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Term 1 Week 10FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESKDear ParentsHere we are at the end of term one of 2019; time certainly does fly byquickly. The children have achieved many things, both in their learning andin extracurricular activities. As always, the students of Bletchley Park Primarycontinue to be a credit to both their families and whatever they do at BPPS. Iwould like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their hard workand care for the children at our school. Thank you too to all of you for yoursupport throughout the term, the school community continues to be a realstrength here at BPPS.Anzac DayBletchley Park Primary will hold our ANZAC Day ceremony on Tuesday the30th of April at 10.30 a.m. in our Anzac Memorial Garden. We hope to seemembers of the school community attend this commemoration to thosewho have fought for our freedom. I would sincerely like to thank the P&Cand our school gardeners Henry Houghton and Bob King for supporting thecreation of such a beautiful reflective space. I have attached a description ofthe various plants growing in the garden. Please read it to your children andencourage conversation about the garden being a respectful place.Students Arriving Late At SchoolJust a reminder to parents that lessons start at 8:30 a.m. For many studentsthe first lesson of the day is spelling and it is important that students cometo school on time so they are not missing this essential learning. If studentscome late, our office staff have been instructed to ask politely why thestudents are late. In recent days, several of our parents have not answeredthem politely. Swearing at our office staff is never appropriate.KEEP YOUR CHILD SAFESkateboards, Scooters and BikesCan you remind your child to be considerate of pedestrians? Your childshould keep to the left and ride in a courteous manner that does not causeother road users to react suddenly. They need to slow down or walk in busyareas. It is very important that your child needs to hop off their scooter,skateboard or bike when they are crossing with a traffic warden. Thank youfor your support, children's safety is always a priority. Thank you also to theP&C for their ongoing support and an anonymous donor for contributing thefabulous prizes on our “Ride to School Day”.2019 TERM DATESTerm 1: 4 Feb – 12 AprilTerm 2: 29 April – 5 JulyTerm 3: 22 July – 27 SeptTerm 4: 14 Oct – 19 DecAssembly New Time isFridays 8.30amDATES TO REMEMBERPublic HolidaysthMonday 4 March 2019thFriday 19 April 2019ndMonday 22 April 2019thThursday 25 AprilrdMonday 3 June 2019thMonday 30 Sept 2019School Development DaysstFriday 31 May 2019rdFriday 23 August 2019thMonday 18 November 2019thFriday 20 December 2019Parent InterviewsKindy – 29th May 2019Kindy-Yr6 – 30th May 20192020 Kindy applications arenow open.See Web site forapplication forms or visitthe officeBE THINKGROW

From the Principal’s Deck cont’Ministers Statement about Violence in SchoolsMany parents will be aware that the Minister for Education, Hon. Suzanne (Sue) Ellery MLC,recently announced a new policy / response regarding violence in schools (attached).Parents are requested to read this document.School Development DaysThe school Board has approved the School Development dates for 2019. The school will beclosed on Friday the 31st of May.Parent /Teacher Interviews - Early Close: 29th of May Kindy Group and Thursday the 30thOf May for K-6. Please note this date on your calendar. I encourage all parents to take thisopportunity to meet with teachers for an update on their child’s progress and start to theschool year. Students will be released at 11:00am on this day, so teachers can conductinterviews commencing at 11:00am and concluding at 5:45pm. Children who are unable tobe collected at 11:00am will be supervised by staff until 2:45pm.Voluntary Contributions 2019This valuable financial support paid by parents plays a significant role in enabling theprovision of resources that extend the school’s capacity to add value to the learningexperience of all children within our school. The table below shows how we are trackingcurrently in the collection of the contributions. While the contributions are voluntary, thequality of our teaching and learning program will be maximised when each family makes itscontribution. We strongly encourage parents to pay this valuable contribution to the schooland we thank those families who have already ionsPrimary ContributionsTOTALTotal based onstudent numbers 5,000.00Collected to datePercentage paid 2,212.0044% 5,550.00 2,365.0042% 37,600.00 48,150.00 17,258.00 21,835.0046%45%Have a restful breakRegardsBea BouskaPrincipalNewsletter 2019

