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V o l um e 9 , I s s ue 1 1Volume 10, Issue 1Oc to be rJanuary3 1 , 2 0 130,1 2012INSIDE THIS ISSUE:Grow NOW for Small Biz2Wage Reporting Season2LASHRM Classes3Largest County Employers3Company Wrench Patent4And the Winner Is4Grants & Loans5Featured Property5Students Get Passports6Learn a Foreign Language6Calendar of Events8CHAMBER DINNERS 2012RSVP to local ChamberPickerington Area Chamber“Margaritaville”February 4Hickory LakesAthena Award PresentationSocial Hour 5:30pmAwards Program 7pmCanal Winchester Area“Racing For Success”March 9Cheers ChaletBusiness Expo 5:30pmDinner 7pmP L A N N E D H E A LT H C A R E C A M P U SFOR PICKERINGTON POSSIBLEOhioHealth announced that it hasapplied for rezoningon land in Pickerington that would allowit to develop ahealthcare campusin the community.The land is not currently owned by OhioHealthbut could be purchased if the zoning is approved.“Because of the significant growth in the Pickerington and Reynoldsburg area over the lasttwo decades, and with more population growthprojected,” said Bob Gilbert, senior operationsofficer for OhioHealth’s Neighborhood Care,“we have made the decision to expand andadd healthcare services in the community andwe are very excited about it.”“This is a historic moment for the city of Pickerington,” said Joe Henderson, developmentservices director for the city of Pickerington. “The desire of an organization such asOhioHealth to invest this substantially in ourcommunity is evidence to the positive directionthat the city is headed. The city of Pickerington welcomes OhioHealth and looks forward tocreating a lasting partnership.”Although still in the early stages of planningwhat services would be offered and what kindof facilities would be built, the requested zoning variance, if approved, would allow for awide variety of uses on the approximately 70acres located on Refugee Rd., just west of HillRd.The facility could very likely be along the linesof its Westerville Medical Campus with a variety of services that match the communityneed. Services such as imaging (includingmammography), physical therapy and rehab,physician office space, sleep medicine, andpossibly outpatient surgery will all be considered.The word “hospital” is mentioned in the zoningrequest because it leaves options open if, downthe road, a hospital is what the communityneeds. Additionally, it allows for the full range ofhealthcare facilities to be developed.“We have had a tremendous response to ourfacility in Westerville,” said Gilbert, “because wewere careful to develop services there that thecommunity truly needed and would support.Today, more than a thousand people a day walkthrough those doors. We will take the samethorough approach in Pickerington to makesure its residents are getting the healthcareservices they need and want.”OhioHealth is a nationally recognized, not-forprofit, charitable, healthcare organization serving and supported by the community. Named byThomson Reuters as one of the 10 best healthcare systems in America three years in a row,OhioHealth has also been recognized by FORTUNE Magazine as one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For” in 2007, 2008, 2009,2010 and 2011.Based in Columbus, Ohio, it is a family of21,000 associates, physicians and volunteers,18 hospitals, 23 health and surgery centers,home-health providers, medical equipment andhealth service suppliers throughout a 40-countyarea.OhioHealth member hospitals include RiversideMethodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Doctors Hospital-Columbus, Grady Memorial Hospital, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Doctors HospitalNelsonville, Hardin Memorial Hospital andMarion General Hospital.For more information, please visit the websiteat .

