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EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERINGJ2 SeriesDisplacementShaftMountCCCI8.20.55/8" Keyed5 Bolt8.20.55/8" Keyed5 Bolt8.20.516mm Keyed5 Bolt8.20.516mm Keyed5 Bolt12.90.795/8" Keyed5 Bolt12.90.795/8" Keyed5 Bolt12.90.7916mm Keyed5 Bolt12.90.7916mm Keyed5 Bolt19.81.215/8" Keyed5 Bolt19.81.215/8" Keyed5 Bolt19.81.2116mm Keyed5 Bolt19.81.2116mm Keyed5 Bolt31.61.935/8" Keyed5 Bolt31.61.935/8" Keyed5 BoltPorts9/16" UNOEnd Ported9/16" UNOSide PortedG3/8 End PortedMaximum ContinuousPriceListPrice(Ex. GST)140129-0001-002 678.30140129-0017-002 171619921716140129-0113-002 678.30G3/8 Side Ported9/16" UNOEnd Ported9/16" UNOSide PortedG3/8 End Ported19921716140129-0021-002 678.3015752125140129-0002-002 685.7015752125140129-0018-002 685.7015752125140129-0114-002 685.70G3/8 Side Ported9/16" UNOEnd Ported9/16" UNOSide PortedG3/8 End Ported15752125140129-0022-002 685.7010432138140129-0003-002 696.2010432138140129-0019-002 696.2010432138140129-0115-002 696.2010432138140129-0023-002 696.206502150121129-0004-002 706.706502150121129-0020-002 706.706502150121129-0116-002 706.706502150121129-0024-002 706.7031.61.9316mm Keyed5 BoltG3/8 Side Ported9/16" UNO EndPorted9/16" UNO SidePortedG3/8 End Ported31.61.9316mm Keyed5 BoltG3/8 Side PortedSeals - J2 Series22Part NumberSpeed(rpm)Part NumberDescriptionPriceList Price(Ex.GST)60580-000Buna N Seal Kit for -002 Design 172.20

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING1H SeriesDisplacementShaftMountPortsCCCI362.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-AMaximum r)7/8" UNO10213856124Part NumberListPricePrice(Ex. GST)101-1700-009 843.20362.21" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO10213856124101-1749-009 822.20462.81" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO9694573124101-1033-009 853.70462.81" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO9694573124101-1009-009 834.80593.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO9535791124101-1701-009 875.80593.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO9535791124101-1750-009 856.90744.51" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO76057118124101-1034-009 875.80744.51" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO76057118124101-1010-009 856.90975.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO58557155124101-1035-009 904.10975.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO58557155124101-1011-009 882.101207.31" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO46957192124101-1702-009 920.901207.31" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO46957192124101-1751-009 904.101468.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38557221117101-1703-009 955.501468.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38557221117101-1752-009 935.601599.71" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO35357233114101-1036-009 971.301599.71" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO35357233114101-1012-009 953.4018511.31" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30457265110101-1037-009 1,008.0018511.31" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30457265110101-1013-009 989.2023114.11" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24357302100101-1038-009 1,073.2023114.11" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24357302100101-1014-009 1,052.1029317.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1925735193101-1039-009 1,133.0029317.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1925735193101-1015-009 1,112.0037022.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1525740786101-1040-009 1,239.1037022.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1525740786101-1016-009 1,220.10Seals - H Series3Part NumberDescriptionPriceList Price(Ex. GST)60540-000Buna N Seal Kit for -009 Design 106.106029894-002Shaft Seal for -009 Design 50.505995483-001High Pressure Shaft Seal for -009 Design 51.509121-002Dust Seal for -009 Design 18.9033

