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Burning QuestionsEssays and Occasional Pieces, 2004 to 2021Margaret AtwoodA new collection of essays from Margaret Atwood, the internationally acclaimed,award-winning author of The Handmaid's Tale and The Testaments.From cultural icon Margaret Atwood comes a brilliant collection ofessays—funny, erudite, endlessly curious, uncannily prescient—that seeksanswers to Burning Questions such as:Why do people everywhere, in all cultures, tell stories?How much of yourself can you give away without evaporating?How can we live on our planet?Is it true? And is it fair?What do zombies have to do with authoritarianism?ON SALE 3/1/2022DOUBLEDAYHARDCOVER978-0-385-54748-2 30.00Category: EssaysBISAC 1: Literary Collections - EssaysBISAC 2: Literary Collections - Women AuthorsBISAC 3: Literary Criticism - FeministPage Count: 528Trim Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4Spine/Depth: 50/32Carton Count: 12Illustrations: 1 PHOTO IN TEXTMarketing and PublicityPublicist: Todd DoughtyMarketing Contact: Lauren WeberMajor National Review and MediaAppearances, including NPR, Morning &Late Night Shows, and Print FeaturesNational Online Interviews, Reviews, andBlog CoverageLiterary, Cultural, and Political Press andMediaSelect Virtual Author AppearancesMajor Online Advertising Campaign,Including Social Media AdvertisingSweepstakes Promotion to Build AuthorAlert Subscribers With Backlist PromotionQuote Promotion on Social Media,Particularly Twitter, Instagram, andPinterestInfluencer Outreach, Including InfluencialSocial Media FollowersBook Announcement Amplification AcrossPRH and KDPG Social Media ChannelsIn more than fifty pieces, Atwood aims her prodigious intellect and impishhumour at the world, and reports back to us on what she finds. Thisroller-coaster period brought the end of history, a financial crash, the rise ofTrump, and a pandemic. From debt to tech, the climate crisis to freedom; fromwhen to dispense advice to the young (answer: only when asked) to how todefine granola, we have no better guide to the many and varied mysteries ofour universe.RELEVANT THEMES: The common thread in this carefully curated selection of piecesis Atwood’s passionate interest in issues such as the environment, the role of womenin cultures around the world, and the place of art in shaping and informing theexperience of being human in our modern era.WISDOM FROM A TRUE THOUGHT-LEADER: Texts from lectures, awardceremonies, book reviews, essays, and more, chart the ceaseless activity of a trulyoriginal thinker over the last twenty years, including such defining moments as theCOVID-19 pandemic and the Trump administration.AN EVER-EXPANDING PROFILE: Following the blockbuster success of TheTestaments and the television adaptations of The Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace,Atwood’s profile has never been higher.FORTHCOMING BOOK: We will have a new full-length work by Atwood, details tocome, for publication in 2024.About the Author/IllustratorAuthor Residence: Toronto, CanadaMARGARET ATWOOD, whose work has been published in more than forty-five countries,is the author of more than fifty books of fiction, poetry, critical essays, and graphicnovels. In addition to The Handmaid’s Tale, now an award-winning TV series, her novelsinclude Cat’s Eye, short-listed for the 1989 Booker Prize; Alias Grace, which won the GillerPrize in Canada and the Premio Mondello in Italy; The Blind Assassin, winner of the 2000Booker Prize; Oryx and Crake, short-listed for the 2003 Man Booker Prize; The Year of theFlood, MaddAddam; and Hag-Seed. She is the recipient of numerous awards, includingthe Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, the Franz Kafka Prize, the PEN Center USALifetime Achievement Award, and the Los Angeles Times Innovator’s Award. In 2019, shewas made a member of the Order of the Companions of Honour for services to literature.RightsTerritories: US and open market (no Canada)Audio: YesBritish: NoRestriction: US, Opn