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BUILDING ENVELOPE SYSTEMS WATERPROOFINGSYSTEMSA comprehensive line of horizontal and vertical waterproofing membrane systems,waterstops, drainage composites and accessories.ROOFINGWATERPROOFINGAIR BARRIERS

THE ASSAULT OF WATER,WEATHER AND TIME CHALLENGESTHE WATERPROOFING SYSTEMTHEWATERSTOPSHERE.“90% OF ALL WATER INTRUSION PROBLEMS OCCURWITHIN 1% OF THE TOTAL BUILDING OR STRUCTURE’SEXTERIOR SURFACE AREA.— CONSTRUCTION WATERPROOFING HANDBOOKELASTO-SEAL 790-11HOT RUBBERIZED ASPHALTAQUA-BLOC COLD-APPLIED RUBBERIZED MEMBRANES”WATER UNDER PRESSUREWILL FIND A WAY IN.Water at rest exerts pressure. This is called“hydrostatic pressure”. The force is a functionof the height of the water. When it rains,and the water table rises, pressure increases andgroundwater is literally pushed into the foundationin all directions, spreading into naturally occurringcracks and crevices, deteriorating the foundation,and eventually reaching the interior as seepageor dampness.HENRY EXCELSUNDER PRESSURETo withstand hydrostatic pressure, a waterproofingsystem must be a complete integrated system tostart — and remain seamless over decades. Thatdemands membranes of exceptional durability,elasticity through freeze and thaw, and resistanceto naturally occurring and deposited chemicals andsoil acidity.Henry Waterproofing Systems have excelled for over40 years under such demands: See our references.Talk to a Henry Building Science Specialist. Themore you know, the more confident you’ll be.WHAT IS WATERPROOFING?Waterproofing is the treatmentof a surface to prevent thepassage of liquid water underhydrostatic pressure.WHAT IS DAMPPROOFING?Dampproofing is the treatment of asurface to retard the absorption ofmoisture. Dampproofing won’t stopwater under hydrostatic pressure.WHAT IS HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE?Hydrostatic pressure is the forceexerted at a given depth by the weightof the overlying column of water. Thispressure acts with equal magnitude inall directions.Henry Waterproofing Systems are thechoice for such landmark buildings asthe Lincoln Memorial (pictured here),the White House, and the Pentagon.BLUESKIN SELF-ADHERED MEMBRANEILLUSTRATION OF HYDROSTATIC PRESSURE:Rain and building run-offCracks and voidsHigh water tableNormal water tableHYDROSTATIC PRESSUREHYDROSTATIC PRESSURE2SYNKO-FLEX NON-HYDROPHILLIC WATERSTOPSCAPILLARY PRESSURE:The movement of waterupwards into unsaturated(as it dries) soil above.3

THE 790-11 HOT RUBBERIZED ASPHALT SYSTEM:PROOF OF PERFORMANCE IS IN THE TEST OF TIMETHE MOST DEMANDING PROJECTS HAVE ALWAYSDEMANDED HENRY 790-11APPLICATIONS: Terrace Decks Tunnels Split Slabs Parking Decks Highway Bridge Decks Plaza Decks Planters Protected Roof Membrane Assemblies Green RoofsCHECK OUR REFERENCES: You want a company behind you with a track record you can bank on? From the American Instituteof Architects Headquarters in Washington D.C., to the Oresund Tunnel linking Sweden to Denmark, the choice is Henry.790-11 BENEFITS:Monolithic (joint free)Immediate cure: no job delayFully adhered (no lateral water migration)LEED CREDITS790-11EV contains 25% post consumer recycled content in the formof reprocessed used tire rubber grade qualifying under “RecycledContent - Materials and Resources (MR) Credit 4.1” for 1 LEED Credit.Self-seals minor puncturesCan be applied at below-freezing temperaturesBridges non-moving cracksRemains fully elastomeric through hot and cold cyclesTHE INDUSTRY STANDARDSince 1967, the Industry Standard 790-11 assembly has maintained its integrityacross millions of square feet of high traffic applications including tunnels,parking garages, fountains, plazas and decking.WARRANTY COVERAGEThe system is installed by Henry trained and qualified contractors,with available warranty coverage of all components, “from thedeck up.”CERTIFICATIONS AND APPROVALSOur flagship 790-11 system is backed by ISO registration,UL Class A, LARR and other listings.YOUR BUILDING SCIENCE SPECIALISTOur team of Building Science Specialists can provide technicalexpertise and field support to every phase of design andconstruction, from engineers to specification writers.Call us at 1-800-486-1278.Filter fabric protects the assembly from infiltration of dirt particlesInsulation (optional): extruded polystyrene insulation for highcompressive strength and moisture resistance for below-gradetype applicationsHenry DB Drainage Composite: facilitates drainageof the waterproofing systemProtection board: our modifiedPLUS asphalticmembrane separates and protects790-11 two-ply assembly: Two layers applied for total thickness of 215 mils Reinforced with Polyester FabricAdhesive: 930-18 high-tack adhesive greatlyenhances surface bondBALTIMORE CONVENTION CENTER:More than 1 million people walk the plaza of theBaltimore Convention Center every year through freeze and thaw,22” of snow and 44” of rain and, through it all, theHenry 790-11 performs.4MILLENNIUM PARK, CHICAGO, IL:Henry helps hide the parking structures under Chicago’s sprawling24.5 acre Millennium Park with a sophisticated Green Roof systemfeaturing the two-ply 790-11 system plus special Henry componentsfor Green Roofs.5

