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1Portland Flag AssociationPortland Flag Association“Free, and Worth Every Penny!”Issue 53 August 2015The Confederate Flag FlapINSIDE THIS ISSUE:The Confederate Flag Flap1July 2015 Flutterings2Flags of the Rose Festival Fleet4A Flag for Pluto4Flower Bed / Oregon Flag Registry5The Cascadian Nautical Flag6The Flag Quiz7Portland Flag Miscellany8Next Meeting8www.portlandflag.orgBy Ted KayeIn June, the flag world witnesseda huge shift in attitudes toward theConfederate Battle Flag. Following the race-based shootings inCharleston, South Carolina, publicopinion moved swiftly towardremoving the flag from public displays and from merchant shelves.“Few emblems in Americanhistory have provoked strongerpassions than the battle flag ofthe vanquished Confederacy.To some it symbolizes honor andindependence; to others, hatredand slavery”, says Tony Horwitz,in Confederates in the Attic (1998).Usually only an occasional interviewguest discussing flag topics in localand national media, for two weeksI found myself speaking daily—toSlate, NPR, National Geographic,CNN, PBS, Georgia Public Radio,KXL Radio (in Portland)—providing history, background, andperspective on the controversy.We are not going to allowthis symbol to divide usany longer.—South Carolina GovernorNikki HaleyIronically, the work for which Imay be best known, the flag-designguidebook Good Flag, Bad Flag,quotes the National Flag Committee of the Confederate States ofAmerica in describing what makesa successful flag design.Top-name retailers, flag manufacturers, and flag dealers tripped overthemselves to stop selling or making the flags—although Huntsville’s Alabama Flag & Bannerramped up production and sales!Here in Portland, The Oregoniandescribed how Dave Anchel, PFAmember and owner of Elmer’s Flag& Banner, consulted his staff andhis conscience, and decided toremove the flag from display, onlyoffering it for sale from behind thecounter. Regardless, his entirestock sold out the next day.In likely the most newsworthy aspect of the controversy, the battleflag came down from the Confederate Soldiers monument on theSouth Carolina statehouse grounds.Prediction: Mississippi’s state flagwill be the next target for change.For more information, consultThe Confederate Battle Flag, America’sMost Embattled Emblem by John M.Coski (2005). It provides a stronghistory of the flag and its evolvinguse from 1861 to the present.If you wish to compliment the editor, or to contribute in the future, contact Ted Kayeat 503-223-4660 or If you wish to complain, call your mother.

2The Vexilloid TabloidJuly 2015 Flutterings You Need to KnowIn our July meeting, hosted by TedKaye, 16 PFA members enjoyed alively 3 -hour evening of flags andother wide-ranging topics. As thehost, Ted led the introductions andmoderated the discussion.John Schilke exulted in seeing aphoto of a Roerich flag displayedon SE Stephens St.) and gave abrief description of its creator andits purpose—to protect culturalsites in wartime—(see VT #20).Michael Orelove gave updates onhis flags-for-educational-purposessolicitations, showed off some flagsand burgees, and passed aroundthe results of his writing off forstate seals—40 of 50 states haveresponded so far.David Koski described his projectto facilitate flag image constructionusing Adobe InDesign, with layersfor standard flag components—heshowed resulting example flags.Ted Kaye provides a summary of the flags of the Confederacy, displaying the firstnational flag, the “Stars and Bars” as John Schilke and Fred Paltridge look on.Ted Kaye led a discussion of theConfederate Battle Flag controversy, using actual flags to illustratethe history of the CSA’s flag use.He has been very actively givinginterviews in the past two weeks atthe local and national levels on thatand other subjects (see p. 1).Lorraine Bushek, joining us for thefirst time, described her work as anartist, including the 3rd-place finalist in the 2009 Oregon flag redesign effort.David Koski shows some results fromhis flag image generator.August 2015Lorraine Bushek describes her finalistentry for the Oregon flag redesign.Ken Dale reflected on the symbolism of the U.S. Capitol building—whose construction continuedeven during the Civil War.Scott Mainwaring noted that cellphone cases featuring the Portlandflag orient upside-down when taking a vertical photo. He created acorrect version on Hehas also made versions of “homemade” U.S. flags, with “randomlyperturbed” stars and colors.Scott Mainwaring and his U.S. flagwith “randomly perturbed” stars.

