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CRTC 25500Page IRevision 1Section 10TITLE PAGEN R T CC O M M U N I C A T I O N SGENERAL TARIFFContaining:Terms of ServiceDefinitionsTariffs for:Exchange ServiceOther Services and FacilitiesThis Tariff specifies the rates, charges and terms applicable toservice, equipment and facilities furnished by the Company.Effective December 1, 2006 all references contained herein to "North RenfrewTelephone Company Limited" become "NRTC Communications".Reproduction in whole or in part without the written permission of the Company isexpressly prohibited.Issued 2006 10 23Effective 2006 12 01Authority: CRTC Order 2006-322 November 23, 2006

NORTH RENFREW TELELPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFCRTC 25500Page 1 Revision 1Section 20PREFACE1.GENERAL1.01 This General Tariff contains the terms and conditions of the basic contract for service that exists betweenNorth Renfrew Telephone Company Limited, hereinafter called the Company, and each of its customersor lessees for all services, equipment and facilities furnished by the Company. Refer to the OntarioIndependent Services Tariff Section 1 Item 30, Terms of Service.1.02 The other sections contain the rates, rentals and charges for all service, equipment and facilitiesprovided on a general basis in all of the Company's exchanges.1.03 The Company must apply the rates specified in this Tariff. There is no authority to apply different ratesand charges for service, equipment or facilities unless otherwise specified in the Tariff.1.04 In this General Tariff, "Commission" means the Canadian Radio-television and TelecommunicationsCommission.1.05 Pursuant to Decision 2006-14, the Company's local exchange services may be resold in accordance withthe conditions of this tariff. However, the resale of residential exchange services is only permitted toprovide residential services.2.TARIFF REVISIONS2.01 Changes will be shown on the revised page as follows:(a)The revision issue will be shown at the top of the page immediately to the right of the pagenumber.(b)The revisions will be noted by a code and/or a symbol (see Section 30) shown in the left handmargin.(c)Only the current changes will be indicated on the page.2.02 Check pages (Section 50) will be issued with each set of revisions and will show all pages that havebeen revised or introduced by means of an asterisk (*).3.NUMBERING3.01 Numbering in this Tariff will be shown in the following manner.120-2.01 (a)(1)120denotes the Section2denotes the Sub-section2.01 denotes the Item(a) denotes the Paragraph(1) denotes the Article2.SALE OF TARIFFSFor information on the sale of this Company's tariff, please refer to the Ontario Independent ServicesTariff manual Section 1 Item 111.Issued 2006 04 25Authority: CRTC Order 2006-135Effective 2006 06 05

CRTC 25500Page 1Revision 0Section 30NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFCODES AND SYMBOLSCODEDENOTESC . Change in wording or correctionR . Reduction in rate or chargeA . Increase in rate or chargeN .New rate or chargeNC . Denotes no change in rate or chargeS . Reissued matterIssued 1994 12 20Teleco m O rder CRTC 95 -34 20 Janu ary 1995Effective 1995 01 20

NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFCRTC 25500Page 1Revision 0Section 40ABBREVIATIONSABBREVIATIONDENOTES40MHZ60HZ110V40 megahertz60 hertz110 voltsper centper secondalternating currentampere-hourautomatic sending and receiving (teletypewriter)business interphone --Fbase-rate areabusiness service systemsbusinesscentral distribution framecentral officecontinueddirect currentdial station line terminalextended area serviceextensionhigh frequencyincomingkilometerlocality rate areamulti-element service chargemonthly recurring chargenot applicablenumbernon-recurring chargeprivate automatic branch exchangeprivate branch exchangepage type-sending and receiving (teletypewriter)program transmission channelrevisionrate groupspecial assemblyservice chargesingle side-bandselective-signalling systemtelevisionteletypewriter exchange serviceuniform service order codevery high frequencywide area telephone service/secA.C.Amp .V.TWXUSOCVHFWATSIssued 1994 12 20Telecom Order CRTC 95-34 20 January-1995Effective 1995 01 20

NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDCRTC 25500Page 1Revision 19Section 50GENERAL TARIFFCHECK PAGESectionRev. PageSectionRev. PageSection Rev. Issued 2013 05 23Effective 2013 06 01Authority: TRP CRTC 2011-291

NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFCRTC 25500Page 1Revision 0Section 60TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTIONDESCRIPTION10TITLE PAGE20PREFACE1.2.3.GeneralTariff RevisionsNumbering30CODES AND SYMBOLS40ABBREVIATIONS50CHECK PAGES60TABLE OF CONTENTS70INDEX75CARRIER ACCESS ction ChargesCollection and RemittancesOTA Settlement FundEqual AccessPAGE111123567TERMS OF Effective DateObligation to Provide ServiceSystem FacilitiesCompany Right to Enter PremisesTwo-Party and Four-Party ServiceDeposits and AlternativesRestriction on Use of ServiceCustomer Liability for CallsDispute ProcedureConfidentiality of Customer RecordsDirectoriesDirectory Errors and OmissionsCompany-Initiated Changes in TelephoneNumbers and Service ArrangementsRefunds in case of Service Problems111223345556667Issued 1994 12 20Effective 1995 01 20Telecom Order CRTC 95-34 20 -January 1995

CRTC 25500Page 2Revision 0Section 60NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFTABLE OF CONTENTSSECTION80DESCRIPTIONTERMS OF SERVICE (Cont'd) of Company LiabilityPayment Time LimitLiability for Unbilled and Underbilled ChargesLiability for Charges that Should Not Have BeenBilled and Those That Were OverbilledMinimum Contract Period and Cancellation Before ServiceCommencementCustomer-Initiated Termination of ServiceCompany-Initiated Suspension or Termination of Service20.21.22.85100910111Returned Cheque ChargeLate Payment ChargeGeneral Terms and Conditions22EXCHANGE SERVICE - GENERALGeneralPrimary Exchange ServicesExchangesRate Schedules for Primary Exchange (Local) ServiceCall Display Blocking11234SERVICE 88GENERAL1.2.3.90PAGEGeneralMulti-Element Service ChargesService Charge ScheduleApplication of Multi-Element Service ChargeOther Equipment and Service ChargesDiagnostic Maintenance ChargeInspection and Modification Charge1234555TELEPHONE SET LOSS CHARGE1. GeneralIssued 1994 12 201Effective 1995 01 20Teleco m O rder CRTC 95 -34 20 Janu ary 1995

CRTC 25500Page 3Revision 0Section 60NORTH R19NFREPW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFTABLE OF CONTENTSSECTION130DESCRIPTIONCONSTRUCTION CHARGES1. ArrangementsListingsEquipmentRates and Charges11111GeneralService and EquipmentRates and Charges111BUSINESS AND RESIDENCE SERVICE1.2.3.180GeneralListings Provided Without Additional ChargePrimary ListingsExtra ListingsInitial Service Period for Chargeable Extra ListingsRates for Extra ListingsCharge for Information Service (Directory Assistance)SEMI-PUBLIC SERVICE1.2.3.1701122PUBLIC TELEPHONE SERVICE1. on a Public ThoroughfareConstruction on Private PropertyInterior ConstructionDIRECTORY LISTINGS1. ServiceResidence Service112INDIVIDUAL AND PARTY-LINE RESERVED111Issued 1994 12 20Te le co m O rde r CR TC - 95- 34 20Effective 1995 01 20Janu ar y1995

