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DAnleitungen– Garagentoröffner Modell LiftMaster 1000A,800A, 600AFInstructions– Modèle LiftMaster 1000A, 800A, 600A deouvre-porte de garageGBInstructions– Garage Door Operator Model LiftMaster1000A, 800A, 600ADKInstruktioner– Model LiftMaster 1000A, 800A, 600AGarageportsåbnerEInstrucciones– Abridor de la puerta de garage, ModeloLiftMaster 1000A, 800A, 600AO‰ËÁ›Â – MË ·ÓÈÛÌfi AÓÔ›ÁÌ·ÙÔ Î·Ú· fi ÔÚÙ· ,MÔÓÙ ÏÔ LiftMaster 1000A, 800A, 600AGRINTDGBInt. Service ( 49) 6838/907 172für Service 06838/907 172for service ( 44) 0845 602 4285TÜV RheinlandFNLgeprüfteSicherheitpour service 03 87 95 39 28voor service 020 684 7978

Start by Reading These Important Safety InstructionsFailure to comply with the following instructions may result in serious personal injury orproperty damage. Read these instructions carefully The garage door opener is designed and tested to offer reasonable safe serviceprovided it is installed and operated in strict accordance with the instructions in thismanual.These safety alert symbols mean Warning – a personal safety or property damageinstruction. Read these instructions carefully.Warning: If your garage has no service entrance door, Model 1702E Outside Quick Release must be installed.This accessory allows manual operation of the garage door from outside in case of power failure.Keep garage door balanced. Do not letthe garage door opener compensate fora binding or sticking garage door.Sticking or binding doors must berepaired. Garage doors, door springs,cables, pulleys, brackets and theirhardware are under extreme tension andcan cause serious personal injury.Do not attempt to loose, move oradjust them. Call for garage doorservice.Do not wear rings, watches or looseclothing while installing or servicing agarage door opener.To avoid serious personal injury fromentanglement, remove all ropesconnected to the garage door beforeinstalling the door opener.Installation and wiring must be incompliance with your local building andelectrical codes. Connect the powersupply cord only to properly earthedmains.Lightweight doors of fiberglass,aluminum or steel must besubstantially reinforced to avoid doordamage. (See page 6.) The best solutionis to check with your garage doormanufacturer for an opener installationreinforcement kit.The safety reverse system test is veryimportant. Your garage door MUSTreverse on contact with a 40mm obstacleplaced on the floor. Failure to properlyadjust the opener may result in seriouspersonal injury from a closing garagedoor. Repeat the test once a monthand make any needed adjustments.The Protector System must beinstalled when the force at the edge ofthe closing door force exceeds 400N(40kg). Excessive force will interfere withthe proper operation of the SafetyReverse System or damage thegarage door.Permanently fasten the caution labeladjacent to the wall-mounted door controlcontrol button as a reminder of safeoperating procedures.Disengage all existing garage doorlocks to avoid damage to garage door.Install the lighted door control button (orany additional push buttons) in a locationwhere the garage door is visible, at aheight of at least 1.5m and out of thereach of children. Do not allowchildren to operate push button(s) orremote control(s). Serious personalinjury from a closing garage door mayresult from misuse of the opener.Activate opener only when the door isin full view, free of obstructions andopener is properly adjusted. No oneshould enter or leave the garage whilethe door is in motion. Do not allowchildren to play near the door.Use manual release only to disengagethe trolley and, if possible, only when thedoor is closed. Do not use the redhandle to pull the door open or closed.Disconnect electric power to thegarage door opener before makingrepairs or removing covers.This product is provided with a powersupply cord of special design which, ifdamaged, must be replaced by a powersupply cord of the same type; such apower supply cord may be obtained andfitted by a specialist.This unit should not be installed in adamp or wet space.Door must not extend over publicbyway during operation.CONTENTSPAGESAFETY RULES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1DOOR TYPES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2TOOLS REQUIRED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2HARDWARE PROVIDED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2BEFORE YOU BEGIN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3COMPLETED INSTALLATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3ASSEMBLY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3-4INSTALLATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-5CONNECT ELECTRIC POWER . . . . . . . . . . . . .6-7PROGRAMMING THE CODE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8-9ADJUSTMENT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10114A2910B-GB1 DOOR TYPESA.B.C.D.E.One-Piece Door with Horizontal Track OnlyOne-Piece Door with Horizontal and VerticalTrack – Special door arm (E, TheChamberlain Arm ) and The ProtectorSystem (29 (9)) are required. See your dealer.Sectional Door with Curved Track – See 20B –connect door arm. The Protector System(29 (9) is required for doors that are over 2.5min height.Canopy door – Special door arm (E, TheChamberlain Arm ) and The ProtectorSystem (29 (9)) are required. See your dealerThe Chamberlain Arm for use on door typesB and D.ABCDE2 TOOLS REQUIRED1210mm, 8mm,4,5mm, 4mm11mm, 13mm11/13mm3 HARDWARE )(14)(15)(16)(17)(18)(19)(20)Hex Bolt (2)Clevis Pin (1)8mm Carriage Bolt (2)Wood Screws (8)Sheet Metal Screws (2)Clevis Pin (2)RopeHandleInsulated Staples (10)Anchor (2)Concrete Anchor (6)Lock Washer (5)Hex Nut (5)Ring Fastener (3)Rail Grease (1)Lock Nut (1)Metric Tapping Screw (4)Hex Screw (3)Flat Washer (2)Stop Bolt6215541NOTICE879CONTENTSPAGEINSTALL THE PROTECTORSYSTEM (OPTIONAL) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11SPECIAL FEATURES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11ACCESSORIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11REPLACEMENT PARTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12-13CARE OF YOUR OPENER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13MAINTENANCE OF YOUR OPENER . . . . . . . . . .13HAVING A PROBLEM? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14OPERATION OF YOUR OPENER . . . . . . . . . . . .15SPECIFICATIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .151-GB1311141631012201718192-GB114A2910B-GB