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERINGS SeriesDisplacementCCShaftCIMountPortsMaximum r)Part NumberListPricePrice(Ex. GST)593.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO96257107138103-1635-012 1,188.60593.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO96257107138103-1638-012 1,166.60764.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO76257139138103-2034-012 1,193.90764.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO76257139138103-2010-012 1,177.10935.71" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO58557181138103-2035-012 1,209.70935.71" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO58557181138103-2011-012 1,188.601207.31" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO47057227138103-1639-012 1,232.801207.31" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO47057227138103-1640-012 1,211.801448.81" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38557263131103-3374-012 1,255.001448.81" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38557263131103-1641-012 1,237.0016510.11" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO35357291131103-2036-012 1,270.5016510.11" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO35357291131103-2012-012 1,250.6018511.31" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30357324128103-2037-012 1,314.7018511.31" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30357324128103-2013-012 1,294.7022413.71" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24357369117103-2038-012 1,369.3022413.71" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24357369117103-2014-012 1,347.2029918.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19257411103103-2039-012 1,455.4029918.21" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19257411103103-2015-012 1,436.4037022.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1535745290103-2040-012 1,531.0037022.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1535745290103-2016-012 1,511.00Note: All of the above 'S' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.Seals - S Series44Part NumberDescriptionPriceList Price(Ex. GST)9900101-000Buna N Seal Kit for -012 Design 106.106029894-002Shaft Seal for -012 Design 50.505995483-001High Pressure Shaft Seal for -012 Design 51.509121-002Dust Seal for -012 Design 18.90

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING1T SeriesDisplacementCCCIShaftMountPortsMaximum r)Part NumberPriceListPrice(Ex. GST)6641" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO84957138155158-1635-001 1,159.306641" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO84957138155158-1638-001 1,137.20804.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO69457174155158-2034-001 1,183.40804.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO69457174155158-2010-001 1,163.401026.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO55057219155158-2035-001 1,204.401026.21" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO55057219155158-2011-001 1,183.4013181" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO42657251138158-1639-001 1,213.9013181" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO42657251138158-1640-001 1,193.901579.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO35557297138158-2036-001 1,221.201579.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO35557297138158-2012-001 1,199.1019511.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO28757359138158-2037-001 1,267.4019511.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO28757359138158-2013-001 1,248.5024414.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO22957410127158-2038-001 1,318.9024414.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO22957410127158-2014-001 1,297.8030618.71" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO18357441110158-2039-001 1,400.8030618.71" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO18357441110158-2015-001 1,381.8037022.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1525743090158-2040-001 1,476.4037022.61" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO1525743090158-2016-001 1,455.40Note: All of the above 'T' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.Seals - T Series5Part NumberDescriptionPriceList Price(Ex.GST)60564-000Buna N Seal Kit for -001 Design 130.206029894-002Shaft Seal for -001 Design 50.505995483-001High Pressure Shaft Seal for -001 Design 51.509121-002Dust Seal for -001 Design 18.9055

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING2000 SeriesDisplacementShaftMountPorts1" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-AMaximum ContinuousPart NumberPriceList Price(Ex. GST)205104-1001-006 1,415.40235205104-1015-006 1,430.20235205104-1022-006 1,415.40235205104-1029-006 7/8" UNO908752352 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO908752 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO908751-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO90875CCCI804.9804.91" 6B Spline804.91-1/4" Keyed804.9804.932mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP90875235205104-1384-006 1,612.901006.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO74275295205104-1002-006 1,433.301006.21" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO74275295205104-1016-006 1,445.901006.21-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO74275295205104-1023-006 1,433.301006.21-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO74275295205104-1030-006 1,460.601006.232mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP74275295205104-1385-006 1,632.8013081" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO57675385205104-1003-006 1,445.9013081" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO57675385205104-1017-006 1,457.5013081-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO57675385205104-1024-006 1,445.9013081-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO57675385205104-1031-006 1,472.10130832mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP57675385205104-1386-006 1,643.301609.61" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO47775455205104-1004-006 1,460.601609.61" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO47775455205104-1018-006 1,472.101609.61-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO47775455205104-1025-006 1,460.601609.61-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO47775455205104-1032-006 1,488.901609.632mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP47775455205104-1387-006 1,655.9019511.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38575540205104-1005-006 1,485.8019511.91" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38575540205104-1019-006 1,495.2019511.91-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38575540205104-1026-006 1,485.8019511.91-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO38575540205104-1033-006 1,510.0019511.932mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP38575540205104-1388-006 1,681.1024514.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30875660205104-1006-006 1,516.2024514.91" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30875660205104-1020-006 1,527.8024514.91-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30875660205104-1027-006 1,516.2024514.91-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30875660205104-1034-006 1,544.6024514.932mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP30875660205104-1389-00630518.71" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24675765205104-1007-006 1,559.3030518.71" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24675765205104-1021-006 1,568.8030518.71-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24675765205104-1028-006 1,559.3030518.71-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24675765205104-1035-006 1,586.6030518.732mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP24675765205104-1390-006 1,755.70395241" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19175775155104-1143-006 1,617.10395241" 6B Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19175775155104-1227-006 1,628.60 1,714.70395241-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19175775155104-1228-006 1,617.10395241-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19175775155104-1229-006 1,643.303952432mm Keyed4 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP19175775155104-1391-006 1,813.4049029.81-1/4" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO15375845120104-1420-006 1,835.5049029.81-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO15375845120104-1422-006 1,861.70Note: All of the above '2000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.66