F a i r f i e l d A d v a n ta g ePage 2HELPING OHIO’S SMALLB U S I N E S S E S G ROWGrowNOW, brought to you by State Treasurer Josh Mandel, enables small business owners to receive up to a 3% interest rate reduction on new or existingsmall business loans for two years withthe opportunity for renewal. The program is a partnership between eligiblebanks and the Ohio Treasury.Small business owners must commit tothe creation or retention of at least onefull-time job or two part-time jobs in thestate of Ohio for every 50,000 borrowed, up to 400,000.GrowNOWbroadly serves as a catalyst for Ohio’seconomic development by supportingthe small businesses that drive it.Eligible business owners must meet the following criteria:MUST be able to save or create 1 full-time or 2 part-time jobs inOhio for every 50,000 borrowedMUST have headquarters in OhioMUST have less than 150 employeesMUST have a majority of employees be Ohio residentsMUST be organized for profitMUST maintain offices and operating facilities exclusively in OhioTo read more about this program or to locate which local banks participate in theprogram go to the GrowNow website at www.GrowNOW.ohio.govFor more questions call 1.800.228.1102, Option #3 to see if you can utilize this.W AG E R E P O R T I N G S E A S O Nness (PDF) that guides you through thefiling process.2. Provide Employees with W-2 FormsDid your small business hire employeesfor the first time in 2011? Did you use theservices of an independent contractor? Ordo you simply need a refresher on the insand outs of wage reporting season?Here’s what you need to know about yourannual employer reporting obligations.How to Report Employee Wages andTaxes – W-2s ExplainedIf you have paid wages and withheld taxesfor employees during 2011, you are required by law to report these numbers(based on the data you’ve kept in yourpayroll register) to both the Social SecurityAdministration (SSA) and to your employees. Here’s what you need to do:1. Report Employee Wages and Taxes toSSA As an employer, you must file FormsW-2 and W-3 with the SSA by February 29,2012. If you file electronically the deadline is April 2, 2012. Of course, there arepenalties if you miss these deadlines.Here’s how to file:a) File W-2s Electronically – If you havefewer than 20 employees you can file yourW-2s online and print copies for employees. You’ll also need to electronically file aW-3 form at the same time showing totalearnings and taxes withheld for all em-ployees combined. To avoid errors, it’s agood idea to check that your employeerecords (names and SSNs) are accurateand match SSA’s records. To make thisprocess easier, you can verify namesand SSNs online.SSA has also developed this guide forsmall businesses which includes videotutorials, tips, and other informationabout how to file online.b) File W-2s by Paper – If you prefer tofile by paper, forms are available on request from the SSA. Follow these instructions for filing a paper W-2 and mailthem to this address. Remember, youhave a shorter window in which to file onpaper (postmarked on or before February 29) than if you file online (April 2).You can also use the SSA’s online filingprocess to upload a wage report, whichis used by accountants, tax specialists,and any size filer. Only compatible formats are supported, so use the linkabove to verify if this option will work foryou. Third party filers will need to waittwo weeks for a password before proceeding, so plan accordingly. Decemberis the preferred month to register.The SSA has put together a useful W2Online Filing Quick Guide for Small Busi-As well as filing forms with the SSA, you’llneed to provide your employees with acopy of their individual W-2s with a postmarked date of January 31 or earlier. Ifyou file your W-2s online, these can beprinted out automatically. Alternativelythey can be downloaded from the IRSwebsite or purchased from an officesupplies store and completed by hand.Encourage your employees to verify thatall the information on their W-2 is correct(name, mailing address, social securitynumber). Any errors on the W-2 will needto be corrected by you as soon as possible using forms W-2c and W-3c (whichcan also be filed online).Instructions for completing the W-2 andW-3 filing process are available at theSSA’s Employer Information Directory.How to Report Payments made toIndependent Contractors - The 1099If you’ve used the services of a freelancer, consultant, or independent contractor (all essentially considered nonemployees) during 2011, you are required to report compensation of 600or more to the IRS. This compensationincludes fees, commissions, prizes, andawards.Compensation is reported on form 1099MISC. As aContinued on page 7