9 Fasten Rail to Opener and InstallBEFORE YOU BEGIN:1. Look at the wall or ceiling above the garage door. The header bracket must be securely fastened to structuralsupports.2. Do you have a finished ceiling in your garage? If so, a support bracket and additional fastening hardware (notsupplied) may be required.3. Depending on your door's construction, you might need a special door arm. See your dealer.4. Do you have an access door in addition to the garage door? If not, Model 1702E Outside Quick ReleaseAccessory is required. This accessory allows manual operation of the garage door from outside in case ofpower failure.Chain/BeltHolding chain (4) and belt (5) out of the way, slide rail(1) onto shim (2) until rail is secure. Take thechain/belt and wrap it around the sprocket (3). Make4sure the teeth on the sprocket have engaged thechain/belt.12523134 Completed InstallationAs you proceed with the assembly, installation and adjustment procedures in this manual, you may find it helpfulto refer back to this illustration of a completed installation.7(10) Manual Release(1) Header Sleeve41 235Rope & Handle(2) Idler Pulley Bracket6(11) Curved Door Arm(3) Trolley1411(12) Straight Door Arm(4) Rail9(13) Door Bracket(5) Chain/Belt1213and Plate(6) Hanging Bracket108(14) Header Bracket(7) Power Cord15(15) Trolley Release Arm(8) Opener10(9) Light LensASSEMBLY SECTIONIMPORTANT: If you have a canopy door, you need to use the instructions packed with The ChamberlainArm Accessory in conjunction with this Owner's Manual when assembling the rail.5 Assemble the Rail24Grease inside edges of rail sections using grease (1).Place rail pieces (2) on flat surface for assembly. Allfour rail sections are interchangeable. Slide rail brace(3) onto rail section. Connect rail by sliding rail braceonto next rail section. Tap rail assembly (4) on pieceof wood (5) until rail sections are flush. Repeat withremaining rail sections.31Place sprocket cover (1) on top of the opener (2),secure with screws (3).312211 Assemble Header SleeveThread spring nut on carriage bolt until finger tight.Insert a screwdriver tip (1) into one of the slots of thenut ring (2) and brace it firmly against the headersleeve. Place an open end wrench (3) on the squareend of the spring nut (4), slightly rotate nut about 1/4turn clockwise until nut ring (2) is released againstheader sleeve (5). This sets spring to optimum chaintension. Chain may slip off sprocket if chain/belt is too21345loose. If chain does slip re-tighten spring nut by turingnut clockwise 1/2 turn. Do NOT overtightenchain/belt.INSTALLATION SECTION3215Wear protective goggles when working overhead to protect your eyes from injury.Disengage all existing garage door locks to avoid damage to the garage door.To avoid serious personal injury from entanglement, remove all ropes connected to the garage doorbefore installing the opener.Installation of this product shall comply with ZH1/494, VDE 0700 Part 238, and VDE 0700 Part 1.It is recommended that the opener be installed 2,1m (7 feet) or more above the floor where space permits.12 Position the Header Bracket6 Install the Chain/BeltARemove chain/belt from carton and lay chain out onfloor (do not allow chain/belt to twist).A. Chain: Push pins of master link bar (3) throughchain link (4) and hole in back end of trolley (5).Push cap (2) over pins and onto notches. Slideclip-on spring (1) over cap and onto pin notchesuntil both pins are securely locked in place.B. Belt: Hook the trolley connector (6) into the slot (7)on the trolley (8).B638754217 Insert Chain/Belt into Rail & AssembleHeader SleeveSlide pulley bracket (1) and inner trolley (2) into back(opener end) of rail assembly (3), be sure to insertpulley bracket as shown with arrow (4) pointingtoward front (header end) of rail (5). Push brackettoward front (header end ) of rail (5). Insert carriagebolt (6) through header sleeve bracket (7). Looselythread spring nut (8) and flat washer (9) onto carriagebolt. Insert carriage bolt (6) of header sleeveassembly (7) into bold cut out in pulley bracket (1).Slide header sleeve assembly (7) on to front (headerend) of rail (10).45691The header bracket must be rigidly fastened to astructural support of the garage. Reinforce the wall orceiling with a 40mm (1-1/2") board if necessary.Failure to comply may result in improper operation ofsafety reverse system.You can attach the header bracket either to the headerwall (1) or to the ceiling (3). Follow the instructions whichwill work best for your particular requirements. With thedoor closed, mark the vertical centerline (2) of the garagedoor. Extend line onto header wall above the door.Open door to highest point of travel. Draw an intersectinghorizontal line (4) on header wall 5 cm (2") above highpoint to provide travel clearance for top edge of door.42313 Install the Header Bracket83761017128 Attach Trolley to Rail2Slide outer trolley (1) into back (opener) end of the railassembly (2), be sure end with trolley release arm (3)is heading in direction of opener. Slide outer trolleydown rail until it engages with inner trolley.114A2910B-GB10 Attach Sprocket Cover3-GB13NOTE: Refer to vertical center and horizontal linescreated in step 12 for proper placement of headerbracket.A. Wall Mount: Center the header bracket (1) on thevertical center line (2) with the bottom edge of theheader bracket on the horizontal line (4) (with thearrow pointing toward the ceiling). Mark all of theheader bracket holes (5). Drill 4,5mm (3/16") pilotholes and fasten the header bracket with woodscrews (3).B. Ceiling Mount: Extend vertical center line (2) ontothe ceiling. Center the header bracket (1) on thevertical mark no more than 150mm (6") from thewall. Make sure the arrow is pointing toward the5250mm(2")4131 25150mm(6")3ABopener. Mark all of the header bracket holes (5). Drill4,5mm (3/16") pilot holes and fasten the headerbracket with wood screws (3). For concrete ceilingmount, use concrete anchors provided.4-GB114A2910B-GB

