2013 A Crucial Year For Strategic Decision Making

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How online retailing will transform IKEA2013 a crucial year for strategic decision makingResearchFARMINCLUDED:Access to our online databasewith 500 retail picturesFebruary 2013

IKEA: INTRODUCTIONThe rise of e-commerce and increasingly intenseonline competition in the furniture market willmake it vital for IKEA to radically transform thebusiness model away from the single focus on thebig out of town shed. Even with today’s restrictedtransactional online offer, available in just 12out of 40 countries, IKEA have attracted morewebsite visits than physical store visits (1.1bnwebsite visits compared to 776m store visits in2011), leaving a lot of scope for IKEA to convertviews into online sales.IKEA’s board has planned to grow like-for-likesales by 5% from the existing store estate andto boost sales by a further 5% through newstore openings. However, were IKEA’s onlinesales to double from the current level of around2% of total sales and keep their strong salesmomentum, this would all but cover the 5%growth targeted from new store openings,sharply reducing the need for costly new storedevelopment!The company intends to amass 500 storesworldwide by 2020, compared to its current338. The report shows that overemphasis onstore expansion is the wrong route for IKEA togo down. Instead the analysts suggest stretchingthe online store to countries where it isn’t yetavailable, adding more of the product range tothe online store and exploiting the potential ofmobile applications.There are issues that will need closer attentionin order to ensure a smooth transition to a truemultichannel business. Online operations mustbe integrated more strategically into the existingphysical store model to drive up footfall and offercomplementary growth through services such asClick and Collect.

IKEA: INTRODUCTIONRight now IKEA does not offer a competitivehome delivery service compared to the likesof Amazon and eBay, still charging customersaccording the weight of their order. In Germany,IKEA’s most important market, pureplaycompetitors such as Home24 already offer acompletely free delivery service. In order toslash delivery times, IKEA’s supply chain is inurgent need of revision. To cut costs and keepinventory levels low, closer cooperation betweenproduction stages and real time data mining willbe necessary.That said, although the online store is of massivesignificance for IKEA’s future growth plans,physical store expansion plans remains criticalfurther afield. Opportunities to expand theracecourse store model into emerging marketsmust not be missed, as there are large levels ofuntapped demand in the Indian and Chinesemarkets. Back in Europe, the current decline ofthe high street is putting downward pressureson real estate prices in city centres, opening upanother opportunity for new store developmentand format diversification such as IKEA’s citycentre stores.The internet will affect IKEA’s business model inother ways too. The soaring ownership of tabletsmeans that IKEA’s app offer needs an overhauland the catalogue needs to become entirelydigital. A transactional service, encouragingcustomers to purchase goods using an IKEA appshould also include a mobile payment option, socustomer would be able to use IKEA’s in-store WiFi to cut checkout-waiting times.IKEA’s conservative attitude towards the webhas resulted in lots of missed sales, and onlineexpansion is the future for the retailer, hencestrategic decisions taken in 2013 will be vital.

RETURN ON INVESTMENTThis report will allow you. Demonstrate how to drive footfallinto stores at a time when onlineperformance is becoming increasinglyimportant. Analyse great ideas on how to reviseyour supply chain away from a purelystore based model towards readiness formultichannel and e-commerce. Explain how you can strengthen linksbetween your online and physical storeand exploit complementary growthopportunities through multichannelintegration. Provoke consideration of ideas to engageclosely with your customer base throughdetailed insight into IKEA’s loyaltyprogramme. Enable you to implement a green agendato increase energy sufficiency capabilitiesin a time where electricity costs aresoaring.

METHODOLOGYThe report is based on one to one interviewswith former and current high-level executives.In some cases the report reflects the viewpointsof the company.ResearchFarm provides insights into IKEA’ssourcing strategy and capabilities, the instore experience, a budding online store, anengaging customer loyalty programme andwhat we expect the future to hold for theglobal furniture powerhouse.

