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B MODEL 1703EML - THE CHAMBERLAIN ARM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSTo be used in conjunction with theChamberlain Garage Door Operator Owner’s ManualModels: ML700, ML750, ML850Before you begin, please read this entire instruction manual.AE BDOne-Piece Canopy Door(vertically tracked)CDFor use only with one-piece canopy and dual trackdoors as illustrated above. Do not use this door armwith sectional doors, fully retractable doors or canopydoors with jamb hardware.One-Piece Door with Dual Track(vertical and horizontal)EReview all safety warnings on Pageone of your garage door operatorowner’s manual. Ensure that the doorand all its operating gear is in goodcondition and works easily when it ismanually operated.Lubricate all garage door working parts before installingthe door arm. Ensure that the timber or metal garage doorframe on both sides and above the door is in good andsound condition and is securely fixed to the mainstructure of the garage. If there is any doubt, consult aprofessional garage door installer. (See the Yellow Pagesunder Garage Doors)Do not run the operator until installation is complete.The Chamberlain Arm HOTLINE:Germany 06838 / 907100 France UK 0800 317847 NL 20 684 7978114A3167A-GB

PlanningFIGURE 1You may find it helpful to refer to the applicableillustration as you proceed with the installation of your14garage door operator and The Chamberlain Arm . Thegarage door opener must be installed parallel to the floor.15Follow rail assembly instructions as shown in the Owner'smanual. Note: For the best operating result of canopy doors,use only 3-sections of the 4-piece rail or add a rail supportbracket as shown (16). Make sure rail support bracket doesnot interfere with the trolley movement (Purchase part no.600121). If 3 rails sections are used, the chain (belt) must becut by the same amount. For belts, a new belt clip isrecommended (Purchase part no. 041B5669).Canopy Garage Door – with 3 rail sections154362978101112135411663214978171. Header wall2. Header bracket3. Garage door opener rail4. Ceiling5. Garage door openerhanging brackets6. Trolley7. Extension arm8. Garage door9. Garage door spring10. Operator11. Garage door openermanual release12. Chamberlain Arm 13. Garage door track14. Garage door, should behorizontal in fully openposition15. Use limit adjustment ofgarage door opener tolevel the garage door16. Rail support bracket(not supplied)1510111213Canopy Door with Structural Obstructionand 4 rail sections134451662781015111312Garage Door with Dual Tracks – with 4 rail sections(vertical and horizontal)Header Bracket InstallationFor pre-hung canopy garage doorsFor doors either pre-hung in a metal frame or suppliedwith a metal frame for self-assembly, ensure headerbracket is located as shown below:For a canopy door, the instructions (Figures 2A & 2B)replace Step 13 in the Owner’s manual which refer topositioning the header bracket. If you have an inwardfacing lintel, which does not allow the header bracket tobe fitted directly above the garage door, you should seeFigure 16 & text with this instruction. For dual trackdoors, install the header bracket 50mm (2”) above thehigh point of door travel as shown in the Owner’smanual.12317 mm41 mmStandard canopy garage doorsCanopy doors are normally provided without a frame, forfixing to a timber frame. In this case, ensure headerbracket is located as shown below:46FIGURE 2B11. Header bracket2. Header frame3. Top of Garage Door4. Door jamb17 mm2113.5 mmFIGURE 2A3435114A3167A-GB55. Garage Door6. Pre-hung door with frame7. LipProceed with Steps 14 in your Owner’s Manual. Replace Step15 in the Owner’s Manual with the following instructions. Raisethe operator until the rail is horizontal. The rail should be parallelto the floor. Temporarily support the operator using a step ladder.Continue with Steps 16 through 18 in the Owner’s Manual. InStep 15, the removal of 25mm (1”) board does not apply tocanopy doors. After Step 18 is completed, proceed to page 4 inthis manual to begin the installation of the Chamberlain Arm .7If the door has a lip,measure fromthe top of the door,not the top of the lip.2

WARNARNINGINGWARNARNINGINGRepresentative Locking MechanismFIGURE 61CAUTIONWARNARNINGING5To prevent damage to garage door and operator: Ensure thatturning the outside handle will not actuate ANY of the lockingmechanisms supplied with the door.234 Remove all door latching mechanisms (Figure 3), andsecure any locking bars in the open position.16FIGURE 3615 Disengage the outer trolley from the inner trolley bypulling down the manual release rope and handle(Figure 6). Connect and secure the extension arm to outer trolleywith the clevis pin and ring fastener provided with thegarage door operator.3411. Trolley2. Clevis ring3. Bolt6534FIGURE 41. Spring2. Latch3. Door Plate4. Canopy Door5. Inside of Canopy Door6. Remove inside DoorHandle Remove inside door handle but leave the barrel inplace in door (Figure 4). Ensure that turning the outside handle will not actuateANY of locking mechanism supplied with the door.Failure to do so will result in serious damage to yourdoor and operator. This is not covered by theManufacturer’s Warranty.12FIGURE 5 . Unbolt the extension arm from the door arm (Figure 5).1. Connection Arm114A3167A-GB2. Canopy Door Arm34. Extension Arm5. Trolley disengage lever6. Manual release

