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ABOUT NEX-TERRANex-Terra is a US manufacturer of customized waste and recyclingsolutions and site furnishings. Alongside our distributor partners, webrought tailored waste and recycling solutions to the marketplace. NexTerra’s original designs are easily recognized by their stylized arches,post and panel design, and contrasting colors.CUSTOMIZATIONOur ability to customize any order allows us to create a solution thatwill meet your facility’s unique needs and requirements.MATERIALNex-Terra products are constructed from Type-2 HDPE, the purestform of recycled plastic available in the industry today.SUSTAINABLE MATERIALOur waste and recycle bins come standard with the Nex-Terra milkjug. The number on the milk jug identifies how many were reclaimedin its manufacture.DURABILITYOur hand-built construction methods, combined with our material’sinherent strength and longevity, ensure that our products won’t rot,rust, or mold and will outlast all others in the marketplace.LEED CERTIFICATIONThe use of our products may contribute to LEED Certification underMR 4.1 and MR 4.2.2 www.nex-terra.comAbout Nex-Terra 3

NEX-TERRAPARTNERSHIPNex-Terra is a part of a family of brands located in Sussex, WI.Our sales support staff partners with our distributor network toprovide unlimited training and support. With access to Nex-Terra’sin-house engineering and design teams, we’ll provide conceptualrenderings, engineer drawings, and unlimited design servicesto ensure that you receive a product that will meet all of yourfunctional and aesthetic needs.4 www.nex-terra.comNex-Terra Partnership 5

SITE FURNISHINGSOur site furnishing solutions allow you to coordinate your outdoor andindoor site furnishings. Thanks to Nex-Terra’s signature material, 97%pure recycled plastic, all of our solutions are virtually maintenance free.Our material never needs painting and is resistant to mold, mildewand won’t harbor insects, allowing you to furnish both your indoor andoutdoor spaces with products that have been proven to outlast all others6 www.nex-terra.comBENCHDOGGIE WASTE STATIONAdd convenient andcomfortable seating tooutdoor areas.Give visitors the tools theyneed to keep your propertytidy.MESSAGE CENTERROUND WASTEProvide a central locationfor visitors to find theinformation they need.Round waste enclosures canbe customized to meet yourneeds and are available incapacities ranging from 1055 gallons.Site Furnishings 7SITEFURNISHINGSin the marketplace.

ROUND PORTABLE DOGGIE WASTE STATIONSQUARE PORTABLE DOGGIE WASTE STATIONSIGN & BOX KITDOGGIE WASTE STATIONSEnable guests to help keep your surroundings clean with a permanent or portable DoggieWaste Station. Available in three capacities and a variety of heights.SQUARE PERMANENT DOGGIE WASTE STATIONROUND PERMANENT DOGGIE WASTE STATIONWhen you’re unable to provide a Doggie WasteStation but still want to offer bags for easyclean up, our sign and box kit can be mountedwherever your space allows.ROUND PERMANENT DOGGIE WASTE STATIONSITEFURNISHINGSDOGGIE WASTE SIGN & BOX KIT8 www.nex-terra.comSite Furnishings 9

STANDARD MESSAGE CENTERVERTICAL MESSAGE CENTERCUSTOMIZATION OPTIONSMESSAGE CENTERSSupply the information your visitors need with a Nex-Terra message center. Available witha post or wall mount option, our message centers can be placed in any location.MINI MESSAGE CENTERDOUBLE DOOR MESSAGE CENTERAvailable in Nex-Terra’s ten signature colors andwith a variety of door and post options, tailoryour message center to the needs and design ofyour facility.DOUBLE SIDED MESSAGE CENTERSITEFURNISHINGSSWINGING DOOR MESSAGE CENTER10 www.nex-terra.comSite Furnishings 11

PIONEER BENCHADIRONDACK CHAIRSFREMONT BENCHBENCH SLAT ENGRAVINGCustomize your bench by adding your organization’s logo or utilize our slat engravingoption as a fundraising opportunity.SUPERIOR PLANTER BOX SUPERIOR BENCHCHAIRS & BENCHESProvide guests with a place to rest and relax with customized benches and adirondack chairs.LIFEGUARD STANDSITEFURNISHINGSADIRONDACK LOVE SEAT12 www.nex-terra.comSite Furnishings 13

MESSAGE CENTERROUNDSBENCHProvide visitors the tools theyneed to keep your park clean.Provides a central locationfor maps, bulletins, and othernecessary messages.Available as a permanent orportable fixture and in capacitiesranging from 10-55 gallons.Add a logo or custom messageto your bench.14 www.nex-terra.comSite Furnishings 15SITEFURNISHINGSDOGGIE WASTE