KEY QUESTIONS ANSWEREDStore expansion & online 1) Are IKEA’s plans for a huge expansion of physical storesnecessary given the rise of their online store? Should IKEAneglect physical store expansion altogether or should theyfocus solely on the online store? 2) Can both the online and physical store channels beintegrated? Should they be given different roles in order toprovide complementary growth? Should IKEA start to offera Click and Collect service, in-store Wi-Fi and offer limitedexclusive on/offline product ranges? 3) How much revenue was generated by online sales inthe last year to August 2012? What proportion of thetotal product range is currently available online? In whichcountries do IKEA operate a transactional online service? 4) How have IKEA adapted to online competition in thefurniture market? What is left to do for IKEA in order forthis channel to succeed?In store strategy and customer engagement 5) What role does 3D room planning software play? Howimportant are in-store product customisation workshops? 6) How has IKEA’s in-store strategy been crucial to theirsuccess? What unique strategies have been employed?Which type of physical store will be relevant to IKEA’s futureas the “go to” furniture store? Is their original vision for thestores out-dated? 7) How have IKEA managed to engage with their customers?How have IKEA used the data collected through the IKEAFamily Loyalty Programme and 3D kitchen planners to tailortheir product range?

KEY QUESTIONS ANSWEREDSupply chain 8) How does IKEA’s Supply Chain operation contribute tohigh quality furniture at low prices? What is more important,vertical integration, just-in-time, load sharing or carefulsourcing of production materials? How can the Supply Chainbe altered to cut costs and deliver a more efficient service?How many suppliers does IKEA currently work with? Howdoes this figure compare to 1990? What are IKEA’s four keysourcing initiatives? 9) How does IKEA source the materials used for production?Through close co-operation with suppliers and verticalintegration? Encouragement of product returns in-store?The use of production materials traditionally thrown away?The future 10) How can recent technological developments be used tomake a contribution to IKEA’s overall business plan? Howmany people have already downloaded the IKEA catalogueapp? What are the future implications of this for IKEA’sannual physical catalogue? What additional features couldbe added to the IKEA app? Interactive store maps? An onlinetransactional service? 11) Should IKEA focus more on the kitchen or the bedroom?What effect will population ageing have on IKEA’s operations?What opportunities, in terms of new products that can beoffered or promoted, will this present?

TABLE OF CONTENTS (1/5)Executive summary: How online retailing will transform IKEAIntroduction: IKEA’s business modelp15Introduction: from humble beginnings to creating the “go to” place for furnitureIntroduction: Top dog, all about the big-box store, furniture showcasing, flat-packsIntroduction: Benefits of flat-packing, low prices, high quality and a diverse product rangeIntroduction: Designer-manufacturer relationships, product standardisationIntroduction: Supply Chain optimisation, Swedish food halls, shop in shopsIntroduction: Real estate portfolio and charging rents, sustainability agendaIntroduction: Careful material sourcing, the rise of online as decline of the catalogue?p22p23p24p25p26p27p28Recent key developmentsp29IKEA: Keeping IKEA private, East German labour camps controversyIKEA: The push for online and leasing kitchensIKEA: Saudi Arabia catalogue controversy, a turn towards transparency, store openingsIKEA: New 30,000 sq m store in Poland, a new man at the topIKEA: Strong performance in China, investment in UK pays offIKEA: AR features and removing self check-outs in the USIKEA: Student accommodation venture, French bribery controversy, Turkish online storeIKEA: Billy reinvents itself in the US, donations to refugeesIKEA: Indian plans subject to regulations, renewables push in the UKp30p31p32p33p34p35p36p37p38Financial benchmarksp39IKEA: Total sales, growth, net income and margins, 2008-2012IKEA: Outlets, sales per outlet, selling space, average space, sales density, 2008-2012IKEA: Catalogues printed, app downloads, website visits, store visits, 2008-2012p40p41p42Financial benchmarks – by countryp43IKEA: Countries, sales, outlets, space, sales densities, 2012, (1) Australia – GermanyIKEA: Countries, sales, outlets, space, sales densities, 2012, (2) Iceland – RussiaIKEA: Countries, sales, outlets, space, sales densities, 2012, (3) Slovakia – USAp44p45p46p21

