Dance, Music, Theater, Visual And Media Arts

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Dance, Music, Theater, Visual and Media Arts

Processand FieldEngagementStrategy3

NYS Arts Standards Then and Now5 Arts Disciplines(addition of Media Arts)4 Arts Disciplines –Dance, Music,Theater, Visual ArtsSHARED4 Common ArtisticProcesses Across All ArtsDisciplinesKnowledge and Skills4 CommonOverarchingStandards Across AllArts DisciplinesTHEN4 sets of DisciplineSpecific ContentStandards1996NYS ArtsStandardsPhilosophical FoundationsLifelong GoalsGlossaryParallel FormatAmongArts DisciplinesClustered GradeBandsDiscipline-Specific PerformanceIndicatorsPaperbasedNOW2017NYS ArtsStandards11 Common AnchorStandards Across AllArts gs andEssential QuestionsPreK-8 by Grade LevelHigh School at 3 LevelsWeb-based, Printable e-Doc,and Paper AccessibilityTraditional and Contemporary Approaches forArtistic Literacy in a Digital Age

How are the new standards organized?Artistic Processes


ArtisticProcesses11 Arts AnchorStandardsDiscipline-basedInstructional U) EnduringEU’s &UnderstandingsEQ’sEssential Questions(EQ’s) & ProcessComponentsProcess Components ImplementationImplementationGuide Guide GlossariesGlossariesStrategies InclusionInclusionStrategies

Visual Art Standards “At-A-Glance”Performance Standards PK-12, Page1 Example3 Proficiency Levels at the High School

RESOURCES Conceptual Framework Enduring Understandings & Essential Questions Discipline-specific Glossaries Inclusion Strategies Implementation Guide

NYS Arts Standards Implementation Timeline Fall 2017o Board of Regents review new draft arts standardso Develop rollout strategy & implementation guidanceo Develop guidance to support curriculum & assessment development 2017-18 School Year- transition yearo Educators to receive professional development and practice with thenew standards 2018-19 School Year- full implementation

The New York State Learning Standards are aliving set of expectations designed to meet theever-changing needs of our students and toensure their success in postsecondary educationand in the workplace.

NYS Arts Standards Then and Now NOW 2017 NYS Arts Standards THEN 1996 NYS Arts Standards SHARED Knowledge and Skills Philosophical Foundations Lifelong Goals Glossary PreK-8 by Grade Level High School at 3 Levels 11 Common Anchor Standards Across All Arts Disciplines Web-based, Printable e-Doc, and Paper Accessibility Parallel Format Among Arts .