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Is your childready for asummer ofgrowth andadventure?The Staten Island YMCA is about to embark on yet another funand exciting summer of camp. Welcome to all of our returning andnew campers to our 2013 Day Camp Program. Y Summer Campuses hands-on learning through indoor and outdoor educationalactivities. Thank you for choosing our summer day camp for yourchild. We look forward to getting to know your son or daughter!Sincerely,Cynthia BayiokosDay Camp Director2

WELCOME TO YMCASUMMER CAMPThrough programs like YMCA Day and Sleepaway Camp, we nurture your child’s sense of selfconfidence and introduce them to positive, fun experiences that build leadership and social skills.Well-trained, qualified staff serve as positive role models for campers. Y Day Camp enhancescamper’s self-confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills through structured (and fun!) activities.Campers develop a true understanding of diversity in an atmosphere of acceptance and approval ofthe uniqueness of others. Campers are encouraged to be creative, expressive and learn new skills.Summer learning activities offer fun ways for campers to read and learn over the summer months.All YMCA Day Camps are licensed by the NYC Department of Health and Accredited by the AmericanCamping Association (ACA).YMCA Summer Camp helps campers ages 5-13 years old and teens ages 14-16 years old grow mentallyand physically by participating in challenging activities in both small and large group settings under thesupervision of a caring and well-trained staff.SUMMER LEARNINGTo succeed in school and life, children and young adults need ongoing opportunities to learn andpractice essential skills. This is especially true during the summer months when children lose much ofwhat they learn during the school year.YMCA of Greater New York Day Camps provide high-quality summer learning initiatives that givechildren a variety of ways to improve reading and math skills and explore music, drama, art andsports. Through fun, themed curriculum that incorporates key academic components, childrenwill practice and further their academic skills, learn to plan and create projects, learn teamworkand develop new skills. To inspire reading, our program will provide books recommended by theDepartment of Education for summer reading.OUR CAMP LOCATIONSThe Staten Island YMCA Summer Day Camp operates out of Pouch Camp, 1465 Manor Road,Staten Island, NY 10314. For more information, please contact Camp Director Cynthia Bayiokos at718-227-3200 or Broadway (ages 3-6) and Broadway Summer Fun (ages 7-12) operate out of the StatenIsland Broadway YMCA, 651 Broadway, Staten Island, NY 10310. For more information, call718-981-4933.Camp Rainbow (ages 3-6) and South Shore Stars (ages 7-12) operate out of the Staten IslandSouth Shore YMCA, 3939 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312. For more information, call718-227-3200.Our Summer Sleepaway Camp is for boys and girls ages 6-16 from all over the world and is located86 miles from NYC in Huguenot, NY. There are two villages, McAlister (Ages 6-12) and Talcott (1215), that are located on our 1,160 acre property. For more information, call 877-30-CAMPS.3

DAY CAMPEach week of camp provides your child with hands-on activitiesincluding educational field trips and theme days.TRADITIONAL CAMPYMCA SUMMER DAY CAMP AT POUCH CAMP(Ages 5 – 13)The Staten Island YMCA’s Traditional Camp Program, located at Pouch Camp, offers a variety of fun, supervisedactivities. Campers participate in swimming, arts and crafts, health and fitness, group games, science and nature,music and drama, rock climbing and sports. Each session features a new theme to spark your campers’ curiosityand broaden their horizon as they explore art, music, science and the natural world through hands-on learningand camp trips. Campers also will learn to express themselves in a safe, bully-free environment while developingstrong citizenship and integrity with the help of our four core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.Traditional Camp will give your camper a variety of new experiences along with memories and lifelong friendships.Sessions are two weeks in length and campers are encouraged to register for 5 days a week, though 3 day campoptions are available on M/W/F only. Lunch must be provided from home every day.Traditional Camp Hours9:00am - 4:00pmExtended Hours AM: 7:15am - 9:00amExtended Hours PM: 4:00pm - 6:15pmSession InformationSESSIONDATES1234July 1 - July 12July 15 - July 26July 29 - Aug. 9Aug. 12 - Aug. 23Traditional Day Camp Fees Per Session# DAYSMEMBERPROGRAM PARTICIPANT5 DAYS 513 5643 DAYS 309 338Extended Day Fees Per Session5 DAY3 DAYAM: 177AM: 107PM: 177PM: 107BOTH: 259BOTH: 158Camp Transportation(Per session fees. Available only for 5-day campers.)One-way AM: 200One-way PM: 200AM & PM: 300For more information, contact Camp DirectorCynthia Bayiokos at cbayiokos@ymcanyc.orgor 718-227-3200.4