TABLE OF CONTENTS (2/5)IKEA: benchmarks and rankings 2012p47IKEA: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (1)IKEA: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (2)IKEA: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (3)IKEA: 2012 rankings of stores per countryIKEA: 2012 rankings, sales densities in per sq m, the attractiveness of RussiaIKEA: 2012 rankings, sales per store in mIKEA: 2012 sales per region in bn and percentage shares of total IKEA salesIKEA: IKEA’s strategy in CEE, retail and real estatep48p49p50p51p52p53p54p55IKEA: Key Markets Analysisp56Germany: Difficulties in finding suitable OOT space in IKEA’s biggest marketGermany: Scandinavian shopping centre in Lübeck and further store openingsUSA: 38,700 sq m store to be opened in Miami, home visits programmeUSA: Giant leaps towards energy self-sufficiency, self checkouts removedFrance: Strong performance in IKEA’s 3rd biggest market, online growth, competitionFrance: Police files scandal, airport lounge, store openingsUK: Boost in investment pays off, 6.3% l-f-l growth, spread of the market hallUK: City centre expansion plans, online improvement, total UK coverageUK: Happy to Bed initiative, price cuts, gross margin improvementUK: Enduring dominance, progressive outlook, Öl Mörk LagerSweden: Saturated market, store growth, furniture buy-back, online opportunityp57p58p59p60p61p62p63p64p65p66p67In store strategy, continuous 50 year optimisationp68IKEA: In-store experience, children’s play areas, Swedish foodhalls as moment of truthIKEA: Racecourse store design perfection, breath taking items, in-store eventsIKEA: Footfall drivers, in-store returns, Wi-Fi connection, click & collectIKEA: Self service checkout, a perfect fit to the IKEA culturep69p70p71p72Location, format and online expansion strategyp73IKEA: Format diversification, the city centre store, innovative delivery solutionsIKEA: City centre stores to revive the high street, smaller but taller, IKEA pragmatismIKEA: Online strategy, belated start, huge future potentialIKEA: UK success, reducing delivery charges, supply chain re-organisationIKEA: New standards in last mile fulfilment, home deliveriesIKEA: delivery times shortening, direct 2C model, costs of bulky delivery, click & collectp74p75p76p77p78p79

TABLE OF CONTENTS (3/5)Loyalty, retention and customer engagementp80IKEA: The 3D kitchen planner, convenience, revenue enhancing, installation serviceIKEA: The planner as market research tool, engagement and conversion enhancerIKEA: IKEA Family loyalty programme, 54m members, 3-5 visits per yearIKEA: member benefits, collecting email addresses, special offersIKEA: use of the card, recommendation, data collection, creating a social networkp81p82p83p84p85Marketingp86IKEA: Selling rooms rather than furniture, advertising, charitiesIKEA: Renewables strategy, energy efficiency, sustainability in the supply chainIKEA: Environmentally friendly products, educating customers, future outlookp87p88p89Supply chain strategyp90IKEA: The benefits of a vertical integration strategy, efficiencies of scaleIKEA: Key sourcing initiatives, low cost countries, supplier concentrationIKEA: Towards vertical integration, customer centric supply chainIKEA: Just in time business model, emphasis on supplier relationshipsIKEA: JIT II, the benefits of load sharing, direct to consumer model as online ramps upp91p92p93p94p95Competitive threatsp96– online and copycatsThreats: The internet, established and potential competitionThreats: The internet, home delivery costsPure play competitors: Home24 in DE and the NL and Fashion-For Home in UKPure play competitors: low inventories, free deliveries and assemblyp97p98p99p100Pure play competitors: crowd sourcing, going multichannelThe Copy cat: The Lutz Group copying IKEA’s business modelp101p102Emerging Markets: opportunities further afieldp103India: Growing demand and relaxed regulationsIndia: Issues to tackle, food service as a crucial component of the business modelChina: Rapid growth, store expansions, increase in homeownershipChina: a fragmented market, expansion into second-tier cities, local adaptationChina: Local adaptation, fake stores, problem of population ageingTurkey: Consumer demand and large scale investment increases in Turkeyp104p105p106p107p108p109