Mkt (no CAN)Other Editions of This Title (Title Family)E-bookAuthor's Previous Titles (Sales Track)The Testaments/Atwood, Margaret/HCThe Testaments/Atwood, Margaret/TRTestaments, The (Ebk)/Atwood, Margaret/E.Handmaid'S Tale, The (Graphic/Atwood, Ma.Comparative Titles by Other AuthorsUpstream/Oliver, Mary/HCUpstream/Oliver, Mary/TRUpstream/Oliver, Mary/ELLet Me Tell You What I Mean/Didion, Joan/HCReturn indicator: Full copies onlyBook Club: YesTranslation: NoAgency: CURTIS BROWN GROUP 313008697806984056229780593318485On Sale3/22On sale9/199/209/193/19On sale10/1610/1910/161/21Reprint: Yes1st Serial: NoSpecial Markets:Agent: KAROLINASUTTONPublisherDDay Gen AdultPublisherNan A TaleseAnchorAnchorNan A TalesePublisherPenguin Press (HC)Penguin Books (TR)Penguin Books (TR)KnopfPrice US/Can.Price US/Can. 28.95 16.95 11.99 22.95Price US/Can. 26.00/ 35.00 17.00/ 23.00 8.99/ 13.99 23.00/ 30.00

The Hard SellCrime and Punishment at an Opioid StartupEvan HughesThe inside story of a band of entrepreneurial upstarts who made millions sellingpainkillers—until their scheme unraveled, putting them at the center of a landmarkcriminal trial.John Kapoor had amassed a small fortune in pharmaceuticals when hefounded Insys Therapeutics. It was the early 2000s, a boom time for painkillers,and he developed a novel formulation of fentanyl, the most potent opioid onthe market.Kapoor, a brilliant immigrant scientist with relentless business instincts, wasdelighted by his innovation, and eager to exploit it. He gathered around him anambitious group of lieutenants, among them a hungry head of sales—anunstable and unmanageable leader, but a genius of persuasion—who built outa sales force willing to pull every lever to close a sale, going so far as to recruitan exotic dancer ready to scrape her way up. They zeroed in on the eccentricand suspect doctors receptive to their methods. Employees at headquarters didtheir part by deceiving insurance companies. The drug was a niche product,approved only for cancer patients in dire condition, but the company’sleadership pushed it more widely, and together they turned Insys into a WallStreet sensation.ON SALE 1/18/2022DOUBLEDAYHARDCOVER978-0-385-54490-0 28.95/ 37.95Category: BusinessBISAC 1: True Crime - Organized CrimeBISAC 2: Business & Economics - Industries Pharmaceutical & BiotechnologyBISAC 3: Business & Economics - Business EthicsPage Count: 288Trim Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4Spine/Depth: 36/32Carton Count: 12Marketing and PublicityPublicist: Michael GoldsmithMarketing Contact: Anne JaconetteNational Review and Media Appearances,including NPR, Morning & Cable Shows,Op-Eds, and Print FeaturesNational Online Interviews, Reviews, andBlog CoverageBusiness Press and MediaSelect Author AppearancesPromotion on Doubleday social channels(332K followers)Pitched for Inclusion in Knopf DoubledayNewsletter (34.5K engaged consumers)Amplification of Publicity Hits on SocialMediaPromotion on NetGalley and Goodreads,targeting readers of Empire of PainCross Promotion with PRH.comFinished Copies Available toBookstagrammersBut several insiders reached their breaking point and blew the whistle. Theysparked a sprawling investigation that would scale the corporate hierarchy andlead to a dramatic courtroom battle, breaking new ground in the government’sfight to hold the drug industry accountable in the spread of addictive opioids.In The Hard Sell, National Magazine Award–finalist Evan Hughes lays bare thepharma playbook. He draws on unprecedented access to insiders of the Insyssaga, from top executives to foot soldiers, from the patients and staff offar-flung clinics to the Boston investigators who treated the case as adrug-trafficking conspiracy, flipping cooperators and closing in on the keyplayers.With colorful characters and true suspense, The Hard Sell pries open a windowonto the pharmaceutical industry at large. Hughes offers a bracing look notjust at Insys, but at how opioids are sold at the point they first enter thenational bloodstream—in