14 Attach Rail to Header BracketConnect Electric PowerPosition opener on garage floor below the headerbracket. Use packing material to protect the cover.Raise rail until holes in the header sleeve and holes inthe header bracket align. Join with clevis pin (1).Insert ring fastener (2) to secure.NOTE: To enable the rail to clear sectional doorsprings, it may be necessary to lift opener onto atemporary support. The opener must either besecured to a support or held firmly in place by anotherperson.TO AVOID INSTALLATION DIFFICULTIES, DO NOT RUN THE GARAGE DOOR OPENER UNTILINSTRUCTED TO DO SO.Connect the door opener only to an outlet controlled by a double pole switch.218 Install the Light and Lens115 Position the Opener1NOTE: A 25mm (1") board (1) is convenient for settingan ideal door-to-rail distance (unless headroom is notsufficient).Raise the opener onto a stepladder. Open garagedoor. Place a 25mm (1") board (1) laid flat on the topsection of door near the centerline as shown. Rest therail on the board.If the raised door hits the trolley, pull down on thetrolley release arm to disconnect the inner and outertrolley sections. The trolley can remain disconnecteduntil connecting door arm to trolley is completed.552341419 Fasten Door Bracket16 Hang the OpenerThe opener must be securely fastened to astructural support of the garage.Three representative installations are shown. Yoursmay be different. Hanging brackets (1) should beangled (Figure A) to provide rigid support. On finishedceilings, (Figure B) attach a sturdy metal bracket (notsupplied) (4) to a structural support before installingthe opener. For concrete ceiling mount, (Figure C),use concrete anchors provided.On each side of opener measure the distance fromthe opener to the structural support (or ceiling).Cut both pieces of the hanging bracket to requiredlengths. Flatten one end of each bracket and bend ortwist to fit the fastening angles. Do not bend at thebracket holes. Drill 4,5mm (3/16") pilot holes in thestructural supports (or ceiling). Attach brackets tosupports with wood screws (2).Lift opener and fasten to hanging brackets with screw,lock washer and nut (3). Check to make sure rail iscentered over the door. REMOVE 25mm (1") board.Operate door manually. If door hits the rail, raiseheader bracket. Use rail grease and lubricate bottomsurface of rail (5).Install a 40 watt maximum (230V, E27) light bulb (notincluded) in the socket (1). Hinge the bottom of thelens (2) onto the cover from left of the hinge bars (3)as shown. Close the lens by gently squeezing theupper corners and inserting the tabs (4) into slots onthe cover (5).To change bulb, squeeze the upper corners of the lensto disengage tabs. The lens will drop open, remaininghinged at bottom.The light will turn on and remain lit for 2-1/2 minuteswhen power is connected. After 2-1/2 minutes it willturn off.A21135C4B424232331317 Attach Emergency Release Rope& HandleThread one end of rope (1) through hole in top of redhandle so "NOTICE" reads right side up as shown (3).Secure with an overhand knot (2). Knot should be atleast 25mm (1") from end of the rope to preventslipping.Thread other end of rope through hole in release armof the outer trolley (4). Adjust rope length so thathandle is 1,8m (6 feet) above the floor. Secure with anoverhand knot.NOTE: If it is necessary to cut rope, heat seal cut endwith a match or lighter to prevent fraying.241NOTICE3AIf you have a canopy garage door, a door armconversion kit is required. Follow the installationinstructions included with the replacement door arm.Exercise care in removing and assembling armconversion kit. Keep fingers away from the sliding parts.NOTE: Horizontal and vertical reinforcement isneeded for lightweight garage doors.Sectional and One-Piece Door InstallationProcedure:Door bracket (1) has left and right side fasteningholes. If your installation requires top and bottomfastening holes use both the door bracket and doorbracket plate (2) as shown.1. Center door bracket (with or without door bracketplate, as required) at the top inside face of door asshown. Mark holes.2. A. Wooden doorsDrill 8mm holes (5/16") and fasten the door bracketwith nut, lock washer, and carriage bolt (3).B. Sheet metal doorsFasten with wood screws (4).C. One-piece door optionalFasten with wood screws (4).20 Assemble Door Arm312B12124C41AA. ONE-PIECE DOOR INSTALLATION:Fasten the straight (1) and curved (2) door armsections together to the longest possible length (witha 2 or 3 hole overlap) using carriage bolts (3), lockwashers (4) and hex nuts (5). With the door closedconnect the straight door arm section (1) to the doorbracket with clevis pin (6). Secure with ring fastener(7). Disconnect the inner and outer trolley. Slide theouter trolley back toward the opener and join thecurved arm (2) to the connector hole in the trolley (8)with clevis pin (6). It may be necessary to lift the doorslightly to make the connection. Secure with ringfastener (7).NOTE: When setting the up limit, the door should nothave a “backward” slant when fully open. A slightbackward slant (9) will cause unnecessary buckingand/or jerking operation as the door is being openedor closed from the fully open position.B. SECTIONAL DOOR INSTALLATION:Connect according to Figure B, then proceed toStep 0B-GB