TABLE OF CONTENTS (4/5)Strategic recommendationsp110Recommendations: City centre stores, the future role of the OOT storeRecommendations: How to drive physical footfall, range updates for OOT firstRecommendations: from four styles to a three tiered range architectureRecommendations: Using AR and Wi-Fi in storeRecommendations: Strengthen the link between online and physical store, click & collectRecommendations: Creating destination status, updating food rangesRecommendations: Marketing strategy, from the kitchen to the smart living roomRecommendations: Online, the delivery solution, product personalisationRecommendations: brand power online, buy back scheme, repeat customRecommendations: changing demographics, the gardening 0Outlook: The future for IKEAp121Outlook: Ambitious plans to double turnover and rapidly increase store countOutlook: huge investment into sustainability, how online will affect IKEA in futureOutlook: How online will affect IKEA in future, more tablets less cataloguesOutlook: Improving transactional capabilities, improvement of 3D planners & the appOutlook: Delivery service of bulky products, direct to consumer model, mobile paymentOutlook: Social media marketing, the move to the living roomOutlook: From living rooms to austerity bedroomsp122p123p124p125p126p127p128Sources:p129

CHART AND TABLESTable 1: Total sales, growth, net income and margins, 2008-2012Table 2: Outlets, sales per outlet, selling space, average space, sales density, 2008-2012Table 3: Catalogues printed, app downloads, website visits, store visits, 2008-2012Table 4: Countries, sales, outlets, space, sales densities, 2012, (1) Australia - GermanyTable 5: Countries, sales, outlets, space, sales densities, 2012, (2) Iceland - RussiaTable 6: Countries, sales, outlets, space, sales densities, 2012, (3) Slovakia - USATable 7: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (1)Table 8: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (2)Table 9: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (3)Table 10: 2012 rankings of stores per countryTable 11: 2012 rankings, sales densities in per sq mTable 12: 2012 rankings, sales per store in mTable 13: 2012 sales per region in bn and percentage shares of total IKEA salesp40p41p42p44p45p46p48p49p50p51p52p53p54Figure 1: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (1)Figure 2: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (2)Figure 3: 2012 rankings, sales per country in m, shares of total IKEA global sales (%) (3)Figure 4: 2012 sales per region in bn and percentage shares of total IKEA salesFigure 5: Selection of IKEA KPIsp48p49p50p54p55Claim your 15% discount to a Retail Bulletinconference of your choice by quoting "ResearchFarm" when you book your place.www.theretailbulletin.com Multichannel Retailing Summit   6th February 2013International Expansion Summit 26th March 2103InStore Engagement Conference 7th May 2013Customer Loyalty Conference 12th June 2013 Payments Summit 19th June 2013Loss Prevention Summit 10th September 2013Mobile Retailing Summit 24th September 2013Retail HR Summit   8th October 2013