the doctor’s office. A RARE LOOK INSIDE A SHROUDED INDUSTRY: Nearly every story of wrongdoingin pharma ends with a quiet settlement. Not so with Insys. This book reveals, often forthe first time, the inner workings of an industry whose tactics avoid close scrutiny. AT THE INTERSECTION OF TWO ROBUST CATEGORIES: The Hard Sell is both aclassic story of corporate greed in the vein of Bad Blood and a new perspective on theopioid crisis for readers of Dopesick and Dreamland. A BROADER LENS: Looking beyond the current opioid crisis, Hughes examines thegreed and corruption that plague the entire pharmaceutical industry, from the sales repsin the field to the doctors running pill mills to the executive suite.About the Author/IllustratorAuthor Residence: Rhinebeck, NYEVAN HUGHES was a finalist for the National Magazine Award in Reporting in 2015. Hehas written for The New York Times Magazine, GQ, New York, Wired, and The New YorkReview of Books. He is the author of Literary Brooklyn.RightsTerritories: US, Canada, open marketAudio: YesBritish: NoRestriction: US, Canada, Open MktReturn indicator: Full copies onlyBook Club: YesTranslation: NoAgency: THE ROBBINS OFFICE INCOther Editions of This Title (Title Family)E-bookAuthor's Previous Titles (Sales Track)LITERARY BROOKLYN/Evan Hughes/TPComparative Titles by Other AuthorsBrotopia/Chang, Emily/HCBrotopia/Chang, Emily/TRBrotopia/Chang, Emily/ELDOPESICK/BETH MACY/HCDOPESICK/BETH MACY/TPBILLION DOLLAR WHALE/Tom Wright & Bradley Hope/HCBILLION DOLLAR WHALE/Tom Wright & Bradley Hope/TPNATURAL CAUSES/Barbara 35910On Sale1/22On sale8/11On sale2/183/192/188/188/199/1810/194/18Reprint: Yes1st Serial: NoSpecial Markets:Agent: DAVID HALPERNPublisherDDay Gen AdultPublisherMacmillan/Holt PaperbacksPublisherPortfolio (HC)Portfolio (TR)Portfolio (HC)HachetteHachette/Back Bay BooksHachetteHachetteTwelve/HachettePrice US/Can.Price US/Can. 20Price US/Can. 28.00/ 37.00 16.00/ 22.00 11.99/ 13.99 28 17.99 29 17.99 27

HideoutAn Alice Vega Novel Series/Series #: ALICE VEGA NOVEL, AN, #3Louisa Luna"Alice Vega is sensational—I want to see lots more of her."—Lee ChildA powerful new thriller from Louisa Luna. Alice Vega and Max Caplan return,uncovering a network of white supremacists in their search for a long-lostcounter-culture hero.Alice Vega has made a career of finding the missing and vulnerable againsta ticking clock, but she's never had a case like that of Zeb Williams, missing forthirty years. It was 1984, and the big Cal-Stanford football game was tied withseconds left on the clock. Zeb Williams grabbed the ball and ran the wrongway, through the marching band, off the field, and out of the stadium. Hedisappeared into legend, replete with Elvis-like sightings and a cult following.Zeb's cold trail leads Vega to southern Oregon, where she discovers an anxiouscommunity living under siege by a local hate group called the Liberty Boys. AsVega starts digging into the past, the mystery around Zeb's disappearancegrows deeper, and the reach of the Liberty Boys grows more disturbing.Everyone has something to hide, and no one can cut to the truth like AliceVega. But this time, her partner Max Caplan has his own problems at home,and the trouble Vega finds might be too much for her to handle.ON SALE 3/8/2022DOUBLEDAYHARDCOVER978-0-385-54553-2 27.00/ 36.00Category: FictionBISAC 1: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - WomenSleuthsBISAC 2: Fiction - Thrillers - SuspenseBISAC 3: Fiction - Mystery & Detective - PoliceProceduralPage Count: 368Trim Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4Spine/Depth: 41/32Carton Count: 12Marketing and PublicityPublicist: Rachel MollandMarketing Contact: Lindsay MandelNational Review and Media Appearances,including NPR and Print FeaturesNational Online Interviews, Reviews, andBlog CoverageMystery/Thriller Press and MediaSelect Author AppearancesPromotion on NetGalley IncludingOutreach to Fans of Other Louisa LunaTitlesAvailable to BookstagrammersInclusion in Doubleday Mystery/ThrillerPromotionsSWAT