F a i r f i e l d A d v a n ta g ePage 3LASHRM T O O FFER HR C OURSE SThe Lancaster Area Society for HumanResource Management [LASHRM} isoffering a series of classes for the Human Resource professional. They will beheld Thursday evenings, starting February 23rd through April 19, 2012; meeting from 5:15-9:45pm at Fairfield National Bank, 143 W Main Street, Lancaster OH 43130. Registration deadline isWednesday, February 8, 2012. Class islimited to 20 Enrollees so please registersoon. No class March 8th. Make-upclass date April 26th, if needed.Topics covered will include:Strategic ManagementWorkforce Planning and EmploymentHuman Resource DevelopmentTotal Rewards (Salary & Benefits)Employee and Labor RelationsRisk ManagementFee includes SHRM Learning System andfacilitator handouts valuable resourcesfor study and reference following theexam!Cost for Courses, including SHRM Learning System: 999. Checks can be madepayable to Lancaster Area SHRM. Feesand Refund Policy: Fees include a student copy of the SHRM Learning Systemand study materials, including sampletests. The fee does not include examregistration.If you plan to attend the course in preparation for the HRCI National Exam,please be sure to confirm through HRCIthat you meet the eligibility requirements. Registration for the NationalExam is separate from the registrationfor this course. LASHRM will not be heldresponsible for those who attend thecourse and are ineligible to take theexam. You should request a“Certification Information Handbook”regarding the National Exam from theHR Certificate Institute (HRCI), 606 N.Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314,phone number (866) 898-HRCI, or Participants may withdrawup to 15 working days before the startof the class and receive a full refundminus SHRM Learning System costs.After that date, there will be a 50.00processing fee. No refunds will be givenafter class begins.Interested parties should contactHeather Wiley, LASHRM President, orcall at 740.681.8222.Business who do not have dedicated HRprofessionals are encouraged to meetwith the LASHRM group to identify bestpractices in the HR world and gain helpnavigating the changing employmentlegislative landscape.H E L P I D E N T I F Y L A RG E S T E M P L OY E R SFairfield County Economic DevelopmentDepartment is beginning the yearly projectof identifying the largest employers in thecounty, both in the public and privatesector. It will be looking for employmentnumbers as of December 31, 2011. Theoffice normally calls companies in thearea to gain this data. Companies calledare those who have been identified in thepast as having significant employmentfigures.Companies employing at least 100 areencouraged to contact the office withend of year employment numbers. Makesure you include company name andaddress. You can email Linda KauffmanDIRECTOR POINTS TO JOBSWe continue to hear through the mediaand various comments on social mediasites that the jobs aren’t there. I tookthose statements to task and did a littleresearch. We have two wonderful job posting resources available to job seekers inFairfield County. MyWorkNet isadministrated through our local Jobs andFamily services and they offer free resources not only to the job seekers butlocal companies needing to find ideal candidates. OhioMeansJobs is a unique partnership between and theState of Ohio. Other states are followingour example and trying to replicate similarpartnerships with national job search web-sites. Over the past few months, usingthe search criteria of “Lancaster” and “30miles” we averaged over 12,000 job postings on OhioMeansJobs. MyWorkNetworks with local companies and has averaged 100 local positions. Many of thesepositions are only posted for a week orless so it is imperative for job seekers tobe diligent and check often.I have also seen a number of local companies post job openings on their websites.Unless through word-of-mouth or going tothe website, job seekers may not realizethese local opportunities exist. Successful job seekers that know the local businesses that their skills may be utilizedor call at 1.740.652.7161. The projecttakes about six weeks for completion.Results are posted at the departmentwebsite www.businesscounty.comGet your company included in this census work. FCED is not always aware ofemployment size. We need your input.and frequent their websites put themselves at a definite advantage. One localcompany that continues to look for idealcandidates for open positions is Company Wrench. Their national headquarters located in Carroll, continue to havevarious positions go unfilled.Several industries are seeing an increase in activity and the potential forjob growth specifically in the energy andmanufacturing industries will create highvalue job opportunities for those individuals that with the skills the companies are seeking. Individuals with education beyond high school can think ontheir feet, and are willing to work will findthemselves ideally positioned to land agreat job.By Shane Farnsworth