Template Position the template horizontally to match up thecenterlines of the header bracket and the template.Refer to Figure 8 or Figure 9, depending on your doorstyle. To check, place the extension arm on the trolley intothe slot on the template. The extension arm should bestraight and in line with the garage door operator rail.The template is provided for use with two different typesof doors. Position and mark holes as directed below,based on your requirements.Template211Note: The door arm should extend about 13mm (1/2”)over the top of the door (Figure 10 or Figure 11). Ifnot, check template and hole positions.FIGURE 731. Tab2. Centerline of Template3. Slot for Extension ArmAlignment Test Door without a Lip13FIGURE 8Select and mark the (2) template holes which will allowthe mounting screws the best possible support in thedoor, (preferable hole locations into the door’s mainbracing) as shown in Figures 10/11. If possible, useadditional screws.The garage door may require additional bracingto 11Figure123provide suitable support.2421Figure11FIGURE310455456 Bend back tabs on the template (Figure 7).6 Rest the bottom of the tabs on the top of the door asshown in Figure 8 (door without a lip). This providesproper vertical replacement of holes.Figure 122Door with a Lip21375431FIGURE9Figure 10831Figure 12FIGURE 11455666 1. Top of Canopy Doorwithout Lip2. 13mm (1/2”)3. Top of Door ArmFor a door with a lip, as shown in Figure 9, do notbend back the tabs on the template. Instead, positionthe horizontal dotted line at the top of the lip. Thisprovides proper vertical placement of the holes.1. Centerline of HeaderBracket2. Tab3. Template4. Canopy Door withoutLip114A3167A-GB5. Extension Arm6. Canopy Door with Lip7. Top of Template forDoor with Lip8. Top of Door with Lip44. Screws5. Use additional screws ifpossible6. Door Arm

WARNARNINGINGDoor Arm Installation CAUTIONWARNARNINGINGNote: Whenever possible, use the nuts and boltssupplied (A).To prevent damage to garage door, do NOT drill through theentire door. For metal or metal-braced doors, use self-tappingscrews supplied (B). For timber or timber-braced doors,use wood screws supplied (C).With a 4.5mm (3/16") bit, drill two holes, 25mm (1")deep. Figure 12FIGURE 123AB241C851Before tightening the screws, align the door arm so itis vertical. Use a level to assist. The tighten the screws.765WARNARNINGINGAttach the door arm with proper hardware provided(Figure 12).BAC151113271.2.3.4.Exterior of DoorNutLock WasherBoltThe Chamberlain Group, Inc.AInstallation of Chamberlain Door Arm to Canopy Door1. BoltFigure 11 Mounting the Door Arm (Bottom Screws)2. Lock Washer#114A16045. Door Arm3. Nut2/12/93- 3/11/93 - 5/27/936. Self-trappingscrewB1. Metal or Metal-BracedC1. Timber or TimberBraced7. Timber support8. Lag screw2FIGUREFigure13 131Connecting the Extension Arm31. Select the two bottom holes in the door arm that willallow the screws to go into a cross bracing support ofthe door (Figure 13). Door may REQUIREADDITIONAL bracing to provide suitable support.2. Mark and drill two 4.5mm (3/16") holes. Use the properscrews provided.The centerline of the garage door opener and thecenterline of the door arm should match to preventbinding of the arm in operation.3. Recheck and if not aligned, correct.4. With the door fully closed, slide outer trolley (withextension arm connected), against door arm. Line upthe extension arm and insert into slot in door arm(Figure 14).Note: Do not move the door arm to meet the extensionarm—move the extension arm to meet the angle of thedoor arm.5. Insert the two mounting bolts provided into holes as farapart as possible and tighten (Figure 15).6. Cut off the shipping cable tie to release themechanism (Figure 14 and Figure 15).114A3167A-GB546711810Header WallRail AssemblyDoor SpringHeader BracketCenterline of HeaderBracket6. Canopy Door1. ArmCenterline of Door ArmCross BracingMounting ScrewDoor Arm must bevertical (use level)