21 Install Door Control22 Program your Opener & Remote32Locate door control where the garage door isvisible, away from door and door hardware andout of the reach of children. Mount at least 1,5 m(5 feet) above the floor.Serious personal injury from a moving garagedoor may result from misuse of opener. Do notallow children to operate the door control orremote control transmitter.Fasten the caution label permanently to the wallnear the door control as a reminder of safeoperating procedures.There are 2 screw terminals (1) on the back of thedoor control (2). Strip about 6mm (1/4") of insulationfrom bell wire (4). Separate wires enough to connectthe white/red wire to RED terminal screw 1 and thewhite wire to WHT terminal screw 2.Fasten the door control to an inside garage wall withsheet metal screws (3) provided. Drill 4mm (5/32")holes and use anchors if installing into drywall. Aconvenient place is beside the service door and out ofreach of children.Run the bell wire up the wall and across the ceiling tothe garage door opener. Use insulated staples tosecure wire. The receiver quick connect terminals arelocated behind the light lens of the opener. Connectthe bell wire to the terminals as follows: white/red tored and white to white (5).Operation of the Door ControlPress to open or close the door. Press again to stopthe door while moving.13RED1WHT2LOCKLIGHT(Models 800A, 1000A)12WHT2RED131(Model 600A)5123–O60 s180 s120 s6mm4Activate the opener only when door is in full view,free of obstruction and properly adjusted. No oneshould enter or leave garage while door is inmotion. Do not allow children to operate pushbutton(s) or remote(s). Do not allow children toplay near the door.Your garage door opener receiver and remote controltransmitter are set to a matching code. If youpurchase additional remote controls, the garage dooropener must be programmed to accept the newremote code.Program the Receiver to Match Additional RemoteControl Codes:Using the orange “LEARN” Button:1. Press and release the orange “learn” button on theopener. The learn indicator light will glow steadilyfor 30 seconds (1).2. Within 30 seconds, press and hold the button onthe hand-held remote that you wish to operate yourgarage door (2).3. Release the button when the opener light blinks. Ithas learned the code. If the light bulb is notinstalled, two clicks will be heard (3).Using the Multi-Function Door Control:1. Press and hold the button on the hand-held remotethat you wish to operate your garage door (4).2. While holding the remote button, press and hold theLIGHT button on the Multi-Function DoorControl (5).3. Continue holding both buttons while you press thepush bar on the Multi-Function Door Control (allthree buttons are held) (6).4. Release buttons when the opener light blinks. It haslearned the code. If the light bulb is not installed,two clicks will be heard (7).Now the opener will operate when the remote controlpush button is pressed. If you release the remotecontrol push button before the opener light flashes,the opener has not learned the code.To Erase all Remote Control Codes:To deactivate any unwanted remote, first erase allcodes: Press and hold the orange “learn” button onopener until the learn indicator light goes out(approximately 6 seconds). All previous codes arenow erased. Reprogram each remote or keyless entryyou wish to use.3-Channel Remote:If provided with your garage door opener, the largebutton is factory programmed to operate it. Additionalbuttons on any rolling code 3-channel remote ormini-remote can be programmed to operate this orother rolling code garage door openers.1114A2910B-GB7-GB360 s120 s132L ift M465L ift Masteaster7rLOCKLIGHTLOCKLIGHT23 Open/Close/Stop Operation(only if you have a Multifunction door control)Your remote control can be programmed to operateone door using all 3 buttons: the left button will onlyopen the door, the middle button will only close thedoor, and the third button will stop the door’smovement. You may set up this feature as follows:1. With the door closed, press and hold the leftremote push button.2. Press and hold the Lock button on the doorcontrol.3. Press and hold the door control push bar.2–O180 sOpenCloseStopWhen the opener lights flash, release all buttons. Testby pressing the left (Open) button on the remote. Thedoor should open. Press it again while the door isopen and nothing should happen. Press the middle(Close) button and the door should close. Press thethird (Stop) button while the door is moving and itshould stop immediately.8-GB114A2910B-GB