TESTIMONIALS AND CLIENTS« Our management team was very very satisfied with your reports. Your case studies really helped us. We are revampingour stores and have implemented a new way of thinking within the organisation and your piece of research helped us tounderstand how others are doing and how to apply it to our business.» (Retailer)« The case studies helped us to think outside the box and we liked the fact that ResearchFarm is focussed on innovationsand the future » (Financial services company)« The report was very topical and very useful in explaining the technologies, players and issues and privided excellent casestudies.» (Retail services provider)« Very powerful piece of research. We often buy reports from other sources which are full of description and charts andvery often with out to date info and things we already know. But yours are very compact and with current examples, recommendations on what we should do and what we should not do. Examples that we can directly apply to our business.»(Department store)«Your publications have been extremely useful so far especially because you are giving real life examples. those are reallyhelpful so we can benchmark ourselves against others and see what works and what does not.» (Retailer)« I found it very insightful. [.] Impressed with the amount of information that has been covered by your report.» (Retailmerchandising company)«I found the document easy to read, well laid out and the content thought-provoking. It reminds me of the major considerations that affect our markets, and to address these key issues when approaching the global brands and retailers. This report is a very good demonstration of the quality of how ResearchFarm operates and communicates.» (Technology supplier)«The content is very interesting to us, as we look after many of the largest shopping centres and we also represent manyinternational retailers entering our market. There is plenty of food for thought.» (Property consultants)«It was helpful. It helped me to persuade my boss to take on a project about e-commerce research. I was really surprisedby the importance of legal issues. I never read that elsewhere before.» (Government)«On DLF’s (Danish Association of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturers) New Years Conference on the 20th ofJanuary 2011 we had the great pleasure to hear ResearchFarm speak about future trends in online grocery retailing. Thefeed back from the conference participants was very positive as they gave ResearchFarm’s presentation the highest scoreof all speakers, finding the analysis about the key success factors of chosen EU and US online retailers both very interestingand inspiring. We can therefore give ResearchFarm our best recommendation.»Dagligvareleverandørerne – Danish Association of Fast Moving Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Zoom in to readSAMPLE PAGESgs, sales pernkinIKEA: 2012 racountry inf total IKEA m, shares oglobal sales(%) (2)Figure 2.Table 8.tal salesay see their tois expected melinesthpipowegrthingeslaringeree to store openas Turkey, whduchllysuciaespetriesune Coyears,in the comingtry in 2012. The significantlysales per counaracterised rispansion online.chex12 rankings inedar20cteelespethsaexlofand thentinuationthe total globales.Table 8 is a coproportions oftotal global sae, showing lowlow shares ofvehaussearchFarm.thcountries abovdanrmission of Reber of stores,the written pey way withoutby a small nums report mayNo part of thibe reprintedd in anor reproduceIKEA: Racecourse storedesigntail Analysts perfection, breath taking items, in-store eventsrchFarm - Re49ReseaThe racecourse design of the stores is thoroughly tested and perfected inthe Netherlands, then rolled out internationally. Many products will be seenby shoppers more than once, and the price value message is on display constantly.On average, a shopper turns 84 corners per visit, and has an opportunity to pick upa large shopping bag on 30 occasions. The large shopping bags made available fornon-warehouse stored accessory items and impulse buys, and are designed so thatcustomers are free to trial other goods in-store and keep hands free to write downitems on forms for later collection.IKEA uses “BTI” (breath taking items) products at extremely competitiveprices at the entrance of stores, serving to entice and mentally preparecustomers to shop. This strategy is based on the idea that the earlier shoppersare prepared to spend money, the more they will spend in total. The movementsof customers, products they look at and the ones they shun are tracked by theretailer. Coupled with traditional and ethnographic market research in the home,IKEA identifies problems and the solutions it could sell on, and crucially makesthe customer feel understood. Other strategies adopted by IKEA to drivefootfall include customisation workshops, enhancing personal interactionwith customers and creating a sense of community and, to some extent,furnishing dependency. For members of the IKEA Family, in-store events are setup to provide tips and enhance knowledge on furnishing techniques, and presentopportunities to recycle old and unused products.70ResearchFarm - Retail AnalystsNo part of this report may be reprinted or reproduced in any way without the written permission of ResearchFarm.