Garage door with lintel in line with thegarage doorGarage door with inward protrudinglintelmax.2251. To install the Chamberlain DoorArm at inward protruding lintelsituations the door arm must bemounted in a different way.2. Cut down the door armsupplied with your garage doormax.225operner (275mm).FIGURE 141275max.225275max.225227531. Trolley2. Connection Arm3. Mount the cut down door armto the trolley as shown. Do notuse the slotted arm suppliedwith the Chamberlain DoorArm.3. Canopy Door Arm4. Take the curved door armsupplied withthe Garage Doormax.225Opener and fit all as showntogether. If you disconnect thetrolley you can move it easilyin any position for theinstallation. Use M8 screwswith lock nuts (not supplied).Release the trolley and slide the connection arm into the slotof the door arm.Do not move the door arm. Leave in upright position.FIGURE 152752655. Tighten the screws fully andback them off again 1/2 turn.323341. Trolley2. Connection Arm3. Canopy Door Arm4. Shipping cable tie114A3167A-GB5. Screw 5/16” - 18 x 7/8”6. NutOpen the garage door slowly and carefully by hand.Watch the movement of the door arm. If the ChamberlainDoor Arm hits the rail before the garage door is fullyopen, the angle of the arms must change. Close thegarage door and use another hole to change the angle ofthe system. Try again until the Chamberlain Door Armdoes not hit the rail anymore. In some cases raising theoperator head is quicker.6275

Initial Operation:The Chamberlain Arm has been designed so that, when usedwith a Chamberlain manufactured operator, the door will open toa fully horizontal position (Figure 16).Note: The door may be designed in such a way that it does notopen to the full horizontal. Adjust the UP limit so that the doorstops at a slightly downward angle when open.15436214978151011Note: If safety reversing sensors (Protector System) must beinstalled, please refer to your owner s manual beforeproceeding to Setting the limits and learning the force:1213FIGURE 16Setting the limits and learning the force:When returning to your Owner’s Manual, adjust the trolley travellimits as follows:1. With the inner and outer trolley sections still disconnected,manually open your door to the horizontal position. Make amark on the rail where the end of trolley nearest to theoperator stops.2. Manually close the door and mark the rail where the end ofthe trolley nearest the door stops.3. With the inner and outer trolley sections still disconnected,activate the operator and adjust the limits following theowners manual of the garage door opener, until the innertrolley stops on the marks you made. For models ML700,ML750, ML850 please read section #15, setting limitsmanually as found in the HAVING A PROBLEM section inyour owner’s manual. While setting the door limits manually,leave door and operator disconnected at all times.4. Reconnect the inner and outer trolley sections so the door isconnected to the operator.5. Force must be learned after completion of the limit settings.For models ML700, ML750, ML850 please read section #26.6. Run the operator again to ensure the door is opening andclosing correctly.1. Header wall12. Header bracket323. Garage door opener rail14984. Ceiling5. Garage door opener15hanging brackets136. Trolley7. Extension arm8. Garage door9. Garage door spring144810516627WARNARNINGING101511Do not attemptto adjust the spring. Call a local13garage door installing professional.12The Protector System (a safety reversing sensoraccessory) must be installed, if the ChamberlainArm is used (model 770E).Continue with the instructions in your Owner’s Manual.Having a problem?1. Pull the manual release handle to disengage the trolley.2. Lift the door about halfway. Release the door. It should stay inplace, supported entirely by its springs.3. Raise and lower the door to see if there is any binding orsticking. If your garage door binds, sticks or is out of balance,call a professional garage door service engineer.Note: Lubricate the inside and outside of the rail.Note: In some cases you may find the door will not open fullyuntil the force has been set.Note: In rare installations, the canopy door may touch theoperator rail when closing. This is NOT the fault of the operatoror arm. If this occurs:1. Manually check the operation of the canopy door to ensurethat it is closing easily. The door must have a slight drop atthe start of closing.2. If the door is not running easily, check that the side wires arenot catching or binding on the wire guides. Move the guidesuntil the wires run free.3. Raise the operator head by about 50mm (2”) vertically sothere is a slight downward angle on the rail.4. The door spring may be over tensioned.114A3167A-GB310. Operator54Garage11.16 door openermanual6 release712. ChamberlainArm 1713. Garage door track14. Garagedoor, should be1112horizontal in fully openposition15. Use limit adjustment ofgarage door opener tolevel the garage door 2005 Chamberlain GmbHAll rights reservedCAUTION

3. Garage door opener rail 4. Ceiling 5. Garage door opener hanging brackets 6. Trolley 7. Extension arm 8. Garage door 9. Garage door spring 10. Operator 11. Garage door opener manual release 12. Chamberlain Arm 13. Garage door track 14. Garage door, should be horizontal in fully open position 15. Use limit adjustment of garage door opener .

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