ADDITIONAL YOUTH DAY CAMPSBROADWAY SUMMER FUnSOUTH SHORE STARS(Ages 7-12)For working parents, our Broadway and South Shore YMCAs are ready to provide a summer filled with awesome (andstructured) games and activities, all led by well-trained, qualified staff. These YMCA summer camps are the perfectplace to meet new friends, participate in sports and creative arts, explore science and technology, swim, learn aboutnature, build core values, appreciate culture and diversity and - of course - have fun.The camps allow children to explore their creative talents as they make new friends while dabbling in art and science,participating in trips and playing their favorite sports. Each day in camp is an adventure that teaches campers thefour core YMCA values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.Camp Hours9:00am - 4:00pmSession InformationSESSIONDATES1234July 1 - July 12July 15 - July 26July 29 - Aug. 9Aug. 12 - Aug. 23In-House Day Camp Fees Per Session# DAYS5 FULL DAYS3 FULL DAYS2 FULL DAYSMEMBER 473 284 189PROGRAM PARTICIPANTS 546 328 219For more information on Broadway Summer Fun, contact Mirjana Scarselli or 718-420-1832.For more information on South Shore Stars, contact Christopher Ostrow or 718-227-3200.5

SPECIALTY CAMPSSWIM CAMP(Ages 5 – 12)Get healthy and into shape! Swim camp is great for children of all levels. Campers are taught not only swimmingskills, but also how to enjoy aquatic activities throughout their lives. Skills include personal safety, survival andrescue skills, water sports and structured games. Children will be divided into three levels and given red (beginner),yellow (intermediate) or green (advanced) swim caps to indicate their swim level. Campers also are divided into agegroups: 5-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds and 10-12 year olds. This camp will alternate sessions between the Broadwayand South Shore YMCAs.Swim Camp Hours12:15pm - 3:15pmSwim Camp Fees Per SessionSESSIONDATES1234July 1 - July 12July 15 - July 26July 29 - Aug. 9Aug. 12 - Aug. 23LOCATIONMEMBERPROGRAM PARTICIPANTBroadway PoolSouth Shore PoolSouth Shore PoolSouth Shore Pool 302 335 335 335 342 380 380 380For more information on swim camp at the Broadway YMCA, contact Aquatics DirectorRomulus Staton at or 718-981-4933.For more information on swim camp at the South Shore YMCA, contact AquaticsDirector Michael Creegan at or 718-227-3200.COMBO SWIM CAMP(Ages 5 – 13)This camp combines our Traditional and Swim Camp programs. Your camper will arrive at Pouch Camp at 9:00amwhere he or she will spend the first half of their day. The locations for each camp will alternate between the SouthShore and Broadway YMCAs. Campers will be divided into age groups: 5-6 year olds, 7-9 year olds and 10-12 yearolds. Your camper will be transported by bus to Swim Camp and returned to Pouch Camp for regular dismissal eachday at 4:00pm.Combo Camp Fees Per SessionSESSIONDATES1234July 1 - July 12July 15- July 26July 29 - Aug. 9Aug. 12 - Aug. 23LOCATIONMEMBERPROGRAM PARTICIPANTBroadway PoolSouth Shore PoolSouth Shore PoolSouth Shore Pool 555 617 617 617 595 661 661 661For more information, contact Camp Director Cynthia Bayiokos or 718-227-3200.COUNSELOR–IN–TRAINING(Ages 14-16)Our Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is for tomorrow’s leaders. Teens who are involved in this amazing programgain job readiness skills and work experience during the summer working alongside experienced staff. The CITprogram is designed to give teens who are interested in one day becoming a camp counselor or leaders in thecommunity, a head start on that experience. Each of these selected teens will have an opportunity to attain valuabletraining to further their knowledge of working with youth in a recreational setting. All the while, we focus on treatingthese campers as professionals, giving them opportunities to discover their leadership potential and explore theirstrengths. A pre-registration interview with the Camp Director is required.MEMBER: 336 per sessionPROGRAM PARTICIPANT: 394 per sessionFor more information, contact Camp Director Cynthia Bayiokos or 718-227-3200.6

