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How to Log In, Launch and LearnBefore you start, please have your Student ID number and Password handy. Returning students can use their existing log in informationNew students are provided credentials by their schoolStudents who have forgotten log in information should contact their schoolStep 1: Go to https://sso.browardschools.comSingleSign-On Click HereClick on Active Directory to go to log in screen below (step 2)Step 2: Enter Student ID Number and PasswordEnterusername& passwordLog inScreen User name is the Student ID number (example: 06########)Enter password (if forgotten, please contact your school)Click OK to go to the Clever Launch Pad below (step 3)Step 3: On Clever Launch Pad locate the Canvas tab; double click to launchSecondary grades click Virtual Counselor for class schedulesAll grades use Teams tile for video conferencingCleverLaunchPadMain Applications include:

Sign on the address bar to sso.browardschools.com (“SSO” stands for Single Sign-On) Click on active directory Enter your credentials – User name is your student ID # Password is the letter P followed by your date of birth typed exactly as shown:PMM/DD/YEAR Once you are logged on, you will be directed to your CLEVERdashboard which is where you will find all the the applications andresources you will need. One of the most important e-Learning resource for Broward County Publicschools is CANVAS which will be your e-Learning platform. Teachers will be utilizing Canvas to post their modules, announcements, video lessons, postand collect assignments, and more. Teachers will use Microsoft teams to conduct live lessons and interactwith their students virtually. You will find that link in your teacher’sCanvas home page. On your clever dashboard you can also access Pinnacle where you can view current classgrade and attendance. Below is another link to access pinnacle.o https://gb.browardschools.com/pinnacle/gradebook and enter same credentials asyour single sign-on. Another way to access Canvas is by downloading the canvas app on your phone through playstore. Make sure you choose canvas for Broward County Public Schools Students/Teachers. Enter your single sign-on credentials: – User name is your student ID #Password is the letter P followed by your date of birth typed exactly as shown:PMM/DD/YEAR. Another important site is Virtual Counselor where you can access your schedule andgraduation information. The website is:https://www.browardschools.com/virtualcounselor

ACADEMIC PROFILE 2020-2021WEST BROWARD HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELING DEPARTMENTBROWARDSCHOOLS.COM/WESTBROWARDMr. Brad Fatout, Principal500 NW 209TH Avenue, Pembroke Pines, Florida 33029 Phone: (754)-323-2600COMMUNITYPembroke Pines is aresidential suburb of FortLauderdale, Florida. It wasincorporated in 1960 andhas a population of173,591.STUDENTPOPULATION20% White (Non-Hispanic)55% Hispanic14% Black (Non-Hispanic)6% Asian1.5% Other3.5% MultiracialSPECIALCURRICULUMFEATURES25 Advanced PlacementCoursesCapstone Seminar &Research, English Language& Literature, US Governmentand Politics, HumanGeography, World History,Macro & Micro Economics,Calculus AB, Calculus BC,Statistics, Spanish Language& Literature, US History,Biology, Physics 1 & C,Chemistry, EnvironmentalScience, Psychology, ArtDraw Portfolio, 2D ArtDesign, Computer SciencePrinciplesFORGIVENESSPOLICYStudents who earn a “D”, “F”, or“I” in a class may elect to repeatthat class in order to raise theirGPA. Forgiveness for courses islimited to replacing a grade of“D”, “F”, or “I” with a grade of“C” or higher. The student’srecord will show all coursestaken. The forgiveness rule canapply only one time per course.GENERAL FACTSType of School: PublicGrades: 9-12Enrollment: 2,633Class of 2019: 719Schedule: 8 PeriodsClass Length: 90 Min.CEEB/ACT Code:102181Accreditation: SouthernAssociation of Collegesand S

Florida State University Full Sail University Georgia Institute of Technology Howard University Johnson & Wales University Kansas State University Keiser University LIU Post Lynn University McFatter Technical College Miami- Dade Community College Michigan State University North Carolina State University Northeastern University Nova Southeastern .

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2021-2022 Standard Verification Worksheet V1-Dependent Student Your 2021-2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) was selected for review in a process called . Student's Email Address . B. Parents' Household Information List the people your parent(s) will support between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. Include:

HONORS Algebra II Summer Preparation Packet 2021-2022 This preparation packet is designed for you to practice the skills you must master prior to entering the Honors Algebra II classroom. Please follow these directions very carefully. 1. All students must complete the problems in this packet

A sampling of prerequisite problems is included in this packet. The Prerequisite Assessment will consist of problems, which cover the main ideas of the problems in this packet. The Prerequisite Assessment . Precalculus Summer Packet 2021-2022 1. Match each equation with its appropriate graph.

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C21 Intro PC Applications. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11127. CIS 1035. C11 Complete Word Processing. 3 05/31/2022. 08/06/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11030. CIS 1045. C21 Intro to Desktop Database. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11031. CIS 1055. C21 Complete Spreadsheets. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11208. CIS .