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— THOMSON REUTERS:INCITESAn objective analysis of people, programs, and peers

THOMSON REUTERS: SINGULAR EXPERT IN RESEARCH DISCOVERYThe global research environment is changing: it’s more collaborative, morecompetitive, and every decision counts. Thomson Reuters leads the marketin the development of enterprise-wide systems that connect administrators,researchers, and staff at institutional, regional, national, and global levels. Weintegrate and centralize data across multiple sources to ensure reliable researchpractice and development and to systemically and objectively assemble, analyze,and build research reports.

WHAT IS INCITES?A truly unique view of research evaluation, InCites ensures that your strategiesand decisions are informed by the best data available. An intelligently unifiedWeb platform for assessing and evaluating research performance in the 21stcentury, InCites is a customized, citation-based research evaluation tool thatlets academic, government, funders, and other research organizations conductanalyses on their productivity and benchmark their research output againstpeers worldwide.WHY INCITES?By providing a clear understanding of the researchactivities at your organization, InCites helps youmake informed decisions and support strategicinitiatives easily. Setting the right strategicdirection is critical for success, which requiresreliable methods to answer key questions: How can I improve my institution’s overallstanding? To which programs should I allocateadditional resources? Which faculty and staff members deservepromotions or tenure? How can I attract the brightest students andresearchers? What can I do to bring in a larger portion ofavailable grants and awards? Who can I best collaborate with?Using citation metrics has long been recognizedas a reliable method to objectively evaluate theperformance of people, programs, and peers.Access to multiple metrics and reports aboutpeople, programs, and peers – in one intelligentlyintegrated platform – gives you the comprehensiveview you need. Our research analytics platformoffers a categorized suite of indicators completewith definitions and graphic visualizations calledtiles. You can browse the full indicator library in asingle location and hand pick desired indicators foryour reports – defining, organizing, and clarifyingdata to easily produce targeted, customizedreports; conduct in-depth analyses of yourinstitution’s role in research; and produce focusedsnapshots that showcase particular aspects ofresearch performance.BUILDThe process of discovering andcollecting analytics has never beeneasier or smarter. Plain-languagequeries now return everything fromsingle data points to curated reports.CONFIGUREBased on role, goal, or your uniqueparameters, view only the informationthat meets your needs – and updateyour view whenever necessary.DRILLWith dynamic data, there are no deadends. All tiles in InCites are completelyinteractive and allow the user to seethe story behind the numbers.COMPAREContext is everything. To make trulyeducated decisions, compare theindicators that mean the most to you.PLANThink of this as the analytics crystalball. Test assumptions with scenariobuilding capabilities and see how anew hire will change the dynamic of ateam. Know the answer to “what if?”STREAMData is now shown with directionalityto improve its evaluation. Stream-incurrent events around a subject orentity for a clear view of the landscape.SHAREAll content can easily be shared withothers. Add annotations to focus adialog and exchange ideas.EXPERT IN RESEARCH DISCOVERY PAGE 3