with Previous Books to Build AuthorAlertPromotion on Doubleday social channels(332K followers)Pitched for Inclusion in Knopf DoubledayNewsletter (34.5K engaged consumers)Amplification of Publicity Hits on SocialMediaLouisa Luna understands suspense, tension, and character like only the bestwriters in crime fiction do—and she may well write the best interrogations inthe genre. Hideout is pure adrenaline and Luna's most intimate thriller yet, aclassic cold case wrapped in a timely confrontation with a terrifyingly realnetwork of white supremacists and homegrown terrorists.SERIES MOMENTUM: With 73,000 copies sold of Two Girls Down and The Janes, weare connecting with readers, and we've got a lot of room to grow.ALICE VEGA, THE WOMAN IN BLACK: Readers love her because she is not amachine, or a superhero--she's a unique hero, flawed and difficult and brilliant andtenacious in her own way. In Hideout, Vega becomes a modern take on the"stranger/gunslinger in a broken town," and puts her fingerprint on the Child andSandford formula.THE READ: Lousia Luna has fans in Lee Child, Anna Quindlen, Samantha Irby, MichaelKoryta, Alafair Burke, Donald Ray Pollock, and so many more. It's a range we don't seeoften in crime fiction, and speaks volumes about the anxiety-inducing tension, thethrills, the character development, and the pure writing that await in every Vega novel.T V : More to come from producer Ron Nyswaner (Homeland and Ray Donovan) andFreemantle.About the Author/IllustratorAuthor Residence: Brooklyn, NYAuthor Hometown: San Francisco, CALOUISA LUNA is the author of the Alice Vega novels The Janes and Two Girls Down aswell as Brave New Girl and Crooked. She was born and raised in San Francisco and livesin Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and daughter.RightsTerritories: WorldAudio: YesBritish: YesRestriction: US, Canada, Open MktOther Editions of This Title (Title Family)E-bookAuthor's Previous Titles (Sales Track)The Janes/Luna, Louisa/HCJanes, The (Ebk)/Luna, Louisa/ELThe Janes/Luna, Louisa/TRJanes, The (Uab)(Dn)/Luna, Louisa/DNComparative Titles by Other AuthorsLong Bright River/Moore, Liz/HCLong Bright River/Moore, Liz/TRLong Bright River/Moore, Liz/ELBluebird, Bluebird/Locke, Attica/HCReturn indicator: Full copies onlyBook Club: YesTranslation: YesAgency: MARK 52554068797805255406949780316363297On Sale3/22On sale1/201/204/211/20On sale1/2012/201/209/17Reprint: Yes1st Serial: YesSpecial Markets:Agent: MARK FALKINPublisherDDay Gen AdultPublisherDDay Gen AdultVintage Crime/Black LizardVintage Crime/Black LizardRandom House AudioPublisherRiverhead (HC)Riverhead (TR)Riverhead (HC)MulhollandPrice US/Can.Price US/Can. 26.95/ 35.95 9.99/ 13.99 16.00/ 22.00 22.50/ 29.50Price US/Can. 26.00/ 35.00 17.00/ 23.00 13.99/ 16.99

In On the JokeThe Original Queens of Standup ComedyShawn LevyFrom bestselling author Shawn Levy, a hilarious and moving account of thetrailblazing women who broke down walls so they could stand before the mic.Today, women are ascendant in stand-up comedy, even preeminent. Theymake headlines, fill arenas, spawn blockbuster movies. But before AmySchumer slayed, Tiffany Haddish killed, and Ali Wong drew roars, the very ideaof a female comedian seemed, to most of America, like a punch line. And ittook a special sort of woman—indeed, a parade of them—to break and remakethe mold.ON SALE 4/5/2022DOUBLEDAYHARDCOVER978-0-385-54578-5 30.00/ 40.00Category: Performing ArtsBISAC 1: Performing Arts - ComedyBISAC 2: Biography & Autobiography - WomenBISAC 3: Humor - Topic - HistoryPage Count: 400Trim Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4Carton Count: 12Illustrations: 8 PAGES OF PHOTOGRAPHSMarketing and PublicityPublicist: Jillian BrigliaMarketing Contact: Anne JaconetteNational Review and Media Appearances,including NPR, Op-Eds, and Print FeaturesNational Online Interviews, Reviews, andBlog CoverageEntertainment, Historical, and Women’sInterest Press and MediaSelect Author AppearancesPromotion on Doubleday Social Channels(332K