CRTC 25500Page 4Revision 0Section 60NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFTABLE OF CONTENTSSECTIONDESCRIPTION210RESERVED220ADDITIONAL 240MULTI-LINE TELEPHONE SYSTEMS AND KEY EQUIPMENT1.2.3.PAGE1111GeneralService FeaturesMulti-Line Telephone Systems250RESERVED260DISTANCE CHARGES1.2.3.12GeneralLocal ChannelsExtra Distance Charges113270/300 RESERVED310RESERVED320/380 RESERVED400/480 RESERVED490MISCELLANEOUS EOUIPMENT1., and Plug EquipmentSignalsTouch-ToneTelephone Station EquipmentCustom Calling FeaturesToll Restriction ServiceBusy Line Verification/Interruption ServiceCall Blocking ServiceGrandfathering of Rotary dial Service on Individual LinesIssued 1994 12 2011234579101112Effective 1995 01 20Telecom Order CRTC 95 -34 20 January 1995

NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFCRTC 25500Page 5Revision 0Section 60TABLE OF CONTENTSSECTIONDESCRIPTIONPAGE500/590 RESERVED600INTER-EXCHANGE SERVICES - GENERAL1.General1610/660 RESERVED670WIDE-AREA TELEPHONE SERVICE1.2.3.Service DescriptionTerms and ConditionsRates and Charges112680/690 RESERVED700/790 RESERVED800OTHER SERVICES AND FACILITIES - GENERAL1. D850USE OF CUSTOMER-PROVIDED EQUIPMENT WITH THE COMPANY'S FACILITIES1. Line ServiceMulti Line ServiceDiagnostic Maintenance ChargeInspection and Modification Charge860/890 RESERVED900DATA SERVICESInternetIssued 1994 12 20Effective 1995 01 20Telecom Order CRTC 95-34 20 January 1995112233

CRTC 25500Page 1Revision 0Section 70NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFINDEXFOR THE FOLLOWINGSEE490- 6.01500-type Telephone800 Service1714080- 512670 -Abbreviations .Access to customers premises, right of .AccountsObjection by customers .Payment - general .- construction charges .Additional Bell .Additional Telephones .Advance payments .Agreements with customers to installand/or maintain equipment.(See also "Connection of customer-provided equipment")AllowanceCustomer - initiated termination of service .Service interruptions .Service suspended for violation of regulations .Alterations to equipment and wiring bycustomers prohibited .Application for service .AttachmentsPoles or other companies or of individuals .Unauthorized .Auxiliary signals .Base Rate AreaDefinition .Distance Charges .Bell - Additional and loud-ringing .Bridged main-telephone service .Business extra listing .Business rates, application of .Business Service, classification of .Business Service, use of .Busy Line Verification/Interruption Svc .Issued 1994 12 20PAGE808013049022080-1017,18,194.011.011780- 480- 2180- 1580- 2280- 880- 3130- 1.0380 8490 18210711411442131211410Effective 1995 01 20Te le co m O rde r CR TC 95 -34 20 Janu ar y 1995

CRTC 25500Page 2Revision 0NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFSection 70INDEXFOR THE FOLLOWINGCall Blocking Service .Call Display Blocking .Call Management Service .Call DisplayCall ReturnCall TraceCall ScreenCancellation before service commencement .Carrier Access Tariff .Central Office, serving, right to change .Change in telephone number .Channel, Local Distance Charges .ChannelsAttachment to poles owned by others .Between buildings on different properties .Local .Circuit - See also ChannelCitation Telephone .Codes and Symbols .Coin-telephone servicePublic .Semi-public .Concealed wiring, interior .Conditions of furnishing service .Confidentiality of customer records .Connection of customer-provided equipment .Construction charges .Contempra telephone .Cords, long, straight mounting and spring .Credit Deposits .Custom Calling Features .Call ForwardingSpeed CallingThree Way CallingCall WaitingDial Intercom IndividualCustomer liability for calls .Customer-provided equipmentDiagnostic Maintenance Charge .General .Multi Line Service .Single Line Service .Customer Service, use of .Issued 1994 12 20SEEPAGE490 - 10100 - 6490 - 8508508508041111-6.03277- 95-3122441328Effective 1995 01 20Teleco m O rder CRTC 95 - 34 20 Janu ary 199511215116137