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING12000 WheelDisplacementShaftMountPortsMaximum ContinuousPart NumberListPricePrice(Ex. GST)7/8" ar)205105-1001-006 1,563.507/8" UNO74275295205105-1002-006 1,581.307/8" UNO57675385205105-1003-006 1,594.007/8" UNO47775455205105-1004-006 1,606.507/8" UNO38575540205105-1005-006 1,632.807/8" UNO30875660205105-1006-006 1,663.20Wheel Mount7/8" UNO24675765205105-1007-006 1,707.30Wheel Mount7/8" UNO19175775155105-1060-006 1,765.10CCCI804.91-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount1006.21-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount13081-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount1609.61-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount19511.91-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount24514.91-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount30518.71-1/4" Tapered395241-1/4" TaperedNote: All of the above '2000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.777

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING2000 BearinglessDisplacementShaftMountPortsBearingless Motor7/8" UNOMaximum ContinuousPart NumberListPricePrice(Ex. GST)106-1008-006 1,203.00205106-1009-006 1,215.90205106-1010-006 1,192.90455205106-1011-006 1,240.0075540205106-1012-006 1,280.0075660205106-1013-006 1,296.0075765205106-1014-006 1,353.50Speed(rpm)908Flow(lpm)757/8" UNO7427/8" UNO576Bearingless Motor7/8" UNON/ABearingless MotorN/ABearingless MotorN/ABearingless MotorCCCI804.9N/A1006.2N/ABearingless Motor1308N/ABearingless essure(bar)2057529575385477757/8" UNO3857/8" UNO3087/8" UNO24639524N/ABearingless Motor7/8" UNO19175775155106-1015-006 1,411.2049029.8N/ABearingless Motor7/8" UNO15375845120106-1047-006 1,618.00Note: All of the above '2000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.88

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING12000 Two SpeedDisplacementMaximum ContinuousShaftHSM LSM HSM LSMCCCCCIUCI6513048155MountPortsSpeed (rpm)HSM1" Keyed305 9.35 18.7 1-1/4" 14T SplineFlow (lpm)LSMHSMLSMTorque Pressure(Nm)(bar)Part NumberPriceListPrice(Ex. GST)2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO9904957070385205193-0116-001 3,415.702 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO4502257575765205193-0024-001 3,338.00Note: All of the above '2000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.Cane Harvester MotorsDisplacementShaftMountPortsMaximum r)Part NumberPriceList Price(Ex. GST)CCCI30518.71-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24675765205104-4480-006 1,793.40*395241-1/4" TaperedWheel Mount7/8" UNO24675765205105-1619-006 1,988.70*395241-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19175775155104-4481-006 1,856.40*49029.81-1/4" 14T Spline2 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO15375845120104-4497-006 2,141.00**Note: Comes standard with high pressure shaft seal and seal guard.Seals - 2000 SeriesPart Number9PriceDescriptionListPrice(Ex. GST)61258-000Buna N Seal Kit for -006 Design (Std. and Whl. Motors) 139.7061259-000Buna N Seal Kit for -006 Design (Bearingless Motors Only) 97.709057-009Shaft Seal for -006 Design 78.805991881-001High Pressure Shaft Seal for -006 Design 59.909121-001Dust Seal for -006 Design 26.3014628-002Seal Guard (or Slinger Seal) for -006 Design 42.0099