followers)Promotion on NetGalley and Goodreads,Targeting Reviewers of The Castle OnSunsetPitched for Inclusion in Knopf DoubledayNewsletter (34.5K engaged consumers)Amplification of Publicity Hits on SocialMediaPursue Partnership with Women inComedyBig Mouth Mailing to Current PopularComediansCross Promotion with PRH.comFinished Copies Available toBookstagrammersIn on the Joke is the story of a group of unforgettable women who knockeddown the doors of stand-up comedy so other women could get a shot. It spansdecades, from Moms Mabley’s rise in Black vaudeville between the world wars,to the roadhouse ribaldry of Belle Barth and Rusty Warren in the 1950s and'60s, to Elaine May's co-invention of improv comedy, to Joan Rivers's andPhyllis Diller’s ferocious ascent to mainstream stardom. These women refusedto be defined by type and tradition, facing down indifference, puzzlement,nay-saying, and unvarnished hostility. They were discouraged by agents,managers, audiences, critics, fellow performers—even their families. And yetthey persevered against the tired notion that women couldn’t be funny, makingspace not only for themselves, but for the women who followed them.Meticulously researched and irresistibly drawn, Shawn Levy's group portraitforms a new pantheon of comedy excellence. In on the Joke shows how womenbroke into the boys’ club, offered new ideas of womanhood, and had somelaughs along the way.A GAP IN THE BOOKSHELF: Shawn Levy set out to write this book after noticing thatthere was a gap in the historical record on the rise of women as comedy stars.REAL-LIFE MRS. MAISEL: This book is perfect for fans of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,offering the actual history of what it was like to be a woman performing in themale-dominated field of stand-up comedy in the 1940s, '50s, and '60s.HOLLYWOOD’S HISTORIAN: Shawn Levy has been writing about and aroundHollywood for more than twenty years, and this book is written in hissignature style—witty, dishy, and irrepressible.PART OF A GROWING CANON: This book is a worthy addition to the growing list ofbooks that offer a corrective to conventional histories that have all too often erasedthe contributions of women.About the Author/IllustratorAuthor Residence: Portland, ORSHAWN LEVY is the bestselling author of The Castle on Sunset, Rat Pack Confidential,Paul Newman: A Life, and Dolce Vita Confidential. His writing has appeared in The NewYork Times, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, The Hollywood Reporter, Sight & Sound,Film Comment, and American Film. He jumps and claps and sings for victory in Portland,Oregon.RightsTerritories: WorldAudio: YesBritish: YesRestriction: WorldOther Editions of This Title (Title Family)E-bookAuthor's Previous Titles (Sales Track)The Castle On Sunset/Levy, Shawn/HCThe Castle On Sunset/Levy, Shawn/TRCastle On Sunset, The (Ebk)/Levy, Shawn/.Comparative Titles by Other AuthorsDiary Of A Mad Diva/Rivers, Joan/TRDiary Of A Mad Diva/Rivers, Joan/HCDiary Of A Mad Diva/Rivers, Joan/ELThe Book Of Joan/Rivers, Melissa/HCThe Book Of Joan/Rivers, Melissa/TRBook Of Joan, The (Ebk)/Rivers, Melissa/ELReturn indicator: Full copies onlyBook Club: YesTranslation: NoAgency: INKWELL MANAGEMENT, 632048978110190382797811019038419781101903834On Sale4/22On sale5/194/205/19On sale4/157/147/145/154/165/15Reprint: Yes1st Serial: YesSpecial Markets:Agent: RICHARD PINEPublisherDDay Gen AdultPublisherDDay Gen AdultAnchorAnchorPublisherBerkley (TR)Berkley (HC)Berkley (HC)Crown ArchetypeCrownCrown ArchetypePrice US/Can.Price US/Can. 28.95/ 38.95 17.00/ 23.00 12.99/ 13.99Price US/Can. 16.00/ 18.00 26.95/ 31.00 14.99/ 14.99 26.00/ 31.00 16.00/ 22.00 10.99/ 13.99