CRTC 25500Page 3Revision 0Section 70NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFINDEXFOR THE FOLLOWINGDamage to telephone equipment, liability for .Deaf-set telephone .Default of customer in making payment .Definitions.Deposits and Alternatives .Diagnostic Maintenance Charge .SEE80 - 4490 - 6 . 0 280 - 1 7 , 2 29080Effective date of changes .Entry to customer's premises, right of .Equipment, Company's ownership of .Equipment for customers with impaired hearing .Equipment installed by customer -- see "Installation byEquivalent numbers, listing of .Equivalent service .Error in listing, liability for .Exchange rate areas .Exchange service rates, primary .Exchanges, list of .Explanation of codes & symbols .Extended Area Service .Extra Exchange Distance Charges .Extra listings .278,1113356- 7850 - 4 &110Directories - Distribution .Directory listingsAssistance .General .Error, of omission, liability for .Extra listings .Foreign exchange .Initial service period .Monthly r a t e s .Primary .Provided without additional charge .Public telephone service .Termination of listings .Distance ChargesGeneral .Local .Extra Exchange .Distance Foreign-Exchange .Distance MeasurementLocal Channels .PAGE80- 6- 1214014080140310140140140140- 7- 1- 13- 4-1.04- 5- 6- 3- 2150- 3- 2180416213421110260 - 1260 - 2260 - 33101141260- 2808080490customer"1401008010010021542276.02- 1.064.03(a)13- 3.01- 4.0113100 - 3.01623230100 - 3.0121260 - 3.014140 - 42Issued 1994 12 20Effective 1995 01 20T e l e c om O rd e r C R TC 9 5 - 34 2 0 J a nu a ry 1 9 9 5

CRTC 25500Page 4Revision 0Section 70NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFINDEXFOR THE FOLLOWINGSEEFour-party Line ServiceAdvice to customers .General .Use of .Facilities.Fire emergency listing .Flat-rate serviceResale prohibited .Use of .Foreign attachments, unauthorized .Foreign-exchange service and listings .801808080140-808080- 8- 8- 861.02842.024214441490130- 5.01- 2Ident-A-Call.Indebtedness to Company .Individual line serviceGeneral .Rates .Information-serviceCharge for .Error, liability for .Initial service periodGeneral .Extra listing .Foreign-exchange service .Inside wiring - Concealed and exposed .Inspection and Modification Charge .490- 9Issued 1994 12 2031310Harmony telephone .Highways, construction on .Installation by Company .Installation by customer .Interest on Deposit .Interference with equipment or wiring .Interior construction and wiring .Interruptions to serviceLiability and allowance .Right of Company .Introductory Offer .PAGE611380- 2211180100- 1.01- 4.031140- 7- 134680- 209140310130- 5.01- 1.03- 41803110 - 7 &25850- 5380808080-22130- 48080- 15- 224478490 - 14Effective 1995 01 20Telecom Order CRTC 9a--34 20 January 1995334271118

CRTC 25500Page 5Revision 0Section 70NORTH RENFREW TELEPHONE COMPANY LIMITEDGENERAL TARIFFINDEXFOR THE FOLLOWINGSEEPAGEJack and plug equipment . 490 - 3Joint use of telephone serviceListings . 1402Key Equipment . 24011Late Payment Charge .85 - 2LiabilityLimitations of Company .80 - 16of Company .of Customer for calls .80 - 9Overbilled or billed in error .80 - 19Unbilled or Underbilled .80 - 18Limitation of Company - Liability .80 - 16Listings, directory -- see "Directory listings"Local channels . 260 - 21Long cord .

4. Interior Construction 2 140 DIRECTORY LISTINGS 1. General 1 2. Listings Provided Without Additional Charge 1 3. Primary Listings 2 4. Extra Listings 2 5. Initial Service Period for Chargeable Extra Listings 3 6. Rates for Extra Listings 4 7. Charge for Information Service (Directory Assistance) 4 150 PUBLIC TELEPHONE SERVICE 1. General 1 2.

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