24 Program your Keyless EntryActivate the opener only when door is in full view,free of obstruction and properly adjusted. No oneshould enter or leave garage while door is inmotion. Do not allow children to operate pushbutton(s) or remote(s). Do not allow children toplay near the door.NOTE: Your new Keyless Entry must be programmedto operate your garage door opener.Program the Receiver to Match Additional RemoteControl CodeUsing the orange “LEARN” Button:1. Press and release the orange “learn” button (1) onopener. The learn indicator light will glow steadilyfor 30 seconds.2. Within 30 seconds, enter a four digit personalidentification number (PIN) of your choice on thekeypad (2), then press and hold the ENTERbutton.3. Release the button when the opener light blinks(3). It has learned the code. If the light bulb is notinstalled, two clicks will be heard.Using the Multi-Function Door Control:NOTE: This method requires two people if theKeyless Entry is already mounted outside the garage.4. Enter a four digit personal identification number(PIN) of your choice on the keypad, then pressand hold ENTER.5. While holding the ENTER button, press and holdthe LIGHT button on the Multi-Function DoorControl.6. Continue holding the ENTER and LIGHT buttonswhile you press the push bar on the Multi-FunctionDoor Control (all three buttons are held).7. Release buttons when the opener light blinks. Ithas learned the code. If the light bulb is notinstalled, two clicks will be heard.12360 s26 Setting the Limits120 s1Travel limits regulate the points at which the doorwill stop when moving up or down. Follow thesteps below to set the limits.To program the travel limits:1. Press and hold the black button (1) until the yellowindicator light (3) starts flashing slowly and thenrelease.2. Push and hold the black button (1) until the doorreaches the desired open position. Adjust theposition of the door by using the black (1) andorange (2) buttons. Black moves the door UP,orange moves the door DOWN.3. Push the programmed remote control (4) or pushbar on the door control that was shipped with youropener. This sets the full UP (open) position. Thedoor will travel to the floor and reverse back to theUP (open) position. The opener has learned itstravel limits.Check to be sure the door is high enough for yourvehicle. Adjust if necessary.4. The indicator light (3) will stop flashing when thelimits have been learned.NOTE: If the door reverses before it reaches the floor32213–O60 s180 s120 s3L ift Master41 2132proceed to #15 of the Having a Problem? section andfollow the instructions for setting the limits manually.The force MUST be learned in order to properlycomplete the setting of the limits.27 Setting the ForceThe force, as measured on the closing edge of thedoor, should not exceed 400N (40kg). If theclosing force is measured to more than 400N, theProtector System must be installed See step 29.The force setting regulates the amount of powerrequired to open and close the door.1. Locate the orange button (2).2. Push the orange button (2) twice to enter unit intoForce Adjustment Mode. The LED (3) (indicatorlight) will flash quickly.3. Push the programmed remote control (4) or pushbar on the door control that was shipped with youropener. The door will travel to the DOWN (close)position. Push the remote control (4) again, thedoor will travel to the UP (open) position.The LED (3) (indicator light) will stop flashing whenthe force has been learned.The door must travel through a complete cycle, UPand DOWN, in order for the force to be set properly. IfLOCKLIGHT4576L ift MLOCKLIGHTLOCKLIGHT25 Using the Wall-Mounted Door ControlTHE MULTI-FUNCTION DOOR CONTROLPress the push bar (1) to open or close the door.Press again to stop the door.Light featurePress the light button to turn the opener light on or off.It will not control the opener lights when the door is inmotion. If you turn it on and then activate the opener,the light will remain on for 2 1/2 minutes. Press againto turn it off sooner. The 2 1/2 minute interval can bechanged to 1-1/2, 3-1/2 or 4-1/2 minutes as follows:Press and hold the Lock button until the lightblinks(about 10 seconds). A single blink indicates thatthe timer is reset to 1-1/2 minutes. Repeat theprocedure and the light will blink twice, resetting thetimer to 2-1/2 minutes. Repeat again for 3-1/2 minuteinterval, etc., up to a maximum of four blinks and4-1/2 minutes.Lock featureDesigned to prevent operation of the door from handheld remote controls. However, the door will open andclose from the Door Control, the Outside Keylock andthe Keyless Entry Accessories.To activate, press and hold the Lock button (3) for 2seconds. The push bar light will flash as long as theLock feature is on.114A2910B-GBADJUSTMENT SECTION–O180 s1LOCKLIGHT2To turn off, press and hold the Lock button again for2 seconds. The push bar light will stop flashing. TheLock feature will also turn off whenever the “LEARN”button on the opener panel is activated.9-GBaste123–O60 s180 s120 srL ift M aster4232 (2x) 3the unit cannot open and close your door fully, inspectyour door to insure that it is balanced properly and isnot sticking or binding.28 Test the Safety Reverse SystemThe safety reverse system test is important.Garage door must reverse on contact with a40mm obstacle laid flat on the floor. Failure toproperly adjust opener may result in seriouspersonal injury from a closing garage door.Repeat test once a month and adjust as needed.Procedure: Place a 40mm obstacle (1) laid flat on thefloor under the garage door. Operate the door in thedown direction. The door must reverse on theobstruction. If the door stops on the obstruction,remove obstruction and repeat Setting the Limits step26. Repeat test.When the door reverses on the 40mm obstacle,remove the obstruction and run the opener through acomplete travel cycle. Door must not reverse inclosed position. If it does, repeat Setting the Limits1and Force steps 26 and 27 and repeat safety reversetest.Place 20kg at the center of the door and ensure thatthe door will not move up more than 500mm.10-GB114A2910B-GB

