36006 6 LFCSP 5A991.b3435—311563.35405 5 LFCSP 5A991.b HMC8200LP5MEIP3 Typ(dBm)ImageRejection(dBc)NoiseFigure(dB)P1dB Typ(dBm)Package(mm)ECCNCodeOrdering PartNumberHMC8100LP6JEV-Band Transmitters/ReceiversI/QRF Control IF ControlMax DescriptionRF(GHz)HMC630060 GHzintegratedtransmitter57 to641.835221420 (OIP3)40—12(single end)15(balanced)HMC630160 GHzintegratedreceiver57 to641.867612(analog)15(digital)–9 (IIP3)35830PowerDisspation(W)0.88(single end)1.0(balanced)0.82(single end)0.57(Ext. LO)Package(mm)ECCNCodeOrdering 46Fractional-N/Integer-N PLLsPart NumberDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Figure of Merit(dBc/Hz)PFDMAX (MHz)VS (V)ISY (mA)Package(mm)ECCN CodeOrdering PartNumberADF4152HVFractional-N/integer-N PLLs0.5 to 5–213263.3505 5 LFCSPEAR 99ADF4152HVDescriptionFrequency (GHz)Figure of Merit(dBc/Hz)PFDMAX (MHz)VS (V)ISY (mA)Package(mm)ECCN CodeOrdering PartNumberInteger-N PLL(N 2 – 32)0.01 to 2.9–233130052954 4 LFCSP3A001.a.11.bHMC4069LP4EInteger-N PLLsPart NumberHMC4069Wideband Fractional-N/Integer-N PLLs with Integrated VCOPartNumberDescriptionFrequency(GHz)VCO PhaseNoise @ 100 kHz(dBc/Hz)ADF4356Wideband frac-N/int-N PLL and VCO0.053 to 6.8–116VCO PhaseFigure of Merit PFDMAX Frac-NVS (V) ISY (mA)Noise @ 1 MHzMode NCode3.3/5 110/80 5 5 LFCSP 5A991.bOrdering PartNumberADF4356BCPZHigh Performance VCOsPart NumberHMC1161DescriptionFrequency(GHz)With f0/28.71 to 9.55HMC1163With f0/2HMC1164With f0/2HMC1165With f0/2HMC1166With f0/2HMC1167With f0/2HMC1168With f0/2HMC1169With f0/29.65 to10.4110.38 to11.311.07 to11.6211.41 to12.6212.17 to13.312.47 to13.7212.92 to14.07PrimaryDivideOutput (GHz)4.355 to4.7754.825 to5.2055.19 to 5.655.535 to5.815.705 to6.316.085 to6.656.235 to6.866.46 to7.035VCO PhaseNoise @10 kHz(dBc/Hz)VCO PhaseNoise @100 kHz(dBc/Hz)POUT (dBm)VTUNE (V)VCC (V)ICC (mA)Package(mm)ECCN CodeOrdering PartNumber–90–115112 to 1352505 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1161LP5E–87–114112 to 1352055 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1163LP5E–86–11482 to 1352005 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1164LP5E–88–11382 to 1352105 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1165LP5E–89–115112 to 1352205 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1166LP5E–86–113102 to 1352005 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1167LP5E–85–113102 to 1351905 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1168LP5E–86–113112 to 1352205 5 LFCSPEAR 99HMC1169LP5E

Visit analog.comPhase Frequency DetectorsPart NumberHMC3716DescriptionInput Freq(GHz)Input Power(dBm)10 kHz PhaseNoise (dBc/Hz)Output Level(mA)VCC (V)ICC (mA)Package(mm)ECCN CodeOrdering PartNumberHigh frequencyphase frequencydetector0.01 to 1.3–10 to 5–1532 V p-p51154 4 LFCSP3A001.a.11.bHMC3716LP4ESPDT SwitchesPart reflective5 W, lectiveReflective44 W, requency(GHz)0 to 80 to 30.1 to 60 to 13 0 to 300.1 to 300.1 to 500.7 to 3.50.1 to 200.1 to 140.1 to 28Insertion )4530605660563650454440Input P1(dB)28383637282725—232323Input P0.1(dB)—3635—27—2146———Input IP34263606252504068434346Control Input(VDC)0/–50/ 3 to 80/ 3.3 to 50/ 3.30 to 3/5.40/ 3.30/–30/ 3.3 to 50/–50/–50/–5Package(mm)MSOP8-lead MSOP—3 3 LFCSP3 3 LGA3 3 LGADie3 3 LFCSPDie3 3 LFCSP3 3 LFCSPECCNCodeEAR 99EAR 99—EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99Ordering PZHMC347AHMC347ALP3EHMC547ALP3ESP3T, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T SwitchesPart TSP4TSP4TSP4TSP4TFrequency(GHz)0 to 30 to 40 to 80 to 80 to 180 to 200 to 20 0 to 120.1 to 6Insertion 4035324243413445Input P1(dB)242626282522223435Phase RangeFrequency ( )360360360360360Phase AdjustResolution6-bit, 5.625 6-bit, 5.625 6-bit, 5.625 4-bit, 22.5 5-bit, 11.25 Input P0.1(dB)—222219———3433Input IP3474740444138365858PackageControl Input(mm)(VDC)0/ 3.3 to 5QSOPTTL/CMOS Hermetic SMT0/–54 4 LFCSP0/–53 3 LFCSP0/ 3.3 to 5Die0/–54 4 LFCSP0/–54 4 LFCSP0/ 3.34 4 LFCSP0/ 3.3 to 5 3 3 LFCSPECCN CodeEAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR99Ordering DEDigital Phase ShiftersPart on6-bit6-bit6-bit4-bit5-bitFrequency(GHz)1.2 to 1.42.9 to 3.95 to 68 to 1215 to 18.5Loss (dB)5556.57.5 Simulation models available in ADI’s ADIsimRF and/or ADIsimPLL simulation tools.RMS PhaseError ( ) IP3(dBm)4545464040Input P1dB(dBm)29313024.523Package(mm)6 6 LFCSP6 6 LFCSP5 5 LFCSP4 4 LFCSP5 x 5 LFCSPECCN CodeEAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99EAR 99Ordering LC4BHMC644ALC57