Zoom in to readSAMPLE PAGESownershipChina: Rapidease in homeansions, incrpxereost,thgrowexcitingIKEA’s mosturablefuture one ofvoinfaa,ydianInminiteopportunityat said, despket toTharma.inltcuChBesides theffibediund China aundoubtedlyfoillwvetshakersarilemretaany westernindicators, mwill be one ofcrack.ar and China 757m last yeber 2012 thetoem%pt21SeInby.dyeara increaser the comingat least threefoingtsSales in Chinenkearopmet byrformingand will be mmIKEA’s largestdeemIKEA’s best peingcoowbellunced that grresult China wiaAsin China ares.lesarsayecompany anno,16ingy over the comriod 2011 to 20peethowth in theergrdOvstores annualls.cteojeyear% of IKEA’s prnext 15 to 2097erthfoingttinkearunm, accoow by 4.3bnexpected to grn.gioreccifiupwards alongAsia Painues its trendpre items contmeownershiituhornfua’sinonChspendingst fifteensitive driver islapoerthheDiscretionaryinotnAntioincomes.e total populaany newwith disposableto 70% of thll mean that mm nearly 0%credentials wide uniqueanthr,nfaitioSoosincreasing fros.optheir dwellingstrong value prish’sse andrnEAfuineIKtoChs.rearilethtayebye rewell receivedwill seek out thmadesings,erbeicewnispreoEAmhoat lowby IKdnew products,rience offeredal suppliers anfurther 1,667shopping expelocadhanncEAlauIKtokingtweenthe Group is loo -operation on innovations bese copossible by clons to suppliers.low interest loathe offering ofIKEA: Footfall drivers, in-store returns, Wi-Fi connection, click and collects report mayNo part of thi106ResearchFarmbe reprinsearchFarm.rmission of Rethe written pests- Retail AnalyIKEA allow products ordered online to be returned in-store, thus increasingthe number of people walking through the door. This technique offers theoption for the customer returning purchased items to search for an alternative or tobrowse other collections and be upsold to.The establishment of Wi-Fi connections in IKEA outlets will be an importantdevelopment for in-store strategy. With a fast internet connection, customers canuse their smartphone, irrespective of whether telephone signal is available, to browsethe online store and physical store at the same time through the IKEA application.71y way withoutuced in anted or reprodResearchFarm - Retail AnalystsWere an item not available in-store, it can be quickly searched for online. Moreover,by setting up furniture displays, visualisation of what customers’ rooms would looklike once their online purchases are delivered is greatly aided.A final way in which the online and physical store can be integrated is tooffer a click-and-collect service, rather than just a return service, offering amore convenient option for the collection of customer’s products, cutting downon delivery costs and increasing in-store browsing times and once again upsellingopportunities.No part of this report may be reprinted or reproduced in any way without the written permission of ResearchFarm.

HOW TO ORDERPRICE OF THIS REPORTThis report is priced GBP1,200 (131 pages, delivered as a PDF file). Or you can also get a yearly access to our reports with ourSubscription Service ( 5,000/year).VISIT OUR WEBSITEwww.ResearchFarm.co.ukORDER ONLINEPayment modes offered: By bank transferWhen checking out, please check ‘invoice’ as payment mode. We then send youan invoice. By credit/debit cardSecure payment via Paypal. If you want to pay with your credit/debit card youdon’t need a Paypal account, just use the appropriate option when landing on thePaypal page after checking out.RECEIVE YOUR REPORT BY EMAIL!CONTACTResearchFarm LtdSuite 12154 - 2nd Floor145-157 St. John StreetLondon EC1V 4PY (UK)PhoneEmailWeb 44 (0)845 052 1168sales@researchfarm.co.ukwww.researchfarm.co.uk

IKEA: The 3D kitchen planner, convenience, revenue enhancing, installation service p81 IKEA: The planner as market research tool, engagement and conversion enhancer p82 IKEA: IKEA Family loyalty programme, 54m members, 3-5 visits per year p83 IKEA: member benefits, collecting email addresses, special offers p84

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