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SpecCast Collectibles2014

JOHN DEEREDie Cast Tractors & Implements - 1:16 scaleJDM 210John Deere MT Gas Wide FrontJDM 233John Deere M with 2-Row PlanterNew!New!JDM 252John Deere M Gas Wide FrontJDM 261John Deere M Gas Wide Front with 2-Bottom PlowNew!JDM 248JDM 249JDM 250John Deere LA with Wheel Weights John Deere LA with Leaf Spring Cultivator John Deere L with Sickle MowerJDM 255John Deere 62 with PlowDie Cast Implements - 1:16 scaleJDM 247John Deere #55 3-Bottom Plow with Clutch on Rubber WheelsJDM 258John Deere Grain Drill with Yellow Hopper Lids

Die Cast Vehicles - 1:25 scaleNew!16196John Deere 1937 Ford Pickup78273John Deere 1957 Chevy PickupDie Cast Implements - 1:64 scaleNew!JDM 245John Deere/Bauer Built 48-Row Planterwith Fertilizer TankJDM 251John Deere 7200 MaxEmerge 12-Row Planterwith Liquid Fertilizer TanksNew!New!JDM 253John Deere/Bauer Built 7200 24-Row Planterwith Fertilizer TankJDM 257John Deere 7200 MaxEmerge 6-Row Planterwith Dry Fertilizer TanksDie Cast Tractor-Trailers - 1:64 scale35105John Deere “Smart Power” Peterbilt 37937065John Deere “Stronger to the Core” Kenworth T660

AGCODie Cast Tractors & Implements - 1:16 scaleNew!New!SCT 458Oliver 1950 Diesel Wide FrontSCT 480 Available in JulyOliver 1900 WheatlandNew!New!New!SCT 434Oliver 88 Row Crop Gas Narrow FrontSCT 478 Available in JuneOliver Super 77 Narrow Front with Red WheelsSCT 476 Available in JuneOliver 770 Wide FrontNew!New!New!SCT 460Allis-Chalmers D-14 GasWide Front with Orange GrilleSCT 474Allis-Chalmers 6080 Open Station 2WDSCT 477Allis-Chalmers D-15 Wide Frontwith Beige WheelsNew!New!New!SCT 459Massey-Ferguson 98 Diesel with HeadlightsSCT 472 Available in JuneMassey-Ferguson 98 Diesel with LoaderSCT 475Massey-Ferguson 65 DieselMaticNew!SCT 409Minneapolis-Moline U GasNarrow Front with 4-Row CultivatorSCT 449Minneapolis-Moline G-1355 LP-Gaswith Duals & Front WeightsSCT 461Minneapolis-Moline 445 GasNarrow Front with Wheel WeightsNew!SCT 479 Available in JulyMinneapolis-Moline U GasNarrow Front

Die Cast Implements - 1:16 scaleSCT 422Oliver 3-Bottom Plowmaster on Rubber WheelsSCT 395Oliver 3-Bottom Plowmaster on Steel WheelsDie Cast Tractors - 1:64 scaleSCT 423Heritage Iron Oliver 2255 FWAwith ROPS & CanopySCT 424Vintage Iron Oliver 2255 FWAwith Duals & CabSCT 462Vintage Iron Oliver 2255 Open Stationwith Fuel Fenders and Rear DualsSCT 463Vintage Iron White 2255 Open Stationwith Fuel Fenders and Rear DualsSCT 451Massey Ferguson 8680Die Cast Tractor-Trailers - 1:64 scale33619Fendt Peterbilt 387New!35118AGCO Dealer Parts Peterbilt 37935107Challenger Peterbilt 379

CASE IHDie Cast Tractors & Implements - 1:16 scaleZJD 153Farmall 450 Gas Narrow FrontZJD 1701Farmall 544 Gas Narrow Front with LoaderZJD 1710Farmall 400 Gas Single FrontZJD 1711Farmall 450 Gas Single FrontZJD 1715Farmall 544 Gas Narrow Front withGear Transmission & Wheel WeightsZJD 1724Farmall 544 Hydro DieselGold Demo with CanopyNew!ZJD 1734Farmall 400 Gas Narrow Frontwith Firestone TiresNew!ZJD 1739Farmall 504 Gas Narrow Frontwith CanopyZJD 1756 Available in JulyFarmall 350 Gas Narrow FrontZJD 1698‘64 Farmall Cub with Blade & ChainsZJD 1758 Available in FebruaryFarmall 504 Gas Wide Frontwith Flat Fenders & Wheel WeightsNew!New!ZJD 1751Case DC-3 Narrow Front with Umbrella75th AnniversaryNew!ZJD 1730International Cub (yellow) with Blade & ChainsZJD 1752International Cub (yellow) Square Hood LowboyNew!New!ZJD 1731Farmall 560 Style Cubwith One-Arm LoaderZJD 1733Farmall Cub (white) with Sickle Mower