AN OBJECTIVE ANALYSISOF PEOPLE, PROGRAMS,AND PEERSFUNCTIONSIntuitive visual design, simplified reporting, andflexible tools create the compelling narrativesneeded to demonstrate the success of yourorganization to key stakeholders. Build programsto attract top researchers. Secure funding.Facilitate collaborations. Benchmark with peers.Allocate resources. InCites is the only solution thatcombines your information with trusted Web ofScience data.COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCEAccess institutional demographic data at no extracost. Learn more about potential collaborators byfully understanding the research characteristicswith 13 teaching and research indicators. See thefull scope of your organization’s contributions bybuilding scholarly profiles based on our publishingand citation data. Then layer in your institutionaldata to track success within your organizationspecifically. Find out where you fit into the global researchlandscape; understand your performance incontext and your regional or global ranking Evaluate existing collaborative relationships andfind new ones Identify your research strengths and benchmarkto peers globally with unrestricted access to theInCites dataset Evaluate your performance in context to helpyou understand the “why” behind output,impact, and influenceDEMONSTRATE IMPACT AND IMPORTANCEOF RESEARCHBENCHMARKING & ANALYTICSBuild a comprehensive view into your organ ization’s performance using unified data sourcesto evaluate output, performance, and trends atthe individual, department, institution, andglobal level. Identify journal impact and explore journalnetworks Find highly cited researchers, departments,and labs Evaluate existing research partnerships andmeasure performance Analyze emerging research areas andfunding trends Advise and substantiate strategicresearch initiativesFor over half a century, Thomson Reuters hasbeen a pioneer of citation indexing and analysis,connecting scientific and scholarly discoveriesaround the world. Today, academic and researchinstitutions, governments, not-for-profits, fundingagencies, and all others with a stake in researchneed reliable, objective methods for managing andmeasuring performance. The research analyticstools offered on the InCites platform will help youexperience consistency between discovery andanalytics solutions and meet your organization’sobjectives.ESSENTIAL SCIENCE INDICATORSConduct ongoing, quantitative analyses ofresearch performance and science trends withEssential Science IndicatorsSM. Rank top scientists,institutions, countries, and journals by fields ofresearch, with science performance statisticsand science trends data based on journal articlepublication counts and citation data. Highlightthe emerging and impactful papers, people,and institutions to watch, as well as report onlong-term outcomes and benchmarks to gain amore thorough understanding of the influenceyour institution’s work has on cutting-edge andscholarly trends.EXPERT IN RESEARCH DISCOVERY PAGE 4

JOURNAL CITATION REPORTSWEB OF SCIENCE PROFILESThe recognized authority for journal evaluation,Journal Citation Reports helps users determinea publication’s impact and influence in the globalresearch community. It delivers quantifiablestatistical data – based on citation data – on morethan 11,000 science and social sciences journals.This expanded capability allows you to conductanalysis and comparisons of citation relationshipsacross journals and categories over time.Web of Science Profiles provides a full view ofyour institution’s research output and facultyachievements at the individual level. Connectingresearch output to the researcher and departmentgives you a clear and nuanced understandingof your institution’s capacity and capabilities.As the global research community expands theconnections among people, content and workflowbecome even closer.INCITES INTEGRATION WITH WEB OF SCIENCECONVERISInCites fully integrates with Web of Science, theThomson Reuters research discovery tool. As theworld’s leading source of scholarly research data,we provide unbiased metrics based on citationactivity of the most impactful global and regionaljournals, books, and proceedings. With theintegration of discovery, analytics, and authoringtools, Web of Science helps you create smarterdiscovery paths through citation metrics. Then,build and send custom datasets to InCites forfurther bibliometric analysis.Streamline your workflow and processes to makedata collection, aggregation, and reportingquick and easy. Converis is the only researchinformation management solution that brings theworld’s largest, most complete data source of Webof Science and leading benchmarks from InCitestogether with the different industry standards(CERIF, CASRAI, VIVO, and ORCID) to function asthe main catalyst throughout the digital ecosystemof research information.EXPERT IN RESEARCH DISCOVERY PAGE 5

ABOUT THOMSON REUTERSThomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information forbusinesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovativetechnology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in thefinancial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and scienceand media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization.With headquarters in New York and major operations in London and Eagan,Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs approximately 60,000 people andoperates in more than 100 countries.For more information, go to learn more, visit or contact the Thomson Reuters office nearest you.REGIONAL OFFICESNorth AmericaPhiladelphia 1 800 336 4474 1 215 386 0100Latin AmericaBrazil 55 11 8370 9845Other countries 1 215 823 5674Europe, Middle East and AfricaLondon 44 20 7433 4000Asia PacificSingapore 65 6775 5088Tokyo 81 3 5218 6500For a complete office list 03.2016 2016 Thomson Reuters

ABOUT THOMSON REUTERS Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, intellectual property and science

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