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CorporateSocialResponsibilityCisco Networking AcademyFloridaTechnology Education Prepares and Inspires StudentsThe world is constantly innovating, encouraging technology to progress at a rapid pace. Every individual,organization and government grows increasingly reliant on intelligent networks and technology-adeptworkers.Cisco Networking Academy provides coursework that teaches students the skills to satisfy employerrequirements and attain success in their careers. Students learn to design, manage and secure computernetworks within a structure that also develops leadership and collaboration skills. Courses are taught ineducation institutions with classroom instruction, online material, interactive simulations, and hands-onpractice.Over 1 million students are actively enrolled in Networking Academy courses at more than 10,000education institutions in 165 countries. They will be among the future innovators impacting the world.The impact in Florida9,774209Students taught in 2012-2013Instructors preparing the ICT workforce57,057Students since inception23.9 Million82Estimated in-kind contribution to educationOrganizations offeringCisco ICT coursesyou networks impact 2014 Cisco and/or its affiliates. Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.Page 1 of 7

Academy Impact Profile 2014FloridaTomorrow’s Technology is Here TodayFor a competitive and sustainable economy, the United States must have a skilledand well-trained workforce that can meet current and evolving industry needs.Students must acquire problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, in addition to jobrelated expertise, to reach their full potential in their careers.The growth of global networks has resulted in a shortage of people qualified tomanage the information infrastructure needed to operate, manufacture, supportcommunications, and even save lives. Every business, school, hospital, nonprofit,and other organization that relies on intelligent networks needs trainedprofessionals to keep them running and secure.A workforce that is well-schooled in ICT and engineering can spur innovationacross many industries, which in turn inspires new opportunities to fuel productivityand economic growth. ICT investments play a major role in generating stable, highpaying jobs and boosting the nation’s GDP.An Innovative Program that Supports Education StandardsCisco Networking Academy is a technology education program that partners withpublic and private organizations to provide the knowledge and skills required forcareer-ready students. Students acquire basic-to-advanced ICT and networkingexpertise. They develop the analysis, teamwork, and efficiency skills that areessential in the 21st century, both in college and in their careers.Networking Academy courses reflect all Science, Technology, Engineering andMathematics (STEM) Cluster Topics, and teach many of the reading and writingCommon Core State Standards for technical subjects. Students strengthen theirunderstanding of technology, math, science, and engineering concepts, improvingsuccess in their advanced studies and preparing for globally-recognizedcertification exams.Technical and Career-Ready SkillsCourses include IT Essentials, Cisco CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate)Routing and Switching, CCNA Security, and Cisco CCNP (Cisco CertifiedNetworking Professional). Supplemental courses cover healthcare ICT, voice,cloud, and more.The instructional approach encourages student engagement, and the ability tosynthesize what they learn to apply it in other contexts. Courses integrate four skillareas identified as critical for 21st century professionals: Problem solving and decision making: Students practice and test their knowledge by configuring andtroubleshooting networks using hands-on labs and simulation software; real-world scenarios developadvanced problem solving techniques.Creative and critical thinking: Students understand the how and why of networking by combininghands-on learning with conceptual an

Technological University of America Fort Lauderdale Broward Community College . Pembroke Pines Florida Career College at Pembroke Pines (ACC) Tamarac Rohr Bais Chaya Academy Charlotte Port Charlotte Charlotte Technical Center . Keiser University Middleton High School Tampa Bay Technical High School Lee Cape Coral

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Analysis of Changes for the 5th Edition (2014) of the Florida Codes Changes to the Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation This Analysis of Changes for the 5th Edition (2014) of the Florida Codes is intended to provide a comprehensive comparison of the provisions in the 2010 Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation (FBCEC) and the 5th Edition (2014) of the Florida Building Code, Energy .File Size: 200KBPage Count: 45

Pension Country Profile: Canada (Extract from the OECD Private Pensions Outlook 2008) Contents Each Pension Country Profile is structured as follows: ¾ How to Read the Country Profile This section explains how the information contained in the country profile is organised. ¾ Country Profile The country profile is divided into six main sections:

[This Page Intentionally Left Blank] Contents Decennial 2010 Profile Technical Notes, Decennial Profile ACS 2008-12 Profile Technical Notes, ACS Profile [This Page Intentionally Left Blank] Decennial 2010 Profile L01 L01 Decennial 2010 Profile 1. L01 Decennial 2010 Profile Sex and Age 85 and over 80 84 75 79 70 74

September: 2013 33,391.18 9/24/2013 October: 2013 33,391.18 10/24/2013 December: 2013 65,031.50 12/20/2013 January: 2014 33,099.37 1/23/2014 February: 2014 33,099.37 2/24/2014 March: 2014 33,099.37 3/24/2014 April: 2014 31,662.23 4/25/2014 May: 2014 31,662.23 5/22/2014 June: 2014 31,662.24 6/26/2014 392,881.03

FLORIDA WETLAND PLANTS, AN mENTIFICATION MANUAL can be purchased from the University of Florida, Food and Agricultural Sciences. 1-800-226-1764, P.O. Box 110011, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611-0011. Introduction For use the the manual: FLORIDA WETLAND PLANTS, AN mENTIFICATION MANUAL

The Annual Florida Equity Report is required under Florida statutes as follows: The Florida Educational Equity Act (Section 1000.05 F.S.) and the Florida Board of Governors Regulation 2.003 Equity and Access. The Uni-versity of South Florida System (USF System), which is comprised of three institutions USF Tampa, USF St.

spot000133 sensory profile: caregiver questionnaire spot000134 sensory profile: short sensory profile spot000136 sensory profile: adolescent/adult - self-questionnaire spot000135 sensory profile: adolescent/adult - user's manual spot000137 sensory profile: school companion - user's manual (3 yrs - 11 yrs 11 months) spot000018 compagnon scolaire .

rDesk CRM Personal Profile rDesk CRM Personal Profile contains information about you that is used throughout the application. It is recommended that you update your Personal Profile before using the Marketing features within the application. To access your Personal Profile, 1) Login to rDesk 2) Click on the Personal Profile link