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING4000 aftMount1-1/4" KeyedPorts4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO1-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNOMaximum ContinuousPart NumberPriceList Price(Ex. GST)205109-1100-006 6977532069775320205109-1114-006 2,487.004 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO72295375205109-1101-006 2,547.301-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO72295375205109-1115-006 2,558.901-1/4" Keyed1609.91609.94 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO58295485205109-1102-006 2,577.801-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO1-1/4" Keyed58295485205109-1116-006 2,590.501609.940mm Keyed4 Bolt ISO1609.9Bearingless Motor4 Bolt3/4" BSP58295485205109-1247-006 2,781.507/8" UNO58295485205111-1061-004 2420.4020512.420512.44 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO45995600205109-1103-006 2,616.701-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO1-1/4" Keyed45995600205109-1117-006 2,628.2020512.440mm Keyed245151-1/4" Keyed245152451540mm Keyed310191-1/4" Straight310193101940mm Keyed310191-5/8 TaperedWheel Mount 1-1/16" UNO395241-1/4" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO1-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO45995600205109-1231-006 2,819.404 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO4 Bolt ISO38395705205109-1104-006 2,639.701-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO38395705205109-1118-006 2,654.4038395705205109-1245-006 2,844.504 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO30395850205109-1105-006 2,688.101-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO30395850205109-1119-006 2,700.6030395850205109-1246-006 2,890.8030395850205110-1086-006 2,907.5023995930190109-1106-006 2,742.7023995930190109-1120-006 2,757.3023995930190109-1236-006 2,946.304 Bolt ISO4 Bolt ISO3/4" BSP3/4" BSP3/4" BSP395243952440mm Keyed395241-5/8 TaperedWheel Mount 1-1/16" UNO23995930190110-1087-006S2,961.10495301-1/4" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO19195945140109-1212-006 2,982.00495301-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO19195945140109-1363-006 2,883.304953040mm Keyed625381-1/4" Keyed625384 Bolt ISO4 Bolt ISO3/4" BSP19195945140109-1234-006 3,182.604 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO3/4" BSP19195970115109-1215-006 3,279.301-1/4" 14T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-B 1-1/16" UNO19195970115109-1219-006 3,495.00Note: All of the above '4000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged with check valve.Seals - 4000 Series1010PricePart NumberDescriptionListPrice(Ex. GST)61281-000Buna N Front/Shaft Seal Kit for -006 Design (Std. and Whl. Motors) 96.6061234-000Buna N Rear Seal Kit for -006 Design (Std. and Whl. Motors) 62.0061235-000Buna N Seal Kit for -006 Design (Bearingless Motors Only) 78.806029894-002Shaft Seal for -006 Design 50.50

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING16000 SeriesDisplacementCCCI19511.9ShaftMount1-1/2" KeyedPorts4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" 0575205Part NumberPriceListPrice(Ex. GST)112-1064-006 3,385.2019511.9775150575205112-1058-006 3,439.8019511.91-3/4" TaperedWheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO775150575205113-1070-006 3,502.80245151-1/2" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO615150735205112-1065-006 3,461.90245152451531019310191-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNOMaximum Continuous1-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO615150735205112-1059-006 3,517.601-3/4" TaperedWheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO615150735205113-1071-006 3,716.101-1/2" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO485150930205112-1066-006 3,536.501-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO485150930205112-1060-006 3,587.90310191-3/4" Tapered3101950mm Keyed31019Bearingless Motor39023.91-1/2" KeyedWheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO485150930205113-1072-006 3,647.704 Bolt ISO1" BSP485150930205112-1217-006 4,154.004 Bolt1-5/16" UNO485150930205114-1080-006 3,171.004 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO3871501155205112-1067-006 3,626.701-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO3871501155205112-1061-006 3,680.403871501155205113-1073-006 3,738.003871501155205112-1218-006 4,241.004 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO3071501445205112-1068-006 3,747.501-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO3071501445205112-1062-006 3,798.9039023.939023.91-3/4" Tapered39023.950mm Keyed49030490301-1/2" Keyed490301-3/4" Tapered4903050mm Keyed62538625381-1/2" Straight625381-3/4" Tapered6253850mm KeyedWheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO4 Bolt ISO1" BSPWheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO4 Bolt ISO1" BSP3071501445205113-1074-006 3,999.603071501445205112-1361-006 4,602.204 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO2411501480170112-1107-006 3,938.601-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO2411501480170112-1109-006 3,992.208054950mm Keyed985601-1/2" Keyed98560Wheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO4 Bolt ISO1" BSP4 Bolt ISO1" BSP2411501480170112-1093-006 4,269.002411501480170112-1359-006 4,602.201871501582140112-1360-006 4,958.204 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO1531501685140112-1069-006 4,313.501-1/2" 17T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-CC 1-5/16" UNO1531501685140112-1063-006 4,368.10985601-3/4" Tapered9856050mm KeyedWheel Mount 1-5/16" UNO4 Bolt ISO1" BSP1531501685140113-1075-006 4,564.401531501685140112-1219-006 4,915.00Note: All of the above '6000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged with check valve.Seals - 6000 Series11Part NumberDescriptionPriceListPrice(Ex. GST)61237-000Buna N Front/Shaft Seal Kit for -005 & -006 Designs (Std. and Whl. Motors) 95.6061238-000Buna N Rear Seal Kit for -005 & -006 Designs (Std. and Whl. Motors) 88.3061239-000Buna N Seal Kit for -005 & -006 Designs (Bearingless Motors Only) 107.1061315-000Big 6 Shaft Standard Seal Kit for -005 & -006 Designs 268.909900362-000Big 6 Shaft Triple Lip Seal Kit for -005 & -006 Designs 370.801111