Bletchley Park Primary SchoolTerm Two Planner 2019Lot 5003, Balfour Street, Southern River, Ph: 9394 0955Website: www.bletchleyparkps.wa.edu.auSchool Hours8.30am – 2.30PmAssembly Monday8.30amTERM TWO 2019WEEK1MONDAY29 Apr34FRIDAY3 May8 MayMother’s Day Stall9 MayMother’s Day Stall10 MayMother’s Day Stall14 May15 MayYr 2 ScribblesFestival16 MayFaction CrossCounrty17 MayNAPLANNAPLANNAPLANNAPLAN20 May21 May22 May23 May24 MayNAPLANNAPLANNAPLANNAPLANNAPLAN27 May28 May29 MayK-6 Parent Interviews30 MayK-6 Parent InterviewsP&C Meeting3 June31 MaySchool DevelopmentDayStudents do notattend4 June5 June6 June7 June13 MayANZAC Day Assembly10.30-11.00am7 May56THURSDAY2 May6 May30 AprWEDNESDAY1 MayFirst Day BackTerm 22TUESDAYPublic Holiday10 JuneYr1 The Graffalo11 June12 June13 June7Winter Carnival17 June14 JuneP&C Disco18 June19 June20 June21 June24 JuneSwimming LessonsYr 3 – 625 JuneSwimming LessonsYr 3 – 627 JuneSwimming LessonsYr 3 – 6Bletchley Vale Cup28 JuneSwimming LessonsYr 3 – 6P&C Meeting1 JulySwimming LessonsYr 3 – 62 JulySwimming LessonsYr 3 – 626 JuneSwimming LessonsYr 3 – 6Pre Primary JuniorOlympics3 JulySwimming LessonsYr 3 – 68Board Meeting910Yr2 Start Smart4 JulySwimming LessonsYr 3 – 65 JulySwimming LessonsYr 3 – 6Last day Term 2Students Return22nd July 2019Newsletter 2019

Kindy Term 2 PlannerBletchley Park Primary SchoolParent Term Planner 2019Lot 5003, Balfour Street, Southern River, Ph: 9394 0955Students do not attend on School Development DaysKINDY Group A attend on Blue DaysKINDY Group B attend on Orange DaysTerm 2WEEKMONDAYTUESDAYWEDNESDAYTHURSDAYFRIDAY129 Apr30 Apr1 May2 May3 May2FIRST DAYTERM TWO 2019GROUP A6 MayFIRST DAYTERM Two 2019GROUP B7 May8 May9 May10 May313 May14 May15 May16 May17 May420 May21 May22 May23 May24 May527 May28 May29 May30 May31May63 June4 June5 June6 JuneSchool DevelopmentDay Students do notattend7 JunePublic HolidayStudents do not attend710 June11 June12 June13 June14 June817 June18 June19 June20 June21 June924 June25 June26 June27 June28 June101 July2 July3 July4 July5 JulyNewsletter 2019

**** Principal Appointed****Dear School Community,We recently ran a selection process for a Principal.I am pleased to inform you that Beatrice Bouska has been successful insecuring the position of Principal at our school for the rest of 2019 and possiblytill the end of 2020.Our school is on track with our current Business Plan. Staff morale is high andthe feedback I’ve received says parents are feeling happy with the stability ofour current school administration.I would like to reassure everyone that our school is in very experienced andcapable hands, as Beatrice has a sound and demonstrated understanding ofour students, staff and community. She has been a valuable part of our schooland management for the past 10 years.Congratulations to Beatrice and I’d like to once again reiterate to the schoolcommunity that Beatrice has the continued support of the School Board andStaff of Bletchley Park Primary School.Sharmini AruSchool Board ChairBletchley Park Primary SchoolNewsletter 2019

ANZAC Day ServiceOur ANZAC Day Service will be held on the 30th April 2019 startingat 10.30am.All community members are welcome to attend, and will be given the opportunity to placeflowers/wreaths at the flagpole.There is a call out for any parents/careers to who wish to donate any flowers/ferns to helpus make wreaths for special guests. Parents/Students may deliver the flowers to KatrinaAnderson (Junior Science) room on Monday the 29th April.Flowers planted by our wonderfulgardeners.Newsletter 2019

Senior Assembly22nd March 2019It was a very colourful assembly to celebrate Harmony Week on Friday 22nd March.Students from Year 5 hosted the assembly and spoke in many different languages tohighlight the variety of cultures within the school. It was lovely to see them all dressed intheir national costumes. Students from Year 4 LA 8 entertained us with an Indonesianversion of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Thanks to all those who helped on theday.Newsletter 2019