3Portland Flag AssociationCasey Sims sings a song inspired by his new personal flag, enjoyed byRobert Izatt, Ken Dale, and Dennis Stephens.Some of the stranger New Zealandentries amuse Max Liberman.Max Liberman consulted with theassembled members on agendaitems for the 24th general assemblyof FIAV in Sydney in September;he and Ted were named delegateand alternate. He then sharedsome of the thousands of submissions for a new flag for New Zealand—the good and the bad.Nathaniel Mainwaring, who enters4th grade this fall, updated us onhis Minecraft-based flag work,featuring zombie pig-men.Casey Sims described the development of his personal flag, andclosed his presentation with a songon his guitar.Patrick Genna displayed a recentGoodwill acquisition—a large flagof Antigua & Barbuda and distributed a fact sheet about it.Robert Izatt described the crowdfunding campaign for the Cascadian Flag-Making Cooperative.David Ferriday showed his latestflag-based art and noted that arecent local flag store’s ad depictsthe Portland flag upside-down Alexander Baretich debuts a topicalvariant of his Cascadia flag.Alexander Baretich shared some ofhis recent designs, including theCascadia nautical flag (see p. 6),religious flags, and another bioregional flag—that of Danubia.Dennis Stephens lauded the recentRoman Mars TED Talk on cityflag design: “Why city flags may bethe worst-designed think you’venever noticed” (, andshowed the flag stickers on his laptop documenting his travels.The meeting started at 7:00 andadjourned at 10:20, reflecting thehost’s poor timekeeping ability.Nathaniel Mainwaring shares hisMinecraft-based flag.David Ferriday fooled everyonewhen unfurling a black military flag.Our next meeting will be at thehome of Larry Snyder on Sept.10th. Patrick took the PortlandFlag Association flag for him—thecustomary task of the next host.

4The Vexilloid TabloidFlags of the Rose Festival FleetBy Scott MainwaringEvery June, Portland’s Rose Festival welcomes “the fleet” from theUS and Canada. Moored along theWillamette river, the ships display acolorful range of flags to see—ensigns, jacks, signal flags, andcourtesy flags.The maritime signal flag “K”, thePOW-MIA flag, and the Portland cityflag fly on the USCGC Waesche.A large Maple Leaf Flag, along withmany smaller flags, flies from the sailing ketch HMCS Oriole, a CanadianNavy sail training vessel (launched in1921, she is the oldest commissionedship in the Royal Canadian Navy).The Canadian Naval Ensign flies fromthe frigate HMCS Calgary (FFH 335).The Union Jack of the United Statesflies from the bow of USCGC Waesche(WMSL-751), a National SecurityCutter. She flies the traditional U.S.jack—only US Navy ships are flyingthe so-called First Navy Jack with therattlesnake.A Flag for Plutoby Scott MainwaringOn 13 July the New Horizons probesent an image of Pluto dominatedby Tombaugh Regio, a large feature informally called “the heart”.Inspired, I created a flag for Pluto:its astrological symbol in orange, ina white heart, on black (for space).I chose the astrological over theastronomical symbol ( ) as itssymmetry makes it more flagfriendly. The aspect ratio of 1:1 isAugust 2015the closest a rectangle can come tothe circular shape of the (dwarf)planet; and distinguishes it fromstandard terrestrial flags.The “heart” of Pluto from 476,000miles. Image taken by New Horizonson 13 July 2015.Source: NASA/APL/SwRI

5Portland Flag AssociationWhat’s in the Flower Bed This Year?Every year, Michael Orelove plantshis “flower bed” to represent aflag. Since 2010 he has grown theU.S., Oregon, U.K., Canada, andAlaska flags. This year he honorshis native city, Chicago.The flag has a white field with twohorizontal light-blue stripes andfour red stars arranged horizontallyin the center. The blue stripessymbolize Lake Michigan and theChicago River. The stars representFort Dearborn, the Great ChicagoFire of 1871, the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, and theCentury of Progress Exposition of1933. The stars are six-pointedPROJECT STATUS118Michael Orelove’s “flower bed” features the flag of Chicago, Illinois.The 26th International Congress ofVexillology (ICV 26) will takeplace in Sydney, Australia, 31 August–4 September.See: Entries Assigned16Total Entries CompletedThe Oregon Flag Registry is underway: Contact Scott Mainwaring to join theteam: Kaye recently completed theentry of the flag the Chinook tribe,based in Washington, with members in Oregon. From his entry:If Canada, the United States, andMexico were to join to form aNorth American Union, whatwould the resulting flag look like?Coming up this year are two majorvexillological events.32Chinook Indian Nationby Michael OreloveResidents of each country can easily recognize the color and designelements of their national flag in it.Total Prospects Identified(sharper points than the sixpointed Star of David on Israel’sflag). The number of stars has increased from two over the years.The white flowers are alyssum andpetunias.North American Flag?Mike Hale, the former owner ofElmer’s Flag and Banner, put thisflag together for me.Oregon Flag RegistryUpdateMichael Orelove combinesthree national flags into one.[Editor’s note: The same flag appeared onthe cover of a special issue of the John BirchSociety’s magazine, The New American, in Oct.2007. The flag was manufactured for thecover photo shoot. See NAVA News #196.]NAVA’s 49th Annual Meeting(NAVA 49) will take place inOttawa, Ontario, 16–18 October.See: memberswill attend both!Adopted January, 2003, the flagplaces a stylized Chinook salmonin the style of Northwest CoastIndian art in black and red on afield of white. Centered on itsstomach are the contours of ahuman face.The flag’s salmon image is thetribe’s logo, designed by TonyJohnson. An accomplished artistand canoe carver, he also led theCultural Affairs Committee whichadopted the flag.The Chinook Tribe has struggledfor years in its pursuit of federalrecognition; the flag creates a banner for members to rally around.

