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imc CANSASflexible networkable universalIntelligent measurement modules for test stands and mobile applicationsimc – productive testing

www.imc-tm.com/cansasimc CANSAS at a glance Universal measurement and I/O modules for allrelevant sensors and signals in mechatronics Distributed or centralized operation Click mechanism connects modules electricallyand mechanically Easily integrates into every CAN-based testingthanks to a standard CAN interface Configuration software included:allows to export the module configuration instandard DBC format Three different module series: suitables types forevery environment and application imc CANSASflex enables precise synchronizationacross multiple modules, as well as immediateresult calculation and data reduction in the measurement module imc CANSASflex offers varieties of connectorsolutions: DSUB, LEMO, ITT Veam, BNC, thermocouple, . imc CANSASfit: suitable for extreme environmental conditions

Advantagesimc CANSASCAN modules for test stand, vehicle and industrial applicationsWhether test stand, on-board vehicle application orfor mobile applications: imc CANSAS modules operateindustrial environment – when time synchronous,reliably in extended temperature ranges and withstanddynamic or decentralized acquisition of large channelsevere shock and vibration. imc CANSASfit is particularlycounts is required: imc CANSAS modules are ideal.suited for harsh environments. With an IP65 rating, theyEquipped with high-precision measurement amplifiers,are resistant to dirt, dust and splashing water.imc CANSAS modules allow for direct connection to alltypical sensors and signals in the mechatronic environ-Intelligent functions make the differencement. The digitized measurement signals are outputAll imc CANSASflex modules are equipped with integra-as CAN messages and can be read and recorded byted signal processors that enable local real-time calcu-any measurement, automation or control system withlations of results, yielding data reduction and reduceda CAN interface. imc BUSDAQflex is the perfect choicebus load for highly prductive testing. imc CANSASflexfor CAN data logging: it can directly be connected withguarantees precise synchronization for all channelsa simple click.even across multiple modules: using CAN-based clockwithout additional signal lines – just the standard CANIn test stands or industrial environments, a centralizedbus cable. Thanks to integrated sensor recognitioninstallation of the measurement system is often desi-(TEDS), a secure sensor connection and flawless confi-red. imc CANSASflex modules are designed to fit into aguration are guaranteed.special 19“ subrack solution.In Practicesynchronization, imc CANSAS accomplishes syncCentral or distributed installationWith the heartbeat function, the bus master, such as aFor widely distributed sensor assessment, the abilitycontrol or automation system, can constantly monitorto capture and digitize signals near the sensor is quiteall involved modules. You will know whether the moduleadvantageous. imc CANSAS modules can be placedis still connected, is working with the correct configu-directly next to the sensor and connected to a networkration and whether the modules with automatic sensorwith standard CAN cable – up to 1000m away. Importantrecognition are connected with the right sensor.I 0UVoltage & highvoltageoutUUiCurrentdBiiTemperaturevidStrain gaugeƒbarPressureI 0ƒƒFrequencyII 00outDigital input/outputPWM outputdBoutoutFacts & FeaturesI 0viddBdBAnalogoutputAdvantages // 03011001011010011001011010

www.imc-tm.com/cansasProductive testing with imc CANSASUniversal signal connections Direct connection of all typical signals and sensorsin electromechanical testing Integrated signal conditioning, anti-aliasing filterand optional sensor supply Precise digitization with 24 bit A/D converters Direct access to all relevant CAN parameters (baudrate, ID type, message ID, etc.) Configuration of real-time calculations in the moduleto be output as virtual channels Configuration is saved onboard and loaded uponpower-up imc CANSASflex supports automatic sensor recognition (TEDS) imc CANSASflex offers internal real-time calculationand data reductionEasy integration Fully supports CAN specification (ISO 11898) Extensive configuration options for user-specificCAN settingsThe perfect fit for every application Three module series, suited for different applications and test environments: from installation in anengine compartment at 125 C up to permanently Optional heartbeat function for unattended operation in CAN networks Import and export of module configurations usingindustry standard DBCinstalled test stand equipment Extended temperature range with condensationallowed: imc CANSASfit from -40 to 125 C andimc CANSASflex from -40 to 85 C Compact module design allows for near-sensorplacement and reduces potential electrical interferenceEasy configuration Configurable with Software imc CANSAS, viaimc STUDIO or via CANopenAlways in sync imc CANSASflex offers CAN-based synchronization for precise sample timing across multiplemodules No additional cables or signals required