29 Install the Protector System 32(See accessories)Install this accessory for all installations onCanopy doors, One-Piece Door with Horizontaland Vertical Track , doors over 2.5m and when theclosing force as measured on the bottom of thedoor is over 400N (40kg).After opener has been installed and adjusted, TheProtector System accessory can be installed.Instructions are included with this accessory.The Protector System provides an additionalmeasure of safety against a small child beingcaught under a garage door.It uses an invisible beam which, when broken by anobstruction, causes a closing door to open and12Cd12B374144C7741A5801-1 (1.7m)41A5801 (2.3m)41A5801-2 (2.5m)41A5801-3 17430E8002ELOCKLIGHT R331 702E770EFLA23094330ESingle-Function Remote Control3-Function Remote Control3-Function Mini Remote ControlKeyless Entry SystemMulti-Function Door ControlPanelLighted Door Control ButtonMotion Detector Wall ControlOutside KeylockOutside Quick ReleaseThe Protector System Flashing Light Kit(12) Model 1703EThe Chamberlain Arm (13) Model 16200LMDoor in Door Switch(14) Model MDL100LM Mechanical Door Latch Kit(15) Model EQLI01Door Handle Quick Release(16) Model 9-13-1Door Reinforcement BracketWIRING INSTRUCTIONS FOR ACCESSORIESOutside Keylock –To opener terminals:Red-1 and White-2Protector System – To opener terminals:White-3 and Grey-4Door Control Panel – To opener ter