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & 666540.694057.494057.4ShaftMountPortsMaximum r)4 Bolt SAE-C 1-5/16" UNO35417014752052-1/8" 16T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-C 1-5/16" UNO2-1/4" KeyedListPricePrice(Ex. GST)119-1029-003 6,381.903541701475205119-1033-003 6,495.304 Bolt SAE-C 1-5/16" UNO2541702085205119-1030-003 6,520.502-1/8" 16T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-C 1-5/16" UNO2541702085205119-1034-003 6,633.904 Bolt SAE-C 1-5/16" UNO1791702700190119-1031-003 6,742.202-1/8" 16T Spline 4 Bolt SAE-C 1-5/16" UNO1791702700190119-1035-003 6,604.602-1/4" Keyed2-1/4" KeyedNote: All of the above '10,000' Series motors come with a case drain plugged.Seals - 10,000 Series1212Part NumberPricePart NumberDescriptionListPrice(Ex. GST)6406-000Buna N Front/Shaft Seal Kit for -002, -003 & -004 Designs 129.206405-000Buna N Rear Seal Kit for -002, -003 & -004 Designs 119.70

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING1Seal KitsSpool valve motorSeriesSeal Kit TypePart NumberPriceProductDesignsList(Ex.PriceGST)J2 Series129--001Buna N60580-000 172.20J2 series129--002Buna N60580-000 172.20H series101--005, -006Buna N60036-000 70.40H series101--007Buna N60023-000 89.30H series101--007Viton60032-000 266.70H series101--008, -009Buna N60540-000 106.10H series101--008, -009Viton60545-000 235.30S series103--009, -010Buna N60539-000 106.10S series103--009, -010Viton60546-000 300.30S series103--011Buna N60564-000 130.20S series103--011Viton60565-000 338.10S series103--012Buna N9900101-000 106.10S series103--012Viton9900100-000 299.30T series158--001Buna N60564-000 130.20T series158--001Viton60565-000 338.10ProductDesignsDescriptionPart NumberListPrice(Ex. GST) 138.60Disc valve motorSeries13Price2000 series104-, 105--003, -004, -005Buna N61252-0002000 series104-, 105--006Buna N61258-000 139.702000 series104-, 105--006Viton61263-000 354.902000 series106--006Buna N61259-000 97.704000 series109-, 110--003Buna N (rear)61002-000 65.104000 series109-, 110--003Buna N (shaft)61004-000 136.604000 series109-, 110--004Buna N (rear)61234-000 62.004000 series109-, 110--004Buna N (shaft)61236-000 96.604000 series109-, 110--006Buna N (rear)61234-000 62.004000 series109-, 110--006Buna N (shaft)61281-000 96.604000 series109-, 110--006Viton (complete)61282-000 562.804000 series111--004, -006Buna N (bearingless)61235-000 78.806000 series112-, 113--002, -003, -004Buna N (shaft)61104-000 179.60 66.206000 series112-, 113--002, -003, -004Buna N (rear)61105-0006000 series112-, 113--005, -006Buna N (shaft)61237-000 95.606000 series112-, 113--005, -006Buna N (rear)61238-000 88.306000 series112-, 113--005, -006Viton (complete)61246-000 569.106000 series112-, 113--005, -006Big 6 (shaft) std61315-000 268.90 370.806000 series112-, 113--005, -006Big 6 (shaft) Triple lip9900362-0006000 series114--005, -006Buna N (bearingless)61239-000 107.106000 series114--005, -006Viton (bearingless)61250-000 299.3010000 series119-, 120--002, -003, -004Buna N (rear)6405-000 119.7010000 series119-, 120--002, -003, -004Buna N (shaft)6406-000 129.2010000 series121--002, -003, -004Buna N (rear)6405-000 119.701313