In PracticeFlexible in test stand applicationsOn test stands, adaptable and easy to integrate measurement hardware is required. The flexible, modular design of imc CANSAS is the ideal solution. From universalmodules that can measure voltage, current, temperature or strain, up to special modules for pressure, highvoltage or high isolation – the choice is yours. Depending on the task, the chosen measurement modulecan easily be plugged into the rack. This automaticallypowers the module and connects it to the CAN bus.Hot-Plugging allows modules to be added or replaced,even during operation.Robust in mobile applicationsIn PracticeEven under harsh environmental conditions in mobileapplications, imc CANSAS modules measure preciselythroughout a wide temperature range and can toleratecondensation from passing through the dew point. Foroperations in the engine compartment, the particularly compact and robust imc CANSASfit modules arewell-suited and can work from -40 to 125 C. Thesemodules are built according to IP65 and MIL-STD-810Fand tolerate dirt, splashing water, vibrations and shocks.Once configured, imc CANSAS systems automaticallyprovide data when power is applied.Distributed tests and measurementsFor widely distributed measurement equipment, suchas on trains, ships, aircraft, cranes, wind turbines orconstruction sites, the cost of sensor wiring is high. Inaddition, long, multi-core test cables are expensive andprone to interference and signal noise.Facts & FeaturesHere, imc CANSAS shows its advantages. Thanks to thecompact housing and autarkic operation and supply design, each measurement module can be placed close tothe sensor. The acquired signals are transmitted digitallyand galvanically-isolated via CAN (up to 1000m) and aresynchronously recorded with, e.g., an imc data acquisition system.In Practice // 05

www.imc-tm.com/cansasIdeal for centralized and distributed measurementsin mobile or stationary testingDistributed testingStationary testingMobile testingdrivetraintest objectbrake321CAN Data Logger5CANCANCAN4imc CANSASimc CANSAS modulein a rack installationimc CANSASApplicationsystemtest standautomatization6CAN Data Logger1 CAN network up to 1000m4Individual modules can be powered via CAN2 Spatially-distributed imc CANSAS modules5imc CANSAS 19“ rack with integrated CAN-backplane forpower supply and data communication3 CAN data logger (e.g., imc BUSDAQ) for autarkicdata acquisition without a PC6Connects to all data acquisition systems or automationsystems with CAN interface

System designThe imc CANSAS product familyimc CANSAS is designed for test and measurement tasks on test stands, industrial installations, vehicles and buildings. A variety of input and output modules cover the full range of electromechanical testing requirements. Withthree different module series and numerous specialty modules available, there is a suitable imc CANSAS productfor every application and environment.The versatile imc CANSASflex seriesThe imc CANSASflex series offers a wide selection ofmeasurement modules, which cover all typical sensorsand signals from heavy machinery, installations and vehicles. The modules can be installed in both a spatiallydistributed arrangement or as a central unit. Combiningmodules couldn’t be easier: with the innovative imc clickmechanism, the modules are electrically and mechanically connected to each other – without the need fortools or cabling. On test stands, in factories or plants,wherever multiple modules are permanently installedas one central unit for long-term testing, the use of a19“ rack is often recommended. This allows modulesto be conveniently inserted with automatic supply andconnection to the CAN bus.The compact imc CANSASfit seriesThe imc CANSASfit series is distinguished by itsparticularly compact design and robust housing whichprovides reliable protection against splashes, dust andvibration. The module’s wide temperature range from-40 to 125 C, allows for outdoor operation, as wellas testing performed in climate chambers. Due to itssmall form factor, imc CANSASfit is ideal for testing inconfined spaces, such as in the engine compartmentor under a vehicle’s interior trim. The modules acquiretypical analog signals such as temperature and voltage,but also rpm, displacement or velocity, as well as digitalstatus information.Facts & FeaturesThe classic imc CANSAS seriesThe classic series offers a wide range of modules for usewith all typical measurement and control signals on thetest bench, in vehicles and in industrial settings. Withdifferent housing designs, imc CANSAS can be optimallyadapted to various testing environments: whether usinga standard variant in a vehicle or a cassette module on atest stand or stationary structure.Facts & Features // 07

