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Florida StandardsAssessments (FSA)Spring 2019Somerset Academy LakesFeb.18, 2020

Agenda What are the Florida Standards Assessments?––––––Subjects and Grades AssessedTest ScheduleTest TimingTest Design and Test Item TypesState Science AssessmentScore Information How are FSA results used? Helpful Resources

What are the Florida Standards? The Florida Standards were adopted in 2014 in English/LanguageArts and Mathematics to help prepare Florida students for successin college, career, and in life by emphasizing analytical thinkingskills. The FSA provides a more authentic assessment of the FloridaStandards than prior tests, in that students will be asked to creategraphs, interact with test content, and write and respond indifferent ways than on traditional tests. Question types will assess students' higher-order thinking skills inkeeping with the higher expectations of the Florida Standards.

What subjects and grades are tested?ALL TESTS WILL BE PAPER-BASED! Grades 3,4, & 5 - FSA English Language Arts (ELA) Grades 4-5 FSA Writing– A student must take both the Writing and Reading teststo receive an FSA ELA score. Grades 3,4, & 5 - FSA Mathematics Grade 5 only - Statewide Science Assessment

FSA TEST DATES:AssessmentFSA WritingGrade LevelTest Date(s)Grades 4 and 5 Tuesday, April 1stTuesday and Wednesday,April 1st-2ndFSA ELAGrade 3FSA ELATuesday and Wednesday,Grades 4 and 5 May 5th-6thTuesday and Wednesday,Grades 3-5May 12th-13thFSA MathState ScienceGrade 5Tuesday and Wednesday,May 19th-20th

Are the tests timed? YES! FSA Writing – Grades 4 and 5– 120 minutes (1 session)– A small break after 60 minutes of testing FSA ELA – Grades 3, 4, and 5FSA Mathematics – Grades 3, 4, and 5Statewide Science – Grade 5– 160 minutes over two days 80 minutes – Day 1 80 minutes – Day 2– A short break is given after 40 minutes of testing**Students who receive additional time as part of their IEP will receive itaccordingly.

Paper-based Test Materials Grade 3-5 ELA & Mathematics– Students will receive a Test and Answer Book– Students will work problems in their Test & answer book. Grades 4 and 5 Writing– Students receive Writing Planning Sheet, Test & Answer Book Grade 5 Science– Students will receive a Test Book & Answer Book/Sheet Practice Tests have been developed by DOE. Students will have an opportunityto take the practice test at the school prior to the actual test.– Available on the FSA portal for public access.Go to Practice Tests

Test Design – ELA (Writing & Reading)ELA-READING CONTENT CATEGORIESGrades 3-5Approximate percentage of raw score points for each category.ELAPERCENTAGE OF POINTS BYDEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE (DOK)* LEVELGrades 3-5Reading Text TypesLiterature - 50%Informational - 50%DOK Level 1 (Low)10-20%Key Ideas and Details15-25%DOK Level 2 (Mod)60-80%Craft and Structure25-35%DOK Level 3 (High)10-20%Integration ofKnowledge and Ideas20-30%Note: Text-based Writing (G4-5) component is aDOK Level 3 task.Language and Editing15-25%Text-Based Writing(Grades 4-5)Determined eachyearTotal Number of Items56-60*DOK refers to the complexity level of thecognitive process demanded by a test item ratherthan the difficulty of the item.Level 1: Recall and Reproduction, Level 2: Skillsand Concepts, and Level 3: Strategic ThinkingApproximately 6-10 items within the Reading and Language components listed aboveare field test items are included in the ranges above but are not included in the students’ score.

Test Design - Writing FSA Writing (Grades 4-5)At elementary, the stimulus will consist of two to four texts, ranging from 800-1300words each. Scoring rubrics for FSA Writing can be found on the FSA Portal.§Overall Task Description Students will read a stimulus about a single topic. Stimulus should consist of informational or literary fiction or nonfiction texts and can covera wide array of topics. After reading stimulus, students will respond by providing information on a topic or take astance to support an opinion or argument.§Stimulus Attributes The stimuli for informative/explanatory prompts should maintain a clear topicalconnection but may address diverse concepts/ideas. The stimuli for opinion/argumentative prompts should present opposing points of view.Each point of view should be equally represented so that a student can take either side of aposition. Thorough and convincing support for the controlling ideas must be evident in all /answer-keys-paper/FSA 2018 4 Writing Practice-Test ts/answer-keys-paper/FSA 2018 5 Writing Practice-Test Rubric.pdf

