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Lighting is of critical importance in Power Generation plants tomaximize both safety and productivity. These sites are among themost dangerous places to work due to the presence of volatilechemicals and explosive environments. It is without question thatthe lighting must be able to prevent and withstand combustibleand explosive atmospheres while also providing clear illuminationfor workers to read color coded safety labels.THE COST OF POOR LIGHTING in Power Generation ApplicationsPoor illumination can contribute to tragic work site accidents and injuries in the PowerGeneration Applications sector. Between 2009-2018 the US Bureau of Labor statistics cited:6524,000NON-FATALINJURIESHazardous L COSTSWHY LIGHTING MATTERS in Power Generation ApplicationsPower Generation ApplicationsTOTAL COSTSPower Generation ApplicationsHigh heatConfined spacesPhysical hazards, suchas slips, falls, and movingobjectsArc FlashThe Power Generation industry involves risks and hazards that demand high qualitylighting. When choosing a lighting partner for your facilities, care must be taken toensure their products have proven to perform safely and reliably in your environmentsand offer a sustainable solution.Flammable and .com3

Power Generation ApplicationsPower Generation ApplicationsDIALIGHT SOLUTIONS for Power Generation ApplicationsTECHNOLOGY DIFFERENTIATIONDialight is the world leader in industrial LED lighting technology with millions of fixturesinstalled worldwide. We specialize in lighting products designed for the world’s harshestindustrial environments – enabling industrial customers to reduce their energy costs,maintenance costs, and carbon footprint while maximizing the safety and productivityof their employees and facility. From our signature High Bay line to our versatile Linearfixtures, Dialight offers a large selection of rugged products ideally suited for environmentsfound within the Power Generation Industry.When choosing an LED Lighting partner, consider how their products are engineered,constructed and tested prior to making your decision. Most Dialight products areengineered to a 10 year warranty and were designed with harsh environments, such asPower Generation Plants, in mind.CUSTOM POWER SUPPLIESLong-life potted drivers with optimized thermal dissipationfor protection against environmental contaminants andvibration related failures.LOW MAINTENANCE MECHANICAL DESIGNSealed and optimized to reduce or eliminate theneed for maintenance over the life of the fixture.Easy to install and retrofit to existing infrastructure.WHERE TO USE DIALIGHT PRODUCTS in Power Generation Applications- TANK FARMS- CATWALKS- TURBINE DECKS (INDOOR & OUTDOOR)- CONVEYORS (FOR STANCHION MOUNTS)- MAINTENANCE SHOPS- WAREHOUSES AND GENERAL AREAS- CHEMICAL STORAGE- GENERAL FLOOD LIGHTING- PROCESS AREAS- COAL HANDLING- COOLING TOWERS AND STACKS- SWITCH YARDS- MCC/ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT ROOMS- CRANESLATEST LEDS AND ADVANCED OPTICSHighly efficient, crisp, low-glare illumination.Lighting where you need it, not where you don’t.INTELLIGENT CONTROLSFlexibility to group, dim and schedule lights around the unique needs of afacility to maximize energy savings. Plus, seamless integration with existingfactory automation.- BOILERSSee product portfolio pages for moredetailed product and ordering information4www.dialight.comwww.dialight.com5

Power Generation ApplicationsAPPLICATION GUIDE2Power Generation Applications9for Power Generation SitesSafeSite andVigilant Area Lights1SafeSite High BayVigilant Dual StrobeL-864/L-865For non-hazardous outdoor obstructionlighting applications such as stacksHazardous location chemicalstorage and processingFor hazardous and non-hazardouslower ceiling indoor or outdoorprocess and stanchion mountapplications*8Vigilant HighOutput High BayFor high ceiling high bayapplications typically 40 feetor above76398SafeSite and Vigilant LP/TC LinearsFor hazardous and non-hazardous indooror outdoor fluorescent strip/vaportitereplacements, task or inspection lighting,electrical rooms, shops, and process areas.4ft and 2ft versions available147236Vigilant High BayFor non-hazardous indoor or outdoorhigh bay applications over 14 feet4SafeSite and DuroSite Flood LightsFor hazardous and non-hazardous indoor oroutdoor flood lighting applications; multiplebeam patterns availableSafeSite and Vigilant Low BaysFor hazardous and non-hazardous lowerceiling indoor or outdoor applicationswhere wider light distribution is critical,boilers and basements specifically.556*Ask about our retrofit adapters to save labor by retrofitting to existing HID etSense Street LightFor plant maintained roadways and generaloutdoor illumination7