www.imc-tm.com/cansasimc CANSAS module typesSuitable modules for every taskUniversalStrain gauges & measurement bridgesMeasurement modules for universal testingPrecision strain testing Quarter-, half- and full-bridge 120 Ohm or 350 Ohm quarter bridge completion Integrated sensor supplyVoltage and currentThermocouplesPT100Strain gauge / bridgesResistanceDigital inputs & outputsOutputsDetect and set conditionsOpen- and closed-loop control 16 galvanically-isolated inputs and outputs Inputs configurable for 24 V and 5V logiclevels (TTL/CMOS) Outputs can be configured as open-drain ortotem-pole Output current max. 0.7A Alternative: relay contacts Analog outputs /- 10 V, 0 20 mA Integrated function generator for, e.g.,square wave, sawtooth, etc. PWM outputs with TTL and open-drainoutput stageCounter inputsGatewaysIncremental encoder measurements for determining:Digital interfaces over CAN RS232 gateway for conversion to CAN SENT gateway with 8 inputs to connect SENTsensors and output their data to CANFrequencyRPMVelocityPosition and angleTime

Specialty modulesTemperature (HV)PressureHighly-isolated temperature measuringIntegrated pressure sensors Thermocouples on high common-mode voltagelevels of up to 800 V E-mobility and hybrid applications Individual HV-suited sockets 8 pressure inputs of different types Absolute and relative pressure measurements Gases and liquidsHigh isolationQuiecent & operating currentsTesting with high potentialsAuto-Range measurement from 50 nA to 50 A Isolation: 800 V CAT I, 300 V CAT II Measure low voltages and temperatures onhigh common-mode levels High-voltage measurement up to 800 V Two independent, isolated channels for currentmeasurement with automatic range switching Wide measuring range up to 50 A High resolution down to 50 nA and 30 Biteffective range dynamicsRackMiniature measurement modulesFor test stands and stationary installationsimc µ-CANSASFacts & Features 1 channel modules for measuring voltage,temperature or strain Wide temperature range up to 120 C Particularly light-weight and robust Also for DIN railFacts & Features // 09

www.imc-tm.com/cansasimc CANSAS familyGeneral specifications and functionsFunctionflex / classicfull flexibilityuniversal, specialmain featuresApplicationmobile testingtest standlaboratorymobile machinerySystemclickablemechanically compatible logger19“ rackwith slot detectionDIN-railmounting kitCAN terminatorinternal, switchabledesktop compatiblerubber bufferSignal processingADC, processing24 BitCAN messages16 Bit integervirtual channels32 Bit floatmin/max/mean, linearizationmath, filter, logicsyncheartbeatCANopenFindMeconfiguration read-backuser status LEDfreely programmableOperating conditionshigh temperaturesealedshock & vibration resitant MIL StandardDC supplyautomotiveisolatedConnectorsI/O connectorsDSUB-15LEMO.1Bcustom (BNC, ITT-Veam )CAN supplycombi socketsupplyseparatePortfoliodiversitymodule typesisolationisolated I/OHV modulesTEDSplug & measuretemperaturecurrent, 20 mAbridge, strain gaugepulse counterDIDOanalog out (DAC, PWM)IEPE / ICPpressureSENT fitvehicle tests,„under the hood“ Incremental encoder module:imc CANSASflex seriesUNI-8 module: imc CANSASflex series85 CIP40MIL81010.50 V125 CIP65MIL8107.50 VMeasurement system with data loggerimc BUSDAQflex and imc CANSASflexDSUB-9LEMO.0B.302LEMO.0B temperature module of theimc CANSASfit seriesUTI-6 module of theimc CANSASfit series