AQUA-BLOC COLD-APPLIED MEMBRANES:GOES ON ELASTIC AND STAYS ELASTICBLUESKIN WP SELF-ADHERED MEMBRANE:EASY TO HANDLE, SIMPLE TO APPLYAPPLICATIONS: Aqua-Bloc is an elastomeric, asphalt membrane available in four grades for application to horizontalAPPLICATIONS: Blueskin WP is a self-adhering, 60 mils thick SBS rubberizedand vertical surfaces, above or below grade: Waterproofing Foundations Tunnels Planters Retaining Walls Elevator Pits Balconies Excellent For Repairing Hot Rubberized Asphalt Membranes.membrane ideal for vertical and horizontal waterproofing applications such asfoundation walls, planters, retaining walls, terraces and tunnels.AQUA BLOC WB(WATER-BASED)(SOLVENT-BASED)ADVANTAGES: Easy to install — no special equipment,heat or flame required Consistent thickness — no thin spotsSpans cracksEdge bead technology at side lapsFully adheres — no lateral water migrationSPECIAL USES: Approved for use on damp or green concrete Excellent for waterproofing ICF(Insulated Concrete Forms) foundation wallsSPECIAL USES: Ideal for cold weather applications Excellent to repair damaged hotrubberized membranesHOW TO APPLY Trowel, brush or spray Can be applied in one coat or inmultiple coats with reinforcing fabricHOW TO APPLY Trowel or spray applied Can be applied in a single orreinforced applicationPolybitume or B.E.S SealantTermination SealADVANTAGES Exceeds the requirements of CAN/CGSB 37.2 Low VOC Low odorADVANTAGES Heavy-duty seamless, rubberized,impervious membrane Excellent adhesion to mostconstruction surfacesB.E.S. Sealant filletAQUA BLOC 2P(TWO-COMPONENT)SPECIAL USES: Levels, repairs and waterproofs rough anduneven concrete surfaces Leveling coat for Blueskin WP200or DuraTac self-adhering membranes Internal setting: may be used betweenimpervious surfacesHOW TO APPLY Squeegee or trowel appliedADVANTAGES 100% Solids: solvent and odor free Sets very rapidly and develops a strong bond Self-leveling formulation6AQUA BLOC SBAQUA BLOC QS No curing time required — membrane canbe backfilled immediatelyHOW TO APPLYEASY INSTALLATION:Blueskin is put in place as thesilicone-treated release paperis removed.Aquatac or Blueskin adhesiveBlueskin WP200Synko-Flex Waterstop (Optional)APPLY PRESSURE BY ROLLER:Pressure is applied at overlapand field of membrane to ensuremaximum adhesion.(QUICK-SETTING)SPECIAL USES: Ideal for quick backfilling requirements Specifically designed for vertical applicationsHOW TO APPLY Spray applied with setting agentADVANTAGES Immediate set through upon application Complies with and exceeds the requirementsof CAN/CGSB 37.1M Low VOCsHENRY FULLY INTEGRATED SYSTEMS790-11 waterproofing membrane on split-slab constructionAir-Bloc 33 air barrier membrane on wall of AuditoriumBlueskin WP200 waterproofing on foundation walls ofnew constructionCAPITOL VISITORS CENTERHenry integrated waterproofingsystems are the choice of someof the world’s best designedbuildings like this one: the threelevel, underground complex isthe biggest expansion in theCapitol’s history.Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc.7