CASE STUDY PPL Power GenerationPower Generation ApplicationsPower Generation ApplicationsBangor, PennsylvaniaPRODUCT PORTFOLIO Obstruction Lighting SolutionsAs part of its efforts to reduce energy consumption and cut back on maintenance costs for its twin 400-foot exhaust chimneystacks, the company turned to Fuellgraf Chimney & Tower Inc. to retrofit the stacks with Dialight’s high-efficiency LED obstructionlighting. The Lower Mount Bethel chimneys’ six Xenon medium-intensity bulbs were not only expensive to operate, but costlyto replace and dispose of. Annual replacement bills ran about 12,000, with each lamp costing 1500. In addition to thecost, safety was a factor, especially considering Lower Mount Bethel Energy’s exceptional record. Should one of the bulbs failunexpectedly, FAA fines could top thousands of dollars per day, for each light that is out. Xenon bulb disposal was also an issue,with special handling required - another added cost.At Fuellgraf’s recommendation, PPL installed six new Dialight L864/L865 dual LED obstruction fixtures in place of the antiquatedXenon fixtures. Powered by ultra-long life LEDs, the new Dialight LED beacons deliver the equivalent of 330-watt illuminationfrom a 110/230VAC 50/60 Hz power supply with exceptional performance and reliability for up to 10 years, in most cases.Solid state construction resists shock and vibration, while the fixture itself is much smaller, reducing wind load interference anddamage. The dual beacon uses 90% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs to reduce energy consumption and theplant’s overall carbon footprint. Pursuant to the company’s environmental stewardship, the Dialight beacons also meet the U.S.Fish and Wildlife Services’ recommendation for the protection of migratory birds. And, the new LED units are safer for humans,too: the Dialight L864/L865 LED beacons operate at a much lower voltage than traditional Xenon flashtubes, reducing the risk ofinjury due to electrical shock for installers and maintenance crews. The L864/L865 power supply/control box can be positionedat the base of the tower for added safety and convenience when servicing the units.VIGILANT MEDIUMINTENSITY SYSTEMDialight is the market leader in LED obstruction solutions with over 20 years ofdesign and manufacturing experience. Dialight offers the industry’s most reliable,energy-efficient and comprehensive line of LED-based obstruction systems in theworld. Precision patented optics ensure maximum safety with minimal groundscatter for community friendly illumination. Dialight systems offer a small, lightweight flash head for ease of installation, and our low-maintenance fixtures virtuallyeliminate tower climbs and unplanned site visits for years, dramatically reducingmaintenance costs and non-compliance risk. Dialight controlled LED obstructionsolutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing operation and control centerswhile providing additional valuable infor

VIGILANT HIGH BAY High Bays High Bays SAFESITE HIGH BAY RELIANT HIGH BAY VIGILANT HIGH OUTPUT HIGH BAY VIGILANT LOW BAY SAFESITE LOW BAY 10 www.dialight.com www.dialight.com 11 For use in non-hazardous indoor and outdoor high bay and occasionally flood lighting applications. Replaces up to 1,000 watt traditional HID fixtures.

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Vigilant LED High Bay Ordering Information High Bay Ordering Information 4 www.dialight.com DISCLAIMER: All information provided is, to the best of Dialight’s knowledge, accurate as of the date of publication, but is subject to change without notice and does not form part of any contract with Dialight.

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reference Dialight’s Chemical Compatibility Guide: www.dialight.com SafeSite Vigilant LED High Bay- UL / CSA Class I Div. 2 Models, Class I Div. 1 Models Mechanical Information: Fixture weight: 18 lbs (8 kg) Shipping weight: 24 lbs (13 kg) Mounting: 3/4” NPT - top arious Kits (see page 22) Power Cord: 18 AWG STOOW Class I Div 2, Groups A .

Vigilant LED High Bay - UL Application: At 125 lumens per Watt, Dialight’s new ultra-efficient industrial LED High Bay revolutionizes the world of LED lighting and is by far the most innovative LED fixture available today. With a market-leading 10 year full performance warranty, the

6 www.dialight.com Vigilant LED Lighting Fixtures for Industrial Applications LED High Bay Wattage Range: 80-186W Lumen Output Range: 10,500-26,000 Lumens per Watt: Up to 140 Input Voltage: 100-277 VAC, 120-250 VDC Mounting: Overhead, Ceiling, Suspended Mounting Height: Up to 12m

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