Senior Assembly22nd March 2019Senior Assembly Value AwardsDate: 22nd March Yr5LA26Yr5LA30Yr5LA31Yr5StudentDoing My Best – DanielleRespect – SethDoing My Best – CayzonRespect – SunnyDoing My Best – ZaraRespect – TiarnDoing My Best – KiarraDoing My Best – SummerRespect – IsabelleDoing My Best – AmeliaRespect – BaoyingDoing My Best – BrandonRespect – NevaehDoing My Best – CodyRespect – EvanDoing My Best – AbudiRespect – JamieDoing My Best – KaidanRespect – MaikaylaTeacherMiss BendeichMs KernichMr BettsMrs OliverMrs RothMrs VardyMiss de PrazerMr SullivanMiss BrowneSenior Assembly Merit AwardsDate: 22nd March SportScienceIndonesianThe ClassClassStudentCaden / JakeBreannaAshley / TanishkaEllaLaithCeejay / PeytonSeanShriyaEthanLA 31LA 30LA 25LA 8LA 20TeacherMiss BendeichMs KernichMr BettsMrs OliverMrs RothMrs VardyMiss de PrazerMr SullivanMiss BrowneMrs MoschnerMr McInerneyMiss AndersonMrs ColquhounMrs BryantNewsletter 2019

Junior Assembly29th March 2019Today the Year 2 students showed us how clever they were and taught everyone all aboutinsects and the continents of the World. Congratulations to all the students who read outthe interesting facts. It was a great assembly and everyone enjoyed your fantastic raps withmovement and part-singing.Ms Goodlet, Mrs Sassi and all the students in LA 10 and 13 you all did a fantastic jobpresenting our assembly today.Newsletter 2019

29th March 2019Junior AssemblyJunior Assembly Merit AwardsthDate: 29 March ClassClassStudentOscar / SeanLarry / HazelLaith / SophieAksheraa / CallanKori / CharlotteCharlotte / TalhahDavid / TinaChayce / MasonThando / AvaLiam / TiffanyLochlan / KwaleiLiam / VishaanDaniellaCharlie / SalmanAfshin / Pheobe / MiahMeet Mehar / LucasLA 9LA 1 & LA 15LA 10LA 4TeacherMrs ChaveMrs Gillian/Mrs GraceMrs HardmanMiss ClarkeMrs GomezMrs FaulknerMs GoodlettMrs MacDonaldMrs LongMrs Sassi/Mrs TantiprasutMrs HillMrs DaviesMiss DesmondMrs NeighbourMiss SnellMrs ZiegelaarMrs MoschnerMrs Taylor / Mr VallisMr McInerney/Mr PalmerMiss AndersonJunior Assembly Value AwardsthDate: 29 March r2Yr2LA11LA12LA13LA23LA6Yr2Yr2Yr2Yr2Yr3LA14Yr3LA 7LA15Yr3LA17Yr3StudentDoing My Best – ZiziDoing My Best – DakotaDoing My Best – SrijaiDoing My Best – AmelieRespect – MollyRespect – EevanDoing My Best – DylanRespect –ChristianRespect – GraceRespect – CooperDoing My Best – ElyseRespect – MojtabaDoing My Best – KateRespect – CalsyDoing My Best – SiennaRespect – AlexisDoing My Best – AshleeRespect – LiamDoing My Best – AntoniRespect – EnuDoing My Best – TahliaRespect – WaniaTeacherMrs ChaveMrs Gillian/Mrs GraceMrs HardmanMiss ClarkeMrs GomezMrs FaulknerMs GoodlettMrs MacDonaldMrs LongMrs Sassi/Mrs TantiprasutMrs HillMrs DaviesMiss DesmondMrs NeighbourMiss SnellMrs ZiegelaarNewsletter 2019