EARLY CHILDHOOD CAMPSCAMP BROADWAYCAMP RAINBOW(Ages 3 – 6)The Staten Island YMCA’s Early Childhood Day Camp Program focuses on providing a safe, nurturing environmentwhere children can thrive. Kids have fun while building self-confidence, appreciating teamwork and gainingindependence. Our Early Childhood Camps - Camp Rainbow (located at the South Shore YMCA) and Camp Broadway(located at the Broadway YMCA) - offer air-conditioned classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, indoor pools and gyms.Children are divided into the following age groups: 3-4 year olds and 5-6 year olds.Our primary goal is for each child to develop a positive self-image. The staff is made up of carefully selectedteachers and assistant teachers who will provide guidance and supervision so that each child can achieve selfconfidence and awareness. Children are encouraged to develop self-help skills that foster independence and apositive self-image.Our campers participate in a wide variety of activities, including arts and crafts, swim, gym, music and organizedgames. Each week will feature a special theme and all activities are geared to meet individual needs, abilities andinterests. This camp offers half-day and full-day options.Day Camp Hours8:45am - 3:15pmHalf Day AM: 8:45am - 11:30amHalf Day PM: 12:30pm - 3:15pmExtended Hours AM: 7:30am - 8:45amExtended Hours PM: 3:15pm - 6:00pm*PLEASE NOTE: Campers must be completelypotty trained to attend Camp Broadway orCamp Rainbow.For more information on Camp Broadway, please contact Allison Sicuranza or 718-981-4933.For more information on Camp Rainbow please contact Bonnie Schiuma or 718-227-3200.Session InformationSESSION DATESTransition1234June 10 - June 21June 24 - July 5July 8 - July 19July 22 - Aug. 2Aug. 5 - Aug. 16Fees per session# DAYSMEMBERPROGRAM PARTICIPANTS5 FULL 401 4283 FULL 300 3252 FULL 212 2335 HALF 268 3253 HALF 157 1852 HALF 111 141Extended hours fees per session5 DAY3 DAY2 DAYAM: 55AM: 45AM: 37PM: 97PM: 77PM: 53BOTH: 128BOTH: 98BOTH: 727

WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOWDAY CAMP DATESPARENT ORIENTATIONStaten Island YMCA Summer Day Camp at Pouch Camp isan eight-week program that runs from July 1 - August 23.Parent Orientation is mandatory. Parent or guardianmust attend one session: June 25, June 26 or June 27at 5:30 p.m. in the Berlin Lodge at Pouch Camp.POUCH CAMP OPEN HOUSES(at Berlin lodge at Pouch camP)Saturday, March 2 - 10am - 4pmSaturday, April 27 - 10am - 4pmSaturday, May 18 - 10am - 4pmSaturday, June 1 - 10am -1pmSaturday, June 15 - 10am - 1pmFINANCIAL ASSISTANCEREGISTRATION MADE EASYREFUNDS AND CREDITSLog-on to your campSubmit payment for your child’s first session withadditional deposits of 100 for each added session.This will hold your child’s spot for the designated weeks ofcamp.Take advantage of the 10% Early Bird discount bypaying off your entire balance by May 18.Submit your child’s medical form completed withparent information and signature as well as the doctor’sinformation, signature and stamp as soon as possible. It’s agood idea to keep extra copies of the medical form for yourrecords.Have 2 passport size photos of your child for submission.The YMCA accepts all major credit cards or you may signup for automatic billing to ensure payments are made ontime with no late fees incurred.GOVERNMENT/UNION VOUCHERSWe accept ACD, HRA, TWU Local 100, and 1199 SEIUvouchers. You must have your confirmation letter withyou at the time of registration.8The YMCA of Greater New York awards scholarshipsto campers based on a parent or a family’s annualincome. The scholarship applications must besubmitted by May 18, 2013.If your child cannot attend camp for a period of timepaid, you may submit a request for credit along withdocumentation to the Camp Director. Credits can beused for camp or other programs throughout the year.Any refund requests will be submitted to the CampDirector and will be granted under the discretion ofthe Youth & Family Director. All requests should bemade prior to the start of the session.CAMP GEAREach child will receive two shirts and a camp bag.Swim caps will be given during the camper’s first day ofswimming. Camp t-shirts must be worn every day.Additional shirts may be purchased at 8 each. Swimgear must consist of a towel, swimsuit, swim cap, achange of clothing, water shoes and a plastic bag (orother receptacle for wet swim gear). Camp gear isdistributed during the first day of camp.