6The Vexilloid TabloidThe Cascadian Nautical FlagBy Alexander BaretichCascadia is a bioregion roughly encompassing Oregon, Washington,British Columbia and parts ofother states and provinces in theU.S. and Canada’s Pacific Northwest (see VT #36).In 2012, nearly 17 years after designing the popular Cascadianflag, I created a nautical flag forCascadia, specifically for vesselsof oceans, rivers, and the sky. The“Cascadian Wave Flag” is a tributeto the bioregion’s waters and sky.At the top of the flag, the two blueand three white waves representthe mountains and partially clearsky. Hence the white waves nextto those two top blue waves represent snowpack and clouds. Twogreen waves are the forest-coveredhills. Between the two green wavesis a single white wave that represents mist or low clouds. At thebottom of the flag, the two bluewaves represent the Pacific Oceanand the Salish Sea as well as theregion’s rivers (Columbia,Willamette, Frazer, Snake, etc.).The white waves next to the twolower blue waves represent seafoam and the crest of waves.The green isosceles triangle with itsbase against the hoist representsthe forest-clad hills and mountains.The Douglas Fir echoes the centralsymbol of the 1995 Cascadia flag.Several other flags in the PacificNorthwest have blue and whiteAugust 2015The Cascadian Nautical Flag:A tribute to the waters and sky of the bioregion.waves, including British Columbia,the Zapatopi Cascadian flag, andthe city of Vancouver, B.C.—theymay have played an unconsciouselement of my creation of Cascadian Nautical flag. It is certainlypart of our collective iconographyto represent bodies of water withblue and white waves.I intentionally made the flag extralong (longer than 1:2), although Ihave made versions in standardproportions. A longer flag maywell serve a vessel better than ashorter one.mission of exploration, research,ecology, bioregional awareness,and/or for socioeconomic andecological justice.Like the classic Cascadian flag,also known as the “Doug Flag”,I hope this flag—as well as all mydesigns—will not be used for hate,exploitation, and against the valuesor principles of bioregionalism.In seeking out a bioregional flag,I believe that it’s the bioregion thatwill capture the artist—not theartist capturing the bioregion.Three colleagues and I have justlaunched the Cascadian Flag Making Cooperative. Our general goalis to provide Cascadian flags, locally produced and “artist-certified”with our logo, the @Doug symbol.We hope to sell or offer this flagonly to owners or captains of vessels—ideally merchant vessels thatconduct fair trade as opposed to“free trade” or vessels that have aThe “@ Doug” logo of the CascadianFlag Making Cooperative.

7Portland Flag AssociationWhat’s that Flag?What Was that Flag? Answers to the last quizBy David FerridayBy Scott MainwaringCan you name these seven flagsand identify the unifying theme?These 28 “people” appear on sealson U.S. state flags. We asked, foreach face, to identify the state flagand the person’s occupation/identity. Tony Burton, editor ofCrux Australis, got them all.How did you do?Answers in the next issue 1. Delaware:farmer3. Nebraska:blacksmith4. Massachusetts:Algonquin man9. New Jersey:“Ceres”10. New Jersey:“Liberty”11. West Virginia:farmer13. Florida:14. Michigan:Seminole womangunman15. New York:“Justice”16. New York:“Liberty”17. Minnesota:18. 19. Virginia:“Virtus”21. Maine:farmer22. Maine:sailor23. Washington:24. Kansas:George Washington plowman7. Kentucky:frontiersman /Daniel Boone25. Idaho:miner2. Wisconsin:sailor8. South Dakota:plowman20. New York:Sun26. Virginia“Tyranny”:5. West Virginia:miner6. Delaware:militiaman12. Kentucky:statesman /Henry Clay27. Wisconsin:28. Minnesota:yeoman (miner) Native horseman