***Canteen News***We are making some changes to the way morning recess is ordered and served. As of nextterm morning recess will only be available by pre-order.There are two ways to do this.At the canteen in the morning before school, just as you would a lunch order. The canteenopens at 8am.On line via Quicklik. Cut off time is 8.45am, you may order up to 4 weeks in advance registerfor online ordering at quickclik.com.auAll morning recess orders will be bagged and ready for collection at the start of recess,please remember to come to the canteen and collect your own order, it will not be sent tothe classroom. Morning recess starts at just 1We will be open as usual after lunch for over counter slushy sales.Winter MenuLook out for some exciting new additions to our winter Menu. As our bento lunches are sopopular we have created a new one. We look forward to offering you our new 'Pasta Bento'containing pasta Neapolitan garlic bread, meatballs (beef) and a mini salad. We have alsoadded to our hot food section with a full size Pasta Neapolitan and Stir Fried Noddles all ofwhich are canteen made. Toasted sandwiches will now be available for ordering at morningrecess as well as lunchtime.To keep in the canteen loop follow us on: Instagram & Facebook@bletchleywaycafe Bletchley Park Primary School Canteen.You may collect a menu from the canteen; it is also available on the school website and willbe updated on quickclik for the start of term 2.Have a safe and happy breakRobyn SydorukManager LicenseeSchool Canteen Catering ServicesNewsletter 2019

***Canteen News***Phone: 93982488 or Email: schoolcanteencs@outlook.comOrders may be placed at the canteen before school or online with Quickliq www.quickliq.com.au by 8.45amWe comply with the WA Healthy Food & Drink Policy and follow the WA Traffic Light SystemAussie Bento 5Quiche & Salad Pack 5 or Wings & Salad Pack 5Contains cheese & crackers 1chicken wing or snack pieA vegemite sandwichMini fruit cup & 2 tiny muffinsSalads packs contain lettuce, tomato, carrot, cucumber& sprouts. Add cheese or beetroot for extra 50cPasta Bento 6Asian Bento 6Contains mini pasta neapolitangarlic bread, meatballs (beef)and a mini saladContains a small fried ricea mini salad, 1 chicken wing2 minispringrollsand a dinner rollvegetarian versions availableBeef Burger 5lettuce tomato & tomato sauceChicken Burger 5lettuce tomato & mayoVege Burger 5lettuce tomato carrot & mayo VSalad Sandwiches Add 1 for a roll or a wrapsalad contains lettuce carrot cucumber & tomataadd 50c for cheese or beetrootChicken & SaladHam & SaladCheese & SaladSalad OnlyTuna & Salad 4 4 4 4 4.50Burrito 5Beef or Veggie Vwith Mexican style rice & beansSalad Pack - Make Your Own 5Salad contains lettuce, carrot, tomato, cucumber & sprouts VYou may include one of the followingcheese, beetroot, chicken, ham or 1 eggAdd Tuna 2 Salad dressing .50cHot Chicken Roll with Gravy or Mayo 5may be ordered with no gravy or mayoTurkish Bread Toasty Chicken or Ham 6Includes Cheese, Tomato, Spinach & Avocadomay be ordered vegetarian VSausage Rolls & Pies *TUESDAY ONLY*Cruizer Beef Pie or Beef Sausage Roll 3.50Snack Pie x 3 3.50 or x 4 4.50Tomato sauce potion 50cToasted Sandwiches up to 2 fillings 4for each additional filling add 50cHam Chicken Tuna Cheese Tomatoadd 1 for a toasted wrapCANTEEN MADE MEALS 5Pasta Neapolitan VFried Rice & WingsStir Fried Noodles VWater 2Orange Juice 2.50Apple Juice 2.50Flavoured Milk 2.50Chocolate Strawberry BananaLucky Dip icypole 1 Paddle Pop 2Small Slushy 1 Large Slushy 2Domino Pizza 4.50( kindy are unable to order Domino pizza sorry)Butter Chicken 6With Basmati Rice & a Garlic Dinner RollHam & Cheese or Just Cheese VMorning recess is by pre orderingonly. Please write your order on alunch bag and collect it from thecanteen at 11am, your order will beready and waiting for youFruits & YohurtsHot StuffMini Fruit Cup 1Fruit Cheese & Crackers 2Yoghurt 2.50Yogo 2.50Cheesy Bread (V) 1Scroll of the day (V) 1Muffin of the Day 1Mini Hot Dog (beef) 2Mini Hot Cup of Day (V) 2*POP UP* specials will be advertised(rice, noodles or pasta)Newsletter 2019