F a i r f i e l d A d v a n ta g ePage 4LOCAL CHAMBERS HONOR BUSINESSESIncoming Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce President Kasey Farmer presidedover the BACC Annual Awards BanquetJanuary 14. He recognized Style Clips asBACC Award winners with KaseyFarmer, fourth from left.the new business of the year. Style Clips, afull service salon, also offers tanning andkids seats. Schaffner’s Drive-In, operatingin the community for 50 years, was identified as the Legacy Business. The Community Leadership Award went to Amy’s Army,who raise funds to assist families facedwith childhood cancer.ANDTHEThe Lancaster Fairfield County Chamber hosted a business expo and AnnualMeeting January 21. The theme for theevening was “The Past, Present & theFuture with the Chamber. PresidentTravis Markwood emceed the eveningalong with Ron Ruff, outgoing Chairman.Buckeye Honda was honored as BigBusiness of the Year, having more than25 employees. Chuck Miller of MirrorScapes LLC accepted the Small business of the year award.WINNERFrom over 100 entries to rename thedowntown group promoting the city of Lancaster, a winner has been announced Thegroup will now be known as DestinationDowntown Lancaster,. [DDL] The newname was announced at the recent MainStreet/Sid Annual Dinner and Awards Banquet. Over 130 people attended the eventat The Lodge in Lancaster.Executive Director David Uhl chaired themeeting that recognized downtown busi-The Floyd Wolfe Community Award wasposthumously awarded to Phil McKnight,a local youth coach for over 20 years.David Uhl won first year honors for theYoung Professional of Lancaster. YPL is anew organization in the county, dedicatedto helping its members, who range from20-40 years of age, network within thecommunity with their peers and establish themselves professionally . It alsoallows them togrow their ownnetwork andgives them theopportunity tobecome moreinvolved in thecommunity.Pictured at leftare Ron Ruffand incomingpresident MinaUbbing .I S .nesses and volunteers.SID and DDLalso elected Directors to their boards.Art & Clay on Main was honored as theDowntown Business of the Year. TheFairfield County Board of Developmental Disabilities owns the business. JohnPekar, DD Superintendent share “whenwe bought the business , we wanted tomake people aware of those with developmental disabilities and to provideemployment opportunities for them.”NEW ook Link“Like “ the new group on Facebook and become eligible forprizes that include tickets to theAnnual chocolate Walk, a Shaw’sGift Card, BlueJacket Tickets or more .C O M PA N Y W R E N C H O B TA I N S P AT E N Tmetal recycling and the bigger demolition contractors,” Hutchinson added.Brad Hutchinson, owner of CompanyWrench in Carroll, Ohio recently announced he has received a patent for theCP 100 Magnet Combo, The machine hasthe ability to crush concrete and removerebar, the steel rods used to reinforceconcrete.Hutchinson and his engineering teamspent about 18 months devising and refining the CP100. “ We finally have aproduct where one operator can sit in theseat of the machine, pulverize the concrete and mag the rebar, a huge safetyThe patent is an application patentwhere the engineers took two old andseparate pieces of technology and madea new process by joining them together.improvement for the operator, says Hutchinson.“The machine is geared toward recyclingcenters who are doing concrete andCompany Wrench, which has 12 locations nationwide, sold 10 CP100 unitsand rented six in 2011.The company rents, sells, and servicesheavy equipment for the demolition industry.

F a i r f i e l d A d v a n ta g ePage 5REAP G RANT & L OAN G UA RA NTEESFiscal Year 2012 are reduced substantiallyfrom previous years resulting in increasedcompetition for the limited funding available.Renewable energy systems can include solar electric, solar thermal,wind, geothermal, biomass, blenderpumps and anaerobic digestion systems. Energy efficiency improvementsystems can include lighting improvements, insulation, electric motor replacements and other energy efficiency improvement projects as outlined in an energy audit.Grants are available on a competitivebasis for up to twenty-five percent ofthe eligible project costs. Loan guarantees are also available for up to seventy-five percent of the eligible projectcosts. Combination grant and loanguarantee applications cannot exceedseventy-five percent of eligible projectcosts.Nationally, funding available in Fiscalyear 2012 will be used to supportREAP grants totaling 12,500,000and loan guarantees totaling 48,500,000. The funds available forAs in previous years, increased emphasis isbeing placed on projects which are requesting less than 20,000. Congress has authorized a specific budget allocation to fundthese smaller projects which provide energyefficiencies or can produce renewable energy for the applicant.Additional emphasis is being placed uponloan guarantees. The loan guarantee program can be a great benefit to a lender looking to reduce their risk exposure while increasing their income and for a borrower toaccess capital on better rates and termsresulting in an improved cash flow and asuccessful business.If you are interested in pursuing a grant orloan guarantee for the Rural Energy forAmerica Program, please submit a completeapplication to the address listed below atyour earliest opportunity. The individualslisted in the right side bar can assist in answering questions and providing applicationdocuments regarding this programF E AT U R E D P RO P E RT YThe featured property this month islocated at 3006 Columbus LancasterRoad in Greenfield Township near theMeijer Store. It is currently a manufacturing facility of 87,414 square feet,consisting of 61,250 square feet ofmanufacturing space, 11,164 squarefeet of office space and 15,000square feet of storage space. Thereare also two outbuildings consisting of10,368 square feet. These buildingssit on a total of 15.84 acres of land ata signalized intersection. All municipalutilities are available at the site.The property is zoned Industrial underthe Greenfield Township Zoning Code,which permits manufacturing but alsoallows for other business and retailuses should the property be redeveloped. The 15.84 acres are currentlybeing marketed as four separate par-PROGRAM CONTACTSCindy MusshelBusiness Program stie Hooks,Business Program ndy MonhemiusBusiness Program SDA, Rural DevelopmentState Office200 North High Street, Room 507Columbus, OH 43215Fax 614-255-2562www.rurdev.usda.govFCED invites submissions of commercial property listings to be profiled monthly.For more details,please contact JeffSauer with Anderson& Co. Realtors, LLCat 740-503-2126 orjeff-sauer@anderson-realtors.comcels subject to lot split approval by all governmental authorities. There are two potential 1.1 acre retail/restaurant parcels in thefront, a 7.3 acre parcel with the existingbuildings and a 6.2 acre potential parcel inthe rear. The property can be sold as oneparcel or any combination of splits up to fourparcels. The properties are also availablefor lease if desired by a potential user.