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERINGShafts and MountsSpool Valve MotorPrice(Ex. GST)SeriesDesignTypeDescriptionPart NumberList PriceJ2 seriesH seriesH seriesH seriesH seriesH seriesH seriesH seriesS seriesS seriesS seriesS seriesS seriesS seriesS seriesS seriesT seriesT seriesT seriesT seriesT seriesT seriesT seriesT 02Shaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingMountingMountingMountingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingMountingMountingMountingMountingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingMountingMountingMountingMounting16mm Straight key1" Straight key1" 6B Spline7/8" 13T Spline25mm Straight Key2 Bolt SAE-A4 Bolt SAE-A2 Bolt SAE-B1" Straight key1" 6B Spline7/8" 13T Spline25mm Straight Key2 Bolt SAE-A4 Bolt SAE-A2 Bolt SAE-BMagneto1" Straight key1" 6B Spline7/8" 13T Spline25mm Straight Key2 Bolt SAE-A4 Bolt SAE-A2 Bolt 000-00222000-00422000-005 482.00 443.20 476.80 468.40 425.30 186.90 160.70 413.80 368.60 487.30 489.40 489.40 186.90 160.70 413.80 339.20 443.20 476.80 468.40 425.30 186.90 160.70 413.80 339.20SeriesDesignTypeDescriptionPart NumberPriceList Price(Ex.GST)2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series2000 series4000 series4000 series4000 series4000 series6000 series6000 series6000 series6000 series10000 series10000 series10000 -006-006-006-006-006-006-006-006-006-006-006Shaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & ft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & BearingShaft & Bearing1" Straight Key1-1/4" Straight Key1-1/4" Tapered1-1/4" 14T Spline1" 6B Spline32mm Straight Key2 Bolt SAE-BWheel Mount2 Bolt SAE-A4 Bolt DiagonalMagneto1-1/4" Straight Key1-5/8" Tapered1-1/4" 14T Spline40mm Straight Key1-1/2" Straight Key1-3/4" Tapered1-1/2" 17T Spline40mm Straight Key2-1/8" 16T Spline2-1/4" Straight Key2-1/4" 83-000 1,108.80 1,131.90 1,272.60 1,186.60 1,164.50 1,138.20 506.10 446.30 277.20 347.60 498.80 895.70 1,379.70 1,273.70 1,122.50 2,223.90 2,424.50 2,564.10 2,836.10 2,173.60 2,178.80 2,638.70Disc valve motor1414

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING1XLH SeriesDisplacement15ShaftMountPortsMaximum ContinuousPart NumberPriceList Price(Ex. GST)124016-0055-002 405.0083124016-0236-002 2" BSP72138834 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP72138CCCI533.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A533.21" Keyed533.225mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP7213883124012-0630-002 405.00633.81" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP69345104124016-0056-002 407.00633.81" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP69345104124016-0237-002 451.00633.825mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP69345104124012-0631-002 407.00804.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP71057130124016-0057-002 445.20804.91" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP71057130124016-0238-002 454.00804.925mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP71057130124012-0632-002 412.001006.11" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP56857162124016-0058-002 419.001006.11" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP56857162124016-0239-002 462.001006.125mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP56857162124012-0633-002 419.001609.81" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP35457242115016-0060-002 447.001609.81" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP35457242115016-0241-002 490.001609.825mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP35457242115012-0634-002 447.0020012.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP28657287110016-0061-002 466.0020012.21" Keyed4 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP28657287110016-0242-002 508.0020012.225mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP28657287110012-0635-002 466.0024514.91" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP23457318100016-0062-002 485.0031519.21" Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP1745737790016-0063-002 510.001515