***P&C News***Here’s our total ten cent tally!Congratulations to our champions of the coins LA 8! You raised 187.95 which is anaverage of 6.96 per student! Your teacher will let you know the details of your prizemorning tea In 2nd place: LA 7, 3rd place: ECE 7A, 4th place: LA 25 and 5th place: LA 1. Overall, allclasses did an amazing job to raise 1980!Your 10 cent donations have been gratefully received by your Bletchley Park P&C. The P&Cfundraises throughout the year, raising money to spend on facilities and equipment for thebenefit of all students.We thank you for your generous support!Be Entertained these school holidaysThe 2019/2020 Entertainment memberships are here, with exclusive offers for everythingyou love to do. It’s our best membership yet, just 70 and packed with amazing offers foractivities, attractions, shopping, travel and all kinds of tasty treats - from cool cafes tofabulous fine dining.Visit 748g to order your digitalmembership in time for the school holidays!Mother’s Day Pop Up Stall – coming in term 2!Our P&C fundraising committee isworking hard to prepare over 2,500items for sale this year at our 2019Mother’s Day Pop Up Stall.Our stall will run during week 2 ofterm 2, that’s Wednesday 8 Mayuntil Friday 10 May and all classes from Kindy to Year 6 will be visiting during this time.Prices will range from 1 to 12 and we’ve got something for everyone!You’re invited Our next P&C meeting will be held on Monday, 27 May at 7pm in the Staff Room. Newmembers are welcome at any time throughout the year so please feel free to join us.For more info, please contact Darren Warwick on 0433 546 051 or dwarwick@sumitomohansen.com.auNewsletter 2019

Meet our Multilit TeamMeet the Multilit Team! At BPPS we have the Multilit program (Making up for lost time inliteracy)Minilit is for K-2 students and Macqlit is for 3-5 students. This program is designed to helpand support those students who are struggling with their reading. It takes place in smallgroups and lasts for 1 period.Multilit developed this program, a research based initiative from Macquarie University andhas been used for over 20 years.The staff involved in delivering this program are: Mrs. Isgar, Mrs. Goodall, Mrs. Houghton,Mrs. Di Girolami, Mrs. Kerr and Mrs. Ferguson.Newsletter 2019

Library NewsNewsletter 2019

Senior Assembly5th April 2019Today LA 26 and LA 27 presented their assembly item as a News Bulletin. It began withinteresting events at the Year 6 camp with Mr Cave getting a mention for his bravery and MrMc for his clarity even when sleeping! This was followed by a cooking show where the talentout did Master Chef. Dancing with the Stars continued the entertainment and thecontestants showed they could move! Our participation and awards for sportsmanship atthe Summer Carnival was the next story of the bulletin. The students then presented “ReadMe Maybe” promoting reading. The next item was “So you think you can’t dance!” whichshowed us what it was like to dance in the crazy 70’s and 80’s. The last part of the Bulletinwas a safety message about riding safely on the road. The assembly was varied andextremely entertaining. Congratulations to all the students, Miss De Prazer and Miss Bates!Newsletter 2019

5th April 2019Senior AssemblySenior Assembly Merit AwardsthDate: 5 April 8LA33LA34LibrarySportScienceIndonesianThe ssClassClassClassClassStudentKatelyn / AbishekAryHongyu / JaxonEli / TateAvaCorbyn / ShaidanAbbey / AliKeithAleezaSienna / JazmineTeaghan / SebastianMinghui / Ryan / MonaAmelia / Jael / AngelynLA 34LA 20LA 33LA 25LA 8TeacherMiss BendeichMs KernichMr BettsMrs OliverMrs RothMrs VardyMiss de PrazerMr SullivanMiss BrowneMiss BatesMr CaveMiss RoweMrs LeslieMrs MoschnerMr McInerneyMiss AndersonMrs ColquhounMrs BryantSenior Assembly Value AwardsthDate: 5 April r6StudentDoing My Best – CameronRespect – JaydeDoing My Best – McKaylahRespect – IsabellaDoing My Best – ZahirDoing My Best – AaronRespect – JonDoing My Best – BrentRespect – ZaharaDoing My Best – CooperRespect – SiennaDoing My Best – MustafaRespect – JorjaDoing My Best – LilyDoing My Best – NawadRespect – JettDoing My Best – RileyRespect – CohenDoing My Best – DarshanRespect – LucanDoing My Best – AbdulaRespect – BrendanDoing My Best – EllaRespect – DarcieDoing My Best – BrentRespect – AvaTeacherMiss BendeichMs KernichMr BettsMrs OliverMrs RothMrs VardyMiss de PrazerMr SullivanMiss BrowneMiss BatesMr CaveMiss RoweMrs LeslieNewsletter 2019