SYNKO-FLEX THE LABOR SAVING ALTERNATIVETO CONVENTIONAL WATERSTOPSAPPLICATIONS: Synko-Flex is a preformed plasticadhesive waterstop for poured-in-place concrete applications:Secondary Containment Structures Tunnels UndergroundParking Garages Swimming Pools Concrete-Lined StormDrainage & Irrigation Channels Potable Water Reserves Seals Embedded Steel, PVC or HDPE Pipe PenetrationsHENRY DRAINAGE COMPOSITES: A BETTERENGINEERED SOLUTION FOR MANAGINGTHE FLOW OF WATERAPPLICATIONS: Henry Drainage Composites are available for: Foundation Walls Plaza Decks Split Slabs Retaining Walls Planters IRMA Roof Green Roofs Tunnels Lagging Wall DrainageNSF 61 approved: will not leachor mix with potable water.ORESUND TUNNELSynko-Flex helps maintain thewatertight integrity of the longestimmersed concrete tunnel in Europe.HOW IT WORKS:Synko-Flex bonds to cured concrete surfaces andfuses with fresh concrete during the hydration andcuring process to achieve a watertight seal.ADVANTAGES: Does not rely on swelling to be watertight Unaffected by rain, groundwater, cyclicalwetting or dryingBonds to steel, PVC, HDPEpenetrations throughconcrete walls or flow slabs.You’ll also find it in the deep watertanks of the Neutral BuoyancyLaboratory at NASA in Houston, TexasUNAFFECTEDBY RAINSynko-Flex is unaffected bywater or rain at the job site.8 No adhesive requiredADVANTAGES OVERPVC WATERSTOPS: Tremendous cost and labor savings Never cracks, shrinks or dries outADVANTAGES: Reduces hydrostatic and capillary pressureSPECIAL FEATURES: Excellent compressive strength Diverts water away from structures Ultra-resistant to chemicals, impact,and cracks Protects the membrane duringback-fill operations Far more efficient and effective inhorizontal applications than gravel No additional mounting or fixing toolsare necessary. No splicing or weldingHOW IT COMES:Supplied in 1” x 3’ linearstrips protected with twosilicone-treated wrappers.LAGGING WALLSLagging walls can experienceextreme hydrostatic pressure. HenryDB500/520 is the choice, deliveringhigh compressive strength at alldepths and high-water flow.Henry waterproofing membraneTear-resistant polymeric coreGeotextile fabric fully bonded to thedimples for lasting durabilityVARIOUS SEA WORLD ATTRACTIONSSynko-Flex is NSF 61 approved forpotable water, so you’ll find it in someof the world’s most famous waterattractions, like Sea World. No risk of ‘blow-outs’ in jointsSEALS PENETRATIONREDUCES HYDROSTATICPRESSURE WHILEPROTECTING THE MEMBRANEHenry Drainage Composites provide anair gap that collects moisture and waterand channels it away from the structureboth vertically and horizontally, reducinghydrostatic pressure and capillary pressurewhile protecting the membrane. High flow capacity Composites engineered for a range ofapplications and demands“Nearly 66% of all Condominium Corporations have Experienced DamagesCaused by Water Infiltration.”PARKING DECKSHorizontal applications such asparking decks call for Henry DB350;High-flow capacity and excellentcompressive strength under heavyvehicle loading.— Zabas, 1983. Brand, Ron. Architectural Details for Insulated Buildings, 1990GOVERNMENTAL APPLICATIONSHenry DB650 meets the demandsof such governmental projects ashighway drainage systems.9