F a i r f i e l d A d v a n ta g ePage 6S T U D E N T S G E T P A S S P O RT S F E B RUA RY 11The Fairfield County Civil War 150Alliance, a group of representativesfrom a variety of Fairfield County organizations, is hosting a free event onSaturday, February 11th from 2-4 General Sherman Junior HighSchool, 701 Union St. in Lancaster.The Kick-Off Party will launch the Passport Program, a hands-on program forstudents. As students complete activities related to the Civil War, they willhave their “passports” stamped andcan earn prizes. Fifteen activities havebeen designated for student participation, from attending the “Welcome toCamp Anderson – School for Soldiers”Civil War Encampment at the FairfieldCounty Fairgrounds in April to makinga rubbing of a Civil War-era gravestone.IT’SGIRLThe February 11 event will feature Civil Warera games, crafts and a birthday cake tocommemorate General William TecumsehSherman’s birthday (February 8, 1820). Allages are welcome.Students can obtain a passport from severalsources: their school office; any FairfieldCounty District Library or Pickerington PublicLibrary; any of the museums and organizations participating in the program; or theymay download a copy from Fairfield County Civil War 150 Allianceis a collaboration of heritage, arts, andcultural organizations that have partneredto plan Fairfield County’s Civil War sesquicentennial commemoration. The 150thanniversary of the Civil War provides aunique occasion to educate the community about Fairfield County’s importantcontributions to the Civil War, as well asallowing new opportunities to promotearea cultural attractions.The Alliance goal is to coordinate a diverse array of programs in conjunctionwith the commemoration, as well as encourage visitation to Fairfield County’smuseums, libraries, and cultural events.The Alliance is focusing on county-widesesquicentennial events, including ambitious programs and educational opportunities for the entire community.SCOUT COOKIE TIMEIt’s Girl Scout cookie time and GirlScouts everywhere are asking, “Whatcan a cookie do?”Troops in Girl Scoutsof Ohio’s Heartland Council will find outas they begin selling eight varieties ofdelicious Girl Scout cookies, includingthe newest addition to the cookie lineup – “Savannah Smiles.” The campaignends March 25.This year’s new cookie commemoratesthe Girl Scouts 100th anniversary,which is officially March 12, 2012. It’sa crisp lemon wedge cookie, dustedwith powdered sugar and bursting withzesty flavor. Its name is a nod to Savannah, Georgia, the birthplace of GirlScouts Founder Juliette Gordon Low. Cookiefavorites Thin Mints, Samoas, Trefoils, DoSiDos, Tagalongs, Thank U Berry Munchs, andDulce de Leches round out the eight varieties.Cookies are 3.50 a box, and 42 for a case.The theme of this year’s program remindsgirls that they have the power to do anythingthey set their minds to.Customers will have the power to find nearbycookie booths with help from the Official GirlScouts of USA Cookie Locator app again thisyear. Introduced last cookie season, the freeapp helps iPhone and Android users locatecookie booths throughout the council’s 30counties. The app uses the Smartphone'sGPS toread a customer’s location and shownearby cookie sales. With every cookiepurchase, more than half of the proceedsstay in the local Girl Scout council to helpprovide resources needed to support GirlScouting within Ohio’s Heartland Council.Another portion goes directly to the GirlScout troop. An additional portion alsogoes directly to the baker to pay for thecookies. .To get more details on the local scoutingprograms visit .To get more information on the cookieapp for your smart phone, click here.L E A R N A F O R E I G N L A N G UAG EWith a library cardand a computer, youcan study a foreignlanguage from yourcomputer chair. And it’s FREE.MANGO is an online language learning system that can help you learnlanguages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Greek, Italian and a host of oth-ers. Mango uses real-life situations and actual conversations to more effectively teach anew language. By listening to and repeatingafter material designed from native conversations, you’ll learn more than grammar, vocabulary and conjugation. You’ll learn how tocommunicate!To get started go to andlook for the Mango icon. Once you click on it,you will need to have your FairfieldCounty District library card number fromthe back of your card. Create a profileusing the card number and password.You will be sent a link to begin your journey into the study of a foreign language.Technical support 1.877.626.4611