Cyber Safety WorkshopOn Thursday 11th April 2019 renowned cyber-safety presenter Paul Litherlandan ex-police officer, will be hosting a Partnerships with Parents workshopabout the increasingly complex and vitally important topic of cyber-safetycommencing at 6.30pm. This is a do not miss event!Registration can be made through the link below.This is a free au/cyber-safety-presentation/Paul Litherland web: www.surfonlinesafe.com.auMeet the TeacherI have been the Music Teacher at Bletchley Primary School since 2008 when the school firstopened. Over the years, I have watched our school grow from a few hundred to over athousand students. Since that time, I have virtually taught every student in the school!Highlights of my time during this period include being involved in the school opening andthe many ANZAC Services and Presentation Night Concerts.The instrument that I play is the guitar. I am involved with teaching music to the Year 3classes and Senior Music Extension Group.Newsletter 2019

National Ride2School DayIt was an outstanding turn out on Friday, 5th April for Ride2School Day here at BletchleyPark. There was an amazing array of decorated bikes and scooters passing through the gatesof the school as families got into the spirit of the day. TED was there high-fiving studentsthroughout the Junior Bike Parade. Members from the Canning Vale Police Station greetedstudents as they entered the school gates, discussing the importance of wearing a helmetwhen they ride on wheels, whether it is a bike, scooter or skateboard. Terry Healy localMember of Parliament spoke at both bike parades about bike safety in the community. BIGthankyou to the Health Committee for assisting with the organisation of the event and tothe P & C in donating prizes for the best dressed bikes at the bike parades and participationraffle for each year group involved in the event. Riding to school is an excellent way toinclude at least 30 minutes of physical activity into every day.Mr Clint McNerneyLevel 3 Physical Education TeacherHealth Curriculum LeaderNewsletter 2019

P&C - Entertainment BookNewsletter 2019

Crunch & Sip – March MunchOur school has been participating in March Munch which is endorsed by theCancer Council. It is an opportunity for students to try different types ofvegetables and fruit. Here is a picture of some super Year 2 studentsmunching on vegetables.Our official Crunch off is Wednesday 27th March where students across theschool will stop together and munch vegetables. Students are encouragedto continue to bring vegetables and/or fresh fruit each day with a bottle ofcold water for the remainder of 2019.If you have any questions please feel free to ask your classroom teacher.Newsletter 2019

Bletchley Park Faction Cross Country 2019Parents are welcome to come along and watch the Cross Country CarnivalNewsletter 2019

Mobile Phone & Smart Watch PolicyPurposeThe increase of mobile phones and other mobile communication devices requires that Bletchley ParkPrimary has clear guidelines for the management on school premises and during school activitiesDefinitionFor the purposes of this policy, ‘communication devices’ refer to mobile phones, smart watches, smartglasses and other devices connected to a mobile network.RationalBletchley Park Primary discourages students from bringing mobile phones and smart watches andother communication devices to school. These communication devices cause disruption inclassrooms and the playground and can be used inappropriately to access social media and takephotos without permission. This can cause distress and breach the privacy of others.ProceduresParents are able to contact their children by ringing the school phone number 9394 0955. Ifnecessary, students can contact parents from the office phone. If a parent feels it is necessary fortheir child to bring a communication device to school, then they must inform the Principal in writingfirst.If parent permission has been obtained, the rules for student use of communication devices in theschool are listed below.Students are not permitted to use communication devices at school for any reason unless supervisedby a staff member and with permission. These communication devices:1. That are brought to and kept at school are used entirely at their owner’s risk. BletchleyPark Primary School cannot accept any responsibility for theft, loss or damage of thesedevices. Students and parents should also recognise that mobile communication devices area highly prized target for theft.2. Are to be with the classroom teacher at all times including; before school, recess andlunchtime, and must be switched off or on silent.3. Smart phone communication, notification alerts, and location must be switched off. Thisincludes during excursions and school camps.4. Are not to be used to call home in an emergency. This is the duty of the school and theadministrator/teacher in charge.5. Are not to be used to call home in the event of a mishap at school or because belongingshave been forgotten unless at a teacher’s discretion and under the supervision of the teacher–in the main, these events are to be dealt with by the school. Parents will be informed of anyevents that have impacted on their child this includes during school excursions and camps.6. Are not to be used in the classroom, playground or incursion/excursion for any of thefollowing purposes; check text messages, access games, the internet, images, the camera orvideos.7. Are not to be used to harass, bully or intimidate students or staff. Breaches will be dealtwith as per the school’s Behaviour Policy.8. Are not to be taken on school camps or excursions.Any use of communication devices by a student, that is in breach of these rules, will lead to theconfiscation of the device. In this instance, parents will be notified and confiscated devices will needto be collected from the Administration office by the student’s parent or guardian at the end of the day.Newsletter 2019