Nex-Terra waste and recycle bins excel at meeting unique aestheticrequirements while maintaining the balance of branding, messaging,and recycling success. Our customization process allows you to createa solution that will match your facility’s aesthetic requirements, meet6your organization's brand standards, and maintain your functional wasteand recycle needs.134125CONTRASTING COLORSSYMBOLSOur signature contrasting coloroption allows a facility to matchtheir unique aesthetics or brandstandards.Are essential to clear streamidentification, especially in hightraffic areas or when language isa barrier.34OPENING IDsINTERCHANGEABLE TOPSClearly labeled streams areessential to any waste andrecycle station.Provide flexibility to updatewaste streams as a recyclingprogram grows.516 www.nex-terra.com26RESTRICTIVE OPENINGSHEADER BOARDSAllow a facility to tailor their binsto the waste streams they collect,providing one more barrier tocross-contamination.Allow organizations the abilityto further identify waste streamsor promote their sustainabilityprogram.Customization Guide 17CUSTOMIZATIONGUIDECUSTOMIZATION GUIDE

CREATE YOUR BINOUR CUSTOMIZATION PROCESSCHOOSE YOUR GALLON CAPACITYOur unique design process allows an organization to create a customized bin for every area oftheir facility. Six signature collections and thousands of options ensure that neither aestheticsnor function have to be sacrificed for a successful waste and recycle program.Available in seven different capacity options, create a bin with one capacity for each streamor mixed capacities to accommodate collection size.CHOOSE YOUR COLLECTION AND LOAD DIRECTIONChoose from one of our six signature collections and select between top or front deposit. Werecommend a top load bin for indoor applications and a front load bin for outdoor.10 GALLON22 GALLON26 GALLON32 GALLON38 GALLON45 GALLON55 GALLONCHOOSE YOUR NUMBER OF STREAMSCustomize the number of bin streams to match what is being collected in each area ofa facility.Front LoadFront LoadTop LoadSUPERIOR COLLECTIONTop LoadALBANY COLLECTIONTop LoadSHERWOOD COLLECTIONSINGLEDOUBLETRIPLEQUADCHOOSE YOUR ROOF STYLERoof style should vary with bin location, we recommend curved or vail for outdoor use.Front LoadFront LoadTop LoadBERKELEY COLLECTIONTop LoadHARVEST COLLECTIONTop LoadPIONEER COLLECTIONFLAT18 www.nex-terra.comCURVEDVAILREVERSE VAILCustomization Guide 19CUSTOMIZATIONGUIDEWWW.NEX TERRA.COM/CONFIGURATOR

CREATE YOUR BINCHOOSE YOUR BIN COLORIDENTIFY YOUR WASTE STREAMSOur ten standard colors allow an organization to customize their bin to match a facility’saesthetics or brand standards.Employ our three diversion options to clearly identify waste streams and prevent POSTBOTTLESCANSPAPERPAPER2CHOOSE YOUR COLOR COMBINATIONSelect from one of our five color combination options to match aesthetics or meet design andbrand standards.RESTRICTIVEOPENINGS3OPENING R23CONTRASTING PANELS & TRIMMONOCHROME1MULTI COLOR DOORSSPLIT COLOR UNIT20 www.nex-terra.comSPLIT COLOR TOPCustomization Guide 21CUSTOMIZATIONGUIDEWWW.NEX TERRA.COM/CONFIGURATOR

WWW.NEX TERRA.COM/CONFIGURATORCUSTOMIZATIONGUIDECREATE YOUR BINHARDWAREADD A HEADER BOARDA header board allows for added stream identification or marketing of an organization’s greeninitiatives.ARCHED HEADER BOARDSCASTERSLOCKBENT HANDLEHINGED TOPPLASTIC TRAY RACKSTAINLESS STEEL TRAY RACKSFLAT HEADER BOARDSADD BRANDINGOur logo application options allow bins to be branded with an organization's logo, as asponsorship opportunity, or to build morale around a sustainability program.New OptionCREATE YOURCUSTOMIZEDBIN TODAYENGRAVED LOGOWWW.NEX-TERRA.COM/CONFIGURATOROVERLAY LOGO22 www.nex-terra.comPLAQUE LOGOCustomization Guide 23


SUPERIOR PLANTER BOX SUPERIOR BENCH ADIRONDACK CHAIRS PIONEER BENCH FREMONT BENCH ADIRONDACK LOVE SEAT LIFEGUARD STAND. 12 Site Furnishings 13. BENCH SLAT ENGRAVING. Customzi e your bench by adding your organzi ations lo’ go or utizli e our slat engraving

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Aerosol Optical Depth at 0.55 micron MODIS-Terra/Aqua 00.02/02.07 OPS TS Atmospheric Water Vapor (QA-weighted) MODIS-Terra/Aqua 00.02/02.07 OPS TS MODIS-Terra/Aqua 00.02/02.07 OPS TS Cloud Fraction (Day and Night) MODIS-Terra/Aqua 00.02/02.07 OPS TS Cloud Fraction (Day only/Night only)) MODIS-Terra/Aqua 00.02/02.07 OPS TS

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MOD43B3C: MODIS/Terra Albedo 16-Day L3 Global 5km ISIN Grid MOD43B4C: MODIS/Terra Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance 16-Day L3 Global 5km ISIN Grid Products at _ degree MOD43C1: MODIS/Terra Albedo 16-Day L3 Global 0.25Deg CMG MOD43C2: MODIS/Terra BRDF/Albedo Parameters 16-Day L3 Global 0.25Deg CMG

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