8The Vexilloid TabloidPortland Flag MiscellanyPortland’s neighborhood names nowgrace merchandise depicting thePortland flag within the outline of thestate of Oregon. Items includepinback buttons (above), magnets,mirrors, and bottle tland-oregonneighborhoods-pinbackNutcase Helmets, founded in Portlandby former Nike creative director &designer Michael Morrow, featuresone design using the Portland flag.The Portland Timbers (MLS soccerteam) recently emblazoned its homestadium with images of fans wieldingthe iconic axe. This fan is also wearing a t-shirt bearing the Portland flagalong with “Portland Timbers”—and“adidas”.“The most fun a helmet ever had!”(Nutcase Helmets Global Page)Carl Larson reports that Nutcase usedthe updated Pantone colors specifiedin the city code in that helmet!nutcasehelmets.comSeptember MeetingThe next meeting of the PortlandFlag Association will be at 7 p.m.,Thursday, September 10, 2015, atthe Lodge at Oswego Pointe (homeof Larry Snyder): 5000 OswegoPointe Dr., Lake Oswego, OR97034. See the map at right.We look forward to seeing thoseof you who have missed recentmeetings, and hear some new stories, see some different flags, andengage in provocative discussion.If you can’t get to the meeting,perhaps you can give the editorsomething to share with readers.August 2015The Vexilloid Tabloid , founded in 1999 by the late John Hood, is published bi-monthly by and forthe Portland Flag Association—Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Find back issues at

Top-name retailers, flag manufac-turers, and flag dealers tripped over themselves to stop selling or mak-ing the flags—although Hunts-ville’s Alabama Flag & Banner ramped up production and sales! Here in Portland, The Oregonian described how Dave Anchel, PFA member and owner of Elmer’s Flag & Banner, consulted his staff and

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A Brief History of the SCV The Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) are the direct descendants of the United Confederate Veterans (UCV), a voluntary organization of many of the veterans who fought so gallantly for the Confederacy during its brief existence (1861-1865.) The USCV (United Sons of Confederate Veterans) was organized at Richmond, Virginia

R. B. Rosenburg‟s Living Monuments: Confederate Soldiers' Homes in the New South (1993) is a standard source on southern veterans‟ homes. It covers all Confederate homes at length, including the Texas Confederate Home for Men. Yet, its focus is not on any particular

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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Glossary of Social Security Terms (Vietnamese) Term. Thuật ngữ. Giải thích. Application for a Social Security Card. Đơn xin cấp Thẻ Social Security. Mẫu đơn quý vị cần điền để xin số Social Security hoặc thẻ thay thế. Baptismal Certificate. Giấy chứng nhận rửa tội

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Turner Ashby Camp No. 10 Sons of Confederate Veterans Originally Re-Organized 15 September 1922 as Colonel D. H. Lee Martz Camp No. 10 . 1998 as Colonel D. H. Lee Martz Camp No. 10 Sons of Confederate Veterans . Bylaws of The Col. D. H. Lee Martz Camp #10 2 Table of Contents Article I – Name and Purpose 3 Article II – Membership .

1 CONFEDERATE SOLIDERS AND SALOIRS* WHO DIED AT CAMP MORTON AND ARE BURIED AT CROWN HILL CEMETERY, LOT 32, INDIANAPOLIS, IN Revision IV, 12/2012 Original Burials at Greenlawn Cemetery – Reinterred Between 1928 and 1931 Confederate Mound at Crown Hill Cemetery, No

John L. Kimbrough MD Colonel USAF (Retired) Article appeared in the October 2011 issue of Stanley Gibbons Monthly. The formation of the Confederate States of America in 1861 and the four year bloody civil war that followed was a defining period in

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HƯỚNG DẪN LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ DÂY & CÁP HẠ THẾ A/ LỰA CHỌN DÂY & CÁP : Khi chọn cáp, khách hàng cần xem xét những yếu tố sau: - Dòng điện định mức - Độ sụt áp - Dòng điện ngắn mạch - Cách lắp đặt - Nhiệt độ môi trường hoặc nhiệt độ đất