Writing Prompt

Planning Sheet

Writing Testing Tips1. Read the prompt and determine whether it is asking forinformation/explanation, or an opinion.2. Read the texts, looking for details to support informationor opinion.3. Use the Planning Sheet to organize thoughts and details.4. Write and edit response. Make sure it contains: Clearly stated and strongly maintained idea or opinionDetails from the passages to support idea or opinionVariety of sentence types and transitional strategiesClear and effective expression and logical progression of ideasStrong introduction and conclusionCorrect spelling and punctuation

Test Design/Scoring Grades 4-5 Writing component contributes 10 raw scorepoints to the overall FSA ELA total raw score.– The raw score is not the most important score when consideringa student’s overall performance. FSA, like other Florida statewide assessments past andpresent, is not scored using a percent-correct or numbercorrect scoring method. Students correctly answering themore-difficult items receive more credit than studentsanswering less-challenging items.In other words, the scoring model involves both the number andthe difficulty of questions a student answers correctly.

Test Item Types - ELA ELA Item Types– Multiple Choice25-50% of test is composed of enhanced items which include –––––Multi-SelectSelectable TextMulti-PartTable MatchEditing Task Choice

Test Item Types - ELA Multiple Choice– Choose the best answer from the answer choices, and fillin one bubble for the correct answer.

Test Item Types - ELA Multi-Select– Choose more than one correct answer from the answerchoices, and fill in the bubbles for more than one correctanswer.

Test Item Types - ELA Selectable Text– Fill in the bubble before the phrase or sentence that you want to select.This type of item will ask students to select one or more phrases orsentences from a passage, so read the item carefully to know how torespond.

Test ItemTypes - ELA Multi-Part– The two parts of theitem, Part A & Part B,may be eithermultiple-choice (oneanswer), multi-select(more than oneanswer), orselectable text (oneor more answers).

Test Item Types - ELA Table Match– Students will be required to match the information fromeach row to the corresponding column. Read theinstructions carefully to know how to respond to theitem.

Test Item Types –ELA Editing Task– Students will read a passage withseveral underlined words orphrases that may be incorrect.Following the passage, editingtask items will ask students toreview a sentence with anunderlined word or phrase and tofill in one bubble to correct thesentence. If the sentence isalready correct and requires nochange, fill in the bubble marked“correct as is.”

Test Design - MathMATH CONTENT CATEGORIESGrades 3-5 (CBT)MATHApproximate percentage of raw score points for each category.Grade345Reporting CategoryPercentof TestNumberof ItemsPERCENTAGE OF POINTS BYDEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE (DOK)* LEVELGrades 3-5Operations, Algebraic Thinking, and Numbersin Base Ten48Numbers and Operations - Fractions17Measurement, Data, and Geometry35DOK Level 3 (High) 10-20%Operations and Algebraic Thinking21Numbers and Operations in Base Ten21Numbers and Operations – Fractions25Measurement, Data, and Geometry33*DOK refers to the complexity level of thecognitive process demanded by a testitem rather than the difficulty of the item.Level 1: Recall and Reproduction, Level 2:Skills and Concepts, and Level 3: StrategicThinkingOperations, Algebraic Thinking, and Fractions39Numbers and Operations in Base Ten28Measurement, Data, and Geometry33DOK Level 1 (Low)60-6460-6460-6410-20%DOK Level 2 (Mod) 60-80%

Test Item Types - Math Math Item Types– Multiple Choice– Multi-Select– Table Match– Response Grid– Editing Task Choice

Test Item Types - Math Multiple Choice– Choose the best answer from the answer choices, and fill inone bubble for the correct answer.

Test Item Types - Math Multi Select– Choose more than one correct answer from the answerchoices, and fill in the bubbles for more than one correctanswer.

Test Item Types - MATH Table Match– Students will use the information in the table to provide your answer.You will be required to match the information from each row to thecorresponding column. Read the directions carefully to understandhow to respond to the item.

Test Item Types - Math Response Grids

Test Item Types - Math Response Grids (continued)

Test Item Types - Math Response Grids

Test Item Types - Math Editing Task Choice– Students will respondby choosing the correctword or phrase to fill ineach blank in asentence or sentences.For each answer choicebox, fill in the bubblebefore the correctword or phrase. Besure to respond toeach of the editing taskboxes in the item.