Lessons in ChemistryA NovelBonnie GarmusON SALE 4/5/2022DOUBLEDAYHARDCOVER978-0-385-54734-5 28.95Category: FictionBISAC 1: Fiction - FeministBISAC 2: Fiction - WomenBISAC 3: Fiction - LiteraryPage Count: 400Trim Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4Spine/Depth: 44/32Carton Count: 12Marketing and PublicityPublicist: Elena HersheyMarketing Contact: Lindsay MandelNational Review and Media Appearances,including NPR, Morning Shows, and PrintFeaturesNational Online Interviews, Reviews, andBlog CoverageLiterary, Women’s Interest, Food andScience Press and MediaSelect Virtual Author AppearancesOnline Advertising Campaign includingFacebook and InstagramPromotion on NetGalley and GoodreadsAvailable for BookstagrammersBook Club PromotionAwareness Driven Social MediaPromotion Including Excerpt, and CoverReveal PromotionOnline Content Using Quotes from theBookPre-Pub Push for Preorder and AuthorAlert Sign-UpsOutreach to Cooking, Rowing, andScience InfluencersBranded #2 PencilsA delight for readers of Where’d You Go, Bernadette and The Marvelous Mrs.Maisel, this blockbuster debut set in 1960s California features the singular voice ofElizabeth Zott, a scientist whose career takes a detour when she becomes the starof a beloved TV cooking show.Chemist Elizabeth Zott is not your average woman. In fact, Elizabeth Zottwould be the first to point out that there is no such thing as an averagewoman. But it’s the early 1960s and her all-male team at Hastings ResearchInstitute takes a very unscientific view of equality. Except for one: CalvinEvans; the lonely, brilliant, Nobel–prize nominated grudge-holder who falls inlove with—of all things—her mind. True chemistry results.But like science, life is unpredictable. Which is why a few years later ElizabethZott finds herself not only a single mother, but the reluctant star of America’smost beloved cooking show Supper at Six. Elizabeth’s unusual approach tocooking (“combine one tablespoon acetic acid with a pinch of sodiumchloride”) proves revolutionary. But as her following grows, not everyone ishappy. Because as it turns out, Elizabeth Zott isn’t just teaching women tocook. She’s daring them to change the status quo.Laugh-out-loud funny, shrewdly observant, and studded with a dazzling cast ofsupporting characters, Lessons in Chemistry is as original and vibrant as itsprotagonist. SPARKLINGLY ORIGINAL HEROINE: Elizabeth Zott will take her place alongside theindelible characters of Maria Semple's Where'd You Go, Bernadette; Gail Honeyman'sEleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine; and Graeme Simsion's The Rosie Project. GLOBAL PHENOMENON: Sold in record-breaking auctions in thirty-four countries(and counting!), Lessons in Chemistry sparked ferocious bidding wars among U.S. andinternational publishers alike. DRAMA SERIES OPTIONED FOR TV BY BRIE LARSON: Larson will star in andexecutive produce the series for Apple TV , with Susannah Grant (nominated for anAcademy Award for the screenplay of Erin Brockovich) slated to write. MAJOR PUBLICITY/MARKETING CAMPAIGN: Expect a top-tier, seamlesslyorchestrated roll-out on par with The Starless Sea, The Secrets We Kept, and Such a FunAge.About the Author/IllustratorAuthor Residence: London, UKBONNIE GARMUS is a copywriter and creative director who has worked widely in thefields of technology, medicine, and education. She’s an open-water swimmer, a rower,and mother to two pretty amazing daughters. Born in California and most recently fromSeattle, she currently lives in London with her husband and her dog, 99.RightsTerritories: US, Canada, open market (noEurope)Audio: YesBritish: NoRestriction: US,OpnMkt(no EU/CAN)Other Editions of This Title (Title Family)E-bookComparative Titles by Other AuthorsEleanor Oliphant Is Completely/Honeyman, Gail/HCEleanor Oliphant Is Completely/Honeyman, Gail/TREleanor Oliphant Is Completely/Honeyman, Gail/ELThe Kiss Quotient/Hoang, Helen/TRThe Kiss Quotient/Hoang, Helen/ELTHE ROSIE PROJECT/Graeme Simsion/HCTHE ROSIE PROJECT/Graeme Simsion/TPReturn indicator: Full copies onlyBook Club: YesTranslation: NoAgency: CURTIS BROWN GROUP 0849781476729091On Sale4/22On sale5/176/185/176/186/1810/136/14Reprint: Yes1st Serial: YesSpecial Markets:Agent: FELICITY BLUNTPublisherDDay Gen AdultPublisherPamela Dorman Books (HC)Penguin Books (TR)Penguin Books (TR)Berkley Jove (TR)Berkley Jove (TR)Simon & SchusterSimon & SchusterPrice US/Can.Price US/Can. 27.00 16.00 11.99 16.00/ 22.00 7.99/ 1.99 24 16.99