Mobile Phone Permission FormNewsletter 2019

Ministers Statement on School ViolenceNewsletter 2019

Ministers Statement on School ViolenceNewsletter 2019

Ministers Statement on School ViolenceNewsletter 2019

Harmony Week at Bletchley ParkThank you everyone for another very successful Harmony Week at Bletchley Park. Our weekwas full of activities to celebrate our multicultural differences, which we are so proud of atthis school. We are particularly thankful to the year 6 students who were at school duringthe week as they helped us with all our announcements and preparations. Here are some oftheir reflections:Indonesian AssemblyIt was such a pleasure to watch a unique and entertaining Indonesian Assembly! There werevarious languages spoken such as Urdu, Mandarin, Greek and especially English. Ourwonderful performers put on an interesting performance of The Very Hungry Caterpillar inIndonesian. So, thank you to our performers and Ibu Colquhoun, it truly was a treat towatch! (by Mahek)Canteen Multicultural LunchesAs you might know this week included Harmony Day and many of our wonderful studentshave ordered yummy harmonious lunches from our canteen including Sushi, Curry, Rice andBento Boxes. We would like to give a huge thanks to Robyn and her helpers as they put inthe effort to cook these yummy foods. Without these wonderful ladies there would not beany delicious foods and good experiences. (by Navid)Family PicnicToday was our outstanding family picnic day. This was an amazing event as some of ourbrilliant students’ parents came with all sorts of food. These wonderful parents showed thevariety of harmony in our school and the food looked delicious. The students enjoyed theawesome finger painting which was all around the school. Also, the fabulous looking dresseswere popping out, giving the picnic a bloom. (by Kavya)Newsletter 2019

Interschool Summer Carnival 2019On Friday 29th March, all students in Year 6 embarked on the annual Interschool SummerCarnival for 2019! Students participated in 4 different sports including:Volleyball: Canning Vale indoor beach volleyball centreBasketball: Willetton High School basketball centreTee-Ball: Burrendah ParkCricket: Burrendah ParkT-Ball teams 4th place and 5th place. Cricket teams 2nd place and 3rd place Basketball teams2nd and 3rd place. Volleyball teams 3rd place and 2nd place.All the training throughout the term made a significant impact throughout the day. I wasvery proud of each of the teams that participated and having trained with each teamthroughout the term.Well done to all the students, who participated throughout the day. Students demonstratedamazing sportsmanship and teamwork resulting in winning three certificates of recognition.BIG thankyou to all the Teachers, Education Assistants and parents for your support withthe organisation of the carnival, including:Matt Cave, Lisa Weedon and Matt Mahon – cricketElizabeth Rowe, Michelle Hart and Kate Sparkes– Tee-BallJaimi Bates, Trystan Lewis and Shaun Bennison – BasketballLeah Leslie, Dona Bumbak and Sandy Kerr - VolleyballI am really looking forward to the Interschool Winter Sports Carnival in Term 2. It was gre

Winter Carnival 14 June P&C Disco 8 17 June Board Meeting 18 June 19 June 20 June 21 June Bletchley Vale Cup 9 24 June Swimming Lessons Yr 3 – 6 P&C Meeting 25 June Swimming Lessons Yr 3 – 6 26 June Swimming Lessons Yr 3 – 6 Pre Primary Junior Olympics 27 June Swimming Lessons Yr 3 – 6 Yr2 Start Smart 28 June Swimming Lessons Yr 3 – 6 10

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