Reference Sheets Grades 4 & 5 Math willreceive reference sheets– Grade 4 someformulas will be on thereference sheet– Grade 5 someformulas may beincluded with the testitem Grade 3 Math does notreceive a referencesheet

Test Design - Science Grade 5 students will take the Science assessmentbased on the Florida Next Generation Sunshine StateStandards.SCIENCE CONTENT CATEGORIESGrade 5Approximate percentage of raw score points for each category.Grade5Reporting CategoryPercentof TestNature of Science17Earth and Space Science29Physical Science29Life Science25Numberof Items60-66ELA SCIENCEPERCENTAGE OF POINTS BYDEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE (DOK)* LEVELGrades 5DOK Level 1 (Low)10-20%DOK Level 2 (Mod)60-80%DOK Level 3 (High)10-20%*DOK refers to the complexity level of thecognitive process demanded by a test item ratherthan the difficulty of the item.Level 1: Recall and Reproduction, Level 2: Skillsand Concepts, and Level 3: Strategic Thinking

Test Design - Science All items on the Grade 5 Science test are multiple choice.

Electronic Devices No electronic devices permitted during testing– Students MAY NOT have any electronic device(e.g., cell phone, mp3 player, game system, applewatch, etc.) on them OR within arm’s reach even ifthey do not use them.– Cause for immediate invalidation of test.

Helping Your Child Test Preparation– Review homework with your child.– Ensure that your child participates in the practice testsso that he or she becomes familiar with the items.– A good night’s sleep & then a nutritious breakfast.– Remind them to relax & try their best!

FSA Scores Students will receive a Scaled Score (SS),Achievement Level, Percentile Rank, and Raw Scores. Grade 3 ELA scores will be released by May 27. Grades 4-5 ELA and Grades 3-5 Math scores will bereleased in June.

Grade 3 ELA Grade 3 ELA Scores– Per F.S. 1008.22(5)(b), to be promoted to grade 4, a studentmust score a Level 2 or higher on the Grade 3 ELA.– Students who score a Level 1 on ELA may qualify for a goodcause exemption for promotion to Grade 4 per Florida StateBoard Rule 6A-1.094221(1)(A), F.A.C. Alternate Passing Requirements– I-Ready: 50% or higher (score of 535 on Diagnostic 3)– Student portfolio of 3rd grade mini assessmentsdemonstrating proficiency– ALL decisions are made on an individual student basis

FSA ScoreReportDescriptions of Report:1 – Identifies student, school, district,test administration2 – Description of the FSA andresources for teachers, parents, &students.3 – Performance Levels and Scale Scorewith information regarding theperformance level.4 – Performance Details lists thereporting categories, number ofpoints possible, and number ofpoints earned for each category.5 – Performance Comparison showshow your student performedcompared to the school, thedistrict, and the state.

Sample FSAAchievementLevels

How are FSA Results Used? FSA results provide teachers and schools with additionalinformation about each student’s proficiencies. Results are used IN ADDITION TO teacher observationsand coursework throughout the year in makingdeterminations of student progression and areas ofopportunity.

Florida’s Revised A Program The Florida Department of Education uses FSA and Scienceresults to evaluate each public school and each school district. School grades are determined through performance on theFSA English Language Arts (Reading and Writing combined),Mathematics, and State Science tests. Schools are required to test 95% of eligible students in orderto earn a school grade. The school grade is based upon the percentage of total pointsearned. Each component is worth up to 100 percentage pts.

FSA Portal FSA Portal:– The FSA Portal was developed as a communication tool bythe Florida Department of Education and contains allpublished information regarding FSA assessments, andreleased Practice Tests– Access to the portal and information is public.

Helpful Resources FSA Florida Department of Education Web Site School Accountability Reports

Please be sure to complete the survey. Thanks again!

Feb 20, 2020 · FSA TEST DATES: Assessment Grade Level Test Date(s) FSA Writing Grades 4 and 5Tuesday,April 1st FSA ELA Grade 3 Tuesdayand Wednesday, April 1st-2nd FSA ELA Grades 4 and 5 Tuesday and Wednesday, May 5th-6th FSA Math Grades 3-5 Tuesday and Wednesday, May 12th-13th State Science Grade 5 Tuesdayand Wednesday, May 19th-20th

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