REGISTRATION FORMCAMPER INFORMATIONChild’s Name Age D.O.B.Female MaleMedical on File? Yes No (Must be on file prior to the first day of camp)Mailing address Apt #City State ZipHome Phone ( )School Name Grade completed in June 2013T-Shirt Size Child: S M LAdult: S M LPARENT INFORMATIONMother’s NameWork Phone ( )Father’s NameWork Phone ( )EmailCell Phone ( )EmailCell Phone ( )EMERGENCY CONTACTSName RelationshipPhone No. ( )Name RelationshipPhone No. ( )Name RelationshipPhone No. ( )At dismissal, the following people are authorized to pick up my child:(We will not release your child to anyone not listed below without your written consent.) Medical Care is NeededDoctor’s Name Phone NumberDoes your child have any allergies? List them hereIs your child on any medications? List type and what forI am the legal guardian of and do hereby give my permission for any medical treatmentdeemed necessary in case of an emergency.All information concerning your child will be available to the Camp Supervisory Staff as well as their Counselors, atthe discretion of the Camp Director. I acknowledge that I have received the Parent Handbook and Health ExaminationForm to be returned before the child attends camp.I assume the financial responsibilities for my child. I understand that camp deposit and registration fees arenonrefundable. Additionally, I give permission for my child to attend field trips under the supervision of the StatenIsland YMCA staff and allow my child to participate in all camp activities as described in the camp brochure andParent Handbook.Standard Release formI HEREBY CONSENT to the use, publication and display, by or on behalf of the Staten Island YMCA, any photograph,digital image or videotape and any reproduction thereof in which I or my minor child may be portrayed or identifiedby name. It is understood that the YMCA of Greater New York and member organizations may use, publish anddisplay such photographs or digital images or reproductions thereof, in whole or in part, for any business purposein their individual discretion. I waive all claim for any compensation for such use. I understand that my child willparticipate in all camp activities.SignatureDate9

A SUMMER OF FUN2013 Summer Day Camp OptionsPlease check off all that apply:EARLY CHILDHOOD CAMPS CAMP BROADWAY (at the Broadway YMCA) CAMP RAINBOW (at the South Shore YMCA)SESSIONDATES# DAYSMEMBER Transition:6/10-6/21 5 FULL 401 Session 1:6/24-7/5 3 FULL 300 Session 2:7/8-7/19 2 FULL 212 Session 3:7/22-8/2 5 HALF 268 Session 4:8/5-8/16 3 HALF 157 2 HALF 111EARLY CHILDHOOD CAMP EXTENDED HOURS (Per session fees )5 DAY AM: 55 PM: 97 BOTH: 1283 DAY AM: 45 PM: 77 BOTH: 982 DAY AM: 37 PM: 53 BOTH 72PROGRAM PARTICIPANT 428 325 233 325 185 141TRADITIONAL DAY CAMP AT POUCH CAMP (Per session fees / 3-day option available M/W/F/only)SESSIONDATES# DAYS 17/1-7/12 5 Full Days 27/15-7/26 3 Full Days 37/29-8/9 Counselor-In-Training 48/12-8/23TRADITIONAL CAMP EXTENDED HOURS (Per session fees )5 DAY AM: 177 PM: 177 BOTH: 2593 DAY AM: 107 PM: 107 BOTH: 158MEMBER 513 309 336PROGRAM PARTICIPANT 564 338 394CAMP TRANSPORTATION (Per session fees/Available only for 5-day campers) One-way AM: 200 One-way PM: 200 AM & PM: 300Address you would like transportation service to:SPECIALTY SWIM CAMP (Per session fees/5-day option only)SESSION 1 2 3 oadwaySouth ShoreSouth ShoreSouth ShoreMEMBER 302 335 335 335PROGRAM PARTICIPANT 342 380 380 380MEMBER 555 617 617 617PROGRAM PARTICIPANT 595 661 661 661 SOUTH SHORE STARS# DAYSMEMBER 5 FULL 473 3 FULL 284 2 FULL 189PROGRAM PARTICIPANT 546 328 219COMBO SWIM CAMP (Per session fees/5-day option only)SESSION NBroadwaySouth ShoreSouth ShoreSouth ShoreADDITIONAL YOUTH CAMPS BROADWAY SUMMER FUNSESSIONDATES 17/1-7/12 27/15-7/26 37/29-8/9 48/12-8/2310