F a i r f i e l d A d v a n ta g ePage 7R L F L OA N S F O R S M A L L B U S I N E S S E SHISTORYELIGIBLE PROJECTSThe Fairfield County RevolvingLoan Fund (RLF) was createdin 1992, using grants fromtwo separate agencies — theUnited States Economic Development Administration(EDA) and the Ohio Department of Development (ODOD),Office of Housing and Community Partnerships, throughits Community DevelopmentBlock Grant (CDBG) Program.Matching funds were contributed by the City of Lancasterand Fairfield County.Loans may be made to private, for-profit businesseslocated in Fairfield County.Applicants may be in themanufacturing, agri-business,wholesale, service and/orretail sectors and must havefewer than 200 employees.All taxes must be current andan Equal Opportunity Employment policy must be in placeand followed.The purpose of the RevolvingLoan Fund is to assist new orexisting small businessesachieve their goals and createjobs in Fairfield County.Typical loans range from 10,000 to 100,000 with afixed rate that is generally 2points below prime at thetime of application. Termsvary according to collateraland may be up to 20 years.The EDA Revolving Loan Fundmay be used throughout Fairfield County, while the CDBGRevolving Loan Fund cannotbe used within the City ofLancaster or City of CanalWinchester.Loan applications may needto be prioritized. Criteria mayinclude the enterprise’s ownership, ( women or minorities), number of jobs created,industry, and/or reinvestmentin an existing facility.Funds received from the Revolving Loan Fund may beused to purchase land or anexisting building, machineryand equipment, furniture andfixtures, inventory, and possibly a limited amount of working capital. Funds cannot beused to restructure existingdebt.An application must be processed before a project begins.HOW TO APPLYSpeak with your banker first.The Revolving Loan Fund canW AG E R E P O R T I N Gbusiness, you are required tofile 1099s to the IRS by February 28, but you also must furnish statements to the recipients of the income by January31, 2012.If you are unsure whethersomeone is an independentcontractor or an employee,read SBA’s guide, IndependentContractor vs. Employees. Ifyou are still unclear on how toclassify someone, you can file aonly lend money in conjunction with a lending institution.RLF participation is determined by the bank’s willingness to lend money for a project.The application package requires the same informationas your bank, including taxreturns, a business plan forstart-ups, financial reportsand projections for existing,expanding businesses, a personal financial statement,and a signed application detailing the project and requested use of funds.The RLF process from application to loan approval and disbursal of funds can take from6 weeks to 4 months, depending upon the project andfund requirements.The application is presentedto the Loan Review Committee, which meets the secondWednesday of every month.This committee discusses theapplication and reviews thestrength of the borrower andviability of the proposed project. Plan ahead, ask yourcommercial lender if the RLFcan be a participant in yourproject and call the office fora deeper understanding ofthe program and the process.LOAN FUND BALANCESAs of 1/27/2012EDA 425,248.19CDBG 84,585.48Scheduled LRC MeetingsFebruary 8, 2012March 14, 2012Loan applications shouldbe received in the FairfieldCounty Economic Development office at least twoweeks prior to a scheduledLRC meeting.(740) 652.7160[CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2]Form SS-8 (PDF). The IRS willthen determine the workersstatus for employment andincome tax purposes.Read more in this article: Reporting Independent Contractors Compensation: A Guide tothe IRS 1099 Form.Additional ResourcesSBA Guide to Employment Taxes for Employers and Self Employed IndividualsSBA Guide to Managing your Small Business Tax ObligationsElectronic Solutions for your Business TaxesSocial Security Administration Employer Information DirectoryAre You Classifying Independent Contractors Correctly?IRS Offers Businesses an Amnesty