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERINGXLS SeriesDisplacementShaftMountPortsMaximum r)CCCI503.125mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP74138103138Part NumberPriceList Price(Ex. GST)036-0131-002 481.00804.925mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP70157171138036-0132-002 494.001006.125mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP55457216138036-0133-002 503.001609.825mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP35357298124036-0135-002 545.0019511.925mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP28657342124036-0136-002 567.0024514.925mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP23057391110036-0137-002 585.0030518.625mm Keyed2 Bolt SAE-A1/2" BSP1805741797036-0138-002 604.001616

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING1XL2 SeriesDisplacementListPricePrice(Ex. GST)205629AG00105A 832.00295205629AG00106A 847.00385205629AG00107A 870.00455205629AG00108A 899.0075540205629AG00109A 912.0038575540205629AG00114A* 812.001/2" BSP30875660205629AG00110A 936.002 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO30875660205629AG00115A* 963.004 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP24675765205629AG00111A 995.002 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO24675765205629AG00116A* 1,024.004 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP19175775155629AG00112A 1,059.002 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO19175775155629AG00117A* 931.002 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO15375845120629AG00129A* 981.00MountPorts32mm Keyed4 Bolt DiagonalCCCI804.91006.132mm Keyed1307.932mm Keyed1609.832mm 24.139524.14923032mm Keyed1-1/4"14T Splined32mm Keyed1-1/4"14T Splined32mm Keyed1-1/4"14T Splined32mm Keyed1-1/4"14T Splined1-1/4"14T SplinedMaximum ContinuousPart ar)1/2" BSP908752354 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP739754 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP575754 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP477754 Bolt Diagonal1/2" BSP3852 Bolt SAE-A7/8" UNO4 Bolt Diagonal*Note: Comes standard with a high pressure shaft seal and seal guard.171717

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERINGXcel Spares1818SeriesProductTypeXLH016-Buna NXLH012-Buna NXLS036-Buna NXL2629AGXL2629AGBuna NBuna N (HP Shaft Seal& Seal Guard)DesignPriceSeal KitListPrice(Ex. GST)-002Z331-23 63.00-001Z331-05 63.00-002Z331-25 63.00AZ331-02 49.40AZ331-45 73.50

EATON ORBITAL MOTORS & STEERING1Steering UnitsDisplacementSeriesSystemLoad CircuitRated FlowPart NumberPriceListPrice(Ex. GST)5.9Series 6Open CentreNon Load Reaction4-8 (15-30)211-1008-002 2,290.101609.7Series 6Open CentreNon Load Reaction4-8 (15-30)211-1010-002 2,376.1018511.3Series 6Open CentreNon Load Reaction4-8 (15-30)211-1011-002 2,449.1029517.9Series 6Open CentreNon Load Reaction4-8 (15-30)211-1158-002 2,590.0037022.6Series 12Open CentreNon Load Reaction8-16 (30-60)211-1177-002 2,923.1073945.1Series 12Closed CentreNon Load Reaction8-16 (30-60)212-1017-002 3,726.10CCCI95Steering WheelsPricePart ring Wheel 434.10208-1013-001Horn Button 152.0021084-000Hex Hut 22.10Steering Columns19Part NumberNominal JacketLengthShaft TypeHorn WirePriceList(Ex.GST)Price204-1001-0072.5"KeyNo 320.10204-1002-0072.5"SerratedNo 295.10204-1003-0076"KeyNo 367.10204-1004-0076"SerratedNo 354.10204-1007-0076"Serrated1 Wire 444.10204-1011-00725.5"Serrated1 Wire 656.10204-1017-00718"Serrated1 Wire 622.10204-1034-00712"SerratedNo 392.101919

Eaton Char-Lynn 4000 Series 10 Eaton Char-Lynn 6000 Series 11 Eaton Char-Lynn 10,000 Series 12 Eaton Char-Lynn Spares 13 Eaton Xcel XLH Series 15 Eaton Xcel XLS Series 16 Eaton Xcel XL2 Series 17 Eaton Xcel Spares 18 Eaton Char-

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