TEDS Support (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)imc CANSAS devices support direct read/write of TEDS sensors, includingimc‘s TEDS Clip. TEDS interfaces require either the ACC/DSUB-TEDS-xvariants of our connectors (2-wire TEDS), or per-channel connectors suchas Lemo or ITT-VEAM.Legend:optional, ( ) limitedstandard, ideally suited well suited suitedAnalog measurement modules: imc CANSASflex / imc CANSASfittemperature 6T-1010voltage and temperature measurement8C8CI8816SC16SCI88SCI1616UTI-66bridge & strain gauge measurement8DCB8for universal use8UNI8100 Hz1000 Hz1 Hz2 Hz1 Hz100 Hz20 Hz440 Hz0,5 Hz1 Hz0,5 Hz20 HzoptionsoptionsoptionsoptionsoptionsLEMO.1B100 Hz1000 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz20 Hz440 Hz28 Hz42 Hz23 Hz400 Hz2.5 mV20 mV100 mV100 mV100 mV25 mVoptions1000 Hz200 Hz5 mV()options1000 Hz200 Hz5 mV()quarter bridge 350 Ohmquarter bridge 120 Ohmbridgehalf bridgeauxfull bridgesensor supplytempPT100thermocouple20mA internal shuntthermothermothermothermothermothermo20mA shunt plugcurrentvoltage up to 50/60Vvoltage up to 10Vvoltage modemin. voltage rate(mV)indivdually isolatedisosignal bandwidth(-3dB)max. sampling rate(per channel)speedITT-VeamThermoLEMO.1BDSUB-15connector variantTEDS (bei DSUB, LEMO)I/O connector optionschannelsimc CANSASfitimc CANSASflex (long)seriesimc CANSASflex (short)module name:CANFX-xxxCANFT-xxxtypeProcess control & specialties: imc CANSASflex / imc CANSASfit1000 Hz2 MHzisolated groupsLEMO.1BITT-Veam6BNCENC-6LEMO.1B500 kHzDSUB-151000 Hzimc CANSASfitoptionsCANFX-xxxCANFT-xxx4module nameINC4galvanically isolatedsignal band width (-3dB)max.sampling rate (per channel)speedconnector variantconnector blocks, Push-InI/O connector variantchannels / Bitsimc CANSASflex (long)imc CANSASflex (short)seriespulse counter2Modes: displacement, angle, time, frequency, speed, RPM; Input: diff,filter, thresholddigital I/ODI1616options10 kHz2Digital input: 2 x 8 Bit, config: 24V / 5V (TTL/CMOS) levelDO1616options10 kHz2Digital output: 2 x 8 Bit, config: open-drain / totem pole, max. 0.7ADO8RDO16RDI-16DO-16analog out, PWMDAC8PWM8DAC-6PWM-6SENT digital sensors, GPSSENTGPS8161616optionsoptionsLEMO.1BLEMO.1B10 kHz10 kHz1000 Hz1000 Hz81644Relais output: changeover contacts, 1A @30VDC, 0.3A @125VACRelais output: changeover contacts, 1A @30VDC, 0.3A @125VACDigital input: 4 x 4 Bit, config: 24V / 5V (TTL/CMOS) levelDigital output: 4 x 4 Bit, config: open-drain / totem pole, max. 0.7A8866optionsoptionsLEMO.1BLEMO.1B5 kHz10 kHz1000 Hz1000 Hz264Analog outputs: voltage/current (10V/20mA) individually configurablePWM outputs: 2 galvanically isolated groups of 4 channelsAnalog outputs: voltage/current (10V/20mA) individually configurablePWM outputs: 4 galvanically isolated groups of 2 channels81DSUB-15DSUB-95 kHz200 Hz8SENT-CAN gateway: (SAE J2716), individually isolated channelsGPS receiver - CAN converter: for RS232 GPS mouseFacts & Features // 11Facts & FeaturesModes: displacement, angle, time, frequency, speed, RPM; Input: diff,filter, threshold

Tel.: 49 (0)30 - 46 70 90 0Fax: 49 (0)30 - 463 15 76hotline@imc-tm.dewww.imc-tm.comimc CANSAS 18 // Errors and changes excepted. All registered trademarks are the property of the respective companiesimc Test & Measurement GmbHVoltastraße 513355 BerlinGermany

severe shock and vibration. imc CANSASfit is particularly suited for harsh environments. With an IP65 rating, they . CAN data logger (e.g., imc BUSDAQ) for autarkic data acquisition without a PC 1 2 4 5 3 6 . vibrat

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