SHEET-APPLIED MEMBRANESPRODUCTSBLUESKIN WP200BLUESKIN WP100FLUID - APPLIED MEMBRANESmodified PLUS AQUA-BLOC WBTYPESelf-adhered SBSrubberized membraneSelf-adhered SBSrubberized membraneAdhered or torch applied Elastomeric bitumenSBS modified membrane emulsion (water-based)USEPremium waterproofingmembrane forfoundation walls,tunnels, planters,retaining wallsBasic waterproofingmembrane forfoundation walls,planters, retaining walland flooring applicationsWaterproofing membranefor foundations, tunnels,plaza decks, underslab or podium deckapplicationsExcellent flashingsheet for fluid E 60 mils thickmembrane Edge bead technologyat side laps Strong HDPE surfacefilm Regular and lowtemperature grades Factory-controlledthicknessCCMC listed Can be applied at lowtemperature Excellent tear andpuncture resistance Spans gaps betweendissimilar substratesAQUA-BLOC QSAQUA-BLOC 2PELASTO-SEAL CM100ELASTO-SEAL 790-11SYNKO-FLEX SYNKO-FLEX FRHYDRO-FLEX Elastomeric bitumen(solvent-based)Rubberized asphaltemulsion(quick-setting)100% solids,vulcanizedmembrane(two-component)Moisture curemodified asphaltHot appliedrubberized asphaltNon-swelling,preformed jointsealantNon-swellingpolypropylene resinpreformed jointsealantHydrophilic,expanding butylrubberWaterproofing membranefor foundations walls,balconies, planters andother structures in bothvertical and horizontalapplicationsWaterproofing membranefor foundations walls,balconies, planters andother structures in bothvertical and horizontalapplications. Repairdamaged hot rubberizedmembranesWaterproofingmembrane forfoundation wall,retaining walland geotechnicalapplicationsWaterproofhorizontal decks,balconies and otherstructuresWaterproofingand IRMA roofingmembrane forplaza decks,tunnels, parkinggarages, split slabsapplicationsWaterproofingand IRMA roofingmembrane for plazadecks, tunnels,parking garages,split slabs and greenroof applicationsProvide a watertightseal of cold jointsin a wide range ofconcrete structureincluding foundationwalls, containmentstructures, tunnels,parking garage,wastewatertreatment facilities,pools, potable waterreservoirsProvide a watertightseal of cold jointsin a wide range ofconcrete structureswhere there is agood potential forhydrocarbon liquidsor high chemicalconcentrationsProvide a watertightseal of cold jointsin a wide range ofconcrete structureincluding foundationwalls, containmentstructures, tunnels,parking garage,wastewatertreatment facilities,pools Can be appliedover damp or greenconcrete Low odor Low VOC content Single or multicoatreinforcedapplications Ideal for ICFfoundations Top quality grade Can be applied in coldtemperatures Highly flexiblemembrane Excellent adhesion tomost surfaces Immediate setthrough whenused with settingagent Low VOC Can be backfilledover quickly Internally setwithin an hour 100% solidsSelf-levelingformulation Fills and smoothrough surfaces Can be used onresidual asphaltor coal tarsurfaces Solvent free Can be appliedover damp orgreen concrete No odors or VOC Single or highbuild reinforcedapplications Easily applied byroller or squeegee Highly flexibleover wide rangeof temperatures 100% solid, coolson contact 2 ply high-buildreinforcedapplications Self-sealing Qualifiedcontractorprograms Bonds to freshand curedconcrete Unaffected by rainor wet conditions Easy to install, noheat welding ofsplices No risk of “blowouts” Safe for use inpotable waterstructures Can be exposedto hydrocarbonliquids Excellent chemicalresistance Bonds to freshand curedconcrete Unaffected by rainor wet conditions No risk of “blowouts” Swells andexpands intoconcrete surfaces Easy to install, noheat welding ofsplices Excellent ralSpecificationSSS-210Leveling coat overrough substratesfor sheet M C-836ASTM C-836CAN/CGSB-37.50- Federal SpecificationM89, UL Class A, andSSS-210,ANSI/NSF 61LARR3ft x 66.7ft / roll (186ft2/ roll, net coverage)3ft x 66.7ft / roll (186ft2/ roll, net coverage)98ft2 or 148ft2 / 36in rollnet coverage20ft2 / gal @80 mils wet6 gal / 100ft2 @90 mils wet20ft2 / gal @55 mils dry80ft2 / Unit (5 Gal)Single or high-buildsystems available,see data sheet1.4lbs /ft2 @ 215mils1”x 3’ strips /35 strips per box1.125” x 0.5” x 16.8’long coils / 6 coilsper box1.125” x 0.5” x 16.8’long coils / 6 coilsper kBlueBlack23 F (-4 C) minimum40 F (5 C) minimumNo limit40 F (5 C) minimumCondition materialto room temperaturebefore application40 F (5 C)minimumCondition materialto room temperaturebefore application32 F (0 C)minimumNo limitNo limitNo limitNo limitYesYesYesCOLORAPP. TEMP 60 mils thickmembrane Factory controlledthickness Easy to install No special equipment No heat or flamerequiredAQUA-BLOC SBWATERSTOPSAPPLICATION This chart is to be used as guide only. For the most accurate and complete information on Henry products, please refer to our technical data sheets at www.henry.com1011