STATEN ISLAND YMCA MEDICAL FORM(This side to be filled in by parent before presentation to physician)/ /M FChild’s Last NameFirst NameDate of Birth SexParent or Guardian PhonePlace of Employment (Father) PhonePlace of Employment (Mother) PhoneIn case of emergency, notify: PhoneIf Parent or Guardian is not available in an emergency, please notify:1. Phone2. PhoneImportant: Has this camper been exposed to any communicable disease during the three weeks priorto attendance? Yes NoIf yes, please state type of exposure:HEALTH HISTORY (Circle, giving approximate dates)Ear Infections Allergies Diseases Rheumatic FeverConvulsionDiabetesBehaviorAsthma or Hay FeverIvy PoisoningInsect StingsPenicillinOther DrugsChicken Pox Measles Mumps German MeaslesDatesOther Contagious IllnessesOther Past IllnessesOperations or Serious Injuries & DatesChronic or Recurring IllnessAny specific activities to be encouraged?Conditions that require activity to be restrictedPermissions for all program activities unless otherwise noted by Dr.Appliance worn (glasses, contacts, etc.)Medication takenSuggestion from Parent/GuardianCONSENT FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL TREATMENTI do hereby give authority to the Staten Island YMCA Summer Camp staff to obtain necessaryemergency medical treatment for my child with the understanding that the family will be notified assoon as possible.NAME SIGNATURERELATIONSHIP DATE TELEPHONEDepartment of Health The City of New York Bureau of Inspections11

STATEN ISLAND YMCA MEDICAL FORM(To be filled out by your physician)The purpose of this health record is to provide the staff with pertinent information which will help toserve the needs of this child in Summer Camp.IMMUNIZATION HISTORYThis is a record of dates of basic immunizations and most recent booster doses.TypeDtaP, DTP orTDOPV/IPVMMRHem. InfluenzaType BHepatitis AL EXAMINATION To be filled out by licensed physician.Examination is acceptable when performed no more than 6 months prior to arrival at camp.Codes: S Satisfactory X Not Satisfactory (Explain)0 Not ExaminedGeneral AppearanceHeight Weight Blood PressureHgb. Test (Date)Urinalysis (Date)EyesVision w/GlassesPosture & Spine SkinNoseTeethHerniaAbdomenGenitaliaNeurological FindingsDescribe Abnormal Finding and/or Handicapping ConditionsHas child ever received products containing horse serum?Allergy (please specify)Recommendations and restrictions while in campSpecial Diet Special Medicine (name)Is parent/guardian sending special medicine?Swimming Activity RestrictionGeneral appraisalI have examined the person herein described, reviewed his/her health history and it is my opinionthat he/she is physically able to engage in Summer Day Camp.M. D.Examining Physician (signature)TelephonePhysician’s Name (please print)12AddressDate of Examination