8RF, Microwave, and Millimeter Wave IC Selection Guide 2017A Letter from ADI’s RF and MicrowaveGroup’s ManagementThank you for considering Analog Devices. With the industry’s broadestRF, microwave, and millimeter wave portfolio, ADI has more than 1000commercially available parts. We have created the RF, Microwave, andMillimeter Wave IC Selection Guide to give you quick and easy accessto information so you can find the best parts for your designs.Supporting a Complete Signal Chain SolutionWith the rapid growth of global mobile data needs, industrial sensorapplications, military radars, and interest in 5G and IoT (Internet of Things),companies today require complete signal chain solutions so they canbring products to market faster. There’s very little time to select individualcomponents from multiple vendors and make them work together fortheir desired application. We realize this is a critical shift in the designapproach, and so we’ve created this new selection guide that simplifiespart selection for your design needs. It features:XXA complete selection of parts for each component inthe RF signal chainXXClearly highlighted parts that are available in ADIsimRFand ADIsimPLL simulation toolsXXA separate category of integrated transmitter/receiver partsXXA resource library of different simulation tools to helpwith your designsEasy Access to New ProductsWe have also included a “New Product List” and featured product pages to highlight recently released and noteworthy partsfor your

RF/IF Differential Amplifiers 9 Low Noise Amplifiers 9 Gain Blocks and Driver Amplifiers 10 Wideband Distributed Amplifiers 11 Linear and Power Amplifiers 12 GaN Power Amplifiers 13 Active Bias Controllers 13. Variable Gain Amplifiers 14. Analog Controlled VGAs 14 Digitally Controlled VGAs 14 Baseband Programmable VGA Filters 14. Attenuators 15

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oped millimeter wave coax contacts with the same millimeter wave electrical connector performance from DC to greater than 65 GHz as standard Super SMA, 2.92mm, 2.40mm and 1.85mm millimeter wave connectors. They are fully interchangeable with the standard, miniature, MIL-C-39029 (non-coax)

i IEEE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK GENERATIONS ROADMAP - 2021 EDITION MILLIMETER WAVE AND SIGNAL PROCESSING ABSTRACT The "Millimeter-Waves and Signal-Processing" Working Group (MMW-SP WG) will examine improvements in current millimeter-wave architectures, hardware capabilities, and signal processing

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Motive Wave. It is a five wave trend but unlike a five wave impulse trend, the Wave 4 overlaps with the Wave 1. Ending Diagonals are the last section ("ending") of a trend or counter trend. The most common is a Wave 5 Ending Diagonal. It is a higher time frame Wave 5 trend wave that reaches new extremes and the Wave 3:5 is beyond the .

Millimeter Wave Promise 3 60 GHz, 183 GHz, 325 GHz, and 380 GHz for short-range apps. Other frequencies have little air loss compared to 6 GHz Worldwide agreement on 60 T. S. Rappaport, et. al., Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications, Prentice-Hall c. 2015. GHz!

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers: Technology, Applications, Benchmarks, and Future Trends . led cell phone revolution, but now obsolete, replaced by InGaP HBT Low Emitter Dop

The millimeter wave region lies beyond conven-tional microwave techniques and forms a "bridge" to the optical techniques. In th past, one could rarely trust the millimeter wave dielectric data for use in preci-sion engineering design because any extrapolated microwave method or extrapolated

Chairman: Ralph Taylor, TRAK Microwave Corporation, Tampa, FL. 1. "Hermetic Sealing of Microwave Packages," Ralph Taylor, TRAK Microwave Corp., Tampa, FL. 2."Packaging Using CAD/CAM - A Microwave Example," Jere Kessler, Rockwell 249 International Corp, Dallas, TX. 3."Thermal Managment of Millimeter Wave Communications Equipment at Extreme