Other People's ClothesA NovelCalla HenkelA propulsive debut with a wicked sense of humor in which two American ex-patsobsessed with the Amanda Knox trial find themselves at the nexus of murder andcelebrity in glittering late-aughts Berlin."Darkly funny, psychologically rich and utterly addictive."—Megan Abbott, author of Give Me Your HandHoping to escape the pain of the recent murder of her best friend, artstudent Zoe Beech finds herself studying abroad in the bohemian capital ofEurope—Berlin. Rudderless, Zoe relies on the arrangements of fellow exchangestudent Hailey Mader, who idolizes Warhol and Britney Spears and wantsnothing more than to be an art star.ON SALE 2/1/2022DOUBLEDAYHARDCOVER978-0-385-54735-2 28.00Category: FictionBISAC 1: Fiction - Thrillers - GeneralBISAC 2: Fiction - WomenBISAC 3: Fiction - Humorous - Black HumorPage Count: 320Trim Size: 6-1/8 x 9-1/4Spine/Depth: 36/32Carton Count: 12Marketing and PublicityPublicist: Tricia CaveMarketing Contact: Erin MerloNational Review and Media Appearances,including NPR and Print FeaturesNational Online Interviews, Reviews, andBlog CoverageLiterary, Women’s Interest, andMystery/Thriller Press and MediaSelect Virtual Author AppearancesOnline Advertising Campaign includingFacebook and InstagramPromotion on NetGalley and GoodreadsAvailable for BookstagrammersDoubleday Debut Club PromotionMystery and Thriller Outreach PromotionAwareness Driven Social MediaCampaign, Emphasizing InstagramWhen Hailey stumbles on a posting for a high-ceilinged, prewar sublet bywell-known thriller writer Beatrice Becks, the girls snap it up. They soon spendtheir nights twisting through Berlin’s club scene and their days hungover. Butare they being watched? Convinced that Beatrice intends to use their lives asinspiration for her next novel, Hailey vows to craft main-character-worthypersonas. They begin hosting a decadent weekly nightclub in the apartment,finally gaining the notoriety they’ve been craving. Everyone wants an invitationto “Beatrice’s.” As the year unravels and events spiral out of control, theybegin to wonder whose story they are living—and how it will end.Other People’s Clothes brilliantly illuminates the sometimes dangerousintensity of female friendships, as well as offering an unforgettable window intomillennial life and the lengths people will go to in order to eradicate emotionalpain. ADDICTIVE READ: Written with a smart, stylish, lacerating writing voice, CallaHenkel’s sharp take on female obsession and mirrored identities is impossible to putdown. FABULOUS SETTING: The hipster art scene (and accompanying sex and drugs)make for a sensational backdrop. TONGUE-IN-CHEEK THRILLER: This clever novel harnesses elements of both apage-turning thriller and a satiric send-up of the genre tropes. TV ADAPTATION: Emmy-nominated writer Alexa Karolinski (Unorthodox) is to adaptOther People’s Clothes for the screen after a heated eight-way auction. Executiveproducers will be Beth Pattinson, multi-award-winning film and television producer MarkGordon for Mark Gordon Pictures (G rey’s Anatomy), and Danny Davids. BERLIN-BASED ARTIST AUTHOR: Calla Henkel is an American writer, playwright,director, and artist living in Berlin. She has staged plays at Volksbühne Berlin, theWhitney Museum of American Art, as well as at New Theater, the experimental theaterspace she cofounded and programmed in Berlin. She is one of the brightest stars of theinternational contemporary art scene and has just been short-listed for two highlyprestigious prizes with her collaborator Max Pitegoff.About the Author/IllustratorAuthor Residence: Berlin, GermanyAuthor Hometown: Minneapolis, MNCALLA HENKEL was born in 1988 in Minneapolis, MN, USA. A writer,playwright, director and artist, she currently lives and works in Berlin. She has stagedplays at Volksbühne Berlin, The Whitney Museum of Art, as well as at New Theater, theexperimental