DRAINAGE COMPOSITESPRODUCTSDB 200 / 220DB350DB500 / 520DB650USEVertical or horizontal applicationsat shallow depth. DB220 hasadditional polymeric film atbackside for use with softerwaterproofing membranesHorizontal applications requiringhigh compressive strength,moderate flow, and the strengthand filtration properties of a wovengeotextileVertical applications requiring highcompressive strength and high flowcapacity. DB520 has additionalpolymeric film at backside foruse with softer waterproofingmembranesHorizontal applications requiringhigh compressive strength and highflow capacity with the strength andfiltration properties of a wovengeotextileAPPLICATIONSFoundation walls, planters,retaining walls, podium decks, IRMAroofs and green roofsUnder topping slabs and split slabapplicationsFoundation walls, retaining wallsand blindside waterproofingsystemsUnder topping slabs and split slabapplications1/2 inch1/2 inch7/16 inch7/16 inch10,800 lbs / ft230,000 lbs / ft215,000 lbs / ft221,000 lbs / ft2FLOW RATE50 gpm / ft2100 gpm / ft2150 gpm / ft2100 gpm / ft2FLOW RATE/UNIT WIDTH9 gpm / ft9 gpm / ft16 gpm / ft18 gpm / ftTHICKNESSCOMPRESSIVESTRENGTHELASTO-SEAL ied PLUS ELASTO-SEAL CMYesBLUESKIN WP200 OR WP100AQUA-BLOC 2PYesAQUA-BLOC QSPRODUCTSAQUA-BLOC SBAQUA-BLOC WBACCESSORIESMEMBRANES FOR FLASHINGS. REINFORCEMENT, CRACK & JOINT TREATMENTPOLYFABNonwoven polyester matNEOFLASHUncured neoprene sheetBLUESKIN WP200Self-adhered SBS modified sheetmodified PLUS NP180SBS modifed bitumen sheet YesYesYesYesYesYesYesPRIMERS & ADHESIVES910-01Penetrating asphalt cutback930-18Synthetic rubber solvent typeAQUATAC PRIMERPolymer emulsionNEOFLASH ADHESIVEPressure sensitive contact adhesiveBLUESKIN ADHESIVERubber resin solvent typeYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesSEALANTS & MASTICSPOLYBITUME 570-05Polymer modified compoundYes925 B.E.S SEALANTMoisture cure, medium modulus sealantYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNeed technical assistance? Call us at 800-486-1278 or visit us at www.henry.com.Henry Company 999 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Ste. 800 El Segundo, CA 90245ROOFINGWATERPROOFINGAIR BARRIERS310.2US.E097 REV 11/14Printed 11/14

790-11 waterproofing membrane on split-slab construction Blueskin WP200 waterproofing on foundation walls of new construction CAPITOL VISITORS CENTER Henry integrated waterproofing systems are the choice of some buildings like this one: the three-level, underground complex is the biggest expansion in the Architect: RTKL Associates, Inc. HOW .

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1) Waterproofing should be fully bonded and continuous. 2) Compatibility is crucial. Quality is crucial. 3) Get expert input early - Sika has over 100 years of global waterproofing expertise on tap. Version: 0217 BELOW GROUND WATERPROOFING TO BS:8012/2009 Balcony waterproofing over non-habitable space connection to facade Balcony / podium deck

3.7 Waterproofing details in horizontal and vertical areas 16 3.8 Installation of waterproofing membranes 19 3.9 Compartment waterproofing with waterstops 20 4. Welding methods 23 5. Quality control 24 6. Cleaning and inspection of completed waterproofing 26 7. Protection of completed waterproofing 26 8. Proposal for bills of quantities 28 9.

1.1 Hydrathane Exterior Waterproofing Membrane is a liquid-applied waterproofing membrane for use under ceramic or stone tile finishes on external decks and balconies. Scope 2.1 Hydrathane Exterior Waterproofing Membrane has been appraised for use as a deck and balcony waterproofing membrane for buildings within the following scope:

Guidelines for Waterproofing Underground Structures Table of Contents: 1.00 Introduction 1 2.00 Waterproofing: A System Approach 1 3.00 Waterproofing Systems 2 . 4.10 Vinyl or PVC Waterstops 18 4.20 Swelling Rubber Waterstops 19 4.30 Injection Waterstops 22 5.00 Costs 24 5.10 Membrane Costs 24 . ii 5/8/2009 5.20 Waterstops 26 .

Oct 23, 2020 · SWR Institute Below-Grade Waterproofing Manual Sealant, Waterproofing & Restoration Institute 1999 10 The Manual of Below-Grade Waterproofing Systems 2nd Edition Justin Henshell 2016 * The references listed above are only some of

Waterproofing Details – Design Under Constrained Conditions Samuel Vesely, B.Sc. Key Words: Waterproofing details, constrained conditions, expansion joints Abstract The research and development (R&D) effort to develop high quality waterproofing materials is an ongoing, worldwide, process.

usually limited. Retaining walls (BSW) are often used in this type of situations. BSW stands for blindside waterproofing, since waterproofing is done on the exterior before the concrete is poured. This type of waterproofing is used when property lines and other site conditions make it impossible to do open trenching

A. Thomas Perhacs is the author, creator, and visionary behind the Mind Force Method. He is also the President of Velocity Group Publishing and Director of The