Die Cast Crawler - 1:16 scaleResin Pulling Tractor - 1:16 scaleNew!New!ZJD 1757 Available in JulyInternational TD-14 with BladeZJD 1742Case IH Magnumator II PullerDie Cast Implements - 1:64 scaleNew!New!ZJD 1741 Available in FebruaryCase IH Model 1255 16-Row PlanterZJD 1680Case IH Model 1255 24-Row PlanterDie Cast Tractors - 1:64 scaleZJD 1662Heritage Iron International 1206 WheatlandZJD 1697Vintage Iron International 1206 with FWAZJD 1714Vintage Iron International 1206 with Cab and 2WDDie Cast Tractor-Trailers - 1:64 scaleNew!New!ZJD 1743Magnumator II Peterbilt 379ZJD 1744Case IH Parts & Services Volvo 770New!ZJD 1755Case IH “Proud to be a Farmer” Peterbilt 387

Grain CartsDie Cast - 1:64 scaleCUST 1252Killbros Grain Cart (green)CUST 1253Killbros Grain Cart (red)In each case of 6 Killbros Grain Cartsthere will be 1 orange Chaser CartSprayersDie Cast - 1:16 scaleCUST 1184Brent 657Q Grain Train Wagon (red)CUST 1185Brent 657Q Grain Train Wagon (green)CUST 1209Brent Avalanche 1196 Grain Carton Tracks (red)CUST 1210Brent Avalanche 1196 Grain Carton Tracks (green)CUST 1207Unverferth 1110 Grain Cartwith Flotation Tires (red)CUST 1208Unverferth 1110 Grain Cartwith Flotation Tires (green)CUST 1213Century Tank SprayerCUST 1214Century Drum SprayerNOTICE TO CONSUMER:SpecCast does its best to replicate models that are true to form. However, products and color may vary from the photos shown in this catalog. Additionally, some prototypes are shown for representation at the time of printing.The following trademarks are used under license:Massey-Harris is a trademark, and AGCO, Massey Ferguson, Minneapolis-Moline, Oliver and White are registered trademarks of AGCO Corporation, Duluth, GA. 2013 AGCO Corporation.Case, Case IH, Farmall, IH, International Harvester and McCormick-Deering are trademarks of CNH America LLC, Racine, Wisconsin, USA, and are used under license. 2013 CNH America LLC.Freightliner Classic XL and Business Class M2, emblems, logos and body designs are trademarks of Daimler Trucks North America LLC and are used under license by SpecCast.International, and other International trademarks are licensed by International Truck Intellectual Property Company, LLC, manufactured by SpecCast under the license of International Truck Company.Kenworth, KW & design and Aerodyne trademarks licensed by PACCAR, Inc., Bellevue, Washington, USA.Peterbilt trademarks licensed by PACCAR, Inc., Bellevue, Washington, USA.White Trucks are a trademark of Volvo Trucks North America and manufactured under license by SpecCast, Dyersville, IA.SPECCAST 428 Sixth Avenue NW P.O. Box 368 Dyersville, IA 52040Phone: (563) 875-8706 Toll-Free: (800) 844-8067Fax: (563) 875-8056 E-mail: custservice@speccast.com www.SpecCast.comPM2222 12/13

John Deere L with Sickle Mower JDM 249 John Deere LA with Leaf Spring Cultivator Die Cast implements - 1:16 sCale JOHN DEERE Die Cast traCtors & implements - 1:16 sCale JDM 247 John Deere #55 3-Bottom Plow with Clutch on Rubber Wheels JDM 233 John Deere M with 2-Row Planter JDM 252 John Deere M Gas Wide Front JDM 255 John Deere 62 with Plow JDM 258

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