Page 8F a i r f i eld Co u n t yEco n o m i c Dev elo p m en tPrimary Business Address210 East Main StreetSuite 407Lancaster, Ohio 43130Phone: fairfield.oh.usC H A M B E R & BU SINE SS E V E N T SFeb 1: Lancaster Chamber Café 11:30am Community Church RSVP 653.8251Feb 2: Employment Law Update 1566 Monmouth 7:15am Fee RegisterFeb 3: PACC Wome

OhioHealth member hospitals include Riverside Methodist Hospital, Grant Medical Center, Doc-tors Hospital-Columbus, Grady Memorial Hospi-tal, Dublin Methodist Hospital, Doctors Hospital-Nelsonville, Hardin Memorial Hospital and Marion General Hospital. For more information, please visit the website at . . Volume 9, Issue 11 . P

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The Ad Hoc Reporting module allows a user to create reports and run queries for various types of data in ampus. Ad Hoc queries may be used to find data relating to students, staff, all people and courses. These queries may be exported from ampus or used to filter canned reports throughout Infinite ampus. Additionally, a tool is available in the .

L’ARÉ est également le point d’entrée en as de demande simultanée onsommation et prodution. Les coordonnées des ARÉ sont présentées dans le tableau ci-dessous : DR Clients Téléphone Adresse mail Île de France Est particuliers 09 69 32 18 33 professionnels 09 69 32 18 34 Île de France Ouest

ent ealth am ed - 2018 ental ealth and amily edicine td Parental Alienation (Syndrome)-A serious form of psychological child abuse Wilfrid von Boch-Galhau* Oberer Dallenbergweg 15, 97082, Würzburg, Deutschland, Germany ABSTRACT Induce

Essential Details for the Re-entry to Campus Dashboard (Org Admins) 3/26/2021, v1.7 Page 1 of 5 Re-entry to ampus Dashboard (Org Admins) The dashboard is designed for Org Admins to continually update as units develop and implement their plans for re-entry to campus. Information provided on this dashboard will be used to ensure & enforce .

CRITICAL THINKING EXERCISE A Lesson II. Positive Subjective Experiences: A General Overview Activity 2.1 Daily Mood Form T ransparency Master A W ealth and W ell-Being Lesson III.Positive Subjective Experiences of the Past Activity 3.1 The Satisfaction With Life Scale T ransparency Master A W ealth and W ell-Being Lesson IV .

021 BIBLIOGRAFI 1. Rujukan Buku Bahasa Arab Abd al-‘AzÊz, AmÊr (1999), Fiqh al-KitÉb wa al-Sunnah: DirÉsah MustafÉdah TatanÉwulu AbwÉb al-Fiqh ‘alÉ Mukhtalif al-MadhÉhib wa al-‘ArÉ wa Tu’raÌu li Ammah al-QadÊyah fÊ Öaw’i al-IslÉm bi UslËbin MauÌË’iyyin Mu’ÉÎirin. j. 5,

Jan 15, 2010 · Latin 101 1-15-2010 ante diem duodecimum kalendas Februarius Verbs First Conjugation: (a as vowel) amō, -āre, love Person Latin English I amō I love you amās you love s/he, it amat s/he, it loves we amāmus we love you amātis you (pl) love they amānt they love

Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test 8 . Section 33: Sec Thirty Three (319 to 324) Details:Reading Comprehension Practice Test 9 . Section 34: Sec Thirty Four (325 to 334) Details:Comma Practice Test Questions . Section 35: Sec Thirty Five (335 to 355) Details:Grammar Practice Questions . Section 36: Sec Thirty Six (356 to 365) Details:Noun Practice Quiz . Section 37: Sec Thirty Seven .