SLEEPAWAY CAMPThe New York YMCA Camp is located 86 miles from NYC on a 1,160 acre property.Activities offered at New York YMCA Camp are Summer Sleepaway Camp, Specialized Summer SportsCamps (Gymnastics, Volleyball and Judo), Day Camp for Hudson Valley residents, Greenkill OutdoorEducation Center, and customizable Retreat Groups or Special Retreat Weekends (Women’s WellnessWeekend, Men’s Adventure Weekend, Family Camp).Summer Sleepaway Camp(June 30th – August 23rd)Have an unforgettable summer at New York’s YMCA Camp! Our camp is for boys and girls ages 6-16from all over the world. There are two villages, McAlister (Ages 6-12) and Talcott (12-15), that arelocated on our 1,160 acre property for Summer Sleepaway Camp. Just a sample of activities thatwe offer are swimming lessons, a wide variety of sports, arts and crafts, outdoor living skills, ournew media program, canoeing, and our ropes courses. We also offer specialty programs that includewater skiing, horseback riding, and rafting trips. We are 86 Miles outside of NYC and we are a safe,inclusive, and diverse camp community. We are a place where children can develop friendships,lifelong skills, and cherished memories.Sports CampsGymnastics(June 23rd – July 5th)We offer world class training for dedicatedand determined gymnasts from around theworld. Our focus is to support each gymnastwhile learning new skills and improving existingones. Every gymnast has the opportunity totrain closely with our world-class coaches. Ourfacilities include 16,000 sq feet of training space,6 vault stations, 12 beam stations, 4 sets ofcompetition bars, 2 full floor exercises, and more.Volleyball(July 14th – August 9th)We offer progressive training techniques for allskill levels, position specific training, and videotraining with personal feedback. We also offerplyometric and weight training opportunitiesfor qualified campers. Our facilities include 6indoor courts with all new sport court, 5 outdoorgrass courts, a training room, certified athletictrainers, and medical attention available 24/7.Judo(August 11th – August 17th)We offer world class training for athletes fromaround the world. During daily practice andevening Randori, our coaches evaluate skills todevelop an individualized, appropriate trainingprogram for every camper. Our focus is tosupport each child and adult to learn new skillsand to perfect their existing ones.13

Day Camp - (Hudson Valley)(July 1st – August 23rd)All camp activities are progressive and designed to alloweach child to see the growth of skills they learn in a funand safe environment. Younger campers are lead throughadventurous and fun activities, while older campers havea choice in the activities they participate in throughoutthe day.Outdoor ADVENTURE(June 30th – August 23rd)Safe, sensational travel adventures for ages 10 to 15.Experience outdoor adventure activities during one and twoweek camping trips in the NE and SE regions.YEAR-ROUND PROGRAMSOutdoor Education(September – June)The Greenkill Outdoor Education Center provides safeand educational programs for students through a holisticapproach that tailors each trip to a school’s specific needs.Our professional staff focuses on the needs of studentsand encourages learning in the natural environment.Winter Family Campand Summer family Camp(Winter - Feb. 15th – 18thSummer - Aug 30th – Sept 2nd)Enjoy a wonderful themed weekend during the winter, thesummer, or both filled with family fun.Sleepaway campopen houses atNEW YORK YMCA CAMP March 24April 14May 5June 21:00 -4:00pmTransportation is available from NYCFor more information on anyof these activities please call877-30-CAMPS or visit ourwebsite at www.nyycamp.org14


discountoffeach additional sibling.Discounts cannot be combined.10%SiblingDiscountsDoes not apply to New York YMCA Camp programsfor participants who are registered byMay 18 and have paid in full.10%Early BirdDiscountsPromotional Offers3939 Richmond AvenueStaten Island, NY ISLAND YMCAPAIDVISIT YMCANYC.ORG/CAMPTO LEARN MORE!Permit No. 24Staten Island, NYNon-ProfitOrganizationUS Postage

Camp Rainbow (ages 3-6) and South Shore Stars (ages 7-12) operate out of the Staten Island South Shore YMCA, 3939 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10312. For more information, call 718-227-3200. Our Summer Sleepaway Camp is for boys and girls ages 6-16 from all over the world and is located 86 miles from NYC in Huguenot, NY. There are two .

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