Warning: If your garage has no service entrance door, Model 1702E Outside Quick Release must be installed. This accessory allows manual operation of the garage door from outside in case of power failure. Keep garage door balanced. Do not let the garage door opener compensate for a binding or sticking garage door. Sticking or binding doors must be

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3. Garage door opener rail 4. Ceiling 5. Garage door opener hanging brackets 6. Trolley 7. Extension arm 8. Garage door 9. Garage door spring 10. Operator 11. Garage door opener manual release 12. Chamberlain Arm 13. Garage door track 14. Garage door, should be horizontal in fully open position 15. Use limit adjustment of garage door opener .

www.liftmaster.com OUVRE-PORTE DE GARAGE Modèles 3265C 1/2 HP 3265-267C 1/2 HP Pour résidences seulement Manuel d’instructions Lire attentivement ce manuel ainsi que les consignes de sécurité! Après la pose, accrocher ce manuel prè

14 Gamme de couleurs 18 Technologie innovante 20 Porte de garage enroulable extérieure 22 Portillons indépendants 23 Variantes et équipements complémentaires 24 Porte, motorisation et commande 26 Accessoires 28 Dimensions et données techniques 3. Utilisation universelle Les portes de garage enroulables RollMatic s’ouvrent à la verticale et ne nécessitent qu’une place minime dans le .

RollMatic Garage Doors Roller garage doors and overhead garage doors open vertically and require minimum space inside the garage. This construction principle means you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage. The shape of the garage door opening is not of prime imp

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Liste des principales commandes CMD Gestion des réseaux et Internet CONTROL NETCONNECTIONS ou bien NCPA.CPL: ouvre les connexions réseau FIREWALL.CPL: ouvre le pare-feu Windows INETCPL.CPL: ouvre les propriétés internet IPCONFIG : affiche les configurations des adresses IP sur l'ordinateur (Pour plus d'informations, tapez IPCONFIG /? dans l'invite de commande CMD)

Advanced Financial Accounting Advanced Financial Accounting Richard Lewis and David Pendrill Richard Lewis and David Pendrill seventh edition seventh edition Rigorous in its approach, Advanced Financial Accounting tackles the more complex issues of the subject in a lively and engaging manner. Familiar in its structure and treatment of basic concepts, this seventh edition has been thoroughly .