theatre space she founded and programmed in Berlin from 2013-2015. Herart writing has been published in periodicals such asTexte zur Kunst, Spike, Mousse, andothers. Her artistic work with Max Pitegoff has been exhibited in museums and galleriesworldwide. She currently operates a bar, performance space and film studio called TV inBerlin.Other People’s Clothes is her debut novel.RightsTerritories: US, open market (no Europe, noCanada)Audio: YesBritish: NoRestriction: US,OpnMkt(no EU/CAN)Return indicator: Full copies onlyBook Club: YesTranslation: NoAgency:Other Editions of This Title (Title Family)E-bookComparative Titles by Other AuthorsMy Sister, The Serial Killer/Braithwaite, Oyinkan/HCMy Sister, The Serial Killer/Braithwaite, Oyinkan/TRMy Sister, The Serial (Ebk)/Braithwaite, Oyinkan/ELMy Year Of Rest And Relaxation/Moshfegh, Ottessa/HCMy Year Of Rest And (Lptp)/Moshfegh, Ottessa/TRMy Year Of Rest And Relaxation/Moshfegh, Ottessa/ELThe Girls/Cline, Emma/HCThe Girls/Cline, Emma/TRGirls, The (Ebk)/Cline, 522126978081299860397808129880249780812998610On Sale2/22On sale11/187/1911/187/187/187/186/165/176/16Reprint: Yes1st Serial: YesSpecial Markets:Agent: REBECCAFOLLANDPublisherDDay Gen AdultPublisherDDay Gen AdultAnchorAnchorPenguin Press (HC)RH Large PrintPenguin Books (TR)Random HouseRandom House Trade PaperbacksRandom HousePrice US/Can.Price US/Can. 22.95/ 29.95 16.00/ 22.00 11.99/ 12.99 26.00/ 35.00 28.

BILLION DOLLAR WHALE/Tom Wright & Bradley Hope/HC 9780316436502 9/18 Hachette 29 BILLION DOLLAR WHALE/Tom Wright & Bradley Hope/TP 9780316453479 10/19 Hachette 17.99 NATURAL CAUSES/Barbara Ehrenreich/HC 9781455535910 4/18 Twelve/Hachette 27

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A HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY VOLUME III Late Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy Frederick Copleston, S.J. IMAGE BOOKS DOUBLEDAY New York London Toronto Sydney Auckland . AN IMAGE BOOK PUBLISHED BY DOUBLEDAY a division of Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishin

Jan 01, 2020 · Bill Bryson, Doubleday, 30 3. Educated Tara Westover, Random House, 28 4. Becoming Michelle Obama, Crown, 32.50 5. Catch and Kill Ronan Farrow, Little Brown, 30 6. Me Elton John, Holt, 30 7. A Warning Anonymous, Twelve , 30 8. Blowout Rachel Maddow, Crown, 30 9. Say Nothing Patrick Radden Keefe, Doubleday, 28.95 10. How To Randall Munroe .

Kohn, Alfie. The schools our children deserve: moving beyond traditional classrooms and "tougher standards" / Alfie Kohn. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references (p. ) and index. ISBN 0-395-94039-7 1. School improvement programs-United States. 2. Education-Aims and objectives-United

KNOPF DOUBLEDAY ACADEMIC SERVICES, 1745 BROADWAY, 12TH FLOOR, NEW YORK, NY 10019 THE JUNGLE GROWS BACK America and Our Imperiled World ROBERT KAGAN "In clear and forceful language, [Th e Jungle Grows Back] makes the case for America continuing its role as the guar-

DOUBLEDAY CANADA BOOKS BY ERIC WALTERS We All Fall Down United We Stand Safe As Houses Wave Alexandria of Africa Tell Me Why Beverly Hills Maasai Shaken End of Days . Walters, Eric, 1957-, author Walking home / Eric Walters. Issued in print and electronic formats. ISBN 978--385-68157-5 (pbk.) ISBN 978--385-68158-2 (epub) I. Title.

This edition, first published in 2008 by Yesterday’s Classics, an imprint of Yest erday’s Classics, LLC, is an unabridged republication of the work originally published by Doubleday, Page and Company in 1907. For the complete listing of the books that are published by Yesterday’s Classics, please visit

Blake's writings are taken from The Complete Poetry and Prose of William Blake, ed. David V. Erdman, rev. ed. (New York: Doubleday, 1988) and are cited parenthetically with E and the page number, followed by an abbreviated title with Blake's plate and line number when the quotation is from one of the works that Blake published in illuminated .

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